->''Before the world can be free''
->''A bloom of murdered innocence shall be seen''
->''In the woods above the ancient city of Veridian''
->''Where nine identities shall be revealed''

Characters who appear in ''Literature/TheGuardiansOfTimeTrilogy''.



[[folder:The Guard]]
!!'''Ethan Roberts'''
->''And a brave young warrior will lose his heart to death''
The main character, his sister was murdered in front of him by [[TheDragon Marduke]] when she was seven and he was three. His father resigned from the Guard and became a depressed reclusive. Ethan dedicates his life to living up to her memory and avenging her death. His powers are telekinesis, illusions and a loyalty to the prophecy.
* MindOverMatter
* ProphecyTwist: Ethan does not die as his line suggests, but [[spoiler: loses his soul mate]].

!!'''Isabel Beckett'''
Ethan's apprentice from the start, who is in the year below him at school. Her powers are healing and foresight.
* ActionGirl
* [[spoiler: ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty]]

!!'''Matt Beckett'''
-> ''But not before a leader pure of heart awakens''
->''And the fearless one emerges from a journey led by light and strength''
The [[spoiler: half]] brother of Isabel, Ethan's former best friend before they fell out over a girl. Joins the Guard at the end of the first book.
* [[spoiler: HalfHumanHybrid]]
* [[spoiler: HumanMomNonhumanDad]]
* [[spoiler: ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty]]
* OverProtectiveDad: since his and Isabel's walked out, he's taken that place much to her annoyance.
* UnfazedEveryman: had no powers at all and felt very left out until he went off and TookALevelInBadass

->''And an ageless warrior with an ancient soul''
->''Shall guide with grace and providence''
The mentor of the group, his powers are agelessness, truth-seeing and materialisation.
* ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty
* NeverTheSelvesShallMeet: He meets his mother as a young girl, but never comes into contact with himself.
* OfficialCouple: shown at the end of ''The Named'' to be [[spoiler: Isabel's]] soul mate.
* PurpleEyes
* {{Telepathy}}: what his truth-seeing label means. Too bad no one told Isabel.
* TeleportersAndTransporters
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: His hair and eye colours are apparently due to his being hundreds of years old. Who knew?


[[folder:The Order]]