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* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeTaveren Ta'veren]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeOthersFromTheTwoRivers Others from the Two Rivers]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeRoyalLineOfAndor Royal Line of Andor]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeTheWhiteTower The White Tower]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeTheBlackTower The Black Tower]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeIndependentCharacters Independent Characters]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeTheAiel The Aiel]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeTheWhitecloaks The Whitecloaks (Children of the Light)]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeSeanchan Seanchan]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeHeroesOfTheHorn The Heroes of the Horn]]
* [[Characters/TheWheelOfTimeTheShadowAndDarkfriends The Shadow & Darkfriends]]