!!Robert Langdon
* AdventurerArchaeologist: Well, symbologist, but he still fits the "adventurer" side of things.
* BadassBookworm: Robert mostly relies on his brains to get through things, but proves capable of some physical feats from time to time.
* {{Claustrophobia}}: Does not like tight spaces.
* ClearMyName: How the plot kicks off, with Fache suspecting him of murder.
%%* MarathonMan

* AbusiveParents: His father killed his mother when he was young. Consequently, Silas murdered him and ended up on the streets.
* {{Badass}}: Fights off numerous policemen in the climax.
* BlackCloak: Wears one, as a monk.
* EvilAlbino: Unstable assassin, KnightTemplar, and albino, Silas ticks the boxes (despite numerous inaccuracies on albinism in the book).
* HeelRealisation: [[spoiler: After shooting Aringarosa by accident, he realises that he has done wrong, carries his father figure to hospital and then dies praying for forgiveness.]]
* InTheHood: Wears a hooded robe.
* KnightTemplar: Seems to believe that everything he does is just and that his enemies are immoral monsters.
* OnlyAFleshWound: [[spoiler:He gets shot in the climax, but keeps fighting and only stops when he accidentally shoots Aringarosa. Deconstructed when he eventually bleeds to death]].
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler: After getting Aringarosa to help in time and praying for forgiveness, he bleeds to death]].
* SelfHarm: Part of how he punishes himself.
** ATasteOfTheLash: Complete with an added taste of religious fanaticism.
* {{Tykebomb}}: Everything going wrong in his childhood led to his imprisonment and eventually resulted in his becoming an assassin.
* WarriorMonk: Both an assassin and a monk.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Zigzagged between this and KnightTemplar. While he believes his actions are just and that his enemies are all wrong, he also hates having to murder people because he knows it's wrong, and only the belief that it's for the good of the church keeps him going.
* WouldHitAGirl: One of his victims in the book is a woman.

!!Leigh Teabing
* AffablyEvil: [[spoiler:All said and done, he actually is a fairly polite gentleman.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:He's the reason that Silas killed the Priory members and kicked off the plot.]]
* TheChessmaster: [[spoiler:He played everyone like a fiddle, up to and including his own manservant.]]
* HandicappedBadass: Despite suffering from polio, Leigh essentially sucker punches Silas with his crutches.
* QuintessentialBritishGentleman: Polite, serves tea and loves his money.
* WalkingSpoiler: The sheer amount of blanked text should be a clue.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: [[spoiler:His aim was to expose the Church as liars by exposing the truth about the Grail. To that end, he manipulated a man with a KnightTemplar assassin at his command.]]

!!Bezu Fache
* {{Determinator}}: With regards to his work.
* InspectorJavert: To Robert Langdon, who he believes is responsible for the murder.

* BigBad: The one ordering Silas around and kicking the plot off. [[spoiler:Except it's a lie. He was manipulated.]]
* MeaningfulName / GeniusBonus [[spoiler: it means RedHerring- well more accurately "pink herring", but this is Dan Brown...]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: His aim was to stop anyone finding out about the grail. He wasn't doing this ForTheEvulz, but genuinely believed it was misinformation that could damage the Church.

!!Sophie Neveu
%%* BrainyBrunette
%%* DamselInDistress
%%* DeceasedParentsAreTheBest
%%* [[HotScientist Hot Cryptographer]]
%%* [[spoiler:RoyalBlood]]

!!Jacques Saunière
%%* PosthumousCharacter
%%* PlotTriggeringDeath
%%* DyingClue
%%** CouldntFindAPen
%%* ParentalSubstitute: To Sophie