!Raul Gureden (Voiced by Creator/GoInoue)

Male protagonist of ''Reversal'', Raul Gureden is a test pilot of the Excellence machine installed with the Time Flow Engine. He is partnered with WrenchWench Mizuho Saiki and good friends with the energy {{Otaku}} Raji Montoya. His story differs depending on {{Continuity}}.

In ''Reversal'', Raul lives in a CrapsackWorld where events like ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack'' or ''[[Anime/MartianSuccessorNadesico Martian Successor Nadesico: Prince of Darkness]]'' is on the air. Trying to promote the Time Flow Engine, he enlists his team to the ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack Ra Cailum]]'' or ''[[Anime/MartianSuccessorNadesico Nadesico]]'', but at one point meets the enigmatic Duminuss, who wants the Engine for its own purposes. Attacking the Excellence crew, the Engine is damaged enough that it opens a wormhole, transporting them to the past, but before the events that occurred which turned their world into a crapsack. After doubting that any changes will preserve the future, Raul declares ''maybe'' a TemporalParadox won't hurt, [[ScrewDestiny if it's to fix the]] BadFuture, thus works with the [[BadassArmy Round Knights]] to ensure events will not trigger to cause the worst outcome. Duminuss continues to target him and the Engine, but its death throws Raul and his company back to their time, now brighter and sunnier because of his efforts to fix the past.

In ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2]]'', he hails from the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAdvance same world as the Shadow-Mirror]], with a younger {{Half Identical Twin|s}} sister named Fiona. In the prologue, the team's sought by the Shadow-Mirror, but continues to elude them, until [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Lemon Browning]] sends [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Axel Almer]] to retrieve the Time Flow Engine. He proceeds to disable Fiona's Excellence when Duminuss appears and sends an attack at Raul. Fiona [[TakingTheBullet takes the shot]], but the shock of the attack causes the Engine in her unit to go haywire and open a dimensional gate, sucking the siblings in (fortunately for Axel, he eludes it). Raul, Raji and Mizuho wind up transported to the Original Generation universe and align with the Earth Federation Army (with some help from [[Characters/CompatiHeroSeries Gilliam Yeager]]) at the height of the war with the "[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsClassic Inspectors]]" and the "[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Einst]]". Following the conflict, Raul, Raji and Mizuho join the crew of the ''Kurogane'' battleship, with hopes they might find Fiona.

Six months later in ''Original Generation Gaiden'', during a clash between [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGenerationSteelDragonBattleGroup Kouta Azuma]] and his BrainwashedAndCrazy sister [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGenerationSteelDragonBattleGroup Shouko Azuma]] as "Dark Emi", the energies from their respective "Compatible Kaiser" and "G-Thundergate" trigger a wormhole with Fiona and her Excellence coming out from it. While Raul catches up Fiona with current events, Duminuss kidnaps Raji and Mizuho; in response, he and Fiona take their machines to battle the creature and rescue them both. Raul's story ends with him dismantling the Excellence and the Time Flow Engine, citing the latter too dangerous and something like Duminuss will come again with hopes to seize the Engine and misuse it. Opting to open a junkyard/mechanic shop called "L&E Corporation", Raul continues to become a test pilot for Mizuho's new rescue-oriented robotics. Despite not actively taking to the battlefield again, Raul continues to help the Earth Federation Army in the ''Second Original Generation''.

The modular-based Excellence in all appearances comes with [[MechaExpansionPack a full set of frames]] [[SwissArmyWeapon changeable to adapt to any situation/terrain]]. In either {{Continuity}}, after Mizuho and Raji are captured by Duminuss, Raul acquires the {{super robot|Genre}} Excellence "Lightning" as a final upgrade. For the ''Second Original Generation'', despite having dismantled the Excellence, Raul returns with the new Excellence "Rescue", [[CombatMedic a designated support unit]].

Raul embodies these tropes:
* {{Attack Drone}}s: "Excellence Cosmodiver" frame's "Fairy"
* CallBack: In Scenario 27 for ''Original Generation Gaiden'', Raul notes the environment is the same when they were attacked by Axel and Duminuss back in their world. ''Original Generation Gaiden'' reuses the same map from ''[[VideoGameRemake Original Generations]]''.
* ChestBlaster: Excellence Lightning's "Black Sun"
* CompositeCharacter: [[spoiler:The "Excellence Gunstriker" frame in ''Original Generation'' {{Sequel}} ''The Moon Dwellers'' combines the melee-oriented nature of the "Excellence Striker" frame and the long-ranged "Excellence Gunner" frame from ''Reversal'' (the Gunner frame is absent in ''Original Generation Gaiden'')]].
* CoolSword: Excellence Lightning's "Dimension Slasher"
* DiscOneNuke: In ''The Moon Dwellers'', LevelGrinding Raul when he appears until he reaches level 99 in the Excellence Rescue invaribly levels the rest of the ''Reversal'' characters when they appear later in the game.
* GodzillaThreshold: After the battle with Dark Brain was over, Raul dismantled all Excellence units due to their Time Flow Engine being considered dangerous and more likely would attract dangerous beings like Dark Brain again. However, when the time-stopping [[Character/SuperRobotWarsJudgment Fury]] comes to fray, Raul decided to rebuild the Time Flow Engine just so the Terra Federation can stand a chance, even if his previous fears may come to pass one day.
* GunsAkimbo: Cosmodiver frame is equipped with two guns
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Over The Time Flow"
* MulticoloredHair: Black-red hair
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: His standard reaction whenever people try to ship him with Mizuho InUniverse.
* SpannerInTheWorks: In ''The Moon Dwellers'', [[spoiler:the Excellence Gunstriker - the rebuilt Time Flow Engine in his and Fiona's Excellence are able to NoSell the [[TimeStandsStill time manipulation abilities]] of the "[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsJudgment Fury]]"]].
* TemporalParadox, TimeTravel: ''Reversal'' only; of note is Raul doesn't necessarily care he might alter the future to be more of a {{crapsack|World}} than before.
* TransformingMecha: In ''Original Generation'', the Excellence can change its Cosmodiver, "Flyer" and Striker frames on the fly as opposed to ''Reversal'', where it can only be done during the intermission or docked with an allied battleship.
* WrongGenreSavvy: The dismantling of the Time Flow Engine and Excellence frames is the belief it's attracting problems because of its unique nature. By the ''Second Original Generation'', extraterrestrials still flock to Earth without it.

!Fiona Gureden (Voiced by Creator/YukiMasuda)

The heroine of ''Reversal'', Fiona Guresen starts as Raul's DistaffCounterpart, meaning her story's the same as his in ''Reversal'', [[SchrodingersPlayerCharacter yet they cannot co-exist together]]. Don't expect Fiona to be into GirlsLove for ''Reversal'', since she has a steady relationship with Raji, where she believes her status as a test pilot hinders his research with the Time Flow Engine. ''Original Generation'' turns her into Raul's [[HalfIdenticalTwins younger twin sister]] and unlike Raul who [[StraightMan takes his business seriously]], Fiona's [[TheTease much more laid back and a tease]], with a penchant of [[{{Subtext}} reminding her brother she's his younger sister]], despite him claiming [[DontExplainTheJoke it shouldn't make any difference, since they're...well, you know...twins]].

Her story starts out the same as Raul in ''Original Generation 2'', but after being thrown into the inter-dimensional gate, Fiona vanishes and isn't seen again. Come ''Original Generation Gaiden'', when the clash between the Compatible Kaiser's "Overgate Engine" and the G-Thundergate opens up a wormhole, out pops Fiona, starving and still injured from taking the attack meant for Raul by Duminuss. Thanks to the interference of Axel [[spoiler:and [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Einst Alfimi]]]], Raul hauls her for medical attention aboard the ''Kurogane''. After being caught up with the fact she's in an AlternateDimension and learning Raji and Mizuho are kidnapped by Duminuss, Fiona takes to the battlefield to assault Duminuss and continue to be at her brother's side. With Duminuss defeated, Fiona dismantles her Excellence, agreeing the Time Flow Engine is still yet an unstable piece of technology, and opens the L&E Corporation with Raul as another test pilot for Mizuho, although [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGenerationOthersAndWalkingSpoilers Doctor Marion Radom]] states she wants to build something for Fiona that's better than the Excellence.

Fiona starts with the same Excellence machine like Raul, however her final upgrade is the much more feminime-looking "Excellence Eternal". Fiona embodies these tropes (some of them are shared with Raul, though):
* {{Attack Drone}}s: Excellence Cosmodiver's Fairy
* CrucifiedHeroShot: Played with - Fiona certainly doesn't pull this pose while doing her HeroicSacrifice, but its an attack used by the Excellence Eternal called "Final Grand Cross". A case can be made that the attack is a ShoutOut to the "Grand Cross" attack from ''Anime/DetonatorOrgun''.
* DemotedToExtra: Rendered as a sub-pilot for the Excellence Rescue in the ''Second Original Generation'', [[spoiler:but averted in ''The Moon Dwellers'' when the Excellence Gunstriker frame is built and Time Flow Engine restored, allowing Fiona to become an active pilot again]].
* GunsAkimbo: Cosmodiver frame
* HeroicSacrifice: ''Original Generation'' only; subverted later due to TrailersAlwaysSpoil.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: In ''Original Generation Gaiden'', she gets praised by Marion for using the Eternal's energy emitters as DualWielding blades.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Over The World Wall"
* MeaningfulName: InUniverse, Fiona comes up with the L&E monniker for their company after the Excellence '''L'''ightning and '''E'''ternal frames.
* TheTease: Not as much as [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Excellen Browning]], but she mercilessly teases her "Onii-chan~".
* TransformingMecha: ''Original Generation'' only

!Raji Montoya (Voiced by Hideki Ogihara)

Raul's scientist friend who created the Time Flow Engine, Raji Montoya's an {{Otaku}} about energy sources and usually accompanies Raul in his endeavors, but in Fiona's scenario for ''Reversal'', he's her LoveInterest and a big source of Fiona's {{Wangst}}. In either {{Continuity}}, he's kidnapped with Mizuho to create a new Time Flow Engine for Duminuss, but sabotages it at the last second to give Raul/Fiona a chance. Exclusively for ''Original Generation'', he becomes a sub-pilot for Raul's Excellence Lightning. At the end of ''Original Generation Gaiden'', when Raul and Fiona decide to dismantle their Excellences, Raji doesn't entirely abandon his continuing research to the Time Flow Engine, but he does intend to one day discover the Engine's true properties.

[[NamesTheSame Not related in any way with]] [[Film/ThePrincessBride Inigo Montoya]], nor [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya did he say that]], nor were his parents [[YouKilledMyFather killed by Duminuss]] and neither does he say "PrepareToDie".

Tropes associated with Raji:
* AscendedExtra: Promoted from a NonPlayerCharacter in ''Reversal'' to a sub-pilot in ''Original Generation''.
* HeroicSecondWind: When Duminuss appears for the penultimate time in ''Reversal'', it's really joyous the Round Knights cannot stop it from getting what it wants. Suddenly, Raji makes his "malfunction" on the second Time Flow Engine work, Duminuss gets horribly wounded and the tables are turned in the Round Knights' favor.
* StoicSpectacles: Applicable since Raji barely emotes; his character portrait in ''Original Generation'' rarely changes.
* MrExposition: He spouts a lot of exposition whenever his favorite subject comes up, namely, the AppliedPhlebotinum used to power the various robots he encounters.
* {{Otaku}}: He is so obsessed with power sources that he wanted to disassemble Anime/CombattlerV and Anime/VoltesV just to see how their electromagnetic energy work. This is parodied in a intermission save dialogue for ''Original Generations'', where he tries to ''disassemble the UsefulNotes/{{PlayStation 2}} just to understand how its energy source works!

!Mizuho Saiki (Voiced by Mariko Suzuki)

The other friend of Raul, more specifically his girlfriend ([[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend or not, as he insists]]), Mizuho Saiki's responsible for the creation of the Excellence machines and their various frames, built on the basis that her parents died after a disaster and she wanted to create a rescue-based unit. {{Irony}} ensues because of the military demands in their world, thus she winds up arming the Excellence instead. Unfortunately for players, if Fiona's the protagonist for ''Reversal'', don't expect any LesYay. Usually seen next with Raji as a pair developing the Excellence, and in either {{Continuity}}, she's kidnapped with him by Duminuss. Exclusively for ''Original Generation'', she becomes a sub-pilot for Fiona's Excellence Eternal.

Tropes associated with Mizuho:
* AscendedExtra: Like Raji, Mizuho rises from side-character status in ''Reversal'' to Fiona's sub-pilot in ''Original Generation''.
* [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend He Is Not My Boyfriend]]: Her reaction with Raul
* WrenchWench: May double as TheBlacksmith, having crafted the {{Mecha Expansion Pack}}s for the Excellence.


The antagonists of ''Reversal'', this group consists of a giant pink [[BuffySpeak blob-thing]] and its three homunculi children. Tropes common among all of them are:
* CrossdressingVoices: Duminuss and Laliar
* FreudianTrio, NiceMeanAndInBetween
** Tis is the "id", being the most bratty and impulsive
** Laliar is the "ego", who acts as the mediator between the siblings
** Despinis is the "superego", since she handles the task of supervising the construction of the second Time Flow Engine in ''Reversal''.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "Original Sin"; exclusively in ''Original Generation Gaiden'', the homunculi get their own exclusive theme "Be A Perfect".
* LittleMissBadass: Tis and Despinis; in fact, don't be fooled by the latter's demure self. She's just about as good as she gets in combat.
* MeaningfulName, ThemeNaming: Duminuss and homunculi are all named after Greek words
** Duminuss (more accurately ''dunamis'') means "power", while ''teis'', ''despinis'' and ''raria" mean "matter", "miss" and "speech", respectively.
** The homunculi's mecha are ''Thugater'' and ''Pater'' (Tis), ''Eleos'' (Despinis) and ''Hypokrisis'' (Laliar), meaning "daughter" and "father", "mercy" and "hypocrisy", respectively.
* OurHomunculiAreDifferent: Although they look like human children, each have SuperStrength
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it "Tis" or "Tiz"? Is it "Despinis" or "Despoiniz"? Is it "Laliar", "Ralia" or "Lalia"?
* UndyingLoyalty: The three homunculi to Duminuss; subverted in ''Original Generation'' during Duminuss' LastStand.
* WouldntHurtAChild: Played with in ''Reversal'' - Duminuss created the homunculi as children believing people will hesitate to fight a child. Averted when they sacrifice their "mind" to heal their badly injured master, forcing players to kill them.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Pink for Tis, deep blue for Despinis

!!Duminuss (Voiced by Atsuko Hayama)

Duminuss is the mysterious entity in ''Reversal'' who claims it killed its creator (it could possibly be a ''she'' because of its voice actor in ''Original Generation'', but due to the lack of a specific gender, this page will simply designate Duminuss "genderless") and wonders about its purpose and attempts to find the answer. When Duminuss stumbles upon the Time Flow Engine, it tries to seize that with hopes to return to a point in the past and ask its creator about its purpose. Throughout ''Reversal'', Duminuss is assisted by three homunculi it created.

In ''Original Generation 2'', Duminuss makes its appearance in the Shadow-Mirror universe and heads an attack on the Gureden siblings, unknowingly damaging Fiona's Excellence and its Time Flow Engine. The next time it appears is in ''Original Generation Gaiden'', where-in Duminuss destroys [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGenerationAntagonists Wilhelm von Juergen]] and commandeers the "ODE System" for its use. In this setting, Duminuss has acquired the "Emi Armor" and G-Thundergate, forming an uneasy alliance with the "[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact3 Shura]]". As help for revealing the inner workings of the "Swordian Fortress", Duminuss demands they kidnap Shouko Azuma, {{Brainwashing}} her to become Dark Emi via the Emi Armor and use the G-Thundergate to antagonize "Fighter Roar", Kouta's HenshinHero alter ego. All this is so Duminuss can gather parts of the "Twelve Keys" to summon its master [[Characters/CompatiHeroseries Dark Brain]] into this dimension.

Unfortunately, due to multiple circumstances, the Emi Armor and G-Thundergate are seized by Kouta and his allies from the Earth Federation Army, forcing Duminuss to call its master. However, Dark Brain deems Duminuss a failure for having lost the Emi Armor and G-Thundergate to his ArchNemesis and destroys Duminuss after successfully summoning it.

For the duration of ''Reversal'', Duminuss can take on three forms: "Proton", "Deutron" and "Triton". ''Original Generation Gaiden'' tosses out the Deutron form and has Duminuss transform into its Triton form. Tropes associated with Duminuss:
* AntiVillain BigBad: ''Reversal'' only; many players REALLY got too touched with the homunculi's heart-wrenching HeroicSacrifice to the point where one has to wonder "''THIS'' is the 'BigBad' of the game?". Some players went to the extremes and were unable to finish ''Reversal'' because they just couldn't bear to see the event go in vain. However, ''Original Generation Gaiden'' [[AvertedTrope threw all of this out the window]] when it [[spoiler:forcibly absorbs Tis and Laliar against their will to stay alive]].
* BackFromTheDead, CameBackWrong: It'd use these as a means to antagonize the heroes by reviving two supposedly dead characters - in ''Reversal'', it's [[spoiler:[[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Master Asia]]]]; in ''Original Generation Gaiden'', it's [[spoiler:[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Lamia Loveless]]]] (though more of a case of salvaging a NotQuiteDead person).
* BetaTestBaddie: Implied in ''Original Generation Gaiden'' by Dark Brain, [[spoiler:who calls Duminuss correctly as "Dynamis 3", the notion that Duminuss is but one of many other examples of this in TheMultiverse created and sent out to seek the Twelve Keys]].
* EvilMatriarch: Apparently this is what it is, if one believes it's a "she". It doesn't help that Duminuss has a CrossDressingVoice.
* OneWingedAngel: Two moments of this in ''Reversal''
* MoreThanMindControl: In ''Original Generation Gaiden'', Duminuss resorts to this to control [[spoiler:Lamia]] since normal reprogramming isn't enough, [[spoiler:yet it misses [[ChekhovsGun one tiny black box which ends up enabling her to recover]]]].
* SmugSnake: In ''Original Generation Gaiden'', Duminuss works with fellow SmugSnake [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsCompact3 Mizal Touval]].
* VillainOverride: Touchingly subverted in ''Reversal''; [[spoiler:as Duminuss is fatally wounded by the Round Knights, the homunculi sacrifice their souls to heal it, but their bodies keep going, [[{{Determinator}} determined to carry out their creator's last wish]]. Made more touchingly when Dumniuss asks each of them what they desire, promising to fulfill it when it resurrects them]].
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Duminuss' only wish is to know its purpose; because its creator shunned Duminuss, it destroyed the creator. [[spoiler:It's implied Dark Brain implanted that memory into the ''Reversal'' version of Duminuss and abandoned it]]. Duminuss shifts into different dimensions, discovers the Time Flow Engine and wants to use it to return to the past to ask its creator for its purpose. Three homunculi are constructed by Duminuss to assist it, with such loyalty to it [[spoiler:they willingly sacrifice themselves to regenerate their master]]. The Round Knights destroy Duminuss and it dies in agony never knowing what its true purpose is. Note this only applies to the ''Reversal'' countepart as ''Original Generation Gaiden'' subverts this and makes Duminuss [[spoiler:an unrepentant JerkAss since its ''Original Generation'' counterpart is an entirely ''different'' entity created by Dark Brain (see BetaTestBaddie)]].
* YankTheDogsChain: Attempts to do so in ''Original Generation Gaiden'' - [[spoiler:after making it look like Lamia is KilledOffForReal, Duminuss brings her back in order to demoralize her allies, making sure Lamia cannot refuse any order such as a SelfDestructMechanism. This ends in failure because Axel [[BackFromTheDead happens to be around]], [[HeelFaceTurn has a change of heart]] and [[SpannerInTheWorks knows something that overrides]] Duminuss' {{Brainwashing}}]].

!!Tis (Voiced by Mayuko Takahashi)

The pink-haired homunculus of Duminuss, Tis is the leader of the three. Impulsive and hot-headed, Tis is [[ACupAngst super sensitive about the size of her breasts]] (in fact, her wish if she ever gets revived is to get [[BuxomIsBetter a body with larger ones]]). In ''Reversal'', Tis makes contact with the "[[Anime/{{Zambot 3}} Gaizock Empire]]" for an alliance; in ''Original Generation'', she sends the "[[Characters/SuperRobotWarsMX Space Flounders]]" against the ''Hiryu Custom'' battleship, as well ensuring the G-Thundergate is still in their possession.

Her mecha is called the "Durgatel", which is always accompanied by the "[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Pater]]". Tis embodies these tropes:
* CuteBruiser: Moreso than the other homunculi - in ''Reversal'', she and her homunculi siblings fight the "[[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Shuffle Alliance]]" ''to a standstill''...in '''unarmed combat'''.
* EnfantTerrible: Unlike the other homunculi, Tiz is the meanest.
* FastballSpecial: One of the Durgatel's attacks is having its towering golem-like machine Pater throwing it at the enemy.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Durgatel's partnered with the much larger Pater, used in most of its attacks.

!!Despinis (Voiced by Megumi Ishikawa)

The blue-haired homunculus of Duminuss, the [[ShrinkingViolet chronically and painfully shy]] Despinis is charged with keeping control of those brought BackFromTheDead by Duminuss. When that character is freed, she handles the job of observing the construction of the second Time Flow Engine by Raji and Mizuho in ''Reversal''.

Despinis is seen with her mecha "Ereos" in combat. Tropes associated with her include:
* AdaptationalHeroism: In ''Reversal'', Despinis is an enemy, yet her worst is leveled at AntiVillain because of her personality traits. Her ''Original Generation'' counterpart remains the same, [[spoiler:but due to SparedByTheAdaptation, she slowly swings towards heroism and turns into a {{Face}} for the {{Sequel}}s]].
* AscendedExtra: In ''Original Generation'', Despinis ApologisesALot to match her ShrinkingViolet characterization; furthermore, [[spoiler:she is the only homunculi spared when Dumniuss forcibly consumes them against their will as the Gureden siblings interfere. The twins adopt her into their family, turning her into a sub-pilot for the Excellence Rescue in the ''Second Original Generation'']].
* ApologeticAttacker: Frequently in whichever machine she uses.
* CharacterDevelopment: During her debut, Despinis is pretty much an AntiVillain who ApologisesALot. She still carries the trait in the OG-verse, but [[spoiler:after she's spared from death and then adopted by the Guredens, they ''really'' put effort to treat her like a family, causing Despinis to be more confident on herself and while she's still a little shy, she's much less so than in the beginning and apologizes less. By the time ''The Moon Dwellers'' roll in and she got to be the main pilot of Excellence Rescue, you can feel that she's more confident in her lines. The wonders of SparedByAdaptation can do that.]]
* CombatMedic: [[spoiler:Becomes the primary pilot of the Excellence Rescue in ''The Moon Dwellers'']].
* HappilyAdopted: [[spoiler:Becomes part of the Gureden family post-''Original Generation Gaiden'']].
* OjouRinglets, RegalRinglets: To coincide with her RapunzelHair
* RedemptionEarnsLife: [[spoiler:''Original Generation'' only, primarily because she apologizes for having Lamia BrainwashedAndCrazy after resurrecting her, is [[HumanityIsInfectious convinced by Raji and Mizuho to abandon Duminuss' quest]], pulls a HeelFaceTurn and granted Raul and Fiona's protection during Duminuss' LastStand and a place among their allies]].
* ShrinkingViolet, ShyBlueHairedGirl: An archetypal example
* SparedByTheAdaptation: In ''Reversal'', she combines with the rest of the homunculi to create Duminuss Triton, then destroyed by the Round Knights; [[spoiler:in ''Original Generation Gaiden'', she is absent when Duminuss absorbs her sibilings and is about to be KilledOffForReal by Dark Brain before when the Gureden siblings defend her, allowing her to live]].
* SupportPartyMember
** [[spoiler:Players are unlikely to use Despinis for combat against Dark Brain or TrueFinalBoss [[Characters/MasouKishin Shu Shirakawa]] in ''Original Generation Gaiden''. Like Alfimi, Despinis has a set of support-based "Spirit Commands" available post-HeelFaceTurn without leveling her; as a sub-pilot in the Excellence Rescue for the sequels, Despinis is largely an extra set of Spirit Commands available for Raul to use]]. Justified because she tends to stay out of direct combat during her time serving Duminuss, with Laliar and Tis doing the heavy hitting; the Ereos is also designed to look like a WhiteMage with a magical staff, further putting her into this trope.
** [[spoiler:Continued in ''The Moon Dwellers'' once she inherits the Excellence Rescue entirely, turning her into a full-blown CombatMedic]].
* WalkingSpoiler: Some of the spoilered tropes are the result of vast differences between her ''Reversal'' and ''Original Generation'' counterparts.

!!Laliar (Voiced by Ryoko Nagata)

The only male homunculus, Laliar serves as the middle ground between Tis and Despinis. He contacts "[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack Neo Zeon]]" in ''Reversal'' and takes a more active stance in combat. In ''Original Generation Gaiden'', Laliar rarely heads to the battlefield and [[DemotedToExtra largely shafted to the sidelines]].

In the instances he does fight, he uses the machine "Hypocrisis". Tropes associated with Laliar:
* DemotedToExtra: Laliar was very active in ''Reversal'', but is akin to a glorified MissionControl for his siblings in ''Original Generation Gaiden''. While he does get into battle, it'd be for around just one or two scenarios.
* KnightInShiningArmor: Always acts like this toward his homunculi siblings. It isn't unusual for him to hold off the heroes so Tis and Despinis can escape.
* TheOneGuy, UnsettlingGenderReveal: Yes, Laliar is a ''boy'', folks.
* SwordsAkimbo, BladeOnAStick: Hypocrisis sports four arms, all of them holding a sword each during one attack. Hypocrisis also wields several spears as its armament.