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* [[Characters/SherlockSherlockHolmes Sherlock Holmes]]
* [[Characters/SherlockJohnWatson John Watson]]
* [[Characters/SherlockJimMoriarty Jim Moriarty]]
* [[Characters/SherlockAntagonists Other Antagonists]][[note]]Jeff Hope, Irene Adler, Charles Augustus Magnussen, Culverton Smith, [[spoiler:Eurus Holmes]][[/note]]
* [[Characters/SherlockPolice The Police]][[note]]Inspector Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Philip Anderson, DI Dimmock[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SherlockGovernment The Government]][[note]]Mycroft Holmes, Anthea, Lady Smallwood[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SherlockSupportingCharacters Supporting Characters]][[note]]Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mary Watson[[/note]]
* [[Characters/SherlockMinorCharacters Minor Characters]][[note]]Mike Stamford, Sarah Sawyer, Harry Watson, Kitty Reilly, Janine, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, Bill Wiggins[[/note]]