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Characters of ''VideoGame/TheReconstruction''. Note that the placement of names of many characters could be considered spoilers, so you probably shouldn't read this until you've completed the game.

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[[folder:Six Stars]]
This folder contains all playable characters and members of the guild. Except for the sixteenth one, character names '''will not be marked as spoilers''', so read at your own risk.

!!Dehl Sikohlon
->''"My life for Wadassia."''

Race: Shra-Sikohlon. Class: [[ThePaladin Whiteblade]]. Human-normalized age: 22 (real age: 110-113)

In-game description: ''"A polite, peaceful young shra, he tries to fit in with the people of Wadassia. A gate guard for the city's defense army. A well-balanced fighter with no outstanding strengths or weaknesses, he arrived in Wadassia one day 10 years ago."''

Raised as a Sikohlon, Dehl tries to act like a human. As such, he is extremely orderly and obedient to human rules, even if others look down on him for being a shra. He feels that this is his duty, as he has lived in Wadassia ever since he came to the mainland, and he says it has granted him great hospitality -- although [[UnreliableNarrator one may wonder]] [[StockholmSyndrome about the validity of that claim]]. At the advice of his friend Sicious Qualstio, he creates the guild Six Stars as a way of performing tasks to help the city -- though he is torn between his duties as a city guard and his duty as 'leader' of the guild (a title he disagrees with).

Dehl is also very [[TheStoic stoic]], peaceful, and compassionate as part of his upbringing among the Sikohlon, a clan of pacifists. There seems to be something slightly off about him compared to the rest of them, though, such as his willingness to wade into combat and the sadness in his eyes...

[[spoiler:...That's because he was horribly traumatized as a child. His father attempted to create a virus that spread through bloodshed, as a way of deterring violence -- this was the Blue Plague. However, he overdid it, and made the virus deadly instead of just a deterrent. Somehow, he found out that shra blood could resist the infection -- and so he killed everyone on Dehl's island to gather blood samples and isolate a cure. He failed though -- when Dehl was the only one left, Dehl's pseudo-magic powers manifested, leading to the AccidentalMurder of his father. Dehl then took a Plague-infected Moke (the only survivor) with him to the mainland, leading to the spread of the Blue Plague in the first place. [[ItsAllMyFault Dehl has major guilt issues over this]], which is why he's trying to be TheAtoner.]]

* AccidentalMurder: [[spoiler:Of his father, in self-defense.]]
* AnIcePerson
* BerserkButton: The si'shra come pretty close to this for him; the only time his normally calm and pacifistic resolve fractures [[spoiler:prior to chapter 6]] is when he's about to confront [[spoiler:the si'shra warden]]. He actually ''wants'' to charge straight into battle and dissuades any attempt at diplomacy.
** Possibly justified, since all the Sikohlon seem to have been taught from a young age to loathe the si'shra.
* TheBerserker: [[spoiler:Turns into one after his FreakOut in chapter 6.]]
* CharacterDevelopment: And ''how!'' By the end of chapter 5, he goes from being a soft-spoken ExtremeDoormat content to do thankless deeds to a celebrity and symbol of hope for the entire world, as well as a capable leader of a large and varied guild.
** This is symbolically represented by his EleventhHourSuperpower at the end of chapter 5 -- a change in armor from his simple Sikohlon robe to a massive suit of full plate mail, after which he almost looks like a different person. They both have similar color and designs, meaning that, superficially, they represent the same things -- purity, goodness, orderliness, and all that. However, the implications they carry are incredibly different -- one is the attire of a simple pacifist, while one is that of a warrior.
** Amazingly, this is also ''deconstructed'' in a sense. [[spoiler:Dehl finds that this transformation is not entirely positive -- to take on such a mantle, he must abandon many of his previous ideals, and he himself hates the man he has become.]]
* ChasteHero: As evidenced by his conversations with Kidra, who says DoubleEntendre lines every five seconds. To be fair, he ''is'' a [[OneGenderRace shra]].
* TheChosenOne: According to Fell, anyway.
%% * DarkAndTroubledPast
* ExtremeDoormat: To a disturbing degree.
* {{Foil}}: To Qualstio and Skint.
* FreakOut: [[spoiler:In chapter 6. He does ''not'' take well to seeing the city he had sworn to protect burned to the ground, and makes an almost complete 180 in his personality, becoming a ByronicHero [[TheBerserker Berserker]]. He snaps out of it in the ending, though...we hope.]]
* TheHero: Subverted due to his passive personality and TechnicalPacifist-ness. He doesn't actually do a whole lot of leading and is barely even able to claim the title of "main character" (as corresponded by the fact that he actually can be [[CantDropTheHero dropped]] from the active party).
* HeterosexualLifePartners: He and Qualstio have shades of this. Justified, since when Dehl came from the mainland, [[spoiler:he had just witnessed his entire family being killed, and had only an infirm Moke for companionship. Qualstio helped him and gave him shelter at the first opportunity, and so he's practically the only family substitute Dehl's had for a decade.]]
* HotBlooded: [[spoiler:Goes from being a passive ExtremeDoormat to this in chapter 6, and doesn't calm down until after Havan's dead.]]
* ItsAllMyFault: It's revealed in chapter 6 that he [[spoiler:has major guilt issues over bringing the Blue Plague to the mainland]].
* ManInWhite
* MagicKnight
* MightyGlacier: Initially. If you put points into his passive skill line, he becomes a LightningBruiser.
%%* ThePaladin: Of the non-religious variety.
* PersonalityPowers: His elemental affinity is Cold.
* RedOniBlueOni: Dehl is the blue, Qualstio is the red. Lampshaded by Qualstio with their support quote:
-->"A little cliché, don't ya think?"
* SelfMadeOrphan: [[spoiler:[[AccidentalMurder By accident]]. Also, his father was trying to [[OffingTheOffspring off the offspring]], so it's not like he [[SubvertedTrope had much of a choice]].]]
* StockholmSyndrome: There are hints that he has this, at least somewhat -- despite his claims that Wadassia has been nothing but hospitable to him, the many scenes where he is reviled and insulted by the townspeople speak otherwise. Also, rather creepily, there are some conversations where it seems like he honestly believes the racist mentality of the Wadassians to be right -- that he is a non-person. It could just be an act to avoid conflict, but there is one scene that suggests otherwise...
* TheStoic: Lampshaded by Tehgonan, who is baffled by Dehl's insistence that he never feels anger.
** StoicWoobie: And how.
** NotSoStoic: [[spoiler:His FreakOut.]]
* TechnicalPacifist: In stark contrast with most Sikohlon, who are {{Actual Pacifist}}s. He's also okay with killing the AlwaysChaoticEvil monsters. [[FridgeLogic Even though they have minds and souls]].
** [[spoiler:Deconstructed when he actually ''does'' kill people in front of a [[PerfectPacifistPeople Sikohlon]] child. He gets a rather nasty WhatTheHellHero speech afterwards and is banished from the Sikohlon family.]]
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Yellow, like most shra.
* TwentyFourHourArmour: After he gets his armour upgrade.
* WeaponOfChoice: A blunted CoolSword ([[FridgeLogic that still deals Slashing damage]]).
* WideEyedIdealist: When he was younger. [[JadeColoredGlasses In the present...]]

!!Zargos D'Rath
->''[to Skint] "That answers nothin'! Where ye of the Crown or the [[LaResistance Spear]]? Which side bought ye out?"''\\
''"[[spoiler:Skint... if ye just wanted t'help your own kind, why'd you get involved in the Revolt at all?]]"''

Race: Human. Class: [[MightyGlacier Trudge Knight]]. Age: 33

In-game description: "A former soldier and ambassador to neighboring areas, Zargos and his wife want to travel abroad for their own enjoyment. Strong-bodied and proficient at boosting ally morale through Rushing in battle, he is a retired member of the Trudge Knights."

Zargos is a proud member of the Trudge Knights, a group of loyalists who fought for the Wadassian crown when the peasants' revolt broke out 10 years ago. He met his wife, Santes, on the battlefield. He also has experience as an ambassador, and as such, has traveled extensively. Despite his equipment and fighting style, he is actually far calmer and more level-headed than his wife.

Tensions flare between him and Skint when he notices Skint has the same platemail as him. This platemail was only given to those who participated in the war, and it doesn't look like Skint fought for the Crown... [[spoiler:[[DramaticIrony If only he knew the truth]]. In fact, he does later learn that Skint wasn't such a bad guy, and eventually does come to terms with him.]]

* BattleCouple: With Santes. Their support combination is centered around this.
* TheBerserker: You'd ''think'' he'd be this, due to his [[AnAxeToGrind weapon of choice]] and [[DumbMuscle stats]]...but he's actually [[SubvertedTrope much more level-headed than his wife]].
** Arguably, Santes might actually fit this, due to her willingness to dive headlong into danger.
* FieryRedhead: Subverted.
* {{Foil}}: To Santes.
* GeniusBruiser: He's very knowledgeable due to traveling the world before settling down in Wadassia.
* ShockAndAwe
* TwentyFourHourArmour
* WeaponOfChoice: AnAxeToGrind
* WriteWhoYouKnow: According to WordOfGod, he and Santes were based on a real-life roleplaying couple the developer knew.

!!Santes D'Rath
Race: Human. Class: [[CombatMedic Blessed Corps]]. Age: 29

In-game description: "A well-trained battle priest and gifted healer of the fallen, Santes is highly inquisitive and can converse for days. Adept at curing the body and the soul, and a wielder of wrathful Divine type magic. Veteran of the Blessed Corps association."

Santes is a proud member of the Blessed Corps, a group of healers who have outposts and hospitals all across the world. She is equally interested in the "[[HolyHandGrenade smiting]]" aspect, though. She tends to [[CloudCuckoolander have her head in the clouds]] and be generally fickle and weird, but she is still a loyal and devoted friend to the guild. She is also highly inquisitive, and tends to barrage passerby with questions about whatever city she's in.

* ActionGirl: To an extent. Though she is a healer, [[CombatMedic she's equally capable at inflicting damage]].
* AllWomenLoveShoes
* BattleCouple: With Zargos. Their support combination is centered around this.
* BrainyBrunette: ZigZagged. She ''does'' have a good education and is a member of a respected organization of healers (she even has [[GlassesTropes half-moon spectacles]]). However, she is also a rather...[[CloudCuckoolander eccentric]].
* CloudCuckoolander
* {{Foil}}: To Zargos.
* FourEyesZeroSoul: Inverted.
* TheGlassesComeOff: Averted.
* LightEmUp
* TwentyFourHourArmour
* WeaponOfChoice: SimpleStaff
* WhiteMagicianGirl: She has the weapon and [[TheMedic skills]], but ''[[SubvertedTrope does not]]'' have the personality. She's also more of a CombatMedic.
* WriteWhoYouKnow: According to WordOfGod, she and Zargos were based on a real-life roleplaying couple the developer knew.

!!Tehgonan Clapian
Race: Human. Class: [[LightEmUp Spectrumancer]]. Age: 11

In-game description: "A brash, smarmy young man from a well-to-do family, he is nonetheless incredibly gifted in certain magical arts. Proficient at elemental manipulation, and enchanting or dispelling squares in battle. Presently skipping out on school."

Tehgonan is a BrattyHalfPint who skips his classes to join Six Stars. He is extremely rude and standoffish, as well as [[FantasticRacism a bit of a bigot]] due to his upbringing in a shra-hating family. He and Qualstio take a liking to one another due to their similar outlooks on life.

As one might expect, he goes through [[CharacterDevelopment substantial growth]] throughout the story, eventually [[spoiler:realizing that his prejudices against shra were incorrect, and that he should continue Metzino's research so that everyone can contribute to society equally]].

Also, [[spoiler:this is incredibly obvious, but Taru is his father. He comes from a long line of bigots, which is why he had such negative views of shra pounded into his head.]]

* BlackBeadEyes: Averted; unlike almost every other character, his eyes are drawn with irises.
* CharacterDevelopment: Lampshaded by Qualstio after his sidequest.
-->"Okay. Who are you, and what have you done with the real Tehgonan?"
* FullNameUltimatum: After successfully completing his sidequest, this is [[spoiler:played quite straight by his mother when she catches up to him in Fortifel after he spent some indeterminate time (you can do his sidequest early in Chapter 4) with Six Stars without asking proper permission.]]
-->"Tehgonan [[spoiler:Aloysius.]] Clapian!"
* GlassCannon: He has the potential to be extremely powerful if you're good at setting up elemental enchantments. However, all of his stats are pathetically low and his skills have high costs.
* JerkAss: He's ''slightly'' less of a prick than his father, but is still quite the BrattyHalfPint. [[CharacterDevelopment He gets better]].
* LightEmUp: He can manipulate literal light, plus a bit of [[DishingOutDirt geomancy]] on the side.
* MagikarpPower: He starts off as a pathetic SquishyWizard, with terrible stats and high-cost, gimmicky abilities. However, if you take the time to level up his "Geomancer" passive skill, he becomes incredibly powerful -- those gimmicky abilities get increased chances of success, making them legitimately useful in combination with other party members' attacks. But best of all is his final skill, '[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Geo God]]', which gives him ''incredible'' boosts to his Body and Soul stats, which are otherwise pathetically low. Suddenly, he stops being so squishy and his skills can be put to formidable use.
* ParentalSubstitute: Qualstio seems like he may border on this for Tehgonan while he's in the guild. The two interact a lot, with Qualstio often giving him moral and practical guidance.
* WeaponOfChoice: MagicWand

!!Fero Flael
->''"Do not let your mind be poisoned by the air [of Kir'Ssha]...[[spoiler:as mine once was]]."''

Race: Fih'jik. Class: [[ColdSniper Huntsman.]] Human-normalized age: 20 (real age: 10)

In-game description: "A friendly but shy Fih'jik hunter of wild game, he seeks to prowl upon the most dangerous creatuers in the wilds of the world."
%% Excels at ranged attacks, <accidentally pressed Enter too quickly here>"%%

Fero is a fih'jik who, like most of his kind, left to escape the chaos of his homeland. However, he is also a skilled hunter, and constantly seeks new game to test his skills on.

[[spoiler:Unlike other fih'jik in the guild, he actually hails from Kir'Ssha. However, he has [[DefectorFromDecadence cut his ties]] and now has no loyalties to the Violet Sands. In his sidequest, he meets a group of other Kir'Sshan hunters, who mention that they once lost a member of their group to the wilds, and that he would be about Fero's age. It is never explicitly stated, but it's quite probable that Fero was this lost member. He claims he cannot remember, though.]]

* AlliterativeName
* ColdSniper: Played with. [[TheStoic Seeing him display any emotion at all is a rarity]], but he is still quite friendly and polite.
* DefectorFromDecadence: [[spoiler:He was once a Kir'Sshan hunter, but has now cut his ties and is loyal to Do'Ssha.]]
* {{Multishot}}: One of his skills allows him to hit all enemies in range.
* PoisonousPerson: Only in regards to his elemental affinity, though.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: He appears this way when he first joins the guild -- his only discerning character trait appears to be being a ColdSniper focusing on the hunt to the exclusion of all else. [[spoiler:When we finally see the fih'jik culture, however, we learn that his views are not a reflection of it -- he was part of a small group of hunters with no major connections to fih'jik culture at large.]]
* TheStoic: In stark contrast to [[DeadpanSnarker Ques]] and [[BoisterousBruiser Lani]].
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: His are ''neon green''.
* WeaponOfChoice: TrickArrow

!!Sicious Qualstio
->''"Ohhh, so you've heard of me! I guess I won't have to tell you to stay outta my way."''

Race: Fortian. Class: [[ElementalPowers Invoker]]. Age: 26

In-game description: "Cynical and confident, Qualstio seeks to prove his abilities against the most powerful threats that inhabit the world. Proficient in a variety of kinds of elemental damage, particularly the Heat variety. Intentionally displaced from Fortifel."

Qualstio is a very strange fortian. He left his homeland at a young age, and unlike the stiff, orderly personality that is the norm for fortians, he is extremely frank, matter-of-fact, and somewhat fiery. He also seems to have a dislike of rules and authority. Despite these apparent contradictions, he has been a [[HeterosexualLifePartners valued friend]] of Dehl every since he came to the mainland. It is odd that such conflicting personalities could become such stalwart friends, but perhaps they are more similar than they first appear...

[[spoiler:Qualstio's hatred of Fortifel (and authority in general) is because, when he was still a child, the Councillords locked up his parents in Sanctifel for unexplained reasons. Qualstio was furious, and took out his rage on the council, leading to his reputation as a criminal and outcast. However, he eventually learns to control his anger and stay more grounded.]]

%%* DarkAndTroubledPast
* DeadpanSnarker: Indulges in this from time to time, though not as often as Ques.
* {{Foil}}: To Dehl.
* CatchPhrase: When characters express confusion over another character's decisions, his response is usually "I think I have an idea."
* HeterosexualLifePartners: He and Dehl have shades of this. Justified, since when Dehl came from the mainland, [[spoiler:he had just witnessed his entire family being killed, and had only an infirm Moke for companionship. Qualstio helped him and gave him shelter at the first opportunity, and so he's practically the only family substitute Dehl's had for a decade.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: In fact, you will slowly realize that he is actually [[spoiler:''more moral than Dehl''. Dehl is definitely more polite, but due to his StockholmSyndrome and ExtremeDoormat-ness, he is complicit in horrible things such as the slave trade, for no other reason than because they fall under the law's jurisdiction.]]
* MetaGuy: To a degree.
* ParentalSubstitute: He may border on this for Tehgonan while the kid is away from his parents. The two interact a lot, with Qualstio often giving him moral and practical guidance.
* PersonalityPowers: Oh yes. Also inverted, though, as he has a Cold-elemental spell too.
* PlayingWithFire: Subverted, though, since he has an ice spell as well.
* RedOniBlueOni: Qualstio is the red, Dehl is the blue. Lampshaded by Qualstio with their support quote:
-->"A little cliché, don't ya think?"
* WeaponOfChoice: SimpleStaff

!!Lani Derra
->''"My life is discipline! Your mission becomes mine. Just tell me what to crush!"''

Race: Fih'jik. Class: [[StoneWall Wandertower]]. Human-normalized age: 26 (real age: 13)

A boisterous and incredibly tough fih'jik who joins Six Stars after being rescued from ttchitra and realizing she has nowhere to go. Though she was born in Do'Ssha, she has lived in Nal for most of her life.

[[spoiler:This was for her to become strong enough to stand up to the Silver Army.]]

* ActionGirl
* BoisterousBruiser
* MightyGlacier: She's very slow, but rather powerful.
* ShockAndAwe: She doesn't actually have any powers like this, but it is her elemental affinity.
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Blue-green, like most fih'jik.
* TwentyFourHourArmour
* WeaponOfChoice: LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe

->'''''Dehl:''' You will be able to save many people if you join us.\\
'''Sirush:''' [[spoiler:Myself...included.]]''

Race: Human. Class: [[ProfessionalKiller Professional]]. Age: 32

Sirush is a strange, [[ThePerfectionist perfectionistic]], rather crazy man who speaks in [[StrangeSyntaxSpeaker fragmented sentences]]. He is always incredibly tense, and on the lookout for 'stalkers'. He claims that it is unsafe for Six Stars to associate with him, and that whoever is after him will take out them as well. He refuses to disclose personal information, or his purpose for doing anything.

[[spoiler:He was once a member of an assassin's guild. However, one day, he messed up an assignment and ended up killing the wrong person. He was expelled from the guild for this failure, and lived in constant fear that they would take revenge, gradually leading to a complete mental breakdown. His wife couldn't take this, and had to leave him -- but this just made things worse, as Sirush thought that the assassins had taken her as a way of getting back at him. Eventually, though, Six Stars helps him overcome these issues...somewhat. This is helped by the fact that his stalkers are almost certainly dead after the destruction of the world.]]

* BadassInANiceSuit
** NiceHat
* BadDreams
* CloudCuckooLander: Until his personal sidequest has been completed, he does not seem to be reading from the same script as everyone else. He seems to be perpetually in his own little world and probably has very little understanding as to what's even going on most of the time.
* ContractOnTheHitman: The reason why he's always on the lookout.
* DarkAndTroubledPast
* GlassCannon: Sort of. Due to the way stat gains are handled, one can simply upgrade his defense, so that isn't a problem. However, all his skills consume very high amounts of health, and all of them are short-range, causing him to get attacked a lot as well.
* HatesSmallTalk: On the very few occasions he speaks to his teammates, it's almost always a robotic tactical analysis of the situation.
* {{Mangst}}
* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: Possibly a result of his derangement, although it could also be [[spoiler:the dialect of his assassin clique, evidenced by the fact that the assassins stalking him in his dream speak as he does, whereas others in the dream do not.]]
* WeaponOfChoice: KnifeNut

!!Kidra Silvery
->''"A home is destined to be fled."''

Race: Human. Class: [[FragileSpeedster Flashcurve]]. Age: Undisclosed

A strange girl from Nal who talks in near-constant {{Double Entendre}}s. Six Stars reluctantly allows her to join, though they sense something is amiss about her. She claims to be a regular girl, but is oddly talented at combat, and has extremely rare and expensive "sleeksteel" armor.

[[spoiler:That's because she's actually a member of the Nal police. The ''secret'' police, that is, whose job it is to make sure the ''real'' police are doing their jobs correctly -- though of course, the real police's job in the first place was to make sure the old police didn't abuse their power either. Nal's government is a mess. Kidra realizes this in the ending, where she assists in the rebuild of Nal, and agrees with the people who say that a mess of guards, officers, and police, just makes everything worse and invites corruption.]]

* ActionGirl
* InterspeciesRomance: Implied in her support quotes with Ques and Kulkumatz. Also implied in her first conversation with Dehl.
* PersonalityPowers: Her elemental affinity is Heat.
* PlayingWithFire: She doesn't actually have any powers like this, but it is her elemental affinity.
* WeaponOfChoice: KnifeNut

!!Halia Falitza
->''"I...I see...through...the un-seeable..."''

Race: Sactifellian. Class: [[SpoonyBard Wonder Caller]]. Age: 18

Falitza was thrown into [[BedlamHouse Sanctifel]] after trading her mind away to [[ThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow peer into the unseeable]] because [[EmoTeen she got bored with her studies]]. [[GoMadFromTheRevelation Her condition is ever-worsening]]. With the assistance of Six Stars, she can be liberated from Sanctifel. In a sudden flash of sanity, she manages to sign up and join their ranks. However, she quickly returns to spouting nonsense.

She enjoys babbling about "the sky", "the blue", and "fate", among other strange things. Though her mad phrases may seem like incoherent nonsense, there may be a few genuine truths to it for those who look carefully...

[[spoiler:...this is because she isn't crazy in the first place. It turns out that she was so sick of being "little miss perfect" and having her parents hold her to ridiculous standards that she staged the entire "peer into the unknown" thing so that she wouldn't have everyone breathing down her neck. Unfortunately, it backfired, and before she could escape, her family threw her into Sanctifel. Perhaps she liked it there, though, since she never made any attempt to leave...]]

* AnIcePerson
* TheFatalist: "The sky portends this, and all things." "The sky does not approve." "I must not disobey [the sky]!" And so on...
** [[spoiler:Actually, [[SubvertedTrope not really]]. It's part of her act.]]
* FieryRedhead: Inverted. Her element is actually Cold, in fact! [[spoiler:Actually DoubleSubverted; she could indeed be described as rather fiery in her ending scene.]]
* InfallibleBabble: Her cryptic predictions. [[spoiler:Subverted, as she's actually sane and just analyzing the situation.]]
* MadOracle: [[spoiler:Subverted.]]
* ObfuscatingInsanity
* TheOphelia: [[spoiler:Subverted, of course.]]
* PowerOfTheVoid: She apparently channels the "power of nonexistence", which manifests as some really weird spells, [[MadOracle at the cost of her sanity]]. Technically, though, her elemental affinity is [[AnIcePerson cold]].[[note]]Which is fitting, since "cold" is just the absence of heat energy.[[/note]]
* StrategySchmategy
* WaifProphet: She can see the future, [[RealityWarper rend a hole in reality]], rip a being's life essence in twain, and [[{{Telepathy}} peer into the minds of others]]. She is also a [[MadOracle complete nutcase]]. [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] in that her powers aren't innate; she got them by [[ViolationOfCommonSense experimenting with dangerous and unknown magic]] and "[[ThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow peering into the unknown]]".
* WeaponOfChoice: GoodOldFisticuffs (her of all people!)

!!Ques Mahesto (real name: [[spoiler:Seku Muezza]])
Race: Fih'jik-fortian. Class: [[DifficultButAwesome Tactician]]. Human-normalized age: 68 (real age: 34)

Ques is a renown and published historian who is hired as the guild manager of Six Stars. However, after the initial year contract expires, he decides to join the guild proper and prove his tactical prowess in battle. He has a sharp tongue and biting wit, abilities he can actually put to use in battle.

[[spoiler:Ques isn't his real name, though, as [[GeniusBonus astute players might realize, since it doesn't follow the two-syllable naming scheme]]. He used to be a Do'Sshan assassin by the name of Seku Muezza, but he cracked during one assignment and fled to Wadassia. Since he was the leader, the group later fell apart and all but one, his sister, were captured and/or killed.]]

[[spoiler:When he meets Syri, his sister, he claims he doesn't care about her or the Flightblades, but after she is captured by Kir'Ssha and almost certainly dies, he continues to hope against hope that she is still alive and kicking, desperately trying to think of what mischief she's gotten into at every opportunity. Which is kind of [[TearJerker creepy and sad at the same time]].]]

* CoolOldGuy: He's 68 in fih'jik years, but he's still a good fighter.
* DarkAndTroubledPast
* DeadpanSnarker: Oh yes.
* MissionControl: For the first half of the game.
* NonActionGuy: [[SubvertedTrope Until he joins the guild proper, that is]].
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Blue.
* WeaponOfChoice: RoyalRapier
* YouFightLikeACow: One of his passive abilities revolves around this. In fact, he's so effective at it, [[CrazyAwesome it can break the target's will to fight]].

->''"If I continue to wield such vileness, shall I one day become completely consumed by it?"''

Race: Shra. Class: [[{{Plaguemaster}} Fetormancer]]. Human-normalized age: 42 (real age: 210-214)

Moke was the servant of Dehl's father, and was taken along with Dehl to the mainland. However, he was infected with the Blue Plague, which took a toll on his memory, even though he survived. He now cannot remember anything before coming to serve the Sikohlons. He also has a strange condition that causes him to ooze foul, noxious slime from his scales. This condition drove him to study natural flora and poisons, and it eventually became his specialty. He is also highly intelligent and knowledgeable, as well as quite possibly having the greatest magical talent among all shra (who cannot use magic normally) on the planet. However, despite [[PoisonousPerson his element of choice]] and imposing physical frame, he is very compassionate and meek.

[[spoiler:Tezkhra seems to recognize Moke and takes an interest to him, implying that Moke may be related to the creature that killed him. Also of note is that, in his sidequest, there appears to be a council of shra with greater magical talents, like him. He denies their offer to join the council, though, because he feels he still has a duty to his friends. What these "greater shra" actually are is a mystery. No definitive answer to either mystery is within [[SequelHook this game]], though.]]

* DarkAndTroubledPast
* DitzyGenius: He is intelligent and oddly powerful, but he definitely lacks wisdom and social skills.
* FourEyesZeroSoul: Inverted.
* GlassCannon: He's one of the most powerful and versatile attackers in the game, and though you''ll likely make him suitable for soaking up Body (and, to a lesser extent, Mind) attacks, his defenses start out virtually nonexistent.
* TheGlassesComeOff: Averted.
* PersonalityPowers: Maimed, stomped on, and tossed out a window. Slightly reconstructed however, when his sidequest reveals the constructive and positive aspects of the Noxious element.
* PoisonousPerson / {{Plaguemaster}}
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Actually averted, which is in and of itself an example of the trope (...[[ItMakesSenseInContext it makes sense]], trust us). He has normal white sclerae, unlike any other shra (or si'shra, for that matter) we've seen.
* WeaponOfChoice: KnifeNut
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Bugs]]: Moke isn't that strong-willed of an individual normally, but he has a crippling fear of insects in particular.
* TheWoobie

!!Rehm Sikohlon
->''"No one dies today. None of us, and none of them."''\\
''"[[spoiler:None of us...none of them... So much for that promise.]]"''

Race: Shra-Sikohlon. Class: [[ConfusionFu Whitewind]]. Human-normalized age: 27 (real age: 135-139)

A surprisingly feisty Sikohlon who doesn't object to charging into battle, but does object to actual killing. After he is sent off into the world, he makes a living by raiding pirate and slave vessels, with occasional help from the Wadassian navy. However, he and his crew fall on hard times, and have to make an honest living in Nal (or as honest a living one can make there, anyway) to raise enough money to repair their ship. While there, he comes across a fortian by the name of Padrino Metzino, who asks if he can come along with them.

Rehm agrees, and [[spoiler:it proves to be a tragic mistake, for the Metzino line has a [[FeudingFamilies blood feud]] with another family. While en route to Fortifel, they are assaulted by a member of the rival family, who kills Sara when she tries to stop him. This drives Rehm into a [[HeroicBSOD complete breakdown]] and he decides he has no choice but to [[DrivenToSuicide kill himself]], since he's a failure as a captain. He tries to starve himself to death, but some Nalian slavers find and capture him before he can. He is then abused for decades as he destroys his memory due to alcohol being the only thing to dull the pain. Fortunately, he is later discovered and helped by Six Stars, who manage to help restore his self-confidence. He joins the guild as thanks.]]

* BlowYouAway
* DarkAndTroubledPast: In the present day.
* DualWielding
* HeroicBSOD: After [[spoiler:Vasra's death, he becomes largely unresponsive and extremely depressed, a disturbing contrast with his normally cheerful behaviour. Shortly after, he very narrowly avoids being DrivenToSuicide.]]
* InterspeciesRomance: Between him and Sara, possibly, given that he made a special nickname for her and calls her "my Vasra" at one point.
* LightningBruiser
* ManInWhite
* PersonalityPowers: He has powers over the [[BlowYouAway weather]], which fits with his carefree personality and the value he places on freedom.
* PlayingWithFire
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: [[RuleOfSymbolism Sea blue]].
* WeaponOfChoice: {{Cool Sword}}s

->''"You will help me find the proper placce to die. A placce where I may put my sspirit to resst."''

Race: Shra. Class: [[MagicKnight Tu'Nuok]]. Human-normalized age: 167 (real age: 835-839)

An impossibly old shra who has been around since before the First Reconstruction. However, he knows he does not have long before he dies, and at first, his only request to Six Stars is to guide him to a place where his spirit can pass on peacefully. However, he is so impressed by their wisdom and the tales they tell of the outside world that he decides to join them, desiring to see the world that he has neglected for so long.

[[spoiler:He dies in the epilogue, after realizing that [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming the guild is where he truly belongs]].]]

* CoolOldGuy: He's ''one hundred sixty-seven'' in shra years, but still alive and kicking.
* GrumpyOldMan: He acts like this at first, chiding Dehl and Alito as being weak due to their lack of instinct, and being generally terse and disagreeable. [[spoiler:He becomes nicer once he joins the guild, though.]]
* PeacefulInDeath: His ultimate goal is to find a place where he can pass on peacefully. [[spoiler:He gets his wish in the epilogue.]]
* SoulPower
* {{Snaketalk}}
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: ''Neon green''.
* TwentyFourHourArmour
* WeaponOfChoice: SimpleStaff

!!Yfus Crossar
->''"Why do you believe it must be stopped? Perhaps a war is exactly what we deserve."''

Race: Fih'jik. Class: [[TheMedic Sun Priest]]. Human-normalized age: 19 (real age: 9.5)

A sun priest of Kir'Ssha, though he was born in Do'Ssha. He eventually decides to [[DefectorFromDecadence go with his conscience]] and flees to Do'Ssha, though he is hated there for his status as a Kir'Sshan. He agrees to join Six Stars for protection, and so he can hold his head high once more.

[[spoiler:He is the son of Divine Councillord Crossar, and the brother of Commandant Zaka.]]

* TheDandy: If you point at him in Quest Mode, he'll ''always'' be concerned with his shiny clothes. This might not be caused by vanity, instead being required for a Sun Priest, though.
* DeadpanSnarker: Has his fair share of moments. Lampshaded in his sidequest by his father.
* DefectorFromDecadence
* LightEmUp
* ManInWhite
* NonActionGuy: Though he does fight, his skills are more suited to [[TheMedic healing and defense]].
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Light blue.
* TwentyFourHourArmour
* WeaponOfChoice: CoolSword

->''"I... I am home, so long as I serve my friends."''

Alito is the well-educated servant of Metzino, and is treated much better than other shra. Because of his education, he is able to become the guild manager of Six Stars after Ques retires. Unlike Ques, he is very kind and polite (though he still has a sharp tongue in a few instances).

[[spoiler:Alito is denied the privilege of ascending with the rest of the guild at their journey's end. This causes him to stay behind when the world is destroyed, and it is his leadership that prevents the people of Wadassia from dying out entirely.]]

* MissionControl: After Ques joins the guild proper.
* NonActionGuy
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Yellow, like most shra.

[[folder:Character #16 '''(SPOILER WARNING)''']]
->''"Truthfully... I have lived more in the last Surface-year than in any time before."''

Race: Shra-God. Class: [[OverratedAndUnderleveled Deity]]. Human-normalized age: Indeterminate

This character is first found as a spirit in the Drop, guarded by a being who claims that he's not part of the world. Six Stars brings the spirit to [[{{Necromancer}} Rulian]], who manages to resurrect his body from the spirit's memory. The shra that appears introduces itself as "Tezkhra", to the shock of everyone else. However, despite the name, Tezkhra actually seems to be very calm, orderly, and polite -- practically the opposite of the historical Tezkhra. He says he really ''is'' a god, though, and is the creator of the shra people. His memory is hazy from dying and all, but travelling the world brings some of it back. He says that the last thing he remembers is being killed by a si'shra, so it is most likely that this killer stole his name and became the god of the si'shra religion.

...Actually, most of that is only half-true. Tezkhra is not actually divine -- instead, he is one of the SufficientlyAdvancedAliens who terraformed and populated the planet in the first place. He manages to establish contact with his old friends in the ending, and tells them "IChooseToStay", even though that means he will grow old and die.

* AGodAmI: Though he acts more like, "[[ShroudedInMyth Wait, I'm a god]]? Uh...sure, I'll go with that."
%%* ArmCannon
* BadassBoast: Surprising, considering he's TheStoic normally.
-->'''[[spoiler:Havan]]:''' [[WhoAreYou Who are you]]?\\
'''Tezkhra:''' I am Tezkhra, creator of the shra people, and a god and overseer of your world...
* CrypticConversation: Or rather, cryptic monologue. Even when we do see his thoughts, they often take the form of this, using vague language and trailing off before fully explaining anything.
** His conversations with the Watchers are a straight example, though.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: He ''died'', for crying out loud!
%%* MightyGlacier: One of the reasons why he's OverratedAndUnderleveled.
* OverratedAndUnderleveled: He specializes mainly in [[UselessUsefulSpell status effects and gimmicks]], which, due to the strategical nature of the game, are more useful than most, but still makes him fall behind other characters that can dish out significantly more damage. Also, he's [[MightyGlacier slower than molasses in January]], and in a game where speed is the OneStatToRuleThemAll, that hampers him quite a bit. (This can't even be cured by character support like with other {{Mighty Glacier}}s, since he has no support combinations.)
* PersonalityPowers: His elemental affinity is "Order".
* TheQuietOne: When we are privy to his thoughts, though, he can be described as quite the chatterbox.
* ShroudedInMyth: He's actually the ''complete inverse'' of the mythological Tezkhra.
* StoneWall: Unfortunately, in this game, the best defense is a good offense, so his talents are not particularly useful -- this is the other reason why he's OverratedAndUnderleveled. He's virtually unkillable, especially since his abilities do not [[CastFromHitPoints consume any energy]], but only has one offensive ability that ''isn't even modified by attack stats!''
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Like Moke, averted, which is in and of itself notable.
* WalkingSpoiler
* WeaponOfChoice: PowerFist


->''"My life...for Wadassia."''

Havan is the Prime Captain of the Blue Guard. Like Dehl, he is a steadfast defender of Wadassia, and, in fact, the two become fast friends when they meet. Havan is a very upright, law-abiding young man who can come off as [[LargeHam a bit melodramatic sometimes]]. He also seems to know Fell, which is a bit odd.

* ChekhovsGunman: He's the "Wonder Boy" seen with the Watchers in the prologue.
* LargeHam
* WeaponOfChoice: RidiculouslyHugeSword
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]]; he's a good guy. [[spoiler:Actually double subverted; he's the BigBad.]]

!!The Blue Guard

The Blue Guard is a fellow guild of Wadassia, led by Havan. Due to his friendship with Dehl, the two guilds vow to help each other and, by extension, the rest of the city. The Blue Guard follows in the footsteps Six Stars around the world, but they begin to appear out of their depth before long.

Havan's second-in-command and lifelong friend is the sorceress Adi. The third member of their guild is a shra named Cort, who, in fact, seems to embrace -- not resent -- subservience and obedience to his masters.

[[spoiler:After Havan takes over the world, Adi and Cort remain by his side and share the spoils. However, the ragged appearance of their {{Character Portrait}}s suggest he hasn't been entirely kind to them... Regardless, when tensions break out, they side with Havan and defend him to the death. Their motives for doing this and thoughts on their situation are ambiguous.]]

* ActionGirl: Adi.
* ExtremeDoormat: Cort.
* GoldfishPoopGang: Done well. It's used to make sure you aren't [[spoiler:thinking too much why they're still there more than halfway through the game and why the use for [[ChekhovsGun the artifact]] hasn't been explained yet; at the point where you'd normally start to get suspicious, there are bigger things at hand that push them off to the side]].
* {{Leitmotif}}
* {{Snaketalk}}: Cort.
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Cort has green ones.
* WeaponOfChoice: MagicWand for Adi, BladeOnAStick for Cort.

->''"Hmmhmm, but you won't [kill me], and do you know why not? Of course you do. You're smart."''

Metzino is a friend of Qualstio's, and agrees to harbor the guild during their stay in Fortifel. He is (in)famous for his radical theories and inventions that rely on sources of energy other than magic. He has managed to stay out of trouble so far -- and has even risen to a prestigious rank -- but tensions between him and the Councillords are mounting, because this technology could forever change society...

[[spoiler:His family line also has a [[FeudingFamilies blood feud]] with the Pazzato line, for unexplained reasons. The current Pazzato is the Mental Councillord, so the rest of the Council is easily able to manipulate events to force the two into a duel -- [[XanatosGambit and no matter who dies, they will win]]. Metzino puts up a good fight against Pazzato using some kind of energy gun, but Pazzato eventually gets the best of him and throws him off the Faithall Tower. After his death, the Council destroys everything, and since he has no children, there will be no one to carry on his work.]]

* MarySue: A wealthy, genius inventor coming from a long line of wealthy, genius inventors, hated by the authorities but somehow untouchable, saves Qualstio's bacon on numerous occasions, and on and on...
** [[spoiler:Deconstructed to an extent, as his overconfidence and feelings of invincibility are what gets him killed.]]
* NonActionGuy: Mostly.
* SacrificialLamb: [[spoiler:He's either this or a SacrificialLion; though he only appears for one chapter and is killed off long before the actual {{Sacrificial Lion}}s, he is only killed off at the very end of the chapter he appears in.]]
* VerbalTic: "Hmmhmmhmmmm..."

!!Yacatec Yutli
->''"I trade in many things, as I said before. This land is a fount of riches, [[VerbalTic hza nek]]?"''

Yacatec is a well-to-do shra and the head of the Berylbrine Outpost. The presence of a surname is rather odd, though, as shra don't normally have one... Six Stars attempts to gain favor with him when they decide to help the outpost, but it is soon revealed that, since the Berylbrine island is the homeland of the shra, [[BoomerangBigot slaves are among Yacatec's main exports]]. This disgusts the guild, but they are forced to comply with his demands, since he's the man in charge.

It is later revealed that [[spoiler:he has a surname for a reason -- he's married to a human woman from Do'Ssha. He claims that all his skewed business practices were to raise money for his family, especially since war is breaking out in Do'Ssha]].

Then, [[spoiler:after the apocalypse, his family is murdered and he is enslaved by the si'shra -- an [[LaserGuidedKarma ironic fate]]. He helps Six Stars get through the Lord-God's spire after they free him.]]

* AlliterativeName
* BackForTheFinale: Though it's done in a rather depressing manner. [[spoiler:He appears in the final dungeon as [[LaserGuidedKarma a slave]], and helps you get through said dungeon after you free him.]]
* BoomerangBigot: Played with no laughs at all -- he sells his own kind into slavery.
* InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler:He has a human wife.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Debatably. Qualstio doesn't buy it.
* LaserGuidedKarma: [[spoiler:He sells his own kind into slavery, but he's revealed to be a JerkWithAHeartOfGold due to LoveRedeems. After the apocalypse, his wife is murdered, and he himself is enslaved by the si'shra.]]
* LoveRedeems: [[spoiler:He's a JerkWithAHeartOfGold because he has a loving family.]] {{Defied}} by Qualstio, who [[spoiler:still thinks he's a horrible person, even if he does have a family.]]
* NiceHat: He takes it off when he's not in the Lowlands, though.
* PardonMyKlingon: He does this twice; Early in chapter 4, he calls Tehgonan a "Zin d'an"[[note]]It literally means "little brother" in Shra, but because si'shra use it to refer to ordinary shra, its slang use is a serious insult[[/note]], at which point Dehl snaps, "Yacatec, please do not call him that." Later, after the camp is [[spoiler:threatened to be washed away by magical rain]], he snaps at Ques, flinging what is presumably a heinous insult at him in his native language.
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Yellow, like most shra.
* VerbalTic: He likes to sprinkle random shra phrases into his speech. We're never given a translation as to what they actually ''mean'', though.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: He was originally intended to be playable.

!!Syri Muezza
->''"We thought you were dead... T'was something far worse than death! You abandoned us! Your family! It's your fault!"''

Syri is the last of the Flightblades, a group of assassins who defended Do'Ssha against their neighbors. She is highly intelligent and very skilled at stealth and subterfuge. When she overhears Six Stars expressing concern over the mounting tension between the two fih'jik cities, she offers to help. Also, [[spoiler:Syri is the sister of Ques/Seku, who used to be the leader of the Flightblades. She blames him bitterly for causing the collapse of the Flightblades, which led to Syri being the only one left alive.]]

[[spoiler:She eventually helps Six Stars get into Kir'Ssha, but on the way back to Do'Ssha, she is captured, and almost certainly dies during the Unstoppable Night.]]

* ActionGirl: To an extent.
* BolivianArmyEnding: [[spoiler:She is captured right before the Unstoppable Night, and Ques says she will be left to die during it. However, it is possible (albeit very unlikely) that she escaped somehow and found a way to shelter.]]
* [[HesJustHiding She's Just Hiding]]: InUniverse; [[spoiler:after she almost certainly dies during the Unstoppable Night, Ques desperately tries to convince himself she's still alive at every opportunity.]]
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Blue.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: She was originally intended to be playable.
** EleventhHourRanger: What she would have been.

->''"Ah, yes, yes! You are here, here to assist me, yes? Delicious!"''

A young fortian inventor working on {{Magitek}} devices, specifically ones that count latent magical energies in the air[[note]]in gameplay terms, this allows you to keep a certain percentage of the Chain between battles[[/note]]. He repeatedly appears giving you (optional) {{Fetch Quest}}s for his materials. He finishes his work in chapter 4, though, and he has his tearful farewells with Six Stars afterwards. This is probably a form of [[ShooOutTheClowns shooing out the clowns]], because the story [[DarkerAndEdgier gets even darker]] in chapter 5.

[[spoiler:It turns out that he was a student of Metzino, which is the reason why he focuses on a fusion of magic and technology. He becomes very sad when he hears the news of his death in chapter 4, but Qualstio manages to cheer him up. Brenetto decides that even though his master is no more, he will still continue his research.]]

[[spoiler:...Of course, he almost certainly dies in the apocalypse, as he's never seen or mentioned in the ending, so [[DownerEnding so much for that]].]]

* NonActionGuy
* ShooOutTheClowns
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: He's never seen or mentioned again after chapter 4, probably since he's such a minor side character, but [[spoiler:the fact that he's not seen after the apocalypse means he's almost certainly dead... So, Metzino's work [[DownerEnding really has reached a complete and final end]]. No {{Magitek}} in the sequel, then!]]

!!Mahk Sikohlon
->''"Just remember the house rules. No weapons, no quarreling, no violent acts of any sort. That includes the sword you are so shakily trying to conceal, Brother Dehl."''

Mahk is the First Father -- the original founder of the Sikohlon clan. He sent the first three Sikohlon fathers (Dehl's, Rehm's, and [[spoiler:Skint]]) out into the world a few centuries ago, but has noticed that the Sikohlon ideals haven't stuck. He has decided to raise a new batch of children to try again. He makes his home in Do'Ssha, and steadfastly upholds his ideals -- not only does he disallow any weapons to be brought into his home, any arguing must be done outside as well. Children are so impressionable, after all, and he must be careful to raise them properly this time...

[[spoiler:It is heavily implied that he dies in the Second Blackening (along with most of his clutch), making Dehl, Rehm, and Xopi the only surviving Sikohlons in the world.]]

In addition ([[{{Spoiler}} don't read this]] unless you've seen the GoldenEnding): [[spoiler:Mahk is -- or was -- actually one of the SufficientlyAdvancedAliens who created and populated the world the game takes place in. After Tezkhra died, he went down to find him, but ended up GoingNative. Why his personality is the complete inverse of what it was in ''VideoGame/IMissTheSunrise'', why he went native, and why he named his pacifist cult after weapon traders are all mysteries.]]

* ActualPacifist: The father of all {{Actual Pacifist}}s in the story, no less!
* GoingNative
* ManInWhite
* NonActionGuy
* [[PimpedOutDress Pimped Out Robe]]: A male variant. It's so impressive, in fact, that the narration refers to him as a "resplendent shra" before he introduces himself!
** EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry
** GoldMakesEverythingShiny
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Yellow, like most shra.

!!Xopi Sikohlon

Xopi is a young shra in the care of Mahk. He is very quiet and shy, but he eventually takes a liking to Dehl, asking him questions about the large, strange outside world he comes from.

[[spoiler:This trust is betrayed when Dehl snaps and grievously wounds two Nalian slavers (who may or may not have just been trying to shelter him during the Unstoppable Night) due to BigBrotherInstinct instead of trying to diplomatically solve the conflict like he normally does. This horribly traumatizes the WideEyedIdealist Xopi, and when he tells Mahk, Mahk becomes furious and expels Dehl from the Sikohlon family.]]

However, [[spoiler:after the Second Blackening blinds him and kills all his brothers, he forgives Dehl and begs him never to leave him alone again. Dehl will presumably become his ParentalSubstitute in the sequel.]]

* ActualPacifist
* NonActionGuy
* TheQuietOne
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Blue.
* WideEyedIdealist: [[spoiler:At first.]]

[[note]]Under construction. Assistance would be appreciated.[[/note]]

!!The Scourge Clad (Skint and Aryn)
->''"Your mouth may belie you, but perhaps your veins will speak truth to me instead!"''\\

The Scourge Clad is a guild of sorts that originated in Nal -- though it is composed of only two people, the monstrous shra Skint and the quiet, secretive fih'jik Aryn. Skint is very cold, terse, and rude toward Six Stars -- Dehl in particular, who he calls a "whelpling". Skint also has a sword lodged through his back -- he claims it was put there by [[EtTuBrute one he had sworn to protect]], and is now permanently embedded in his back due to his extreme HealingFactor. His motives are mysterious, and he does not seem to abide by many laws or morals. Zargos also notices that he has magma-forged platemail, which was only given to those who participated in the Nalian Revolt -- and he doubts Skint fought for the Crown...

It turns out that [[spoiler:Skint is a WellIntentionedExtremist who wishes to free the shra people from decades of enslavement. He offers Dehl the opportunity to join him in this endeavor, but Dehl refuses, since it is against everything he has learned since coming to the mainland. The two part ways and never see each other again. Of course, when the apocalypse happens, these motives make Skint the prime candidate for the "Lord-God", but Dehl is in for a rude awakening -- Skint actually tried to fight ''against'' the Lord-God during the guild's absence, but failed, and requests a MercyKill when they meet.]]

But it goes deeper than that: [[spoiler:Skint was, in fact, the third Sikohlon father, and before the revolt, was actually a guard-captain serving Wadassia -- eerily similar to Dehl. Being betrayed by a close friend and cursed by the world as the "scourgelord" was the reason he changed into such a hateful, bitter man. In a way, he serves as a warning of what Dehl could turn into if he was betrayed by a close friend, cursed by the world, and forced into exile...but fortunately, that'll never happen, [[FreakOut right?]].]]

Aryn is even more of a mystery. She speaks in whispers, and only in the fih'jik language, yet she seems wholly devoted to Skint and his cause.

[[spoiler:This is because she, too, has devoted her life to the freedom of the shra people. Unfortunately, she is torn to shreds by the si'shra once she and Skint try to assault the Lord-God.]]

* DarkAndTroubledPast: Skint.
* {{Foil}}: Skint to Dehl.
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: Skint's final fate. [[spoiler:The actual bisection happens off-screen, but we do see him after the fact -- [[{{Gorn}} heavily bleeding, with his spinal column exposed]]. Fortunately, though, he dies from a relatively painless MercyKill instead of bleeding to death.]]
* InTheHood: Aryn.
* IronicDeath: [[spoiler:Aryn is killed by the people who she devoted her life to saving.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: Though it's also used as a generic MoodMotif.
* TheQuietOne: Aryn. She speaks only to Skint, and even then only in whispers.
** May be justified, though, as the one time she speaks audibly, it's in the fih'jik language -- it's possible she doesn't know the human tongue.
* {{Reverse Mole}}s
* SacrificialLion: Both of them.
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Skint has yellow ones, like most shra. We never see Aryn's eyes, but she probably has blue or green, like most fih'jik.
* TwentyFourHourArmour: Skint. Justified, since having a freaking ''sword through his back'' makes it impossible to take off.
* TheUnfought
* {{Well Intentioned Extremist}}s

!!Mental Councillord Pazzato

As a Councillord, Pazzato is unrivaled in mastery of his element. Of the Councillords, he is actually the least antagonistic toward Six Stars, even casually asking them for help with a task. [[spoiler:However, this is merely a clever ruse to distract them while he duels Metzino. For he has a [[FeudingFamilies blood feud]] with the Metzino line, and eventually wins the duel due to his signature [[MindOverMatter telekinesis]] technique. Qualstio is enraged when he sees this, and, along with the guild, avenges Metzino's death soon after.]]

* FriendlyEnemy: As a Councillord, he is opposed to Qualstio and Metzino, but, compared to the other Councillords, he seems pretty ambivalent toward them and even allows them to partake in the light harvest. [[spoiler:Cruelly subverted, however; it's only an act to distract Six Stars long enough to set up a duel with Metzino.]]
* MindOverMatter: His signature technique.

!!Commandant Zaka [[spoiler:Crossar]]
->''"Thus, [the people] must battle. Blade to blade...father against son, brother...against brother..."''

The supreme commander of the Silver Army. As tensions between the Free and True Homes increase, he eventually takes it upon himself to mount a crusade against the "heathens" of Do'Ssha.

[[spoiler:The son of Divine Councillord Crossar and brother to Yfus. Has second thoughts about his crusade when Dehl confronts him, and commits suicide during their battle. This causes his army to retreat, thus ending the war.]]

* HeroicSacrifice: After he is defeated, [[spoiler:he kills himself so that Kir'Ssha will become demoralized and retreat, instead of invading Do'Ssha]].
* KnightTemplar: Natch.
* LightEmUp
* ManInWhite
* NobleDemon: [[spoiler:"I love my people. All of them, great and small. It pains me to see them suffer so." He isn't lying. He gives Six Stars the opportunity to kill him, which will demoralize the Silver Army enough to stop their advance, and when defeated, actually [[HeroicSacrifice commits suicide]] so that this will happen.]]
* [[TechnicolorEyes Technicolor Sclerae]]: Yellow, which is pretty odd for a fih'jik.
* WeaponOfChoice: BladeOnAStick

!!The Lord-God
->''"It sounds like the game is afoot, then! The winner shall inherit the ashes of the world!"''

A monstrous being who garnered the support of the si'shra after the apocalypse, then used them to sweep up the ashes and kill or enslave any survivors. There can be no hope of reconstruction so long as he lives -- but can Six Stars truly fell a god?

[[spoiler:Actually, they can -- because he isn't a god at all. He's ''Havan''. It turns out that, as a matter of fact, Havan was the first person Fell approached as a "chosen one", not Dehl. He and his guild performed her tests for ''years'' while being told that they were chosen and were the ones who would ascend. However, after Havan finds and becomes obsessed with his relic, Fell becomes disappointed in him, and casually brushes him aside in favor of Six Stars, despite everything he has done for her. He takes this well enough until Six Stars disappears and Donz destroys the world. Enraged at this betrayal, he and the Blue Guard ascend to the Watcher's perch. When they block his path, he slaughters them. For some reason, instead of continuing onwards to confront Dehl, the Blue Guard returns to the Surface, and takes over what remains of the world.]]

* BigBad: Natch.
* AGlassOfChianti
* AGodAmI
* BadassBoast:
-->"[[WhereIsYourXNow Where are your gods now]]?"\\
"[[spoiler:They never came.]]"\\
"WRONG! Your god sits here before you now!"
* TheBerserker: He doesn't actually have any special skills, and just uses an AttackAttackAttack strategy.
* BlackEyesOfEvil: [[spoiler:As Chaos Havan.]]
* TheDogWasTheMastermind
* EvilAllAlong / FaceHeelTurn
* FinalBoss
* TheManBehindTheMan: [[spoiler:Behind Skint, technically, though they don't really have any relation to one another.]]
* MotiveRant
* OneWingedAngel: Though [[NiceJobBreakingItHero it's not his own doing.]]
* PetTheDog: [[spoiler:The fact that he still cares about Adi and Cort enough to let them share his spoils and ImmortalityInducer shows he's not ''completely'' rotten, even if it is a very very small glimmer. Could be subverted, though, as their {{Character Portrait}}s make it look like they've been abused...]]
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: His quote up there.
* SlasherSmile
* TheUnchosenOne: [[spoiler:Havan is rather pissed off when Fell deems him not worthy to ascend, and begins to consider himself this. However, he is still nothing more than someone who was literally ''not chosen''.]]
* WalkingSpoiler


!!Taru Clapian
->''"I hope my folks don't find out I've started drinking. They'll disown me!"''

A young man "hired" by Rehm's crew in the prologue. He is naive, but quickly grows attached to his new comrades. Unlike others, he is very accepting and sympathetic towards the shra. It is his heroic efforts that [[spoiler:stop Pazzato from completely destroying the ship]].

[[spoiler:After Vasra's death, Taru tries to snap Rehm out of his HeroicBSOD, to no avail. Eventually, Taru [[FreakOut snaps]] and accuses Rehm of abandoning him and the crew, who have always looked up to him as a leader and father figure. Rehm's silence proves to be the final straw, and Taru leaves the crew in both anger and dissapointment.]]

[[spoiler:In the present day, Taru still hasn't gotten over what he perceives as Rehm's "betrayal". Indeed, he has become a bitter, secluded, misanthropic JerkAss who openly despises Shra for being "cowards" and is similarly disdainful of pretty much anyone who crosses his path. As should be obvious from that last paragraph and his surname, he is Tehgonan's father.]]

* TheChick: Mostly serves this role during the interludes, despite being male. His success varies.
* FantasticRacism: [[spoiler:After the events of Interlude 3, he came to view the shra as a race of cowards.]]
* HeroicBSOD
* JerkAss: [[spoiler:In the present]]
* TragicBigot
* WeaponOfChoice: ProngsOfPoseidon. He also has an ImprovisedWeapon in the form of a bag of chemicals.
* WideEyedIdealist: [[spoiler:At first, anyway.]]

!!Vasra (real name: Sara)
->''[to Rehm] "Good luck. [[DeadpanSnarker Me and Clapian will go pick out a suitable flower arrangement for your grave.]]"''

Sara is Rehm's second-in-command. They have apparently known each other for a long time -- enough for Rehm to give her a nickname in shra language, "Vasra". It's never explained what the nickname means. Sara tends to be more perceptive and matter-of-fact than the rest of the crew.

[[spoiler:When Pazzato attacks and knocks Rehm unconscious, Sara tries to continue the fight. Pazzato responds by flinging her into the ocean. After Rehm regains consciousness, he tries to search for her, but, after hours of searching, realizes it's too late. This drives him into a HeroicBSOD that breaks up the crew.]]

* ActionGirl
* DeadpanSnarker
** SnarkToSnarkCombat: With Rehm, on occasion.
* DisposableWoman: The effects of the trope are inverted, though. [[spoiler:Usually, the DisposableWoman's death spurs a hero into action and vengeance. However, Sara's death instead causes Rehm to go into a HeroicBSOD and [[DrivenToSuicide drives him to suicide]].]]
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: [[spoiler:Her quote up there. At first, it just sounds like her usual snark, but after she ''dies'' and Rehm gets DrivenToSuicide...]]
* TheLancer: She serves as a down-to-earth counterbalance to Rehm, who doesn't take many things seriously.
* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Woman]]: Probably sees herself as this among the crew -- her companions are a naive newcomer who's out of his depth and a [[WideEyedIdealist happy-go-lucky idealist]].
* KilledOffForReal
* {{Stripperiffic}} / BreastPlate
* WeaponOfChoice: KnifeNut


A strange young man inhabiting a cave in the Mudlands outside of Nal. He is very placid and [[CloudCuckoolander rather airheaded]]. Rulian has an incredibly magical talent -- [[{{Necromancer}} reanimating the dead]]. Unfortunately, he does not realize that they are terrorizing the town nearby -- not because of neglect, but because he doesn't even seem to know there ''is'' a town nearby.

Or that the six elements exist, for that matter...

[[spoiler:...this is because he has been in that cave for millennia. When Tezkhra crash-landed and lost his +ii emitters, one of them ended up buried in Rulian's cave. Rulian wandered in one day and, not realizing how much time he was in there, never came out. When Six Stars recovers Tezkhra's soul, he is able to resurrect him, though Tezkhra quickly strips him of this power by accident through the alteration capabilities of his PowerFist. In the ending, Tezkhra finds and deactivates the emitter in his cave, allowing him to continue his life normally.]]

* {{Necromancer}}: [[SubvertedTrope However]], he's not evil or malicious in the slightest, and his powers are sort of accidental.
* NonActionGuy
* OlderThanTheyLook: He looks like eighteen at most, but he has apparently been alive since ''before magic was classified into elements''.[[note]]''Over a millennium'' according to Ques' glossary.[[/note]]

->''"It is all [[ArcWords scope]], Dehl. [[CentralTheme How far back must you stand before you can see 'everything']]?"''

Fell is a mysterious old woman who appears to have some sort of precognitive ability, and can see the full truth of everything that's going on. She assists Dehl and his guild by giving him "tests" that can drastically affect the entire world. Her motives and how much she really knows is uncertain, though she claims to take orders from an even higher being known as "The Voice Himself". The other Watchers refer to her as their "mother" -- whether this can be taken at face value, is a metaphor, or something else is unknown.

[[spoiler:Along with the other Watchers, she is killed by Havan after Six Stars attempts to track down Donz.]]

* ElderlyImmortal
* EyesAlwaysShut
* TheFatalist
* {{Leitmotif}}
* MysteriousInformant
* OlderThanTheyLook: Averted; she's an ElderlyImmortal.
* SacrificialLion

!!The Watchers (Nath, Kott, and Donz)
->'''''Nath:''' [Donz] will not take kindly to knowing his own Watch is flawed, or to be broken.\\
'''Kott:''' Yep. He's pretty serious about being right. He's the only one of us left who still cares.''

The three Watchers are Fell's "sons". Whether that can be taken literally, is a metaphor, or something else is unknown. They each watch a different time; Nath is the Watcher of the Past, Kott is the Watcher of the Present, and Donz is the Watcher of the Future. They each share their knowledge with Fell, which is why she seems all-knowing. However, Donz either will not or cannot speak, because, as Fell says, words of the future must not be spoken to anyone.[[note]]This is why he doesn't have a CharacterPortrait.[[/note]]

Nath and Kott appear to be rather uninterested in their duties, as they play a strange board game all day. Kott also says that he does not Watch the chosen ones like he's supposed to, because that would "take the fun out of meeting them in person". Donz appears to be the only one who still takes his duties seriously, though, as Watcher of the Future, that is a difficult job...

[[spoiler:Havan kills all of the Watchers when he ascends to confront Six Stars and they block his path. Curiously, it looks like Kott and Nath never moved at all; Kott's corpse is slumped over the game board, and Nath's corpse is still in his chair.]]

* ElderlyImmortal: Nath.
* TheFatalist: All of them. Justified with Donz, who literally ''can'' see what's fated to occur.
* {{Leitmotif}}: Shared with Fell.
* MysticalWhiteHair: Kott, despite appearing fairly young, has white hair, likely because of this trope.
* NonActionGuy: All three of them.
* OlderThanTheyLook: They're all apparently immortal and have therefore been around for millennia, yet even Nath only looks like he's in his fifties or sixties.
* SacrificialLion: All of them.
* ThemeNaming: Along with Fell, they all have four-letter names.
* TheVoiceless: Donz (though he may actually be TheSpeechless).