A page for characters who have, at one point in their careers, have been called Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}, a supporting character in the Characters/{{Superman}} mythos, their allies and their enemies.

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[[folder:Supergirl (Pre-Crisis)]]


->'''AKA:''' Linda Lee Danvers/Kara Zor-El

Superman's younger cousin, Kara Zor-El survived the destruction of Krypton thanks to her father, Zor-El, putting a protective dome around Argo City that sent it hurtling into space. However, the citizens of Argo were quickly dying from Kryptonite poisoning, so before they died, Zor-El and his wife Alura placed their daughter in a spaceship and sent her to Earth where she could flourish under Superman's guidance.

At first acting as Superman's "secret weapon" while she developed her powers in secret under the assumed name of Linda Lee Danvers, Supergirl eventually burst onto the superhero scene as the Maid of Might. She had a long and illustrious career fighting evil--she became best friends with fellow superheroine ComicBook/{{Batgirl}} I (Barbara), became a member of the ComicBook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}} (and struck up a romance with Brainiac 5), and even saved her parents from the past and helped them found New Krypton on the distant planet of Rokyn. She gained her own sidekicks in the form of Streaky the Super-Cat and Comet the Super-Horse.

In the end, Kara died a hero. When the Anti-Monitor attempted to destroy TheMultiverse, she sacrificed her own life so that her cousin might live. In so doing, however, she severely set back the Anti-Monitor's plans, making victory possible for the heroes of the surviving Earths. The greatest tragedy of all, however, was that with the destruction of the Multiverse and changes to the timestream, Kara was erased from history, and no one at all remembered her heroic life and death.

During ''ComicBook/{{Convergence}}'', Kara was one of many individuals pulled from their respective timelines and universes and trapped in domed cities by Brainiac. Pulled before her death, Kara learned about her impending sacrifice being needed to stabilize the timeline, only [[spoiler: thanks to the combined efforts of her, the pre-Crisis Barry Allen, Hal Jordan as Parallax, and the pre-Flaspoint Superman, the original Multiverse was saved and Kara is no longer dead.]]
* AllGirlsLikePonies: Kara's pony Comet could ''fly!'' He was secretly a [[BalefulPolymorph cursed]] [[OurCentaursAreDifferent centaur]].
* AlliterativeName: Linda Lee.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: In the Silver and Bronze Ages, she was this to her best friend Barbara Gordon, the original Comicbook/{{Batgirl}}. Babs envied Kara because she was a [[BadassNormal baseline, non-powered human]], whereas her friend was virtually a PhysicalGod. Several times Barbara thought that Kara was very lucky because she could do almost anything. However she complained about it loudly once, and Supergirl told her that having powers isn't what defines a hero.
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler: The ending of ''ComicBook/{{Convergence}}'' established that Kara and Barry Allen no longer had to die during ''Crisis'', as they were sent to fight the Anti-Monitor alongside Parallax and the pre-Flashpoint Superman. Their actions not only stopped the Anti-Monitor, but undid the destruction of the Multiverse.]]
* BadassAdorable: While she may be one of the strongest beings in the galaxy, she is very much a teenager with her own hangups.
* BadassArmFold: In ''Comicbook/{{Convergence}} #6'', Kara [[http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-H4TEDswpasA/VVSRiY45AoI/AAAAAAAAkFs/qVTGnStVQlU/s1600/conv%2B6-12.jpg folds her arms as she stares down at the enemy army]].
* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace: Kara can do this due to her Kryptonian physiology. Reasons vary according to the writer: Silver Age Kryptonians can do anything, she can hold her breath for absurd lengths of time...
* BattleCouple: With Brainiac 5.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Much like her cousin, she's usually a nice, compassionate, friendly person. Unlike her cousin, she's headstrong and a little short-tempered and HotBlooded. When she gets real angry, it isn't pretty.
** During the ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'', the Anti-Monitor -a being who eats whole universes- almost kills Superman. Enraged, Supergirl attacked him, broke his supposedly indestructible armor and nearly killed him.
* BlessedWithSuck: Kara came to a point where she was tired of being Supergirl constantly instead of being her own person and she actually felt guilty for wanting to lead a normal life.
* BrainsAndBrawn: With Brainiac 5. She's the muscle, he's the intellect.
* BreakTheCutie
* BroughtDownToNormal: MadScientist Lesla-Lar took away Kara's powers as part of a scheme to replace her. While in her powerless state, Kara finally found adoptive parents. She nearly abandoned her career as Supergirl, until Mr. Mxyzptlk granted her all the abilities of Superman, plus a (temporary) invulnerability to green kryptonite.
* TheCape: Supergirl is traditionally very much a Cape.
** During the Silver Age in particular she was one of the most caring and humble superheroes, perhaps more so than her cousin himself since for her first few years she had to do her heroism in secret.
** Kara died a hero in the ''Comicbook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths''. When the Anti-Monitor attempted to destroy TheMultiverse, she sacrificed her own life so that her cousin might live. In so doing, however, she severely set back the Anti-Monitor's plans, making victory possible for the heroes of the surviving Earths. The greatest tragedy of all, however, was that with the destruction of the Multiverse and changes to the timestream, Kara was erased from history, and no one at all remembered her heroic life and death. And still she accepted this, though, because she accomplished her goal: save them all.
* CharacterDevelopment: Kara goes from being a naive teenager who idolized her cousin to a young woman who was determined to be her own person and figure out what kind of life she wanted to lead.
* TheChick
* ClarkKentOutfit: Supergirl wore very plain clothes, long-sleeved blouses and long skirts to hide her muscles.
* ComboPlatterPowers: Supergirl was created after Superman had got most of his power upgrades, so she had a lot of different powers from the beginning. In ''Comicbook/ActionComics #252'' she uses her super-strength, hurricane breath and x-ray vision... in the same page!
* TheCowl: Ironically, Supergirl -one of the classic examples of The Cape and cousin of THE Cape- used to be like this back in the Silver Age. Before Superman revealed her existence to the world she secretly patrolled the small town of Midvale at night, trying not to get caught while she stopped crimes and saved people. Midvale locals rumored that they were protected by a "guardian angel".
* DeadpanSnarker: Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El was the nicest and kindest Supergirl's version, but she had little patience for idiots.
** In ''The Daring Adventures of Supergirl'' vol. 1 #12, while several mooks are shooting at her:
---->'''Supergirl:'' I hate thinking of the fortune in ammunition thugs like you have wasted on me over the years!
** A short while later, a cop is berating her:
---->'''Lieutenant Peters:''' You wanna play cop, join the department and get yourself a badge! Until then, stay out of my way!\\
'''Supergirl:''' You need a hint as to what you can do with your badge, Peters?
* DistaffCounterpart: To Franchise/{{Superman}}, obviously. She even provides the page's trope image.
* DyeOrDie: Kara used a "Kryptonian comb" which allowed her to comb the brunette into her hair as well as comb in blond locks and serious curls when she did the reverse motions.
* DyingMomentOfAwesome: Lays an absolute beatdown on the Antimonitor before being taken out by a lucky shot. One of the most badass feats ever achieved by any comic book character, ever.
* GirlishPigtails: Linda wore her hair like this when she lived in Midvale Orphanage.
* GuardianAngel: [[spoiler:After her death and subsequent erasure from the DCU, Kara seemed to have taken up this role. The first time she appeared to a despondent Deadman during a Christmas special, the second time she appeared towards Linda Danvers. However, both times the person in question was only identified as Kara and not Supergirl.]]
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Pre-Crisis Kara was an absolutely sweet, innocent child. She stopped being gullible when she grew up, and her adult self had quite the temper, but she always was a nice, selfless person.
* HappilyAdopted: Kara was adopted by Fred and Edna Danvers. They loved her and she them, even after [[spoiler:she found out that her biological parents were still alive]]. When she revealed she was Superman's cousin they took it in stride. And they [[spoiler:got heart-broken when she died during the ''Comicbook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'']].
* HeroicSacrifice: Her death in ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'' saved Superman and the whole Multiverse and it was one of the big comic book deaths at that time. Remarkably, in ''Comicbook/{{Convergence}}'' she found out that she'd die if she left her universe to fight the Anti-Monitor, and she still chose to fight.
--->Oh, dear God. Did my death mean anything? Did I help them save the world?\\
No. I can't think that way. Even if all my death means is I've delayed theirs, I still have to save them.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Kara Zor-El and Barbara Gordon were best friends and knew each other's SecretIdentity (although they didn't often team up). During the Crisis, Kara encouraged Barbara.
* InterspeciesRomance:
** The first Supergirl's boyfriends were a human, a green-skinned Coluan, an Atlantean merboy, and, er, her horse Comet. Well, he wasn't ''really'' a horse and he was in human form at the time, admittedly, but there was still a kind-of relationship between them after he was turned back; it probably helped that he retained most of his intelligence.
** With Brainiac 5 from ''ComicBook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}}''.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: With Superman. Clark cared about Kara [[http://www.abload.de/img/dcretroactivesuperman20jjj.jpg more than almost any other]], and when he is told that ''[[Comicbook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths she will die]]'', [[http://www.abload.de/img/dcretroactivesupermanjbkfq.jpg he goes ballistic]] and then [[http://abload.de/img/dcretroactivesupermanfwklp.jpg becomes very, very distressed]].
* MagicSkirt: [[DependingOnTheArtist Some artists]] draw it so short, but ''so short'' that you will need a massive WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief to accept something so short not allowing {{Panty Shot}}s free of charge.
* MinidressOfPower: Her IconicOutfit.
* NaiveNewcomer
* NiceGirl
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Most famously, she trashed the Anti-Monitor even though he was killing her.
* NotAllowedToGrowUp: The Pre-Crisis Kara is interesting in that she actually aged only a little slower than real time early on; she was 15 when she first appeared in 1959 and graduated high school in 1964, presumably making her about 18 and went on to graduate college in turn in 1971. She spent the 1970s as a young woman in her early 20's before being retconned back to a 19 year old college student towards the end of the Bronze Age.
* OddCouple: Messianic NiceGirl Kara and distant, intellectual Brainiac 5 (who was, coincidentally, the great-great grandson of one of Superman's worst enemies).
* OppositeSexClone: In a Pre-Crisis story she was cloned. And her clone was a boy called himself Superlad
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: Along with [[ComicBook/{{Nightwing}} Dick Grayson]], the [[ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths original]] Kara was allowed to grow up, even if it [[ComicBookTime took thirty years]]. She started out as a cute little teenybopper, and became a beautiful young woman. [[spoiler: There's a huge TearJerker in "ComicBook/WhateverHappenedToTheManOfTomorrow,'' when time-travelling young Kara asks Superman if she grows up to be pretty. This is after Kara's own death, and Supes can't tell her that; but he does tell her, as they pass a statue of her adult self in the Fortress, "You grew up beautiful, Kara."]]
* ThePollyanna
* RobotMe: When Supergirl fought crime while living at Midvale Orphanage, she used a robot decoy of herself to keep the other orphans from noticing her absence.
* SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl: The energetic girl to Brainiac 5's savvy guy.
* SecretIdentity: Linda Lee Danvers. The most notable difference between her appearance and Supergirl's concerns the fact that Kara wears a brunette wig as Linda.
* SecretKeeper: She knows her cousin's secret in all eras, and Superman also knows her Secret Identity. Kara often helped him protect his Clark Kent persona. Likewise, Kara's secret identity has a good number of protectors.
* ShipTease: With Jimmy Olsen from time to time in UsefulNotes/{{the Silver Age|of Comic Books}}. They even married in an [[WhatIf Imaginary Story]].
* SuperheroesWearCapes: She usually wears a cape just like Superman.
* SuperpowerLottery: Has the same power of Superman including EyeBeams, FlyingBrick, NighInvulnerability, SuperSenses, SuperSpeed, SuperStrength and XRayVision.
* ThouShaltNotKill: Supergirl is very reluctant to kill.
* TraumaCongaline: Not only is Krypton destroyed but Supergirl survives on Argo City but then it's destroyed. So she's orphaned twice.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: Kara gets this a lot. Because she's a temperamental teenager, their enemies assume she is an easily manipulable, naive little girl. Because she's a super-strong Kryptonian, her enemies assume she's dumb muscle. She always shows she isn't a pushover.
* UnstoppableRage: Kara is -usually- a very nice, kind person, but she's also a HotBlooded, short-tempered teenager who protects her loved ones fiercely, and she has occasionally gone on a rampage:
** In the ''Comicbook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'', when the Anti-Monitor threatened with killing her cousin Superman, she went berserker and almost killed him. Yes, she nearly killed a being that devours ''universes''.
* WhoWearsShortShorts: TheSeventies' Supergirl costume included [[https://usercontent1.hubstatic.com/7294390_f120.jpg red hot pants]]. It is one of her most well-remembered costumes.
* WideEyedIdealist: Kara Zor-El was an exceptionally innocent, trusting teenager. Her enemies often exploited her naivete and tried to earn her trust or seduce her so they could manipulate her and kill her or her cousin. Eventually she stopped being so gullible, but she kept believing that people are mostly naturally good-hearted.
* WillfullyWeak: Supergirl holds back the whole time because she's too powerful and she'll kill someone if her control slips.
* WorldsStrongestMan: Kara is a contender for strongest woman in the DCU, being, powerwise, a female Superman.

[[folder:Supergirl I (Post-Crisis)]]
->'''AKA:''' Matrix

A purple shape-shifting creature from a PocketDimension, she was created by that universe's ComicBook/LexLuthor and patterned after the [[{{Superman}} New Earth Superman]]. When that universe was attacked by Phantom Zone escapees that she was no match for, Pocket Universe Lex sent Matrix to recruit New Earth Superman, but was too late to save the universe. Matrix was later taken in by Superman to be raised by Supes' adoptive parents and eventually became the first ComicBook/PostCrisis Supergirl. She later accidentally fused with Linda Danvers below, and made her the next Supergirl.
* ArtificialHuman: She is an artificial life-form called the "protoplasmic matrix", that Lex has used to create Matrix, who resembled his true love, the deceased alternate-reality Lana Lang. Lex had also patterned her physiology to resemble Superman's, whom he had seen by using one of his many inventions to look into the mainstream universe.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: She was one of a number of heroes implanted with Trigon Seeds during one of Raven's FaceHeelTurn stints.
* EvilMakeover: When Matrix went crazy she shifted her costume into something sleeveless with spiked bands around her arms.
* FlyingBrick: Even more so than Superman.
* NaiveNewcomer: So naive she shacked up with [[ComicBook/LexLuthor LEX LUTHOR]]!
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: She does this in her ''{{ComicBook/Convergence}}'' miniseries when she finally has enough of Lex's bullshit.
* PutOnABus: Same as Linda below.
* {{Invisibility}}: One of her lesser-used powers. She could cloak herself (becoming both invisible and inaudible, even to Superman's super hearing).
* SecretTestOfCharacter: The opening arc of Peter David's run pushed Mae past her limit, placing her in situations that tested her moral resolve and forcing her to question her own goodness when told she was merged with a thoroughly corrupted person (Linda). It turned out everything she'd gone through was an attempt by Buzz and his demonic overseers to turn Supergirl over to the dark side, but at the last second she relented.
* ShapeShifter: She was a protoplasmic life-form and had a malleable genome, so she could assume any humanoid form of similar mass. She could even use her psi-power to rearrange the molecular structure of fabrics, and alter clothing and costumes with her thoughts.
* {{Telekinesis}}: Her primary power was telekinesis which she could use to move objects with her mind and enhance her strength, physical durability, and speed to superhuman levels. By levitating herself, she could fly at supersonic speeds.
* TinMan: Part of what drove her was her perceived lack of humanity. After Matrix merged with Linda Danvers, she was given the opportunity to live as a regular human. Although everyone who knew it really was Matrix stated she had more of a soul than Linda did up to that point, including Linda.
* UnstoppableRage: During her mini-series back in TheNineties, when discover that her lover Lex Luthor had made thousands of clones of her from the residue he collected after her fight with Doomsday. She was very close to killing him too.
* WomanScorned: When she finds out Lex is evil.

[[folder:Supergirl II (Post-Crisis)]]


->'''AKA:''' Linda Lee Danvers

* TheAtoner: For her sins as a cultist and several other mistakes.
* BareYourMidriff: Her second costume. Lampshaded in the comic when a cop called it her "Britney Spares" outfit.
* CanonImmigrant / RetCanon : Her second costume is based on Franchise/{{DCAU}} Supergirl. It's explained in-story that Linda fashioned it from things she found in a costume shop, after Matrix (who wore a classic version of the costume) was forced to leave her.
* CapeWings: As the Earth Angel of Fire.
* CorruptTheCutie: What Buzz did to her, though she admits everything she did was of her own free will.
* DeadpanSnarker: Peter David gave this quality to her and it has since passed over to future incarnations of the Supergirl character.
* DePower: After being separated from Matrix, Linda found herself with reduced powers. She could no longer shapeshift into her "Supergirl" form, and all of her angelic powers were lost. In addition, Linda's strength and durability were reduced by half, she lost her ability to fly and produce psionic blasts, and instead was only able to leap around 1/8th of a mile in a single bound.
** But, after encountering Twilight as the new Earth-Born Angel of Fire, Linda regained all of the powers that she'd possessed while initially merged with Matrix, sans her ability to assume her "Supergirl" form. Her strength and durability returned to their original levels and she was able to fly and produce psionic blasts of force once more.
* DespairEventHorizon: She crossed this twice. The first time was after witnessing her pastor beat his wife to death when she was a young girl. The second time was after she was forced to send the pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El back to her universe and her eventual death, as well as losing her daughter even though she'd been told Ariella would be spared from erasure.
* EyeColourChange: Linda Danvers suspected something was off when she saw that her eyes permanently changed from brown to blue, after being rescued from a certain death by a cult. [[spoiler: It's because she WAS dying, and the Matrix version of Supergirl merged with her, causing some of her features to wind up reflected in Linda.]]
* FallenAngel: [[spoiler: In Reign in Hell #6, Linda reappears in the Doctor Occult backstory. She appears as a fallen angel summoned by Lilith but mysteriously released. In Reign in Hell #7, Linda uses her flame vision to kill some injured demons who were huddled around a tiny campfire, Dr. Occult is horrified by her willingness to kill innocents. Linda believes that no one in Hell is innocent, and then accuses Dr. Occult of being a damned soul. Linda says she does not deserve to be trapped in Hell, and that she would see everybody burned to char before she accepted being kept in there. Dr. Occult casts a spell to show Linda who she really is, and she flies away in horror.]]
* HappilyMarried: Spent five years married to the Superman of Earth-One after switching places with Kara.
* HeartwarmingOrphan: Linda Lee eventually gets adopted, becoming Linda Danvers.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor
* MamaBear: Was willing to let the universe fall apart if her daughter wasn't spared from being retconned.
* MoralEventHorizon: In-universe she crossed this while she was allied with Buzz, and it's the whole reason she became an Earth-Angel when merged with Matrix.
* MythologyGag: Pre-Crisis, Linda Danvers was Kara Zor-El's secret identity and the Danvers, Fred and Edna, were her adoptive parents. Post-Crisis, Linda and Kara Zor-El are two separate people, and the Danvers, Fred and Sylvia, are Linda's biological parents.
* PlayingWithFire: After being merged with Matrix for some time, Linda became the Earth-Born Angel of Fire. While she retained her original abilities, she also gained the ability to produce bursts of fire from her eyes (called Flame Vision), form angelic wings composed of flames, and could use her wings to create a flaming portal that allowed her to "shunt" (teleport) long distances.
* PsychicPowers: Upon fusing with the Matrix Supergirl, Linda gained her psychokinetic abilities. Linda was also able to produce concussive blasts of telekinetic energy, typically referred to as "psi blasts."
* PutOnABus: After her series ended, Linda pretty much dropped out of Franchise/TheDCU. She hasn't been consigned to CanonDiscontinuity, but she's barely ever mentioned anymore, either.
** PutOnABusToHell: Literally. [[spoiler: In Reign in Hell #1, the team of Shadowpact attacks Linda Danvers in her Gotham City apartment, which makes Linda fight back. She manifests the flaming wings she had while merged with Matrix, but still loses to the collective powers of Blue Devil and Enchantress. However she is teleported to Hell, as Hell is recalling all of its "debts".]]
* SecretIdentity: As Linda, though by the end of the series, pretty much everyone knows.

[[folder:Supergirl III (Post-Crisis)]]
->'''AKA:''' Cir-El

A girl that claimed to be Clark and Lois Lane's daughter from the future. She is later found to be a human girl who was genetically altered by the villain Brainiac to appear Kryptonian.

* DarkerAndEdgier
* GoMadFromTheRevelation / RetGone: When it is reveleated that she was created by Brainiac by grafting some Kryptonian DNA onto the body of Mia with fake memories added. Horrified, Cir-El throws herself into a time portal to prevent herself from being born, and thus, prevent the future from ever happening.
** To add insult to injury, she had ''erased herself'', was brought back to do a major crossover event, then was subsequently sent away ''again'' right afterward.
* KidFromTheFuture: She claimed to be Lois and Clark's kid. She wasn't.

[[folder:Supergirl IV (Post-Crisis)]]
->'''AKA:''' Linda Lang/Kara Zor-El

Superman's older cousin, Kara Zor-El survived the destruction of Krypton thanks to her father, Zor-El, putting a protective force-field around Argo City that sent it hurtling into space. However, the citizens of Argo came under attack from the evil alien Brainiac, so before they were conquered, Zor-El and his wife Alura placed their daughter in a spaceship and sent her to Earth where she would care for her young cousin Kal-El.

Arriving on Earth, Kara found that she had been in suspended animation for decades and her cousin was now an adult while she was still a teenager. Adopting her cousin's mantle as Supergirl, she trained under both Franchise/{{Batman}} and Franchise/WonderWoman, and eventually moved in with Lana Lang, pretending to be her niece. Throughout her career, she would battle inner demons which sometimes manifested as a violent, blackclad Supergirl (hereafter referred to as Dark!Kara).
* AbusiveParents: In her first origin, her father made her kill her classmates, sent her to kill her cousin and stood around with her while she was naked. WHY. See {{Retcon}} below.
** In contrast to the previous origin, it's her KnightTemplar mother who verges on this at points after her father's death. She never goes farther than being verbally abusive to Kara, though. Her father, on the other hand, was a doting NiceGuy.
* AlliterativeName: Linda Lang.
* AlternateSelf: She and Power Girl are this to one another, which leaves Kara very weirded out about the possibility of meeting her.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: To her friend Stephanie Brown, [[NeverBeAHero who always failed to measure up to other superheroes and was constantly told to stop trying]], [[TookALevelInBadass improved in almost all areas of crimefighting]] after [[LegacyCharacter she assumed the mantle of]] Comicbook/{{Batgirl}} from [[Comicbook/{{Batgirl2000}} Cassandra Cain]]. However, in one issue of her own ongoing series Kara stops by for a night together and outshines Stephanie ''in every way''. Not only does she have natural superpowers, but she is also able to understand the TechnoBabble explanation for why they are fighting {{Dracula}}, and in their civilian identities Supergirl has a much greater zeal for college life than Stephanie did. Stephanie, however, never resented Supergirl for any of this, and liked her ''even more'' because of how awesome she was.
* AndIMustScream: In the post-Crisis universe, Kara spent thirty years in suspended animation, curled-up in a tiny pod and trapped in Kryptonite which hurt her and poisoned her mind.
* AntiHero: Before CharacterDevelopment set in. She eventually dropped the "anti" part and settled on being a hero.
* {{Archenemy}}: With Reactron, who killed her father and mother and blew up her planet.
* BadassCape
* BashBrothers: With Wonder Girl. She and Superman and she and Dick Grayson are a platonic, two-gender variant.
* BareYourMidriff
* BattleCouple: With Brainiac 5.
* BelligerentSexualTension: With Brainiac 5, whose attitude and frosty demeanour rub her the wrong way.
* BlessedWithSuck: A lot of people tried to manipulate her or take advantage of her because she was so powerful, to the point she calls her formidable powers a curse in the ''ComicBook/RedDaughterOfKrypton'' arc:
-->'''Supergirl:''' This strength, this power It's been like a curse. But I refuse to be a victim anymore!
* BrainsAndBrawn: With Brainiac 5. She's the brawn, he's the brains.
* CallingTheOldManOut: Does this to her mother near the end of "New Krypton" after she finds her torturing Reactron.
* TheCape: For all her problems, Kara was headed strongly in this direction by the time of the ''New 52'' reboot. She'd put the past behind her, adopted Superman's attitude towards dealing with issues, built strong friendships with other heroes, and was well on her way to being the same sort of paragon as her cousin.
* CharacterDevelopment: Kara was characterized as a whiny, fickle, immature brat who didn't deserve to wear the S-shield for a while until she decided that she needed to stop being a jerk and truly change. From that point on, she started to mature. Later on, it was explained that her weird behavior, her mood swings, her contradictory memories, her inability to focus on what she was doing... was due to kryptonite poisoning.
* ClarkKenting: Used glasses and a different haircut to become Linda Lang.
* CurbStompBattle: On the receiving end of an absolutely brutal one from LexLuthor early in her career, which forced her to realize that she did, in fact, need to start thinking her actions through more.
* DaddysGirl: Once all the retcons were hashed out.
* DarkActionGirl: Dark!Kara who was originally a far more capable fighter than the actual Kara.
* DeadpanSnarker: Kara often makes sarcastic remarks when she gets angry. In Supergirl vol. 5 #22 she fights a SuperSoldier who claims to be "your tax dollars at work". After defeating him, she grumbles:
--->'''Supergirl:''' Tax dollars at work, my butt!
* DefusingTheTykeBomb: Subverted with Post-Crisis Kara. An early story stated that her father trained her to be a weapon, and Superman -with aid of Batman and Franchise/WonderWoman- took her in and acted this way toward her. However her abusive father was eventually retconned as a hallucination caused by Kryptonite poisoning when the real Zor-El showed up and turned out to be a pretty nice guy.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: With Bizarrogirl.
* DistaffCounterpart: To the Post-Crisis Superman.
* EmoTeen: Had shades of this early on in her career, though not without reason. If your planet was destroyed, you were marooned on an alien world, and the person you thought you were going to be protecting was suddenly much older and more experienced than you, you'd have issues too.
* EnemyWithin: Dark!Kara who embodies all of Supergirl's repressed anger over the loss of her people.
* EnemyWithout: Luthor exposes Kara to Black Kryptonite, causing a version of Dark!Kara to emerge from her body. It embodies all of her negative emotions and proceeds to go on a rampage before being stopped.
* EvilCostumeSwitch: The black costume sported by Dark!Kara.
* FishOutOfWater: One of the defining traits of this interpretation of the character. Unlike her more famous cousin, who left Krypton when he was too young to remember it, Kara spent her formative years growing up in Kryptonian society before she was sent to Earth as a teenager. Understandably, she has a harder time adjusting to life on Earth than Kal-El ever did, as she still considers herself a Kryptonian at heart.
* FreudianExcuse: Originally she was shown to have serious issues with her dad. These were eventually retconned out and replaced with a strained relationship with her EvilMatriarch KnightTemplar mother.
* GroinAttack: What she did to a stalker; fortunately, he was from Apokolips so it ONLY hurt a whole lot.
* HappilyAdopted: Pa and Ma Kent kind of adopted Post-Crisis Kara. They were the only parental figures she established a rapport with, and she regarded them as family.
* HasAType: Her crushes on Dick Grayson and Brainiac 5 are indicative that Kara has a thing for intellectual, responsible-leader types.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Post-Crisis Kara behaved as an emo, self-centered, angry, bratty teen early on due to Kryptonite poisoning. However she began dealing with her issues, got cured, and developed into a kind, compassionate and cheerful woman.
* HeelFaceTurn: Dark!Kara starts out as a monster who was prepared to murder her cousin in the name of Darkseid. By the time of her final appearance she's little more than an emotionally immature teenager who despite her problems still wants to help all of Kara's friends and nearly gets herself killed protecting Dick Grayson from Doomsday.
* HeroicBSOD: Kara Zor-El had one of these after [[spoiler:the destruction of]] ''Comicbook/NewKrypton''. Superman hugged her while she cried in space, and she considered quitting the hero gig for a while.
** In the ''ComicBook/RedDaughterOfKrypton'' arc she went through one after meeting and beating Lobo, believing everyone wanted to manipulate her and she belonged nowhere. She was so upset and furious that she became a Red Lantern. A while later she was told that she would be a Red Lantern forever because she would die if she took her Power Ring off. She fell to her knees in despair and fury, threw her head back and screamed while incandescent light poured from her eyes.
* HeroicSacrifice: She [[spoiler:tried to kill herself to destroy the Kryptonian Worldkiller and save Earth]] in the ''Red Daughter Of Krypton'' arc.
* HesBack: Kara wanted to give up being Supergirl after [[spoiler:the destruction of New Krypton]] in the fifth volume, but she donned her Supergirl costume again to save Metropolis from Bizarrogirl.
* HeterosexualLifePartners:
** With Stephanie Brown alias Batgirl. They love spending time together and helping each other. And if you pick on Steph, you will never know what hit you.
** She and Cassie Sandsmark alias ''Comicbook/WonderGirl'' were very good friends, too.
* HotBlooded: At least when compared to her cousin. Kara tends to charge into situations without thinking, which nearly got her killed against Luthor.
* InterspeciesRomance: Any relationship she has with a non-Kryptonian is this by definition. Most notably with Brainiac 5.
* ItsPersonal:
** In the ''Comicbook/NewKrypton'' storyline, she has a feud with Reactron after he kills her father. It doesn't end well, and he eventually blows up her mother and almost every surviving member of her race. She also takes her enmity with Doomsday this way, knowing that he once killed her cousin.
** In the ''ComicBook/RedDaughterOfKrypton'' arc, Supergirl explains that she hates the Worldkillers (sentient, genetically-engineered biological weapons) and the Diasporan alien race because they kill planets, and she's an orphan of a dead world. She's ''very'' committed to stop them all.
--->'''Supergirl:''' How could anyone make it their mission in life to murder whole worlds? Can you imagine what an abomination that is to an orphan from a dead planet? [...] This world-killing stuff... it hits a nerve. It makes me furious, and the ring just fans the flame!
* LeaveMeAlone: She asked her cousin, Batman and Wonder Woman leave her alone for a while as she figured her new life out. Unfortunately she spent one whole year completely aimless and screwing around [[spoiler:due to Kryptonite poisoning altering her personality]] until she understood she needed help.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: She and Dick Grayson (Robin I/Nightwing/Batman III) have this vibe, with him considering her a little sister. On the other hand, Supergirl [[http://40.media.tumblr.com/4e7330c5fc7e88f1c6e6c6c4ed7b9ff1/tumblr_n1mznrylgK1rc8doao2_1280.jpg is attracted to him at the beginning]], but after a while she starts treating him like a big brother.
* MagicSkirt: Always covered up no matter what.
* MentorShip: Had a one-sided crush on the older Nightwing when she first met him. Their relationship later becomes LikeBrotherAndSister.
* MinidressOfPower: Her IconicOutfit.
* MsFanservice: A pretty infamous example, what with her cheerleader like costume, being introduced naked and later dressing in low cut jeans with her thong on display, and her constant panty shots when in costume. While most young teenaged girls in comics get treated like this, she did it to such a degree that it made many people uncomfortable, and was the source of many of her criticisms. Editors eventually issued a demand for this to be limited and/or stopped it did.
* NoSocialSkills: Angry, emotionally damaged, and unfamiliar with Earth's customs, Kara gets herself in a lot of trouble during her first few years on Earth.
* OddCouple: Energetic former EmoTeen Kara and [[TheSpock frosty]], intellectual Brainiac 5.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Kara's actually Superman's older cousin, and is somewhere in her late twenties/early thirties. Cryogenic sleep, however, has kept her a teenager mentally and physically.
* PluckyGirl: After CharacterDevelopment.
* PrecociousCrush: On Dick Grayson. She eventually gets over--though dark!Supergirl does not.
* ReplacementGoldfish: After Superboy's death, [[HeterosexualLifePartners Cassie develops a close friendship with Kara.]] Later on, she decides to cut off ties with Kara specifically because of this trope. [[WhatTheHellHero Kara didn't take it well.]]
* {{Retcon}}: That thing about her father raising her as an assassin and having her stand around naked all the time? It was just a hallucination she experienced due to latent Kryptonite poisoning. Doctor Fate later suggests that the hallucinations, as well as dark!Supergirl are manifestations of Kara's survivors guilt which she has no idea what to do with.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: With Wonder Girl in the ComicBook/TeenTitans. They nearly kissed in ''Supergirl: Identity''.
* SaveTheVillain: Actually tries to save Reactron from being tortured by her mother.
* SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl: The energetic girl to Brainiac 5's savvy guy.
* SecretIdentity: Linda Lang.
* ShipTease: With Brainiac-5. After bringing Kara back in the post-Crisis universe, most of writers teased a relationship between them.
* SplitPersonalityTakeover: Happens several times be it under Darkseid's influence or simple stress. In a variation on the usual, Dark!Kara becomes more controllable and less evil each time it happens.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: A major point of complaint in the pre-Igle stories was just how scanty her costume was as drawn by most artists, especially given that it was supposedly Martha Kent's idea of an appropriate costume for her foster-son's teenage cousin. This was thankfully toned down later on.
* SuperpowerLottery: Has the same power of Superman including EyeBeams, FlyingBrick, NighInvulnerability, SuperSenses, SuperSpeed, SuperStrength and XRayVision.
* SuperpoweredEvilSide: Dark!Kara, who is released under the influence of Darkseid, Black K, or similar events and has none of our Kara's restraint. Each time, however, she gets a little better and easier to control; in her last appearance, she's just a brat, rather than a homicidal maniac.
* SurvivorsGuilt: Struggles with this after ''New Krypton'', resulting in the remergence of Dark!Kara, and a psychosomatic illness that nearly kills her. Dr. Fate helps her overcome it during the events of ''Reign of Doomsday''.
* TheTease: She liked taunting Captain Boomerang Jr. about his obvious crush on her. She eased up on it when she realized it was a real JerkAss thing to do.
* ThereAreNoTherapists: Averted. It's a talk with Kent Nelson (Dr. Fate) a psychiatrist that helps Kara get over her trauma and survivor's guilt during ''Reign of Doomsday''.
* TookALevelInBadass: Over the course of her series.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: People tend to this to Kara on account of her age and lack of experience. Kara herself does this to ComicBook/LexLuthor early in her career, and to Reactron in ''New Krypton'', with disastrous results both times.
* UnskilledButStrong: Early on this was a serious problem. Her lack of experience and general inability to use her powers to her fullest nearly got her killed during a confrontation with ComicBook/LexLuthor.
* VillainessesWantHeroes: In a strange variation Dark!Kara has a pretty serious crush on Dick Grayson.

[[folder:Supergirl 1,000,000]]
->'''AKA:''' Ariella Kent

The daughter of Linda Danvers and an alternate ''[[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Silver Age]]'' Superman. After her parents were erased by the ''Comicbook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'' and Comicbook/TheSpectre's interference, Ariella was left to wander space and time on her own.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* ComboPlatterPowers
* DoesNotKnowHerOwnStrength: Due to her high level of power and young age, Ariella can be highly destructive, as she has not learned to hold back her abilities.
* TheDreaded: Ariella is a humorous example. She's a mere 6-year-old girl who obliviously causes chaos and destruction wherever she goes. Several alien civilizations call her [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast R'E'L, the Destroyer of Worlds]].
* EnfanteTerrible: How everyone else views her, as this six-year-old is too naive and innocent to realize that she destroys everything around her whenever she moves.
* GooGooGodlike: Comes with being the daughter of Linda Danvers and an alternate ''Silver Age'' Superman. She is most likely second only to [[InfiniteCrisis Superboy-Prime]] when it comes to raw power.
* PersonOfMassDestruction
* PuppyLove: With Klarion the Witch Boy.
* RedBaron: Dura, an alien that had been fleeing from her since Ariella had nearly destroyed his planet, called her "R'E'L, the Destroyer of Worlds".
* SuperPowerLottery: A hybrid of metahuman/Kryptonian heritage, Ariella possesses vast powers for her young age. She has incredible superhuman strength and speed. She can fly, [[TimeTravel travel through time at will]], [[MindOverMatter move objects via telekinesis]], and teleport anywhere she wishes. She is invulnerable, and ages at an extremely slow rate, energy blasts, energy absorption and also duplication. She also has X-ray vision and heat vision.
* WalkingTheEarth: Walking ''the multiverse''.

[[folder:Supergirl (Cosmic Adventures)]]
->'''AKA:''' Linda Lee/Kara Zor-El

An alternate version of Kara from the all-ages comic, ''Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade''.
* AlliterativeName: Linda Lee
* BreakTheCutie: Mxy tries this. It doesn't work. She's Supergirl, darnit!
* CloudCuckoolander: With her constant fantasies of "Moon Supergirl".
* EvilTwin and EvilCounterpart: Belinda.
* NaiveNewcomer
* FriendlyEnemy: With Lena Luthor.
* PluckyGirl: Her unending optimism despite all odds infuriate Mxy to no end.
* SecretIdentity: Linda.

[[folder:Supergirl (New 52)]]
->'''AKA:''' Kara Zor-El

Superman's older cousin, Kara Zor-El survived the destruction of Krypton thanks to her father, Zor-El, who put her in a spaceship to save his only daughter.
* AdaptationalAngstUpgrade: You kinda expect her to be more easy-going, especially if you're most familiar with the Kara from WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries as many casual fans are. So the fact that she can [[spoiler: become so infuriated that a Red Lantern ring is draw to her is unusual.]]
** As of issue 34, she appears to have got over it.
* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Averted and later played straight: Kara could only speak Kryptonian at first and was taking English lessons from Siobhan. When she met fellow Kryptonian [[ComicBook/HelOnEarth H'el]] in Issue #14, he gave her the ability to understand and speak English perfectly.
* AlternateSelf: Supergirl and ComicBook/PowerGirl are the exact same person from different universes. Power Girl is ''very'' reluctant to meet her mainstream universe self at first partly because she is worried the universe would explode if they actually touched. When they finally meet in ''Supergirl'' #19, [[spoiler: the universe is fine, the two Karas psychically bond, kick butt together and the only snag is Supergirl's fortress AI mistaking Supergirl for a clone and trying to destroy her.]]
* BoxingLessonsForSuperman: She has been taught martial arts as part of her schooling on Krypton, although she's far from an expert.
* BoyishShortHair: Kara -who is a short-tempered, hot-blooded brawler and not feminine ''in the least''- [[http://static5.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11124/111240299/5247618-091464e1a8b72ebe1a827deadbd7079f.jpg wears her hair this way]].
* TheCape: She didn't want to hurt anyone and was willing to help people, but her obsession to bring Krypton back and her anger and loneliness issues were holding her back. During the ''Comicbook/RedDaughterOfKrypton'' arc she finally faced her inner demons and outgrew her angst and anger. When ''Comicbook/SupergirlRebirth'' starts out, she has become the kind of hero who will punch criminals and monsters but also try to reach them out.
* CharacterDevelopment: The entire series is largely about Kara confronting her demons, getting used to her powers and new circumstances and doing a lot of sorely needed growing up. And, in 34 issues, she goes from scared, angry, but ultimately well meaning teenager to wise, kindly heroine who Superman entrusts with the protection of Earth while he shakes off the Doomsday virus. [[spoiler: As he's dying, he asks her to do so again.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Has some good deadpan lines.
** In Supergirl #22, after Cyborg Superman reveals that he needs her flesh to become whole again, Supergirl gives this gem of an answer:
--->'''Supergirl:''' You want to say that again? I couldn't hear you through all the creepiness coming out of your mouth!
** In ''Comicbook/SupergirlRebirth'' #1, Kara and her foster mother Eliza have a friendly battle of wits:
--->'''Supergirl:''' Eliza, Jeremiah Do you need help?\\
'''Eliza:''' Not at all! I live to work hours cleaning twenty square feet.\\
'''Supergirl:''' Sarcasm is not unique to Earth, you know.\\
'''Eliza:''' Good. You already speak my language. This adjustment process will be easy.
* {{Determinator}}: Kara never quits. Never. Not even when she's poisoned with Kryptonite, her body is getting stolen by an alien abomination, and her heart has stopped. Even so, she'll keep fighting. She explains that her mother taught her to never give up.
-->'''Supergirl:''' But then I thought of mother. I remembered all I had to live up to. A daughter of the House of El never quits. I wasn't about to be the first.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: In New 52 Supergirl #30, she performed a spin attack to repel a squad of alien enemies. She grabbed an alien and used his body as a blunt weapon, spinning around to hit all enemies surrounding her with her "weapon".
* EyeBeams: She uses it constantly, and she has blown spaceships up and boiled tsunamis off with it.
* FanservicePack: Scaled back. Her outfit is a LeotardOfPower and while she shows quite a bit of leg right up to the pelvic bones, her overall appearance has been downplayed for a more teenage girl look.
* FantasticRacism: hates clones, believing that they inevitably turn evil, which proves unfortunate for Superboy, whose very existence revolts her - though it could be argued that she pities him more than anything else. This turns out to be a learned prejudice, one held by Kryptonians at large due to the Kryptonian [[TurnedAgainstTheirMasters Clone Revolt]]. The events of ''H'el on Earth'' cause her to re-examine this prejudice and unlearn it, and when she runs into Superboy again in issue 38 and he's attacked, she immediately jumps to his defence.
* {{Flanderization}}: Past versions of her were merely headstrong and a little HotBlooded. Here, her anger is an actual plot point in the ''ComicBook/RedDaughterOfKrypton'' arc.
** Superboy explicitly notes that the Kara he met on Krypton during the time travelling battle against H'el was much nicer than the version that he encountered on Earth. He quickly [[CaptainObvious and logically]] concludes that the fact that she lost her entire world soured her just a tiny bit.
** As of issue 34, she seems to be calmer, wiser and kinder, having got the rage out of her system and been asked by Superman to protect Earth in his stead.
* TheBigGal: Her combination of great physical power and hotheadedness tend to push her into this role on a team, notably as a member of the Justice League United.
* FlyingBrick: She is an ActionBomb.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Kara was a lonely, insolated teen who had anger issues and SurvivorGuilt due to losing her family and getting stranded in an alien world. Even so, she went out of her way to help people and risked her life to protect others. In the ''Comicbook/RedDaughterOfKrypton'' storyline she confronted her anger issues and got over her rage, angst and confusion. When ''Comicbook/SupergirlRebirth'' kics off, she has become the kind of person who will stop criminals, send them to prison and try to help them.
* HairTriggerTemper: After showing up on Earth Kara was very irritable and snappy due to months of being manipulated, abused and betrayed in addition to be an orphan of a dead world and having no form of support system (Superman does repeatedly try to help her, but his being - in her mind - a grown man saying he's her baby cousin and his apparent indifference to Krypton's fate, plus general teenage cussedness and her many issues means that she winds up throwing it in his face until after the Red Lantern arc). Her temper got worse, to the point she eventually became a rage-powered Red Lantern. During her RL stint, she barely could control her anger, and she often blew up with no reason or provocation and regretted her outbursts afterwards. Paradoxically, that situation taught her how to keep her temper under control.
* HappilyAdopted: Kara's foster parents are Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers who first appeared in ''Comicbook/SupergirlRebirth'' # 1. Although they are technically her DEO-appointed handlers, they established a strong rapport after a few weeks.
--->'''Jeremiah:''' What did I miss?\\
'''Eliza:''' Just the launch, Jeremiah. But the new uniform sure fits.\\
'''Cameron:''' Years since I let you two get married and you still find ways to help me question that decision.\\
'''Supergirl:''' Comms are live. I can hear you two.\\
'''Eliza:''' We're your parents, Kara. We're not dead.
* HeroWithBadPublicity: Confused and frightened, she fought Superman when they first met; which didn't exactly make the public like her.
** She yo-yo's back and forth on this - some remember her fight with the Worldkillers in New York and praise her as a hero. Others... not so much.
* HesBack: At the end of "Red Daughter of Krypton" arc, Kara becomes again Supergirl, and decides to return to Earth and protect the planet.
* HowDoIShotWeb: Supergirl had a hard time adjusting to her new-found powers when she landed on Earth.
* LeotardOfPower: Unlike previous incarnations, Supergirl's outfit in the ComicBook/{{New 52}} lacks a skirt.
* LeaveMeAlone: Kara kept this attitude for a long while in the ''Comicbook/{{New 52}}'' universe. When Superman and Supergirl argue in ''Red Lanterns #30'', he reminds his cousin that she wanted him to leave her alone to live her own life since she showed up on Earth.
* MadeOfIndestructium: Her outfit and cape.
* MyBloodRunsHot: From Supergirl 28 through Supergirl 33, with the same [[spoiler: Red Lanterns issues, Kara is the recipient of a Red Lantern Ring, while still keeping her Kryptonian abilities.]]
* MostCommonSuperpower: Averted. She has a rather modest bust to match her slim teenage physique.
* MyGreatestFailure: She feels guilty for Krypton's destruction, even though she intellectually knows there was nothing she could do to save it.
-->'''Supergirl:''' And now Krypton's lost forever. There was nothing I could do to save it, but it feels like I'll be trying to make up for that the rest of my life.
* NakedOnRevival: In issue 23, her body was dissolved using a machine, leaving only her clothes in a pile. In issue 24, her body was restored by the same machine, but she had to put her clothes on manually.
* NiceGirl: once you get past the angst and anger issues, both of which she outgrows, she is, in her own way, every bit as sweet and kind as her cousin.
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: In New 52 Supergirl Issue 28, she pummelled Lobo until he stopped moving and talking. ''Not'' an easy feat.
* NoSocialSkills: Unlike Superman, she arrives on Earth as a teenager instead of being raised amongst humans as a young child. As a result she is unfamiliar with Earth customs and can only speak Kryptonian for the first dozen or so issues.
** In Issue #8, Kara meets Siobhan, who [[{{Omniglot}} can speak any language]] after hearing a few words of a language. She's able to communicate with Kara and helps her adjust to life on Earth.
** It gets ''really'' showcased in Issue #11 when she goes on a date with Siobhan's brother. She walks in on him while he was getting dressed and took a pizza without paying for it.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Kara was a teenager when her father put her in a spaceship. The ship put her body in stasis and landed on Earth years later; which is why her baby cousin [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Kal-El]] looks older than her.
* PerpetualFrowner: Until issue 34, at least, you could count the number of times she's smiled in the New 52 on one hand. Now, she smiles a bit more.
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: In New 52 Supergirl Issue 28, after Kara shots Lobo's ship down:
-->'''Lobo:''' Bloody Nass! That ship was custom built! The things I did just to pay for it...!\\
'''Kara:''' Don't worry... You'll pay for them ALL.
* RageBreakingPoint: She's been through hard times during her time on Earth, leading to a lot of built up rage. Her fight with Lobo is the final straw, as his attempt to manipulate her causes her to [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown thrash him]]. [[spoiler:Her rage is enough to attract a Red Lantern ring]].
* RedEyesTakeWarning: At the first issue of the "Red Daughter of Krypton" arc, her eyes's red glow intensifies as she gets angrier. At the beginning [[http://www.readcomics.net/images/manga/supergirl/28/13.jpg their eyes give off a faint red light]]. At the end [[http://infinitecomix.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/SprGrl-28-2.jpg they pour red fire]].
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: After meeting Red Hood, Kara states that she doesn't want bad boys like him, but someone normal and dependable.
* SmarterThanYouLook: Her hot temper, teenage naivete and lack of fighting finesse leads a lot of enemies to consider her simply DumbMuscle. In fact she ''does'' have brains - as witnessed by her outwitting Tycho and Sanctuary.
* SuperpowerLottery: Since she's a Kryptonian like Superman, she has the same powers as him. Plus..
** ActionBomb: Can release the solar energy within her as an explosion without harming herself. At first, this ability seemed to be unique to her, but eventually Superman was shown using it as his 'Super Flare' - though his burned off all of his powers for a day.
** TheNeedless: As long as she stays charged with solar radiation, Kara doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breathe.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: every time she worked with Superboy, at least at first, due to Kryptonian FantasticRacism towards clones. The events of ''H'el on Earth'' seem to have changed her opinion of him and clones in general, and when they run into each other again in issue 38, she instantly jumps to his defence, facing down a group of powerful heavy hitters, more skilled and experienced than her, and telling them that if they want Superboy, they're going to have to [[GoThroughMe go through her.]]
* ThouShaltNotKill: Supergirl does not know her own strength. She gets upset when her actions endanger people and is relieved once that she sees that nobody has been harmed.
** Subverted in ''Comicbook/RedDaughterOfKrypton''. Supergirl is horrified when she apparently kills mass murderer and hitman ''Comicbook/{{Lobo}}'' after kicking him. Then he takes advantage of her distress to catch her off guard, and almost fries her brains with an ultrasonic device. Right there and then she decides he has "got it coming".
** Subverted again at the end of that arc. She [[spoiler:executed an artificial, genocidal body-snatching alien abomination]] reasoning that "This is not murder. It is the end of a terrible mistake."
* TomatoInTheMirror: Reign suggests to her that she is the fifth, missing Worldkiller. Kara denies it but deep down worries Reign might be right.
* TraumaCongaLine: she woke up with missing memories, on an alien world, all alone and was promptly attacked by men in PoweredArmour. Shortly after that, she encountered a grown man claiming to be her baby cousin. Shortly after ''that'' she's lured in and kidnapped by an amoral trillionaire who wants the secrets of Kryptonian technology, poisoned with Kryptonite, and [[BrokenPedestal then the]] [[MookFaceTurn guy who rescues her]] is murdered in cold blood. After she gets away from all of that, she's utterly alone in an alien world, then finds a link to her very dead home. She follows it... and finds that her home is basically a ghost city, whereupon she is beaten up by a Kryptonian supersoldier called a Worldkiller. After escaping all that, she has to fight four Worldkillers, then, exhausted, is promptly attacked by the US Army and Police, with only one human standing up for her (and is, conveniently, an {{Omniglot}}). Said human befriends her, then [[spoiler: turns out to be [[SuperpoweredEvilSide the Silver Banshee,]] who is being hunted down by her father, the Black Banshee]]. After briefly being absorbed, body and soul, she fights her way out. Then she gets attacked again, while on a date. Oh, and the first man she falls in love with is H'el, who's manipulating her, using her affection for him to trick her into a brief FaceHeelTurn. Then, in defeating H'el, she's poisoned with Kryptonite. ''Again''. And then there's the revelation that [[spoiler: her father was experimenting on her]]. No wonder the poor girl has problems.
* UnderwaterBase: In issue #13, she gains the Sanctuary: a Kryptonian base at the bottom of the ocean. It's basically her version of Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
** AIIsACrapshoot: Sanctuary is programmed to eradicate any Kryptonian double in her presence. When Supergirl and her Earth 2 counterpart Power Girl enter Sanctuary in issue #19, it deems Supergirl the double and tries to eliminate her. [[spoiler:The two Karas must destroy Sanctuary to save Supergirl. However, the A.I. survives in a robot body; hellbent on destroying Supergirl]].
* UnskilledButStrong: She may be as powerful as Superman, but she doesn't have his years of experience or combat skills. Her lack of skill is remarked upon during her fight with Wonder Woman.
* WorkingThroughTheCold: The events of ''ComicBook/HelOnEarth'' left her with kryptonite poisoning. Despite this she can still fight at full strength. It eventually gets to her; leading to her capture by Cyborg Superman. The kryptonite poisoning is removed when Cyborg Superman dissolves her body and extracts the kryptonite before restoring her.
* WhenSheSmiles: It's rare, but it is absolutely adorable. Becomes more common after the ''ComicBook/RedDaughterOfKrypton'' arc allows her to let go of most of her rage.
* YouCantGoHomeAgain: She really wants to go back home to Krypton, but can't since Krypton was destroyed. [[spoiler:This motivates her temporary FaceHeelTurn in ''ComicBook/HelOnEarth''.]] Superman's perceived indifference towards Krypton and its fate is one of the causes of friction between them.


[[folder:Bizarrogirl (Pre-Crisis & Post-Crisis)]]
There were two different Bizarro versions of Supergirl in Pre-Crisis continuity. The first was pretty much just a GenderFlip version of the regular Bizarro in body and mind and died in her first appearance but the second was a little different. The second Bizarrogirl was created when the Bizarros used a Duplication Machine on the real Supergirl who at the time had been left with a monstorous appearance by a vindictive alien prince. The result was a Bizarro girl with the beautiful looks the real Supergirl (normally) posessed but the mind of a Bizarro, effectively making her a BrainlessBeauty.

The Bizarro counterpart of Post-Crisis Kara, Bizarrogirl, was rocketed to Earth by Bizarro #1 when he believed that the Godship was going to destroy Bizarroworld. Here she hurt or killed several people, before being defeated by Supergirl; Kara retunred Bizarrogirl to Bizarroworld, befriending her in the process.
* AntiHero: Manages to achieve this status near the end of her arc.
* BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad: As is the usual case for Bizarros. Bizarrogirl is a little smarter than most, however, and is eventually able to get her head around the notion that killing people is bad.
* BareYourMidriff: Averted, with her costume being closer to that of the Pre-Crisis Supergirl than the Post-Crisis one.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: Kara learns this the hard way. So does the Godship.
* BrainlessBeauty: The second Pre-Crisis Bizarrogirl had Supergirl's looks but the usual Bizarro dimwittedness.
* BreathWeapon: Breathes fire.
* BroughtToYouByTheLetterS
* ChestInsignia
* CowardlyLion: Admits to being terrified of the Godship, yet still does a bang up job fighting it after she grows a spine.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: With Supergirl
* DumbMuscle: Though not to the same degree as the usual Bizarros. Bizarrogirl is capable of learning from her mistakes and doesn't get everything backwards.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Clearly cares about Bizarro #1.
* EvilKnockoff: Of Supergirl, whom she believes to be the real Bizarro.
* EyeBeams: Like Bizarro #1 she can fire [[AnIcePerson freezing beams]] from her eyes. She also has [[TakenForGranite stone vision]] to contrast Supergirl's X-Ray vision, something that no other Bizarro has.
* FlyingBrick
* GrewASpine: After a talking to from Supergirl.
* HeelFaceTurn: Has a better understanding of good, evil, life, and death at the end of her arc, and tries to become a hero (or as much of one as a Bizarro can be).
* HeroWithAnFInGood: She's more genuinely stupid than suffering from the usual Bizarro backwards logic. As she grows to understand other people she becomes more genuinely heroic.
* HulkSpeak
* ImAHumanitarian: Threatens to eat Jimmy, though she may not understand the implications of the threat.
* NighInvulnerability
* NotSoDifferent: She and Kara have a lot more in common than Superman and Bizarro #1 do.
* ObliviouslyEvil: Has no idea that she's really hurting people, and is horrified once the Godship's attack forces her to understand what death is really about.
* OddballDoppelganger
* PrecociousCrush: On Bizarro!Luthor, much to the real Kara's disgust.
* PsychopathicWomanchild: Has the intellect and personality of a scared, angry little girl.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Her eyes are naturally red.
* SuperSenses
* SuperSpeed
* SuperStrength

[[folder:Buzz (Post-Crisis)]]

* {{Archenemy}}: To Matrix and Linda Danvers.
* BeenThereShapedHistory: Was retroactively included in [[ComicBook/TeenTitans Raven's]] backstory by making him a part of the cult that set up Angela Roth to be raped by Trigon.
* TheCorrupter: He put young Linda through the wringer.
* EvilBrit: Slightly came across as a sleazy, evil John Constantine.
* FauxAffablyEvil: He actually managed to charm Sylvia Danvers so well she set up a blind date for him and Linda at one point. But it was all a ruse to set up a scenario wherein the Danvers would die, pushing Supergirl past the DespairEventHorizon. [[spoiler: Thankfully this gets undone.]]


[[folder:Cyborg Superman (New 52)]]
-->'''AKA:''' [[spoiler:Zor-El]]

After ''ComicBook/HelOnEarth'' and [[spoiler:destroying the Sanctuary]], Supergirl has had enough of Earth and goes off-planet to find a new home. Luckily for her, she finds a much more generous planet named I'noxia that hails her as a hero when she saves them from danger. Their technology can even make robotic replicas of people from her memories; making the place a paradise... or so it seems. It is there she meets Cyborg Superman: a mysterious cybernetic being that looks very much like her cousin. He tells her that he's behind all this and can give her everything she desires on the planet. There's just one little fee: he wants her flesh to replace his cybernetic parts.

For pre-ComicBook/{{New 52}} Cyborg Superman, see [[Characters/SupermanRoguesGallery Superman's rogues gallery]].
* AppendageAssimilation: He wants to take Supergirl's biomatter and use it to rebuild his body. He succeeds, but is so distraught at his true identity that he gives her back her body so she can escape Brainiac.
* AppropriatedAppellation: When he explains that he isn't Superman, Kara calls him a Cyborg Superman and he keeps the name.
* [[spoiler:ArchnemesisDad: He's Kara's father, Zor-El]]
* TheDragon: He's working for Brainiac, [[DragonWithAnAgenda but has plans of his own]]. When he defies Brainiac, their fight allows Supergirl to escape.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Kara notes that he seems familiar when she looks him in the eyes.
* IdentityAmnesia: He doesn't remember anything about himself. Not even his name. This is because [[spoiler:Brainiac erased his memories while rebuilding him to make him a loyal servant]]. He remembers everything after he becomes whole again, but is so distraught at his true identity that he has a change of heart and restores Supergirl's body; reverting him back into Cyborg Superman and removing his memories once more.
* [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone Sweet Rao, what have I done?]]: After he dissolves Supergirl and rebuilds his body with her biomatter, he regains his memories and realizes he's [[spoiler:Kara's father, Zor-El]]; shaking him to the core. To save Supergirl from Brainiac and keep her from knowing the truth, he restores her body and reverts back into Cyborg Superman so she can escape while he holds him off.
* NakedOnRevival: After his body is restored, the cybernetic parts fall off, leaving him naked. He remains naked for the duration before becoming a cyborg again.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: His left eye is a red cybernetic.
* RedRightHand: Cyborg Superman's right arm is lanky and skeletal; making him appear more inhuman than he already is.
* WeCanRebuildHim: He was on the verge of death when Brainiac found him and rebuilt him with cybernetics. He wasn't missing any body parts, but Brainiac wanted to make him the [[UltimateLifeForm ultimate Kryptonian]]. [[spoiler:Brainiac also altered Zor-El's DNA to make him look more like his "superior" brother, Jor-El]]. Cyborg Superman grows to hate his appearance and yearns to be fully biological again.

[[folder:The Dollmaker (Post-Crisis)]]
-->'''AKA:'''Anton Schott

The son of Post-Crisis Winslow Schott (alias long-time Superman foe, The Toyman), Anton Schott is a psychotic preteen who feels that his father loved other children more than he loved him, and despises all children because of it. He kidnaps children and sends dolls resembling them to Cat Grant, whom he ultimately tries to force to become his new mother.
* ChildProdigy: As both a toymaker and a supervillain.
* EnfanteTerrible: In his early teens at the latest, and utterly psychotic.
* EvilGenius: Clearly runs in the family.
* HappyFunball: Much like his father, Anton specialises in this.
* MommyIssues: Wants to force Cat Grant to be his new mother, actually.
* NonActionGuy: Anton himself is an out of shape child who can't fight to save his life.
* ParentalAbandonment: His mother took him away from his father because she believed he was a paedophile. Than she bailed on Anton as well, leaving him with serious abandonment issues.
* TheResenter: Towards any child with two functional parental figures.
* {{Robotmaster}}: Sends giant, doll shaped robots out to do his dirty work.

[[folder:Lesla-Lar (Pre-Crisis)]]
A villainous Pre-Crisis Kandorian scientist and Kara Zor-El lookalike who specialised in identity theft in both mundane and psychic versions. While she hasn't been seen since before the Crisis, she is historically significant as Supergirl's first true archenemy.

After a lengthy scheme to remove and take Supergirl's powers failed, partially due to Mr. Mxyptlk's interference, Lesla-Lar tried again by recruiting Phantom Zone criminals to aid her. Instead, they turned on her, disintegrating her with her own weapon. Her final appearance has her floating consciousness try to take over Supergirl's body once more, but this attempt failed and she was dispersed on the astral plane.
* {{Archenemy}}: Of Pre-Crisis Kara.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Unusually for the Silver Age, she was ''disintegrated on-panel'' in her second appearance. Her final appearance had her mental energy dispersed on the astral plane, killing her for good.
* EvilCounterpart: To Pre-Crisis Kara.
* GenreSavvy: Teamed up with Lex Luthor, planned to betray him before he could do the same to her.
* GrandTheftMe: Her main gimmick is identity theft.
* GreenEyedMonster: She was insanely jealous of Supergirl's fame, and thus decided to become her.
* HotScientist
* InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals: To both Kara and Lena Thorul (Lex's sister). On different occasions she managed to kidnap and impersonate both with anyone being any the wiser.
* SanitySlippage: After being disintegrated, Lesla-Lar's consciousness lived on. This messed with her mind to the point where she thought Supergirl was her sister.
* UnknownRival: She exploited this trope, and was introduced as "Supergirl's Secret Enemy." It took almost five issues for Supergirl to find out who was behind all of her troubles.

[[folder:Lobo (New 52)]]
A Czarnian BountyHunter, Lobo came to Earth because he got word of an imposter using his name. He decides to go to the Block to interrogate Dr. Veritas on the imposter's whereabouts. Unfortunately for him, Supergirl is there and will not let him harm her friend.
* AbsurdlySharpBlade: His WeaponOfChoice are two large glowing knives that can cut through a man like butter.
* AdaptationalAttractiveness: Pre-New 52, he was a grizzled, burly NinetiesAntiHero. He's much more suave looking in the New 52, though his crass personality hasn't changed a bit.
* ADayInTheLimelight: He had his own Villains Month issue in September 2013, which set up his appearance in ''Supergirl''.
* BatmanGambit: He tries to use Supergirl's rage against her by taunting her into not holding back. As such, Dr. Veritas teleports them out of the Block to prevent their fight from damaging it. Once outside, Lobo calls his ship and flies to Supergirl's old apartment in New York, hoping to calm her down. He then tries to be friendly to her offering to mentor her so she can learn to control her rage. [[NiceJobFixingItVillain Big mistake]]. Supergirl has had it with people trying to manipulate her and gives him a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown.
* BountyHunter: Still works as a bounty hunter, and will do anything for money.
* CoversAlwaysLie: The cover for Lobo's Villains Month issue shows him looking like he did Pre-New 52. In the book, he looks like the above image. Lampshaded in the narration saying that you don't know this Lobo.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In his Villains Month issue, when he finds out the cargo is smuggling is a tribe innocent aliens, he acts nice to them. However, once they reveal they were abducted for their valuable bones, he forces back into the cage so he can get the large sum of money they're worth, not caring about their cries for mercy.
* ExactWords: When one of his employers reminds him that his contract forbids him from killing them, Lobo retorts that "it says nothing about maiming you."
* FakingTheDead: Thanks to his HealingFactor, he was able to recover getting punched by an angry Supergirl, but played dead so he could get in the Block.
* {{Foil}}: To Supergirl. Says writer Tony Bedard: "Lobo is there as a sort of dark reflection of her. They're both super-powerful loners left over from dead planets. Lobo has channeled his power and rage into becoming the most dangerous bounty-hunter/assassin in the galaxy. Supergirl's still trying to figure out what to do with her power and her lot in life. Tangling with Lobo will show her one path she might go down. It's really a cautionary tale for her, and she'll come away knowing that she could easily end up like him if she doesn't get her act together."
* HiredGuns
* IdenticalStranger: It appeared that Lobo's first New 52 debut was in ''Stormwatch'', where he looked just like he was pre-New 52. Then came Lobo's Villains Month issue and it reveals that there's another Lobo (the one on this page) who claims the Lobo in Stormwatch is an imposter that he is bent on finding and killing.
* {{Jerkass}}: Still a brutal thug at heart, with the personality to match.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: His eyes are blood red and lack pupils.

[[folder:Matrix (Post-Crisis)]]
After Matrix and Linda Danvers merged, there were remnants of Matrix's protoplasmic form left over. The remnants took on a life of their own, becoming a new individual that tried to overwhelm Supergirl and went on a rampage in Leeville.

* EvilCounterpart: To Mae Kent. She even had some of the powers Mae lost after combining with Linda, such as invisibility and telekinesis.
* {{Expy}}: Her inhuman appearance and the backwards "S" she wore implicitly made her the first Bizarro-like character to fight the Post-Crisis Supergirl.
* SmallRoleBigImpact: While not as substantial as Supergirl's other enemies Post-Crisis, the destruction she caused in Leeville caught Superman's attention which finally led to him learning about Mae and Linda's dual existence.

[[folder:Power Boy (Post-Crisis)]]
A superpowered boy who was Kara Zor-El's first boyfriend Post-Crisis, he eventually revealed himself as a clingy, abusive stalker from Apokolips.
* BitchInSheepsClothing
* DomesticAbuser
* FlyingBrick: Had a roughly similar powerset to Kara herself.
* MonsterOfTheAesop: A giant aesop about abusive boyfriends.
* NeverMyFault
* StalkerWithACrush
* WhyDidYouMakeMeHitYou

[[folder:Reactron (Pre-Crisis & Post-Crisis)]]
-->'''AKA:''' Benjamin Krullen (Pre-Crisis), Benjamin Martin Krull (Post-Crisis)

Once a sociopathic ex-soldier gifted with the ability to produce radiation, Post-Crisis Reactron was rebuilt as a cyborg with a Gold Kryptonite heart by ComicBook/LexLuthor and went onto play a major role during the ''New Krypton'' story arc, ultimately destroying New Krypton. Having faced Supergirl on numerous occasions pre-and-post-Crisis, and being the man responsible for the death of her father, Zor-El, her mother Alura, and most of her friends, in the post-Crisis continuity, Reactron is one of the rare villains who can legitimately claim to be a member of Supergirl's RoguesGallery.
* {{Archenemy}}: Could make a legitimate claim on being Kara's archenemy, Post-Crisis and Pre-New 52. He had multiple clashes with Kara, solo and during the events of ''New Krypton'', had a deeply personal rivalry with her, possessed powers and weaponry that let him fight her on an even basis, and ultimately killed her [[spoiler:father, mother, and entire race]]. No other villain has ever come close to inflicting that sort of emotional damage on Kara; the fact that he was specifically created to be a Supergirl adversary Pre-Crisis doesn't hurt his claim on this status either.
* ArcVillain: From the beginning of "New Krypton" until his death in "War of the Supermen" Reactron dominated the Post-Crisis Supergirl book as no one had before.
* AttackItsWeakPoint: Detective Henderson managed to take Reactron out of action with a frankly spectacular shot through the eye slots of his mask, and into the eye beneath.
* AxeCrazy: A violent psychopath who gets off on hurting and killing others.
* BlatantLies: His claim, Post-Crisis, that his costume was made of a captured region of space and granted him his powers. He admitted as much himself in ''New Krypton''.
* BlingOfWar: His golden armour and helmet.
* TheBrute: Like Metallo, Reactron has the persona down pat, and often plays this role in team ups.
* ChestBlaster: Reactron can fire a concentrated ray of Gold K radiation from his chest, depowering and severely injuring everything it hits.
* ColdBloodedTorture: Enjoys inflicting it and was on the recieving end of it courtesy of Alura and Gor.
* ColourCodedForYourConvenience: He wears gold to signify his Gold K heart, while Metallo wears green to represent his Green K one.
* {{Cyborg}}: After being rebuilt by ComicBook/LexLuthor on General Lane's orders. How much of him is man and how much is machine is open to interpretation.
* DirtyCoward: Subverted. He begs for his life when Supergirl and Alura capture him, and again when Gor is torturing him, but it is all revealed to be a ploy by he and Lane to hide the fact that they want him to be captured.
* DissonantSerenity: Smiles peacefully as he announces to Kara and Alura that he is a living nuclear bomb.
* DivergentCharacterEvolution: Inverted and then played straight. He began as an original Supergirl villain who was turned into a Metallo {{expy}} by Lane and Luthor at the start of ''New Krypton''. Afterwards, however, he went back in his own direction, becoming a mass-murdering psychopath on a scale that Metallo would have never dreamed of.
* EarthShatteringKaboom: When he explodes so does New Krypton.
* {{Expy}}: Reactron is an original villain, but during ''New Krypton'' he becomes an expy of Metallo, who Lane teams him up with.
* EyesOfGold: They glow bright golden yellow when he uses his powers.
* FamousLastWords: Manages to rattle of a little speech as he dies, explaining what is about to happen to Supergirl and Alura.
* FinalSolution: Becomes Lane and Luthor's solution to the Kryptonian problem, cheerfully annihilating almost the entire race in a single blast.
* {{Flight}}: Capable of propelling himself into the air and floating there.
* GoOutWithASmile: Is utterly serene as he blows up himself and New Krypton.
* HandBlast: Emits his nuclear radiation through his hands, fingertips, and palms alike.
* TheHeavy: During the four part ''Hunt for Reactron'' arc, and most of the issues leading up to it.
* HeManWomanHater: Expresses some very misogynistic sentiments.
* HeroKiller: After Luthor rebuilt him during ''New Krypton''. With his new cybernetic parts and Gold Kryptonite heart, Reactron can mow down Kryptonians in droves. He fights Flamebird, Nightwing, and Supergirl evenly, losing only when Flamebird--a Kryptonian god--unleashes her full power, and in the end, murders almost the entirety of the Kryptonian race.
* ILoveNuclearPower: Reactron has the ability to control and project nuclear radiation.
* ISurrenderSuckers: How he got into New Krypton to kill Zor-El. He does it again in order to blow up the planet.
* ItsPersonal: After numerous clashes, and particularly after the events on New Krypton, it was very personal for he and Kara.
* {{Jerkass}}: When not being a monster, he tends to just act like a dick.
* JerkassHasAPoint: When he calls out Superwoman on the fact that JustFollowingOrders is no excuse for what she's done and that in the end, she's as bad as he is.
* KickThemWhileTheyAreDown: His whole motif after he gains the Gold K heart. He powers down Kryptonians, then irradiates them.
* KilledOffForReal: In the Post-Crisis, Pre-Flashpoint world he never recovered from his death in ''New Krypton''.
* LackOfEmpathy: Reactron cares only about himself and how famous his killing is going to make him.
* MadeOfTitanium: [[ImmuneToBullets Bullets bounce off of Reactron]]. So too, do most other attacks, including Kryptonian punches. It may not be the NighInvulnerability of Superman himself, but there's no way around the fact that Benjamin Krull is a durable bastard.
* MajorlyAwesome: Formerly Major Benjamin Martin Krull, US Army, and still referred to as such by Lane and Luthor.
* ManOfKryptonite: His Gold K heart deactivates a Kryptonian's powers for fifteen seconds, more than long enough for Reactron to finish the job with his radiation powers or his bare hands.
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: In his first Post-Crisis attack on her, Supergirl notes that for a guy with near limitless power, Reactron isn't thinking very big, or using his powers very intelligently. Cue the events of ''New Krypton''.
* NuclearNasty: Emits nuclear radiation, and with help from Luthor, can transform into a bomb.
* NukeEm: Turns into a massive nuclear bomb.
* PsychoForHire: When not operating as a member of the US Army, Krull falls into this territory.
* {{Retcon}}: Reactron was a Pre-Crisis Supergirl villain. Post-Crisis his early battles with the original Kara Zor-El were retconned into having been against Power Girl.
* {{Sadist}}: Reactron really, really enjoys hurting people, to a level that's normally reserved for the likes of TheJoker.
* SkullForAHead: A skull mask to be more precise.
* TheSociopath: Reactron hits every requirement for the trope and most of those for the actual personality disorder, with his sadism, short temper, rapid mood swings, and total lack of conviction in anything beyond himself.
* SociopathicSoldier: Enjoys murder, torture, and the occasional threat of rape. Pre-Crisis, he was one of these even before becoming Reactron, having massacred an entire village as a sergeant in Vietnam.
* SuicideAttack: On New Krypton. Reactron let himself be captured and tortured, with the intention of letting Luthor convert him into a nuke so that he could blow the entire planet apart.
* SuperSpeed: It's rarely mentioned, but much like Metallo, Reactron is able to keep up with Kryptonians, meaning that he has to possess at least a degree of super speed.
* SuperStrength: Between being supercharged by radiation and rebuilt with cybernetics, Reactron is strong enough to injure the likes of Supergirl, Flamebird, and Nightwing with his blows.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: He and Metallo enter ''New Krypton'' this way. They don't end it that way, with Reactron going on to be far more significant to the story.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: Everybody does this to him during ''New Krypton'', with very bad results.
* UngratefulBastard: Kara saves him from being tortured by Alura. He pays her back by detonating himself, killing her mother and her entire race in an attempt at getting to her. "Glad I got the whole family set."
* YouKilledMyFather: During the events of ''New Krypton'' Reactron kills Supergirl's father, Zor-El, in front of her. He later gets her mother, and the rest of her race.

[[folder:Reign (New 52)]]

The leader of the Worldkillers, a QuirkyMinibossSquad of Kryptonian-created {{Super Soldier}}s, and one of the first major enemies Supergirl faced in the ''New 52''. [[spoiler: It is ''heavily'' hinted that Kara's father Zor-el is her creator, as he is established as having worked on the Worldkillers and in Issue Zero what is either Reign or a being very much like her can be seen in stasis in a pod in his lab]].

* {{BFS}}: Wields one initially- [[SubvertedTrope until Kara breaks it with her bare hands]]. Reign is not amused.
* BloodKnight: Reign ''loves'' to fight, and she's [[SuperSoldier very good at it]].
* DarkActionGirl
* DistaffCounterpart: She's basically a female, rather more articulate Doomsday with a bit of Zod mixed in.
* EvilCounterpart: Clearly positions herself as one in much of her dialogue to Kara. [[spoiler: Especially since, if the hints as to her backstory are true, she's something of a daughter of Zor-el herself]].
* FlyingBrick: Her powers are explicitly identified as flight, strength, and invulnerability.
* GalacticConqueror: What she was created to be. It's unclear if she and her companions have ''actually' conquered anything yet, but they make a good try for Earth.
* HumanoidAliens: She's roughly human/Kryptonian in appearance, except for her unnaturally pale skin, solid black eyes, and PointedEars. Her face is also shaped subtly different from a human's, with a slightly reptillian cast remniscent of [[Franchise/HarryPotter Lord Voldemort]].
* JustBetweenYouAndMe: She explains her backstory to Kara while they're fighting in New York City. Slightly deconstructed in that Kara is too busy defending herself to pay much attention.
* [[ImplacableMan Implacable Woman]]: Thanks to her FlyingBrick powers, she can take massive hits and just keep coming.
* MasterSwordsman: Reign's highly advanced combat training extends to swordsmanship, and she's lethal with her BFS.
* MysteriousPast: Reign has serious memory gaps that she's trying to fill in as she tries to conquer the galaxy.
* NotSoDifferent: Feels this way about herself and Supergirl.
* ObviouslyEvil: She's pretty sinister looking. For example, she has:
** BlackEyesOfEvil: Jet-black eyes
** EvilAlbino: Chalky white skin
** EvilRedhead: Fiery red hair.
** SensibleHeroesSkimpyVillains / {{Stripperiffic}}: A rather skimpy outfit that's mostly composed of black leather.
* PetTheDog: Evil and brutal she may be, but she values the lives of her fellow Worldkillers, and retreats rather than allow Kara to kill even one of them.
* SuperSoldier: She and her fellow Worldkillers were intended as the ultimate weapon by the Kryptonian scientists who created them.
* VillainExitStageLeft: Retreats from Earth at the end of the arc that introduced her, but with the promise that she'll be back- and that there's one more Worldkiller out there that Supergirl doesn't know about...
* WeCanRuleTogether: Makes Supergirl this offer at their first meeting. When Kara refuses, Reign decides she wasn't worthy anyway.

[[folder:Satan Girl]]
-->'''AKA''': Red Kryptonite double of Kara Zor-El (Pre-Crisis), Dolores Pratchett (Satan Girl I), S'tanicule Gyrstress (Satan Girl II)

One of the most perplexing and intriguing enemies in Supergirl's RoguesGallery, in that name has been shared by three vastly different individuals across the Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis DCU. The original Satan Girl of the Pre-Crisis DC Universe was an evil doppelganger of Supergirl created by Red Kryptonite, and she attempted to kill Kara and the female members of the ComicBook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}} to attain dominance. Post-Crisis, Satan Girl was Dolores Pratchett, an 18th Century Satanist who fought against Matrix and Linda Danvers, and the name would be given to S'tanicule Gyrstress, an alien demon who fought the Post-Crisis Kara. There were plans for a fourth iteration to appear in the sequel to ''Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade''.
* AntiVillain: The duplicate Kara and Dolores straddle the lines between Type II and Type III.
* ArchEnemy: The Dolores Satan Girl was one to Ember, the Earth Angel of Fire who preceded Matrix and Linda.
* AtLeastIAdmitIt: Dolores' whole shtick with Ember is that she's disgusted at the idea of Ember becoming an Earth Angel even though she was no better than Dolores, and that Ember tries to act HolierThanThou. Although Dolores is also a child murderer, a racist, and considers Ember a creature because she was her slave. [[spoiler: There's also her bitterness at the fact that Ember was saved because Dolores' daughter Rachel sacrificed herself to save her and the two became one. Dolores is angry because Rachel became a part of their feud, and when Ember was damned, so was Rachel.]]
* BackFromTheDead: Dolores' first actual appearance was when she got revived by the Chaos Stream.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Dolores. [[spoiler: She became Satan Girl because her daughter Rachel died trying to save Ember, and the two were reborn as the new Earth Angel of Fire. Dolores' plans were all meant to try and separate her daughter from Ember so she could have her back, but it just led to Rachel's damnation when Ember killed Dolores. Thankfully, the intervention of Supergirl not only stopped Dolores' rampage, but allowed Ember and Rachel to enter Heaven.]]
* EvilCounterpart: Pre-Crisis Satan Girl to Supergirl.
* EvilRedhead: Dolores and S'tanicule.
* HatePlague: The crimson plague S'tanicule unleashes to make the world love her also turns people into bloodthirsty monsters.
* HornedHumanoid: With HornyDevil, S'tanicule is the most satanic looking of all the Satan Girls.
* MadGod: S'tanicule Gyrstress is the Brocian goddess of love and death.
** PowerOfLove: An evil variant.
* MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight: A very weird subversion. Dolores' magic ends up switching Supergirl and Ember, and she tries to convince Ember that she can live if she lets Supergirl die in her place. [[spoiler: This is all to try and circumvent her daughter Rachel's eventual death, rebirth, and damnation, so this becomes a slight case of SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong.]]
* MamaBear: Dolores is a very evil version.
* MoralityPet: Dolores' daughter Rachel.
* MythologyGag: When Dolores Pratchett originally became Satan Girl before her first death, she wore the Pre-Crisis Satan Girl's costume.
* PyrrhicVictory: In a way, Dolores got what she wanted. [[spoiler: Even though she dies again and doesn't necessarily get Rachel back, her actions helped pave the way for Rachel's ascension into Heaven, so she's no longer suffering.]]
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: All the Pre-Crisis Satan Girl wanted to do was live, albeit at the expense of the lives of Supergirl and the female Legionnaires.
* WomanScorned: Dolores Pratchett taught her slave Ember all there was to know about the Dark Arts, but when Ember slept with her husband, Dolores denounced her publicaly as a witch.
* WouldHarmAChild: Dolores Pratchett attained ungodly power after sacrificing children.
* YeOldeButcheredEnglish: Dolores originally spoke like this, but when her enemy Ember switched places with Supergirl, she opted to drop the formal "thees" and such.


[[folder:Simon Tycho (New 52)]]
[[caption-width-right:150: *spoilers* Click [[labelnote:here]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/rsz_simontychoblob_3028.png[[/labelnote]] to see Simon's second form.]]

A twenty-eight year old trillionaire who lives on a space station and rarely ever sets foot on Earth. When Supergirl landed on earth in the ''New 52'' he captured her and held her on board his space station hoping to contract some of her Kryptonian blood. [[spoiler:An explosion during Supergirl's escape left most of his body destroyed yet his assistant Miss Thorn was able to graft him onto the body of "The Brain", an organism of basic nerves and a brain, to keep him alive]].
* AndIMustScream: Supergirl defeats him in their second encounter by having Sanctuary encase him in crystal. [[spoiler:He is possibly dead after Supergirl and Power Girl destroy Sanctuary after it turned evil]].
* Archenemy: In the New 52 for Supergirl.
* BigBad: for the Supergirl New 52 series.
* BodyHorror[=/=]EmergencyTransformation: [[spoiler:He had to be merged with an alien blob after Supergirl's escape left him in pieces. What's left of his human body is his upper torso, most of his head, and his right eye]].
* RubberMan: His transformation gave him stretching powers, shapeshifting, and invulnerability.
* SharpDressedMan: He used to be one.
** {{Loincloth}}: What he wears now. It shows off his new body quite well.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:He's left frozen in crystal somewhere in the Sanctuary. When Santuary is destroyed, there is no mention of him, leaving readers to assume that he died along with Santuary. Lampshaded in issue #23, where Supergirl fights robot clones of people from her memories and the Tycho robot says that they had to go deep into her subconscious to find memories of him; implying that he must pretty forgettable and bringing up him being left for dead]].
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: Before his transformation.
** BaldOfEvil: Afterwards.

[[folder:Superior Girl (Cosmic Adventures)]]
-->'''AKA:''' Belinda Zee

A dark-haired, Kryptonite duplicate of Supergirl who called herself Belinda Zee, as she is "Linda Version B." Belinda is everything Linda Lee isn't. That is, she's popular and beloved by her classmates and teachers, and she's also a smug, petty, and manipulative bully, the complete opposite of Linda. So naturally, if Linda wants people to like her, Belinda wants Linda to be hated. Not necessarily a villain, she falls under ChaoticNeutral, and her emotional state of mind is considered very unstable. We later find out she has horribly low self esteem and actually wants to be nice, but feels totally backwards.
* AffablyEvil / FauxAffablyEvil: Depending on how she's feeling.
* AlphaBitch: Although the only people she seems to bully are Linda and Lena Thorul.
* AnimalsHateHim: She gets mauled by Streaky.
* AxCrazy: What she degenerates into.
* BodyHorror: [[spoiler: Promotional art for the non-produced ''Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade'' showed Belinda's face had started to crack after she was turned into a crystal statue.]]
* ChaoticNeutral: Invoked as WordOfGod described her as such.
* CompositeCharacter: She has a few obvious Bizarro elements, but is thematically closer to "Dark Supergirl".
* [[DarkIsEvil Dark is Chaotic Neutral]]: She starts out with a Supergirl costume containing an inverted color scheme and a backwards S, but when she becomes Superior Girl she's wearing a a Supergirl costume with purple and black, as well as a dark mask.
* DeadpanSnarker: Every word out of her mouth practically radiates with cynical snark. [[spoiler: Not even being crystallized can turn it off.]]
* DidntThinkThisThrough: She uses her "Superior Vision" on Streaky, and accidentally turns him into a sabertooth tiger.
-->'''Superior Girl''': That was not my best plan.
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: She considers Alura Zor-El to be her mother, and is genuinely heartbroken when [[spoiler: what she thinks is]] Alura doesn't consider her to be her daughter.
* EvilCounterpart: As far as an evil counterpart goes, Belinda didn't start out as a supervillain so much as she was an asshole who felt the need to wreck Linda's life. She even helps Linda in the fourth issue with nothing to gain. She doesn't become a straightforward villain until the fifth issue of ''Cosmic Adventures'' and only ''then'' because she's being manipulated.
* {{Expy}}:
** Of Bizarro. Though she's not as overt as most Bizarro counterparts go, simply in that she's an artificial creation that is the opposite of Supergirl in terms of morality without the chalk like skin, limited intellect, and messed up language skills. [[spoiler: Had the creators been able to release the sequel series, Belinda's physical appearance would've become more Bizarro-like thanks to her transformation into crystal.]]
** The writers also considered her as one to [[ComicBook/{{Archie}} Veronica Lodge]] to match Linda's Betty.
* FalseFriend: She once pretending she was Linda's best friend to drive a wedge between her and Lena.
* ForTheEvulz: Why she makes Linda squirm so much. Other than that, this is exemplified in the third issue when she goes around empowering kids with the meteor fragments, knowing full well she's creating havoc.
* GreenEyedMonster: Secretly has a ''huge'' inferiority complex and hates Linda because she believes Linda thinks she's better than her.
* ItsAllAboutMe: She interrupts a discussion being held between Linda and Lena and says they're talking about her. When Linda says they were discussing Superman, Belinda she says she automatically assumed they were talking about her because she's just the awesome.
* ManipulativeBitch: When she's not flat out antagonizing Linda, she's acting overly kind and supportive as a front for a more underhanded scheme.
* PetTheDog: In one moment of genuine kindness she makes Lena Thorul forget who Supergirl really is. Belinda had nothing to gain from this and actually helped Linda with no provocation.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: She delivers one to Linda when they first meet. Linda's at first excited at the idea of having another Kryptonian for a friend, but Belinda just says she's a frumpy klutz who's desire to be a superhero is totally not cool. Linda then realizes she's a supervillain.
* SanitySlippage: Steadily becomes quite unhinged after she becomes Superior Girl.
* SmugSnake: She's brainwashed into acting like a duck in the second issue, and in the fourth issue she gets attacked by Streaky. [[spoiler: She's then turned into a statue by Mr. Mxyzptlk in issue six.]]
* StepfordSmiler: Despite thinking she's completely awesome, she's really miserable and doesn't know why. She even admits at one point that she really does want to be nice like Linda, but feels her emotions are totally backwards.
* TakenForGranite: And [[AndIMustScream sentient]].
* TeachersPet: [[spoiler: Although the teachers are all imps of the 5th Dimension who've been secretly using Belinda.]]
* TragicVillain: She goes from a smug asshole to a rampaging psycho to a poor, pathetic, and broken girl throughout the story.
* UnwittingPawn: Of [[spoiler: Mr. Mxyzptlk.]]
* VillainousBreakdown: When Linda's mom (who is also technically her mom) doesn't recognize her, Belinda breaks down into tears and starts screaming she's "Number One."
* VitriolicBestBuds: There was shades of this in the fourth issue.
* WomanScorned: An odd variant. When she meets Supragirl, Linda's counterpart from an AlternateTimeline, Belinda flips and thinks she's being replaced, screaming she was the first, and therefor original, Supergirl doppelganger.
-->'''Supergirl''': If you're number one, and I was here first, what does that make me?
-->'''Superior Girl''': ZERO!


[[folder:Superwoman (Post-Crisis)]]
-->'''AKA:''' Lucy Lane
[[caption-width-right:350:Lucy as Superwoman]]

A mysterious woman wearing an S-shield whom Post-Crisis Supergirl encounters in New Krypton. She at first seems to be one of the heroes, but is eventually revealed as a villain when she not only attacks Supergirl, but saves Reactron from her, killing the supervillain's ex-girlfriend in order to cover up his survival. She is actually Lucy Lane, implanted in New Krypton as General Lane's spy.
* AlliterativeName: '''L'''ucy '''L'''ane.
* AttackItsWeakPoint: The spheres on her uniform stabilize her energies. Tear them off and she'll blow up.
* BadassCape
* BroughtToYouByTheLetterS: Wears the S-shield. Supergirl rips it off of her.
* CainAndAbel: With Lois
* ClothesMakeTheSuperman: Her costume, a magic garment created by Mirabai the witch, is what grants her powers to her, at least prior to her first resurrection.
* DaddysLittleVillain: Driven into evil by her father's emotional abuse.
* DarkActionGirl: Lucy was already a soldier before her father had her subjected to the experiments that gave her her powers.
* DeathIsCheap: Seemingly killed and resurrected several times now, thanks to her existence as an energy being.
* TheDragon: To General Lane alongside Luthor and Codename: Assassin.
* DrivenByEnvy: Of Lois.
* EnergyBeing: After her first death Lucy became a being of raw magical energy which can only be forced back into humanoid form by her suit.
* EvilKnockoff: Meant to stir up anti-Kryptonian sentiment, and turn people against the House of El.
* FaceHeelTurn: Lucy was originally a good guy.
* FreudianExcuse: Years of emotional abuse from Sam Lane made Lucy into the monster she became.
* HalfHumanHybrid: Her first death causes the Kryptonian DNA in her costume to fuse with her own, effectively making her a human/Kryptonian hybrid in the vein of Superboy.
* InTheHood: Wears a hood and mask to conceal her identity
* JustFollowingOrders: Tries to use this as an excuse for her crimes. Neither Supergirl nor Lois is buying it. For that matter, even [[JerkassHasAPoint Reactron]] laughs at her hypocrisy.
* KickTheDog: Murdering a scientist who was trying to inform General Lane of her unstable physical condition.
* MajorlyAwesome: Holds the rank of major.
* MilitaryBrat
* MoralityPet: For all her father's abuse of her, she's one of the few people he's shown to care about.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Recieves a harsh one from Lois after her resurrection.
* SanitySlippage: The experiments her father performed on her and the trauma of dying and coming back drove Lucy totally over the edge.
* SlasherSmile: Regularly, and particularly after her resurrection.
* SociopathicSoldier: Already a cold-blooded killer, Lucy's resurrection made her into a psycho in the same vein as Reactron.
* SuperpowerLottery: Can fake all the classic Krytponian powers.
* ThatWomanIsDead: By proxy. As far as Lois is concerned, Lucy is dead and Superwoman is the thing that killed her.
* TranshumanTreachery: While loyal to her father, Lucy shows exactly zero empathy for anyone else following her resurrection, murdering people at random if they so much as irritate her.
* WellDoneDaughterGirl: Will do anything to make her father show her affection.

[[folder:Xenon (Post-Crisis)]]
The most mysterious enemy Supergirl ever fought, a powerful, demonic being who made vague hints about a previous battle with "a" Supergirl that left him trapped in a dying dimension. While still trapped in this dimension, he hunted down and murdered various Supergirls of different realities trying to find the one who originally fought him, and had a hand in the Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El meeting Linda Danvers.

* ItIsDehumanizing: Xenon will only refer to the Supergirl who defeated him as "She," with every other woman to wear the shield he refers to as "It."
* MysteriousPast: We have no idea who Xenon was or where he came from before ''Many Happy Returns''.
* SerialKiller: Of Supergirls throughout the Multiverse and Hypertime. It's implied he's already killed a good number of them, and we're shown him murdering a slightly South American-esque Supergirl in ''Many Happy Returns''.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: With his sometimes ally the Fatalist, a man who claims to be the Spectre's opposite.
* UnknownRival: It's implied the Supergirl he hates so much was Linda Danvers, but a Linda far older and more powerful. That Xenon is deliberately unclear as to which Supergirl he's talking about frustrates Linda ''and'' Kara.


!Supporting Cast

[[folder:The Danvers (Pre-Crisis & Post-Crisis)]]
Pre-Crisis Fred and Edna Danvers were the adoptive parents of Linda Lee/Kara Zor-El and {{Secret Keeper}}s for her role as Supergirl. Post-Crisis Fred and Sylvia Danvers were the biological parents of Linda Danvers (Supergirl II) who had a much more traumatic time dealing with their daughter's super identity largely due to her merger with Matrix. New 52 and ''Comicbook/SupergirlRebirth'' Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers were Supergirl's foster parents and agents of the D. E. O. (Department of Extra-normal Operations, a Government agency created to deal with and neutralize alien threats) who helped Kara understand Earthlings and adapt her new home-world.


* ActionMom: Eliza Danvers is a Government agent trained to deal with and neutralize alien threats.
* AdaptationalNameChange: Mrs. Danvers' name change from Edna to Sylvia and later to Eliza.
* AsTheGoodBookSays: Sylvia was a Church assistant, studying for the ministry.
* FairCop: The Post-Crisis version of Fred was a police officer.
* FatherlyScientist: The Pre-Crisis version of Fred was a rocket scientist.
* MuggleFosterParents: Pre-Crisis, Fred and Edna raised Kara; Post-Crisis, Jeremiah and Eliza adopted her.
-->'''Eliza:''' (smiling) Damn -- Look at her go. And here's us, the adorable, slow-moving human parents.
* {{Secret Keeper}}s

[[folder:Dick Malverne]]
Pre-Crisis Dick Wilson was an orphan Linda Lee befriended until he was adopted by the Malvernes. Post-Crisis Dick Malverne is a new guy who moved to Leesburg.

* ChildhoodFriendRomance: Pre-Crisis Dick Malverne grew up at the Midvale Orphanage during the same time that Linda Lee alias Supergirl did, and he had a huge crush on her. Although the two dated for a while they grew apart after college. They met again as adults, and Dick confessed he always loved her and and knew of her secret identity [[spoiler:before dying]].
* DisposableLoveInterest: Post-Crisis
* {{Expy}}: Of Comicbook/LoisLane and Comicbook/LanaLang.
* HaveWeMet: When the Post-Crisis version of Dick first meet Linda, they both felt a sense of deja vu, as if they've known each other in a previous life.
* KilledOffForReal:
** As told in ''[[http://comicboxcommentary.blogspot.com.es/2008/06/it-came-from-back-issue-box-solo-1-tim.html Solo #1]]'', Pre-Crisis Dick sought out Linda to tell her he was dying from cancer. Before dying, he confesses he loves her and he knew her secret all along. They kissed and he passed away later that night.
** Post-Crisis Dick also died for real.
* SecretChaser: he was constantly trying to prove she had super-powers. In a story written in 2004, it was revealed that he always knew Linda was Supergirl, but he kept it a secret.
* SecretSecretKeeper: According ''Solo #1'', he knew Linda was Supergirl all along.

[[folder:Ember and Rachel Pratchett (Post-Crisis)]]

The Earth-Angel of Fire who preceded Supergirl. Ember was a slave owned by the Pratchett Family in the 18th Century, and Rachel was a young girl Ember looked after. The two merged when Ember was burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft, and Rachel tried to save her.

* ArchEnemy: To the first Post-Crisis Satan Girl.
* BurnTheWitch: Ember was burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft and satanism. When Rachel tried to save Ember, the two were engulfed by the flames and became an Earth-Angel.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Rachel's sacrifice is what turned the two into an Earth-Angel.
* DeathEqualsRedemption: [[spoiler: What gets Ember, and by association Rachel, out of hell is Ember taking her place back from Supergirl instead of letting Supergirl die in her place.]]
* LightIsNotGood: Ember and Rachel supposedly lived longer than the other Earth-Angels were known to do because Ember rarely exhausted her powers, remaining a somewhat selfish individual even after she was reborn.
* MoralityPet: Rachel to Ember. Ember was a legitimately bad person, but she also legitimately loved Rachel and tried to save her when they were attacked by a group of dogs. Rachel is also this to [[spoiler: her mother Dolores, a.k.a. Satan Girl]].


[[folder:Lena Thorul (Pre-Crisis)]]
->'''AKA:''' Lena Luthor

ComicBook/LexLuthor's younger sister, Lena Thorul's parents did their best to hide the reality of her brother's activities from her, claiming that ''her'' brother Lex had been killed in an accident. Gifted with ESP after an incident in Lex's laboratory, Lena joined the police, and became one of Supergirl's friends.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Was the only person who could trigger Lex's.
* InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals: She and Pre-Crisis Kara looked like clones. During the "Jungle Queen" storyline they traded costumes without anybody being any the wiser.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: At Lex's insistence. When Lena did find out who he was during an interview with him (and temporarily lost her mind, running off to Africa and becoming "Jungle Queen") Luthor staged an escape from prison so that he could expose her to flowers that erased unpleasant memories. She eventually found out for good in a storyline in 1981, and the two reconciled.
* MoralityPet: To Lex, who went out of his way conceal their relationship from her, fearing that association with him would only hurt her. They eventually did reconcile.
* OddFriendship: With Supergirl.
* PsychicPowers: Her ESP was strong enough to control animals and bypass even Luthor's defences.
* {{Telepath}}

[[folder:Streaky & Comet]]
!Streaky the Supercat

Supergirl's pet cat Pre-Crisis
* AnimalSuperheroes
* GenderFlip: Post-Infinite Crisis
* HourOfPower: X Kryptonite only gives him powers temporarily.
* LegacyCharacter: Has a a 30th century descendant called Whizzy
* MeaningfulName
* SuperpowerfulGenetics: Has passed his powers onto Whizzy

!!Comet the Super-Horse

Pre-Crisis Supergirl's horse is a centaur accidentally cursed by Circe into being trapped in the form of a horse. Post-Crisis Comet is a superhero who is a romantic interest of Linda Danvers.
* AnimalSuperheroes
* AttractiveBentSpecies: Pre-Crisis, He's a centaur turned horse. He's in love with Supergirl herself, and occasionally dated her while in human form.
* CoolHorse
* {{Metamorphosis}}
* OurCentaursAreDifferent: Was one originally and turns into one temporarily before he becomes human when a comet enters the the solar system.
* SapientSteed: Has human intelligence.
* TwoBeingsOneBody: Post-Crisis, they were originally Andrew Jones and Andrea Martinez.
* YouFailAstronomyForever: Turns human whenever a comet enters our solar system. In real life comets permanently orbit the sun though scientists have theorised that interstellar comets might exist.

[[folder:Silver Banshee (Siobhan Smythe)]]
Siobhan is a good natured Irish punk girl living in New York and the first human being the New 52 Kara meets who doesn't try to capture and/or kill her. While the two quickly become friends (aided by Siobhan's ability to speak Kryptonian) Siobhan's past catches up with her; her father is the evil magical being Black Banshee and she herself is having difficulty keeping her own powers in check as the even more frightening Silver Banshee.

For pre-ComicBook/{{New 52}} Silver Banshee, see [[Characters/SupermanRoguesGallery Superman's rogues gallery]].
* EvilMeScaresMe: Siobhan fears that the Silver Banshee will take over her body when it manifests.
* HeroicWillpower: When fighting [[spoiler:Red Lantern Supergirl]], she's able to mostly stay in control as the Silver Banshee.
* IrishNames: 'Siobhan' (pronounced 'Shiv-awn')
* TheLadette
* MakeMeWannaShout: As the Silver Banshee, she has the appropriate sonic screams.
* {{Oireland}}: She has the accent at the very least.
* {{Omniglot}}: An actual super power; due to her quasi-magical nature Siobhan is able to speak ''any'' language she hears, even a non-human one like Kryptonian (if the dialogue is any indication she always retains her Irish accent though.)
* SuperpoweredEvilSide: Her Silver Banshee form.

[[folder:Zor-El & Alura (Post-Crisis)]]
Kara's parents in the Post-Crisis universe, Zor-El and Alura where members of the Science Guild stationed in an offworld colony. Captured by Brainiac, they were added to his bottled city of Kandor, and eventually freed by Superman. While Zor-El is a certified NiceGuy, Alura is a KnightTemplar kept in check only by her husband.
* [[AbusiveParents Abusive Mother]]: Alura. Aside from being emotionally distant to Kara, she often puts her down verbally.
* ActionMom: Alura is mostly a bureaucrat but she is not afraid to fight when Brainiac invades New Krypton.
* ColdBloodedTorture: Alura does this to Reactron.
* DeathEqualsRedemption: Alura uses her last moments to throw Kara into a special chamber that shields her from Reactron's explosion.
* DarkActionGirl: The best way to describe Alura is as an AntiHero.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Alura definitely cares about both Zor-El and Kara.
* EvilMatriarch: Alura, who tries to control every aspect of Kara's life, and is a KnightTemplar at best.
* [[GoodParents Good Father]]: Zor-El. As ''New Krypton'' goes on, it's clear Kara got her heroic personality from him.
* HappilyMarried
* HeroicSacrifice: Alura dies saving Kara from Reactron.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Alura believes that all humans are scum, that Superman can't be trusted, and that General Zod is a great hero. She couldn't be more wrong about any of the above.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: Alura's torture of Reactron is wrong and is portrayed that way, but given that we're talking about the single worst member of Supergirl's rogues gallery here, you aren't liable to have much sympathy for him.
* KilledOffForReal: Zor-El dies in battle with Reactron. Alura is killed when Reactron blows himself up, wiping out all of New Krypton.
* KnightTemplar: Alura. Zor-El knows it too, and tries to act as a check on her.
* MamaBear & PapaWolf: Don't hurt Kara in front of either of them.
* MotherhoodIsSuperior: Inverted like you wouldn't believe. Alura was cold and distant towards Kara while Zor-El was the sympathetic parent.
* MoralityChain: Zor-El was this to Alura. With him dead, Alura keeps making morally dubious action after morally dubious action.
* NiceGuy: Zor-El was a spectacular father and was genuinely intrigued by humans and proposed peaceful interactions with them.
* SuperpowerLottery:
** EyeBeams
** FlyingBrick
** FlyingFirepower
** NighInvulnerability
** SuperReflexes
** SuperSenses
** SuperSpeed
** SuperStrength
** XRayVision