Due to the number of story arcs currently present, as well as the steadily growing number of characters, the character index has been split into several parts:
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilAngels Angels]]: Bezaliel, Nicholas, Puriel, Nuriel, Verchiel, Michael, Gabriel, Sammael, Dokiel, Arthur, Morax, Angel of Anarchy
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilDemons Demons]]: Lilith, Azazel, Oblivion, Leviathan, Abbadon, Agramon, Asmodeus, Lorenzo, Mammon, Ignis
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilWarlocks Warlocks]]: Veronica, Osiris, Kitty, Airren, Jack, Skylar
* Werewolves: Dave
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilVampires Vampires]]: Etzel, Dieter, Blackburn, Toni, Taylor, Miriam
* Faeries: May
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilNephilim Shadowhunters/Nephilim]]: Alex, Ethan, Seth,
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilHumans Humans]]: The Architect, Bug
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilPhoenixes Phoenixes]]: Kyle, Ra, Nasaero, Absolon
* [[Characters/ShadowhunterPerilOther Other]] (Characters who have changed species throughout the story, or are part of the ExpandedUniverse and have yet to appear in the main story): Umbra, Valentine, Niccolo Machiavelli, Dante, Beatrice