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The character sheet for the ''Franchise/{{Scream}}'' films. For characters appearing in the MTV series go [[Characters/ScreamTVSeries here]].

'''Beware of major spoilers.''' It is advised to have seen the films ''before'' reading this page, as it will spoil the identities of the movies' respective killers.

[[folder:Characters Appearing in All the Films]]

!!Sidney Prescott (Creator/NeveCampbell)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"I'm a fighter."'']]

->''"Psychos can't kill what they can't find."''

The [[FinalGirl professional]] [[ActionSurvivor survivor]], Sidney's life has been defined by a series of killing sprees all directed at her. First her mother Maureen was killed out of a jealous rage, then her friends in high school and college were hacked to bits, and ''then'' they started making [[ShowWithinAShow hit slasher movies]] based on her tragedy. While this has brought her fame, fortune and a bestselling autobiography, it also means that she has had to spend large parts of her adult life constantly looking over her shoulder for the next wannabe Ghostface.

* ActionGirl: In the fourth film, ready to take on the killer at the drop of a head.
* AloofDarkHairedGirl: By the time of the third film, she pretty much became distant to other people due to being a BrokenBird.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Transforms into this as her character evolves over the course of the series.
%%* BigGood: In the fourth movie.
* BrainyBrunette: She's smart enough to live through all the movies.
* BrokenBird: She is what constantly being the FinalGirl [[DeconstructedCharacterArchetype in real life is like]].
* ButtMonkey: When you consider that she's basically destined to spend the rest of her life being periodically attacked by masked psychopaths attempting to copy one another's murder sprees. Oh, and Tori Spelling played her in the ''Stab'' movie. Why, Sidney, did you have to [[TemptingFate mention that?]]
* CharacterDevelopment: At the beginning of the first film, she's just a [[PluckyGirl perky high school kid]] who, over time, develops into a guilt ridden survivor in the second film, to a seclusive hermit by the third. The fourth, however, shows how, many years later, [[spoiler:[[LetsGetDangerous she's fully willing to take the fight to the killer]], having her first encounter with him directly after Olivia's death. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome And winning.]]]]
* DamselOutOfDistress: While she's the target for each Ghostface, she survives each encounter by taking them out instead.
* DeathBySex: Averted in the first film; she's the only named character in the franchise to have sex and live to tell about it.
* DeconstructedCharacterArchetype: Being the FinalGirl in real life is not good for one's mental health.
* DoomMagnet: She's basically destined to spend the rest of her life being periodically attacked and having all her friends killed by nutjobs attempting to imitate the previous killers.
* FamedInStory: Becomes a celebrity after the events of the first movie.
* FinalGirl: Initially played straight (except for the film's subversion of DeathBySex), although she slowly evolves into a {{deconstruct|edTrope}}ion as the series goes on, with her life defined by her "perpetual victimhood" and the bloody consequences that this has for those around her.
* FriendlyEnemy: With Cotton, in the second film.
* GenreSavvy: "Horror movies are all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act who's always running up the stairs when she should be going out the front door. It's insulting." By the end of the series, she's full-on DangerouslyGenreSavvy.
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: While Sidney has managed to survive 4 occasions of attacks, there were some scenes that make you wonder whether or not she might end up as a killer, or no different than one. She herself even LampShaded this in 3.
-->[[spoiler: Roman]]: I shot you.
-->Sidney:*Reveals bullet proof vest.* I guess we think alike.
* PlotArmor: She's been critically injured every movie, but it's never been fatal.
* PluckyGirl: Considering everything she went through.
* SanitySlippage: [[spoiler:Through her half-brother's movie tricks]], she apparently undergoes this in the third film, having visions of her dead mother coming for her. It doesn't work though.
* ShutUpHannibal: In the third film, she can't help but be annoyed and disgusted with [[spoiler:Roman for blaming Sidney's existence for his life, thus his eventual murdering spree]]. Eventually, she gets fed up, having heard this speech before, and shouts that [[spoiler:he's]] really just looking for an excuse.
* SupportingProtagonist: Dewey and Gale are more active than her in the third film but she's still the main character.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Tomboy to Hallie's Girly Girl in the second movie.
* TomboyishName: Although Sidney is kind of an unisex name
* TrueCompanions: With Dewey, Gale, and Randy.
* ZenSurvivor: This is what Sidney becomes after surviving the horrors of the Scream movies, specially after the events of the second movie. Poor girl needs to catch a break.

!!Gale Weathers (Creator/CourteneyCox)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Hey, you'd better check your conscience at the door, sweetie. I'm not here to be loved."'']]

->''"People treat me like I'm the anti-Christ of television journalism."''

A reporter who, in the first film, is fighting to prove that Cotton Weary did not commit the murder that he was put on death row for, and returns to Woodsboro for the one-year anniversary and to cover the new string of murders. Come the sequel, she's written a book about the Woodsboro murders, which has been [[RippedFromTheHeadlines adapted into a film]], and comes to Windsor College to cover yet another killing spree. Has a [[{{Jerkass}} rather abrasive]] personality.

* ActionSurvivor: Compared to Dewey's poli
* AloofDarkHairedGirl: A dark-haired woman and sort of an IceQueen.
%%* BrainyBrunette
* BrutalHonesty: She can be pretty rude.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* DefrostingIceQueen: Her CharacterDevelopment over the course of the series.
* {{Determinator}}: She always gets her story.
* FireForgedFriends: She and Sidney initially have a very, very rocky relationship.
* GenreSavvy: Progressively grows into this as the series progresses.
* GoodIsNotNice: Despite her abrasive personality, she's one of the good guys.
* HotScoop: An attractive journalist.
* IfItBleedsItLeads: At first, but she gets better.
* IntrepidReporter: In the first movie she goes to great lengths to get a good story.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She gets better in the sequels.
%%* ManipulativeBitch
* OfficialCouple: With Dewey at the end of the third film.
* PitbullDatesPuppy: The Pitbull in her relationship with Dewey.
%%* PluckyGirl
* RunningGag: Her getting punched in the face by people (usually Sidney) that she pisses off. In the third film, this is turned on its head when she punches Jennifer, the actress playing her in ''Stab 3''. She threatens to do it again in the fourth film.
* TookALevelInKindness: She was a major bitch in the first film, but slowly warms up to others as the series continues.
* TrueCompanions: With Dewey, Sidney, and Randy.

!!Dewey Riley (David Arquette)
[[caption-width-right:320:''"One generation's tragedy is the next one's joke."'']]

->''"How do you know that my dimwitted inexperience isn't merely a subtle form of manipulation, used to lower people's expectations, thereby enhancing my ability to effectively maneuver within any given situation?"''

Woodsboro's deputy sheriff, Dewey is always on the case when a new Ghostface killer comes out of the woodwork, partly due to the loss of his little sister Tatum to the first Ghostface, and partly out of his [[TrueCompanions sense of family]] with Sidney, Gale and Randy. He is also the only character to [[spoiler:not break any of Randy's horror movie rules.]]

%%* ActionSurvivor
%%* {{Adorkable}}
* BadassMustache: Dewey's trademark moustache.
* BerserkButton: [[IllKillYou He threatens to personally kill Ghostface]] in ''3'' when Ghostface attempts to hurt Sidney.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Literally towards Tatum, metaphorically towards Sidney.
* ButtMonkey: He gets the shit beaten out of him by Ghostface in every movie, [[spoiler:although he survives them all]].
* EmbarrassingNickname: His real name is "Dwight", with "Dewey" being a childhood nickname he got stuck with. By the time ''Scream 2'' rolls around, he makes a point on being called "Dwight" by Gale - it doesn't take, though.
* GoodHairEvilHair: Dewey sports a heroic cop mustache.
* MadeOfIron: Stabbed in the back in the first film, stabbed multiple times in the second one, beaten almost to death with a bedpan in the fourth one... and still alive.
* NiceGuy: Especially compared to Gale.
* PitbullDatesPuppy: The Puppy in his relationship with Gale.
* TheSheriff: He's been promoted to this by the fourth film.
* TrueCompanions: With Sidney, Gale, and Randy.
* TwoFirstNames: "Dewey" and "Riley" can both be used as first names.

!!Ghostface (Roger L. Jackson (voice), [[spoiler:Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, Laurie Metcalf, Timothy Olyphant, Scott Foley, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin]])
[[caption-width-right:350:''"What's your favorite scary movie?"'']]

->''"You're a survivor, aren't you Sidney? Your one and only skill: You survive. I've got one question for you. What good did it to be a survivor in this little drama, if everyone close to you is dead?"''

Wearing a white ghost mask and long black robes, the Ghostface killer sneaks and stabs his way through suburban neighborhoods, hacking to pieces pretty young teenagers and college kids -- but not before calling them up with horror trivia games. Word of advice: don't get the wrong answer.

* AxCrazy: All the people who donned the identity are all messed-up in the head.
* BadassNormal: Unlike most horror film [[SerialKiller serial killers]] like Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger, there's nothing supernatural about Ghostface.
* BigBad: Merges this in with LegacyCharacter.
* BigBadDuumvirate: The identity is usually donned by two people. [[spoiler: Except the third film.]]
* CardCarryingVillain: He ''enjoys'' killing people.
* CatchPhrase: "What's your favorite scary movie?"
* ConMan: When the unmasked killers revealed their plans at the climax, which was to make themselves the heroes and survivors of mass murders. However, they are AxCrazy examples of this trope.
* DeadpanSnarker: When he taunts the victims.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Using a voice-changing device.
* FreudianExcuse: Most Ghostfaces have these, although Sidney's ShutUpHannibal in the third film implies that they're all just that -- excuses to kill people ForTheEvulz. The exception to this being [[spoiler:Jill Roberts]], who openly admits that she's evil, citing that "sick is the new sane".
* TheGrimReaper: The costume is largely a BlackCloak similar to death but only with a ghostface mask.
* HairTriggerTemper: The killer often starts off [[FauxAffablyEvil nice enough in conversations]], even if a little weird, but when you start not falling in line, the facade breaks.
* HateSink: Especially after TheReveal, when the unmasked killer reveals to be not only AxCrazy, but a loathsome {{Jerkass}} and TheBully that audiences would want to take a punch at. [[spoiler:The exception is Charlie Walker, TheDragon in ''Scream 4'', who also is on the receiving end of a YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness to the other killer from that film, Jill.]]
* ImplacableMan: Any Ghostface is repeatedly beaten up by the stalked person, yet doesn't give up the chase.
* KnifeNut: Every Ghostface has a hunting knife as their primary weapon.
* LegacyCharacter: Since it's a generic Halloween costume in-universe, a grand total of [[spoiler:''seven'' [[note]]Technically eight, since Sidney herself briefly donned it in the first film[[/note]]]] characters don the identity.
* MadeOfIron: Although in hindsight, whenever the costume is removed, the killer actually seems to be quite breakable.
* MalevolentMaskedMen: [[spoiler:Though in some cases the Ghostface killer can be a Malevolent Masked Woman.]]
* NameFaceName: His nickname- ''Ghostface''.
* SamusIsAGirl: See TwoGirlsToATeam below.
* SerialKiller: Specifically, a Serial Killer in costume who hunted down all the friends and family of Sidney Prescott.
* StalkerWithoutACrush: He's not targeting his victims out of love at all.
* StealthExpert: Apparently capable of [[OffscreenTeleportation showing up behind you]] [[StealthHiBye whenever you aren't looking]].
* SwipeYourBladeOff: A CharacterTic of Ghostface is to use the hand not holding the knife to wipe the blade.
* TheyLookJustLikeEveryoneElse: All of the people who have taken up the Ghostface mantle don't scream "obvious serial killer!" at first glance.
* TwoGirlsToATeam: Played with. [[spoiler: Two women have ''officially'' [[note]]Sidney herself briefly donned the costume in the first film [[/note]] donned the Ghostface identity, namely; Mrs. Loomis (in ''2'') and Jill Roberts (in ''4'').]]
* VoiceChangeling: Ghostface's trademark is a voice changer that masks their voice over the phone.
* WalkingSpoiler: Whomever the killer is, their character tropes are white spaced out with [[spoiler:Jill Roberts]] being the most white spaced out.
* WhiteMaskOfDoom: The white mask worn by Ghostface.

[[folder:Characters Appearing in Multiple Films]]

!!Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"See, you push the laws and you end up dead. Okay, I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife."'']]
A horror movie fan who, in the first three films, gave the characters (and the audience) a list of rules for surviving a horror movie. He is one of the key reasons for the series' reputation for self-referential, post-modern humor.

* {{Adorkable}}: An excitable horror movie geek.
* AmbiguousDisorder: His laser focused knowledge on horror movies and lack of certain social graces (in the first movie, he discusses gory stuff while the others are eating and multiple characters automatically assume that Ghostface is actually Randy pulling some kind of prank when he comes around) can lead to this conclusion. Then again, he could also just be just a passionate horror geek who's a little socially awkward at times.
* BreakoutCharacter: Randy is probably the most popular character in the franchise.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* DeathByIrony: [[spoiler:It's a little odd that the most GenreSavvy character didn't think to look in the back of Gale's news van for the killer.]]
* DeathBySex: [[spoiler:A NoodleIncident involving sex in a video store turns out to be the culprit behind his grisly end at the hands of Mrs. Loomis.]]
* DoggedNiceGuy: To Sidney, but he unfortunately isn't allowed much of a shot with Billy or Derek around.
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: [[spoiler:He gets unexpectedly yanked into Gale's news van about halfway through the second film during a telephone call with the killer (who had been hiding in the van), and is then stabbed to death.]]
* DyingMomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler:Keeping the killer on the phone so Gale and Dewey could track him down and bravely insulting the killer to his face, er, voice.]]
* FieryRedhead: He has red hair and he's passionate about the Three Rules.
* GenreSavvy: A horror movie fan who lists three rules for surviving a horror movie don't have sex, don't drink or use drugs, and never say "I'll be right back." Naturally, the characters break all three in record time. Randy expands his rules to sequels and trilogies warnings in the later films.
* HollywoodNerd: An adorkable film geek.
%%* InnocentBlueEyes
* IronicEcho: In the first movie, Randy nearly dies when the killer sneaks up behind him and is about to stab him, before Sidney's screams prompt the killer to abort this plan. In the second movie, Randy is standing in front of Gale's news van talking on the phone with the killer [[spoiler:but this time isn't so lucky.]]
* KillTheCutie: The lovable and excitable movie geek who [[spoiler:gets mutilated beyond belief in the sequel and before that plays the general role of the underdog with many BreakTheCutie moments occurring.]]
* AManIsNotAVirgin: Randy attributes his survival to being a virgin in the original. [[spoiler:It's unfortunately a different story in the second.]]
* MetaGuy: In the original trilogy, and is replaced by Robbie and Charlie in the fourth film.
* TheMovieBuff: He even works in a video store in the first movie.
* NonActionGuy: Out of the central characters in the first two films, Randy is the only one not to put up a fight against Ghostface.
* NoodleIncident: You're left wondering exactly [[spoiler:what rule he broke]] when he [[spoiler:becomes Ghostface's next victim]] in ''2''. We find out exactly [[spoiler:[[DeathBySex which rule he fell foul of]]]] in ''3''.
* OhCrap: "Oh, fuck!" after [[spoiler:Billy pulls a gun on him.]]
* OneThingLedToAnother: In ''3'': "We were working late, we were putting away some videos in the porno section and, you know, shit happens."
* PluckyComicRelief: An adorable common relief character whose only crime is making constant tongue-in-cheek remarks.
* PosthumousCharacter: [[spoiler:He dies in ''2'', but makes a cameo via video tape in ''3.'']]
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler:When he's killed in ''2.'']]
* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: [[spoiler: Survives the first film, but bit it in the middle of the second.]]
* TrueCompanions: With Sidney, Dewey, and Gale.
* VideoWill: [[spoiler:Made one shortly before his death at Windsor College to provide the "rules of a trilogy." Also counts as TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat, during a humorous exchange with Dewey.]]

!!Cotton Weary (Creator/LievSchreiber)
[[caption-width-right:320:''"I don't know about homicide, but you've definitely got me for raising my voice in a public library."'']]
The man who was sentenced to death for the murder of Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother, whom he was having an affair with. In the first film, Gale Weathers is trying to get his name cleared for the murder, feeling that he is innocent. [[spoiler:She's right.]] In the second film, he travels to Windsor College to convince Sidney to do an interview with him. By the third film, his exploits have made him a celebrity, getting him his own talk show.

* AscendedExtra: Has a bigger role in the second film.
* AttentionWhore: Besides getting his name cleared for being wrongfully accused, Cotton's other motivation is to earn the equal amount of fame Sidney did, and overindulges in the fame once he earns it, referring to himself as a "people person", and ultimately getting his own talk show.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:Arrives barely in time to save Sidney from being killed by Mrs. Loomis in the second film's climax.]]
* ClearTheirName: What Gale does for him prior to the first film, and also what he does in the second film.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* DeadStarWalking: [[spoiler:Makes a cameo at the beginning of the third film, only to be killed off moments later. Also doubles somewhat as a case of DroppedABridgeOnHim.]]
* DeathByIrony: [[spoiler:He'd just finished shooting a cameo on the set of ''Stab 3'' at the beginning of that movie, only to be killed off in little more than a cameo at the beginning of ''Scream 3.'']]
* DudeWheresMyRespect: Played with: after being found innocent of the murders, he feels pretty entitled to his newfound fame and asks Sidney to help him land a big TV interview, believing she "owes" it to him.
* EarlyBirdCameo: In the first film.
* FrameUp: [[spoiler:The first film reveals that Billy and Stu framed him for Maureen's murder]].
* FriendlyEnemy: With Sidney in the second film.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: As seen in BigDamnHeroes, he's eventually revealed to be this at the end of the second film.
* RedHerring: [[spoiler:In the second film.]]
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler:In the third film, he's offed in ten minutes to set up the "all bets are off" arc.]]
* ShowWithinAShow: in the beginning of ''Scream 3'', he's been hosting talk show ''100% Cotton'' for some time; he's also being asked to appear in the latest ''Stab'' movie. (Or so he says.)
* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: [[spoiler: After surviving the first two movies, he becomes the "prologue victim" of the third film.]]
%% * TallDarkAndSnarky


[[folder:Characters unique to ''Scream'']]

!!Casey Becker (Creator/DrewBarrymore)

* DeadStarWalking: [[spoiler: A tradition for the films is to have a big-name actor (Creator/DrewBarrymore) in the opening scene, only to kill them off within fifteen minutes.]]
* DecoyProtagonist: Treated as TheHero of the film, she became the inaugural "prologue victim".
* KillTheCutie: [[spoiler: She was stabbed by Ghostface.]]
* GuttedLikeAFish: [[spoiler: She's the recipient of the treatment; this and her boyfriend's death provided the Trope Namer.]]
* SacrificialLamb: [[spoiler: The first character who appears in the movie. Also the second one to be killed in the first scene, after her boyfriend, Steve.]]
* TooDumbToLive: When she sees her parents arriving in the car, she decides to sit down and wait outside by the door while the killer is checking her house instead of just running away. And when the killer finds her, Casey knocks him down and gets her some time, but she stops running for a good while to look at her dead boyfriend. Then, she runs a bit more for 2 seconds and stops ''again'' to look at her parents arriving in the car.

!!Tatum Riley (Creator/RoseMcGowan)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Don't go there, Sid; you're starting to sound like some Wes Carpenter flick."'']]
* ActionGirl: To this day she is still the only murder victim that really put up a fight against Ghostface, namely hitting repeatedly with beer bottles and flipping Ghostface onto his back.
* BareYourMidriff: In some scenes.
* DiabolusExMachina: Her death, which wasn't even the death Ghostface intended for her.
* DoNotTauntCthulhu: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3_sdD1ecmg Oh, you wanna play psycho killer?]] [[TemptingFate Can I be the helpless victim?]]"
* DumbBlonde: Unusually manages to be both this ''and'' a...
* FieryRedhead: Well, Fiery Strawberry Blonde anyway.
* GirlishPigtails: Wears her hair in braided pigtails sometimes.
* GoryDiscretionShot: Her death scene had to be trimmed down to avoid an NC-17 rating.
* TheLancer: To Sidney.
* MsFanservice: Surely she has a good reason not to be wearing a bra...
* PluckyGirl: She's very feisty.
* SacrificialLion: A major character who is killed in the first movie.
* YourHeadASplode: Specifically, Your Head Gets Crushed Between A Garage Door And The Edge Of The Roof. Even Ghostface seemed a little shaken by this death.

!!Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"It's all a movie. It's all one great big movie. Only you can pick your genre."'']]
* AxCrazy: [[spoiler:He's revealed to be the Ghostface killer.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Of the first film.]]
* BoomHeadShot: [[spoiler:How Sidney eventually kills him.]]
* TheBully: [[spoiler: To Sidney [[BadBoss and his own partner-in-crime Stu]].]]
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: [[spoiler: The reason why he killed Sidney's mother.]]
* FakingTheDead: [[spoiler: Presumably stabbed by Ghostface (Stu) in front of Sidney. He pops up toward the end, faking OnlyMostlyDead, and shoots Randy, setting up TheReveal.]]
* FauxAffablyEvil: [[spoiler: He's really a serial killer.]]
* HairTriggerTemper: See VillainousBreakdown below.
* HateSink: [[spoiler:He's really an AxCrazy {{Jerkass}}, what's not to hate.]]
* HotGuysAreBastards: [[spoiler: Portrayed as Sidney's handsome boyfriend until he reveals himself as the (first) film's BigBad.]]
* IdenticalTwinIDTag: [[spoiler: When he's wearing the costume, he [[NeckLift grabs his victims' throats]] and stabs multiple times.]]
* InspirationalMartyr: [[spoiler: He's this along with Stu to the potential copycat killers in the sequels after their deaths, see below PredecessorVillain and MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Even before TheReveal, he's a jerk. Makes one wonder why Sydney dated him in the first place.
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Despite initially acting obviously psychotic during the beginning of the first film, he later on seems to care for Sidney, [[spoiler:but when he reveals himself to be one of the killers, it was just an act]].
%%* ManipulativeBastard
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: [[spoiler: His and Stu's deaths only martyred them to spawn potential killers in the sequels.]]
* PredecessorVillain: [[spoiler:He is in the sequels. He's long dead by the time the 2nd film starts, but he's mentioned again and again throughout the series, and it's clear that none of the event's of the sequel's would have happened if he and Stu didn't start the original Ghostface murder-spree, which when he and Stu were killed, they only got themselves martyred for any other potential killers to [[TakeUpMySword Take Up Their Knifes]] to kill Sidney.]]
%%* SmugSnake
* TeensAreMonsters: [[spoiler: One of the most disturbing killers in the series.]]
* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler:He starts losing it once he loses track of the gun, then Sidney and her father.]]
* VillainousFriendship: [[spoiler:His best friend Stu was TheDragon, though his treatment of Stu makes him a BadBoss.]]

!!Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Yeah, you're going to love this one. It's a scream, baby!"'']]
* AxCrazy: [[spoiler: Eventually revealed to be one of the Ghostface killers.]]
* TheBully: Picks on Randy all the time.
* TheDragon: [[spoiler: The accomplice to Billy Loomis, assisting Billy in multiple murders.]]
* EvilIsHammy: [[spoiler: He seemingly goes crazy following TheReveal.]]
* EvilLaugh: He likes parodying these. [[spoiler: Lets out a real one when he reveals himself as the killer.]]
* EvilRedhead: [[spoiler: Has red hair and he's one of the villains.]]
%%* FauxAffablyEvil
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Randy's line [[spoiler:"I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife."]]
* HateSink: [[spoiler:He's not only obnoxious, but really an AxCrazy {{Jerkass}}, what's not to hate.]]
* IdenticalTwinIDTag: [[spoiler: When he's wearing the costume, he stabs once (except when he "kills" Billy), and has a habit of raising the knife above his head before trying to attack, as shown when Ghostface first attacks Sidney, which was Stu.]]
* InspirationalMartyr: [[spoiler: He's this along with Billy to the potential copycat killers in the sequels after their deaths, see below PredecessorVillain and MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Spends the majority of his scenes being obnoxious.
* LargeHam: [[spoiler: Especially after TheReveal.]]
* LaughablyEvil: [[spoiler: Thanks to his actor's LargeHam performance.]]
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: [[spoiler: His and Billy's deaths only martyred them to spawn potential killers in the sequels.]]
* OverlyLongTongue: One of his CharacterTics is sticking out his tongue which covers his chin.
* PluckyComicRelief: Seems to be his role in the film, [[spoiler: until TheReveal.]]
* PredecessorVillain: [[spoiler: He posthumously shares this with Billy in the sequels, for being the only killers to be referenced throughout that he and Billy happened to be martyrs amongst the idolizing copycat killers.]]
%%* SmugSnake
* TeensAreMonsters: [[spoiler:One of the two killers in the film, and is virtually and [[CardCarryingVillain card-carryingly psychotic]] after TheReveal.]]
* TemptingFate: He really doesn't mind blurting out "I'll be right BACK!", even knowing it's without the rules to survive. [[spoiler: Because he's actually the killer.]]
* VillainousFriendship: [[spoiler:With Billy, the main antagonist.]]

!!Principal Arthur Himbry (Henry Winkler)

* BadassTeacher: As rough as he is, he's no nonsense when it comes to keeping his students safe: getting on the intercom in a passionate plea for them to get straight home after classes and later suspending classes after there's speculation that the killer might have made it into the school at one point. He even lays down the law on students who were pretending to be Ghostface. [[spoiler: Shame he wasn't able to survive the real thing.]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Depends on how you see him going as far as to expel two students for playing around the halls dressed as Ghostface. Even when he admits its disproportionate, his response is jacked up to where you might think ''he'' was the killer. He isn't.
* DiesWideOpen: [[spoiler: His eyes are seen flickering around after he's stabbed by Ghostface before they finally stop moving and remain open.]]
* DisproportionateRetribution: Expels two students for dressing up as the killer, but it makes sense why, considering the murders going on.
** Not to mention their callous behavior regarding the murders aside, the girl they played the prank on had herself barely escaped the killer they impersonated. May not be so disproportionate after all.
* GuttedLikeAFish: [[spoiler: Like Casey Becker, he is gutted and his body hung, this time on the school's flagpole.]]


[[folder:Characters unique to ''Scream 2'']]

!!Cici Cooper (Creator/SarahMichelleGellar)
[[caption-width-right:320:''"I'm "sober sister". I need to be here in case a drunk sister calls and needs a ride."'']]
* AlliterativeName: '''C'''ici '''C'''ooper
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* DeadStarWalking: [[spoiler: Although she doesn't get killed in the opening scene, she's the first victim after that, dying pretty early.]]
* DisneyVillainDeath: [[spoiler: She does get stabbed twice, but is still alive and screaming before Ghostface throws her off the balcony.]]
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Seems to be something like this at Omega Beta Zeta.

!!Debbie Salt [[spoiler:/ Mrs. Loomis]] (Laurie Metcalf)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"It's called a makeover. You should try it. Looking a little tired yourself there, Gale."'']]
* AvengingTheVillain: [[spoiler: She is the mother of Billy, the BigBad from the first film, seeking revenge on Sidney.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler: Of the second film.]]
* BerserkButton: [[spoiler:Insulting her son Billy; Randy does this to the killer over the phone, not knowing the killer he was talking to specifically was Billy's mother, and she as Ghostface lets loose on him.]]
* BondVillainStupidity: [[spoiler:She reveals her plan to Sidney and even lampshades how stupid saying it was with this following dialogue.]]
--> '''Debbie:''' OK, so have I covered everything, are there any questions, any comments. You know what? Who gives a flying [[PrecisionFStrike FUCK]] anyway!?
* BoomHeadShot: [[spoiler:While she appears dead after Cotton shoots her, when Mickey rises up and yells (and gets gunned down), Sidney decides to put a bullet in her head, "just in case".]]
* BoyishShortHair An ActionGirl with short hair.
* FormerlyFat:
--> '''Gale''': Jesus. It can't be, I've seen pictures of you.
--> '''Sidney''': Yeah this is 60 pounds and a lot of work later.
--> '''Debbie''': It's called a makeover. You should try it. Look a little tired yourself there, Gale!
* HairTriggerTemper: [[spoiler:Does not take having her son called out or belittled in any way. When Randy does this, she gets a little "knife-happy" on him.]]
* HateSink: [[spoiler:She's really an AxCrazy {{Jerkass}} like Billy, what's not to hate.]]
* HeroKiller: [[spoiler: Takes the credit for murdering Randy.]]
* MamaBear: [[spoiler:A rather dark portrayal, considering that she's trying to kill Sidney for killing Billy.]]
* NeverMyFault: [[spoiler:Her abandonment of Billy is what caused his murder spree in the original film, but that does not stop her from causing the second killing in the sequel.]]
* OutlivingOnesOffspring: She has a dead son. [[spoiler: Said son was killed by Sidney at the previous film's climax.]]
* PreMortemOneLiner: [[spoiler: "Oh, Mickey... There's not gonna be a trial."]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: [[spoiler:Her reason for the murders.]]
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: To pre-''Scream'' Gale. [[spoiler:While posing as a news reporter, that is]].
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: She is Billy's mother from the first film, seeking revenge on Sidney.]]
* WomanInWhite: In the finale. White coat, white suit, white shoes, everything.
* WomanScorned: Not in the love sense, but in the sense of [[spoiler:wanting to kill the person who killed her son]]. It's also implied that she knew that Sidney and [[spoiler: Billy had sex before she killed him.]] and compared it to [[spoiler: [[DisproportionateRetribution Sid's mom taking her husband away.]] ]]

!!Derek (Jerry O'Connell)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Oh thank god Sidney, I thought I was gonna be up there until opening night."'']]
* BoundAndGagged: [[spoiler: Bound by his Omega Beta Zeta friends as a prank. Ghostface then gags him.]]
* DistressedDude: [[spoiler: And maybe he could've been saved if Sidney knew he was a RedHerring.]]
* NiceGuy: It turns out he really loved Sidney.
* RedHerring: He was suspected to be the killer. [[spoiler: He wasn't.]]
* RidiculouslyAverageGuy: Part of the reason why Sidney doesn't know whether or not she should trust him.

!!Mickey (Creator/TimothyOlyphant)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"It's a perfect example of life imitating art imitating life."'']]
* BewareTheNiceOnes: [[spoiler: He acted nice and caring towards Sidney before TheReveal.]]
* TheDragon: [[spoiler: To Debbie Salt, also known as Mrs. Loomis.]]
* DrivesLikeCrazy: [[spoiler: As Ghostface, he takes Sidney, Hallie, and Officer Richards on a wild car ride, Richards clinging onto the hood for dear life. The ride ends when Ghostface crashes the car into a construction site, sending a pipe through Richards' head.]]
* EvilIsHammy: [[spoiler: He's even a theater major, to boot.]]
* FauxAffablyEvil: A very nice and charming student [[spoiler:until he unmasks himself as Ghostface to Sidney and Derek. He originally was intended to be affable-straight and not a killer.]]
* FifteenMinutesOfFame: [[spoiler: Became Ghostface and did the killings to intend to be caught, gaining fame and a trial where he'll blame horror films for his rampage.]]
* LaughablyEvil: [[spoiler: Like Stu above, he's basically SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker as Ghostface.]]
* MadeOfIron: [[spoiler:Somehow managed to survive Mrs. Loomis's gunshots and got up to his feet [[ContinuityNod for one last scare]]. It takes a barrage of gunfire from Sidney and Gale to knock him down.]]
* NiceGuy: [[spoiler: Then comes TheReveal...]] He was supposed to be this, played straight.
* PluckyComicRelief: Somewhat. Getting snarkingly rejected by Hallie, discussing sequels with Randy, supporting Derek's singing performance, conducting the crowd's applause...
* YouAreNotAlone: His words of encouragement to Sidney after Ghostface's attack at Omega Beta Zeta.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: [[spoiler: Mickey is killed by Mrs. Loomis for this purpose.]]

!!Hallie (Elise Neal)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Stupid people go back, okay? Smart people run. We're smart people so we should just get the fuck outta here!"'']]
* BlackBestFriend: To Sidney.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: [[spoiler:Subverted. She's the last victim before TheReveal.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: As part of her SassyBlackWoman attitude.
%%* PluckyGirl
* SassyBlackWoman: Sidney's snarky, sassy roommate.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Girly Girl to Sidney's Tomboy.

!!Joel (Duane Martin)

--> ''"Gutted, slashed, the guy [[note]] Kenny the previous cameraman from the first film [[/note]] ain't in the union no more!"''

%%* BeleagueredAssistant
* BerserkButton: Mentioning of the dead cameraman that was his predecessor prompts him to threaten to quit and bolt.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: [[AvertedTrope Averted]], he leaves before the final act, claiming, "Brothers don't last long in situations like this!"
* TheDragAlong: Becomes this to Gale after she forces him into snooping around locations where murders have taken place.
* GenreSavvy: Joel might just be the most GenreSavvy character in the entire franchise for taking a leave after [[spoiler:Randy's murder]] and not returning until the killings have ceased. Although seeing as how he didn't read Gale's book ''before'' taking his job as her cameraman, it kind of puts him in check.
%%* PluckyComicRelief
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: See GenreSavvy above. After he discovers that Gale's previous cameraman was one of the victims in Woodsboro, he begins to threaten to bail on Gale, stating, "I wanna report the news! I don't wanna '''be''' the news!" After [[spoiler: Randy's death, seeing Randy's body, and the subsequent impounding of his news van, where Ghostface/Debbie Salt/Mrs. Loomis skewered Billy]], Joel makes good on his threat and doesn't reappear until [[spoiler:Mickey and Mrs. Loomis]] are killed at the end of the film.


[[folder:Characters unique to ''Scream 3'']]

!!Jennifer Jolie (Creator/ParkerPosey)

* AlliterativeName: '''J'''ennifer '''J'''olie
* BrainyBrunette: Albeit one wearing a blonde wig.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Is constantly at odds with the woman she's portraying, but is more than willing to help Gale.

!!Roman Bridger (Scott Foley)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"I had no idea that they were going to make a film of their own. I mean, introducing: Sidney, the victim. Sidney, the survivor. Sidney, the star!"'']]
* ArcWelding: [[spoiler: Revealed to be the person who put Billy and Stu up to murdering Maureen in the first place.]]
* BaitTheDog: [[spoiler: When he's apparently fatally wounded, he holds onto Sidney's hand as if they are having a brother/sister moment. It turns out he's throwing her off guard in a last attempt to kill her.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler: Of the third film.]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Seems just like someone DoingItForTheArt. Yet he has a hidden agenda.
* TheBully: [[spoiler: He's prone to psychologically torment Sidney and then harangue and give out a PrecisionFStrike against her.]]
* CainAndAbel: [[spoiler: He's Sid's half-brother from an affair Maureen had when she was living in L.A.]]
* ChildByRape: Strongly implied.
* FakingTheDead: [[spoiler: Does this to throw everyone's attention off him as a suspect.]]
* GreaterScopeVillain: [[spoiler:Of the series, since his actions are what gave birth to all of the other killers throughout the films.]]
* HairTriggerTemper: [[spoiler: He can barely contain his rage during his MotiveRant, but when Sidney [[ShutUpHannibal shoots his claims down]], he completely snaps, and they two begin to violently beat eachother, before Roman tries to strangle her to death.]]
* HateSink: [[spoiler:He's really a selfish AxCrazy {{Jerkass}}, what's not to hate.]]
%%* HollywoodNerd
* {{Jerkass}}: Is a sarcastic and irritable towards the other characters, [[spoiler: and that's before TheReveal]].
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Despite appearing to be a sarcastic director, he did seems to be a friendly and harmless HollywoodNerd, [[spoiler:but after TheReveal, he's just TheBully]].
* ItsAllAboutMe: [[spoiler: His motives for instigating the Ghostface killings ? His mother rejected him because he was a reminder of her rape and past. His motives for wanting to kill Sidney ? She, Dewy and Gale survived the previous killing sprees and became famous for it, so Roman wants Sindey's fame claiming he should have had her life]].
* TheManBehindTheMan: [[spoiler: He was the one who incited Billy to kill Maureen one year before the first movie. He also told Billy to have an accomplice: Stu.]]
* NeverMyFault: [[spoiler: Claims to be a tragic victim lashing out at the world. Sidney's shattering of his self-delusion results in a VillainousBreakdown ]].
* PunkInTheTrunk: Not a car trunk, but [[spoiler: he's found stabbed to death in, well, a trunk. It's all a ruse.]]
* SelfMadeOrphan: [[spoiler: Excluding Maureen's murder, it was also hinted at that John Milton was his father and Milton ends up being Roman's last victim.]]
* TheSociopath: [[spoiler: Has a complete LackOfEmpathy toward Maureen on account of her rape, taking to masterminding her murder, simply because she didn't welcome him with open arms when they meet again. This carries on towards his half sister Sidney, who he grows jealous over because she survived two killing sprees, became famous over them, and wanted the fame for himself, so he uses them against her. He has a pretty high sense of self worth, pretending to be the victim, refusing to take responsibility for his choices. Everyone else is gore fodder for him. When he and Sidney seemingly connect before his death, it's a distraction.]]
%% * TallDarkAndHandsome
* VillainousBreakdown: See HairTriggerTemper.

!!Angelina Tyler (Emily Mortimer)

* BitchInSheepsClothing: She pretends to be TheIngenue but she's anything but.
* CastingCouch: How she got the part of Sidney in ''Stab 3''.
* DeathBySex: [[spoiler:She gets killed literally ''seconds'' after revealing that she had employed the CastingCouch to get the part of Sidney.]] ''Damn'', do the rules strike fast!
* DiesWideOpen: [[spoiler: Her corpse stares up at Gale and Jennifer as Ghostface drags her out of sight.]]
* FinalGirl: She's playing one in ''Stab 3'', and she's initially presented as such. [[spoiler:She dies, though.]]
* {{Fauxshadow}}: Early in the film, she wonders if [[spoiler:it will turn out that her character, Sidney, is the killer in the third ''Stab'' movie (the cast only has partial scripts to prevent leaks)]]. In the original script, [[spoiler:she was one of the killers alongside Roman]], but this was changed in the final draft.
* TheIngenue: What she presents herself as. [[spoiler:Actually, she's anything but that.]]
* RedHerring: [[spoiler:Despite the hints, she was not the killer.]]

!!Sarah Darling (Creator/JennyMcCarthy)

* BrainlessBeauty: Partially subverted; she may act as TheDitz, on occasion, but overall she comes off as sharp as her fellow actors. ([[TheBeautifulElite Which is not saying much.]])
* DawsonCasting: In-universe Sarah is a 35 year old actress playing a 21 year old character. In real life Creator/JennyMcCarthy was (then) [[PlayingGertrude 27]].
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* DumbBlonde: She mistakenly believes that the shower scene from ''Psycho'' was in ''Vertigo'' instead.
* DeathByIrony: Complains about having a small role that is offed quickly. Meets an early death.
* WhiteDwarfStarlet: She's afraid this will be her fate, and seems quite unsatisfied with the way her career's panning out: as it is, she'd love to get out of ''Stab 3''.

!! John Milton (Creator/LanceHenriksen)

* ArcWelding: [[spoiler:Milton's indirect actions to Maureen during her time in Hollywood prompted Roman to seek revenge on Maureen for giving him up, setting off the entire chain of events in the first three films.]]
* AssholeVictim: [[spoiler:When he's killed by Ghostface/Roman.]]
* BigBadWannabe: His role as a representative of HorribleHollywood.
* INeverSaidItWasPoison: When asked about Maureen Prescott/Rina Reynolds, he claims he's employed too many actors to remember. Gale quickly points out nobody said she was an actress.
* LukeYouAreMyFather: [[spoiler:He possibly was the father of Roman Bridger.]]
%%* RedHerring
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler:When he's killed by Ghostface.]]


[[folder:Characters unique to ''Scream 4'']]

!!Jill Roberts (Creator/EmmaRoberts)
[[caption-width-right:180:''"You have to be a hero, don't you?"'']]
Sidney's cousin, though not very close to her since she and her mother live in Woodsboro, while Sidney left the town many years ago (presumably ever since ''Scream 2''). She [[{{Expy}} reminds]] Sidney of herself, as a young woman. Jill looks like a somewhat ingenuous girl, but she's actually smart and strong-minded. She deals with her complicated relationship with her ex-boyfriend... and the rise of a new Ghostface, who seems determined to kill her and her friends before targeting Sidney.

* AttentionWhore: [[spoiler:To the point of convincing Charlie to help her kill all of her friends and her ''mother'', just for a few minutes of fame.]]
* AxCrazy: [[spoiler:She's revealed to be the Ghostface killer.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Of the fourth film.]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing: [[spoiler:Like most Ghostface killers she acts like this before TheReveal.]]
* TheBully: [[spoiler: Towards Sidney and anyone around her, as she's prone to insulting and unleashing her [[HairTriggerTemper bad temper]] against others in her way.]]
* DarkActionGirl: Ultimately proved to be one.
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler: She is really driven when it comes to killing his intended victims. And just because she wants Sidney's fame and be the center of attention. ]]
* DisappearedDad: Her dad is not mentioned anywhere.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: She fits the physical description [[spoiler: and she's very scary and psychotic.]]
* EvilCounterpart: [[spoiler:To Sidney. She is setup to be a Sidney expy, and has a lot in common with her as a young woman. Until she's revealed to be Ghostface.]]
* EvilIsHammy: [[spoiler:Especially in the scene where she's self-harming to make herself look like a victim of the killer and behaving like a stuck-up AlphaBitch diva after TheReveal.]]
* EvilIsPetty: [[spoiler:She shoots Trevor in the groin before she kills him, shouting "I am NOT the girl you cheat on!"]]
* EyeScream: [[spoiler:Sidney pokes her in the eye to escape from being strangled.]]
* FauxAffablyEvil: [[spoiler: Puts up a nice girl façade while hiding her monstrous killing side and then brag to Sidney after TheReveal like some fun-loving party girl having the time of her life just before she stabs her to succeed her scam.]]
* FifteenMinutesOfFame: [[spoiler:Her motivation for the killings.]] She even uses the exact phrase.
* FinalGirl: [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope Hell no.]]]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[spoiler:"You think it's all about you."]]
* GirlsAreReallyScaredOfHorrorMovies: Subverted.
* HairTriggerTemper: [[spoiler: As Trevor found out the hard way, do not make her angry.]]
* HateSink: [[spoiler:She's really a selfish AxCrazy {{Jerkass}}, what's not to hate.]]
* HeKnowsTooMuch: [[spoiler: When finding out Sidney survives her initial stabbing, she attempts to do away with her in order to finally tie up loose ends and preventing her to say what really happened. She also attempts to off Dewey, Hicks and Weathers to desperately cover up her tracks as well when they realized the truth.]]
* INeverSaidItWasPoison: [[spoiler:She unknowingly reveals herself as the killer by mentioning she and Gale have "matching wounds". Considering that the details about Ghostface's assault on Gale were never released to the public, the only way Jill could know this was if she attacked Gale herself.]]
* ItsAllAboutMe: [[spoiler:Because she's a sociopath, Jill was willing to kill all her friends and ''her mother'' in a twisted attempt to become famous like her cousin Sidney.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: She's very critical towards Sidney.
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Although she initially appears to be critical towards Sidney, throughout the fourth film, she did appear to try to bond with Sidney, [[spoiler:however, it is later all an act after TheReveal]].
* KickTheDog: [[spoiler: Her brutal murder of Trevor, who only wanted to make up with her and even confessed that he really did love her before she shot him.]]
* KickTheSonOfABitch: [[spoiler:Her murder of Charlie, who was her cohort in her killing spree.]]
* MadeOfIron: [[spoiler:The girl scratches herself, pulls out her hair, stabs herself in the shoulder, runs her face into a glass picture frame, and then throws herself through a glass coffee table. At the hospital she's still able to start up another rampage, nearly killing Sidney and Dewey. A defibrillator to the head only momentarily slows her down. It isn't until she shot directly in the heart that she stops. She's probably the toughest killer yet.]]
* {{Matricide}}: [[spoiler:Killed her own mother.]]
* NearVillainVictory: [[spoiler: Came the closest to nearly killing Sydney and getting away with her murders. It's only due to not finishing the job properly, unwittingly revealing she knew about Gale's stab wound despite it never being revealed to anyone and grossly underestimating how much of a fighter Sydney is that she's ultimately thwarted at the endgame.]]
* OlderHeroVsYoungerVillain: [[spoiler: She's in her late teens in contrast to Sidney hitting 40.]]
* PintsizedPowerhouse: [[spoiler:She's able to lift Sidney, throw her, beat Dewey senseless with a bedpan.]]
* PluckyGirl: Always the optimist. [[spoiler: Except when she's planning murders.]]
* {{Sadist}}: [[spoiler: She ''filmed'' all her murders to watch over and over again.]]
* TheSociopath: [[spoiler:Perhaps more so than any of the previous Ghostfaces.]]
* SelfMadeOrphan; [[spoiler: Her mother was one of their victims.]]
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: In keeping with the Remake theme of Scream 4, Jill is setup to be the new Sidney Prescott, [[spoiler: but she actually turns out to be more of an expy of Sidney's half-brother Roman, especially right down to his motivation for wanting her fame for herself. Her plan makes use of this trope accordingly.]]
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The girly girl to Kirby's tomboy.
* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler: Arguably Jill goes through this in the end after her entire plan falls apart and basically turns to a desperate HeKnowsTooMuch with implications of TakingYouWithMe.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: Notice all the whited out entries? There's a reason.
* WomanScorned: [[spoiler: Told Trevor that she's not the girl one should cheat on before killing him.]]
* WoundedGazelleGambit: [[spoiler:Jill's self-mutilation in order to make people think she was a victim.]]

!!Kirby Reed (Creator/HaydenPanettiere)
[[caption-width-right:328:''"Okay, you continue your little good girl thing and I will drink for the both of us!"'']]
A notorious horror film fan, Kirby is a quirky and spirited best friend to Jill and Olivia. She's somewhat of a tomboy and "alternative" girl, who likes to watch movies, drink ([[HardDrinkingPartyGirl a lot]], apparently) and party. She seems to be aware of Charlie's crush on her, but instead prefers to "tease and torment" him. Upon realizing she's the only one of the ThreeAmigos not to receive a phone call from the killer, she becomes really uneasy (ultimately insisting it means she'll be the next one to die).

* DeadpanSnarker: Has a snarky sense of humour.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Unbelievable speed, real loud music, doesn't always see the stop signs... Jill and Olivia must be very courageous to go to school with her every day.[[note]]This may be a bizarre kind of Actor Appeal, as Hayden Panettiere's been similarly dangerous behind the wheel in ''{{Series/Heroes}}'' and ''Film/ILoveYouBethCooper''.[[/note]]
* DumbBlonde: Subverted; Kirby is probably the wittiest character in the film.
* GirlsAreReallyScaredOfHorrorMovies: Thoroughly subverted. She absolutely ''loves'' them.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: "You continue your good girl thing and I'll drink for the both of us." The young lady isn't afraid of alcohol at all.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: [[spoiler: Charlie stabs her in the stomach.]]
* TheLadette: A brash, snarky, tomboyish horror buff who makes the first move on a timid boy she's into.
* TheLancer: To Jill.
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler: However, many believe Kirby [[NotQuiteDead isn't dead]]. Others point to her inclusion in Jill's list of the victims in the hospital climax, but the film itself never actually ''confirms'' she's gone - as Panettiere and director Creator/WesCraven [[WordOfGod point out]] on the DVDCommentary (or Blu-ray Commentary if you roll that way). And you know what they say about horror movies where you don't see a corpse...]] But considering that[[spoiler: a Scream 5 will never happen, she was last seen bleeding out on a patio from very deep knife wounds and no immediate medical attention, and that nothing in the end of Scream 4 suggested that Kirby survived the event, it's pretty safe to say that she is most definitely dead. ]]
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: To Tatum. She is Jill's lancer and feisty best friend, like Tatum was to Sidney in the first movie.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The tomboy to Jill's girly girl.
* TomboyishName: Kirby is a masculine name.

!!Trevor Sheldon (Nico Tortorella)
[[caption-width-right:320:''"I'm not the bad guy. I may be the stupid guy for coming over here, but I'm not the bad guy."'']]
Jill's ex-boyfriend, who is said to have [[NoodleIncident cheated on her]]. Despite being pretty much shunned by Jill and their friends after the incident (they all behave at least uncomfortably towards him, except maybe Robbie), he's eager to win her forgiveness and resume their relationship... with little to no success. He's an avid fan of the ''Stab'' series -- surprisingly even attending to the Stab-a-thon -- a fan of the Ghostface character and is notorious for his [[StealthHiBye ninja-like skills]].

* CruelAndUnusualDeath: [[spoiler: Gets shot in the groin by his girlfriend and ''cries'' for forgiveness after revealing that he really did love Jill before she shoots him in the head.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Has his moments.
--> "Yeah, 'cause that's what I would do if a was a crazy psycho killer, I'd use my own phone to call you."
* DeathByWomanScorned: [[spoiler:His death was part of the plan, but Jill specifically evokes this trope before murdering him.]]
* {{Determinator}}: "The problem with Trevor is: he never quits".
* TheFriendNobodyLikes: In Jill's group of friends.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He cheated on his girlfriend, but realized it was wrong and desperately wants to make up with her.
* KickTheDog: [[spoiler:Tied up, shot in the groin and then in the head.]]
* MomentKiller: For Kirby and Charlie.
* NoodleIncident: The fateful "going out" with someone else that caused his falling out with Jill. The subject is only mentioned, never explored upon.
* RedHerring: [[spoiler:And a well played one; because of the fourth movie's whole remake theme, viewers are led to believe that this time the killer will actually be the obvious boyfriend again, just like Billy. Ends up completely {{subverted}}.]]
* StalkerWithACrush: To Jill, his ex-girlfriend, who was still angry with him.
* StealthHiBye: His trademark! He simply pops out of nowhere when people less expect it. Both he and Robbie {{lampshade}} this.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: To Billy. [[spoiler: Ends up [[SubvertedTrope subverted]], and he gets Neil Prescott's role - though this time it works as planned by the killers.]]
* TwoFirstNames: "Trevor" and "Sheldon".

!!Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin)
[[caption-width-right:340:''"The unexpected is the new cliché."'']]
President of the Cinema Club at Woodsboro High, "one run below the Glee Club, two above Nintendo Wii Fit". Charlie has a vast knowledge about films in general, although with a penchant for the horror genre, and a calm, collected, but somewhat clumsy air. He has a very obvious crush on Kirby, which she is naturally well aware of, but doesn't seem to reciprocate. He and Robbie host the Stab-a-thon every year.

* AssholeVictim: [[spoiler:A particularly unique example of this trope since he's one of the killers!]]
* BewareTheNiceOnes: [[spoiler:He's really NOT nice. At all.]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing: [[spoiler: He's not the adorkable timid guy he appears to be.]]
* TheBully: [[spoiler: He's not as mean-spirited as the other Ghostfaces though.]]
* TheDragon: [[spoiler:He is Jill's accomplice.]]
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Has pale skin and is certainly weird to the point of being creepy.
* EvilCounterpart: [[spoiler: To Randy, the MetaGuy and horror flim geek. Randy was just a harmless PluckyComicRelief, Charlie is eventually revealed to be one of the killers.]]
* FauxAffablyEvil: [[spoiler: Arguably, even moreso then his accomplice Jill and the previous Ghostfaces to a point he can be considered the OnlySaneMan amongst the killers and probably solely AffablyEvil as he did seem to reel remorse for stabbing Kirby.]]
* HollywoodNerd: Just without the glasses.
* LaughablyEvil: [[spoiler:While not as much a LargeHam as his predecessors Stu and Mickey and even more mellow then the other Ghostfaces, he's still much a quirky nerd, especially when he preps himself to make himself an injured victim along with Jill by even slapping himself before Jill double crosses and kills him to take the sole spotlight.]]
* MetaGuy: Replaces Randy in this role, along with his friend Robbie.
* OlderHeroVsYoungerVillain: [[spoiler: Like Jill, he's in his late teens in contrast to Sidney hitting 40.]]
* SoftSpokenSadist: [[spoiler: Even after TheReveal, he doesn't really raise his voice [[EvilIsHammy unlike previous killers and his partner Jill]]. He's perhaps the only Ghostface to be this.]]
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Seemingly of Randy, and even stated as he was going to be the next Randy [[spoiler:to Jill's Sidney during the reveal. However it's subverted and Sidney basically states that Charlie is much like Stu, which leads to his death by Jill; this also makes him a substitute to Mickey based on his film knowledge and getting offed by the BigBad, except he doesn't survive for the last scare]].
* {{UST}}: With Kirby [[spoiler:because well, he (may or may not have) killed her]], and possibly with Robbie.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: [[spoiler:As soon as they run out of targets and the final act comes, Jill kills him so she can come out as the sole survivor; he's the second Ghostface Dragon to get killed by the partner after Mickey Aliteri in ''2'', but he stays dead unlike Mickey.]]

!!Robbie Mercer (Erik Knudsen)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"We have reputations. I mean, we don't, but we'd like to have reputations."'']]
Vice-president of the Cinema Club at Woodsboro High, "in case Charlie takes a bullet". Usually seen with a headset and a camera, broadcasting his school experiences live into a videoblog, something he believes will be common one day. Less collected and more playful and prone to panic than Charlie, but as much a film geek, knowledgeable about the makings of a modern horror movie. He and Charlie host the Stab-a-thon every year.

%%* {{Adorkable}}
* BuryYourGays: [[spoiler:He thought gay people always survived horror movies. Ghostface/his comrade Charlie disagrees.]]
* CoolLoser: Slightly. "We don't have reputations, but we'd like to."
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler:Even after being stabbed three times, he barely pulls himself back to the house and warns the girls to run before dying.]]
* DrowningMySorrows: After [[spoiler:the killer attacks at Stab-a-thon]] -- a risk both Sidney and Gale warned Robbie and Charlie about -- and it looks like his website will be shut down, this is his reaction to cope.
* GuttedLikeAFish: [[spoiler: Allegedly being gay doesn't save Robbie from getting some serious stabbings from Ghostface.]]
* HollywoodNerd: Just without the glasses.
* MetaGuy: Replaces Randy in this role, along with his friend Charlie.
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler:When he's attacked and killed by Ghostface.]]
* StraightGay: [[spoiler:Though some do find him somewhat flamboyant on rewatches. Or even first watches. Or so he says, considering that he thinks that gay people always survive in a horror movie.]]
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: To Randy, the horror movie geek.
* TooDumbToLive:[[spoiler: Walking out alone, drunk, after dark, with a serial killer on the loose. He should have thought that through.]]
* {{UST}}: With Olivia. [[spoiler:Probably [[StraightGay would never be resolved]], though.]]

!!Deputy Sheriff Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton)
[[caption-width-right:180:''"Wear a vest, save your chest!"'']]
A dedicated police officer and loyal right-hand woman to Dewey, whom she idolizes and seems to have a crush on (and likes to bake lemon squares to). There is some sort of rivalry between herself and Gale, and the latter doesn't even bother hiding her antipathy towards the deputy (and her lemon squares). Judy knew Sidney from high school, but didn't make a big enough impression for Sidney to remember her.

* ActionGirl: When she saves Gale from [[spoiler:being shot by Jill.]]
* DistaffCounterpart: To Dewey, complete with having his rank in the original trilogy and having similarly sounding names.
%%* FairCop
* ForgottenFirstMeeting: She and Sidney went to high school together and used to act together in plays. Sidney doesn't remember her, though. See RememberTheNewGuy below.
* MeaningfulName: 'Deputy Judy' sounds very close to 'Deputy Dewey'.
* NumberTwo: To Dewey, now a Sheriff.
* PoliceAreUseless: [[spoiler:Subverted. She ends up saving Gale's life.]]
* RedHerring: [[spoiler:More subtle than the obvious Trevor, but still.]]
* RememberTheNewGuy: Her and Sidney went to high school together, but was not seen or mentioned in the very first film. Sidney even points out that she doesn't even remember her from high school, but stated that they've met before.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: She's essentially [[GenderFlip the female version]] of Dewey, which is explicitly lampshaded by Gale.
* TomboyishPonytail: She wears her hair this way.

!!Deputy Ross Hoss (Adam Brody) and Anthony Perkins (Anthony Anderson)
[[caption-width-right:279:''"Cops guarding the house, they always get it. It's a movie cop rule. It sucks to be a cop in a movie unless you're Bruce Willis."'']]
Two police officers working under Dewey, assigned to guard Sidney and Jill after it's confirmed that a new Ghostface killer has surfaced. Hoss is a rookie officer, recently graduated, with a reserved, respectful and somewhat apprehensive demeanor -- as well as a sad realization that cops are always endangered in fiction -- while Perkins is an older and seasoned cop with a perpetual cocky and bigoted disposition.

* BoomHeadshot: [[spoiler: Perkins. With a knife.]]
* DeadlyPrank: [[spoiler:Instead of answering when Hoss reports a suspicious open window in the vicinities, Perkins decides to [[FakingTheDead Fake the Dead]] to scare him. As soon as Hoss comes back to the car to check if he's okay, Ghostface takes advantage of their distraction and kills them both.]]
* FamousLastWords: "Fuck Bruce Willis." [[spoiler: Perkins]]
* GenreSavvy: Hoss, who knows exactly how a cop can get killed in fiction and seems to be knowledgeable about the horror movie rules.
* MauveShirt: [[spoiler:Both of them.]]
* PoliceAreUseless: [[spoiler:Ghostface has no problems getting past them to kill Olivia.]]
* RedOniBlueOni: Perkins is red, Hoss is blue.
%%* SaltAndPepper
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Hoss, to Dewey.
%%* ThoseTwoGuys
* TooDumbToLive: [[spoiler: They're actually ''pranking each other'' instead of watching the area. Unsurprisingly, the killer offs them easily.]]

!!Rebecca Walters (Creator/AlisonBrie)
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Two girls butchered. Payday. I was so not feeling Woodsboro. I was like, "Lame PR move." Well, fuck me now. Best. Idea. Ever."'']]
* AssholeVictim: [[spoiler: Nobody is affected by her death; Sidney had in fact fired her as an employee only minutes before Ghostface made her termination from Sid's employ permanent.]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Three girls get brutally killed, and the only thing she can think about is how well this will affect the sales of Sidney's book. She also seems to be somewhat envious of Sidney.
* CompositeCharacter: In the original draft of the script, there were two characters named Bette (Sidney's pushy and secretly envious assistant) and Rebecca (editor-in-chief of the high school newspaper and Gale's fangirl and wannabe), who were eventually combined into Rebecca Walters.
* DisneyVillainDeath: [[spoiler: Thrown from a parking garage by Ghostface.]]
* IfItBleedsItLeads: If it bleeds, it rockets the book sales.
* MotorMouth: Even when she's completely by herself.
%%* PluckyComicRelief: Somewhat.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: To Gale, but she acts towards her in a way similar to Debbie Salt.
* TooDumbToLive: [[spoiler: Instead of staying in her car where it's safe, she gets out to try to outrun Ghostface.]]

!!Kate Roberts (Creator/MaryMcDonnell)

Maureen's younger sister, Sidney's aunt and Jill's mother.

* InTheBack: [[spoiler:By her own daughter no less.]]
* MamaBear: Despite the attention her sister and niece got scarring her. She was still willing to defend Sidney from the killer [[spoiler: at the cost of her life.]]
* ShipperOnDeck: In the deleted hospital scene, she convinces Jill to talk to Trevor and looks like she really supports him.
* TemptingFate: She utters the dangerous sentence "I'll be right back". [[spoiler:Gets killed minutes later, though she DOES come back.]]