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! Alliances


[[folder:Aldmeri Dominion]]

!!Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri
-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/KateBeckinsale

The Queen of the Aldmeri Dominion, as well as its founder. She was the first in line for the throne, and her abrupt return caused her brother to lose his shot at the throne. She is not popular in certain circles of Altmer society, due to her rejection of the culturally institutionalized FantasticRacism many Altmer still hold.
* ActionGirl: Despite being the Queen, she's a damn good fighter in her own right.
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Her full name is "Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri".
* BigGood: For the Dominion.
* TheGoodKing: More The Good Queen, but pretty benevolent by Altmer standards, though she still thinks humans are unfit to rule Tamriel.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: She's completely shocked when [[spoiler:Estre turns out to be the Veiled Queen, despite earlier telling the player that Estre was more broken-up about Ayrenn taking the throne away from her brother than even Naemon was. She also doesn't show any signs of recognizing her brother's jealousy, even though he resents the fact that he was almost done with the coronation requirements ''and'' the fact that his wife's murderer (you) is considered a Dominion hero and the Queen's new best friend.]]
* HumansAreBastards: While she's not nearly as big on the FantasticRacism aspect of this trope as some of her predecessors (and [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim future successors]]) were, the fact that she still believes this to some degree is why she doesn't want either the Pact or the Covenant controlling Cyrodiil.
* ImplausibleDeniability: After [[spoiler:Naemon jumps in Ayrenn's place in the Orrery, Ayrenn orders that her brother's death be treated as one of a hero. Even after he is forced to return as a lich, she simply uses that to leverage the story and say that he was used by the Veiled Heritance from beginning to end.]]
* LadyOfWar: As nice as she is by Altmer standards, she's quite ruthless when it comes to the war and keeping her own house in order.
* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch: While she wants to make peace with humans, she still doesn't want them in charge of Cyrodiil.
* NoodleIncident: At one point, she had one of these with Razum-Dar. She isn't keen on sharing the details. Except to say that it involved [[NoodleImplements a schoolmarm dress, lots of wine]], and some city that began with the letter W. (Either Whiterun or Windhelm, she's not sure.)
** Her adventuring days seem to be a collection of these. The stories are mostly exaggerated, of course. Except [[BearsAreBadNews the one with the bear]]. [[BearyFunny That one is true]].
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Arguably the most reasonable and personable of the three Alliance leaders. Unlike the volatile EnemyMine of the Ebonheart Pact and the heavily implied political and racial corruption of the Daggerfall Covenant, Ayreen formed the Dominion out of a genuine desire to protect and safeguard her people in the wake of the Soul Burst. Certain dialogues and sidequests all but state that she is the most tolerant and accepting of the non-Dominion races in comparison to the Covenant and Pact, and during [[spoiler:the ceasefire conference on Stirk, she's pretty much the ''only'' one who realizes that Molag Bal's threat is ''considerably'' more important than the rush for Cyrodiil.]] And in ''Summerset'', she opens the titular island's borders to ''all'' visitors, even those from the Covenant or the Pact.
* StateSec: The 'Eyes of the Queen' are part Secret Service, and part CentralIntelligenceAgency who are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, so long as it is for the good of the Aldmeri Dominion. They answer directly to her.


A Khajiit agent who serves as a high-ranking officer of the [[StateSec Eyes of the Queen]]. He serves as a major ally to the player character, if they are with the Dominion.
* CatFolk: Comes with being a Khajiit.
* ChivalrousPervert: A lot of his dialogue comes off as this.
* DeadpanSnarker: He definitely has his moments.
* DualWielding: He uses two daggers to fight.
* TheLancer: In many ways, he serves as Ayrenn's second-in-command.
* NoodleIncident: Queen Ayrenn has a story about the two of them that she gets rather embarrassed about whenever it comes up. He also rode a guar naked through an Argonian temple, the full story he only shares with veteran agents.
* PluckyComicRelief: By far one of the funnier characters in the game, even people who have no idea what he's talking about can find his quips rather entertaining.
* StateSec: One of the Eyes of the Queen.
* ThirdPersonPerson: In the manner of Khajiit speech, he often refers to himself either as "this one" or "Razum-dar." PlayedForLaughs when he acts as Ayrenn's body double at one point, with Creator/KateBeckinsale accidentally stating "this one" once or twice.
* WhatTheHellHero: If you fail to destroy the Crown of Elven Supremacy. [[spoiler:Trying to convince him that you simply couldn't let him die doesn't make him any less furious at you, though he does come back around eventually.]]
* UncertainDoom: One of the final quests has him trapped in an Ayleid ruin, and the only way out also happens to be mutually-exclusive to destroying an ArtifactOfDoom that threatens Queen Ayrenn. The player has to choose between destroying the artifact (which Razum-dar wants, as his duty is to die for the queen) or saving him while the artifact remains a threat. However, because the game has no means of knowing when the player will complete this quest, Razum-dar may still show up later with some sort of vague HandWave to explain why he's still around.

!!Prince Naemon

The younger brother to Queen Ayrenn, was due to take the throne of Alinor before Ayrenn suddenly returned.
* AndIMustScream: [[spoiler:You can find him in Heart's Grief in Coldharbour, where he's spent all of this time [[FateWorseThanDeath being suffocated but not dying]] for failing Molag Bal.]]
* ArcVillain: [[spoiler:Of the Greenshade arc.]]
* BodyHorror: [[spoiler:Happens to him when the Orrery activates. He becomes a big, fat monstrosity that tries to attack Ayrenn.]]
* CameBackWrong: [[spoiler:He is brought back as a Lich during the Greenshade arc by Pelildil.]]
* GreenEyedMonster: Is secretly resentful of Ayrenn ascending to the throne instead of him, but he still loves and supports her anyway. [[spoiler:The Orrery takes this UpToEleven by forcing these feelings to the surface.]]
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: Played with. He doesn't agree with his sister's policies, [[spoiler:not the least of which involved ordering the death of his wife,]] or how the Dominion is run, but still aids his sister out of loyalty.
* SpareToTheThrone: His coronation was set within days of his sister's return. Actually takes it rather well, all things considered. [[spoiler:His wife, on the other hand...]]
* TomatoSurprise: The Orrery reveals that he [[spoiler:was deeply resentful of Ayrenn ascending to the throne, and when it brings these feelings (and some BodyHorror) to the surface, he tries to assassinate her.]]

!!The Veiled Queen/[[spoiler:High Kinlady Estre]]

The leader of the Veiled Heritance, a group of extremist Altmer who want to drive all non-Altmer out of the Summerset Isles, as well as depose Queen Ayreen and destroy the Aldmeri Dominion. [[spoiler:Also Prince Naemon's wife.]]
* DealWithTheDevil: [[spoiler:Sics Daedra on Dawnbreak and Firsthold; in the latter case, even opening portals to the Deadlands!]]
** It goes deeper than that. The Veiled Heritance have, in fact, made deals with [[spoiler:the Maormer, the Ebonheart Pact and Mehrunes Dagon]]. And when you confront the Veiled Queen, you can find proof of her dealing with [[TheDragon Mannimarco]] as well.
* FantasticRacism: The Heritance's forte. They only want Altmer in the Summerset Isles.

!!King Camoran Aeradan

The King of Valenwood, set the foundation of the Aldmeri Dominion in motion by enlisting the aid of Queen Ayrenn in repulsing invaders from Cyrodiil.
* ModestRoyalty: Very approachable, he wears utilitarian armor even on the throne. Like many Wood Elves in the game, he speaks with a cockney accent.
* ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem: A humorous example, when speaking bluntly about Prince Naemon.
-->'''Aeradan:''' He's the one with the entire Elden Root up his flue. I can say that, I'm the King.

!!Ulthorn / The Hound

A Bosmer who was in love with the Green Lady before she ascended to her new position. Her rejection of him, due to the Green Lady being bound by fate to be the bride of the Silvenar, drove him to become the Hound, a servant of Hircine, in an attempt to gain her back.
* ArcVillain: Of the Malabal Tor arc.
* BodyHorror: Comes with the werebeast territory.
* TheDragon: To Hircine.
* LoveMakesYouEvil: His obsession with the Green Lady caused him to sell his soul to Hircine in exchange for the power he thinks will be enough to win her back.
* TheManBehindTheMan: He was this to the Drublog for the first half of the Malabal Tor arc.
* NotGoodWithRejection: He sold his soul to a Daedric Prince after the Green Lady rejected him.
* UnwittingPawn: Hircine never had any intention of giving him the Green Lady. As the strongest of the Bosmer, the species in Tamriel best known for their hunters, she's the ultimate prize for him. Ulthorn was just the tool he planned to use to get his hands on her.
* {{Yandere}}: For the Green Lady.

!!Javad Tharn

Leader of the Reaper's March invasion by the Colovians, having also brought the Stonefire Cult with him. He seeks to destroy the Dominion by plunging the Khajiit into darkness.
* ArcVillain: Of Reaper's March.
* DarkIsEvil: His armor is dark-colored.


The spiritual leader of the Bosmer.
* TheDiplomat: He's on Khenarthi's Roost for three-way negotiations between the Dominion, the local Khajiit and the Maormer.
* ModestRoyalty: Comes with being an AnthropomorphicPersonification of his nation's spirit. The whole nation's, from nobles to peasants.
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: With the Green Lady. They are both chosen for their roles, and these roles require them to marry. The current couple love each other dearly.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He's a cool-headed leader, in opposition to his confrontational, hot-blooded advisor.
* RedOniBlueOni: Blue to Green Lady's red.
* RulingCouple: Aeradan may be the king of Valenwood, but Silvenar and the Green Lady are the soul and strength of the Bosmer.
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler:He gets assassinated by the Maormer to prevent Khenarthi's Roost joining the Dominion.]]

!!The Green Lady

The martial leader of the Bosmer.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: The mantle of the Green Lady makes her the personification of the whole race's martial might.
* BloodKnight: Comes with the mantle. She's a military leader, her husband's bodyguard and the greatest of living Bosmer fighters.
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: With the Silvenar. They are both chosen for their roles, and these roles require them to marry. The current couple love each other dearly.
* RedOniBlueOni: Red to Silvenar's blue.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: When [[spoiler:Silvenar is killed]], she vows to destroy those responsible. After the end of Khenarthi's Roost arc, she declares that once she [[spoiler:finishes Silvenar's burial rites]], she will spend the rest of her remaining life hunting Maormer.
* RulingCouple: Aeradan may be the king of Valenwood, but Silvenar and the Green Lady are the soul and strength of the Bosmer.

[[folder:Daggerfall Covenant]]

!!High King Emeric
-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/BillNighy

Formerly a Merchant Prince of Wayrest, Emeric used his business and political savvy to become leader of the Daggerfall Covenant.
* {{Archenemy}}: In his backstory, he and King Ranser of Rivenspire were mortal enemies. Ranser came ''very'' close to dethroning him.
* BigGood: For the Covenant.
%%* CoolOldGuy
* DeadpanSnarker: He holds nothing about being High King sacred, and frequently jokes about what a pain in the ass it is ruling the Covenant.
* TheGoodKing: Yup. For one, he managed to get the Bretons, Orcs, and Redguards to form an alliance, despite the three peoples' mutual distrust.
* TheHighKing: In his own right, he is King of Stormhaven, ruling from Wayrest. He commands the loyalty, among others, of King Fahara'jad of Alikr and King Casimir of Daggerfall.
* MerchantPrince: How he gained his prestige.
* ModestRoyalty: He's a pretty down-to-earth, recognizes talented individuals with the praise they deserve, admits when he is wrong, and doesn't let being High King get to his head.
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: He and his brother Nathaniel married the daughters of King Fahara'jad of Alikr, and both ended up in happy marriages.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: [[spoiler:Definitely does later on in the game.]]
* WrongGenreSavvy: He thought giving rule of Rivenspire to a triumvirate of leading noblemen would allow him to stymie any attempts to unify the region against him, pretty standard {{Chessmaster}} stuff. Unfortunately, it led to a civil war in Rivenspire at a time when the Covenant cannot afford internal conflict.

!!King Fahara'jad

The Redguard king, responsible for bringing Hammerfell into the Daggerfall Covenant.
* OlderThanTheyLook: He has three grown children, including one who's been in a relatively long marriage with King Emeric.
* PapaWolf: When his daughter [[spoiler:Lakana is killed by a Breton knight]], he threatens to withdraw the Redguards from the Daggerfall Covenant unless the guilty party is immediately executed. This is despite the fact that Fahara'jad is a strong proponent of the Covenant otherwise, even overriding the wishes of a segment of his own people.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: During the Alik'r Desert questline. He endorses and assists the Vestige every step of the way, even doing so privately when he cannot be seen publicly endorsing attacks on the undead (due to a strong Redguard cultural taboo, which could be politically costly for him).
* {{Sucksessor}}: Fahara'jad himself doesn't actually suck as a ruler, but as a Forebear who brings the Redguards into an alliance with foreign powers, he is ''regarded'' as this by the more isolationist, tradition-bound Crown population.
* WhatTheHellHero: [[spoiler:If you spared Sir Hughes during the Wayrest arc, then in your first meeting with him he ''furiously'' demands to know why you let his daughter's murderer live.]]

!!Prince Azan

King Fahara'jad's only son.
* DistressedDude: Lampshaded; he expresses embarrassment the ''second'' time the Vestige has to rescue him from the bad guys.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Despite the DistressedDude moments mentioned above, Azan is a capable warrior and a ReasonableAuthorityFigure much like his father.

!!Captain Kaleen

A Redguard Sailor, she saves the Soulless One from drowning if they sided with the Daggerfall Covenant
* TheCaper: She's the brains behind one and has a questline requiring you to collect the members of, and pull off said heist.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: Inverted, especially if you destroy the relic. During the course of two voyages, she managed to suffer a mutiny by two separate crews. This is mostly down to her increasingly LawfulNeutral behavior clashing with her far more chaotic underlings.
* DidNotThinkThisThrough: Wants to give the Ayleid artifact to King Fahara'jad so he can use it to help the Covenant. The artifact has the ability to raise an army of undead. Redguards are virulently opposed to necromancy of any kind, and would never use such an artifact. At no point does any of this seem to occur to her.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Her cabin girl is practically screaming it from the rooftops.
* {{Privateer}}: For King Fahara'jad.
* SkewedPriorities: Master Kasan, her mentor, thinks this of her when she says she wants to give an Ayleid ArtifactOfDoom to King Fahara'jad. Her first priority, in his opinion, should be to make sure something so evil never again can be used to harm people.
* UngratefulBastard: Even if you bend over backwards to recruit everyone for her heist, if you destroy the artifact that the Bloodthorn Cult was using to enslave Orc spirits on Betnikh, all her respect for you flies out the window, and she'll see you as a traitor to the Covenant.
** On the other hand, talking to her at Sentinel reveals that she feels awful for putting her alliance before Lambur's feelings, and shouldn't have been so insistent on keeping the thing. It also helps that, assuming the Rivenspire arc was completed beforehand, that by this point you [[spoiler:saved her life and helped her stop a traitorous spy from inciting a civil war in the Covenant.]]

-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/SteveBlum

A Breton thief on Stros M'Kai who can be recruited by a Covenant-aligned Vestige.
* BiTheWay: Calls the player "good looking" irrespective of gender, and has several female admirers, as well as one male one.
* ChickMagnet: He catches the eye of three women on the ''Spearhead.''
* EvenTheGuysWantHim: Along with the three women mentioned above, a male Nord also joins the crew just to see him work shirtless.
* NiceGuy: Despite being a bit of a rake, he's actually one of the nicer members of the crew. He's always nice to the player character, doesn't get mad if you give the gemstone to Headman Bhosek's associate, and is the only Breton crewman on the Spearhead who thinks you should destroy the Ayleid ArtifactOfDoom, even if it might give the Covenant an advantage.

!!Captain Darien Gautier

A captain in the army of the Covenant, and the son of General Gautier. The player first meets him during the campaign to retake the city of Camlorn from the werewolves of Angolf.
* DeadpanSnarker: Is rather sarcastic in the situations he's in. For example when he is in a dangerous place he will sarcastically pretend it's a lovely place.
* ChivalrousPervert: Darien loves the ladies, but he's a good guy.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Pulls one off towards the end of the Summerset questline to give the Player Character a shot at defeating Nocturnal.]]
* TheGoodCaptain: He does his best to put TheMenFirst, and he frequently backs up the Player Character without any fuss.
* NeverFoundTheBody: [[spoiler:He vanishes after the destruction of the Planar Vortex, but unlike King Dynar his death is not officially confirmed. It is heavily implied through his dialogue about his strange dreams that he was forcibly transported to Meridia's realm, the Colored Rooms. Sure enough, he returns in ''Summerset'', albeit with no memories of who he was before becoming Meridia's Knight.]]
%%* NiceGuy
%%* RecurringCharacter

!!Angof the Gravesinger

Leader of the Bloodthorn Cult, Reachmen who seek to conquer the Glenumbra region.

* ArcVillain: Of Glenumbra.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Like Estre and Thallik, he can undergo one in the Coldharbor arc and become an ally against his former master, Molag Bal. ''Unlike'' Estre and Thallik, however, his turn is heavily implied to be genuine, as unlike them he has no desire to return to Nirn and restart his schemes, only wanting to undo his transformation.]]
* {{Necromancer}}: Well, why else would he be called "the Gravesinger"?
* WorthyOpponent: [[spoiler:If you killed him before Coldharbor, he admits that he considers you this when you meet again in the Cliffs of Failure, and its exactly because of that respect that he urges you not to get roped into the Overseer's game.]]

!!Duke Nathaniel of Alcaire

!!Countess Eselde Tamrith
* TheRival: To Baron Alard Dorell

!!Baron Alard Dorell
* TheRival: To Countess Eselde Tamrith

!!Count Verandis Ravenwatch
* AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent: A temporary case which the player controls Verandis while visiting his repressed memories.
* TheAtoner: Even though he was trying to save Lady Montclair's life by turning her into a vampire at request of her husband, it lead to her becoming a bloodfiend and turning her family too, making him indirectly for the Rivenspire crisis. In addition, its revealed that he was turned into a vampire by Molag Bal himself, implying that he had to commit some horrible atrocities to gain his favor.
* BigGood: For the Rivenspire arc.
* DealWithTheDevil: Instead of being turned by another vampire, he was granted vampirism by Molag Bal this way.[[spoiler:At the end of his questline, in order to prevent the destruction of the Lightless Remnant and cursing everyone in Rivenspire with vampirism, he makes a deal with Molag Bal to take it with him to Coldharbor.]]
* {{Expy}}: To Janus Hassildor in VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion; both are friendly vampire counts that are very protective of the regions they watch over and provide an extremely helpful back up for the main protagonists in their respective games.
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire: You walk in on him and his retinue feeding on someone, who then explains that he was well-paid and cared for by the Count in exchange for his blood. He also offers an invaluable insight into the bloodfiend problem in Rivenspire.
* OldFriend: He was one of High King Emeric's earliest supporters.
* NiceGuy: Verandis is very welcoming and courteous to the player character.
* TokenHeroicOrc: An Altmer vampire who is a high-ranking nobleman of High Rock.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: With Baron Montclair, the ArcVillain of the Rivenspire.

!!Baron Wylon Montclair

Once part of the noble triumvirate that governed Rivenspire (alongside Countess Tamrith and Baron Dorell), he's gone rogue and now wants to have all of it for himself.
* ArcVillain: For Rivenspire arc.
* AntiVillain: Wylon was desperately trying to save his dying wife and his efforts end up [[spoiler:turning him into a vampire and driving him insane]].
* BaldOfEvil: A sympathetic variant at any rate.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Courtesy of being voiced by Creator/CrispinFreeman.
* [[spoiler:OurVampiresAreDifferent]]: [[spoiler:Specifically, accidentally turned by Verandis after he came into contact with an Ayleid ArtifactOfDoom.]]
* TragicMonster: [[spoiler:He could have avoided being turned into a vampire had he simply accepted his wife's death.]]
* WeUsedToBeFriends: With Verandis. The death of Wylon's wife and Verandis failure to save her disintegrated her

!!King Kurog

The King of Orsinium and leader of the Orcs. Unlike Emeric and Faha'rajhad, he prefers to take a backseat regarding the Three Banners War in order to focus on rebuilding his kingdom.

* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler:Even after his plans have been exposed and foiled, the people of Orsinium still mourn him as an ultimately well intentioned leader who simply went too far.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Of ''Orsinium'', as he is secretly plotting a mass genocidal purge of his people in order to forcibly convert them to the worship of Trinimac instead of Malacath.]]
* TheFundamentalist: He is extremely adamant in his belief that the worship of Trinimac is essential to the Orcs' survival. [[spoiler:So much so that he is willing to do a ''lot'' of morally reprehensible things to accomplish it.]]
* OutOfFocus: Despite being a racial leader, before ''Orsinium'' he barely had any presence in the main game. In fact, the only time he truly appears is as an illusion during the Mages Guild arc.
* UnwittingPawn: many Orcs consider him one to Emeric, with one such Orc outright defecting to the Dominion due to this belief. [[spoiler:Its also heavily implied that his FaceHeelTurn in ''Orsinium'' was due in part to manipulations by his mother, Forgemother Angra.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: [[spoiler:As brutal as his methods and goals are, he genuinely believes its for the good of the Orcs.]]

[[folder:Ebonheart Pact]]

!!Almalexia (a.k.a. Ayem)

One of the three living gods that compose the Tribunal of Morrowind, and leading representative of the Dunmer in the Ebonheart Pact. Ruling alone in the absence of Vivec and Sotha Sil, she resides in the Tribunal Temple in the Dunmer capital city of Mournhold.
* AGodAmI: She's one of the only physical gods in Tamriel, the others being Vivec, Sotha Sil and Dagoth Ur.
* DeityOfHumanOrigin: Rather, Deity of Elven Origin, like the rest of the Tribunal.
* GodsNeedPrayerBadly: A variation. Almalexia acknowledges that the power and influence of the theocratic Tribunal is proportionate to the amount of faith the people have in it. Just like any other political ruler, Almalexia would be powerless without the support of the masses.
* GoodIsNotSoft: Kind, benevolent, fair, and capable of ruthlessly smiting anyone who dares to threaten the peace of Mournhold.
* LadyOfWar: She may be a god, but that doesn't mean she won't personally deal with those who attack her city or people. See GoodIsNotSoft directly above.
* LightEmUp: Employs a variety of light-based magic, ranging from relatively mundane (hands-free lanterns) to incredibly lethal (massive spears of [[HardLight golden light]]).
* MamaBear: If you do ''anything'' to threaten the lives of her 'children', Divines help you.
* PhysicalGod: Like the rest of the Tribunal, thanks to the power of the Heart of Lorkhan.
* PowerFloats: She's always seen elegantly hovering a few inches above the ground.
* PraetorianGuard: The 'Hands of Almalexia' stationed throughout Mournhold.
* RedBaron: Sacred Lady, Mother Morrowind.
* TragicHero: Her genuinely heroic nature shown here makes her inevitable fall into madness in ''Tribunal'' all the more tragic.

!!Joruun the Skald-King
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/PeterStormare

The High King of the Ebonheart Pact, who rules the Great Moot.
* BigGood: For the Ebonheart Pact.
%%* TheGoodKing
* GutturalGrowler: Oh yes. A lot of what he says is nigh-incomprehensible due to this.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: His rational thinking and diplomatic approach to whatever's thrown at him is the main reason he won the right to the crown over his big brother.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Personally oversees [[spoiler:just about every major event in the Eastmarch and Riften plotlines]].
* WarriorPoet: Prior to becoming King, he was a skilled Skald.

!!Naryu Virian

A Dunmer assassin under the employment of the Morrowind-based [[MurderInc Morag Tong]]. She is encountered multiple times throughout the Ebonheart Pact storyline on missions to investigate (and neutralize) potential threats to the security of the Pact.
* ActionGirl: A very lethal assassin in service to the Morag Tong. At one point, she kills three armed men to save the Vestige's life.
* BreakoutCharacter: Zenimax, well aware of her popularity, made her outfit available for purchase in the Crown Store, and later confirmed that she will return as a main character the in ''Elder Scroll Online: Morrowind'' expansion pack. Heck, she was even the central focus of its reveal trailer.
* BiTheWay: She will show heavy amounts of attraction to the Vestige, no matter what gender they are.
* CodeOfHonour: Bound to one, like all Morag Tong assassins.
* DeadpanSnarker: Quite possibly the snarkiest female character in the game.
* FemmeFatale: She can certainly turn up the charm when it's needed.
* HoneyTrap: She's not above pulling this, and can even be persuaded to do this in one of her quests.
* HitmanWithAHeart: Without a doubt one of the nicest (and snarkiest) assassins ever encountered.
* HypercompetentSidekick: She considers herself one to the Vestige. She does all of the work getting information, casing targets, and gathering contacts, and then they use it and become seen as a hero. She doesn't mind, though, since she's not in it for glory.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: Literally, in the ''Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind'' reveal trailer. She kicks her mark into a giant Dwemer HumongousMecha's [[KillItWithFire flamethrower]].
* InLoveWithTheMark: Averted, but {{Discussed|Trope}}. She sincerely hopes that the Vestige doesn't ever appear on her ledger as her mark, as she's loyal to both them ''and'' the Morag Tong.
* ProfessionalKiller: As a member of the Morag Tong, she is a hired assassin.
* RealWomenDontWearDresses: She LOATHES having to wear the SimpleYetOpulent dresses that dunmeri nobility are known for, even when the job calls for it. Her general argument is that in her line of work, [[ImpracticallyFancyOutfit fancy feminine outfits aren't the most practical thing to wear]]. [[spoiler:Players can pass a persuasion check to tell her that she looks good in a dress, leading her to quietly daydream for a moment about [[TomboyWithAGirlyStreak wearing something more elegant in her off-time]]... and immediately follow up with a CantBelieveISaidThat and remind the player they have a job to do.]]
* RecurringCharacter: She pops in at least once in each Ebonheart province, as well as the Gold Coast in Cyrodil. She appears again in ''Morrowind'', this time with her own questline.
* StarCrossedLovers: A possible relationship between herself and the Vestige if they have the Persuasion perk, from her perspective and ''especially'' if you join the Dark Brotherhood. Her job, worldly affairs, and the Vestige's (possible) Brotherhood membership means that she can't act on her feelings as much as she'd like, but she's clearly smitten with them. [[spoiler:She even gives the Vestige a BigDamnKiss in the conclusion of the Dark Brotherhood DLC quest, The Sweetroll Killer]].
* TallDarkAndSnarky: A female example.
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: When she discovers [[spoiler:that the magical wards sealing off access to the hidden tunnels beneath Mournhold have been disabled]].
-->'''Naryu:''' So, um, fair warning. This could be bad. Real bad.
* {{Tsundere}}: She takes quite a liking to the Vestige, although she claims it's purely for professional reasons. Nevertheless, she loves hearing the Vestige compliment her, goes way beyond her assigned duties to assist them, and admits to watching them from afar whenever she has the chance. All for ''professional'' interest, she assures you.
** By the time of ''Morrowind'', if the player had met and flirted with her in all other locations, this trait is mostly gone, with her being much more open about her feelings.

! Factions

[[folder:The Fighters Guild]]
The nationwide faction of adventurers whom usually work as expert mercenaries, but during the Molag Bal crisis have shifted priorities to stopping his invasion at all costs.

!!Guild-master Sees-All-Colors
-->'''Voiced By:''' Rachel Robinson

An Argonian knight, thrust into the position of guild-master after the untimely demise of the previous leader. Under her leadership, the guild has shifted its priorities from financial gain to stopping Molag Bal.
* ActionGirl: Action ''lizard'' girl.
* HazyFeelTurn: [[spoiler:It's left up to the player to decide if she is truly evil or simply doing what she felt was right.]]
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: [[spoiler:She murdered the previous Guild-master because of his indifference to the plight of Tamriel's citizens, and uses this trope as her justification.]]
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:She can be let completely off the hook at the player's discretion, though she receives a demotion from Guild-master. Although whether she truly deserved punishment for her actions is [[GrayAndGrayMorality left up to you.]] If not, then she is either executed or exiled from the guild.]]
* LightIsNotGood: [[spoiler:She is a devout follower of Meridia, and it's implied that Meridia is the one that drove her to killing the previous Guild-master.]]
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: She is highly regarded by the guild members and genuinely wants to help the people of Tamriel. [[spoiler:No matter the cost.]]


A Redguard blacksmith and knight, who helps the player throughout the questline. A childhood friend of Aelif.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: [[spoiler:He's made Guild-master as the quest's conclusion.]]
* ChildhoodFriends: With Aelif. [[spoiler:He's shocked and saddened when she shows her true colors.]]
* GuestStarPartyMember: He joins your group several times in the questline. [[spoiler:After Aelif's betrayal, he's your ''only'' ally.]]
* GeniusBruiser: He's a capable fighter ''and'' the Guild's resident expert on [[spoiler:a one-of-a-kind Dwemer forge]].
* IncorruptiblePurePureness: Merric's soul is targeted for capture early in the questline. Precisely ''because'' it's so pure and dedicated to Stendarr, it would be an especially prized sacrifice [[spoiler:to Molag Bal]].
* KnightInShiningArmor: The straightest example in the guild, being heroic and friendly as well as a sword and board knight. [[spoiler:He's also the only main character in the questline without any dark secrets.]]
* [[RealMenLoveJesus Real Men Love Stendarr]]: His defining characteristic is his dedication to Stendarr and belief in righteous principles.


A Khajiit Nightblade, and a scout for the guild. She is also a skilled necromancer, able to enslave and communicate with undead souls.
* BigBad: [[spoiler:She's an agent of Molag Bal trying to destroy the guild's infrastructure, as the guild is seen as a threat to Molag Bal's plans.]]
* FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler:She used to be a proud member of the guild, but she was tempted by the power Molag Bal granted her.]]
** HeelFaceDoorSlam: [[spoiler:if the Fighter's Guild was completed before the main quest, you can find her in the Halls of Torment alongside Mannimarco. She promises to defect to your side if you free her. Turns out, she's telling the truth, as she joins your group if you let her go... until Molag Bal forcibly transforms her into a pathetic skeletal daedra that you must put down.]]
* FateWorseThanDeath: [[spoiler:She is subject to eternal torment for [[YouHaveFailedMe failing Molag Bal]], though the player can take pity on her and release her.]]
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:Molag Bal turns her into a Titan at the end of the final quest, which you and Merric have to put down.]]

! Non-Alliance Characters

[[folder:The Five Companions]]
A group of five individuals led by Varen Aquilarios who set out to help find the Amulet of Kings in hopes of making Varen the next Emperor of Tamriel by making him a Dragonborn through a ritual. It fails thanks to Mannimarco, who is revealed quickly to be working with Molag Bal.

* AlwaysBeWithYou: [[spoiler:At the end of the main quest, both Meridia and Cadwell reveal that the Companion you sacrificed to power the Amulet of Kings has become a permanent part of your soul.]]
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:In the final main quest, either Varen, Lyris or Sai must be sacrificed in order to give the Amulet of Kings the power it needs to help you defeat Molag Bal.]]
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: They really don't get along at all, with only Lyris getting along with Sai Sahan and Varen.

!!Abnur Tharn
-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/AlfredMolina

Imperial Battlemage, Chancellor of the Imperial City, and ancestor of [[Characters/TheElderScrollsArena Jagar Tharn]]. It was he who convinced Varen to perform the ritual that would supposedly make him a true Dragonborn, and ultimately betrayed the rest of the Five Companions to ally himself with Mannimarco once the latter's treachery was revealed.
* ADarkerShadeOfGrey: He may prove to be an ally at some parts of the game, but he ''is'' a ruthless sorcerer who betrayed everyone in the Five Companions and aligned himself with Mannimarco just for his own benefit.
* BlackMagic: His specialty.
* CorruptPolitician: Chancellor of the Imperial City and apparent second-in-command to Mannimarco.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* TheDragon: To Mannimarco. [[spoiler:At least, that's what he likes to believe he is.]]
* EvilChancellor: Ally of Mannimarco and chancellor to his daughter, the Empress Regent of Cyrodiil.
* HeelFaceTurn: Defects to the protagonists' side [[spoiler:after [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness outliving his usefulness to Mannimarco]].]]
* {{Hypocrite}}: [[spoiler:He lampshades a lot of Mannimarco's ego and lust for power. While he is against Mannimarco's plan to outplay Molag Bal, he has absolutely no problem in taking the Amulet of Kings at the end of the final quest and attempting to make himself a Dragonborn, according to Meridia.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Lyris makes it a point to call him out on being this whenever the opportunity presents itself. However...
* JerkassHasAPoint: His magical prowess and extensive knowledge of the Daedra, Coldharbour and Mannimarco's plans often prove invaluable.
* LongLived: He's 164 years old. Nobody knows why, given Imperials typically have far shorter lives than that. It might relate to his connection with [[{{Necromancer}} Mannimarco]], however.
* {{Pride}}: He thinks very highly of himself, to put it lightly.
* TheQuisling: Immediately allied himself with Mannimarco in order to keep his position of power within the Imperial Court and get his daughter on the throne as Empress-Regent. Mannimarco holds all the true power, though.

!!Lyris Titanborn
-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/JenniferHale

A Nord half-giant, Lyris is Varen's [[TheLancer Lancer]] and most loyal ally. She is also one of the first characters met in the game, helping you escape Coldharbour and freeing The Prophet.
* ActionGirl: Would you expect anything less from someone with giant blood in their veins?
* AllTheOtherReindeer: Was teased when she was younger because of her height.
* AnAxeToGrind: Her weapon of choice.
* BadassNormal: She does said ass-kicking with no innate magic or enchanted equipment whatsoever.
* BerserkButton: She despises Abnur Tharn and Mannimarco with a burning passion, supposedly hates Abnur more due to him betraying the Five Companions and being an extreme DeadpanSnarker to her.
%%* BrokenBird
* GoodScarsEvilScars: Has a scar along her left eye.
* HalfHumanHybrid: She's... somehow part Nord, part giant through her father's family. [[FridgeHorror Try not to think too hard]] [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction about that.]]
* HiddenDepths: Underneath that badass fighter is a woman plagued by SurvivorsGuilt on account of her mother's death from childbirth, and the racism she endured for being a half-giant.
* TheLancer: Follows Varen's choices without question and later The Prophet.
* MightyGlacier: Seems to favor strong, overwhelmingly powerful physical attacks and can take good damage, but isn't too quick.
* PluckyGirl: [[spoiler:She will save Sai Sahan with you or die trying.]]
* SnarkToSnarkCombat: She actually does have a few with Abnur Tharn.
* StatuesqueStunner: Lyris is ENORMOUS, towering over every other character in the game due to her giant ancestry and Sai is sweet on her.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: The only female member of the Five Companions.
* [[WellDoneSonGuy "Well Done, Daughter" Girl]]: Believed her father hated her for the death of her mother in childbirth and it provides her a big source of resentment towards him because she simply wanted his love. [[spoiler:In truth, he loved her, but he was unable to find ways to show it and he died before he could do so.]]

!!Sai Sahan
-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson

A Redguard noble who is the leader of the Imperial Dragonguard as well as being the Grandmaster of the Blades. He currently resides in Coldharbour being interrogated by Mannimarco.
* AmazonChaser: He is shown to have feelings for Lyris when the player goes to rescue him from the Chamber of Seduction in the Halls of Torment.
* BadassBaritone: Not surprisingly, considering who his voice actor is.
%%* BadassBeard
* BaldOfAwesome: Shaved, as per Redguard tradition.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: An [[XMarksTheHero x-shaped one]] on the left side of his chest.
* MadeOfIron: It's said that no one can break him... [[spoiler:which is shown in the Halls of Torment quest, where he supposedly endures physical and mental torture for years.]]
* MyGreatestFailure: He considers his inability to master the sacred art of sword-singing passed down by his Yokudan ancestors to be this.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: Like most Redguards.
* SnarkToSnarkCombat: He has a little bit of this with Abnur Tharn in the Valley of Blades quest.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Doesn't wear a shirt.

-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/JimWard

An Altmer necromancer, Mannimarco serves not only as the hook for getting the PlayerCharacter into the story via stealing their soul but through his Worm Cult is a threat to all Tamriel.
* AndIMustScream: You think Mannimarco is fearless, powerful and TheDreaded of Tamriel, right? [[spoiler:Just watch his extreme torture in Coldharbour after attempting to outplay Molag Bal. He literally screams in immense fear and begs for mercy.]]
* BadassLongRobe: You gotta admit, this guy has a damn good sense of fashion. [[spoiler:And you can [[AndYourRewardIsClothes earn his robe as a costume]] for reaching Veteran Level 10.]]
* TheChessmaster: He successfully plays Varen and the other four companions into getting the Amulet of Kings, thus kicking off the game's main plot.
* DarkIsEvil: This guy is ''the'' necromancer in Tamriel, and his companions found out he was EvilAllAlong way too late.
* TheDragon: To Molag Bal.
* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: Oh, he definitely does when [[spoiler:Molag Bal finds out he's been plotting against him.]]
* EvilSorcerer: A textbook example. Necromancy is a big no-no in most of Tamriel, and he's TheDragon to [[GodOfEvil Molag Bal]].
* FalseFriend: The others didnít like him, but they still assumed he was loyal to their cause. They were horribly wrong.
* AGodAmI: His true goal is to [[spoiler:replace Molag Bal as the God of Schemes.]]
* {{Hypocrite}}: [[spoiler:He calls you an arrogant, presumptuous, egotistical twaddle for wanting to defeat Molag Bal, yet he considers himself a god and was cocky enough to think he actually had a chance against the Lord of Domination. Abnur Tharn even lampshades this.]]
* KarmaHoudini: If you decide to [[spoiler:release him from Heart's Grief during the last main quest. He himself says you that will regret this decision, and the other Five Companions' reactions are [[WhatTheHellHero quite predictable]].]]
** ForegoneConclusion: Mannimarco ''has'' to survive (for a given lich-allowing value of the word) the events of the game and ([[spoiler:eventually]]) be able to move around on Tamriel, given that he appears in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIDaggerfall Daggerfall]]'' some six centuries later.
* NotSoDifferent: To Miraak from ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim''; [[spoiler:both are trying to outplay their Daedric Lords, and both horribly fail.]]
* {{Pride}}: Even more arrogant than Abnur Tharn.
* ReligionOfEvil: His Worm Cult are responsible for dropping the Daedric Anchors across Tamriel, and have been rounding up sacrifices to do so.
* SmugSnake: He seems to think that he is a MagnificentBastard, but [[spoiler:the fact that Molag Bal learns of his betrayal and subjects him to eternal torment would suggest otherwise.]]
* TheStarscream: He attempts to [[spoiler:usurp Molag Bal]]. Doesn't go so well for him.
* TooDumbToLive: Mannimarco made an ''extremely'' grave mistake by trying to [[spoiler:outplay Molag Bal and take his place to become the new God of Schemes.]] To say that his arrogance cost him dearly would be putting it lightly.

[[folder:Molag Bal and other Daedra]]


The [[Characters/TheElderScrolls Daedric Prince]] of Life and Energy. [[spoiler:She assists you in the main Coldharbour quests to thwart Molag Bal and end the Planemeld.]]
* BigGood: [[spoiler:Is this for the main questline in Coldharbour.]]
* TheChessmaster: [[spoiler:She uses you (which she even admits) to build her an army and use it to destroy the Planar Vortex and outplay Molag Bal, which completely ends his Planemeld.]]
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Despite her absolute loathing for the undead, she doesn't even mention it if you are a vampire. Granted, it could be a case of EnemyMine, but still.
* GoodIsNotNice: Par for the course for her. [[spoiler:She will stop at nothing to stop Molag Bal. ''[[WeHaveReserves Nothing.]]'' She just barely manages to stay shy of WellIntentionedExtremist territory.]]
* GreaterScopeVillain: [[spoiler:Is technically this for the Fighters Guild arc, as she orchestrated the murder of Jofnir Icebeard in order to manipulate the Guild into fighting Molag Bal's forces in her name. Darien, who is her champion, even warns the Player Character at the end of Summerset questline that she cannot be trusted.]]
* KnightTemplar: Not surprisingly.
* TheReveal: She turns up ahead of the player's forces during [[spoiler:the siege on Molag Bal, while still under the guise of The Groundskeeper, and reveals her true identity.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: She plays a significant part in the main storyline.
* WeHaveReserves: [[spoiler:She sends the player and many of his/her allies on a mission where she knows many, if not all of them will die. She even seems unfazed as her most devout follower, King Laloriaran Dynar, dies because of her actions.]]

!!Molag Bal
-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/MalcolmMcDowell

The [[Characters/TheElderScrolls Daedric Prince]] of Enslavement and Domination. He is currently trying to merge his realm of Oblivion, known as Coldharbour, with Tamriel.
* AndIMustScream: When you [[spoiler:"kill" him. Seems like the God of Brutality that has caused so much pain to mortals has finally received immense agony in return.]]
* BerserkButton: Whatever you do, ''don't'' betray him! [[spoiler:Mannimarco]] learned this the hard way.
* BigBad: He's this for the entire game.
* CarryABigStick: It's not so fun being on [[spoiler:the receiving end of his mace]] this time around.
* TheDreaded: Many of the Daedric Princes qualify as this, but few names in Tamriel inspire as much unmitigated fear as his does. Especially during this time period.
* EvilSoundsDeep: His voice when Dark Anchors appear.
* GodOfEvil: While he's not the only malevolent Daedric Prince in Oblivion, he's certainly the most prominent one in this game, and the largest threat to Tamriel. Indeed, out of all the Daedric Lords, he's the only one who seems to be purely malevolent; even Mehrunes Dagon, BigBad of Oblivion, had positive attributes as the god of change and revolutions. Molag Bal's spheres are Domination and Brutality, which generally means [[SocialDarwinist making sure the strong oppress the weak as cruelly as possible]].
* GracefulLoser: After the final battle when you defeat him, you transport to [[spoiler:the Colored Rooms of Meridia to reclaim your soul. He appears as a phantom and congratulates you in a cold and venomous tone.]]
** This might also double as {{Foreshadowing}}. [[spoiler:At first, he says that you could have [[WeCanRuleTogether been his servant]], and that the world would have been better off had the Planemeld been allowed to succeed, and that if it had, he would have 'protected you' and that there are 'far worse masters than him.' At first, this sounds like him being a SoreLoser, but considering what has been going on in the Craglorn arc, ''he might have actually been serious.'']]
* KnightOfCerebus: Molag's always been bad news in ''Frachise/TheElderScrolls'', but he takes it UpToEleven this time around.
* TheManBehindTheMan: Mannimarco worships him. [[spoiler:Well, not for long.]]
* RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil: Why Lamae Bal hates him so much. He's not called the 'King of Rape' for nothing.
* RedBaron: 'Prince of Domination,' 'God of Schemes,' 'King of Rape'...
* ReligionOfEvil: While he is worshipped by quite a few Daedric cults, the most prominent during the game is the Worm Cult.
* SatanicArchetype: Complete with horns and a tail.
* WorthyOpponent: [[spoiler:After completing the main quest, he grudgingly admits that you are this in the Colored Rooms.]]
* XanatosGambit: [[spoiler:Meridia implies that him being defeated actually might have worked out in his favor, in some ways... and that [[WeWillMeetAgain he's not done with you yet]].]]
* YourSoulIsMine: And you're going to go ToHellAndBack to retrieve it from him. Literally, in this case.
* YouHaveFailedMe: When Doshia fails to kill you. [[spoiler:As well as Aelif.]]


The Daedric Prince of Night and Darkness.
* AbsoluteCleavage: She is wearing the same revealing outfit as she did in Skyrim.
* BigBad: [[spoiler:She serves as the main antagonist of the Clockwork City DLC and the Summerset expansion.]]
* BigNO: [[spoiler:She lets loose one of these right before the Vestige thwarts her plans with the Dawnbreaker.]]
* PowerOfTheVoid: Claims to have this since she existed before Oblivion did.


The [[Characters/TheElderScrolls Daedric Prince]] of Madness, Insanity, and the Arts. He plays a central role in the Mages' Guild questline, and shows up in a few other quests as well.
* AffablyEvil: He genuinely seems to like the player character. In his own way, of course.
* AllPowerfulBystander: He indicates several times that he's fully aware of what Molag Bal is doing, but doesn't seem to care enough to do anything about it.
* ArcVillain: Of the Mages' Guild questline.
* BadassBeard: He's got a full beard and is a Daedric Prince. Hard to come by someone more badass in Elder Scrolls.
* CloudCuckoolander: Did you honestly expect anything else from him?
* TheCorrupter: Drove the citizens of Southpoint completely insane, and corrupted its Mayor into being his [[TheDragon Dragon]] [[ItAmusedMe for his own amusement.]]
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: PlayedForLaughs. The way he reacts to Gutsripper dying is one of the most humorous [[VillainousBreakdown Villainous Breakdowns]] in the entire series.
* FauxAffablyEvil: His friendliness is much more mocking and backhanded towards Shalidor. [[spoiler:Especially when it comes to Valaste.]]
* FriendlyEnemy: Towards the player character. He even refers to them as his 'favorite mortal,' and says that the trials were 'the most fun he's had in years.'
* ItsPersonal: He and Shalidor really have it out for one another.
* MadGod: Par for the course for him.


The [[Characters/TheElderScrolls Daedric Prince]] of Fear and Nightmares. She serves as the ArcVillain of the Stormhaven Questline in the Daggerfall Covenant, in which she and her cult, the Supernal Dreamers, drag High King Emeric and several others into an endless nightmare, for seemingly no reason other than [[ForTheEvulz because she can]].
* ArcVillain: Of the Stormhaven Questline in the Daggerfall Covenant.
* CoolMask: She is depicted as wearing one of these, and it's even one of her main symbols, along with [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent a snake]].
* CuteIsEvil: She sounds like a little girl, which [[VocalDissonance contrasts perfectly]] with how she gleefully describes how she's going to MindRape High King Emeric... and [[spoiler:you, after you kill her Champion.]]
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: She is stated to actually be [[UnholyMatrimony in love with her Champion]]. [[spoiler:Her [[IllKillYou reaction]] to his death would seem to confirm this.]]
* ForTheEvulz: The only motivation she needs to throw the Covenant into chaos.
* MindRape: Basically her favorite pastime.
* NightmareFetishist: Literally. She dragged her Champion into Quagmire to be with her, knowing full well [[MindRape what that can do to someone]] and seemingly not caring, or maybe even sees that in and of itself as a show of affection.
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: Her emblem, as well as her statue, features a snake, wrapped around her CoolMask in her banner, and draped across her shoulders on her statue.
* TranquilFury: After [[spoiler:you kill her Champion]], she goes into a VillainousBreakdown in which, still in her [[CuteIsEvil usual tone of voice]], she describes how she's going to spend the next century or so [[MindRape Mind Raping]] you for doing so.
* {{Yandere}}: If her reaction to [[spoiler:her Champion's death]], as well as the fact that she dragged him into Quagmire with zero regard for his sanity, is anything to go by. Maybe having a Daedric Prince for a girlfriend isn't a good idea?

[[folder:Other Characters]]

!!The Prophet
-->'''Voiced By:''' Michael Gambon

A mysterious enemy of Molag Bal and Mannimarco kept as prisoner in Coldharbour. He helps the [[PlayerCharacter Soulless One]] to escape and is in turn rescued by him.
* BigGood: None of the three big factions really want Molag Bal to win, but their main focus is one each other. The sole goal of the Prophet is stopping the Daedric Prince and saving Tamriel.
* BlindSeer: The result of him reading the Elder Scrolls.
* TheReveal: He's none other than [[spoiler:Varen Aquilarios, former leader of the Five Companions.]]
* HandicappedBadass: He may be blind, but he certainly doesn't need vision for anything. His senses are extremely impressive, he always knows when you're there, and where you are at all times.
* MyGreatestFailure: [[spoiler:When he was over-confident enough to think trusting Mannimarco was a good idea.]]

!!Sir Cadwell
-->'''Voiced By:''' Creator/JohnCleese

An old and surprisingly sane soul shriven of Coldharbour who will guide you on a certain quest throughout Coldharbour.
* BadassBeard: It really does fit with his heroic nature.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: Various Daedra learned this the hard way.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:He becomes one of the closest allies to you once you go to Coldharbour, he assists you on nearly every single main quest. He definitely isn't joking when he calls himself a Knight.]]
* CloudCuckoolander: Most notable trait about him, he even has a pot on his head. Ironically, he's the only soul shriven in Coldharbour that's considered sane.
* InsanityImmunity: The reason he's still lucid (for a given value of such) despite being soul shriven - he was ''already'' mad prior to being taken to Coldharbour. In fact, he openly admits to liking the place.
* PostEndGameContent: After the main quest is completed, he is put in charge [[spoiler:by Meridia]] of allowing the Vestige to safely travel to their rival Alliances and experience their content.

!!King Laloriaran Dynar

The last king of the Ayleids, who was thought to have perished fighting the Alessians alongside the Direnni Hegemony at Glenumbra Moors. It turns out, he was Meridia's champion and master tactician, and was able to place the Hollow City, a piece of Meridia's realm where Molag Bal could not enter, into Coldharbor itself. He is one of the primary questgivers in Coldharbor.
* AlasPoorVillain: In-Universe example [[spoiler:Despite the fact that he admits that his people were as monstrous as history says they are, he also mourns them and dialogue reveals he can't imagine a darker day then the end of the Ayleids]]
* BadassInDistress: He's trapped in the Lightless Oubliette. You first quest in Coldharbor is to rescue him.
* BigGood: Of the Coldharbor arc. He's the reason Hollow City is a safe haven for those trying to fight Molag Bal.
* TheChampion: of Meridia. The Ayleids in general were devoted to worshiping her.
* EarlyBirdCameo: He shows up in a quest in Glenumbra Moors, ages before you actually meet him.
* LastOfHisKind: He's not only the last Ayleid King, he's the last known Ayleid in existence.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Upon finding out that the Fighter's Guildhall in the Hollow City doesn't have a leader, he takes it upon himself to assume the position.
* TokenHeroicOrc: The Ayleids were a monstrously brutal race of elves, at least according to human historical sources, but Dynar himself is actually not a bad guy. [[spoiler:Further dialogue reveals that he turned against his fellow Ayleids because he believed in the younger race's cause. Also, unlike the reveal of the Falmer in Skyrim, he admits that the Ayleids were just as monstrous as history states them.]]

[[folder:The Trailer Specific Characters]]

!!General Tropes
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: Every champion can kick massive amount of asses and as the result became leader of their faction.
* CanonForeigner: They are only featured in the trailer produced by Studio Blur and not a single line is mentioned about them in-game. However, Zenimax then released the costumes worn by the champions in the game.
* FighterMageThief: The Nord, Altmer, and Breton leaders respectively each exemplify one of the archetypes.
* HeroesPreferSwords: Every champion wields a sword.
* MeleeATrois: Three factions attack the fort and come to blows with one another, before the Dremora show up.
* NoNameGiven: We're never given their names.
* RedshirtArmy: Every character other than the respective faction's champion are easily taken down and, soon, forgotten. Possibly extended to the mage corps and possibly some chunks of the Ebonheart forces who attack Imperial City during the third trailer, since otherwise [[spoiler:the Altmer Swordknight wouldn't be able to stroll around the walls of the Imperial City.]]
* TheChampion: The raid squad leaders are the Champions of their respective groups.
* TheQuietOne: They are there (an unidentified fort and Imperial City) to fight, not talk.

* BadassBeard: His long white beard is majestic.
* BadassGrandpa: Has a long white beard but is easily a match for warriors half his age.
* BraidsOfBarbarism: Styles his hair in braids and happens to be a Nord.
* AnAxeToGrind: His main weapon is a massive battleaxe.
* AndIMustScream: [[spoiler:His last known fate (for gamers at least) is that he was defeated, captured, and imprisoned by Mannimarco and Molag Bal in Coldharbour.]]
* GutturalGrowler: The only sound that comes from his mouth are either screams or a warcry. The other two champions don't speak at all.
* HornyVikings: His helmet is adorned with unique horns.
* KickTheDog: [[spoiler:He uses the ribbon which the Breton Ranger held as a rag.]]
* LargeAndInCharge: He is the biggest Tamrielic character in all trailers.
* MightyGlacier: Strong, can soak up a lot of damage, and can return the favor, but is the least agile out of three champions.
* RapunzelHair: His hair reaches his waist.
* TribalFacePaint: On his face, underneath his helmet.

!!Altmer Swordknight
* ActionGirl: She's deadly with either a sword or magic.
* BadassInDistress: [[spoiler:Captured at the end of the second trailer, [[DamselOutOfDistress but manages to get out of being a magic battery in the third trailer.]]]]
* TheBusCameBack: Returns for the cinematic trailer for ''Summerset''.
* RedheadedHero: She's red-headed and leader of the Aldmeri Dominion raid group.
* MagicKnight: Can kick ass with sword as well as magic.
* MercyKill: [[spoiler:She kills/purifies the undead Breton in the last trailer.]]
%%* PetTheDog
* RapunzelHair: Her hair reaches her waist.
* SmurfettePrinciple: The only (clearly identified and significant) female in the trailers.

!!Breton Ranger
* AndThenJohnWasAZombie: [[spoiler:In the mid-second trailer and onward.]]
* BowAndSwordInAccord: As befitting of the Ranger class, he wields bow.
* IDieFree: [[spoiler:The Altmer Swordknight kills/purifies the undead Breton in the fourth trailer.]]
* TheLadysFavour: [[spoiler:Breton Ranger held a ribbon which came from a woman, maybe his lover]].
* McNinja: Seriously. Cowl and masker? Check. Throwing Knives? Check. Agile as fuck? Big check.

!!Redguard Warden
First appears alongside Naryu in the cinematic trailer for the ''Morrowind'' chapter.

* AllThereInTheManual: His given name, Boldekh is revealed in [[http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Naryu%27s_Journal/Vvardenfell,_Before Naryu's Journal]].
* AnIcePerson: Uses ice magic to attack and shield with during the trailer.
* LoyalAnimalCompanion: His bear companion, overlaps with ActionPet.