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!Introduced in ''Underworld''


->'''Played By:''' Creator/KateBeckinsale

The main protagonist of the series. Selene is a vampire and one of the best Death Dealers in the FurAgainstFang war, believing that her family were slaughtered by werewolves. She was turned by Viktor because she reminded him of his deceased daughter Sonja. She is a skilled marksman and fighter, making her probably the most prominent badass in the series.

She has a change of heart when she falls in love with human turned werewolf Michael Corvin, and is responsible for turning Michael into a HybridMonster. She finds out that Viktor killed her family, and she kills him by slicing his head in two. In ''Evolution'', she learns her family built William's tomb, hence why Viktor killed them, and becomes a true immortal after drinking Alexander Corvinus's blood, and kills Marcus.

* AbsurdlySharpBlade:
** Selene used one in the first film to slice [[spoiler: Viktor's]] head in two.
** Subverted in ''Evolution'' when Selene uses a downed helicopter's propeller to kill [[spoiler: Marcus]].
* ActionGirl: Although, creator Len Wiseman instructed Kate Beckinsale not to use [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Sarah Connor]] or [[Franchise/{{Alien}} Ellen Ripley]] as a basis for her role; but [[Film/LAConfidential Officer Bud Wight]] instead.
* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: After killing both [[spoiler: Viktor and Marcus]] and falling in love with a Hybrid, nearly every other vampire has come after her or (in Thomas' case) shunned her and ''Blood Wars'' reveals that Cassius and the current Vampire Council have signed her death warrant.
** It's implied that even before this, she wasn't very popular with the vampire socialites, who appear to look down on her.
* {{Anti Hero}}ine: [[NominalHero Nominal Heroine]] at first, graduates to [[UnscrupulousHero Unscrupulous Heroine]] , or a rather dark [[PragmaticHero Pragmatic Heroine]]. And descends ''rapidly'' back down in the opening sequence of ''Awakening.''
** To be fair, the people she offed turned out to be either Lycans or humans in cahoots with the Lycans who were planning to ''vivisect'' her at some point.
* BadassLongcoat: Of the leather variety. In ''Awakening'' she makes a point to break into a store ''so she can get a new longcoat''. This one isn't made of leather, so she ditches it when she comes across a leather one.
* BattleCouple: With Michael.
* BerserkButton:
** Hurting [[spoiler:(or, in Marius's case, killing)]] Michael won't end well for the person responsible once Selene gets her hands on them.
** Bringing up how her family was killed by Viktor, which Marcus made the mistake of.
** Trying to harm her daughter (see MamaBear).
* BottomlessMagazines: Played with. She does reload, but not as often as she should.
* CassandraTruth: Her attempts to warn Viktor about Lucian possibly being alive.
* CuteLittleFangs: First seen when she bites Michael to make him a Hybrid. ''Awakening'' shows the first time she uses them to drain a person, who had just shot her in the head. It heals the wound, and rejuvenates her.
* DarkActionGirl: She's one of the greatest Death Dealers who's ever lived and generally falls in AntiHero territory.
* DaywalkingVampire: [[spoiler:Becomes this in ''Evolution'' by drinking Alexander Corvinus' blood, and thus becoming a Corvinus-Vampire Hybrid.]]
* DefectingForLove: First she is a merciless werewolf killer, but then becomes a heroic badass and girlfriend to a werewolf.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Towards Michael in the first movie. And pretty much only towards Michael; the rest of her people skills are somewhere around Viktor's, though she does warm up to David and Sebastian fairly quickly.
* {{Fanservice}}: Most of Selene's outfits are made out of leather.
* FlashStep: Develops her speed to this level in ''Blood Wars'' [[spoiler:by taking on the process used by the Nordic Coven]].
* GeneticMemory: Selene has forgotten memories of her life before her family's slaughter, which prove to be a key plot point in ''Evolution''. Justified, she's over 600 years old.
* TheGunslinger: She prefers to fight with guns, though she'll resort to melee weapons, or you know, her bare hands, when necessary.
* GunsAkimbo: Her preferred fighting style.
* HeelRealization: Subverted. By the time she realizes she's been hunting and killing Lycans for a crime they never committed, it's far, far too late for her to do anything other than to keep killing them out of self defense.
* HellBentForLeather: Her outfit is mostly made of leather.
* IceQueen: She defrosts a bit.
* {{Immortal Hero}}ine: As a vampire she can be killed, until she drinks Alexander Corvinus's blood and becomes a proper immortal.
* {{Invincible Hero}}ine: She almost never takes any real damage when compared to other characters, up to and including ''Michael'' who is supposed to be the ultimate fusion of the two species and was briefly killed before resurrecting, and ''Alexander Corvinus'', from whom she gets upgraded to the point that Michael's hybrid state may as well have been a child's toy compared to Selene's power being equivalent to creating Superman in a lab. She's virtually unstoppable to begin with just in the first film. It just snowballs on from there as she's pretty much a God by the time of ''Awakening''.
** Averted ''big time'' in ''Blood Wars''. She gets [[CurbStompBattle curb-stomped]] by Marius and nearly dies.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Increasingly so after the first film. She won't be nice about it, but she'll save the day when she has to.
* LadyOfWar: Who said gunslinging can't be elegant?
* LikeASonToMe: GenderFlip to Viktor for most of her existence as a vampire, until the events of the first movie.
* LockedIntoStrangeness: In ''Blood Wars'', she gains white streaks in her hair after getting a power upgrade via [[spoiler: the Nordic Coven's cocooning ritual]].
* MamaBear: [[spoiler:Though she was surprised to learn she had a daughter, she unsurprisingly becomes very protective of her.]]
* MeaningfulName: Selene means "moon". Fitting for someone who primarily fights in the night and avoids sunlight.
* MundaneMacGuffinPerson: Her family was targeted by Viktor out of fear the Lycans will learn the location of William's prison, since her father was involved in the construction. But Viktor spared her because she reminded him of his daughter.
* NotSoStoic: Usually when it involves someone she cares about. In the first film, she tears up when Viktor [[spoiler:accuses her of treason]] and when he [[spoiler: admits that he killed her family]], and gets choked up when talking about her family's murder. She breaks down in tears when she thinks Michael's dead and she's nearly an emotional wreck by ''Blood Wars'' due to Eve running out on her.
** ..and then, just as she's getting better, Maurius taunts her with the revelation that [[spoiler: Michael is, indeed, [[KilledOffForReal dead]] by his hand]] and holds out a vial a blood to her, saying it's all that's left of him, going so far as to yank it away when she reaches for it and [[KickTheDog drink it down right in front of her]]. Needless to say, her resulting HeroicBSOD, while brief, is very justified.
* OfCorsetsSexy: Selene wears a corset over her catsuit. The sequel implies that the corset has an actual function: being bullet-resistant, which comes in handy when the character gets buckshot straight to the chest. The corset comes away with only minor damage, and Selene just gets pissed off.
* Really700YearsOld: According to novelisation, she was nineteen when Viktor turned her...back in the 15th century. She still looks damn good for her age (being played by Kate Beckinsale helps).
* SelfMadeOrphan: Subverted. She kills her father figure in the first film, but it was thanks to him that she was already an orphan.
* StarCrossedLovers: Selene and Michael, mirroring Lucian and Sonja's romance.
* SuperStrength: She had vampire's strength in the first two films but when she [[spoiler:drank Alexander Corvinus's blood and became a Corvinus strain immortal vampire, her strength went up higher then before. Notably, she ''shoulder-checks a van'' in the third film with enough force to flips it.]]
* SuperpowerLottery: [[spoiler:Thanks to drinking Alexander Corvinus's blood,]] not only she has much more higher inherit vampire powers, but she can endure sunlight and by ''Awakening'', [[spoiler:she can pour re-start hearts after cutting open her palm and then re-starting the heart]]. This is taken further in ''Blood Wars'', where, due to her MidSeasonUpgrade [[spoiler:by being cocooned by the Nordic Coven]], she develops a FlashStep.
* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: Hurting or killing Michael can result in Selene decapitating you or having your body ripped to shreds.

[[folder:Michael Corvin]]
!!Michael Corvin

->'''Played By:''' Creator/ScottSpeedman

A descendant of Alexander Corvinus, Michael is an ordinary nurse until he becomes the target for the Lycans to create the first vampire/lycan hybrid. He is turned into a werewolf by Lucian and later is bitten by Selene to heal him from gunshot wounds. He is turned into a hybrid, becoming one of the series' many badasses. He becomes Selene's boyfriend and currently one of two people to still be alive in the series, the other being Selene.

* BattleCouple: With Selene. Only really comes up once or twice in the entire franchise though.
* BigDamnHero: Immediately following his BackFromTheDead moment, he jumps out of an airborne helicopter in time to save Selene by [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice driving his bare arm through a lycan's torso]]. If that's not an entrance, I don't know what is.
* BodyHorror: Michael's transformation into a hybrid looks quite painful, especially since he seems to switch between werewolf and vampire several times before his body finally gets the balance right.
* DemotedToExtra: He definitely is this in ''Awakening'', seeing as he is practically non-existent in the film aside from one flashback and a single scene where he's shown encased in ice. But one can make the argument that this is also true in ''Evolution'' as well, as he's taken out of focus for the better part of the middle-to-latter half of the movie, when he finally pops up again to raise some hell. Though to be fair, he was technically dead for a good part of that.
* DistressedDude: He needs rescuing by Selene an awful lot; justified in that he's a surgeon with no fighting experience.
* GoodSamaritan: Constantly in the first movie, whether it's risking his life to help a woman during a shootout, or saving Selene's life ''even'' after she kidnaps him.
* HospitalHottie: Is a medical intern in the first film, before he goes on the run with Selene.
* HybridMonster: He turns grey-blue and he gets black eyes.
* TheLancer
* LightningBruiser
* LivingMacGuffin: In the first movie. His status is revoked entirely by the second film and by the fourth, he's practically non-existent as a character.
* TheLostLenore: Implied in the theatrical cut, confirmed in the director's cut. His fiancee was killed in a car crash, he became a doctor afterward and moved to Prague (the supposed setting) for a fresh start.
* LegoGenetics: Michael is the only descendant of Alexander Corvinus who has the same blood type as his, allowing Lucian and Selene to turn him into a vampire/werewolf hybrid.
* NiceGuy: In comparison to the [[GreyAndGrayMorality others]]
* NonActionGuy: For the majority of the first movie, until he becomes a HybridMonster and TookALevelInBadass.
* NotQuiteDead: Michael is seemingly [[spoiler:killed by Marcus]], but is revealed to be alive.
%%* PromotionToParent
* PutOnABus: In ''Awakening'', Michael is seemingly killed, but revealed to be frozen in Antigen's labs, only to escape and disappear.
** ''Blood Wars'' reveals [[spoiler:he was captured by Marius shortly after and got KilledOffForReal by exsanguination, turning this trope into DroppedABridgeOnHim]].
* SingleSpecimenSpecies: ''Technically'' the first hybrid ever in the millennium-plus existence of vampires and lycans (the unborn child of Lucian and Sonja would have been one), until Marcus also turns into a hybrid... then Marcus dies leaving Michael the only hybrid in existence. If you want to get technical, this also applied when Marcus was still alive, as Michael is a Lycan hybrid, while Marcus was a Vampire hybrid. Whichever way you look at it, Michael is the first and only of his kind. He's not the only hybrid around anymore as of Awakening, but he is the only one of his type of hybrid.
* StarCrossedLovers: With Selene.
%%* TransformationTrauma
* UnfazedEveryman: At first, doesn't last long...
* UnskilledButStrong: When he becomes a hybrid his unprecedented strength and healing abilities allow him to fight some of the most dangerous beings around. His lack of training bites him in the ass more than once though.
%%* UnwittingPawn
%%* TheWatson
%%* WolfMan

->'''Played By:''' Creator/MichaelSheen

The first Lycan born with [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent the ability to turn back into a human]]. Lucian falls in love with Sonja, a vampire, and they become StarCrossedLovers. When Viktor finds out, he has his daughter executed via sunlight, kicking off the war between vampires and Lycans. Lucian [[spoiler:fakes his death with help from Kraven]] and spends the next few centuries trying to find a descendant of Alexander Corvinus who has the right blood to create the first HybridMonster. He succeeds in turning Michael into one with help from Selene, but is gunned down by Kraven.

* AntiHero: Turns out to have been a Type III-IV in the first movie.
* AntiVillain: By the end of the first movie, he is a villain only by virtue of being on the opposite side. Unless you're one of the hapless Corvinus descendants he's managed to track down and capture...
%%* BadassBeard
%%* BadassLongcoat
%%* BarbarianLongHair
* BigNo: When Sonja dies.
* EvilBrit: At first seemed to be, until it turned out he was a good person. Well, [[AntiHero mostly]].
* FakingTheDead: For over 600 years.
* FamousLastWords: "You may have killed me, cousin... buy my will... [[TheBadGuyWins is done regardless]]."
* ForcedToWatch: Viktor did this to him, making him watch as Sonja was executed by sunlight.
* GoOutWithASmile: Right before [[spoiler:Kraven finishes him]], he gets the satisfaction to see Selene bit Micheal, turning him into a Hybrid just as he wanted.
* HeartbrokenBadass: Due to the death of his lover, Sonja, and their unborn child.
* IncomingHam: "You are acting like a pack of rabid DOGS!!! And that gentlemen, simply will not do."
%%* LargeHam
* MrFanservice: More so in ''Rise of the Lycans'', where he spends a lot of the film shirtless.
* OnlySaneMan: Only sane Lycan.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: He is the first Lycan born as a human with the ability to turn back into his human form.
* PapaWolf: Literally.
* PatrickStewartSpeech: His speech to his fellow Lycan slaves fits this trope.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis:(crossing over with ChewingTheScenery)
** "You are acting like a pack of rabid DOGS!!!
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Goes on one in ''Rise of the Lycans'' after seeing Sonja killed in front of him, complete with actual roaring.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Lucian has killed generations of Alexander's descendants to find one whose blood can mix both werewolf and vampire blood, in order to avenge his dead lover and unborn child. Also, it must be stressed, to prevent the vampires from ''wiping out his species''.

->'''Played By:''' Creator/BillNighy

The BigBad of ''Underworld'' and ''Rise of the Lycans''. Viktor is one of the [[PowerTrio three Vampire Elders]], and the foster father of Selene. Having FantasticRacism against Lycans, Viktor went to great lengths to either control or kill them including killing his own daughter Sonja when she became impregnated with a vampire/Lycan hybrid.

%%* BadassLongcoat
* BattleCry: In ''Rise of the Lycans'' - "KILL THE DOGS!"
* BigBad: He serves as primary antagonist in the first movie and the ''Rise of the Lycans'' prequel.
* BrokenPedestal: Selene loved him and respected him, but he loses both when she discovers that not only did he execute his own daughter, but ''he'' was the one who killed her family.
* DelayedCausality: [[spoiler:Viktor's death invokes this trope, which Viktor staring blankly at Selene before the top part of his head slips off.]]
* DiagonalCut: [[spoiler:His cause of death.]]
* DualWielding: After losing his sword he whips out a pair of hidden daggers from his sleeves. Subverted as he never gets to use them.
* FantasticRacism: Viktor despises the werewolves, and considers a hybrid to be an abomination.
* HiddenInPlainSight: Viktor hid the keys for William's tomb in plain sight, one being a necklace owned by Sonja, and the second [[spoiler:hidden ''inside'' his own body.]]
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Viktor's plans keep coming back to hit him in the face. He creates an army of Lycans; they rebel. He kills Sonja and her child; Lucian swears revenge and makes a new hybrid. He turns Selene into a vampire; [[spoiler:she kills him. Even the sword that Selene used to kill Viktor was Viktor's.]]. What a tangled web we weave.
-->'''Marcus:''' I knew Viktor made a mistake by keeping you as a pet. He should have killed you with the rest of your family.
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Subverted. Viktor honestly thought he was doing what was best for the coven, but every last one of Viktor's actions (deceiving Markus, imprisoning William, killing Sonja, murdering Selene's family and turning Selene into a vampire, etc.) directly or indirectly leads to the vampires being all but wiped out by the fourth movie.
* IdiotBall: He pretty much ran with this one (see above), but punching Singe to death and not having his bleeding body immediately removed will forever be a classic due to [[spoiler: his blood dripping into Marcus' tomb and inadvertently turning him into a hybrid]].
* IHateYouVampireDad: Sonja and Selene both suffer this. Viktor is shown to be devastated by having to kill Sonja. He wasn't all too happy about possibly having to kill Selene, either. His immediate reaction after hurling her halfway across a room, for instance...
* LargeHam: Possibly the hammiest character in the whole franchise.
* ManipulativeBastard: Viktor managed to fool all the vampires into thinking that ''he'' is the first vampire in existence, imprisoned William for all time and went to extra lengths to ensure Marcus couldn't stop him - which failed ''spectacularly''. Not to mention making Selene think her family was killed by Lycans for 600+ years.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Two instances- killing Sonja was what started the war in the first place. Not believing Selene results in his worst fear being recognized in the form of a hybridized Michael Corvin ''and'' his death.
* NeverMyFault: He has his own daughter put to death, and then has the nerve to blame Lucian for it.
* OffingTheOffspring: X's two, since he killed his only child ''and'' his unborn grandchild. And then he has the audacity to [[MoralEventHorizon accuse Lucian of doing the deed to his face]], knowing ''damn'' well that Lucian witnessed the murder himself and, being physically chained, was unable to even ''touch'' her.
* ParentalSubstitute: Was this to Selene for centuries, until the first movie.
* ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem: He himself helped make the law that vampires can't feed on humans, but he [[{{Hypocrite}} himself regularly broke the law and gorged on human blood]], Selene's human family being among his victims.
-->'''Kraven''': [[LampshadeHanging Never could follow his own rules.]]
%%* SmugSnake
%%* TheStarscream: To Marcus.
* SuperStrength: As an Elder Vampire, he's a fair bit stronger than regular vampires and werewolves, as shown when he does a NeckLift on a transformed werewolf, which leads into a NeckSnap. He can even match the hybridized Michael Corvin, though Corvin is a lot faster.
* UngratefulBastard:
** Marcus comes to Viktor while the latter is on his death bed and grants him immortality. How does Viktor repay him? By wresting control of the coven away from Markus, indefinitely imprisoning Markus's brother, and having the vampires' history rewritten so that Viktor, not Markus, is the first and most powerful of the vampires.
** Lucian transforms into Lycan form to save Sonja from becoming werewolf kibble. Viktor's response to this is to have him publicly flogged to near-death for removing the slave collar that would have prevented said transformation. Mind you, he gave Sonja a brief lecture earlier about showing gratitude to Lucian for saving her life. When she [[CallingTheOldManOut calls him on it]] he responds that letting Lucian live ''is'' his gratitude... and then decides to have Lucian killed anyway as a cautionary tale to any would-be upstarts.
** Selene potentially all but saved Viktor, and the coven, from certain doom by breaking the Chain and making him aware of her concerns. After literally centuries of her UndyingLoyalty to him, Viktor refuses to hear any of it and orders her judged (which would almost certainly result in her death). After Selene acquires undeniable proof for her suspicions, Viktor refuses to absolve her unless she kills Michael, who's totally innocent and only the "enemy" by being turned against his will.
* VillainHasAPoint: Regarding William needing to be stopped. To an extent, preventing the birth of a hybrid could count as well, considering all the trouble that the mere ''possibility'' of creating one ended up causing.
* WeakButSkilled: In comparison to the [[HybridMonster hybridized]] Michael Corvin. While Michael clearly outmatches Viktor in sheer strength and initially has the upper hand, Viktor, having 600+ years of combat experience under his belt, eventually manages to turn the tide, with Michael only being saved by Selene making a ConvenientlyTimedAttackFromBehind.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: In his view, everything he did was to protect the species and the coven.

->'''Played By:''' Zita Görög in ''Underworld'' and Sveta Driga in ''Rise of the Lycans''

The second of the Vampire Elders. Hardly anything is known about her, making her a bit of a FlatCharacter. However, she aided Marcus and Viktor in catching William and sided with Viktor to imprison him forever. She has since been revealed to have been [[spoiler: the lover of Thomas and the mother of his son, David]].

%%* DarkActionGirl
%%* DarkChick
%%* DoomedByCanon
* HelmetsAreHardlyHeroic: At some point during the investigation of the village in Evolution, she removes her helmet [[spoiler: but after the Lycans begin to turn, never sees the need to put it back on.]] They don't seem to do much, though, so it may be that she preferred the added range of vision.
* LadyOfWar: She's an extremely elegant Vampire Elder and a Badass.
* MissingMom: ''Blood Wars'' revealed she's [[spoiler:David's]] mother, which eventually makes [[spoiler:him]] the last true heir of the Eastern Coven bloodline and therefore supreme ruler of the vampire council.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: In her first scene in ''Underworld'', she gets [[spoiler: whacked by Lycans]]. She has a slightly larger role in the prologue of ''Evolution'', but is more of a background character until ''Blood Wars'', where, despite being [[spoiler: dead]] she becomes central to the plot due to being revealed as [[spoiler: David's mother]].

[[folder:Marcus Corvinus]]
!!Marcus Corvinus
->'''Played By:''' Creator/TonyCurran

The third Vampire Elder, and son of Alexander Corvinus. He was bitten by a bat and became the first vampire. With his Lycan brother William out of control, Marcus recruited Viktor, Amelia and their army to catch his brother, only for Viktor to double-cross him and take control of the vampires and imprisoned William forever. In the second film, he is turned into a hybrid and vows to free his brother and rule the world with a new series of hybrids.

* AngstySurvivingTwin: Is this for a short time, as he gets killed not long after William's death, but that scream he does when William dies is proof enough.
* AffablyEvil: While he gets the idea to rule the world with hybrids, his main goal is to reunite with his beloved brother.
* AGodAmI: Intends to create a new race of immortals, with himself as their God.
* BatOutOfHell: He has large bat wings in his hybrid form. Whether or not he had these beforehand is unknown.
* BigBad: In the second movie ''Underworld: Evolution'', he seeks to unleash his brother from prison and create a new species of immortals.
* BloodBrothers: Marcus and William have a strong bond. They had a third brother who was only human and presumably died years ago.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: When he awakens and learns that it's possible for his bloodline to become hybrids, the first thing he does, the ''only'' thing he does is try to rescue his brother from his mindless torment.
* GeneticMemory: He can see the memories of others by drinking their blood, something which Viktor could also do (and Selene as well, at least as of ''Awakening''). Selene, Kraven and Andreas Tanis all become victims to his ability.
* HelicopterBlender: [[spoiler:Selene pushes him into the spinning blades of a downed helicopter.]]
%%* IHateYouVampireDad
* LineageComesFromTheFather: All the members of the Corvinus family that we've seen (bar one) are male, and all the testing done in the first movie was on people whose surnames are derivatives of Corvinus.
* {{Patricide}}: [[spoiler: Kills his father, Alexander Corvinus, claiming that a [[AGodAmI God]] has no father.]]
* SiblingTeam: Marcus and William.

[[folder:William Corvinus]]
!!William Corvinus
->'''Played By:''' Brian Steele

Alexander Corvinus's second son, and the first werewolf. Unlike Lycans, William could never regain his human form and was imprisoned by Viktor in a tomb, which was built by Selene's father.

%%* TheDragon: To Marcus.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: His brother is the only person he will ''not'' attack and kill.
* OffWithHisHead: [[spoiler:Michael wrenches William's jaw open to breaking point, and then rips his upper head off.]]
* PerpetualMotionMonster: Once he's out of his coffin after over 600 years of imprisonment, he's at full strength. He clearly wasn't in suspended animation.
* SealedEvilInACan: Viktor would've preferred to kill him had he not agreed with Marcus to keep him alive.
* SiblingTeam: William and Marcus.

[[folder:Alexander Corvinus]]
!!Alexander Corvinus

->'''Played By:''' Creator/DerekJacobi

WhereItAllBegan, Alexander Corvinus became the first true immortal after his village was ravaged by a plague which he was able to mold into what gave him his immortality. He then fathered three sons, Marcus, William and a third son. Marcus and William were bitten by a bat and a wolf, becoming the first vampire and werewolf, leading to the rest of the events in the films. The third son remained human, but carried the Corvinus Gene that would later lead to Lucian's quest to find a descendant who could adapt to vampire and Lycan blood.

* AlmightyJanitor: He's been cleaning up the chaos the vampires and Lycans have been causing for centuries.
* BigGood: He has safeguarded mankind from the the Vampire-Lycan war and minimized the damage caused by it. In addition [[spoiler:his blood gives Selene the necessary strength to defeat the BigBad at the end]].
* CleanupCrew: His men, all human, have been cleaning up after his children for centuries. Whenever possible without violence.
* CoolBoat: His roaming headquarters is a merchant vessel that's been thoroughly upgraded with all the latest tech. Also, awesome gothic decoration.
* GoBackToTheSource: Selene and Michael visit Alexander, as does Marcus shortly after.
* TheOlderImmortal: The oldest character in the films.
* PassingTheTorch: To Selene and Michael.
* WhereItAllBegan: He became the first Immortal after surviving and being mutated by a mysterious virus. His immortality was passed down to his sons and the rest is history.

->'''Played By:''' Jazmin Dammak in ''Underworld'' and Rhona Mitra in ''Rise of the Lycans''

The daughter of Viktor, and Lucian's lover. The two were the original StarCrossedLovers, Sonja becoming impregnated with the first hybrid. Viktor was distraught when he found out and regretfully had her executed via sunlight, kicking off the war. Lucian stole her necklace, actually one of the keys to William's tomb.

* BattleCouple: With Lucian, briefly.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: Implied with Lucian.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Poor Sonja. Chained to a column to await the risen sun. Not to mention her lover being beaten in front of her and forced to watch. And to top it all off, she's pregnant at the time as well.
* DeathByOriginStory: She's a posthumous character in the first film, killed by her father for the sin of miscegenation.
* DeathByChildbirth: Her mother died giving birth to her.
* DeathBySex: Has sex with Lucian, gets pregnant with his child, is judged and sentenced to death for it.
* DoomedByCanon: Her death was the spark that ignited the Lycan-Vampire war, and was never retconned.
* {{Doppelganger}}: She bears a remarkable, coincidental resemblance to Selene.
* FauxActionGirl: Despite being leader of the Death Dealers, Sonja needs to be rescued a lot.
* ImperiledInPregnancy: For most of ''Rise of the Lycans''.
* InterspeciesRomance: With Lucian. Also doubles as an InterclassRomance, as she's the daughter of an Elder, whilst he's a slave.
* LadyOfWar
* LostLenore: Is this to Lucian in the first film.
* TheOtherDarrin: Played by Jazmin Dammak in the first film and Rhona Mitra in the prequel film. Particularly noticeable, given that Dammak's portrayal depicts her with blonde hair and green eyes, whilst Mitra's portrayal depicts her as a brunette with brown eyes (to more closely resemble Selene). According to WordOfGod, her appearance in the prequel is the canon one.
* {{Patricide}}: Averted. Whilst she does battle her father, she never tries to do him actual harm and outright states she has no desire to "defeat" him. In hindsight, it probably [[OffingTheOffspring would've gone better for her if she had killed Viktor]].
* PregnantBadass: Though she doesn't reveal she's pregnant until quite late in ''Rise of the Lycans''.
* SayMyName: Lucian screams her name in anguish when she's executed.
* SpiritedYoungLady: Played with. The 'young' part is a bit misleading, given that she's supposed to be [[ReallySevenHundred nearly 200 years old]] during ''Rise of the Lycans.''
* StarcrossedLovers: With Lucian. Anyone who's watched the original movie knows it ends tragically.

[[folder:Kraven of Leicester]]
!!Kraven of Leicester
->'''Played By:''' Shane Brolly

Viktor's [[TheDragon Dragon]], Kraven is in charge of the old coven during Viktor's slumber. A SmugSnake and a ManipulativeBastard, Kraven helped fake Lucian's death to become a hero among the vampires, and to keep Lucian's plan under wraps. Their ultimate agreement is to eliminate the vampire elders, so Kraven can rule the vampires and Lucian can create the hybrid. Kraven has a thing for Selene, despite being in a relationship with Erika.

* BlatantLies: Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: He does this to everyone (Viktor, Lucian, Erika).
* DirtyCoward: He [[spoiler: shoots Lucian as his back is turned]] and [[AintTooProudToBeg pathetically grovels]] when Marcus, whom he intended to kill, has him cornered.
* TheDragon: To Viktor. Subverted, as he's planning on betraying him.
* {{Jerkass}}: He demands respect he hasn't earned, treats Erika like crap despite her UndyingLoyalty to him, just ''assumes'' Selene wants to be with him and tries to control her, even [[WouldHitAGirl slapping across the face at one point]], shoots [[spoiler: Michael]] purely out of jealousy, shoots [[spoiler: Lucian]] for calling out what a loser he is and only looks out for Number One.
* KarmicDeath: [[spoiler:Kraven has his head blown off by Marcus whom he tried to kill seconds earlier.]]
* LargeHam: Kraven's reaction to Erika telling him that Michael is a Lycan is downright hilarious.
%%* ManipulativeBastard
* MeaningfulName: The word "craven" means "coward".
%%* MrFanservice
* NonActionGuy: Despite being a Death Dealer, he generally lets everyone else do his dirty work. The only time he actually lifts a weapon is to [[spoiler: shoot Lucian and Michael in the back]].
* OpportunisticBastard: Kraven has no loyalty to anyone or anything but his own [[AmbitionIsEvil ambition]]. When spared from death by his own [[DirtyCoward cowardice]] at the hands of the Lycan werewolves' leader Lucien, Kraven aligns himself with Lucien's plans to seize power for himself in the vampire covens. Kraven seizes on a chance to allow Lucien's Lycans to massacre the vampire elder Amelia, and when his treachery is exposed, he later betrays and murders Lucien before taking advantage of the resulting power vacuum from the large scale battle at the conclusion of the second film to attempt to murder the final sleeping vampire elder and rule the coven. Lacking his own plans, Kraven simply ingratiates himself to whoever is in power for his own success and has no compunction taking any chance fate gives him in pursuit of it.
* SissyVillain: Selene, Lucian, and damn near everybody thinks he's a little bitch. He even kills Lucian for calling him out on it.
%%* SmugSnake
* StalkerWithACrush: He's quite obsessive over Selene.
* TheStarscream: To everybody. He teamed up with Lucian to defeat the vampire elders, and then turned on Lucian. [[spoiler:He's eventually RewardedAsATraitorDeserves by the last elder Markus, who caught on to this act.]]
* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: Especially considering most fans were expecting him to be the villain opposite a heroic Marcus.

->'''Played By:''' Creator/KevinGrevioux

Lucian's closest friend and a ScaryBlackMan. He became a Lycan in ''Rise of the Lycans'' and helped Lucian fight back against their vampire suppressors. He has a rivalry with vampire Soren going back to their earliest days. And yes, his voice is actually that deep.

* BadassBaritone: Raze's deep voice is actually that deep.
* BadassNormal: Back when still human. First thing he does when confronted with one of the wild and feral Werewolves? Punches the damn thing down.
* CreatorCameo: Raze is played by Kevin Grevioux, writer for the films.
* TheDragon: To Lucian. Also TheBigGuy
* ScaryBlackMan: Due to his size
* UndyingLoyalty: To Lucian.

[[folder:Andrea Tanis]]
!!Andreas Tanis
->'''Played By:''' Steven Mackintosh

Formerly the historian of the vampire coven, Andreas Tanis was exiled on Viktor's orders, by Selene, for telling "[[BlatantLies malicious lies]]".

* TheExile: To a remote church that he's fixed up into a sybaritic love nest.
* MrExposition: Well, he is the vampire historian.
* OhCrap: When Marcus comes for him. He completely freaks out despite the latter's affable demeanor, and given what Marcus does to him, it's not unwarranted.
* TheSmartGuy: Only one besides Marcus and Viktor to know the true history ''and'' designed the weapons that the Lycans unleashed in the first movie.
* TechnoWizard: Built weapons for Lucian after he was exiled.

->'''Played By:''' Robbie Gee

Kahn is the weapon's specialist in the coven and head of security. He clashes with Kraven, and is just as suspicious of him as Selene is. He is a skilled marksman and inventor, replicating the Lycans' sunlight weapon with silver bullets which can harm Lycans on the genetic level.

* BlackDudeDiesFirst: Averted. He is the last main vampire character to be killed before Viktor.
* NiceGuy: He's one of the nicest vampires in the series.
* TechnoWizard: Responsible for creating silver-nitrate bullets, which he achieved by copying the Lycans' UV ammo.

->'''Played By:''' Creator/SophiaMyles

Kraven's one-and-off girlfriend, Erika is pretty much used by Kraven for sexual tension and he treats her like dirt whilst pining after Selene. Erika discovers Michael is a Lycan and tells both Selene and Kraven. Erika ditches Kraven and frees Selene from her imprisonment to get back to Kraven. Her fate afterwards is unknown. In the novelization, she and Selene have a somewhat tenuous friendship, and it's mentioned that she left the mansion and "wondered if Viktor liked blondes."

* ClingyJealousGirl: She gives this up eventually.
* CuteLittleFangs: While clinging to the ceiling. And hissing like a deranged cat.
* FriendVersusLover: Selene, who is her friend and love interest for Kraven (although Selene doesn't want to be).
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Erika never appears in ''Evolution'' aside from a flashback cameo, so it's assumed Marcus killed her when he destroyed the coven.

->'''Played By:''' Erwin Leder

A scientist Lycan, Singe has spent years trying to find the right carrier of the Corvinus strand, and is at his wit's end. Lucian delivers him Michael's blood and he is proven a carrier. Singe is sent to help retrieve Michael from the vampires but is captured by Selene and forced to reveal Lucian's plan and Kraven's treachery. After Amelia is killed, Viktor punches him to death.

* ChekhovsGun:
** [[spoiler:His blood turns Marcus into a hybrid.]]
** Selene recalls Singe mentioning the hybrid's creation and follows his advice to turn Michael into a hybrid.
%%* MadScientistLaboratory
* MegatonPunch: Viktor delivers one that kills Singe instantly.
* OmnidisciplinaryScientist: Singe is a skilled scientist in biology, genetics and medicine, not to mention espionage.
* ReluctantMadScientist: He's a bit tired of doing his experiments, but still is a mad scientist by chaining Corven family members up.

->'''Played By:''' Scott McElroy

Kraven's minion and once Viktor's bodyguard. Little is known about him, but he has a rivalry with Raze. He uses a pair of whips in battle, and is killed by Raze.

* {{Evil Minion|s}}: Under Kraven.
* TheRival: To Raze.
* WhipItGood: Enhanced by combining it with a dose of DualWielding. Of note, his whips appeared to be silver and razored.

!Introduced in ''Underworld: Awakening''
[[folder:Eve (Subject 2)]]
!!Eve (Subject 2)
->'''Played By:''' India Eisley

A young HybridMonster who Selene finds after awakening 12 years after the purge of vampires and Lycans.

* CreepyChild: When in her hybrid form. Not only is she a dead ringer for [[Film/TheExorcist Regan McNeil]], but the first kill she performs involves ripping a Lycan's skull in two. [[Film/UnderworldEvolution Like father]], like daughter.
* GeneticMemory: Can see through the eyes of her parents, and they can do the same in return.
%%* HybridMonster
* [[IHateYouVampireDad I Hate You, Vampire Mom]]: Resents her mother, Selene, for her apparent detachment towards her. Later, she and Selene apparently have a falling out in between films, leading to Eve running or being sent away and making Selene promise to not come after her.
* IllGirl: She spent her whole life in a lab and has never drank blood before.
* LivingMacGuffin: In ''Awakening'', the Lycans plan to extract her genetic code to make Lycan clones. In ''Blood Wars'', they're still after her, albeit for seemingly slightly different reasons.
* TheRunaway: At some point between ''Awakening'' and ''Blood Wars'', Eve runs off for parts unknown, leaving Selene a lock of her hair and a note stating in no unclear terms that her mother is not to try to find her. [[spoiler: They reunite in the end.]]
* UnskilledButStrong: Can rip a transformed Lycan apart with her bare hands but obviously has never been in a real fight. [[spoiler:Like father, like daughter.]]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Her absence from ''Blood Wars'' ([[spoiler: until the very end]]) is explained as her heading to parts unknown in between films and making Selene promise not to go looking for her.

->'''Played By:''' Theo James

Introduced in ''Awakening'', David is a survivor of the Purge. TheIdealist of the film, David aids Selene, willingly helping her and Eve escape the humans and Lycans. He believes the vampires should honor their predecessors and fight back, being at odds with his father Thomas.

* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:Killed by Lycans, but is resurrected by Selene when she cuts open her palm and then ''forcefully using her hand and immortal blood to restart his heart''.]]
%%* BigDamnHeroes
* DaywalkingVampire: [[spoiler:After being revived by Selene in ''Awakening'' he has become an Hybrid]].
* IHateYouVampireDad: He is at odds with his father Thomas, the local WellIntentionedExtremist, who wishes to hide away to survive instead of fighting back.
* TheIdealist: Dreams of restoring the Vampires to their former glory and looks up to Selene as the one who will help achieve this.
* TheLancer: To Selene since Michael is unavailable. Shared with Detective Sebastian.
* MissingMom: His mother apparently died giving birth to him. [[spoiler: It's then revealed his mother was actually the Vampire Elder Amelia, who was forced to leave him for his own protection]].
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: To Kraven just without any {{Jerkass}} tendencies and like Michael, [[spoiler:serves as a possible LoveInterest to Selene and comes back from the dead. With the latter being more possible since Michael was KilledOffForReal in ''Blood Wars''.]]

->'''Played By:''' Charles Dance

David's father and ersatz Elder of the surviving Western Coven vampires following the deaths of Amelia, Viktor, and Markus. Unlike his son, he feels that continuing to fight will only hasten the demise of their species and favors hiding out until things blow over. Roughly 20 years before the events of ''Underworld'', he became the lover of [[spoiler: the vampire Elder, Amelia]], resulting in David's birth, but was forced to break off the relationship and go into hiding for David's safety.

* BadassGrandpa: He's possibly several centuries old (and even if he isn't, he's definitely older than the 60+ years he appears to be) and pretty handy with a sword, being able to hold his own against ''two'' high ranking vampires.
* CaptainErsatz / {{Expy}}: If Thomas were a lot meaner and/or ruthless, he'd be Viktor 2.0; he's got the looks and general mannerisms down to par. He also takes on the role of an acting Elder in ''Awakenings''.
* CoolOldGuy: In ''Blood Wars'', he has mellowed out somewhat, is more open to David's way of thinking, and become a lot fonder of Selene due to her saving David's life in the previous film, even personally going against the Council to offer her amnesty within the Coven. Oh, and he's shown to be a BadassGrandpa with a sword.
* {{Foil}}: To Viktor of all vampires. Despite being an {{Expy}} of the deceased Elder, Thomas is more reasonable by comparison and genuinely acts for the good of the vampires in his charge, his son included, rather than his own interests. Also, he would rather lay low when then odds become overwhelming while Viktor never backed down from a fight.
* [[spoiler: HeroicSacrifice]]: [[spoiler: He goes up against Semira and Varga while trying to buy David time to escape with a comotose Selene and is tragically stabbed to death for his efforts.]]
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Thomas's defense for handing Eve over to the Lycans is that he did so in order to avoid the further slaughter of his coven.
* {{Pacifist}}: Would rather for the vampires to hide and lay low as opposed to fighting the Lycans and the humans trying to seek out and destroy them.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He does all he can to keep what's left of the Western Coven safe, including handing over an innocent 12 year old IllGirl to the people seeking her whilst knowing that doing so will be a death warrant for said girl.

[[folder:Detective Sebastian]]
!!Detective Sebastian
->'''Played By:''' Michael Ealy

The first human since Michael to become a prominent character in the films. A police detective who pities the vampires and Lycans, Sebastian teams up with Selene to take down Antigen to save Eve and avenge his dead vampire wife.

* BlackBestFriend: Carrying on Kahn's legacy.
%%* FairCop
* TheLancer: To Selene, shared with David.
* OneManArmy: Single-handily launches a one-man assault against Antigen, kills a guard with a rocket launcher, helps stop a van carrying off Eve, tries to fight the BigBad, and survives with the intention to cover Selene.
* SuicideBySunlight: [[spoiler:His wife, a vampire, willingly walked out into daylight and killed herself so he would not have to see her be murdered during the Purge.]]
* SuperCop: Of the BadassNormal type. He is like [[Film/{{Commando}} John Matrix]] of Underworld.

[[folder:Doctor Jacob Lane]]
!!Doctor Jacob Lane
->'''Played By:''' Stephen Rea

Chief scientist at Antigen, Jacob Lane kept Selene, Michael and Eve as test subjects to find an antidote.

* BigBad: Of ''Awakening''.
%%* ForScience
* MadScientist: [[spoiler:He is a Lycan scientist who wishes to make his species completely invulnerable]].
* SlashedThroat: [[spoiler:Eve tears his throat out.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He comes off as one, wanting to protect humanity from Lycans and vampires. [[spoiler:Turns out he's a lycan, and what he wants is to wipe out vampires and have Lycans become dominant.]]

[[folder:Quint Lane]]
!!Quint Lane]]
->'''Played By:''' Kris Holden-Ried

A wolf known as the Uber Lycan, Quint kidnaps Eve so Dr. Jacob Lane can use her to create an army of Lycans.

* CanisMajor: A huge Lycan.
* TheDragon: To Dr. Lane.
* HealingFactor: A pretty powerful one. His wounds heal almost instantly, giving him an almost immunity to silver.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:Doomed by his own HealingFactor]].
* InsertGrenadeHere: [[spoiler:Selene shoves a grenade into Quint's body just as he heals his wounds.]]
* PainfulTransformation: A side-effect of the treatments that made him so large seems to be that he can't transform seamlessly like most Lycans.
* SlasherSmile: Quint does this in his Uber-Lycan form... twice.

!Introduced in ''Underworld: Blood Wars''
->'''Played By:''' Lara Pulver

One of the leaders of the Eastern Coven, who plots to take over the coven and make herself a Hybrid.

* AbsoluteCleavage: Most of her outfits emphasise this.
* BadBoss: To Varga. [[spoiler: It eventually come back to bite her in the ass]].
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: [[spoiler:Oh, ''so averted''. Being stabbed in the mouth from the back is not a pretty way for her to go]].
* BigBadEnsemble: Along with Marius.
* DarkActionGirl: She's the first prominent female villain in the series.
* DepravedBisexual: She attempts to seduce David and also plants a kiss on Alexia's lips [[spoiler:just before killing her]].
* GreenEyedMonster: Her hatred of Selene is implied to have been partly caused by her jealousy over Selene becoming Viktor's new favourite.
* FemmeFatale: She uses her beauty and sexuality to get what she wants (or tries to, at any rate).
* {{Hypocrite}}: She kills Alexia for her betrayal against their kind, (which ultimately does lead to many vampires being slaughtered) but has no qualms about ordering the death of at least 2 dozen unsuspecting Death Dealers-in-training, or murdering Thomas and attempting to do the same to David, to further her own ends.
* [[spoiler: HoistByHisOwnPetard / KarmicDeath]]: [[spoiler: Her fascination at successfully hybridizing herself distracts her long enough for David to blindside her with a sword through the back of the head after she killed his father, Thomas, in the same manner. Said sword was originally [[LaserGuidedKarma owned by Thomas]].]]
* LadyOfWar: A coven leader and a skilled warrior.
* ManipulativeBitch: Most clearly demonstrated during the Council meeting, where she feigns nothing but concern for the coven and acts like it was all Thomas' idea to bring Selene in.
* MsFanservice: She uses many gorgeous dresses, some sporting AbsoluteCleavage and indicating that [[VaporWear there is also nothing underneath it]]. Being TheVamp (figuratively speaking) and played by the gorgeous Laura Pulver doesn't hurt either.
* OpportunisticBastard: She's essentially a female version of Kraven, though more competent.
* PayEvilUntoEvil: She [[spoiler: kills Alexia for her betrayal]] while trying to wrest control of the Coven for herself via subterfuge and hybridizing herself.
* VillainHasAPoint: Whilst she's primarily motivated by her own ambition, Semira's got a pretty good point about the Council doing nothing about Marius being a huge mistake.
* VillainessesWantHeroes: A downplayed example. She clearly shows an interest in David, though he makes it pretty clear the feeling isn't mutual. The moment he interferes with her plans, she has no qualms about trying to kill him.

->'''Played By:''' Tobias Menzies

The Lycans' new leader in ''Blood Wars'' and one of the deadliest Lycans since Lucian, who seeks to use Eve's blood to increase his power.

* BadBoss: The guy at one point uses one of his comrades as a human (or rather, Lycan) shield.
* BigBadEnsemble: Alongside Semira.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: He seems to genuinely care for his lover [[spoiler: Alexia]].
* GeniusBruiser: The man is very tall and imposing, but he is no mere brute just because he is a Lycan: a genius tactically speaking, having turned the Lycans into an effective fighting force by utilizing tools that makes them more versatile.
* KickTheDog: After Selene discovers he [[spoiler: killed Michael]], he shows her vial containing [[spoiler: Michael's blood]] and says that it's "all that's left of [[spoiler: him]]", whilst holding it out to her. As Selene reaches for it, he promptly tips the contents of the vial down his throat to boost his power.
* InterspeciesRomance: With [[spoiler: TheMole, Alexia]].
* WouldHurtAChild: He seeks to use Eve's blood to make himself more powerful. Played with in that he does tell Selene he won't actually kill Eve, though it's unclear if he's being honest and Selene certainly doesn't believe him.

->'''Played By:''' Bradley James

The lead Death Dealer of the Eastern Coven and ally to Semira.

* TheDragon: To Semira. [[spoiler: He jumps ship the moment he learns David is the rightful heir to coven, due in no small part to Semira's crappy treatment of him]].
* DumbMuscle: Averted. He's actually not that stupid and Semira treating him like he is [[spoiler: proves to be a big mistake on her part]].
* HeelFaceTurn: After learning that [[spoiler:David]] is the rightful heir to coven, he [[spoiler:turns on Semira and devotes himself to David]].
* KarmaHoudini: He gets no comeuppance of any kind for being party to the attempted murder of [[spoiler:Selene]] and [[spoiler:killing several Death Dealer trainees and framing Selene for it]]. Even though he was JustFollowingOrders, it's still rather glaring.

->'''Played By:''' Daisy Head

A Death Dealer in the Eastern Coven, who is secretly [[spoiler:Marius' lover and spy]].

* {{Foil}}: To Selene (and by extension, to Sonja). They're all Death Dealers or high-ranking vampires who [[spoiler:fall in love with Lycans and ultimately betray their covens]]. However, whilst Selene only turned on Viktor after he betrayed her first and flees with Michael and Sonja only fought her fellow vampires to protect Lucian and her unborn child, Alexia [[spoiler:actively helps the Lycans to invade the coven and doesn't seem to care that her former comrades are probably going to be slaughtered]], making her far less sympathetic. Sure enough, she gets RewardedAsATraitorDeserves.
* InterspeciesRomance: With [[spoiler:Marius]], technically, considering the immortals in the series are technically human with a genetic virus.
* TheMole: Serves as one for [[spoiler:Marius]].
* RewardedAsATraitorDeserves[=/=]YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: [[spoiler:Semira, as it turns out, knew about Alexia's betrayal all along, taking her out with a SlashedThroat once she's fulfilled her purpose]].

->'''Played By:''' Clementine Nicholson

A member of the Nordic Coven, with special abilities granted by a 'cocooning' process known only to her people.

* ActionGirl: Despite not being a Death Dealer like Selene and appearing vulnerable, she is ''a vampire'' and isn't afraid to take up a sword and going against her enemies.
* DaywalkingVampire: [[spoiler:Develops this property by being given the blood of Selene, who herself had taken up the blood of Alexander Corvinus, TheOlderImmortal.]]
* EnigmaticEmpoweringEntity: Played with. She teaches Selene [[spoiler: the cocooning process used by her coven, which grants her extra powers to defeat Marius, the Lycan half of the BigBadEnsemble]] and she comes across as quite mysterious, though this is more due to the fact her character as only just been introduced. Selene herself gives Lena [[spoiler: her blood, thus turning her into a Hybrid, in return for her help]].
* FlashStep: Part of her status as a Nordic Coven vampire.
* HiddenElfVillage: The Nordic Coven remains hidden somewhere in Norway or Sweden and has refused to take part in the Vampire-Lycan War. Appropriately enough, Lena and her people have some vaguely elvish appearance.
* KickingAssInAllHerFinery / MsFanservice: When the Lycans attack her coven, she doesn't bother suiting up from the skimpy tunic/loincloft she's wearing; she just grabs a sword and shield and starts killing werewolves.
* MeaningfulName: Lena is the Scandinavian diminutive of Elena or Helen, which means "bright" or "shining".
* MysticalWhiteHair: Implied to be the result on having gone through the cocooning process many times.
* NiceGirl: Easily one of the nicest characters in the series. Unless, of course, [[BewareTheNiceOnes you're threatening her coven...]]
* WomanInWhite: She is dressed in white clothing, which only adds an aura of mystery to her. Later turns into WhiteShirtOfDeath when she is covered with enemy blood.

->'''Played By:''' Peter Andersson

The leader of the Nordic Coven and Lena's father. He was a close friend to David's father Thomas and the Elder Amelia.
* BaldOfAwesome: Notably, he is the only bald vampire among his coven, where everyone else was blonde or silver-haired.
* CoolOldGuy: Vidar is welcoming and pleasant towards Selene and David, which is refreshing for other vampires in the series.
* MeaningfulName: He shares the same name as the Norse God of Agriculture.
* SecretKeeper: Vidar reveals to David that [[spoiler:his mother wasn't a lowborn that died in childbirth as his father told him, but Amelia herself]].