!Swamp Thing
->'''AKA:''' Alec Holland

* [[spoiler:AnthropomorphicPersonification: Of Nature]]
* {{Badass}}: He delivered a CurbStompBattle to ''ComicBook/{{Batman}}''. Nuff says.
** BadassBookworm: Well, Alec used to be a scientist.
* BecomingTheMask: [[spoiler:He isn't really Alec, just a plant elemental who assimilated Alec's memory and personality.]]
* BerserkButton: Don't touch Abby. Really, just don't.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Despite his monstrous appearance, he really isn't that bad of a person. We still advise against pissing him off however, as he is capable of [[GaiaSVengeance plant-based rampages]] on part with [[ComicBook/{{Batman}} Poison Ivy's]], if not worse.
* CreepyGood: See HorrifyingHero.
* [[spoiler:DeadAllAlong: After the retcon.]]
* ElementalEmbodiment: Of Nature.
* GaiasVengeance
* HorrifyingHero: He is a mass of plants assuming a vaguely humanoid form, several times taller than a regular human being and living in a Swamp. Still pretty much a good guy.
* InterspeciesRomance: With Abby.
* [[spoiler:LightEmUp: Thanks to the whole ComicBook/BrightestDay shenigans.]]
* NatureHero: He ''is'' nature.
* PlantPerson: Just look at the picture.
* SuperPowerLottery:
** BizarreAlienSenses: In the "vegetable sex" scene, Abigail temporarily experiences Swamp Thing's ability to sense life force, and perceives the wetlands as a shimmering field of glowing vegetation, dotted with bright life-sparks of animals.
** ElementalPowers
*** GreenThumb: Obviously, and he is a good contender for the strongest case of this power in the whole DCU.
** HealingFactor: UpToEleven; he can rebuild his body out of ''any'' mass of vegetation, even if it has been completely blown up. This borders on ResurrectiveImmortality.
** SuperStrength: His physical strength is just as impressive as his size would make you expect.
* TomatoInTheMirror: [[spoiler:He never ''was'' Alec Holland. He's just a ghost in weeds.]]
** Averted in the New 52.

!Abby Arcane Holland
Swamp Thing's LoveInterest (later wife), and Dr Arcane's niece.

* BoyishShortHair: In the ''ComicBook/{{New 52}}''.
* [[spoiler:DistaffCounterpart: Of a sort to Swamp Thing as the Avatar of the Black.]]
* HappilyMarried: Eventually, to Swamp Thing.
* [[MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter Mad Scientist's Beautiful Niece]]: To Arcane.
* InterspeciesRomance: With Swamp Thing. This was actually made a plotpoint once, as she was arrested for essentially marrying a plant. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Swamp Thing didn't react well]].
** RescueRomance
* MysticalWhiteHair
** SkunkStripe: Inverted. She has white hair with a black stripe.
* PsychicPowers
** MindOverMatter
** {{Telepathy}}

!Anton Arcane
Abby's uncle and Swamp Thing's ArchEnemy, Arcane is an EvilSorcerer MadScientist [[ImmortalitySeeker obsessed with gaining immortality]]. To this end, he has tried several times to get his hands on the Swamp Thing's body.

* [[spoiler:AndIMustScream: While in Hell, spiders lay eggs inside his body that hatch and eat their way out, causing him awful pain for eternity. To make things worse, the whole thing include a case of YearInsideHourOutside.]]
* ArchEnemy: To Swamp Thing. He is by far the most persistant and personal antagonist.
* AxeCrazy: Could seriously rival SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker as one of the most depraved, homicidal villains in the DCU.
* BackFromTheDead: Death seems to be more of an inconvenience, really.
* BaldOfEvil: Usually despicted as bald, though there have been exceptions.
* BigBad
* DemonicPossession: When he managed to escape Hell, he used this to interact with people, even possessing [[spoiler: Matt Cable]] for a time.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Completely ruined his niece's life just because she turned down his request of her becoming his apprentice.
* EvilSorcerer: Skilled in many forms of magic, including necromancy, among other things.
* EvilUncle: To Abby.
* HeelFaceTurn: Though obviously, [[StatusQuoIsGod it didn't stick]].
* ImmortalitySeeker: His main goal. Towards this end, he often plotted to steal Swamp Thing's indestructible body to inhabit.
* JokerImmunity: As noted abouve, he has been killed an incredible number of times, but he ''always'' manages to come back and torment the Swamp Thing again.
* MadScientist: He is a brillant enough scientist to create synthetic organic matter, which he uses mostly to create monsters or find ways to become immortal.
* [[spoiler:{{Necromancer}}: When he takes over the Rot]]
* OneWingedAngel: Has at several times turned himself into various kind of hulking monsters through his experiments.
* RealityWarper: Used for horrific results when he [[spoiler: possessed Matt Cable]].
* SameCharacterButDifferent: By far one of the villains who has changed the most over the course of years, to the point it's difficult to find a picture appropriate for his page.
* SpiderPeople: In his third appearance, he became a cybernetic monstrosity, half spider, half zombie, with one compound eye piloting a aircraft shaped like a dragonfly.
* TakeOverTheWorld: Seemingly Anton Arcane's ultimate goal. Later, he had the power to do so when he took possession of [[spoiler: Matt Cable's body and his reality warping abilities]]. And during [[spoiler: ''ComicBook/{{Rotworld}}'', we saw what the world would be like under Arcane's rule]].

!Floronic Man
->'''AKA:''' Jason Woodrue
[[caption-width-right:148:Jason Woodrue]]

* BreakoutVillain: He started out as a fairly minor villain from ''ComicBook/TheAtom''. Then Alan Moore used him for his own take on Swamp Thing, and he quickly got a boost in popularity.
* GaiasVengeance: Briefly attempts to do this after his contact with the Green, believing he is saving Earth from mankind by killing all non-plant life. Swamp Thing gets him out of it when he points out plants also ''need'' animals to survive.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: He once managed to use Swamp Thing's body to contact the Green. The experience drove him insane, to the point he tried to exterminate all non-plant life on Earth.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Briefly became a hero during ''ComicBook/TheNewGuardians'' series. He however reverted back to be a villain after the death of most of his teammates.
* OffWithHisHead: Happened to him in ''Batman: Shadow of the Bat''. Twice. [[GoodThingYouCanHeal Good thing he can heal]], indeed.
* PlantPerson
* RoguesGalleryTransplant: Originally a small-time baddie who bounced back and forth between Franchise/{{Batman}} and ComicBook/TheAtom. Considering [[BreakoutVillain what fighting Swamp Thing did to his popularity]], the change was for the best.
* VillainousBreakdown: Has several in the space of a few issues.
* WasOnceAMan

[[caption-width-right:148:John Constantine]]

* AntiHero: He technically is a good guy, but [[AllergicToRoutine his motivations]] to do good are entirely selfish, and his methods tend to be morally ambiguous at best.
* BadassLongcoat: And a ''sentient'' one, at that.
* BreakoutCharacter: Ended up becoming so popular he eventually got his own series.
* JerkAss[=/=]JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* TheMentor: to Swamp Thing.
** TricksterMentor

!Matt Cable

Abby's first husband, a government agent.

* RealityWarper: Acquired these abilities from shock treatments designed to wipe his memory clean.
* DealWithTheDevil: [[spoiler: After fatally wounded in a car crash, Arcane in the guise of a fly convinces Mat to let "help" him survive. In reality, Arcane takes over his body and uses it to exact the most twisted revenge upon Abby and Swamp Thing.]]
* [[spoiler: DeathEqualsRedemption]]
* InspectorJavert: At first.
* * {{Jerkass}}: During Alan Moore's run, Matt slides more and more into unlikable terrority, becoming colder and distant while abusing his powers to create pornographic fantasies for himself away from Abby. As such, the reader doesn't chide Abby for clearly developing romantic feelings more and more for Swamp Thing
** [[spoiler: DeathOfTheHypothenuse: His coma and eventual death after the Arcane Saga free up Abby to openly enter a relationship with Swamp Thing guilt free.]]
* {{Transplant}}: He became Matthew the Raven in ''ComicBook/TheSandman''.

!The Parliament of Trees

* OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness

!The Patchwork Man

* FrankensteinsMonster

!Tefé Holland
[[caption-width-right:148:Tefé Holland]]

The daughter of Swamp Thing and Abby, conceived when Swamp Thing was using John Constantine's body.

* ExtraParentConception: As noted above, she was conveived by Swamp Thing using John Constantine's body to impregnate Abby.
* HalfHumanHybrid: half-human, half-elemental.
* MysticalWhiteHair: Just like her mother, only without the SkunkStripe.

!The Un-Men

* MixAndMatchCritters

!The Word