''Series/TopGear'' is a long-running British [[MagazineShow magazine show]] about automobiles and motoring. This page chiefly concerns the presenters and other characters featured on the show since its 2002 restart. For the hosts of the US version of the show, see Characters/TopGearUS.

[[folder:Current Presenters]]

!!Matt [=LeBlanc=]

Many people were surprised when the [[Series/{{Friends}} former Joey Tribbiani]] was announced as one of the main presenters of the new ''Top Gear'' since he's had no TV hosting experience and is an ''American'' to boot (not to mention a well-known motorcycle aficionado). Nevertheless, he easily stepped into the role and quickly established himself as a highly popular presenter, leading to the BBC locking him into a multi-year contract.

* BadassBiker: He's a huge motorcycle fan in real life and enjoys racing them and tinkering with their mechanics. When racing to Venice against Sabine and Chris, he chose a Honda Goldwing touring bike, and took a Ducati 1299 Superleggera against Chris in the Bugatti Chiron.
* BadassDriver: [=LeBlanc's=] first introduction on ''Top Gear'' was his turn as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, during which he posted a lap time of 1:42.1, which ended up being the fastest time by ''any'' star in ''any'' of the Reasonably Priced Cars during the Clarkson/Hammond/May run of ''Top Gear''. (Even the Formula 1 drivers never matched that time, although they ran their laps in the less-powerful Suzuki Liana instead of the Kia Cee'd that [=LeBlanc=] used to post his record time.)
* BorrowedCatchphrase: He took over introducing The Stig for power laps, keeping Clarkson's format of two non-sequitors and "All we know is...he's called: The Stig!"
* DeadpanSnarker: In a twist on national stereotypes, he, the American, has the most understated sense of humor whereas his British and German colleagues are much more animated.

!!Chris Harris

An motor journalist and race car driver who almost exclusively handles the show's hypercar segments. He has also taken over training celebrity guests for the new "Star in a Reasonably Fast Car" feature.

* InsufferableGenius: He knows a lot about cars and loves showing off his pedantic knowledge, especially if it means getting to correct somebody.
* SternTeacher: In the early episodes of Series 24, he would constantly berate the celebrities he was coaching for their timed laps around the test track. Then Tamsin Greig, using her best mom voice, passive-aggressively told him to cut it out and he subsequently became much nicer for the rest of the series.

!!Rory Reid

A motor journalist who, alongside Matt [=LeBlanc=], handles the show's more "normal" reviews, particularly those about cars that the average viewer could actually afford to purchase.

* {{Adorkable}}: He was one of many thousands who auditioned simply because he loves cars and the show so much and his enthusiasm is obvious in all of his appearances.

!!Sabine Schmitz
A German race-car driver best known as a caretaker for the famous Nürburgring race-track that surrounds her hometown of Adenau. She first appeared on ''Top Gear'' in 2004, where she taught Jeremy Clarkson how to drive around the track, greatly impressing him with her knowledge, brash attitude and humor. Famously, she drove so fast in the Jaguar that he had brought with him that the film crew had a tough time keeping up with her -- and she had never driven that car before. She appeared on the show several more times over the years, and her name had long been kicked around as a potential regular contributor because of her popularity with the hosts and audience. When she was announced as a co-host, she was arguably the least controversial choice of them all.

* BadassDriver: To the point where she had her own, ''Top Gear''-esque show for a while in Germany called ''D-Motor'', which was largely an excuse for her to drive cool cars extremely fast.
* BadassBoast: On her first time on the show, and after Clarkson did a 9:59 around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a diesel Jaguar, Schmitz declared "I do that lap time in a ''van''!" When given the chance she failed but was so close that she didn't harm her reputation as a BadassDriver; He did a 9:59, while she did a 10:08 (again, in a ''van''. Around the ''Nürburgring''.)
* DeadpanSnarker: Quite famously out-snarked Clarkson in her first appearance.

%%!!Eddie Jordan
!!The Stig
[[caption-width-right:300:His driving speaks for [[strike:itself]] himself.]]

The show's "tame racing driver," who is never seen without his racing coveralls, gloves, and (face-concealing) helmet. He is [[TheVoiceless never heard speaking,]] though [[HeWhoMustNotBeHeard we occasionally hear about]] the driving advice he gives off camera. Has a variety of local cousins in the various locations the ''Top Gear'' team visits. Some say that he sleeps inside out, and that he once had phone sex with Creator/RussellBrand's answering machine... all we know is, he's called The Stig.

There have been three Stigs since the show's inception. The first Stig, Black Suit Stig (Perry [=McCarthy=], 2002-2003) [[DroppedABridgeOnHim was written out of the show]] after the BBC did not renew [=McCarthy=]'s contract. The first White Suit Stig (Ben Collins, 2003-2010) was sacked for publicly revealing his identity. [[note]]Although his identity was already a "trade secret", and the book was a mere formality.[[/note]]

!!All three Stigs
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: The Chinese Stig enjoys randomly attacking people, especially favouring the occasionally GroinAttack on whoever is nearest to him. He even stopped mid-lap to get out of the car and attack the camera man.
* BadassAdorable: Between the Stig Farm, [[spoiler: The Baby Jesus Stig,]] and his complete incomprehension of anything not car-related, The Stig is just... ''d'awww.''
* BadassArmFold
* BadassDriver: Currently provides the page quote.
* BizarreAlienBiology: There's a great deal of rumour about the Stig's biology. All that's quite clear is that he isn't human.
* BloodKnight: His Chinese cousin, a.k.a Attack Stig. Jeremy even says that his favourite activity is attacking people.
* BuffySpeak: Due to his belief that all vehicles are cars, he refers to trains as "Big Underground Cars".
* BunnyEarsLawyer: In a car, he's one of the best drivers many people have heard of. Outside of one, he gets distracted by cat pictures, browses books by dropping them on the floor one by one, and has little idea what to do at a crosswalk.
* CloudCuckoolander: Many of the things said about him imply this.
* DistractedByTheSexy: In the ''Top Gear'' vs. ''Fifth Gear'' show, he stopped to stare at Vicki holding a paintball gun.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Invoked by the producers, as no one expected the Stig to be as popular as he became.
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone Calls Him The Stig]]
* FunWithAcronyms: Stig can be read as "Stunt Technician In Gear" or "Speeding Turn Is Great".
* TheFaceless
* FishOutOfWater: When he's not behind the wheel, Stiggy becomes this, often with humorous results.
* GeniusDitz: He's good at driving, but thinks of every other vehicle as a car (utterly bemused as to how to get on a bicycle).
* GroinAttack: The SignatureMove of Chinese Attack Stig.
* HeWhoMustNotBeHeard
* ImAHumanitarian: During the 2008 National Television Awards, The Stig is the only one available to collect the award -- along with a note advising to keep him away from the cast of ''Series/CoronationStreet'', as "he's decided that all Northerners are edible".
* InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals: His many cousins. Most of them tend to be rather unflattering stereotypes.
** "Some say that he's a CIA experiment that went wrong, and that he only eats cheese... all we know is, he's not the Stig, but he is the Stig's American cousin!" [[note]]An extremely fat and portly Stig who lives in a trailer and was irreverently called "Big Stig" by Hammond.[[/note]]
** "Some say he's seen The Lion King 1780 times, and that his second best friend is a cape buffalo... all we know is, he's not the Stig, but he is the Stig's African cousin!" [[note]]A surprisingly [[GoingNative under-dressed]] Stig, with dark skin, wearing just Puma racing boots, a loincloth, white racing gloves and the iconic white helmet.[[/note]]
** "Some say his favourite ever song is 'Forever Autumn' by Justin Hayward, and that he has the world's largest collection of pornographical material. All we know is, he's not The Stig, but he is The Stig's lorry-driving cousin!" [[note]]"Rig Stig", who has somehow managed to get most of his right jumpsuit sleeve ''sunburned'' (or perhaps the fabric got sun bleached) by hanging it out of the lorry windows he drives too often.[[/note]]
** "He's not the Stig, but he is the Stig's [[GranolaGirl vegetarian cousin!]]" [[note]]Nicknamed "Janet Stig Porter", a green-suited hippie, with overalls, Birkenstock sandals with socks and a solar-powered helmet, who unfortunately died of asphyxiation when his ergonomic car filled with exhaust due to poor ventilation. [[/note]]
** "He's not the Stig, he's the Stig's [[SeventiesHair German cousin!]]" [[note]]A Stig who has a mullet flowing out of his helmet, nicknamed "Herr Stig" and "Stiggy Ray Cyrus".[[/note]]
** A Communist Stig also appeared in the extended version of the Communist Cars Challenge on the DVD and in the DirectorsCut of the Vietnam Episode. [[note]]A [[VisualPun red]] Stig.[[/note]]
** "He's not the Stig, but he is the Stig's [[TheCasanova Italian cousin!]] [[note]]A cousin [[BadassInANiceSuit in a nice suit]], with a luxury tour bus and an entourage of sexy ladies. nicknamed "Bunga Bunga Stig" for his smart dress sense and charm with the women.[[/note]]
** "Some say he's the Stig, but he's not. He's the Stig's [[AllAsiansKnowMartialArts Chinese cousin!]]" [[note]] A ''very'' gung-ho cousin who is known as "Attack Stig" for attacking everything that moves. And he '''will''' [[GroinAttack aim for the plums.]][[/note]]
** "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the Stig's [[OopNorth Yorkshire cousin!]]" [[note]]"T'Stig", a Stig who wears a flat cap and walks two dogs on a leash.[[/note]]
** There's also a female with a Stig helmet on shown when the actual Stig is vacationing during an episode filmed in Spain. Whether or not this is another Stig or just a woman trying to flirt with him is debatable.
** The Stig has a teenage cousin, too. [[note]]A Stig who is insanely obsessed with his smartphone, listening to Main/{{Dubstep}} (which he can somehow hear through a set of red headphones sitting atop his helmet) and texting to the point he's totally zoned out of reality and pacing around in circles.[[/note]]
** The Stig even has a digital cousin. [[note]]A digitized Stig formed out of data bits that tends to flicker all the time and needs to be downloaded into the real world, but can also choose to teleport back into the virtual world. He resides in the UsefulNotes/XboxONE game ''[[VideoGame/ForzaMotorsport Forza Motorsport 5]]''.[[/note]]
** Apparently, there is a Stig farm where Stigs are raised in the event ''Top Gear'' needs a replacement Stig. They come in many colours such as yellow and neon pink, and essentially behave like cattle down to the point they are kept in a pen and when let out, graze like cows.
** Comes full circle with "Some say he's the Stig's Alpine cousin, but he's not--he's just the Stig!"
* LegacyCharacter: The first (black-suited) Stig was taken office by a second white-clad iteration of The Stig, who in turn was replaced by a third incarnation also dressed in white.
* LogicBomb: Clarkson and Hammond joke that when the car comes in ''last'' place during the London Rush Hour challenge, the Stig's speechlessness is because his entire mind has just imploded and behind his helmet, smoke is pouring from his ears.
* MadeOfIron: The Stig's car randomly exploded because the car he was in had a noted defect of randomly exploding. He [[UnflinchingWalk walked away.]]
* MessianicArchetype: Parodied in the Middle East Special, where the presenters discover a Baby Stig born in a manger.
* MemeticBadass: In-universe. Jeremy does little "facts" about him before every Stig lap.
* {{Nephewism}}: His counterparts are always his cousins.
* NervesOfSteel: He is shown ''sleeping'' while riding on Blackpool's infamous "Big One" rollercoaster.
* NoNameGiven
* PhraseCatcher: The introductions.
-->'''Clarkson/[=LeBlanc=]''': Some say that he [''something improbable''], and that he/his [''something equally improbable if not more so, often RippedFromTheHeadlines'']. All we know is, he's called The Stig.
* RealMenWearPink: The Pink Stig, who is implied to be rather [[CampGay camp]].
* RedBaron
* SecretIdentity: While the previous Stigs have revealed themselves, they've only done so concurrent to being dropped from the show, so the active Stig's identity will always remain a mystery (until ''he's'' dropped as well, presumably).
* ShroudedInMyth
* SpellMyNameWithAThe:
-->'''Clarkson''': Some say that his first name really is "the".
* TheOtherDarrin: The Black Stig was replaced by the White Stig, who was replaced by the Third Stig.
* TheNthDoctor: The other potential Stigs in the Stig-Farm.
* TheStoic
* TheVoiceless
* UniversalDriversLicense: Subverted, as the Stig believes ''everything'' should be driven like a car. He's easily confused by things that aren't cars, such as bicycles, the "Big Red Car" (a Bus) and the "Underground Car" (a tube Train) from the London Rush Hour challenge.

!!!Third Stig
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: Third Stig aged from a baby to an adult in the matter of a month. The rapid aging is explained by Jeremy that all Stigs grow very quickly.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: The Third Stig, is pretty much the White Stig with different shoes and black shoulder patches. Justified in that if he was a different colour, they'd have had to change all the White Stig's merchandise.

[[folder:Former Presenters]]
!!The Presenters Collectively
* BigGuyLittleGuy: Clarkson and Hammond
* FanNickname: the "Top Gear Three" or "[=TG3=]" for short.
* FireForgedFriends: Occasionally, in more than one road trip special.
* {{Flanderization}}: Early on around season 4 all three of them noticeably started exaggerating and playing up aspects of their personalities, pretending to be stupider than they really were (along with some amazing deadpan delivery of ridiculous hyperbole and allegories). This increased as time went on and they added new quirks and idiosyncrasies to their personnae. More than a decade after the show started, their in-character personalities are similar but decidedly more outrageous when compared to the RealLife ones they are based on e.g. Jeremy Clarkson is ''not'' actually as arrogant and insufferable as he seems on [=TV=] but he is still highly opinionated and sharply cynical.
* FreudianTrio:
** Clarkson: Id
** Hammond: Ego
** May: Superego
* HeterosexualLifePartners
** With a good dash of HoYay that they frequently spoof, such as this gem from their caravan holiday;
--> '''May''': I like it, it's romantic.
--> '''Hammond''': ''Don't say things like that!'' I'm in the same bed as you!
* JerkassFacade: All three of them play up the JerkAss angle. In RealLife behind the scenes, however, they're a bit different.
* OddCouple: Clarkson (brash and out-going) and May (quiet and sensible).
* OneHeadTaller: Clarkson (6'5") and Hammond (5'7").
* TeethClenchedTeamwork
* TrueCompanions: Clarkson did not get his contract renewed after punching a producer. The other two were offered huge salaries by the BBC to continue without him, but quit instead. The three, along with producer Andy Wilman, have now got another show in the works with Amazon. Perhaps May said it the best:
--> '''May''': "Much as I think he's a knob, I quite like working with Jeremy."
* VitriolicBestBuds: They will happily pull nasty pranks and laugh uproariously when terrible things happen to their co-presenters... although this tends to stop abruptly if one of them gets genuinely hurt [=and/or=] when RealLife problems crop up and they drop the fooling around. However, expect them to tease the person injured after the fact when he is fully recovered (with the exception of Hammond's accident, which was too serious for anything more than a few jokes by Jeremy about brakes to lighten the mood and became off-limits after Hammond made it clear that that's what he wanted).
* UniversalDriversLicense: Although occasionally subverted when the challenge is purposefully something they'll have trouble with, such as Jeremy's dislike of motorcycles/scooters in the ''Vietnam Special''.
** Can also crop up accidentally such as during the Plane vs Bugatti challenge, when much to Hammond's annoyance, James is forced to land the plane at dusk because he'd not (at the time) completed the test to allow him to fly ''at night''.

!!Jeremy Clarkson (2002-15)
[[quoteright:267:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/TopGear-ClarksonKoenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg_7533.jpg]][[caption-width-right:267:Even Clarkson can feel fear in a [[CoolCar Koenigsegg]][[OverlyLongGag isseggggnigisegggg]].]]

The leader of the central trio: the oldest, tallest, and most [[GrumpyOldMan obstreperous]]. He tends to be very vocal in his dislikes and self-confident to the point of arrogance. Also physically the most fragile. Given his choice of cars (and most everything else, really) he prefers sheer raw power (preferably with the noise to go with), then control, and then speed. He is also the most likely to get into hot water for his on-air remarks, the number of which is too large to get into here. When all is said and done, however, the man is genuinely passionate in his admiration of and respect for good engineering, and not just automotive engineering, he's known for being an all-round technophile, possibly because he's not that skilled at designing something from scratch, and therefore recognizes how hard it really is to do.

Clarkson, who had become a celebrity in Britain for co-presenting the original format of ''Top Gear'' from 1988 to 1999, was the one responsible for successfully pitching the 2002 revival of the show to the BBC. He also writes a weekly column for ''[[PageThreeStunna The Sun]]'', does the occasional one-off documentary, and is a semi-regular on several panel shows such as ''Series/{{QI}}'' and ''Series/HaveIGotNewsForYou''.

His contract was terminated in March 2015, after a fracas with a producer (involving punching said producer in the face.)

* AlwaysWantedToSayThat: "Back to the studio". The first time he tries saying it, May cuts in.
* ATeamFiring: Perfectly summed up by May:
--> '''May''': The great thing about Jeremy's shooting is that you are perfectly safe just as long as you stand right in front of the target.
* TheBigGuy: His height, an impressive 196cm (6'6" if you're American) is the frequent butt of jokes, and he often winds up getting stuck with the small cars for comedic purposes.
* BriefAccentImitation: generally of Americans or of Hammond.
* TheCaptain: The unofficial leader of the three. The visiting Germans from ''D-Motor'' refer to him as "''Top Gear'' Boss."
* CatchPhrase:
** "How hard can it be?",
** "...and on that bombshell...",
** "'''''POWERRRRRRRRRRR!'''''"
** "...in the ''world''."
** "...but that's exactly what they're ''expecting'' us to do."
** "Has anybody got a [[TheAllSolvingHammer hammer]]?"
** Referring to people from UsefulNotes/{{Norway}} as "Nors".
* CausticCritic: Clarkson pulls no punches when it comes to cars (or anything) he reviews, and will call vehicles out on things he finds wrong. He's angered quite a few car companies this way.
* CrazyAwesome: Invoked by (and about) Clarkson frequently, who does things simply because he ''[[RefugeInAudacity can]]''.
* DeadpanSnarker: He's particularly good at delivering patently ridiculous lines in a serious, authoritative tone. He's almost always is the one to recite the ridiculous the Stig facts.
* DramaticPause: Practically tied with William Shatner as the living personification of this trope.
* InSeriesNickname: "Jezza" and "The Orangutan."
* EpicFail: While all the presenters have their shares of failures, in any challenge it is all but guaranteed that what ever Jeremy comes up with either crash, break down, not start, or get [[IncendiaryExponent set on fire]]. [[UpToEleven Or possibly set itself on fire.]]
* HiddenDepths: Clarkson is a bird watcher which is sometimes mentioned in the series. During foreign road trips he can sometimes be seen watching birds. During the Botswana special, the team stops to observe the wildlife and he identifies a bird and marks it down in a field guide. He also mentions his interest in bird watching in [[http://www.topgear.com/uk/jeremy-clarkson/jeremy-clarkson-top-gear-column-environment-2011-09-15 this article]] about cars and the environment.
-->'''Clarkson''': I want to talk about magpies...
-->'''Hammond''': This is a ''car'' show, Jeremy!
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: On occasion, Clarkson's fondness for power can override any other concerns about a vehicle, meaning, as in the case of one of the races, he might choose a car with great power, but awful fuel-economy.
* IdiotBall: He was repeatedly told by BBC executives to change his attitude, or he'd be sacked. He didn't listen and indeed [[RoleEndingMisdemeanor did not have his contract renewed in March 2015 after punching a producer.]]
* IncomingHam: Often Jeremy will be [[NoIndoorVoice heard]] long before he's seen.
* InsaneTrollLogic: often comes up with theories and conclusions that make ''absolutely'' no sense. E.g. Hammond has a passion for the Porsche 911 so he wants to sleep with David Attenborough. And that's ''sensible'' for Jeremy.
* InsufferableGenius: He knows a lot about cars, and won't hesitate to tell you so.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He sent Hammond's wife humorous texts every day for the five weeks that Hammond was hospitalized after his crash in order to keep her spirits up.
* LargeHam: Loud voice, dramatic gestures, overemphasis on certain words, and larger-than-life analogies. "Subtle" is definitely not a word used to describe Clarkson.
* LethalChef:
** His [[GargleBlaster V8 Smoothie]] gave even [[ExtremeOmnivore James May]] pause. Ingredients included a few pounds of raw beef, bovril, and a brick.
---> '''James''': I've got the name for it: the ''Bloody Awful.''
** There was also the time he tried to see if an engine could cook a dish, and presented it to Gordon Ramsey.
** s20e3, in Spain, he's cooking dinner while they talk about their cars.
--->'''Hammond''': Would it interfere with this debate if I were suddenly and violently sick?
* MadScientist:
** Some of his inventions include the V8 Blender, the V8 Rocking Chair, and the [[TheAllegedCar "Hammerhead Eagle-i Thrust"]].
** He once treated a remote controlled high powered ex-military minesweeper as if it was ''a dog''.
* NoIndoorVoice: you can hear him a mile off. Shouting.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: will play up his TV persona and act incredibly stupid for a laugh (he will often say absolutely outrageous things for the sake of entertainment, and for those who aren't in on the joke he will say things just to see how far people will believe what he's saying). He is far more intelligent than he acts, and will own up to playing the idiot when questioned seriously.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Very hesitantly admitted that one Porsche could do with a bit ''less'' power.
* PercussiveMaintenance: Thinks a hammer is the only tool you will ever need.
** Unless you're gardening, in which case the tool is a shotgun.
* RefugeInAudacity: Constantly makes ridiculous and insulting pronouncements and revels in too-soon humour. This has gotten him and the show into trouble on numerous occasions.
* SmugSnake: Clarkson believes his plans will work purely on the principle that he says they will work.
** When they (inevitably) fail, he ''will'' insist that it's NeverMyFault
* TalksLikeASimile: Every other sentence of a review from Clarkson will have him compare an aspect of a car to something. Often, the connections and analogies run from "barely there" to "absolutely ridiculous."
* TimTaylorTechnology: Devoted to the principle that power is good and more power is even better.
** Surprisingly, [[AvertedTrope averted]] when he reviewed the Ford Fiesta.
--> '''Jezza''': The baddies have made the ''classic'' baddie error, he's got ''too'' much power! I've got 120 horsepower in this. You don't want any more than that [[ItMakesSenseInContext on marble]].

!!Richard Hammond (2002-2015)
[[quoteright:270:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/TopGear-hammondteethcrop_659.png]][[caption-width-right:270:Those teeth ''are'' a fairly bright white, actually.]]

The second in command: the youngest, shortest, and second-most obstreperous -- and generally agreed to be the easiest on the eyes. [[note]]He has often been noted for his similarity in appearance to both Music/{{Muse}}'s Matt Bellamy, Creator/DavidTennant and [[Creator/LaurelAndHardy Stan Laurel]] [[/note]] Described by the others as the toughest physically but the most fragile emotionally. Tends to be chatty and moody. Given his choice, he generally wants a fast, powerful car, especially those made by Pagani & Porsche but the love of his life is a 1963 Opel Kadett with under 50 hp. Known affectionately as "Hamster" for his size, chattiness and willingness to engage in risky stunts. Hammond is so willing to engage in risky stunts that in September 2006, he suffered a near-fatal brain injury after crashing at [=288.3mph/464.0km/h=] during a test of a jet-powered car. Thankfully, he made a full recovery.

He's [[HeAlsoDid also the host of the series]] ''Series/BlastLab'', ''Total Wipeout'' and, formerly, ''Series/BrainiacScienceAbuse''. He also has his own BBC America series, ''Richard Hammond's Crash Course''.

After Clarkson was released from the series, Hammond made the decision to depart alongside his co-presenters, saying on Twitter he was "not about to quit his mates."

* AscendedFanboy: Was a fan of Clarkson and the original ''Top Gear'' before becoming a presenter in the revival.
* BerserkButton: "''I have '''NOT''' had my teeth whitened!''"
* BookDumb: Not keen on deeply educational things, but far from outright stupid.
* BriefAccentImitation: The most likely to do this, particularly during the news segments.
* CargoShip / CompanionCube: Invoked with "Oliver," a 1963 Opel Kadett A.
* CatchPhrase and LampshadeHanging:
** In the more recent series; when Clarkson asks "How hard can it be?", expect Hammond to reply "''Don't say that!''" or similar.
** "That's not gone well!"
* ClusterFBomb: In particular, his bike section of the "Public Transport vs. a Car vs. a Boat vs. a Bike across London" challenge
* DoesNotLikeSpam: He's a picky eater but hates fish of all descriptions especially.
* MrFanservice: The most conventionally good-looking of the three. Was also the first presenter to be ''Heat'' magazine's "Weird Crush" of the year.
* InSeriesNickname:
** "Hamster." Bestowed by Clarkson, but the fans have kept it alive. His independent production company is also called Hamster's Wheel.
** Clarkson has also called him "Teeth" a few times.
* ForeignCultureFetish: For the USA. He apparently owns a Stetson, a classic Ford Mustang and a Harley Davidson.
-->'''Richard''': "I love muscle cars. I love the fact that they're about standing quarter-miles, they're about racing away from the lights when the police aren't looking. They're about cowboy boots, work boots, denim jeans, dime stores, bars. I love that."
* HollywoodMidlifeCrisis: Admits to having gone through one for several years as his hair and clothes became flashier with each passing series of ''Top Gear''. He eventually went back to having shorter, more manageable hair and more conservative clothing, but still dresses in louder colors than he did before the crisis began.
* HotBlooded: The presenter most likely to throw themselves fully into the challenge and get emotional over winning or losing.
* IronButtmonkey: As close to one as a living person can be, thanks to his accident.
* {{Keet}}: The smallest and most energetic of the show's hosts.
* TheLancer: To Clarkson
* MadeOfIron: He made a full recovery from his 2006 accident, and has nary a scar.
* ManChild: He keeps the cardboard boxes of large appliances and plays pretend with them.
* TheNapoleon: The shortest presenter, as well as the most prone to losing their temper.
* NeverLiveItDown: Invoked about his declaration of "I AM A DRIVING GOD!!!"
* OneNoteCook: Baked beans, as demonstrated during the search for the source of the Nile.
* PickyEater: Constantly taunted by his co-presenters for not being as open-minded about food as them, particularly during the overseas specials. They will often order something completely out there in order to gross him out.
** The food doesn't even have to be particularly exotic either. He won't eat classically British dishes like Fish and Chips because he dislikes seafood and is completely put off by the sight of traditional Spaghetti Bolognese (which he claims is his favorite dish) because the sauce includes sausage[[note]]In Italy, what most of the world knows as Spaghetti Bolognese is referred to as Ragout[[/note]]
** This causes some problem during the GT-R vs Shinkansen episode. Since Japanese foods is dominantly seafood; during a trip to the supermarket whilst waiting for the train, Hammond almost can't buy anything because the foods that are sold are dominantly seafood or fish.
-->'''James''': "Well you're coming to the wrong country."
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: One of his tooth-whitening denials echoed off of nearby mountains.
* RunningGag: Whenever he's driving very fast in a straight line on a runway the other two are sure to comment on how nervous this makes them, since he was attempting to do exactly that when he wrecked the jet-powered car.
* UnsportsmanlikeGloating: Beautifully demonstrated during the competitions against [[http://youtu.be/jH7M5elnU8A D-Motor]] and Australia. Also often pulled on his fellow presenters during challenges.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: The normally fearless and daring Hammond is terrified of insects.

!!James May (200315)
[[quoteright:242:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/TopGear-MayKeyboard_9238.jpg]][[caption-width-right:242:Captain Slow playing a musical instrument [[BaitAndSwitchComment while holding a keyboard]].]]

The quiet one (relatively speaking) somewhere between Clarkson and Hammond in age and height: a picture-perfect Straight Man with an understated sense of humor and a gift for deadpan delivery. Likes physics, classical music, alcohol, light aircraft and interesting facts. Far more careful than the other two, and obsessive (to the point of possibly suffering from OCD) about details, down to the proper arrangement of his tools. He is implicitly acknowledged to be the most technically savvy of the three. As he prefers control and good handling over power and speed -- and absolutely refuses to run on camera [[note]]Unless something is hurtling towards him... or it's to go yell at a lorry driver who just totaled his beloved new car[[/note]] -- the other two have dubbed him "Captain Slow".

May was also a co-presenter of the original ''Top Gear'' format, although his tenure on that programme was only for a brief time in 1999, replacing Clarkson just before the show got canceled. [[HeAlsoDid Aside from hosting]] ''Top Gear'', May has also hosted quirky, fact-based [[BritishBrevity single-series]] documentary programmes, as well as longer lasting ones such as ''James May's Toy Stories'', ''Series/OzAndJames'' and ''Series/JamesMaysManLab''.

On April 23rd 2015, [[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/11557482/Top-Gears-James-May-will-not-return-without-Jeremy-Clarkson.html James announced that he would not be returning to the show following Clarkson's dismissal]]. However, he's also been the only one of the three presenters to keep working for the BBC after their departure, hosting the new programme ''James May: The Reassembler'' from 2016 to 2017.

* AmbiguousDisorder: The guys do tend to joke around that he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Asperger's due to the combination of his obsession with cleanliness and and order, and his {{Cloudcuckoolander}} moments. How much of this is played-up or real is an ongoing debate.
* AnimalsHateHim: Jokes that his late cat Fusker (a gift from Hammond) and Top Gear Dog both hate him. Also the doves who escaped from his magic kit and proceeded to leave their droppings all over the backseats. He let one dove out of the window to freedom... only for it to get hit seconds later [[NiceJobBreakingItHero by a passing lorry]].
* BadassesWearBandanas: Sports a bandana in several of the overseas specials, when the presenters run into far more difficult challenges than usual. Also rather conveniently keeps his long hair out of his face while doing such tasks.
* BerserkButton:
** Usually unflappable, but with his fear of heights, should you annoy and run into the back of him on "Death Road" in Bolivia, he ''will'' turn AxeCrazy.
** He is extremely unhappy with cars developed on the Nürburgring and will often rant about car companies that brag on this, going so far as suggesting the Allies should have bombed the Nürburgring instead of Dresden.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Good-naturedly puts up with Clarkson and Hammond's taunts and pranks, but if he gets pushed too far, he can be harsher than both of them put together.
* ButtMonkey: The other presenters love driving into the back of him and expect any pranks performed (usually involving cows heads) to be directed at him in the specials, where the unofficial rule seems to be "get James eaten".
* CatchPhrase:
** "Oh... cock."
** "Now as you'd expect, ''I've'' done this properly."
** "Bloody Nora!"
* CloudCuckooLander: Seems to genuinely have this aspect to his personality, especially when it comes to directions and orientation in a physical [=3-D=] space. Sometimes comes off as this during the news segments as well, with such InsaneTrollLogic as:
** If drivers slow down for deer but speed up in the cities, ''put the deer in the cities''.
** Banning cows would mean the end of eggs. It turns out his reasoning was that the ''milkman brings eggs''.
* DeadpanSnarker: Often used to smugly put down his co-presenters. Is also able to say but all of the most ridiculous statements with the straightest of faces.
* DrunkenMaster: Manages to defeat Creator/GordonRamsay during ''TheFWord'''s [[BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame cooking challenge]] despite knocking back several glasses of wine while making his deceptively simple fish pie.
-->'''Ramsay:''' James, do you always drink like this when you're cooking?
-->'''May:''' Dulls the horror of the food that I'm going to eat later on.
* ExtremeOmnivore:
** On ''Top Gear'' itself, he sipped Clarkson's horrible V8 smoothie containing raw beef, Bovril, peppers, and ''bricks'' with nothing but a DelayedReaction.
** On ''Oz and James'', he drank grape juice which he had squeezed with his own bare feet, then made wine out of other, similarly squeezed grape juice which he fermented for a week in the boot of the Jag he was driving across France. The next series of that, he still drank from the spittoon at a wine bar, even after Oz Clarke had already done so and observed that someone had stubbed out a cigarette in it.
** He defeated Gordon Ramsay's challenge by drinking snake whiskey, eating a bull penis, and then trying fermented (read: rotten) shark. Ramsay reached for the bucket after the shark, but May barely even made a face.
** In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZn0HyYJkyE an interview]], he claimed he was "catastrophically ill" that day not because of a weekend bender with Hammond and Clarkson in Dublin, but because he'd eaten a [[TemptingFate prawn sandwich on an aeroplane]] -- and apparently endorses the ten-second rule, but admits a plane floor probably shouldn't count.
** Subverted when he has an abrupt and fleeting bout of vegetarianism during the first American road trip, was quite offended by some garlic wine he and Oz picked up in California, and once decided that a deep-fried Mars Bar made in fish-and-chip oil was comparable to the fermented shark.
** In the Burma Special, the three break out the liquor while taking a break from bridge building and James takes a swig from a bottle labeled "White Spirit." After choking and apparently spitting out the liquid, James reveals to Jeremy and Richard that the "White Spirit" wasn't a high proof grain alcohol but mineral spirits as in the kind used in paint thinners.
* InSeriesNickname: "Captain Slow" [[note]]Translated as "Der Langsamer" (The Slow One) in German and "Mr. Slowly" or "Captain Lento" in Italian[[/note]], "[[IronicNickname Captain Sense-of-direction]]"
* ForeignCultureFetish: For Germany. Not as potent as Hammond's for the USA but he has shown his interests in Germany more than once. He loves German cars (especially Mercedes), occasionally speaks in GratuitousGerman, likes airships, and has an interest in Germany's UsefulNotes/WorldWarII military (an example being in the Middle East special where he took inspiration from the Afrika Korps while customizing his [=BMW=] convertible).
* TheGoodCaptain: His nickname is a [[LampshadeHanging Lampshading]] of this.
* GoodWithNumbers: The one most likely to use maths and use them correctly.
* GoshDangItToHeck: He does more with "Oh, cock!" than most people could with WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd's vocabulary.
* HatesBeingTouched: Not fond of "man-contact" in the earlier days of ''Top Gear''; even a handshake was pushing it, as shown in the Great Northern Race (although the fact that the hand in question was covered in soot probably didn't help). Seems to have relaxed this slightly, though.
* IAmNotLeftHanded: Played with. He can apparently drive fast when he wants to. On curvy roads he's been shown to outpace even Clarkson. However there is a limit to what he can do in the first few years, although he does get better enough later on to do power tests.
* IconicOutfit: His stripey jumpers, specifically the pink and purple one.
* IronicNickname: "Captain Slow" is the only presenter to have driven the Bugatti Veyron to its maximum speed. This makes him the fastest presenter in an actual production road car.
* KryptoniteFactor: Has some degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder, particularly demonstrated through Clarkson's watch bezel.
* LimitedWardrobe: Always tends to test cars wearing the same striped maroon shirt. Played with whenever May needs to do some driving beyond his capabilities and we see the shirt being worn by another driver posing as "James."
* NeatFreak: His tools must be in order for him to begin working on a project.
* NoSenseOfDirection: Claims he has an electrical imbalance in his brain which leads to him visualizing the map of Britain upside-down. He once got lost on a race track. An ''oval'' race track.
* NotSoAboveItAll: While Hammond and Clarkson tend to prank him on the road trips, there's no shortage of occasion where he and one of the other two have ganged up on the third instead. In addition, he can gloat just as loudly when he wins a challenge over the others.
* PrecisionFStrike: His swearing is infrequent, but when he does it, it either means something has really gone wrong or he's about to run out of patience.
* TheQuietOne: Compared to Clarkson and Hammond; if he ''does'' get a word in, expect a CharacterFilibuster.
* RummageSaleReject: Some of his favorite shirts are... loud.
-->'''Clarkson''': Are you wearing that for a bet?
-->'''May''': No.
* SelfDeprecation: When he looks ridiculous, he's usually the first to point it out.
* SkunkStripe: He started with two prominent white streaks starting at his temples, but as the series went on, he went almost completely gray.
* TheSmartGuy: If there is science to be known or maths to be done, May is the one who will effectively wield them.
* TheStoic: He's less excitable than his colleagues and better at keeping his cool. When dealing with those who are not his co-presenters, he also falls into the "polite stoic" category.
* StraightMan: Although as ''Oz and James'' shows, it's really only compared to the other two.
* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry: He rarely shows his anger visibly. When he does, it's a BewareTheNiceOnes moment.
--> '''May''': ''[Tonelessly]'' I have to have all my air vents aligned just right...and if anyone moves them...I get ''really angry''.
* [[TookALevelInBadass Took A Level In Badass Driving]]: Slowly over the course of the show, May has become a better fast driver. His driving lessons with two different F1 champions improved his driving quite a lot, and then he started doing power tests with the Stig or another driver doing laps or fast turns, and finally in the recent seasons he's been able to drive the fast corners in power tests by himself (which he described as "being overcome with yobbig-ness").
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Pies, of the traditional British variety. In the caravan race, he didn't clear it out for weight the night before so he could make one for dinner, which completely destroyed his chances of winning. It also comes up often during the news segments; in one memorable instance, where the boys discussed a grocery store deal that would give credits towards a new car, May actually calculated how many pies he'd have to buy in order to pay the car off completely.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: May has a fear of heights, though that doesn't stop him from crossing the dangerous Yungas Road with the rest of the team.

!!Jason Dawe (2002)

Was a presenter with Clarkson and Hammond for Season 1 (fall/winter 2002) but then left and was replaced by James May.

* ThePeteBest

!!Tiff Needell (1987-2001)
One of the presenters from the original, 1977 to 2001 series. Now of [[DuelingShows rival show]] FifthGear. Is still technically counted as a Top Gear presenter (at least when James needed to race superbike piloted by a superbike champion). Also moonlighted as "emergency Stig" after the first White Stig left for one episode where he helped train that episodes guest star in a reasonably priced car (Danny Boyle).

* BadassGrandpa: Clarkson joked about having to pull him out of the retirement home.
* LegacyCharacter: Was a presenter from the original version of Top Gear that was basically ''Magazine/MotorWeek'' UK.
* PaperThinDisguise: Wears one of James May's purple striped shirts to pass off as him during the race between the Ariel Atom 500 V8 and the [=BMW S1000RR=].
* TheSixthRanger: On occasion.

!!Andy Wilman (1994 - 2001 as host, 2002 - 2015 as Executive Producer)
Andy was one of the original hosts of Top Gear while the show was on the air in the 90s'. However, shortly after the show ended, he and Clarkson successfully pitched the idea of a "Same Top Gear, but different". After discovering a love for producing shows from behind the scenes, Wilman stayed on as Executive Producer while Clarkson remained as one of the three hosts.

In 2015, after Clarkson was let go, Wilman joined the trio to create Series/TheGrandTour.

* LongRunner: He's worked on Top Gear for ''24 consecutive years''!
* SixthRanger: He's basically an unseen member of the Top Gear Trio. The four of them even made a production company together after leaving Top Gear!
* TheGhost: He's been a crucial part of the rebooted Top Gear and its success, but is more than happy to remain working behind the scenes.
* ThoseTwoGuys: A production equivalent. Wilman and Clarkson have a working relationship where Clarkson is the face of the show while Wilman is the brains behind the show. They have worked on several motoring documentaries, not just Top Gear, in this capacity.

!!Black Stig (Perry [=McCarthy=])
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: "Died" when he was in a stunt gone wrong when his vehicle failed to brake in time and plunged underwater off an aircraft carrier while trying to race a jet. But...
** NoOneCouldSurviveThat: The Black Stig, being a Stig, after all, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni5xXbIxvhY actually survived his ordeal.]] He was a trooper and swam his way across the oceans non-stop until he made landfall on a beach. However, he was ''not'' happy that he had been left for dead, likely aware he'd be replaced, and filched a frisbee from some nearby beachgoers, never to be heard from again.
* ManInBlack: His suit is entirely black. Hence his name.
* ThePeteBest

!!Sacked Stig (Ben Collins)
* BerserkButton: He developed an "IrrationalHatred" of [[spoiler: Rubens Barrichello, following his 1:44.3 time on the Top Gear track--the first driver in the show's history to beat his own time of 1:44.4 in the Suzuki Liana]].
** [[spoiler: That time was subsequently beaten by Sebastian Vettel and then absolutely destroyed by Lewis Hamilton with a 1:42.9.]]
* BigEater: Apparently he forages for wolves.
* BrokenAce: The reason why he became the Stig in the first place. He was a very talented young driver with even Jackie Stewart predicting his rise to Formula 1, and then things just fell apart and he ended up in Nascar for a bit before spending most of his time doing stunt work and teaching driving for the British Army. [[ForegoneConclusion Then the call from Top Gear came...]]
* EarlyBirdCameo: He competes out of suit for a football match involving cars. Obviously, it's never alluded to that he's the Stig.
** Before that he appeared out of costume to drive an Lancer Evo VII and a Bowler Wildcat against a mountain boarder. Again, no mention was made of him being the Stig.
** And before THAT, he shows up as "Ben" and drove a Mercedes at 50 miles an hour while "Tim" parachuted into the backseat during the 9th episode of the 4th season.
* FallenHero
* FaceHeelTurn: In the 2010 specials, after writing his book.
* FollowTheLeader: When there were indications that the [=BBC=] might be looking for a new Stig, Collins decided that he might as well take the opportunity to do what the other presenters and the Black Stig had done: write an autobiography. He was fairly taken aback when the lawyers got involved and suddenly he was on the end of a lawsuit so big it got its own wikipedia page (which is why it's so important to read the confidentiality clauses in any contract you sign).
* HeelFaceTurn:
** [[spoiler: He returns in the final episode of series 17 to help train the wounded British veterans competing in the Dakar Rally.]]
-->[[spoiler: '''Hammond:''' You know... to be honest, I ''am'' quite glad to see the old splitter back.]]
** [[spoiler: And he comes back again in the ''50 Years of Bond'' special to talk to Richard about his job as a stunt coordinator for the films.]]
* MoneyDearBoy: Wrote the book because his company was 1 million pounds in debt, his wife was pregnant with another child and he desperately needed the money, and he thought his time as the Stig was over so it didn't matter who knew his identity. Crosses over with IWasYoungAndNeededTheMoney (he was in his early thirties at the time).
* NiceGuy: Is a genuinely nice guy in RealLife and very easy to get along with. One of the reasons why he was so good as the Stig, apart from his incredible driving, was that he was so patient and accommodating with the celebrities, and his companionable nature made him a brilliant teacher[=/=]instructor -- even excitable and adrenaline-fueled drivers like footballer Ian Wright praised his ability to calm him down and get him focused[[note]]to get an idea of just how nice he is, when the law suit became big news he could be found [[UpToEleven quietly serving hot tea and umbrellas to the paparazzi who mobbed his house because it was cold and raining.]] Yes, really[[/note]]. Not even our trio of indignant presenters could stay mad at him for too long behind the scenes -- once he'd met with them a couple of times.

!!Chris Evans (2016)

Not to be confused with the [[Creator/ChrisEvans actor who plays Captain America]]. Primarily known as a DJ on BBC Radio 2 and a presenter on the BBC's ''The One Show'', Evans is also a well-known petrolhead with an impressive collection of sports cars. Starting from Series 23, he stepped into the role of lead presenter. His selection was.. controversial.. and as of July 2016 he has parted ways with the show.

* ReplacementScrappy: To say he was disliked as a host is putting it mildly.


[[folder:Other personnel]]
!!Top Gear Dog

A female labradoodle belonging to Hammond. She appeared in Season 8 but appears to have been phased out of the show, possibly due to the small fact she dislikes being in vehicles, frequently gets car-sick [[ArsonMurderAndJayWalking and apparently hates James May]]. Also known as "TG" or "Teegee." She sadly passed away in January 2017.

* CanineCompanion
* DogsAreDumb
* TeamPet

!!Top Gear Stuntman

A recurring character brought in to do occasional bits of madness which fall outside of Stig's repertoire, such as trying to reproduce movie stunts or vault over a number of cars... in reverse. Like ''Top Gear'' Dog, he has been phased out of the show.

* TheVoiceless
* NoNameGiven


Director of the "''Top Gear'' Technology Centre"; this means he and his team do most of the heavy lifting when the presenters are given a challenge that involves seriously modifying a car. Became prominent in the episode where Clarkson, Hammond, May and The Stig entered the Britcar 24-hour endurance race (Series 10, Ep. 09): first, by performing most of the engine, brake and suspension modifications to convert their used BMW into a racing car, and secondly, pulling an all-nighter in order to completely rebuild the engine after it blew out during James May's nighttime practice laps. Astonishingly, Steve and his team were able to do a complete engine rebuild in roughly 12 hours, allowing the presenters to take their place in the race with literally seconds to spare. Also appeared briefly in Season 12, when the lads attempted to get a Renault Avantime up to the speed of a Mitsubishi Evo 10.

* MauveShirt
* MrFixit

!!Oliver (2007 - 2008)

A 1963 Opel Kadett which Richard Hammond bought in Botswana during the African special. Despite "his" age and third-hand ownership, Oliver survived a one-thousand mile cross-country trip straight across the spine of Botswana, including the entirety of the Makgadikgadi Pan, the largest salt flat in the world. Hammond loved the car so much that he bought it with his own money and paid to have it shipped to Britain, lovingly restored it, and even fitted it with a vanity license plate ([=OLI V3R=]). Hammond is so fond of Oliver that he forfeited one of the challenges in the "How much Lorry can you get for £5,000?" segment in Series 12 rather than risk injuring the car. Now a featured character in Hammond's children's show, ''Richard Hammond's Series/BlastLab''.

* BackFromTheDead: Oliver had to be dragged out of this river, Hammond worked through the night in the middle of the African bush with only spare bits in a toolbox. The next morning he was working BETTER than he had before. Hammond even somehow fixed the horn!
-->[[OoCIsSeriousBusiness Clarkson]]: "Is that technically possible? ... You know, in 47 years I've never been speechless."
* BerserkButton: Do NOT threaten Oliver when Hammond is around.
* BigNo: When he nearly sank fording a river, Hammond let out an anguished cry of "OLLIVEEEERR!"
* CargoShip: As previously mentioned, in-universe with Richard Hammond.
* CompanionCube
** Featuring in the opening credits of Series/BlastLab.
* ICallItVera
--> '''Hammond''':"This is just the happiest car in the world. I shall call it Oliver. [''suddenly sobering''] Not that I would ever name a car on Top Gear. I wish I hadn't said that."
* MemeticBadass: In-universe.
* WhatAPieceOfJunk: Was 40 years old and looked like scrap, but "he" got Hammond safely across Botswana.