The character sheet for Series/{{Oz}}.

* [[Characters/OzMain Main Characters]][[note]]Augustus Hill, Tobias Beecher, Ryan O'Reily, Kareem Said, Leo Glynn, Tim [=McManus=], Sister Peter Marie Reimondo, Miguel Alvarez, Vernon Schillinger, Simon Adebisi, Chris Keller[[/note]]

!Oswald Correctional Facility Staff
* [[Characters/OzPrisonAdmin Administrative Staff]][[note]]Ray Mukada, Gloria Nathan, James Devlin, Martin Querns[[/note]]
* [[Characters/OzPrisonGuards Correctional Officers]][[note]]Sean Murphy, Claire Howell, Len Lopresti, Diane Wittlesey, Clayton Hughes, Dave Brass, Mike Healy, Karl Metzger, Eddie Hunt[[/note]]

* [[Characters/OzMuslims The Muslims]]
* [[Characters/OzHomeboys The Homeboys]]
* [[Characters/OzAryans The Aryans]]
* [[Characters/OzItalians The Italians]]
* [[Characters/OzLatinos The Latinos]]
* [[Characters/OzIrish The Irish]]
* [[Characters/OzChristians The Christians]]
* [[Characters/OzGays The Gays]]
* [[Characters/OzOthers Other Prisoners]]