!!! Voiced By: Creator/MaayaSakamoto (JP)
* BladeOnAStick: Loves her some spear.
* [[spoiler:BrainwashedAndCrazy]]: Thanatos' and Hypnos' doing.
* HarpOfFemininity: To emphasize the "lady" in the LadyOfWar.
* [[spoiler:HeelRealization]]
* LadyOfWar
* [[ReligiousAndMythologicalThemeNaming Mythological Name]]: After the Greek myth of the first woman created who opened up a box that contained all the evils in the world as well as hope.
* [[spoiler:RedemptionEqualsDeath]]
* WomanInBlack

!!Heavenly Fierce Star, Wyvern Rhadamanthys
!!! Voiced By: TakehitoKoyasu (JP)
* '''{{Badass}}''': He's took on three Gold Saints simultaneously and beaten them without much injury.. [[spoiler: Granted, he fought them in an area that cripples the power of anybody that is not a Specter. Still it required Kanon, who is nearly as powerful as Saga and has the highest Specter kill counts of the Goldies to commit a suicide attack to beat Rhadamanthys.]]
* BigOlUnibrow
* BlondGuysAreEvil
** MeanBrit
* CallingYourAttacks: '''Greatest Caution!'''
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* TheDragon
* FoeYay: With Kanon.
* FreudianTrio: The Superego.
* WorthyOpponent

!!Heavenly Noble Star, Griffon Minos
!!!Voiced By: Creator/KoichiTochika (JP)
* BlindingBangs
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler:He really tried to stop the Bronze Saints from reaching Elysion at any cost.]]
* FreudianTrio: The Ego.
* PeoplePuppets

!!Heavenly Valiance Star, Garuda Aiacos
!!! Voiced By: Creator/ShinichiroMiki (JP), Creator/GerardoReyero (Latin America)
* ATwinkleInTheSky: With Ikki.
* AwesomenessbyAnalysis: Can not only calculate how long time it would take for someone to [[ATwinkleInTheSky hit the ground]] from his "Garuda Flap" atack, he also knows where you will land!
* FreudianTrio: The Id.
* MagicCountdown: His attack actually has one for the time it takes for his opponent to hit the ground.
** FlatWhat: [[spoiler:When Ikki did not come down when the clock hit zero]].
* NonchalantDodge: Does several type 1 in his fight with Ikki.
* WindFromBeneathMyWings: He flaps them to provide extra power in his attack.

!!Earthly Strange Star, Frog Zelos
!!! Voiced By: Creator/BinShimada (JP)
* AnimalMotifs: Frog
* {{Gonk}}
* ProfessionalButtKisser
* WhosLaughingNow: To Camus.
** ThisIsUnforgivable - KickTheSonOfABitch : What happened to him afterwards when Hyoga found out.
*** [[spoiler: CruelAndUnusualDeath: Hyoga unleashes Aurora Execution. However, he's still alive and tries to move and ''breaks his frozen feet off before falling down and shattering''.]]

!!Earthly Submission Star, Worm Raimi
!!!Voiced By: Creator/KazuyaNakai (JP)
* AnimalMotifs: Worm
* CombatTentacles
* {{Gonk}}
* MultiArmedAndDangerous

!!Dullahan Cube(Earthly Secret Star), Elf Mills(Earthly Lowly Star), and Gorgon Ochs (Earthly Running Star)
* AscendedExtra: Cube in Lost Canvas.
* [[spoiler: DressingAsTheEnemy]]
* EvilMinions
* RedShirtArmy: They marched into [[SayYourPrayers Sanctuary demanding Athena's head]].


!!Heavenly Heroic Star, Balrog Rune
!!!Voiced By: Creator/SusumuChiba (JP)
* AGodIAm: Played with, he claims that the reason that Seiya dosnt have the right to judge people is bacause only gods have the right to do that. [[spoiler:Kanon kills him because by that logic he didnt have any rights to judge people either and that death was what he deserved for playing god]]
* TheJudge
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner
* OhCrap: Several moments in regard to [[{{Foreshadowing}} Shun]].
* PunchClockVillain: Just doing his job and even regretted that he had to [[spoiler:sentence Seiya and Shun since they didnt belong in hell]].
* ScaryLibrarian
* ShoutOut: Ah-hem, winged armor, fiery whip? Balrog?! [[LordOfTheRings Never heard of that before...]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Rune? Lune? René?
* WhipItGood

!!Heavenly Beast Star, Sphinx Pharaoh
!!!Voiced By: Creator/JunichiSuwabe (JP)
* Myth/EgyptianMythology: Primarily the test of Osiris where he weighs your heart on a scale. The problem is, [[ToThePain you're still alive when he does it]].
* EvilCounterpart: To Orpheus.
* MagicMusic: His music [[BeatStillmyHeart can rip your heart out of your chest]].
* GreenEyedMonster: Before Orpheus arrived he was the only person who played music before Hades and you could say he took the fact that he had been replaced [[MurderTheHypotenuse kinda poorly]].
* MusicalAssassin

!!Heavenly Wailing Star, Harpy Valentine
!!! Voiced By: Creator/EijiTakemoto (JP)
* HeartSymbol: His wings form one.
* MeaningfulName: After Valentine's Day.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Frees [[spoiler: Seiya]] from the eight prison when he learns that he possesses [[spoiler: Athenas Cloth]]
* VisualInnuendo: His surplice.

!!Earthly Magic Star, Papillon Myu
!!!Voiced by: Atsushi Kisaichi
* ButterflyOfDeathAndRebirth
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: Compared to the other Specters.
* SequentialBoss
* TheFightingNarcissist

!!Heavenly Expansion Star, Acheron Charon
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: With Shun and Seiya.
* DuelBoss
* {{Gonk}}: He's ugly with his head gear on but hideous after it is removed.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: A paddle.
* TheFerryMan
* SaveTheVillain: Shun decides to save him from the river because they need him to finish crossing it. [[UngratefulBastard He repays them by attacking them back]]. Then he decides that Shun is a WorthyOpponent and ferries them to the other side, but duels them again anyway after reaching it.
* SpinToDeflectStuff
* [[ReligiousAndMythologicalThemeNaming Mythological Name]]: After the Charon from Greek Myth who ferried the dead.

!!Heavenly Horned Star, Golem Rock
* CurbStompBattle: He barely got to say his name and his technique.
* DishingOutDirt
* PunnyName
* RockThemeNaming

!!Heavenly Vanquished Star, Troll Ivan
* CurbStompBattle: He barely got to say his name ''fullstop''.
* HuskyRusskie: Looks like the deal, but...
* UnfortunateNames: ... Goes without saying.

!!Heavenly Hideous Star, Deadly Beetle Stand
* AnimalMotifs: Beetle
* AscendedExtra: In Lost Canvas.
* DiedStandingUp: No pun intended?
* ShoutOut: His [[AllThereInTheManual unseen attack]] is call ''[[Music/TheBeatles Stand by Me]]''. And he's a [[IncrediblyLamePun beetle]].
* PosthumousCharacter: Dies before we meet him.

!!Heavenly Crime Star, Lycaon Phlegyas
* CurbStompBattle: This troper senses a [[OverlyLongGag pattern]].
* IgnoredEnemy: Not him but Kanon paid him no respect whatsoever. [[labelnote:*]]"And later revealed that the only reason he stayed behind was to ask him for directions to the next prison"[[/labelnote]]
* TheFerryMan
* YouShallNotPass: And at first is successful. [[spoiler: Until Kanon took him out with one attack]]

!!Heavenly Victorious Star, Basilisk Sylphid
* BlowYouAway
* DemotedToExtra: In the anime.
* {{Determinator}}: For the same reasons as Minos.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: With Gordon and Queen.
!!Heavenly Imprisoning Star, Minotauros Gordon
* AnAxeToGrind: His attack ''Grand Ax Crusher''.
* TheBrute
* DemotedToExtra: In the anime.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: With Sylphid and Queen.

!!Heavenly Demonic star, Alraune Queen
* DemotedToExtra: In the anime.
* GreenThumb
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: With Sylphid and Gordon.
* RealMenWearPink
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Dark pink.