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Sith during the Rise of the Empire Era.



[[folder:Darth Bane]]
!!Darth Bane (Dessel)
!!!'''Species:''' Human
!!!'''Homeworld:''' Apatros

->'''Appears in:''' ''Literature/DarthBane'' | ''Jedi Vs. Sith'' | ''Bane of the Sith'' | ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]'' [[note]]deleted scene and Force ghost only[[/note]]

-->''"I am the Dark Lord who will restore the Sith to glory. They call me Bane."''

Star of the ''Literature/DarthBane'' trilogy of novels. He destroyed the obsolete original Sith Order and created his own.
* AbusiveParents: His father beat him from childhood up until his late teens, when Bane accidentally killed him with the Force. For a given value of "parent", he would likely count as this towards Zannah, albeit more in the sense that he is TheCorrupter and put her through a TrainingFromHell, not that he was ever pointlessly cruel to her for no reason.
* TheAntiChrist: Bane extensively researches the Sith'ari prophecy that is the Sith's equivalent to the Chosen One. Since he believes the Force is there for him to command, instead of vice versa, he discounts the prophecy, but if the Sith'ari does exist [[spoiler:it's probably Bane himself.]] This was later confirmed by the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.
** Even though his plan takes [[ExtyYearsFromNow one thousand years]] to pull off.
* {{Badass Bookworm}}: It's implied that much of Bane's knowledge of the Force comes entirely from his diligent study of Old Sith lore. It's especially impressive when you realize that Bane was a miner with little-to-no formal education and no training in the Force whatsoever until he was in his mid-twenties.
* BaldOfEvil: He's gone bald from the toxic dusts he breathed in during his youth, while working in the [[MadeOfIndestructium cortosis]] mines of his homeworld.
* {{The Chessmaster}}: Bane had established a massive network of spies and informants across the galaxy to keep him informed of various political movements.
* {{Combat Pragmatist}}: As befitting a Sith, Bane uses any trick necessary to win.
* DeadlyUpgrade: The orbalisk-armor he wore for ten years. The parasites provided him NighInvulnerability upped by a HealingFactor strong enough to instantly heal lightsaber-cuts, and increased both his physical and Force powers to monstrous levels. However at the same time they were constantly poisoning him, feeding on his Dark Side energies, and caused him to flew into {{Unstoppable Rage}}s, that completely clouded his mind and judgement.
* {{Curb Stomp Battle}}: Bane is on the recieving end of one when first dueling Sirak. He returns the favor later on.
* {{Determinator}}: Nothing stops Bane when he sets his mind to it.
* EvilCounterpart: He's kind of the anti-Luke Skywalker: both of their mothers died in child-birth. Bane's father was an [[AbusiveParents Abusive Parent]], and he was partially responsible for Bane growing up to be a sociopath. Luke's father didn't even know of his existence, and during their first meeting cut off Luke's hand in a duel, and tried to temp him to join TheDarkSide. Both Bane and Luke are immensely powerful in the Force. Both have brought around the destruction of the Sith Order of their time. As Bane rebuilt the Sith in accordance with his vision, so did Luke rebuild the Jedi Order. As if trying to lampshade this, when Bane made an appearance in ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'' he was voiced by Creator/MarkHamill.
* FreudianExcuse: Darth Bane was abused as a child by his father and grew up on an armpit of a planet. Bizarrely, while it's easy to see how this shaped him into a monster, he makes no attempt to justify his actions with it.
* {{From Nobody to Nightmare}}: Who would have thought that the abused son of a miner on a backwater planet would grow to become the most significant Sith lord in Star Wars history?
* GeniusBruiser: Unlike [[BookDumb most other]] Sith at the Academy on Korriban, Bane spent a great deal of his time reading and studying the histories and philosophies of past Sith Lords, and by the end of his life was an expert on these subjects He was capable of formulating incredibly complex and long-term plans, manipulating others easily, without even using the Force, and he accumulated an immense wealth of both money and information by using his facade as a trader,. He also happens to be a master lightsaber duelist, and an immensely powerful user of TheDarkSide.
* GreaterScopeVillain: Put the RuleOfTwo that he put into place would govern the Sith all the way to Sidious's death, and in fact Sidious's conquest of the Galaxy and creation of the Galactic Empire was ultimately the culmination of his plan.
* ImmortalitySeeker: When he feared that Darth Zannah would never become powerful enough to strike him down, he attempted to discover the secret of immortality so that he would live long enough to destroy the Jedi himself. When Zannah found out, she pointed out that this violated the RuleOfTwo that he himself created (though she later conceded that it didn't truly, since the Master still had to do everything they could to survive, and she realises that he only did it because he feared that since she still hadn't try to kill him that she lacked the necessary ambition).
* {{Irony}}: Bane is disdainful of [[EvilIsPetty petty sadism]], preaches that there should only be two Sith at any given time, and feels that the Apprentice must overthrow the Master in the DuelToTheDeath rather than through trickery or deceit, to prove that the next Master is stronger than the last. Flash forward a thousand years, and Palpatine- the Sith who brings all of Banes' plans and ambitions to fruition- is the exact opposite of all of this, a [[{{Sadist}} sadistic]] [[TheSociopath psychopath]] with a [[LaughablyEvil warped sense of humour]], who trains an apprentice Darth Maul while still serving under Plagueis, whom he murders by getting him drunk and torturing him to death with Force Lightning while he starts to sleep, partly out of fear that he might be slightly stronger than he is. The ultimate slap in the face for Banes' vision is that Palpatine is in-canon '''the''' most skilled, powerful and successful Sith Lord who ever lived.
* LargeAndInCharge: He was two meters tall, and very muscular in built.
* LaserBlade: He wielded the blade of his Fencing Master's Master.
* {{Lightning Bruiser}}: Bane is very fast, in spite of his size.
* LongGame: So long in fact that he was fully aware it could not be obtained in his life time, hence the Rule of Two he established.
* ManipulativeBastard: Bane, when he destroys the Brotherhood by playing on Kaan's ego.
* MasterSwordsman: Effortlessly took on the Jedi Grandmaster and the Jedi Weaponmaster of his time ''simultaneously''. Of course, it helped that most of his body was invulnerable to lightsabers.
* NoBodyLeftBehind: His body was destroyed when he tried to take over Zannah's body.
* PragmaticVillainy: While Bane's a coldblooded killer, he's not a petty sadist, doesn't kill on a whim, and will spare people's lives if they prove themselves useful.
* RuleOfTwo: He created the rule that only two Dark Lords of the Sith could exist in any given time: a master and an apprentice.
--> '''Darth Bane''': Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.
* TheSocialDarwinist: He's a firm believer of "survival of the fittest". This is part of the RuleOfTwo: a Sith Lord remains in charge by proving himself the strongest until his apprentice eventually becomes strong enough to defeat him.
* {{Stern Teacher}}: To Zannah. While hardly kind or merciful, he wasn't cruel.
* {{Ubermensch}}: Sought to make the Sith Order greater than it was before by destroying it and remaking it with the RuleOfTwo.
* TheUnfettered: Bane doesn't do morality, or indeed any kind of rule other than the exaltation of strength.
* {{Villain Protagonist}}: Of the eponymous Darth Bane novels.

[[folder:Darth Zannah]]
!!Darth Zannah (Rain)
!!!'''Species:''' Human
!!!'''Homeworld:''' Somov Rit

->'''Appears in:''' ''Literature/DarthBane'' | ''Jedi Vs. Sith''

-->''"This is the way of our Order. An individual may die, but the Sith are eternal."''

Originally a homeless orphan discovered by Bane. He noted her great potential in the Force and took her on as his apprentice.
* BadassBookworm: Given that her specialty in the Force is sorcery, which requires intensive study in the Force. Her only education was also through her study of the Force under Bane.
* BastardUnderstudy: During most of the Bane-trilogy she was acting as Darth Bane's apprentice.
* CombatTentacles: She summoned tentacles made of pure Dark Side energy in her final duel against Darth Bane.
* CripplingOverspecialization: Double-fold at that:
** The only lightsaber-style she mastered is the defensive Soresu. This means, that while she can protect herself from almost any opponent, she herself can't go on the offensive until the opponent tires out and/or makes a mistake- and if that doesn't happen she's in a risk of tiring out herself!
** Similarly she only developed her sorcery-related Force-abilities, which as powerful as they are, they take immense concentration to use, leaving her unable to perform them while defending herself in a lightsaber-duel, and conversely unable to defend herself while using them.
* DarkActionGirl: A Powerful and scary warrior who happens to be female.
* DisproportionateRetribution: When she found out a woman had slept with her boyfriend, she put her in a permanent coma, forced to suffer nightmares for the rest of her life.
* DoubleWeapon: Wields a double-bladed lightsaber.
* {{The Dragon}}: To Bane in the Darth Bane novels.
* EvilSorcerer: More so than other Sith Lords, for Zannah has an innate gift for 'Sith Sorcery'.
* FemmeFatale: She's described as very attractive, and she's perfectly aware of it, using her beauty on numerous occasions to get information from unsuspecting males she encounters.
* IKnowWhatYouFear: See MindRape.
* LaserBlade: Her double-bladed lightsaber.
* {{Magic Knight}}: While this is a common attribute for all Jedi and Sith, Zannah deserves special mention for her aptitude in Sith Sorcery and developing many unique force skills.
* MindRape: One of her skills is being able to bring forth the most terrifying nightmares from a person's subconscious in the form of hallucinations.
* {{Pragmatic Villainy}}: When Bane is injured, Zannah attempts to save his life. The reason for this is because he hadn't fully taught her all of his dark side abilities, yet.
* {{Sadist}}: Unlike the more pragmatic Bane, Zannah clearly enjoys inflicting pain on others.
* ASinisterClue: She's left-handed, and is one of the few ''Star Wars'' characters (let alone Sith) to be described as such.
* {{The Starscream}}: A very successful one, as she succeeds in killing Darth Bane.
* {{Stealth Expert}}: One of Zannah's abilities is to use the dark side to conceal her presence.
* StoneWall: Zannah is trained in Soresu, a form of lightsaber combat that places heavy emphasis on defense and endurance.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Rain was a sweet little girl but circumstance molded her into every bit the sociopathic monster it takes to become a Sith.

[[folder:Darth Cognus]]
!!Darth Cognus ("The Huntress")
!!!'''Species:''' Iktotchi

An Iktotchi assassin turned Dark Lord of the Sith, and the apprentice of Darth Zannah.
* DarkActionGirl
* DreamingOfThingsToCome: One of her special skills is having incredibly accurate visions of the future in her dreams.
* DualWielding
* HornedHumanoid: Comes with being an Iktotchi.
* KnifeNut: Before becoming a Sith Lord, she favored a pair of knives as her main weapons.
* NoNameGiven: Before taking her Sith name, she was only ever known as 'the Huntress'.
* PowerNullifier: Cognus has an inate talent for disrupting and suppressing other people's ability to use the Force, making Jedi and other Force-users easy prey.
* ProfessionalKiller
* PsychoForHire
* SlasherSmile: She's very fond of these in ''[[Literature/DarthBane Dynasty of Evil]]''.
* TattooedCrook: Cognus has four black tattoos shaped like lines that run down from her lower lip; when she smiles, they look like fangs.
* {{Vibroweapon}}: She wields vibroblades instead of lightsabers as a Sith Lord.

[[folder:Darth Millenial]]
!!Darth Millennial

A failed Sith Apprentice of Darth Cognus who rejected the Rule of Two and went on to found the Dark Force religion and the Prophets of the Dark Side.
* BornInTheWrongCentury: He opposed the changes Darth Bane made to the order and would've fit in perfectly in Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness.
* TheHeretic: Abandoned the Rule of Two.
* {{Mutants}}: A mutant human.
* StartMyOwn: The founder of the Dark Force religion and through them the Prophets of the Dark Side.
* ThirdEye: Has a literal one in the center of his forehead, showing him to be a {{Mutant|s}}. Unlike his two blue eyes normally, this one is yellow.

[[folder:Darth Vectivus]]
!!Darth Vectivus

* HonestCorporateExecutive: Formerly. An example is shutting down a mining operation when a Dark Side Force nexus began to negatively effect his employees.
* MasterOfIllusion: Able to conjure up lifelike "Force phantoms" using a technique he devised.
* StrikeMeDownWithAllYourHatred: Attempted this on Jedi Knight Nelani Dinn when summoned as a phantom by Lumiya, but failed.

[[folder:Darth Gravid]]
!!Darth Gravid

->'''Appears in:''' ''Literature/DarthPlagueis'' (mention only)

A Sith Lord who was the master of Darth Gean.
* BarrierWarrior: He could create powerful force fields massive enough to shield entire fortresses.
* LightIsNotGood: One of the few lightsided Sith lords. While he did incorporate Jedi teachings of mercy and compassion, ultimately he was driven to madness as he focused on the Light Side, and went fully cuckoo. Also, there's no indication he ever underwent an actual HeelFaceTurn.
* SanitySlippage: After learning a little about Jedi teachings, he decided to try to integrate them with Sith teachings, but the attempt drove him insane, leading Darth Gean to kill him.
* SpannerInTheWorks: In his madness, he destroyed several Sith documents, artifacts, and holocrons, setting the Sith cause back. Darth Plagueis mused that the Jedi Order may have been destroyed centuries ago if it hadn't been for him.

[[folder:Darth Gean]]
!!Darth Gean
!!!'''Species:''' Twi'lek

->'''Appears in:''' ''Literature/DarthPlagueis'' (mention only)

A Twi'lek Sith Lord who was the apprentice of Darth Gravid.
* ArtificialLimbs: She required a new arm after her final duel with her master.
* DarkActionGirl
* HandicappedBadass: The loss of her arm didn't hamper her fighting abilities and Force powers.

[[folder:Darth Tenebrous]]
!!Darth Tenebrous (Rugess Nome)
!!!'''Species:''' Bith

A Sith Lord with a day job as a starship designer. He was the master of Darth Plagueis.
* AndIMustScream: When Darth Plagueis killed him, he entered his body in virus form. However, after seeing a brief vision of Plagueis being killed, he panicked and exited his body, only to find he was now endlessly reliving his own death.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: A racial trait of the Bith. He could see patterns everywhere and predict future events without having to use his Force abilities. He introduced Hego Demask's parents to each other because he predicted that their child would become a powerful Force Sensitive who would be a worthy apprentice.
* DoWrongRight: When Darth Plagueis mortally wounded him, he congratulated him for finally killing him, but then berated him for recklessly putting their ship in danger in the process. If the ship had been destroyed, Plagueis would have been stranded on the planet they were on and the Sith Order would have been finished.
* EquivalentExchange: He sacrificed his ability to see visions of the future to gain the ability to transfer his consciousness into a retrovirus upon death that could infect and possess others.
* ImmortalitySeeker: He settled for transferring his consciousness upon death into a retrovirus that could infect and possess others.
* NeckSnap: After he was mortally wounded, Plagueis finished him off with one.

[[folder:Darth Plagueis]]
!!Darth Plagueis (Hego Damask)
!!!'''Species:''' Muun

A Sith Lord and lobbyist, Darth Plagueis was the apprentice of Darth Tenebrous and the master of Darth Sidious.
* {{A God Am I}}: Plagueis is hellbent on securing immortality, as he believes it will make him this
* {{The Ageless}}: Plagueis' preferred form of immortality
* {{Badass Bookworm}}: Plagueis' exploration of midichlorians and the esoteric nature of the force required considerable scientific experimentation.
* BaldOfEvil: Well, he can't help it, Munns don't grow hair.
* TheChessmaster: Plagueis was a very skilled political mover, given that he was the one to plant the clone army idea in Sifo-Dyas' mind.
* DeathByIrony: He dies the exact same way many of his "experiments" did: [[spoiler:his body cut off from air, the midichlorians living in his cells unable to accomplish his demand of healing him.]] He could save others from death but not himself.
* {{Emperor Scientist}}: Plagueis is a [[BadassBookworm lethal combatant]] and seeks to conquer the galaxy like all other Sith, but he puts particular emphasis on the esoteric nature of the Force, conducting extensive experiments in attempt to directly control midi-chlorians.
* EnfanteTerrible: As a child, he used his Force abilities to torment the kids around them and made one [[PsychicAssistedSuicide jump out a window to his death]].
* EvenEvilHasStandards: He finds Sidious' [[{{Sadist}} sadism]] and [[BloodKnight bloodlust]] to be excessive at times.
--> '''Plagueis''': We are not butchers, Sidious, like some past Sith Lords. We are architects of the future.
* EvilGenius: One of his defining traits compared to other Sith. While he's [[BadassBookworm quite capable]] of handling himself in combat, he was much more interested in intellectual pursuits (in particular experiments with midichlorians) and gaining political power than he was in getting into fights. At times he finds [[{{Sadist}} Palpatine's]] excessive [[BloodKnight bloodlust]] to be counterproductive and even reminds him that they are architects, not butchers.
* ExtremeOmnivore: He once eat the dead corpses of dead fish and bats in caves on the planet where he killed his master. He and Palpatine also one shared a fresh ''heart'' that he pulled out of a dead alien they had just killed during a training session. Ironically Muun are herbivores, and somewhat hypocritically Plagueis looks down on non-Muuns for eating meat (something he himself does either to fit in with humans or other aliens, or as stated out of desperation or as part of Sith ritual).
* HealingFactor: His very specific type of [[ImmortalitySeeker seeking immortality]]. Plagueis has no interest in spending eternity as a Force ghost or a spirit bound to an object or place, and he has no desire to possess the bodies of others or mindless clones; he wants to live forever in the body he was born with. To this end he uses the Force to coerce the midiclorians living in his cells into rejuvenating his body.
* LeanAndMean: As a Muun, Plagueis is naturally tall and thin.
* {{Hypocrite}}: He repeatedly looks down on pretty much every other person in the galaxy as merely a pawn in the Siths' Grand Plan, and like many Sith believes that the Dark Side serves him (or is at least an ally) rather than the other way round. Except that Plagueis own ''birth'' was orchestrated by Darth Tenebrous so that he could serve as the perfect Sith apprentice, he made no attempt to step out from the shadow of his master until the Dark Side presented him with (and even suggested) the opportunity (Tenebrous even privately worries that Damask lacks the ambition to try), he is saved repeatedly by the Dark Side or Palpatine intervening when he is in a life-or-death situation, [[spoiler: and he himself is merely a pawn of Palpatine who was playing him like a fiddle since the day they met.]]
* {{Man of Wealth and Taste}}: Plagueis is said to be very well dressed and elegant.
* {{Money Is Not Power}}: Despite his status as a financial superstar, Plagueis points this out to Veruna. This is understandable, given his immersion in the Dark Side.
* MorallyBankruptBanker: Even as a Sith Lord, he had a day-job as a banker.
* {{Noble Demon}}: Particularly in comparison to his apprentice, Plagueis is more loyal and honest than most Sith.
* {{One Man Army}}: Both Plagueis and Palpatine demonstrated that they could defeat and kill hundreds of enemies at once.
* {{Pet the Dog}}: Plagueis is pretty nice and polite to any droids in his service in direct contrast to pretty much 75% of the galactic community.
* UnwittingPawn: He thought he was the one in charge, but [[spoiler: Sidious had been manipulating him from the day they met.]]
* VillainProtagonist: Of [[Literature/DarthPlagueis the eponymous novel]].
* WeCanRuleTogether: Unlike previous Sith Lords, Plagueis cares little for Darth Bane's Rule of Two and intends to rule the galaxy alongside his apprentice forever as immortal beings. [[spoiler:Unfortunately for him, Sidious had other plans...]]
* {{Wicked Cultured}}: Plagueis was more used to the finer things in life.