The many characters of ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'':

* [[Characters/PathfinderMortals Mortals (and occasionally immortals) of Golarion.]]
** [[Characters/PathfinderFactions The Factions who control Golarion's politics.]]
* [[Characters/PathfinderDeities The major deities and powers of the Great Beyond.]]
** [[Characters/PathfinderArchfiends Demon lords, archdevils, and archdaemons.]]
** [[Characters/PathfinderEmpyrealLords The Empyreal lords of the good-aligned planes.]]
* [[Classes/{{Pathfinder}} The many forms of adventurers in Golarion.]]
** [[Races/{{Pathfinder}} And the many races they come in.]]
* [[Monsters/{{Pathfinder}} The myriad monstrous foes heroes are likely to encounter]]