A list of characters from the ''Manga/RisingXRydeen'' manga and light novel series.

!!Takara Shimonone

The main character of the series. Takara has always wanted to a stranger and one day he gets his wish. Unfortunately, instead of the powerful wind powers he wanted he gets the ability to release an unknown gel from any part of his body. This makes him a rank E stranger but some later discovers about the properties of the gel would bump him up to rank D.

* AccidentalPervert: Can't go a few chapters without accidentally walking in on a girl changing, finding his face or hands planted on a girl's breasts or crotch.
* BattleAura: Generates an outright vicious looking one in Chapter 19, after his BerserkButton (Mikan getting [[CurbStompBattle curbstomped]]) is thoroughly pushed. Even Toya shows some fear upon seeing it.
* ChickMagnet: A couple chapters in the series and Yowabi, Sanagi and Ruri all have obvious crushes on him. Mikan has had feelings for him for a while but chooses to hide it. Fumi from his school gets a crush on him after he saves her life. Even Aria who's three years his senior tells him she's open to the idea of having a relationship with him.
* FatalFlaw: His ego. While he's well aware how useless his powers are, he still thinks of himself as the ultimate stranger. This mindset has caused him to make numerous bad decisions on missions, usually involving confront more powerful strangers head-on with no plan of attack. The end result is the mission being made more complicated or his teammates lives being put in danger.
* GuileHero: He has shown talent in lying.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: He Idolizes superheroes to an abnormal degree. So much so that Aria dubs it as a power, his "delusional power" and it's the reason why he's a great strategist. He's constantly been hypothesizing and solving situations a hero would get into. As a result he's developed a meticulous and dauntless imaginary strategic sense.
* IronButtmonkey: He constantly gets electrocuted by Mikan for doing something perverted, usually by accident. Mikan's lightning blasts leave most people unconscious and smoldering but thanks to Takara's strange ability he gets by with a few bruises.
* LeeroyJenkins: On missions he often confronts outlaws head on with no plan of attack or ignoring the set plan for the mission. Most of the time it ends badly.
* ObliviousToLove: Sanagi, Yowabi, and Ruri are anything but subtle about their crushes on him. Ruri even flat out tells him that she's pursuing him. All of this goes straight over his head and he sees them as friends.
* TheOneGuy: Everyone else on his team is female. Eden actually wanted an all female stranger team but reluctantly included him because he fits into their plan.
* PowerIncontinence: Shortly after his powers awoken he would randomly release gel, usually on Yowabi. He would later get it somewhat under control by only losing control of his ability when he's extremely aroused.
* ShirtlessScene: Occasionally in order to use his powers effectively.
* SomethingElseAlsoRises: He releases gel ''prematurely'' anytime he gets extremely aroused, usually by getting {{glomp}}ed or finding himself in a sexually suggestive position with a girl. The end result is both him an the girl covered in gel.
* TheStrategist: When he actually plans ahead he can come up with ingenious plans that allow his team to defeat some really powerful strangers.
* {{Tsundere}}: Towards Mikan, he always calls her by the nickname Electric Mikan and generally acts annoyed by her. But he is worried for her, and generally understands what she is thinking.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: His ability to release gel from his body is embarrassingly useless.
** HeartIsAnAwesomePower: It's not completely useless. His gel is very slippery, so if he produces some gel around his feet he can slide at high speeds. It's later revealed that his gel and his entire body have high insulative properties meaning, he can take multiple lightning blasts from Mikan and still keep conscious, where as most people can only take one. This discovery gets him reevaluated as a rank D stranger.

!!Mikan Raigou

Mikan is a powerful government rank A stranger known as the lightning god. Her strange ability lets her turn her arms and legs into lightning . Five years ago her strange ability awoken, it was a very powerful and uncontrollable power that cause her to be shunned by most people, with the exception of Takara, who had a one-side rivalry with her. Seeing potential in her, the stranger disaster prevention office took her in their care and trained her to control her powers. Shortly after Takara awakens his strange ability she meets with him after as a new transfer stundent in his school and his supervisor.

* TheAce: She's considered one of the strongest strangers around and since joining the Stranger Disaster Prevention Office has failed a single mission.
** BrokenAce: And when she does fail a mission for the first time she breaks down and cries in private. She hates her strange ability but the praise she got from others for completing missions gave her a reason for having them and helped her cope with the self-loathing.
* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: Her strange ability awoken when she was ten years old. Unfortunately, it's a powerful and largely uncontrollable ability so her peers, including her best friend, would stay away from her out of fear of accidentally being electrocuted. The only person who would talk to her was Takara.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Despite constantly arguing with and belittling Takara, she gets annoyed when other girls act affectionate or clingy around him, usually telling them and in one case forcing them off of him.
* ConspicuousGloves: She wears a pair of black rubber gloves and thigh-highs at all times. They keep her powers in control.
* TheDreaded: Most outlaws are aware of her reputation and usually try to run away from her.
* ElementalHair: Has blonde hair to match her electric based abilities.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Despite her immense power she's always hated her strange ability. It's a hard ability to control, extremely dangerous to her and caused her to be shunned by other children when she was younger.
* IneffectualLoner: She's been a very successful working by herself long before joining Takara's group because of this feels like she doesn't need the rest of the team. However, most of her missions were to capture outlaws that worked alone or didn't work together. She had a difficult time on a mission to capture outlaws that did use teamwork. Which was made even more difficult by her refusal to cooperate with Takara. This led to the team capturing only two of the three outlaws, and Mikan failing a mission for the first time.
* NecessaryDrawback: Her power strange ability has few inherent drawbacks
** It requires a lot of concentration so she can't use her lightning dash and lightning dust at the same time.
*** At least that's what Aria says. She can use both techniques simultaneously but it causes her ability to go haywire.
** One that Takara was able to figure out. She can only turn her forearms and hands and the area below her knees into lightning. She still needs to move the rest of her arms to aim at an opponent with lightning dust and she has to be able to move the rest of her legs to use lightning dash. Takara exploits this by jumping on top of her and pinning her down so she can't move her arms and legs
* NewTransferStudent: She transfers to Takara's school and is also part of his class. She introduces herself to her classmates by warning them that she's a dangerous person whom they should try to get close to.
* NoRangeLikePointBlankRange: Her lightning blasts have a lot of range but she usually uses her SuperSpeed to get in close for a surprise close range attack
* PowerIncontinence: When she was younger she was shunned by all of her classmates including her best friend because her powers would constantly activate shocking things and people. The only person that wasn't afraid of her Takara. In the current story she has more control over her powers thanks to training and specially made rubber gloves and socks but Aria tells Takara in private that her powers are still dangerous, not just to other people but also to Mikan herself. If her powers activate when she's asleep or unconscious she could end shocking herself which could result in her losing her limbs or dying. This is why she's rarely seen not wearing her rubber gloves.
* PowerLimiter: Her rubber gloves and socks keep her from unintentionally activating her strange ability. She can still use her ability wearing them, but it ensures that she won't lose control of it.
* RapunzelHair: Her long blonde hair almost touches the ground. In flash backs it only went a little passed her shoulders.
* ShockAndAwe: Her powers are electric-based. Mainly, she can turn her arms and legs into lightning.
** LightningGun: "lightning dust" turns her arms into lightning and lets her fire powerful lightning blasts.
** SuperSpeed: "Lightning dash" turns her legs into lightning which lets her move fast enough to appear as though she's [[FlashStep teleporting]] and create afterimages of her.
*** RequiredSecondaryPowers: Aria states that while Mikan does have SuperSpeed, she does not have super-perception or reflexes. It only seems like she does because she predicts where she's going to end up after dashing.
*** What's not discussed is how the rest of her body is able to resist the air friction while moving at that kind of speed.
** OrbitingParticleShield: She has an unnamed ability that lets her create orbs of electricity that surround her and most of the area. If someone touches the orbs they get electrocuted.
*** Aria notes that this one falls under AwesomeButImpractical as she can't stabilize it for too long so it's just for intimidating enemies. However, thanks to Takara's planing she was able to use it to take out some very powerful outlaws from re-birthday.
* SuperpowerLottery: Her strange ability makes her one of the strongest strangers around. She can move lightning fast and her electric attacks can knockout most strangers in one hit.
* {{Tsundere}}: Her relationship with Takara. She regards him as an annoying person, criticizes him any chance she gets and electrocutes when he does something perverted. At the same she wants to be close to him, and takes solace in the fact that he's one of the few people not afraid of her.
* VaporWear: She doesn't wear a bra under her school uniform, which shows since it's open from her collar down. Were it not for the fact that clothes in this series behave like their stuck on female characters' breasts a WardrobeMalfunction would be a given with her.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: She's one of the strongest strangers around but she is extremely afraid of cockroaches. During her fight with Takara's team she freaks out when Sanagi uses her powers to land a cockroach on her.

!!Yowabi Homuraokoshi

A young girl who, like Takara, recently awakens her strange ability. Unfortunately, again like Takara, she's a rank E stranger with a largely useless ability that lets her create fire too small to be useful.

* ACupAngst: She's saddened by the fact that Sanagi is the same age as her yet has much bigger breasts.
* BoisterousWeakling: Like Takara but to a lesser degree. She loves making grandiose introductions and bragging about how awesome she is despite being the lowest ranking stranger on the team with a useless ability.
* PlayingWithFire: She can create fire. Unfortunately, the flames are too small to be useful.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: She has the most useless strange ability in the series. It's so useless that she hasn't even activated it on any of her mission.

!!Sanagi Suisenka

Sanagi isn't the youngest person on the team but she's certainly the most childlike. She an energetic daughter of a rich business owner and a rank C stranger with the ability to control insects "marionette worm". This would be a useful ability were it not for the fact that she can only control one bug at a time.

* BoisterousWeakling: She loves bragging about her rank C status even though her ability is useless in a fight.
* BunniesForCuteness: She always has on a pink bag with a bunny face design she calls Totto-chan. Fitting for someone as childlike as her.
* EntendreFailure: One of the few characters that isn't grossed out by Takara's gel, in fact she likes being geled by Takara. Due to her childish nature the sexually imagery is lost on her.
* PestController: She can control bugs. Unfortunately she can only them one at time.
** HeartIsAnAwesomePower: Being able to control one bug at a time makes her useless in combat but she can use her insects to track down other people.
* NightmareFetishist: Most female characters are usually grossed out when covered in Takara's gel. Sanagi isn't, in fact she loves being covered in his gel. The first time she gets covered in gel she plays around in it and tries to eat it.
* SpoiledSweet: She's the daughter of a rich business owner. While she comes off as condescending when she was introduced because of her rank C status, she quickly becomes friendly towards the rest of the team after Takara saves her life on the first mission.

!!Rurika Kuzushiro

Rurika, or Ruri, is a popular idol and government stranger assigned to join Takara's team by Eden. She was sent by Eden to spy on Aria but it turns out she's really working for somebody else. She's a rank B stranger who has the ability, "chain of lost memory", to revert anything she's touched with her right hand back to the state it was five minutes ago.

* BerserkButton: She's normally cheerful and ditzy but when Aria accuses her for being a spy working for an outlaw, she has a momentary outburst of anger denying working for one.
* ClarkKenting: Takara is surprised during their shopping trip that no one seems to notice her despite being a famous idol singer and not hiding her face. She tells him it's because she can turn on and off her idol aura. She proves this by doing a couple poses which causes everyone around them to immediately notice her and form a crowd around her and Takara.
* ConspicuousGloves: She always wears a glove on her right hand so she doesn't unintentionally activate her powers. If she needs to use her powers she takes them off.
* TheCracker: She hacks Eden's servers and emails "that person", most likely the "hero of justice" she's working for, about information a rank A stranger eden wants to capture.
* CursedWithAwesome: Despite her strange ability being very useful she doesn't like it. At first she says it's because it's inconvenient as her ability always activates without her gloves but later it's revealed she hates it because of her DarkAndTroubledPast.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Her dad left her and her mom because she was a stranger. Her mom would later die in a fire cause by outlaws leaving her alone.
* DoubleAgent: She was tasked with joining Takara's team by Eden to spy on Aria. In actuality she's working for someone else, a "hero of justice", who she says is part of the government.
* HealingHands: As long as something or someone was injured within the last five minutes she can revert it to its uninjured state by touching it.
* IdolSinger: She's considered the ultimate idol singer and is very popular. Both Yowabi and Sanagi knew her before she joined the team because they've been huge fans of her.
* RapunzelHair: she has her hair tied in a long ponytail that almost touches the floor.
* SmarterThanYouLook: She has the personality and looks of a ditzy idol but she's also a skillful hacker, and has great deductive reasoning.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Usually refers to herself by her name or third person pronouns.
* TimeMaster: Her strange ability, "chain of lost memory", lets her revert anything or anyone she touches back to the state it was five minutes ago.

!!Aria Kurumu Elinor Walter

Aria is lab chief at Stranger disaster prevention office. She conducting an experiment to see if low ranking strangers can be effective at capturing outlaws if working as a team.

* BareYourMidriff: Her stomach is exposed because of her crop top and miniskirt combo.
* TheChessmaster: It's unclear what her ultimate goals are but she states that her superiors, Eden, and Takara's team are playing into her plans.
* ImprobableAge: She's lab chief of a government agency and even has a [=PhD=] at the age of 18.
* MissionControl: She gives orders to and has visual on Takara's team from the headquarters.
* MrsRobinson: She tells Takara upfront that she's open to the idea of being in a relationship with him. While Takara is attracted to her, he thinks she's joking because of the huge age difference being the two. [[SubvertedTrope Which turns out to be not that huge]] as she's only 18.
* TheNicknamer: She makes up nick names for the outlaws the team have to capture. Outlaw "Strength" and "Agility" becomes "Gorilla-san" and "Frog-san", Bullet thief Girl becomes "Tama-chan". She says it's to help the team bond more with the outlaws but Sanagi points out the faulty logic in trying to get them to bond with the people they're supposed to be capturing.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Takara is surprised to learn that she's 18 years, three years older than him, yet is significantly taller, bustier and more mature than the rest of the cast.
* RapunzelHair: Her hair goes all the way down to the floor. Years before the present story it barely reached her shoulders.
* SexySpectacles: The first time Takara meets her he starts listing off her attractive features. Her glasses is one of them.
* VictoriasSecretCompartment: Aria keeps her badge between her cleavage.

!!Toya Oma

Toya is an A rank ex-government stranger that has the ability to create explosive darts made of light. He is ruthless and cruel when it comes to exterminating his enemies.

* AntiHero
* {{Bishounen}}
* CurbStompBattle: Serves this to both Mikan and Takara in chapter 19.
* EveryScarHasAStory: His hands are covered in scars and it has not yet been explained how he got them.
** CoveredInScars: Toya wears long sleeves and long pants so we still don't know if he only has scars on his hands.
* {{Foil}}: To Takara. Toya is an A ranked Stranger with a very powerful ability and is very merciless to his opponents making him the complete opposite of Takara.
* LightIsNotGood
* StuffBlowingUp: His light darts cause the explosions after they hit.