The characters of the television series ''Orange is the New Black'':
* [[Characters/OrangeIsTheNewBlackMainCharacters Main Characters]] [[note]]Piper, Alex, Healy, Red, Larry, Crazy Eyes, Taystee, Nicky, Pennsatucky, Gloria, Black Cindy, Daya, Maria, Caputo, Morello, Poussey[[/note]]
* [[Characters/OrangeIsTheNewBlackBlack Black Inmates]] [[note]]Sophia, Janae, Vee, Miss Claudette[[/note]]
* [[Characters/OrangeIsTheNewBlackHispanic Hispanic Inmates]] [[note]]Aleida, Maria, Maritza, Flaca, Rosa, Flores [[/note]]
* [[Characters/OrangeIsTheNewBlackWhite White Inmates]] [[note]]Anita, Big Boo, Norma, Gina, Tricia, Yoga Jones, Sister Ingalls, Leanne, Angie, Loretta, Jimmy, The Golden Girls, Weeping Woman, Lolly, Stella[[/note]]
* [[Characters/OrangeIsTheNewBlackAsian Asian Inmates]] [[note]]Soso, Chang[[/note]]
* [[Characters/OrangeIsTheNewBlackStaff Prison Staff]] [[note]]Figueroa, Pornstache, Bennett, Fischer, Bell, O'Neill, Luschek, Maxwell, Donaldson, Ford, Gallego, Dimaguiba, Coates[[/note]]
* [[Characters/OrangeIsTheNewBlackOther Other Characters]] [[note]]Polly, Cal, Bill & Carol, Howard & Amy, Pete, Cesar, Yadriel, Jean Baptiste, Crystal[[/note]]