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!!The Paranatural Activity Club

!!Maxwell "Max" Puckett

->''"Ohhh don't you dare! Do NOT play the skeptical slasher movie cop! I am in clear and future danger!"''

Our protagonist. On his first day of school after moving into Mayview, his sixth sense awakens and he is quickly swept up into the additional level of wackiness (compounded with the entire town's oddballness) that is the Paranatural Activity Club. He is extremely acrobatic and uses a baseball bat with powers of magnetism as his tool.
* BatterUp: His tool is an aluminum bat.
* TheComicallySerious: He is a cynical lad who plays the role of the OnlySaneMan in a town full of eccentric and wacky denizens. Situations of his being this are practically inevitable. It helps that, even though Maxwell takes himself quite seriously, he isn't immune to all the wackiness himself from reacting very emotionally to all of the unfamiliar spectral business to displaying just as many exaggerated expressions as the rest of Mayview (his, in fact, being one of the very first the viewers see). Examples include but are not limited to: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=100 Isabel not taking Max's situation seriously enough]] or [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=215 Max having something like super serious to tell Isaac]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Due to his below mentioned status as only sane man. According to him, one of his super powers is "The ability to conjure an impenetrable wall of cynicism."
* DemonicPossession: [[spoiler:It is revealed in chapter 3 that Max is possessed by a spirit who seems to let Max have control most of the time. However, the spirit takes over to intimidate the Doorman]].
* ExtraOreDinary: His bat is magnetic.
* FishOutOfWater: He was the new kid in a strange city... and then he started seeing ghosts.
* FragileSpeedster: Max is very quick and acrobatic for a 12 year-old, but he still takes hits like one.
* GenreSavvy:
** Isabel initially refuses to come to Max's house to take care of a very creepy but not yet aggressive spirit. Max accuses her of [[PoliceAreUseless being a skeptical slasher movie cop]].
** And again when he notes the feeling of being watched.
--->'''Max:''' It was probably nothing, least of all foreshadowing, and/or I am making things up.
* TheGadfly: Very first chapter has him displaying this tendency with Max snarking to Zoey about their move to Mayview. He also spends a good portion of Chapter 3 picking on Isaac and absolutely enjoying himself doing so.
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: Heart boxers... with pockets.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He can be a bit mean, but ultimately he's a nice guy.
* MouthyKid: Snarky but reasonable.
* NiceHat: His ballcap. The only time he is ever seen without it is when he's sleeping. Or confronting ghosts in his house when he should be sleeping. Or when Johnny steals it.
* OhCrap: Max has shown over the top versions of this expression a few times.
* OnlySaneMan: Half his lines in the first chapter point out how utterly insane the townspeople are.
* LeParkour: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=56 Implied for Max and his hometown friends.]] It would certainly explain Max's ridiculous acrobatic feats.
* PungeonMaster: He can be pretty punny when he makes the effort. [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=134 Exhibit A.]]
-->''"Isaac, I sphinx you should calm down. [...] I'm just saying, you seem a riddle bit mad."''
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: He rips into [[spoiler:Hijack]] for claiming to be a BullyHunter, when he was really just a violent hypocrite.
* UniqueProtagonistAsset:
** [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=60 Subverted]].
---> '''Mr. Spender:''' ''Black'' spectral energy?! That's... fairly common.
** As proof it wasn't a LastSecondWordSwap, another black energy wielder is later seen in Isabel's grandfather's dojo.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: [[spoiler:When the spirit possessing Max speaks, represented with one speech bubble that has two stems]].
* WackyParentSeriousChild: You probably can't find a straighter example than Serious Child Max and his Wacky, AdultChild father.



!!Isabel Guerra


An energetic classmate of Max's. She absolutely loves her work with the Activity Club, to the point of probable bloodthirst. Her tool is a thick book full of blank pages that she can manipulate. She is also best friends with Ed.
* ActionGirl: Isabel is [[http://paranatural.net/cast.php described as "heavy-handed"]] and even wears a T-shirt with the word [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=161 "violence"]] in script lettering.
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: She is very confident in her ability to use spectral energy, even compared to the adults in her Grandfather's dojo.
* BadassBoast: To the bat spirit in [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=55 chapter 1.]]
-->'''Isabel:''' Are you trying to scare me? ''[flares up with spectral energy]'' That's going to be hard.
* BloodKnight: To a downright scary degree.
-->'''Isabel:''' We flipped a coin to see who'd risk going in! ''[creepy grin] I lost''.
* ChildSoldier: She's twelve, and she's a highly trained spectral who can go toe-to-toe with adults. According to her story about how she got her Tool, she's been fighting dangerous spirits since she was at least ''six''.
* DeflectorShields: An application of spectral energy.
* GenkiGirl: Hyper and cheerful.
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower: After she gets her second ability, flipping things, it takes her less than an hour to incorporate it into her martial arts. She flips herself around to dodge blocks and backstab her opponents unexpectedly.
* HiddenDepths: Her blood knight tendencies seem to be an effort to prove herself to her Grandfather.
* ImaginationBasedSuperpower: She can make whatever she likes from her spectral paper.
* JustAFleshWound: Insists that [[spoiler: the bite one of the pixhellhounds gave her]] isn't serious. Dr. Zarei thinks differently.
* LittleMissBadass: While her arrogance causes problems, she's the star pupil of her grandfather's spectral dojo.
* LittleMissSnarker: Slightly sarcastic most of the time. Horrendously sarcastic when her grandfather is involved.
-->''That was lame. A lame attack. I think tradition's / Kinda wack.''
* MagicalGirlWarrior: Described as such by Ed.
* MeaningfulName: Her last name means "war" in Spanish. Fitting for someone who enjoys fighting.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Max is rather freaked out when she ''doesn't'' have a humongous evil grin while fighting spirits.
* PaperMaster: Her tool is a book full of infinite amounts of paper that she can freely fold and control.
* ParasolOfPain: She gains an umbrella as a tool from her grandfather after [[spoiler: she lost her previous one, and consequently, Eightfold, in the last mission.]]
* RedIsHeroic: Her spectral energy is red, and she often wears red clothing, as the most action-oriented of the main heroes.
* RedOniBlueOni: The reddest of the red. Isaac is also red, while Max and Ed are more blue.
* StepfordSnarker: She's desperately trying to keep her anguish bottled up and out of the way, which puts her at odds with Isaac.
* ThisIsADrill: Made of paper. She is also capable of doing something similar with her spectral energy.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: She's "[[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=239 not great with dogs]]." Her bedroom is papered with posters, pictures, and calendars about dogs, seemingly an attempt at exposure therapy.



!!Edward "Ed" Burger

->''"Just FYI, ya prob'ly shouldn't walk through there fully exposed. With no shield, I mean. Well, without clothes either."''

An ''especially'' energetic and somewhat off-kilter member of the Activity Club. His tool is a paintbrush, allowing him to paint weapons on any surface, even thin air. He is also best friends with Isabel.
* ArtAttacker: He attacks with his ink paintings.
* BloodKnight: Loves a good fight, although he's a bit less creepy about it than Isabel.
* BondOneLiner: Of the less than badass variety in Chapter 2:
-->'''Ed:''' Welp! I guess you could say he's... [[AntiHumor dead]].
* CheshireCatGrin: Ed smiles at nearly all times. Including when he's fighting. Or telling Max that the spirit weeds/tentacles/ropes/somethings that he just walked through could be highly poisonous.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}:
** For example, he doodles a mustache on himself to match a silly French spirit.
** It's [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=190 implied]] that he's a lot less strange than he seems; it's just that he's embraced everyone's perception of him as a weirdo.
* ConvenientlyAnOrphan: Prior to much development on his history, anyway. Both his parents are gone, so he lives in the Guerras' dojo with Isabel and is a student of her grandfather.
** His parents [[spoiler:were scientists involved with the Consortium. According to Agent Day, the circumstances behind their disappearances are still unknown.]]
* EyeScream: His face got erased by a spirit one morning and he decided to draw on new features while he waited for it to reappear. When his eyeballs came back, they got covered in ink.
* HiddenDepths: His silliness is in part explained in the last two panels [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=190 here]].
** According to him, [[AwesomeEgo Isabel's grandfather]] leaves him alone because he's able to defend himself well enough. Let that sink in.
** In chapter 5, he ends up having a talk with his specter where he confesses that he feels guilty over not standing by Isabel while her grandfather told her off for losing Eightfold.
* ImaginationBasedSuperpower: He can draw whatever he needs in the air and it will come to life.
* {{Keet}}: Really odd and really chipper.
* MundaneUtility: Using his power to make clotheslines and to write down controls for the fighting game he's playing.
* OpaqueNerdGlasses: His eyes are never visible through them.
%%* PluckyComicRelief: Yup.
* PreMortemOneLiner: Ed delivers quite a nice one at the end of chapter 2, page 21, but it shrivels in comparison to his death threat in the following page. Don't believe? [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=93 Compare]] [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=94 them]].
* SinisterScythe: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=97 One application of Ed's powers]].


!!Isaac O'Connor

->''"I will dance on your grave, sir."''

By far the most normal member of the Activity Club. Knowledgeable about the paranatural, but is treated as a ButtMonkey by the rest of the club. He is a "medium", a possessed human able to use a spirit's powers without a tool as a conduit. His powers are weather-based, giving Isaac the ability to wield lightning, rain, clouds, wind, and snow. He also claims to be able to take on Isabel and Ed at once.
* AnimeHair: It's actually a [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-3-page-10 symptom of his possession]].
* {{Animesque}}: He's basically a shounen manga hero, complete with speeches about justice, friendship, and saving the world every time you blink. Other times, he might adopt a "cool anime guy" sitting posture or walk.
* BishieSparkle: He tends to do this. It's... ''[[MemeticMutation hard to control.]]''
* BlueIsHeroic: He has blue spectral energy and eyes, and he very much tries to be a good guy and hero.
* ButtMonkey: Despite (and actually partly because of) his power, Isaac is the Activity Club's. Max tends to forget his name, though he has a healthier friendship with Max than with... [[NoRespectGuy pretty much anyone]]. Isabel and Ed leave him out of their friendship, he gets left out of the loop on paranatural happenings, Mr. Spender ignores him, etc. Also deconstructed to a degree, because it has left him with one ''hell'' of a HairTriggerTemper.
* ElementalPowers / PowerOfTheStorm: As a medium, Isaac is given powers without the need of a tool.
** BlowYouAway: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=116 He can create gusts of wind]].
** AnIcePerson: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=136 He can produce clouds to make it snow]].
** MakingASplash: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=124 He can make rain fall from his hands]].
** ShockAndAwe: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=135 He can create thunderclouds and use its lightning as a weapon]].
* FieryRedhead: He has quite the temper which is portrayed ''with prominence'' in Chapter 3. He gets riled up easily and tends to stew over things.
-->'''Isaac:''' No one else gets angry like I do. Max gets mad and he's back to joking around in no time. But I get mad, and it buzzes in my head for hours and days and weeks. Forever. It just stays.
* {{Foil}}: To Max. They're in similar positions at the start of the comic, being outsiders to or within the club, and it's this that first gets them talking. In terms of archetype, Max is the cynical, snarky anti-hero associated with black to Isaac's bright colors and shonen hero themes. In terms of powers, Max has magnetism and Isaac can create lightning -- there's even a wallpaper where they use their powers together.
* HairTriggerTemper: Years of abuse at the Activity Club seem to have given him a really short fuse.
** [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-221 It turns out]] there's [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-222 a lot more to his attitude]] than [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-223 what he believes about how the others treat him]].
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Mornings at the school are best described as... weird (well weirder anyway) because of the adventures he gets into overnight. Then there's the [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=297 things]] he and Ed got up to on the Ghost Train while separated from Max and Isabel.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: Seems to have one with his apparent mentor, the Doorman.
* ItsAllAboutMe: He's pretty self-centered. As much as his resentment toward the Club is justifiable, his anger and feelings of personal alienation are really [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-19 internalized]].
* LetsGetDangerous: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=135 Let's. Negotiate.]]
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: Due to his possession, he is not allowed to know any details on the Paranatural Activity Consortium. The fact that doesn't know much else, either, can be blamed on Spender's meandering teaching style.
-->'''Spender:''' Isaac, I know you're frustrated, and I feel very [[spoiler:bad]] about that, but [[spoiler:I am not allowed]] to [[spoiler:discuss such matters]] with [[spoiler:you for the duration of your possession]].\\
'''Isaac:''' ''[[[PaintingTheMedium pointing at the censored text]]]'' STOP DOING THAT!
* MrExposition: Provides quite a bit of exposition, mainly because Spender is really difficult about showing new kids the ropes.
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: Apparently he goes on quests to save ancient spirit civilizations once or twice a day.
* OnlySaneMan: He deals with a more frustrating level of insanity than Max, and he's been dealing with it for far longer.
* {{Otaku}}: In addition to {{Animesque}}, he also drew [[http://www.paranatural.net/uploads/1444880084-IsaacComicCropped.png a fruit basket as an anime character]], dressed as [[http://www.paranatural.net/comics/1477942707-Halloween2016.png Naruto]], and chatted/sang about [[https://twitter.com/paranaturalzack/status/784557452796854273 Vocaloid]] to Max.
* PowersViaPossession: He's a medium. [[spoiler: And the spirit possessing him is a big enough deal that Mr. Spender has to keep him in the dark about the Activity Consortium until it leaves him]]. As Max notes, this makes him a ''huge tool''.
* RedIsHeroic: Fitting with his "stereotypical shonen hero" theme, he has {{spiky|Hair}} red hair as a symptom of his possession.
* RedOniBlueOni: Despite the color coordination, he and Isabel are both red.
* RunningGag: Isaac is a HeroOfAnotherStory. One full of [[ShonenDemographic shonen]] tropes.
* TheStarscream: Isaac is a cheerfully benign one towards Mr. Spender.
-->'''Isaac:''' I will dance on your grave, sir.
* TerribleArtist: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=64 According]] to Max.


[[folder:Mr. Spender]]

!!Richard "Rick" Spender

->''"Aha! I won't fall for THAT a sixth time!"''

Max's history teacher, and the advisor to the Activity Club. Cultivates a certain air of mystery which simply annoys the club's GenreSavvy population. His tool is the sunglasses he constantly wears, which give him the power to manipulate light.
* {{Adorkable}}: Doing a backflip off a roof: cool. Doing a backflip off a roof then falling over shouting "Oh my god my ankle!"? Significantly less cool.
-->'''Cast Bio:''' Mysterious, intellectual, athletic... these are three words that have nothing to do with Rick Spender.
* AmbiguouslyEvil: He seems to think he's doing the right thing, but others have shown doubts. He even asks Isabel's Grandfather to stop him if he turns too far from the light.
* CastingAShadow: He uses an interesting variation: he can make his shadow tangible, but rather than manipulate it directly, he manipulates the light source which is casting the shadow.
* ChekhovsSkill: When he's introducing himself to Max as leader of the club, he mentions that he's an expert in spirit linguistics. When he encounters Forge, he identifies the [[BlackSpeech language of evil]] (Cursed Words) that the dog-spirits are using, and also reveals he can understand Forge's language (High Spirit).
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass:
** Describes him to a ''tee''. He comes off as a total moron most of the time, but he's regarded as an utterly terrifying figure among spirits.
--->'''Rabbit Spirit:''' You hitch a ride on the Ghost Train and he shows up? You're ''over''.
** [[spoiler: Also, The reason the spirits are terrified of Spender? He beat "The strongest" spirit (Forge says as much during their confrontation). Consider what counts as "strong" in the Paranatural setting for a minute.]]
** [[spoiler: We find out that Spender's ''actual'' strongest attack is basically a one-hit kill to anything and everything. And he has more powers on top of that]].
--->'''Forge:''' I am Forge, [[spoiler:AND YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF DESTROYING ME]]!\\
'''Spender:''' Heh. I get that a lot. ''[[[spoiler:destroys him]]]''
* DarkAndTroubledPast: While chewing him out in chapter five, Lucifer tells Spender that he's still "the same trembling, terrified boy [he] fished out of the lake thirteen years ago."
* DemonicPossession: [[spoiler:Hijack]] jumped inside him.
* HiddenEyes: Does this after a physically and emotionally grueling fight during Chapter 4. [[LampshadedTrope Lampshaded]] in the AltText, which points out it's highly likely he's using his powers to do it on purpose, [[LargeHam because he's a ham]].
* LargeHam: He ''really'' likes giving mysterious, dramatic monologues, which are usually rendered fairly ridiculous by little details like "no one can hear what he's saying because he's turned away from them."
* LightEmUp: His spectral ability. [[spoiler: [[CastingAShadow One of them, anyway.]]]] On one page he [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=153 suddenly produces blinding light]]. On another, [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=166 he doesn't turn off a nightstand lamp, he seems to banish its light, and his spirit resembles a lightbulb]]. [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=182 Here]] he grabs the light gleaming off his glasses.
* LogicalWeakness: His light powers don't work if there isn't any source of light for him to use (because his powers are a sort of shadow manipulation - therefore no light, no shadows, no powers)... but fortunately his Spirit is always illuminated and can provide a light for him.
* MistakenForBadass: One of the shadow dogs warns Forge that "the sunglasses spectral" took out "the strongest spirit. The biggest." Because of this, Forge gives up when fighting him--only to find out Spender's most powerful attack can't even scratch his armor.
-->'''Alt Text:''' You can't go embracing death every time you see a dude in shades.
* MrExposition: Subverted; he has all the answers, but he gives far less information than he should.
* MundaneUtility: Uses his [[LightEmUp powers]] not only in battle, but also for such vital tasks as turning off lights, [[VisualPun punning]], and making light to read by.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: By defeating [[spoiler:Forge]] but then letting him escape, he allowed him to [[spoiler:possess Johnny and enter Mayview while slowly turning Johnny into a spectral.]]
* NothingIsScarier: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=167 His mental room]]. Usually, in Paranatural dream meetings, The door and the room behind it show the inner workings of the persons mind - for example, Texas Walker's room is just a wilderness fire campsite behind a giant gold door. Spenders mental room? ABSOLUTE DARKNESS. Which can apparently only be illuminated by Lucifer, his spirit (you can see his outline in the darkness). It also doesn't help that apparently, Spender's higher ups are curious as to WHY he doesn't let anyone else so much as look in and see his room...
* OnlyAFleshWound: He insists that [[spoiler: the burn that covers his ''entire'' stomach]] isn't that bad. [[EmpathicWeapon Lucifer]] disagrees. About five minutes after their argument, we see him groaning in pain and looking generally pathetic. [[spoiler: though it's revealed that was only Hijack experiencing the pain that Spender had learned to endure by that point.]]
* PaintingTheMedium: He can apparently pronounce redaction.
* PoorCommunicationKills:
** ''Very'' narrowly averted, in that Spender forgot to mention to Max (a new recruit with no knowledge on how things are run) that he cannot cross the town's barrier without being squashed the night before Max would have taken a trip out of the town. Max calls him out on this.
** Though it has yet to ''hurt'' Isaac, Spender's unwillingness to reveal anything to him unless it is needed to be known (and sometimes not even then) has left a pretty deep grudge in the kid. There is a reason for it, but Isaac is unaware of what that is either, which doesn't help matters.
* PortalCut: [[spoiler: How he defeats Forge: by turning the shadow Forge was walking on into a BottomlessPit and then [[LightEmUp removing]] the shadow.]]
* PragmaticHero: Claims he has "a knack for cheap shots."
* PunnyName: Since his first name is Richard, his name could also be written as "Rich Spender". Some truth to this, especially when he is seen [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=214 here]] pulling up in a car so expensive he won't even let the the kids wear their shoes inside of it.
* ARareSentence: As follows:
-->'''Spender:''' Lucifer, did I... do the right thing tonight? ''[{{beat}}]'' ...Good lord, if my parents could hear me now.
* ScaryShinyGlasses: As befitting his mysterious side. Weaponized, even.
* SealedInsideAPersonShapedCan: [[spoiler:He contains an extremely dangerous spirit in his own body with the help of his "personal" spirit, Lucifer. This puts a constant strain on both himself and Lucifer, and if either one slips up, that spirit starts to escape.]]
* SinkOrSwimMentor: Mr. Spender only teaches the Activity Club about fighting spirits when it's contextually relevant, and the context tends to involve mortal peril.
* StraightGay: [[spoiler:[[http://www.paranatural.net/comics/1510050195-Ch5Pg229thru235.png Turns out to be in a relationship with Mr. Garcia]].]] He doesn't fit any stereotypes, aside from being overly dramatic at times.
* SunglassesAtNight: Wears his sunglasses constantly, even in an unlit room or at night[[note]]More or less justified, as they're his tool[[/note]].
* SuperMode: Has one in the form of Spirit Fusion, where he physically combines with Lucifer. Also qualifies as GoldenSupermode. At the very least it gives him flight and SuperSpeed, but [[spoiler: using it makes it easier for the shadow spirit he contains to escape.]]
* WealthsInAName: "Rich Spender," who drives an expensive sports car. Played with in that it makes the kids question ''where'' he got the money.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: It's not quite clear what his plans are, but apparently he's up to ''something'' his boss wouldn't like, but for all the best reasons. Isabel's grandfather warns that he should remember he's not exactly setting himself up for a good end.
-->'''Francisco:''' You'll perish choking on the words "greater good" with some hero's blade in your guts, mark my words.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: He uses a suplex on the Bat-like Spirit, although it doesn't work.
-->'''Spender:''' [[CallingYourAttacks S-spenderrr SLAAAAAM!!]]


!!Johnny and his Gang


!!Johnny Jhonny

->''"Golfers are NOTORIOUSLY mortal."''

A friendly bully who Max fights on his first day in Mayview.
* AffablyEvil: Schoolyard bully version. Greeted Max enthusiastically, carrying no hard feelings about the day before, then casually decided to beat him up. Another time he extorted Max for fifty cents, but gave him change for a dollar.
* BloodKnight: To say he ''enjoys'' violence is kind of an understatement. More like he is ''actively addicted'' to it.
* TheBully: Johnny is this trope cranked up until the knob snaps off. He's not even all that mean, it's just that beating people up is his base state of existence. At least a few times it's shown he needs to punch the crap out of things (or people) to keep from going crazy.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: He considers golf cards and a grape to be a good source of income, because grapes might become wine someday and "golfers are notoriously mortal".
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Inverted. Johnny seems less hostile towards Max after kicking his butt. Seems to be playing straight with Ed so far as Ed hands Johnny his first ever defeat.
* TheDitz: Turned UpToEleven, like everything else about him. He's best described as "unhinged".
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: He's a good fighter and [[spoiler: gets possessed by Forge.]]
* AFatherToHisMen: See how he [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=300 comforts R.J.]] and the rest of his gang. Note that he isn't slapping some sense into R.J., he's ''wiping their tears''.
* FieryRedhead: Definitely the loudest and angriest member of his gang.
** He's on a path to taking that trope [[PlayingWithFire literally]] [[spoiler:after being possessed by a weakened Forge]]
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Parodied. He looks like he's slapping R.J., but he's wiping their tears.
* HairTriggerTemper: He goes from smiling to trying to beat up Isaac within seconds of meeting him.
* HiddenDepths: He's actually fairly concerned over how other people see him after the hitball match, and wonders what he should be doing with himself.
* InsaneTrollLogic: On a constant basis. May have something to do with repeated blows to his head. A shining example is when he and his gang are chasing the Activity Club's car, and lose track of them. Johnny reasons thusly: All roads lead to Rome. But they're not going to Rome. Therefore they must leave the road.
* ItIsPronouncedTroPAY: His last name is pronounced "juh-hawney," though his teacher claims he said it right.
* PetTheDog: Aside from the way he tries to comfort his friends after their collective mental breakdown viewing Max and co. floating, Johnny also takes time during the hitball match to help Max stay calm after [=HiJeff's=] rant, even commending him for standing up to him in earlier chapters.
* ThePowerOfFriendship: Odd for a bully, he continuously evokes this with his gang, up to and including the Friendship Fusion.
* PungeonMaster: Seems rather fond of wordplay.
* RepetitiveName: Borderline case. His last name is pronounced "juh-hawny".


!!Ollie Oop

->''"What genre of story did we just walk into? Oh my god. Are we even main characters?"''

The biggest and strongest member of Johnny's gang, he's also far more calm and collected than his boss.
* TheBigGuy: Of Johnny's group.
* TheHeart: He also keeps Johnny from beating people up too much. Unless he's telling Johnny to beat them up more.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=300 His perception of reality seems to have shattered (along with the rest of the group's)]] as of chapter 4.
* OnlySaneMan: Not only is he the one who realizes they could clear the fence if Johnny would just let him throw him over, he is also incredulous when Johnny [[spoiler:describes Isaac's powers]].
* PunnyName: On "alley-oop."
* TheSmartGuy: He's usually the only one to realize the best solution to their problems. Also, [[OnlySaneMan reality]].
* TopHeavyGuy: His torso is ''huge''.




A minor member of Johnny's gang.
* AgentMulder: The original cast page referred to him as a "budding conspiracy theorist". As referenced [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=342 in the comic]], this apparently includes reptilian conspiracies.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: Has a rather nasty-looking Evil Scar across his face.
* NumberTwo: Another implication from the first cast page, calling him Johnny's right-hand man. This role actually seems to have been taken on by Ollie, and the new page simply calls Stephen an "underling". He's still the most talkative minion.
* TinfoilHat: Wears one while Johnny is telling them about Isaac's powers.



->''"[-Do you think they were all Wonder Women? Invisible... invisible jets...-]"''

A hoodie-wearing member of Johnny's gang. Has a [[InTheHood hidden]], sparkling mohawk.
* AmbiguousGender: This was the case for a while, due to the face-concealing hoodie. They've since been confirmed as non-binary.
* CompressedHair: How does it ''fit'' under that hood?
* ExoticEyeDesigns: Lime green irises with concentric circles in them.
* TheFaceless: Apart from the eyes and mouth, R.J.'s face is always hidden in the shadow of their hood, even if under direct light. Only when their hood was knocked off by a passing car did the shadow slip off, revealing the top of their head. In their background story the lower half of their face can be seen (they had freckles), though they still preferred wearing a hat and hoodie.
* InTheHood: It casts an all-concealing shadow across their face, even when the shape of their head is clearly visible.
* TheQuietOne: Has only spoken when alone with the gang. Johnny tells Ed that R.J. took a vow of silence after the concert and R.J. agrees. R.J. also recognizes comedic irony.
* UndyingLoyalty: The first line we hear them speak is "We wouldn't ditch you, Johnny."
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Has a green mohawk under their hood.


!!Mayview Middle School students


!!Jeffavorite Flavors

->''"If only I had my blade..."''

A student at Mayview Middle School. Rather excitable and friendly. Also a big nerd.
* BlindingBangs: His hair covers his eyes.
* DemonicPossession: [[spoiler:Gets possessed by Hijack in Chapter 5.]]
* {{Keet}}: He's very excitable and can change emotions on the drop of a hat.



!!Cody Jones

->''"Wow, Jeff! Nice throw!"''

One of Max's classmates at Mayview Middle School. Seemingly one of the few kids around who ''doesn't'' have some odd trait, other than an excessive tolerance for weirdness.

* TheAce: Turns out he's ''really'' good at Hitball.
-->'''Cody:''' Well, I have to go carry the team now.
* {{Animesque}}: He's the only one who can consistently out-anime Isaac, giving HotBlooded speeches and dropping dramatic IAmYourOpponent lines.
* BadassGay: He shows off his devastating hitball skills while blushing happily over the thought of a guy crushing on him.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: He gets really into hitball, to the point of giving off anime villain/anti-hero vibes.
* CheerfulChild: Tends to keep a smile even if the situation is tense. (With a few exceptions)
* CloudCuckooLander:
** While he initially appears to be the OnlySaneMan, it turns out he's just as crazy as everyone else. Look at him chuckle in the face of [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=38 insanity]].
** His way of [[http://paranatural.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/SUPERNORMAL5.jpg winning hangman]].
** Or his reaction to [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-43 Jeff throwing a ball at Max]] [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-44 hard enough to take a head off]].
--->'''Cody:''' Wow, Jeff! Nice throw!\\
'''Everyone Else:''' ''READ THE MOOD!''
* NiceGuy: An upbeat, friendly guy.
* NonchalantDodge: Avoids Johnny's hitball throws while casually stretching, yawning, and lying down with a book.
* LaResistance: Reveals himself to be a member of the student council before they became the Vice Principal's dogs and wants them to return to a normally-powered student council.
* SpockSpeak: Briefly while [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=188 confronting Stephen]]. Emphasizes his hall monitor-esque quality.
* StraightGay: He's kind of ditzy and adorably perky, but there's nothing "effeminate" or stereotypical about him. Chapter 5 hinted that he was gay when he blushed over the idea of a guy liking him and WordOfGod confirmed it shortly afterward.




->''"I need the stars..."''

Student at Mayview Middle School. She's considerably more mature than the rest of her friends and tends to make smart remarks if they do something she considers stupid. Best friends with Lisa.
* DeadpanSnarker: Does this whenever someone does something dumb.
* OnlySaneMan: She's the only one who sees Hitball as a ''game'' and is quick to try and get Couch Oop when things start to go off the rails. She's also the only one who blames Oop for the Hitball disaster, while everyone not in the Activity Club sees Jeff as the one to blame.




->''"Incidentally, how much is your house worth?"''

Student at Mayview Middle School. She's rather... eccentric, and has a large vocabulary that she attributes to Mr. Starchman's teaching. Knows all the goings-on at school. Best friends with Violet.
* AxeCrazy:
** She goes from being friendly to a teammate to threatening him with murder in a heartbeat when she gets hit with the switch.
** When Hijack tries to dodge the final barrage, she grabs him and forces him to take it.
--->'''Lisa:''' Well since you're new here, some advice--you should be more careful in this school. ''There are some scary people here you '''really''' don't want to offend''.
* TheBartender: She works the bar at the Student Store. Which is an old-fashioned saloon. Mayview, man.
* DealWithTheDevil: Apparently she has information that is useful for the school newspaper (at least when Suzy is looking to fill a story with something besides facts), she's too clever to rely on.
-->'''Suzy:''' If she knows we're relying on her info, she'll start asking for ''souls'', Collin, and those are harder to harvest than Starchman Stars.
* TheDreaded: For the most part she's friendly with everyone, but her fellow students treat the concept of getting on her bad side, or [[YoungEntrepreneur owing her anything]], with terror.
* ExorcistHead: Turns her head 180 degrees to face a bar patron.
* OnlyInItForTheMoney: While she's the only one with the influence to stand up against the student council president, Cody notes that she's not exactly a key figure of the rebellion, since all she cares about is Starchman Stars.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Her main character trait. Lampshaded, even.
* SlasherSmile: During the hitball game, most of the kids look like they're ready to win. Lisa looks like she's ready to ''kill.''
* SweetTooth: She makes some sort of extremely sugary drink - it looks like hot chocolate with whipped cream and syrup - while sitting at her desk in English class. It appears she just carries the ingredients around with her.
* YoungEntrepreneur: Claims to be the one who turned the Student Store into a Bar/Café ("or ''[[UnfortunateNames Barfé]]'', if you will"), charges by the sip, will allow you to pay to ''look'' at her confections, and uses wordplay to wring every last Starchman Star from her customers:
-->'''Lisa''' (to Max): [N]ormally [an ice water] would be ~one Starchman Star ☆~ but for the big Hitball hero? It's on the house! ''Incidentally how much is your house worth?''\\
Would you like to open a tab? [[VisualPun (opens can of Tab)]] That's two stars.




->''"Oh, hush. We're not getting paid to tell the '''truth'''."''

Student at Mayview Middle School and president of the (unofficial) Journalism Club. Rather bubbly, but constantly ignores school rules and doesn't really care. Hates the Activity Club because her attempt to make a report on all the clubs went incomplete because they refused to be interviewed.
* BadBoss: How Collin sees her, anyway.
* BerserkButton: Mentioning the Activity Club around her. When Max asks her about them, we get this reaction:
-->'''Suzy:''' ''[[[AGlassInTheHand crushing her milk carton]]]'' '''GOOD QUESTION!!'''\\
'''Collin:''' Pandora's Box, Max. You just ripped it in ''half''.
* CheshireCatGrin: Whenever she's excited. It's not a good sign.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: She's waiting at the school entrance on Max's first day to greet him as a journalist, having stolen his file from the principal's office so she could recognize him. Equally telling is the AltText on her intro page:
-->Responsible adult originally meant to meet Max at entrance drugged, tied up, put in closet.
* ExtracurricularEnthusiast: Skirts between "intrepid student journalist" and "domestic terrorist" repeatedly.
* GenkiGirl: All the time. Comes complete with bipolar mood swings and [[SchoolNewspaperNewshound taking her work for the school newspaper very seriously.]] Her pupils are uncolored, giving her a (literally) bright-eyed look.
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: She has several stuffed animals on her bed.
* LargeHam: She has a lot of over-the-top reactions to things and is very expressive in general.
* MakingASpectacleOfYourself: Wears rose-colored glasses seemingly just for decoration.
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: TheRant on [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-84 this page]] confirms that "Suzy has no qualms about reaching into other people's pockets."
* PinkMeansFeminine: She's always wearing pink, and usually wearing girly styles of clothing.
* SchoolNewspaperNewshound: The paper isn't very high-budget, but she's always on the scent for happenings to report.
* SleepMask: Has one with pink sunglasses on it.



!!Collin Sloinne

->''"Is this going to end with you blowing up his house?"''

Student at Mayview Middle School and member of the (unofficial) Journalism Club. He has a low tolerance for his boss's actions.
* BeleagueredAssistant: To Suzy.
* ButtMonkey: Whenever Suzy gets involved with something.
* DeadpanSnarker: To Suzy.
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: He's the only PieEyed character.
* ShapedLikeItself: "Sloinne" is Irish for "surname".



!!Dimitri Danger

->''"This is going to end with her blowing up his house."''

Student at Mayview Middle School and member of the (unofficial) Journalism Club. Too laid-back for life, Dimitri mostly appears in the background either sleeping or doing nothing in particular.
* AlliterativeName: His initials are D.D.
* AwesomeMcCoolname: Sounds like something you'd name a superhero. The best part is, Danger is a real English surname dating back centuries.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Ordinarily is fairly laid back and relaxed, but turns into a terror on the Hitball court.
* BodyHorror: [[spoiler: When Hijack tries to punch him in the face, it deforms and moves out of the way of his fist, freaking both Hijack and Max out]].
* BoringButPractical: [[spoiler:He utilizes spectral energy by shaping boxing gloves and pads, then using basic but powerful jabs]].
* DeadpanSnarker: His subdued demeanor means that his joking will likely be this.
-->''[Collin is setting up the radio]''\\
'''Suzy:''' TURN IT ON, TURN IT ON!\\
'''Dimitri:''' Cut the green wire, Collin.\\
'''Dimitri:''' Save us all.
* HiddenDepths: Initially appeared to be a relatively lazy and relaxed student, he turned out to be very adept at Hitball, more durable than a normal kid would be, and [[spoiler: is a spectral himself]].
* InSeriesNickname: Suzy and Collin call him "Dee".
* LazyBum: His actions include greeting Max, sleeping, not paying attention in class, and sleeping.
* MadeOfIron: He blocks a hitball from Hijack with a slight wince and nothing more. The balls thrown by Hijack are strong enough to leave a crater in bleachers and when Max gets hit by one, he's left in serious pain with a possibly broken bone. This is explicitly called out and noticed by characters as being odd.
* TheMole: He sabotages Suzy's attempts to spy on the Activity Club, such as by unplugging the radio, leaving the recorder off, and just plain telling her the wrong information.
-->'''Dimitri:''' ''[listening to the club talk about Hijack]'' Ok it's mostly static but I'm pretty sure I heard the words "burning" and "the governor" and "in effigy."\\
'''Suzy:''' ''[frantically writing]'' HOLY GOD
* ObfuscatingStupidity: It's been suggested that he may know about spectrals, and possibly has been sabotaging the Journalism Club's efforts to learn about the Activity Club. [[spoiler: Turns out to be a spectral who has history with the Activity Club.]]
* {{Sleepyhead}}: Dimitri sleeps. A lot. And even when he doesn't, his eyes are usually half-closed, making him look like he wishes he still was.
* SmartPeoplePlayChess: When he starts scheming in hitball, a chessboard appears over his head.
* TheStrategist: Fancies himself as able to read a Hitball court as well as [[RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms Sima Yi]]. Whether or not he actually can is up for debate, but at the very least, he can do it better than the Student Council.
* SurroundedByIdiots: His plan to stop Hijack (through Max) goes off without a hitch, until the end when the other students don't realize they're supposed to rush the field.
-->'''Dimitri:''' Tch. ''Pawns''.

[[folder: Alex]]
!! Alex

->''"Oh my."''

A classmate of Max. She claims to know about the Activity Club.
* AllLowercaseLetters: Speaks and writes like this.
* BaitAndSwitch: Her introduction heavily hints that she knows about spectrals and spirits, [[spoiler: but it turns out she thinks the Activity Club is the ''Extraterrestrial'' Activity Club.]]
* ChekhovsGunman: Was present when [[spoiler: Max jumped through a bus]], thus knows about it.
* EntertaininglyWrong: Her reasoning for the activity club being [[spoiler:an alien hunting organization]]? The late-night secretive meetings, the shady government-employed leader, and the quirky-yet-charming person secretly being an alien. From her perspective, it makes perfect sense, but it's completely wrong.
* FourthWallObserver: Is aware that her character design has changed since her first appearance, and is sure that the Activity Club are the main characters in some story.
* ForgettableCharacter: Parodied; she is in most of Max's classes and yet Max has absolutely no memory of her, despite apparently having had several conversations with her.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Says she doesn't always want to be in the background.

!!Mayview Middle School staff

[[folder:Mr. Garcia]]
!!Mr. Garcia

->''"Don't tell anybody. Please?"''

Max's science teacher. A lethargic and tired-looking man.
* ApatheticTeacher: Definitely gives off this vibe.
* BadassNormal: Appears to be a non-spectral, but [[spoiler:holds off Isaac's weather attacks with a juice box]].
* CrazyPrepared: Has apparently set up several traps on the school grounds.
* MrFanservice: After ArtEvolution hit him.
* NoodleIncident: Suzy describes some incident involving him and "the entire pizza!" but we don't get to hear it.
* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler: Knows about the supernatural, probably because of his relationship with Spender]].
* StraightGay: Appears to be in a relationship with [[spoiler:Mr. Spender.]] He doesn't display any overt signs of being this.
* TheComicallySerious: We see him floating down a river for no reason with a deadpan look on his face and he later threatens a dog with a plastic sword he confiscated from Jeff.


[[folder:Mr. Starchman]]
!!Mr. Starchman


Max's English teacher. He's... ''enthusiastic'' about teaching. Gives out Starchman Stars which can be redeemed for prizes.
* {{Acrofatic}}: Rotund and almost impossibly agile.
* BigFun: Maybe a little ''too'' fun.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: In the running along with Max's dad and Ed.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: He manages to pin Johnny's shoelace to the floor with a [[BlandNameProduct Nurf]] dart ''with his back turned''.
* IncomingHam: His introduction.
* InsaneTrollLogic: You're not supposed to say "Can I go to the bathroom?"... no saying "May I go to the bathroom?" is not the right way either.
* LargeHam: Twirls and shouts his way through Max's first class with him.
* OpaqueNerdGlasses: Has this in common with Ed. Probably the reason why they're both so odd.
* WeirdCurrency: The students use his stars to trade among each other.


[[folder:Ms. Baxter]]
!!Mary Rose Baxter

->''"Is there... something you want to talk about? I mean, not with me, but, like, with someone who'd want to walk to you."''

Max's math teacher. Kind, but a little unhinged due to frazzled nerves.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: She's plenty accommodating of Johnny when he arrives late, but she has an outburst when he and Max get into a scuffle.
* HairTriggerTemper: "[[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=37 Be SYE-LENT]]!!"
* InLoveWithLove: Implied and Played for Laughs, as her dating profile simply lists "dating" for all her interests.


[[folder:Coach Oop]]
!!Coach Oop

->''"It's time for Hitball!"''

Max's gym teacher and Ollie's father.
* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: Gets his son, Ollie, to assist him in demonstrating the rules of "hitball", calling him "my baby boy" in front of the other students. Ollie doesn't exactly look happy to be there.
* ExactWords: Responded to the school district banning dodgeball by having the students play "hitball" instead.
* LargeHam: He's definitely a loud man, and most of his lines are shouted.
* TopHeavyGuy: To a lesser extent than his son, but his legs are still pretty tiny.

[[folder:Principal Pleezdoo]]
!!Principal Pleezdoo

->''"Um... okay..."''

The principal of Mayview Middle School, she is a small African-American woman who is constantly bowled over by the Vice Principal.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: She goes along with everything the Vice Principal says. While she seems to understand that it might not all be completely accurate, she still gets swept along with it.
* PuppetKing: The Vice Principal makes a few token concessions to her, but mostly does whatever she wants.


[[folder:Vice Principal]]
!!Vice Principal [=DuNacht=]

->''"What-ho fellow youths!"''

The vice principal of Mayview Middle School, and the power behind the throne. She swears to punish the person who jumped through a moving bus (Max) before his "virus" can "infect" the rest of the student body.
* EnhanceButton: Parodied. She tells the principal she's going to enhance the image... and then opens up a window of MS Paint where she's crudely redrawn the picture to be more offensive.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: She claims her name is Vice Principal, and ignores the principal's attempts to correct her.
* FelonyMisdemeanor: As she's telling Hijack various ways he could end up taken to the principal's office (wearing normal clothes on pajama day, injuring a fellow student), she is horrified to realize that she's just giving him ideas.
-->'''Vice Principal:''' I swear to various lesser demons, if you wear normal clothes on pajama day I will hunt you down.
* TheManBehindTheMan: She's clearly the one in charge of the school, as she has the principal completely cowed.
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: Even in a world of spirits, ghosts, and who knows what else, her design is ''weird''. Tall and skinny as a flagpole, eyes thin slits, and a really broad mouth filled with too many teeth.
* PaperThinDisguise: She hides among the students by covering with a military camouflage quilt that doesn't cover her completely and uses an obvious marionette that doesn't even touch the ground.
-->'''Student:''' I think it's cool that he levitates!
* TotallyRadical: Speaks like this when disguised as a child.
-->'''Normal Child:''' Dag, sons! Those BARNHOUNDS are wiggity wiggity worse than homework! Let's show them our pep, fellow youths!


!!Bound Spirits

[[folder:King Catnine]]

!!King Catnine

->''"It is easy to preach nonviolence... WHEN YOU ARE WEEEEAK!"''

A large spirit resembling a storm god. He and Isaac aren't on the best of terms.
* FogFeet: In his first appearance, his body from the waist down is a ghostly tail.
* AGodAmI: Explicitly refers to himself as a god at one point. His powers don't do much to keep him humble.
* HandOrObjectUnderwear: He has small wings on his hips that cover his crotch. Judging by Isaac's reaction when he spreads those wings to punctuate [[LargeHam a dramatic speech]], they serve this function.
* HairTriggerTemper: His default state seems to be 'really rather cross'.
-->'''Isaac:''' Wow, what's your problem?\\
'''Isaac's spirit:''' TAKE a GUESS!\\
'''[[DeadpanSnarker Isaac:]]''' Uh, you have a short temper and a long list of things that make you angry?
* {{Jerkass}}: This seems to be Isaac's opinion of him, at any rate. His on-screen behaviour and comments don't exactly help.
* JerkassHasAPoint: Points out how quick Isaac is to use power displays as threats to or express anger.
-->'''Isaac's spirit:''' You may be reluctant to BITE, but you BARE YOUR FANGS READILY.
* KnightTemplar: There's a reason Spender's keeping things from Isaac, and it's not because Isaac is a bad person. The spirit knows everything Isaac knows, and he believes in Peace Through Superior Firepower.
* LargeHam: He's a bit... ''dramatic''.
-->'''Isaac's spirit:''' HA! It is easy to preach NONVIOLENCE... when you are ''WEEEEEEAAAK!''
* PowerOfTheStorm: He's Isaac's spirit. As well as a giant thunder cloud.



!!Eightfold, Devourer of Words

->''"Ah, it feels good to stretch my legs again. ALL EIGHT OF THEM! GYEHEHEHEH!"''

Isabel's spirit. Takes the form of a (quite cute) origami spider with a cootie-catcher for a head who usually resides inside Isabel's tool, a thick book. According to the author, she is "objectively the cutest thing in the comic."
* HeroicSacrifice: She apparently regularly destroys herself in order to stay inside the book Isabel uses. She also [[spoiler: distracted Isabel for long enough to force her decision to save Max over the book Eightfold is bound to]].
* LargeHam: Not to the same extent as Isaac's spirit perhaps, but she has her moments.
-->'''Eightfold:''' ''If you start underestimating me''... '''I'LL EAT YOU'''[-r favorite book-].
* PaperMaster: Her power. She apparently fuels it by eating literary works, then creates whatever she needs from the leftover waste. Leads to FridgeHorror when one realises that she is basically controlling her own poop, which she lampshades mercilessly for the sole purpose of creeping Max out.
* PutOnABus: [[spoiler:Stuck in a tunnel underground with no way out or regenerating, though she's assumed to be unharmed by this. It remains to be seen if Isabel will go back for her when the Ghost Train has regenerated]].
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: The cast page calls her "Objectively the cutest character in Paranatural."
* RidingIntoTheSunset: [[spoiler: After stalling Isabel long enough that she has to save Max instead of Eightfold' book,]] Eightfold tries to invoke this... only to realize she still had a few more seconds.


[[folder: Lucifer]]

->''"If you hand your heart your moral compass, it '''will''' lead you astray."''

The spirit in Mr. Spender's sunglasses.
* AcCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle: His inflection rises and falls.
-->'''Spender:''' How do I look?\\
'''Lucifer:''' [=ANALOGous to oNE MILLion doLLARS=].
* BadassMustache: Formed by the wings of his bird body.
* BurningWithAnger: In [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-5-page-90 chapter five]], he tells Spender to [[spoiler: seek medical attention for the giant burn Forge gave him]]. When Spender claims it's [[OnlyAFleshWound no big deal]], Lucifer's head bursts into flame with a ''FOOM!!'' sound effect.
-->'''Lucifer:''' If you have ANY RESPECT LEFT for our ''partnership'' you won't LIE TO ME SO PLAINLY.
* FacelessEye: In the first glimpse of him we get, he seems to be [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=166 some kind of... eyeball lightbulb]].
* FeatheredFiend: Later, he appears as some sort of yellow canary stuck in a cage. But if you look closely enough, the bird is in a postion that COULD be his face (the wings are crossed like a moustache, tailfeathers could be a toungue or a beard, the feet teeth and the beak a nose).
* FusionDance: Spender can invoke Spirit Fusion. This combines him and Lucifer physically, and is common for them to do. It's unknown if this is common among spectrals.
* LightEmUp: Given Spender's powers, this can be assumed.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: He's six hundred.
* {{Satan}}: According to the character page, he's "Probably Not Literally Satan." The name literally translates to "bringer of light."

[[folder: "Scrapdragon"]]

The spirit sealed inside Max's bat. An enormous serpent, its spirit realm is an endless junkyard where the sun is always setting.
* DownInTheDumps: Scrapdragon's realm is a vast junkyard filled with all kinds of metallic trash. It seems to use this junk [[ImprovisedArmor for protection]]. [[ExtremeOmnivore Or a snack.]]
* ExtraOredinary: The source of Max's magnetism powers. It's also able to coat itself in a thick hide of scrap metal.
* ImprovisedArmor: It's capable of using it's junkyard spiritscape to coat itself in a layer of metal.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: Scrapdragon has quite the toothy maw/s.
* NightmareFace: Scrapdragon's 'face' consists of three slits on it head that it can open and close. These slits can, at any given time, house rows of eyes, nostrils, or [[MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily teeth]].
* NoNameGiven: Like Isaac's spirit, it hasn't been officially named.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: At least half its eyes (out of a minimum of twelve) are colored red. The rest are blue, probably representing the opposite poles on a magnet. This seems to change, though.
* UnstoppableRage: Scrapdragon seems to be permanently stuck in Grudge mode, and thinks nothing of attempting to kill its own host.

[[folder: Muse]]

->''"Okay, Ed. Let's beat up one million children."''

Ed's spirit. A tall, muscled monkey-like creature with hair and a tail resembling Ed's paintbrush.
* {{Expy}}: Design-wise, Muse is pretty much literally [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Star Platinum]] with a paintbrush theme.
* {{Jerkass}}: Makes fun of Ed's small frame and humiliates him by ordering him to do 50 kinds of exercise in front of his whole gym class.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: On the other hand, despite explicitly stating he doesn't care about Ed's problems, Muse still provides him with reasonable advice and (backhanded) moral support.
* MaliciousMisnaming: It's pretty clear he called Ed "Ned" on purpose just to make fun of him. On the page following his introduction, he calls him "Ted", "Nedward", and "Nerdwad", so that's probably how he talks ''all the time''.
* MischiefMakingMonkey: Taunts Ed and is blatant about giving him bad advice about Isabel. Also gets a kick out of making Ed look like a fool when he orders him to do exercise, while in spirit conversation (making it seem like Ed's flailing around super fast to everyone else).
* PaintingTheMedium: No pun intended. The tails of Muse's speech bubbles are stained with ink, much like his hair, his actual tail and Ed's paintbrush.
* PrehensileTail: Dexterous enough to paint a chair into existence in the space of a second or two.
* StealthPun: He's a martial ''artist''.
* TopHeavyGuy: When standing upright, his body is essentially triangular.


[[folder: Spoiler Character]]
!!Max's Spirit

->''"I'd laugh... but I didn't end up with the sense of humor."''

A spirit possessing Max. So far has only appeared to intimidate the Doorman, but seems to be part of the strange going-ons in Mayview.
* DeadpanSnarker: While it doesn't quite have a sense of humor, it seems to know what ''should'' be funny, and snarks at Doorman a bit.
* DemonicPossession: It is the only spirit we have seen--whether in a Tool or a medium--capable of overriding its spectral completely. Max isn't even aware of what happened when it gives up control again.
* NoSenseOfHumor: It says "I didn't end up with the sense of humor." Presumably a different piece of the broken god has it.
* PiecesOfGod: Doorman calls it a "broken god," which it does not dispute.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: When it finally manifested and spoke to the Doorman, Max's speech bubbles were given multiple stems, implying this.


[[folder: Spoiler Character]]
!!Spender's Spirit

->'''Hijack:''' W-w-what is ''that!?''\\
'''Lucifer:''' A nuclear bomb. "Some freaky shadow spirit." Worthless scrap. Who knows.

A spirit possessing Mr. Spender. Lucifer and Spender actively work to contain it, as it is apparently some sort of dangerous shadow spirit.
* CastingAShadow: Has shadow powers.
* DarkIsEvil: As far as [[AmbiguouslyEvil Spender]] is concerned. Only powerful sources of light, such as Lucifer, can contain or repel it.
* EldritchAbomination: Has a human-like face, but the rest of it that we can see is just shadow tendrils, and even Lucifer doesn't seem to have any idea of what it truly is despite keeping it contained.
* SealedEvilInACan: And the can is Spender.


[[folder: Patchworm]]

->''"you are hiding under a table from a blind woman"''

A cocoon-like spirit with one eye that peeks through. Bound to Mina Zarei. Speaks in lowercase, rainbow-colored type over black speech bubbles.
* DarkIsNotEvil: A soft spoken and kindhearted ''giant black cocoon''.
* RainbowSpeak: All her speech is in multicolored text.
* ShipperOnDeck: Is very glad when Mina starts letting her guard down around Day.

[[folder: Venus Guytrap]]
!!Venus Guytrap

->''"Thou hast thy proof."''

Day's spirit, a plant spirit with a Venus flytrap mouth and thorned, flowering vines. Uses statue pieces to emote.
* BossSubtitles: Holds up a placard on his introductory page reading: "Man-Eating Spirit Plant - Venus Guytrap"
* FlowerMotif: Roses are kinda his thing.
* ManEatingPlant: A very large carnivorous plant.
* MundaneUtility: What Day uses him for out of combat. He basically acts as her seeing-eye spirit, describing things and reading for her when need be.
* PunnyName: Guytrap... flytrap... yeah.
* SomethingAboutARose: His domaine has a rose theme, and his vines are covered in them.
* StealthPun: He's a plant spirit with a big rose motif who speaks in colorful prose, or in other words, flowery language.
* YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe: Speaks like this.



->''"It's true, my abilities are nothing next to those of my '''sworn brothers'''. And all three of us pale in comparison to our wise and wonderful '''teacher'''."''

Isabel's new spirit, in the umbrella her grandfather gave her. He is a turtle with a cardboard box for a shell and a turtle-shell hat. He can "flip" the position of things.
* {{Adorkable}}: In his first meeting with Isabel, he freaks out when she tries to talk to him, then awkwardly tries to re-do the conversation from the start.
* ApologizesALot. He apologizes for ''saying his name''.
* CoolHat: A cap with a turtle-shell pattern. It's actually his old shell.
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower: He can reverse the position/axis of himself, his tool, and Isabel. This translates to [[TeleportSpam rapid fire teleportation]] and ConfusionFu.
* HeroicSelfDeprecation: The last thing he says to Isabel after they meet is hoping that he won't be a burden to her.
* PunnyName: On 'hip-hop'.
* StreetPerformer: His theme. He's a breakdancer.
* VisualPun: He has a cardboard box as a shell. In other words, a box turtle.


!!Ghosts, Spirits, and other entities


->''"Just exercising my face muscles in case I ever feel happy again."''

The child ghost haunting Max's house/convenience store. Best friends with Lefty.
* {{Adorkable}}: He's a-rustlin' your blankets!
* ChekhovsGunman: Makes an easy-to-disregard appearance in the first chapter before making a proper debut in the second.
* CreepyChild: A 9.4 on the international scale.
* FamousLastWords: "Heh, I accidentally buttered both sides of my toast.", [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=91 according to this page's]] AltText.
* HeroWorshipper: Admires Max as some sort of superhero.
* JacobMarleyApparel: He died in his pajamas and has been stuck with them ever since.
* MeaningfulName: Wears pajamas; however he says that he was named P.J. before he died and became stuck with his current attire.
* NoodleIncident: How he died so far.
* NoSocialSkills: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=102 Case in point.]]
* UndeadChild: Of the unnerving, ghostly kind. The last few panels of this page, for [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=81 example]].
* TheUnsmile: He's been out of practice for so long, his attempts at smiling are unnerving.




A poltergeist. Hangs around P.J and is his right (or left, apparently) hand man.
* BodyHorror: He's a severed hand. With all the anatomy that implies.
--> '''Max''': [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=80 Oh, my. Them's tendons.]]
* ChekhovsGunman: Makes an easy-to-disregard appearance in the first chapter before making a proper debut in the second.
* HelpingHands: The completely disembodied sort.
* MindOverMatter: A poltergeist, AKA a spirit that can move physical objects.


%%[[folder:Hissing Pete]]

%%!!Hissing Pete

%%A rather odd spirit who lives in Max's house and does nothing but emit a creepy hissing noise, hence the name. Not even P.J. knows what his %%deal is.



->"''Behold... perfection."''

A spirit who intrudes on Max's home in Chapter 2. Looks something like a cross between a whale, a frog, and an angry bodybuilder. His name was revealed on Zack's Twitter.
* DemonicPossession: Considers possessing Max's dad, but changes his mind and enters a plunger instead.
* FantasticRacism: [[{{Understatement}} Doesn't seem to like spectrals much]].
* TopHeavyGuy: Is kind of this crossed with StoutStrength. At any rate, his legs are tiny.
* MagicMirror: Can create these at will, having the ability to summon crude copies of itself or others from any reflective surface. And by "any", please read '''''"[[EyeScream ANY]]"'''''.
* MesACrowd: Brings his own reflection to life when we first see him. Then he eats it. It's treated as gross as it sounds.
* SdrawkcabName: 'Frog' spelled backwards.



!!The Sphinx of Games


A sphinx spirit who guards a plank bridge in an alleyway.
* RiddleOfTheSphinx: Subverted. The question is meant literally, and the answer is a spirit whose powers happen to match it.
* RiddlingSphinx: Combined with TrollBridge, as it requires people to answer its riddles to pass.
* SomeKindOfForceField: Its bridge is guarded with an invisible barrier. Isaac gets past by simply stepping around it.
* TrollBridge: It's a plank over a ditch, but it guards it all the same.
* YouCantFightFate: Its power is that the terms it sets at the beginning of the game will come to pass if it wins. This is implied in its dialogue, and further confirmed [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=136#comment-1249085998 by Zack.]] Luckily for Isaac and Max, it forgot to include eating them as a term at the start.




->''"I am always willing to assist... a true agent of justice."''

A friendly spirit and mentor/friend of Isaac who is currently hiding out on the outskirts of town. Has some kind of history with Max's spirit and Forge.
* EnigmaticMinion: He might serve Isaac, but he has another master besides. He also had plans to help smuggle Forge past the Mayview barrier.
* HurricaneOfPuns: [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=325 Uses a lot of weather metaphors when talking to Isaac]].
* MeaningfulName: He's dressed somewhat like a doorman, and his power revolves around doors. Also, his head is a doorknob.
* OpenAndShut: His power, with a bit of TeleportersAndTransporters / ThinkingUpPortals thrown in. Insert a key into the keyhole in his face, and the door that makes up his body will open into the room that key belongs to, wherever it is. [[spoiler:It's even powerful enough to allow someone to bypass the barrier around the town]].
* PortalDoor: With an appropriate key, he's the door.
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatResponsibility: Lectures Isaac about this.



->''"We burn the present for the sake of a better future and are surprised when all it holds is ash!"''

A humanoid poltergeist who resembles a medieval blacksmith with an anvil for a head and an oven for a chest.
* AmbiguouslyEvil: He can speak the cursed language, and he certainly isn't adverse to killing, but it's implied he isn't happy about it and doesn't think very much of Spender abandoning his students just to fight him. It's also shown that he was working with some sort of angelic entity.
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: To Spender. [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=245 "What's your excuse?"]]
* TheBlacksmith: What he is themed after. He's also an actual blacksmith.
* BlackSpeech: Knows at least one cursed word. This is a VERY BIG DEAL, as the Cursed language is learned one word at a time, one for every atrocity the spirit commits.
* BrokenBird: A rare male example. He hints towards some tragedy in his past that turned him from an idealistic "hero" into the bitter and disillusioned warrior he is now.
* DeathSeeker: Strongly implied.
* DemonicPossession: [[spoiler:Possesses Johnny to escape death and enter the town]].
* DropTheHammer: He's usually seen with one, though it's unknown whether he uses it as a weapon outside of one moment where he throws it in anger.
* ExtraOreDinary: His main power appears to be control of metal, as seen when he shapes a long strip of it into a huge axe.
* HairTriggerTemper: He's very easy to provoke.
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: After [[spoiler: Spender defeats him via PortalCut]], his upper half appears as a skeleton while his lower half looks the same.
* TheJuggernaut: Both incredibly tough and single-mindlessly devoted to his goals.
* KnightOfCerebus: His appearance, along with the pixhellhounds, marks when the comic goes from a (mostly) lighthearted comedy to a darker ongoing plot.
* MindOverMatter: Is a strong enough poltergeist to move a giant hammer made of physical matter around.
* NotSoStoic: He has his moments in his fight with Spender. [[spoiler: He has a much larger one when Spender has beaten him, proving to not be ready for oblivion.]]
* PlayingWithFire: He can release fire from parts of his body, such as breathing it or covering his hand in it.
* WhatTheHellHero: Has this reaction to Spender abandoning the [[spoiler: runaway ghost train]] to fight him, [[{{Hypocrite}} despite being responsible for said state of affairs]].


[[folder:The 'Pixhellhounds']]
!!The 'Pixhellhounds'

->''"We can use them."''

A trio of unnamed, very nasty, very ''wrong''-looking spirits who apparently cannot die.
* AnimalisticAbomination: These things look like (for a certain definition) dogs, but under their fur is something truly horrifying.
* BlackSpeech: They speak nothing ''but'' cursed words. [[FridgeHorror Now consider a spirit learns one word for every atrocity they commit.]] We are dealing with some very nasty customers here.
* BodyHorror:
** When Isabel cuts one in half, it has teeth all the way down. And their fur is apparently just a removable cover for the nightmare within.
** She later [[TeleFrag tele-frags]] two of them by forcing one to respawn through the body of the other, putting them in an endless loop of dying and coming back. [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=305 Here's where they are now.]]
* ManipulativeBastard: They seem to be trying to trick Spender and Forge into fighting each other (for some reason), take advantage of Spender's absence to try to kill the kids, and provoked Forge into throwing away his largest source of metal, preventing him from creating a usable door into Mayview.
%%* OverlyLongTongue
* NestedMouths: [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=267 It gets worse.]]
* NightmareFace: [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=239 ARGH PLEASE PULL THOSE BACK DOWN]]
* ResurrectiveImmortality: For most spirits, doing enough damage to them destroys their bodies and forces them to possess an object until they absorb enough energy to regenerate. The Pixhellhounds, on the other hand? Destroying them is rather easy. The problem is they keep coming ''back'' so quickly that the fandom has started calling it 'respawning.'
* {{Troll}}: After Isabel mentions that she doesn't like dogs, they start barking and meowing to mess with her and psych her out,

[[folder:The Ghost Train]]
!!The Ghost Train

A large train spirit that resembles a snake made of metal. Described as a formidable spirit, but was tamed by Doctor Zarei.
* CoolTrain: A train spirit that can distort things around it.
* LoadBearingHero: In a sense. [[spoiler: When the train is killed due to a misunderstanding, it leaves ''everyone'' trapped inside the town until it regenerates.]]
* RealityWarper: It can distort the things around it so that they bend away from it so that they don't get in its way as it moves. It remains as one of the only methods of actually getting through the barrier in the town for ghosts.
* SkullForAHead: Its face/cowcatcher resembles a skull.


->''"I make my '''own''' shadows."''

A bunny-like spirit and associate of Doorman. Has the power to multiply herself.
* FacialMarkings: Her facial coloring is reminiscent of kabuki theatre makeup.
* MeaningfulName: She's modelled after a ''nin''ja.
* MesACrowd: Can make copies of herself, which can act on their own and hold conversations with each other.
* StealthPun: On the expression "multiplying like rabbits."

[[folder:Doorman's Master]]
!!Doorman's Master

->''"My dear friends... to hear your voices after so long... it is a gift beyond measure."''

Little is known about this being, who Doorman and Nin report to. Forge seeks to aid her.
* TheGhost: She's talked to Doorman and Nin over the phone, but has not appeared yet.
* LightIsGood: According to Doorman.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: Is referred to as an angel by Doorman. How accurate this is remains to be seen, but she at least has ethereal speech bubbles befitting of one. She also apparently has a multitude of [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=285 feathered wings.]]
* PaintingTheMedium: Her words are rainbow-colored, and her speech balloons have wings on them.


->''"Y'know, I'm usually pretty good at my job. Sneaking in, sneaking out. Silent infiltration. Turns out I'm in a really bad mood today, though. So today I'm playing the '''vengeful spirit'''."''

A spirit who is trying to infiltrate the teacher's lounge at Mayview Middle School.
* {{Adorkable}}: At one point excitedly asks Max if he wants to come over to play Wii Sports.
* ArcVillain: Of chapter 5.
* ArtificialHuman: [[spoiler: Was created by Mina three years ago]].
* BerserkButton: Bullying, especially when its implied ''he's'' doing it.
* BlackEyesOfEvil: Possessed people gain these, with [[RedEyesTakeWarning glowing red pupils]].
* BodyHorror: When [[spoiler:Jeff]] is possessed by him, veins all over his body bulge from beneath his skin, even on his fingertips.
* BullyHunter: Is seemingly trying to take revenge on Johnny and his gang for picking on Jeff.
* DemonicPossession: If the above tropes didn't make it clear.
* EvenEvilHasStandards:
** Is shocked when he realizes who the Vice Principal is actually attacking:
--->'''Hijack:''' Wait, you mean you don't know I'm-- Do you ''stalk and capture'' NORMAL students?!\\
'''Vice Principal:''' (flatly) [-Does it look to you like I haven't done this before-]
** Hates Johnny and his gang for being bullies.
--->'''Hijack:''' How do you JUSTIFY leaving a helpless kid on the ground and the verge of tears? Oh, right: by never giving any poor sap you hurt a ''millisecond'' thought. You're kind or cruel on ''instinct'', protecting your ''friends'' and attacking ''anybody else''. Self-centered, without a scrap of AMBITION. Warriors of ''whim'' and ''base anger''. Honestly... [[IronicEcho what a]] ''[[IronicEcho waste of good violence]]''.
* {{Hypocrite}}:
** Despite his ranting over being disgusted at Johnny's violent antics, also claiming he doesn't want to hurt anyone because he's "not evil", he still ends up attacking with way more force than what's necessary during hitball, while also vocally contemplating sadistic options for how he wants to beat Johnny and Max.
** He also criticises Johnny and his friends for never having greater purposes behind their actions, yet his own greater purpose - whatever his mission is - was compromised by his spur of the moment decision to [[RevengeBeforeReason go all-out on revenge]].
* MisplacedRetribution: [[spoiler: Blamed Spender and the club for the Ghost Train's destruction, unaware that it wasn't their fault]].
* NinetyPercentOfYourBrain: He claims that this is why his hosts are much stronger than they normally are. He's probably wrong, though.
-->'''Hijack:''' Well the brain is like a muscle and you only use like ten percent of your brain, but I'm one hundred percent brain, so--\\
* PeoplePuppets: [[spoiler: What his possession of Spender looks like when he's talking to Lucifer]].
* ReallyWasBornYesterday: [[spoiler: Was created by Mina three years ago.]]
* TimeDissonance: [[spoiler: To him, ''twenty-six'' is positively ancient]].
* WrongContextMagic: His possession is different than Medium possession, able to control a person easily and move from one to another easily, the possessed not remembering anything when he does so. The possessed, if a normal human, is also as intangible to spectral energy as they normally are.

!!Other Spectrals

[[folder:Francisco Guerra]]
!!Francisco Guerra

->''"You missed the target's center by nearly nine centimeters. You call that a spectral energy compression projectile burstshot?''"

Isabel's grandfather. He owns a dojo that trains spectrals on how to use their powers. Incredibly strict, and very harsh.
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: To the point where he wonders how an "immaculate" and "majestic" being such as himself could cause the creation of someone as flawed as Isabel. Ironically, he finds her to be the arrogant one.
* TheConfidant: As his old teacher, Spender trusted him knowing his secret agenda, though he only agreed to be neutral.
* BadassGrandpa: Lucifer labels him as Mayview's ''true'' strongest spectral.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He pushes Isabel quite hard in his dojo, prefers his other students to her and has no small amount of harsh words for her [[spoiler: when she loses Eightfold, not even bothering to listen to her explanation on the matter]]. He also considers the Ghost Train to be in better hands with one of his students instead of the one who actually tamed it, Doctor Zarei, and actually seems willing to fight over its ownership. On the other hand, he houses Ed without too much complaint, and [[spoiler: he grants Isabel a new spirit the morning after she loses Eightfold]].
* LargeAndInCharge: He dwarfs many of his students, despite being an old man.
* ShapingYourAttacks: Something he teaches at the dojo. Some examples being spectral energy turning into fists or [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext dolphins]].
* SternTeacher: His primary teaching style is to shame his students into doing better. He's worst with his own granddaughter; he berates her for missing a target by nine centimeters, when she got far closer than all the adult students in the class.


[[folder:Boss Leader]]
!!Boss Leader

->''"You know how much I enjoy appearing unexpectedly."''

The apparent leader of the Activity Consortium. A magnificent {{troll}}.
* BandagedFace: Not just her head, but all visible skin. Given the nature of her powers, it's dubious if there actually is anything under the bandages- she certainly doesn't have any indents or protrusions that would suggest facial features.
* BadassBoast: When Max points out some of her hypocritical application of her rules to herself.
-->'''Boss Leader:''' Look kid, my first name is ''Boss'' and my last name is ''Leader''. Rules only apply to me when they're looking for JOBS. 'Cause I MAKE or BREAK the rules. SON.
* BadassInANiceSuit: Played with. For one thing, it's a onesie footie pajama ''shaped'' like a suit, rather than an actual suit.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: Knowing her, it's another joke on her underlings.
-->'''Boss Leader:''' I am Boss Leader, current reigning boss AND leader of the ''Paranatural Activity Consortium''.
* DreamWalker[=/=]DreamWeaver: Possessed by a spirit of dreams that allows her to enter peoples' minds and create the Consortium's imaginary headquarters.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: She waits to reveal herself during Spender and Walker's meeting and cites both pragmatic and self-amusing reasons for this, establishing herself as a calculating [[TheGadfly Gadfly]]. This is reinforced on the next page when Spender and Walker ask her why she pretended to be accepting of the Cousinhood.
-->'''BL:''' ''[to Spender]'' I wanted to see how you'd react. ''It was informative''.\\
'''BL:''' ''[to Walker]'' I wanted to see how you'd react. ''It was entertaining''.
* EyesDoNotBelongThere: When we see her face she has an eye in her mouth. See NightmareFace below for the link.
* TheFaceless: BL's face is completely obscured by bandages. Noticeably, her bandaged face is smooth, and lacks any indication of a nose or other features underneath them.
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=277 boss leader noticed you]]
* TheGadfly: Likes to mess with her underlings, and just about everyone else. For instance, she makes all of her workers wear tuxedo footsie pajamas, claiming that it's for safety purposes, but it's really just a joke on her part.
* GutFeeling: Picks up ''something'' [[spoiler: in Max's dream world]] that she seems to be VERY alarmed by.
-->'''Boss Leader:''' Probably nothing. Logically something. Possibly anything. You never can know with ''animal instinct''.
* {{Leitmotif}}: The author's comment in for the page she first appears in reads: ''Boss Leader'' *guitar riff*
* NightmareFace: As it turns out, she does (or at least can) have facial features, [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=270 and they aren't pretty]].
* PhysicalGod: Though she's restricted to the Activity Consortium headquarters and the dreams of others, her power there is essentially unlimited.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: One of many entities with some kind of agenda regarding Mayview, but so far, easily the most sympathetic. She shows genuine concern for Spender and Agent Day both, and extends it to Max over his [[spoiler: sudden loss of consciousness]] during chapter four.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Her speaking style ranges from formal to very casual.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Seems to be a result of her dream powers; Boss Leader can transform her body into damn near [[http://www.paranatural.net/index.php?id=272 any form she chooses]], and does so fluidly, swiftly, and without being restrained by such petty things as biology or physical laws.


[[folder:Agent Walker]]
!!Texas Walker

->''"Wussa matter, Ricky-boy? Were you expectin'... a fart joke?"''

One of Boss Leader's subordinates. Not the brightest bulb on the tree and constant target of Boss Leader's [[{{Troll}} trolling]].
* DumbMuscle: He's not the guy Boss Leader sends when she needs someone to be clever. He's the guy Boss Leader sends when she needs things broken.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Goes on a long rant about how much he values truth, including giving away random trivia of himself that Spender didn't ask for, but has made it apparent that he keeps secrets of his own.
* InnocentInnuendo: That door to his mental room swings ''both ways''. Then follows up to Spender asking if he should "read into that" with a BluntYes. He goes on to explain that since his room is a manifestation of his subconscious, it's only natural that things should come out as easily as they get in.
%%* LargeHam
* PunnyName: And a ShoutOut to a certain [[Series/WalkerTexasRanger other Walker]].
* UnusualEyebrows: They're chevron-shaped and hover above the brim of his hat, somehow.
* WillNotTellALie: Outright states this. It backfires when he actually has to keep something a secret.


[[folder: Dr. Zarei]]
!! Dr. Mina Zarei

->''"Heh heh... a girl has her ways."''

A Consortium scientist who tamed the Ghost Train. Along with Spender, she was once a student of Francisco's dojo.

* {{Adorkable}}: All of her stoicism goes away immediately when confronted by her parents, complete with blushing, stammering, and even a few goofy expressions. Get her around a cute girl and all of her composure flies out the window.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: In a conversation with Patchworm, she refers to "her" as someone who could control spirits that didn't match her color. Who this is remains unknown.
* TheChessmaster: She befriends Isabel because she knows she'll keep an eye on Spender out of concern, and if that doesn't work she'll try and get Isaac who'd spy on him out of spite. Her spirit Patchworm has a better idea: [[MundaneSolution just talk to him]].
* ChildhoodFriends: With Spender, though they've since drifted and haven't kept in touch.
* TheConfidant: In the past, at least -- she was close enough to Spender that she didn't expect him to hide things from her. When Spender becomes secretive about what happened with the Ghost Train, she tries to be this to Isabel too, but doesn't have much luck.
* DeadpanSnarker: Geez, her sarcasm can be really biting.
-->'''Zarei''': It's a good thing you called me when you did. [[MinorInjuryOverreaction Had I arrived a moment later it might have left a scab.]]
* FirstNameBasis: Constantly addresses Spender by his first name, Richard.
* FluffyTamer: The only person who can control the Ghost Train, which is otherwise wild. It's also shown she can control more than one, with Patchworm as her actual partner.
* HealingHands: She can use her palm to transfer wounds to other places so she can operate on them remotely. She does this on a bite wound that could have required stitches; the only marks remaining are the parts she didn't touch.
* HiddenHeartOfGold: She attempts to stay stoic and distant, and refers to spirits that she works with as "assets", but she actually cares for them deeply. Patchworm says that she used to be more open about it in the past.
* TheManBehindTheMan: [[spoiler: Sent Hijack to spy on Spender, though he apparently went a bit rogue]].
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Rather than tear into Isabel for trying to steal medicine, Zarai instead asks who it was for. She likewise doesn't force Isabel to explain what happened aboard the Ghost Train, respecting the reasons why the wound was kept a secret, although she hopes that Spender is worth the loyalty.
* ShipTease: With Agent Day.
* StoicSpectacles: The cast page describes her as "one cool customer". Her response to being pressured to give up the Ghost Train is to return the challenge readily. Said spectacles (black with three dots on the sides) appear to house her spirit Patchworm (black, with three dots on one side).
* StraightGay: Aside from alt text on one page and Patchworm stating it as a fact she doesn't have any overt signs that she is gay.
* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Well, orange, but close enough.
* TheMedic: Often carries a number of potions for medical calls within Mayview, capable of healing both humans and ghosts. One should be careful when stealing from her, though, given one of them [[{{Squick}} sublimates flesh]], as in turns it ''into a gas''.


[[folder: Agent Day]]
!! Agent Day

->''"Heyy! Are you okay?"''

An agent the Consortium sent to investigate activities in Mayview. [[TheHeart Not exactly the most violent woman in the comic.]]
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: Levels a barrage of questions at Mina, but specifically asks what she's researching if she never shares her results.
* BewareTheSillyOnes: Comes off as highly ditzy, fangirling and a classic CloudCuckooLander... yet is surprisingly perceptive, barrages Mina with a series of very cutting questions, managed to tame the spirit train (in a sense) and finds Mina's threats adorable.
* BlackBeadEyes: Seemingly because of her blindness, as she's the only character with eyes like these.
* BlindWeaponmaster: ''Kinda.'' She mostly got lucky with the blind arrow she shot and is immediately glad that the arrow didn't hit Max and cause him to fall in love with her.
* CloudCuckoolander: Traveled to Mayview with no belongings other than the clothes on her back and saved up money, and walked all the way from her hotel to lunch with Mina (implied to be across most of the town) in sandals she bought that morning rather than get a taxi.
* HeartSymbol: They feature throughout her design. Her hair bun and the insides of her ears are shaped like hearts, her tie has hearts on it, and her mouth and tongue sometimes appear heart-shaped.
* LovePotion: Her spirit allows her to shoot [[CupidsArrow Love Arrows]] that cause this sort of effect. She gets introduced when she shoots one of them in response to Max's screaming and it hits the Ghost Train, [[HilarityEnsues causing it to fall for Max.]]
* MundaneUtility: She can communicate with the spirit bound to her cane to get a quick description of her surroundings, but because it takes a few seconds, she can't use it in an emergency. [[spoiler: It also serves as a way to eavesdrop on other Spectrals who try to talk with their spirits within her hearing.]]
* RainbowSpeak: Sometimes says key words and phrases in red text. This has been lampshaded by other characters in-comic.
* ShipTease: With Mina.
* SuperCuteSuperPowers: Her only shown ability so far is one to make characters fall in love. Her spectral color is even pink to boot.
* TwoferTokenMinority: Is black, plus-sized, disabled, and isn't straight.


!Other Characters

!!Max's Family

[[folder:Max's Dad]]
!!Mr. Puckett

->''"Ride, my son... TO YOUR EDUCATION!"''

Max and Zoey's father and owner of the Corner Store, the convenience store that doubles as the Puckett's home. A native to Mayview, who came back after his wife passed away.
* {{Adorkable}}: Max's dad is a massive spazz and definitely odd enough to have originated in Mayview. However, his care for his children make his antics endearingly exasperating and entertaining as opposed to just annoying.
* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: He incorrectly tells Max to "sext" and "meme" his friends.
* BizarreTasteInFood: Squeezes the grease from his pizza into his soda and eats eggshells rather than the yolk and white. Zoey only has an issue with the former because he wrings his slice out into her drink by mistake.
* BumblingDad: A played down version; most of the bumbling comes from the fact that he's a giant Cloudcuckoolander.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: He apparently spent hours playing with the automatic door the first night, and forgot to have stuff to sell at first. [[http://paranatural.net/index.php?id=317 Check out how he makes breakfast.]] The fact that he's in the ''laundry room'' is the ''least'' bizarre thing going on there.
* EpicFail: When he fails, he fails with style.
-->'''Dad:''' Ah, Zoey, I hope you don't mind... I played for you while you were gone. Don't worry... I only lost twice!\\
'''Zoey:''' I was downstairs for two minutes. ''We're playing Monopoly.''\\
'''Dad:''' [[{{Understatement}} I may have made a few risky investments.]]\\
'''Max:''' He tried to build a, and I quote, "tower citadel worthy of my sorcery" out of like twenty stacked hotels. On Jail.
* {{Expy}}: He's a dead ringer for [[Anime/{{FLCL}} Kamon Nandaba]], minus the glasses.
* LargeHam: As per the norm for any resident of Mayview.
--> '''Mr. Puckett''': Ride my child, to the top of the hill... TO YOUR EDUCATION!!\\
'''Max''': Cut it out, Dad.
* {{Manchild}}: He spent half an hour running in and out of an automatic sliding door. He has lightsaber fights with his preteen daughter. His lifelong dream is to own a convenience store. Yup, he qualifies.
* WackyParentSeriousChild: The batty parent to Max's snarky youngling.


!!Zoey Puckett

->''"You're a LIAR, Dad!"''

The youngest child. Has a higher tolerance to her father's antics than Max.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Not as bad as her father, but still worse than her brother, though not by much.
* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: She tag-teams looking after her father in his odder moments with Max.
* DaddysGirl: Most of her time in the comic is spent with her dad.
* WackyParentSeriousChild: She actively tries to be responsible, unlike Max who merely snarks.


[[folder:Max's Mom]]
!!Mrs. Puckett

Max's mother, who died shortly before the series began. Appears in [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-4-page-111 a flashback]] in the Ghost Train chapter.
* EarlyInstallmentCharacterDesignDifference: She looks completely different in her [[http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-1-page-7 first appearance by photo]], lacking any piercings, being noticeably thinner and having a more angular face than her appearance in the aforementioned flashback.
* {{Manchild}}: Not as bad as her husband, but she was a bit scatterbrained.
* PosthumousCharacter: Her death is the reason the family moved to Mayview. It's also implied it was a violent death of some sort, judging by some of Max's questions about ghosts.
* SelfDeprecation: Refers to herself in this manner when Max asks to go learn how to skate with some friend:
-->Right, um, so. I don't think... a ''responsible'' parent... would let a 7-year-old near a "Hole Pit"... unsupervised. And, uh, neither would I.
* WrenchWench: She was some combination of engineer/artist, making strange metal sculptures.