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'''BEWARE OF SPOILERS'''. Due to the nature of the show, with its many WalkingSpoiler characters, twists, and turns, the only spoilers whited out are those for the current season "24: Live Another Day". Proceed with caution!
!!The Bauer Family
* [[Characters/TwentyFourJackBauer Jack Bauer]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourBauerFamily The Bauer Family]][[note]]Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, Teri Bauer, Phillip Bauer, Graem Bauer, Marilyn Bauer, Josh Bauer[[/note]]

!!United States Federal Government
* [[Characters/TwentyFourPresidents Presidents]][[note]]David Palmer, Jim Prescott, John Keeler, Charles Logan, Hal Gardner, Wayne Palmer, Noah Daniels, Allison Taylor, Mitchell Hayworth, James Heller[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourWhiteHouse The White House]][[note]]Mike Novick, Walt Cummings, Reed Pollack, Tom Lennox, Ethan Kanin, Olivia Taylor, Rob Weiss, Mark Boudreau, Keith Palmer, Nicole Palmer, Martha Logan, Henry Taylor, Roger Taylor, Audrey Boudreau, Lynne Kresge, David Brucker[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourGovernment Other Government Groups & Officials]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourFirstFamilies First Families]]

!!Government Agencies
* [[Characters/TwentyFourCTU Counter Terrorist Unit]][[note]]George Mason, Ryan Chappelle, Lynn [=McGill=], Richard Walsh, Brad Hammond, Bill Buchanan, Christopher Henderson, Jack Bauer, Alberta Green, Tony Almeida, Erin Driscoll, Michelle Dessler, Nadia Yassir, Nina Myers, Curtis Manning, Ronnie Lobell, Mike Doyle, Chase Edmunds, Gael Ortega, Lee Castle, Tom Baker, Kim Bauer, Edgar Stiles, Morris O'Brian, Milo Pressman, Adam Kaufman, Sarah Gavin, Carrie Turner, Jamey Farrell, Marianne Taylor, Spenser Wolff, Shari Rothenberg, Paula Schaeffer, Brian Hastings, Cole Ortiz, Arlo Glass, Dana Walsh[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourFBI Federal Bureau of Investigation]][[note]]Larry Moss, Renee Walker, Janis Gold, Sean Hillinger, Erika, Michael Latham[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourCIA Central Intelligence Agency]][[note]]Steve Navarro, Kate Morgan, Erik Ritter, Jordan Reed, Gavin Leonard, Mariana[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourUSMilitary United States Military]]

!!Foreign Governments
* [[Characters/TwentyFourChina People's Republic of China]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourRussia Russian Federation]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourJumaRegime The Juma Regime]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourKamistan Islamic Republic of Kamistan]][[note]]Omar Hassan, Dalia Hassan, Kayla Hassan, Farhad Hassan, Tarin Faroush, Samir Mehran, Jamot[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourUK United Kingdom]]

!!Terrorist & Criminal Groups
* [[Characters/TwentyFourDrazenFamily The Drazen Syndicate]][[note]]Victor Drazen, Andre Drazen, Alexis Drazen, Ira Gaines, Kevin Carroll, Rick Allen, Dan Mounts, Eli Stram, Jonathan Matijevich, Ted Cofell[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSecondWave Second Wave]][[note]]Syed Ali, Marie Warner, Joseph Wald, Eddie Grant[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourPeterKingsleyGroup The Peter Kingsley Group]][[note]]Peter Kingsley, Max, Alexander Trepkos, Jonathan Wallace, Ronnie Stark, Raymond O'Hara[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSalazarFamily The Salazar Family & Associates]][[note]]Ramon Salazar, Hector Salazar, Claudia Hernandez[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSaunders The Saunders Family & Associates]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourMarwanGroup Marwan Terrorist Group & Associates]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourRussianSeparatistMovement Russian Separatist Movement]][[note]]Vladimir Bierko, Ivan Erwich, Anton Beresch, Colette Stenger, Jacob Rossler[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourSentox Sentox Conspiracy]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourFayed Fayed Terrorist Cell]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourStarkwood Starkwood Group]][[note]]Jonas Hodges, Doug Knowles, Greg Seaton, John Quinn, Stokes[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourPrionVariantCabal Prion Variant Cabal]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourRedSquare Red Square & Associates]][[note]]Sergei Bazhaev, Josef Bazhaev, Oleg Bazhaev, Davros, Vladimir Laitanan, Ziya Dakhilov, Lugo Elson[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourOpenCell Open Cell]][[note]]Adrian Cross, Chell, Stosh[[/note]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourAlHaraziFamily The Al-Harazi Family]][[note]]Margot Al-Harazi, Simone Al-Harazi, Ian Al-Harazi, Naveed Shabazz, Farah Shabazz, Yasmin Shabazz, Derrick Yates[[/note]]

* [[Characters/TwentyFourCivilians Civilians & Jack's Allies]]
* [[Characters/TwentyFourAntagonists Other Antagonists]][[note]]Cheng Zhi, Sherry Palmer, Nina Myers, Kevin Wade, Carl Webb, Mandy, Gary Matheson, Alan Milliken, Marcus, Rouse, Cole, Jason Pillar, Kevin Wade, Nick Coughlin[[/note]]