This page is for characters introduced in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilTheDarksideChronicles'' only. For characters in other games or films in the game continuity, go to their respective debut media.

* ''Characters/ResidentEvil1''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, Brad Vickers, Richard Aiken, Enrico Marini, Albert Wesker, Lisa Trevor[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil2''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Leon Scott Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Sherry Birkin, William Birkin, Annette Birkin, Brian Irons, Marvin Branagh, HUNK, T-00 (Mr. X), Tofu[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil3Nemesis''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Carlos Oliviera, Nemesis T-Type (T-02), Nikolai Ginovaef[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilGunSurvivor'' [[labelnote:Introducing]] Ark Thompson, Lott and Lilly Klein, Vincent Goldman, Andy Holland, Bruce McGivern, Fongling, and Morpheus D. Duvall[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilCodeVeronica''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Steve Burnside, Albert Ashford, Alexia Ashford[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil0''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Billy Coen, Dr. James Marcus[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilOutbreak''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Kevin Ryman, Alyssa Ashcroft, Cindy Lennox, Mark Wilkins, David King, Jim Chapman, George Hamilton, Yoko Suzuki, Linda, Carter, Monica, Rita, Regan Mallet[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil4''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Luis Sera, Ashley Graham, Ingrid Hunnigan, The Merchant, Osmund Saddler, Ramon Salazar, Jack Krauser, Bitores Mendez[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilTheUmbrellaChronicles''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Colonel Sergei Vladimir, The Red Queen[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilDegeneration''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Senator Ron Davis, Angela Miller, Curtis Miller, Frederic Downing[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil5''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Sheva Alomar, Josh Stone, Oswell E. Spencer, Excella Gionne, Ricardo Irving, Alex Wesker[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilRevelations''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Parker Luciani, Jessica Sherawat, Raymond Vester, Clive R. O'Brian, Quint Cetcham, Keith Lumley, Rachael, Morgan Lansdale, Jack Norman[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilOperationRaccoonCity''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Vector, Spectre, Beltway, Bertha, Four-Eyes, Lupo, Umbrella Security Service Command, Crispin Jettingham (Callsign: DEE-AY), Erez Morris (Callsign: HARLEY), Lawrence Kimbala (Callsign: SHONA), Marisa Ronson (Callsign: TWEED), Carolyn Floyd (Callsign: WILLOW), Sienna Fowler (Callsign: PARTY GIRL), Government Spec Ops Command[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil6''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Jake Muller, Helena Harper, Piers Nivans, Carla Radames, Derek Clifford Simmons, Ustanak, Haos, Agent, President Adam Benford[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilDamnation''[[labelnote:Introducing]]Svetlana Belikova, "Buddy"/Alexander "Sasha" Kozachenko, JD[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilRevelations2'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Moira Burton, Natalia Korda, [[spoiler:Alex Wesker]], Neil Fisher, Gina Foley, Pedro Fernandez, Gabriel Chavez, Cipher, Evgeny Rebic, Stuart[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil7Biohazard'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Ethan Winters, Mia Winters, Jack Baker, Marguerite Baker, Lucas Baker, Zoe Baker, The Grandmother/[[spoiler:Eveline]], David Anderson, Alan Douglas/Droney, Peter Walken, Andre Stickland, Clancy Jarvis, Hoffman, The Molded[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilTheMarhawaDesire'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Ricky Tozawa, Merah Biji, Doug Wright, Bindi Bergara, Gracia Delenikas, Alisa Lin, Nanan Yoshihara, Tahir Kapoor, Ray Hsu, Gwen Ti Quan[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilHeavenlyIsland''
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilVendetta'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Nadia, D.C., Damien, Kathy White, Zack White, Glenn Arias, Maria Gomez, Diego Gomez, Patricio[[/labelnote]]


[[folder: Javier Hidalgo]]
!!!Voiced By: Ulises Cuadro

A drug lord running a small empire somewhere in the South American jungle. Hidalgo purchased a sample of the T-Veronica virus and unleashed several B.O.W.s on the surrounding villages, leading to Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser getting sent in to investigate.

* AntiVillain: He just wants to save his daughter, [[spoiler: by harvesting the organs of kidnapped girls and implanting them in his daughter]], which he pulls off with his tyrannical drug empire.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: [[spoiler:Javier merges with the Veronica plant growing in his garden and turns into a monster taller than his compound.]]
* BadBoss: When you finally assault his compound, he "welcomes" you with several zombies made from the former members of his army. He also murdered the two doctors keeping Manuela alive when she escaped.
* BigBad: Of ''Darkside Chronicles''.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Javier started working with Umbrella because he hoped they would find a cure for his daughter's illness.
* KnightTemplarParent: To save Manuela's life, Javier infected his daughter with a virus that causes horrific mutations. To counteract the mutations, Javier [[spoiler:harvested organs from girls and implanted them in Manuela]].
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:See AttackOfThe50FootWhatever.]]
* WhenTreesAttack

[[folder: Manuela Hidalgo]]
!!!Voiced By: Amy Correa Bell

The daughter of the drug lord Javier Hidalgo. Kept alive by the T-Veronica virus, she is rescued by Leon and Krauser during the prequel story in ''Darkside Chronicles''.

* AwesomenessIsVolatile: [[spoiler:Too much blood loss, such as from tossing out bloody fireballs, and she'll incinerate herself.]]
* AcheyScars: Repeatedly throughout ''[[VideoGame/ResidentEvilTheDarksideChronicles Darkside Chronicles]]'', she clutches her arm in pain.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: She's definitely good, but this series is notorious for having people who augment their bodies or gain special abilities as being evil.
* BeneficialDisease: [[spoiler: The T-Veronica Virus cured her original illness and gave her fire powers, as long as she doesn't abuse them she'll be fine.]]
* BlessedWithSuck: [[spoiler:Sure, her powers are cool and effective... for ten minutes. Any more than that, and they'll kill her.]]
* BloodyMurder: [[spoiler:Fire blood.]]
* BodyHorror: Her right arm is [[spoiler:necrotic. When unleashing her powers, it appears to be stripped down to the bone.]]
* BodyguardCrush: She really does like Leon.
* CharacterDevelopment: Becomes more proactive throughout ''The Darkside Chronicles''. [[spoiler:By the end, she comes to understand herself and her powers better, learning how to hold on to her soul and maintain control of herself by embracing both humanity and the pain that comes with it.]]
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: She wears all white. She's naturally the '"pure" character in ''Darkside Chronicles''.
* DamselInDistress: She has the sense to break out and run for the heroes, though.
* DoesNotLikeShoes
* EarnYourHappyEnding: [[spoiler:Throughout ''The Darkside Chronicles'', we are shown ''numerous'' examples where virus infectees meet very messy ends. The end of ''The Darkside Chronicles'' says that Manuela coexists stably with the Veronica virus and is no longer terminally ill, very likely as a result of her personal growth.]]
* EleventhHourRanger: [[spoiler:She's been with you for a while, but she'll join the fight against the final boss with her powers. She'll do most of the damage too, if you let her.]]
* EleventhHourSuperpower: [[spoiler:Unleashes the powers granted to her by the Veronica virus right before the final boss fight. She's able to toss her blood out as large explosive fireballs, vastly speeding up the process of whittling down the final boss.]]
* {{Foil}}: To Alexia Ashford, especially as she is presented in ''The Darkside Chronicles''. [[spoiler:Both are Veronica virus infectees with similar powers, coexisting with the virus, but are at polar opposites on the morality globe.]]
* FreakyIsCool: Krauser thinks so, at least.
* GoodScarsEvilScars
* TheIngenue: She is soft-spoken as all get-out, but also intelligent and highly courageous. The naivety fades out as she comes to develop her own philosophy regarding the Veronica virus and its gifts, [[spoiler:which certainly serves her better than ''everyone else'' who tried to use it for power.]]
* InnocentBlueEyes
* IllGirl: Originally.
* {{Leitmotif}}: She even sings it.
* LetsGetDangerous: Right before the final boss, she decides to quit sitting back, [[spoiler:finally allowing herself to use her zombie superpowers.]]
* MafiaPrincess: Not the Mafia, but a criminal's daughter nonetheless.
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: With regards to her father, Javier Hidalgo, a drug lord and bioterrorist.
* PlayingWithFire
* RedRightHand: The bandages on her arm are covering scarring that is [[spoiler:from her infection with the T-Veronica Virus]].
* ScarsAreForever: Averted in the bad ending. [[spoiler:Just before she dies, her arm heals up.]]
* SweetAndSourGrapes: The essence of her relationship with [[spoiler:the T-Virus within her. If the pain of living sickly gets too much, she can just let go and become a monster--that's the very basis of the T-virus, as ''Darkside Chronicles'' shows again and again. It is withstanding pain and holding on to both the good and bad in life that allows her to live with the virus, and Krauser and Leon's faith in her gives her a reason to do so.]]
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: Somewhat discussed in ''Darkside Chronicles''. [[spoiler:Leon's only heard of psychos wanting the Veronica Virus or people horribly mutating if they were forced to contract it. He expresses shock that it was used as a treatment. Once he adjusts, though, he shoots down Krauser's idea that they should kill her before she becomes a threat.]]
* WomanInWhite: Runs around the entire game in a tattered white bloodstained mini dress.