This is the character (or rather, member) sheet for Music/MomoiroCloverZ. Since their ColourCodedForYourConvenience gimmick also somewhat influences their stage acting, they've adapted [[ColorMotif their own individual personalities]] which suit each of them the most. Interestingly, some of these personalities were assigned them because they match their own actual traits. For example, Shiorin has the color yellow assigned to her because she is a real big eater (a trait that the yellow rangers in Franchise/SuperSentai are often associated with).

!!Kanako Momota
[[caption-width-right:350:''Leader Leader Leader Desu!!!'']]
--> ''"Everyone, please raise your index finger, let's go, [[LostInTranslation hachi hachi hachi hachi dekoppachi!]][-[[note]]Dekoppachi is a popular wide foreheaded character from the anime Mouretsu Ataro, who has become the codifier for wide foreheads in Japan. The words themselves come from deko + hachi[[/note]]-] Who is the cinderella from tea plantation? '''Kanakooooooooo'''. Thank you very much. My dimples are the pitfalls of love, I'm Kanako Momota!"''

Born July 12, 1994 in Shizuoka, she is the Red, and also [[TheLeader the leader]]. Her antics pretty much represent what a [[TheHero red hero]] would do; being the hot blooded one of the group, always running at full power, and demonstrating helpless idiocy. Excels in gymnastics to the point that her awesome back bending jump in "Kaito Shojo" has become a symbol of Momoclo's craziness.

* AnimalMotifs: Bear, and came up along with her gas suit from Z Densetsu, Bearda.
* ButtMonkey: Despite being the leader, Kanako is constantly bullied by the other members due to her idiocy.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "YABAI!"
* CharacterTics: She does an [[ "Uhyo" face]] when she feels very happy.
* CuteLittleFangs: She even called herself "the vampire with truthful fangs" once.
* FanNickname: Don't forget to draw out that last "oooooo" sound when chanting her name.
* FanGirl: Of Atsuko Maeda from Music/AKB48.
* ForeheadOfDoom: Her nickname, the dekoppachi, is no joke, What's more, back when they were still an indie group, her hairstyle highlighted it even further (nowadays it's often obscured by her bangs).
* GirlinessUpgrade: Often tries to invoke it to erase her idiot leader image, but the other members always remarked: "It's no use."
* GratuitousEnglish: Her first solo:
-->Smiling sun with your love
-->Sweetest love with your smile
** She ''did'' say back then that [[HilariousInHindsight her English was lousy.]]
* IdiotHero: She can't even read several elementary grade kanji.
* ImportantHaircut: In 2015, Kanako cut her hair to commemorate her turning 20 and thus becoming a legal adult.
* KickChick: Her great leg strength is often put to good use in many fighting skits. Also, there is actual kicking choreography in "Pinky Jones".
* LetsDuet: Currently has the most duet counts, with Akarin and then with Shiorin.
** Her second solo also a duet song with a group sounds band called The Wild Ones.
* TheLeader: Originally the title went to Reni, but she is doing better job at it.
* MeaningfulName: Her kanji means "A child that strong as cabbage that grows in the summer".
* OnlySaneMan: In their alter-ego group UFI, she is Momorin, the only sane girl who actually aspires to become an idol.
* TerribleArtist: Becomes a {{running gag}} whenever she draws something.
* PassionateSportsGirl: She excels at sports, has been learning gymnastics since age 3, and has becomes a regular player on basketball teams.
* [[invoked]] PortmanteauCoupleName: [=DekoMayu=], [=MomoTakagi=], [=MomoTamai=], [=MomoKanako=], and [=AyaKanako=].
* RedIsHeroic
* RedOniBlueOni: To Akarin's Blue. [[CaptainObvious It's in their colors, don'tcha know?]] It should be noted, though, that even before they were assigned their own colors, they were already best friends.
* SignatureMove: The Ebizori Jump and the cartwheel, both originating from "Kaito Shojo".
* TheSouthpaw: She is a lefty, but for sports and dances, she uses her right hand.
* {{Tsundere}}: Her official English introduction says she is one, although she isn't an apparent tsundere. The only denial she always makes is about her stupidity.
* TsurimeEyes: She has this look in the manga [=MomoPro=].

!!Shiori Tamai a.k.a Shiorin
[[caption-width-right:350:''Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner!'']]
--> ''"Shiorin's A-I-U-E-O poem! Everyone please claps your hand, Let's go, '''Shi''' in '''Shi'''orin! Shikatanai De~, '''O''' in Shi'''o'''rin! Okoranai de~, '''Ri''' in Shio'''ri'''n! Rizumu ni notte~, '''N''' in Shiori'''n'''? nnnnnnn? [-[[note]]Shikatanai de, okoranai de, and rizumu ni notte mean don't scold me, don't angry at me, and feels the rhythm respectively, while 'N' is a letter that can't begin any words[[/note]]-] Together, Let's Momoclo-Chan! I'm the spoiled crybaby and everyone's little sister, Shiori Tamai a.k.a. Shiorin!"''

Born in Kanagawa, June 4, 1994, she is the Yellow. Formerly The LittleSisterHeroine of the group that tended to cry when teased and generally acted like a spoiled kid. That image changed, however, after she grew to be the group's [[StatuesqueStunner tallest member]] and changed her hairstyle from GirlishPigtails to a bob. She is a JackOfAllTrades, able to perform well in anything the group does and is their second best athlete, following Kanako. Her yellow color is reminiscent of the yellow ranger from the classic ''Series/HimitsuSentaiGoranger'', with whom she shares a [[BigEater large appetite]].

* AnimalMotifs: Tiger.
* ArtifactTitle: Everyone's Little Sister. She was indeed the youngest in the group's first formation in 2008, before Ahrin took the title. She also grew to be a lot taller than everyone else over the years (in 2010 she was shorter than Kanako), and after cutting her hair short, her transformation into a badass had finally completed.
* BigEater: So much so that her special segment in their TV show involves her eating food, and any lyrics that mention food are Shiori-exclusive. As a challenge, she was able to finish 62 cups of Wanko Soba noodles in 5 minutes. [[HyperactiveMetabolism Yet all that food just seems to disappear in her stomach]], and she has been able to maintain her slender stature as a result, and has even grown taller.
* TheCasanova: Always has time to steal kisses from other members.
* CatSmile: This made her little sister-chara that much cuter. Has also been featured in their manga ''[=MomoPro=]''.
* {{Catchphrase}}: She is the only member that addresses the fans as "Omaera" (a very rude form of "you"), while still retaining that cute smile!
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: From pigtails to a short haircut. This also symbolizes the group's transformation from cutesy idols to crazier idols.
* FanNickname: The Young General (Wakadaisho).
* FightMagnet: Her antics always leads to a fight, according to Kanako.
* GirlishPigtails: She had these before the ''Battle and Romance'' era to further emphasize her little sister role.
* HatesBeingAlone: When the girls had to stay in a hotel during their tours, she was the only one who couldn't stand being alone. She would always barge into Kanako's room, demanding to share her bed. This story became the basis of their duet song "Single Bed".
* ImportantHaircut: [[TemptingFate "If this album isn't number one, I'll cut my hair!"]] And when she first appeared with that short haircut, the audience cheered uproariously after she took off her Z Densetsu helmet and sang her solo.
* JackOfAllTrades: She can sing, dance (she can even imitate the entire choreography of Ahrin's solo song), do ventriloquism, play piano, perform acrobatics, voice act, do rakugo (Japanese story telling), imitate the other member's signatures, she's smart, she's athletic, [[TheLongList and finally]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking she can throw a marshmallow in the air ana catch it with her mouth]].
* LittleSisterHeroine: Everyone's! Even for the kid fans when they performed at a children's festival.
* {{Seiyuu}}: She had a voice role in the Japanese drama series, ''Series/{{Akumuchan}}'' as a cute little monster. Besides that, her voice impressions are rather admirable; she did one at least twice to taunt her unique-voiced colleague from Ebichu, Aiai.
* ShesGotLegs: ...since mid-2012, anyway.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Curry rice.

!!Sasaki Ayaka a.k.a Ahrin
[[caption-width-right:350:''Ahrin da yo!'']]
--> ''"My face is clean (kyukyukyukyu), Ahrin's cheeks are...? (squishy!) Squishi? Don't you mean bouncy? (Bouncy!) I'm a playful, little bit sexy Momoclo's idol, Ahrin a.k.a. Sasaki Ayaka."''

Born in Kanagawa, June 11, 1996, she is the pink. She is also the group's youngest member. She is also the group's ''girliest'' member. She [[{{Kawaiiko}} adores over-the-top cutesy]] and sweet things, can't perform the group acrobatic gimmicks and even can't do a cartwheel... and [[PinkMeansFeminine that's exactly why she's the pink one]]. However, she went to [[{{Ballet}} ballet school]] since the age of 3, and as such, has developed a great sense of dancing and christened as their "Dance Leader". She is also a former child actress. Her shiny aura in the stages and [=TVs=] earned her the FanNickname "Sasakipro".

* AnimalMotifs: Rabbit.
* BerserkButton: [[DoNotCallMePaul "Call me Ahrin not Sasaki!"]]
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Ahrin Da Yo!"
* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: She went to high school with Shiorin.
* EvolvingMusic: "Ahrin ga Hankuouki" and "Santa-San" both have a line that mentions her age (the latter is actually a nod to the former). Makes it a little bit odd when the age comes up with different syllables from the original.
* FormerChildStar: She was a child model, and has also appeared in a series of variety shows since her elementary school days.
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: One of her cutesy traits; she claimed to be able to talk to her stuffed bear and did just that, [[StunnedSilence leaving the audience silent]].
* ImageSong: Her solo songs are all about this; the former is tells us about her very idol-ish traits, while the latter describes her annoyance towards her mother (Ahrin's Mama as she called her) and [[RebelliousPrincess desire to rebel]].
* KidAppealCharacter: Annoyingly cute yet still lovable. Her Ahrin Robo persona also aimed for this.
* LuckyCharmsTitle: All of her blog post's titles end with a star symbol. Hyadain alluded to this by choosing to have the titles of her solo songs end in the same way.
* OnlySaneMan: She certainly believes so, although her obsession over cuteness is also weird in certain levels.
* {{Ojou}} / PrincessesPreferPink: She is treated like a princess by her mother, but she [[MyBelovedSmother sometimes goes overboard]]. In fact, she is prohibited from cooking with fire, is not allowed to do karaoke or go to a photobooth, and Ahrin's Mama even always tracks her whereabouts with a GPS. She finds the whole thing rather annoying. The overprtectiveness did died down once Ahrin turned 20 and became an adult, however.
* PinkMeansFeminine
* RoboticReveal: PlayedForLaughs when she revealed her robotic form, Ahrin Robo, in her skit at a 2013 children's festival. Became real when she broke a leg in 2014 and decided to use her robot persona to perform on stage. This would ultimately evolve into her becoming [[ Ahrin Robocop]]. One more for the Momoclo Shout-Out list.
* SanitySlippage: Ahrin Robo could be breaking her usual idol-like traits, but a pink robot is not as bad as it seems.
* TheChick: She is the only member who can't perform the acrobatic gimmicks the group is known for.
* ThirdPersonPerson: And if you think you're alone in finding it annoying, think again.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Puff cream.

!!Momoka Ariyasu
-->''"Everyone, please claps your hands, let's go, I may be tiny but I'm the cheerful, '''Ariyaasu!''' A little bit silly, I'm Momoka, '''Ariyaasu!''' One last time, all together... '''Ariyaaasu!'''. The little bit silly of Momoclo, I'm Momoka Ariyasu the [[PintSizedPowerhouse little giant]]!."''

* TheAce: Not only does Ariyasu has the strongest voice in the whole group, she's also one of the most talented dancers as well. In fact, she's even a member of the idol sub-group Tenkasu Trio, composed of {{TheAce}} from Stardust's other acts, Team Syachihoko's yellow member Chiyuri Ito and Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's Student #10 Hinata Kashiwagi.
* AnimalMotifs: Frog.
* ButNowIMustGo: Momoka recently announced her official gradutaion following her final performance in late January, [[IJustWantToBeNormal citing her desire to live normally after spending her entire childhood and early adulthood in entertainment.]]
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* CuteMute: She's usually like this in general, but it was justified in 2013 when she had to get vocal surgery.
* CuteLittleFang
* CuteClumsyGirl
* DancingIsSeriousBusiness: While the others perform some amusing and hilarious traits in TheCastShowoff segment, she just does her random dances.
* DishingOutDirt: She has the power of earth in the opening skit segment of Momoiro Christmas live.
* FormerChildStar: Unlike the rest of the group, Momoka was the only one with prior experience in show business, having performed since before elementary school. In fact, a lot of her fans have followed her career long before she joined Momoclo.
* TheDitz: She even introduces herself as the little bit silly.
* KansaiRegionalAccent: Her family is from Osaka, and she uses Kansai dialect when talking with her family. As a nod to this, she has the Kansai region verse in "Momoclo no Nippon Banzai!"
* NewTransferStudent: Originally from another idol group of Stardust's called Power Age.
* OldShame: Her old introduction she is doing a cute small dance (while the other members just clap or wave their hands). She said it was embarrassing and changed it to clapping her hands, much like Shiorin's.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: She ''is'' nicknamed "The Little Giant", after all. FunSize is in effect here as well.
* TenderTears: Can often be seen crying in live concerts, to the point of messing up her singing. Even during Akari's graduation, where ''everybody'' had the waterworks on, she managed to cry more than even Akari.
* TheQuietOne: Has a noticeable lisp when speaking.
* ShrinkingViolet: Possibly connected to her lisp.
* SingingVoiceDissonance: She is the strongest vocalist of the group; her famous husky singing voice is very noticeable in her shouting solo lines, e.g. in "Mouretsu", and several of Hyadain's songs, such as "Koko Natsu" and "Wani to Shampoo" (it seems that he was positively exploiting her vocal trait). It's a little bit surprising when you hear her talk, though, because...
* SpeechImpediment: ...Her lisp is beyond help. Even when composing "Kaito Shojo", Hyadain decided to change the common pronunciation of Four, ''shi'', into ''yon'' because she can't spell it well.
* TsurimeEyes: Just like Kanako, she also has this look in the manga ''[=MomoPro=]''.

!! Reni Takagi
[[caption-width-right:350: Wachaaaaa!!!!!!!!]]
* AnimalMotifs: ...Alien.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: It's pretty obvious.
* CoolOldLady: How her group-mates and the rest of Stardust's idols see her.
* TheDeterminator
* GracefulLadiesLikePurple: Well, while her antics are far from graceful, her solos are all traditional Japanese enka songs with {{Yamato Nadeshiko}}-esque lyrics, and she wears beautiful kimonos along with them.
* {{Gonk}}: [[DownplayedTrope Not so much "ugly" but "lacks the baby-face features the rest of the group has".]]
* HeavySleeper
* IconicItem
* KindheartedCatLover
* ObfuscatingStupidity: She may act like a total fool most of the time, but she is the one who comes up with most of Momoclo's creative ideas. Additionally, Reni-chan also seems to have a head for management, as she occasionally works in the Stardust offices as a part-time intern.
* TheLeader: Was formerly the leader long before Momorio Clover was officlialy formed, but voluntarily stepped down due to personal issues.
* ThePrankster: Notorious for this on tours.
* PerpetualSmiler: One of her {{Fan Nickname}}s is "Egao ga Ichiban" (The number one smile).
* PurpleIsPowerful
* ThePollyanna: Especially back in the early days of the group. See TheWoobie below.
* TheWoobie: Both Akari and Reni joined Stardust around the same time, so when she left Momoiro Clover, it was especially hard on Reni. She also was rumored to suffer from an eating disorder during this time that she has since recovered from.
* SupernaturalIsPurple

!! Akari Hayami
--> ''"[[WhenSheSmiles My smile will change the world]], you decide my future, can't stop. I'm Momoclo's Cool Beauty, Akari Hayami."''

Born March 17, 1995 in Tokyo, the blue. The only former member after their major debut, she was originally the sub leader and one of the original members. She graduated in April 10 2011. She was the perfect embodiment of the [[BlueTropes blue color]] of the group; she had a CoolBigSis personality and often had to handle the craziness of the rest of the members alone, especially on their stage and TV shows, where she would act as the only sane MC, she got the cool rap parts for herself, and had a [[RuleOfCool cool]] [[GratuitousEnglish engrish introduction line and nickname]]. She's also a [[ShesGotLegs natural born model]] who is now pursuing a totally different career. As she herself said, rather than "idol Akarin" from Momoiro Clover, she wants to be "actress and model Akari Hayami".

* AWildRapperAppears: [[PissTakeRap She excels]] [[AvertedTrope at rapping]] and always in charge of the rap parts (and this is [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff why the foreign fans love her so much]]), to the point that many of their songs in Z era didn't get rap parts compared to their songs back then.
* BigOlEyebrows: She was often called "Mayuge" (which means "eyebrow"). She even acknowledged that her eyebrows were her main charm point.
* BlankWhiteEyes: [[spoiler:At the end of ''Shirome'', when she is possessed by the spirit.]]
* CharacterTitle: Her graduation song, "Akarin e Okuru Uta", which means, "A song for Akarin".
* CuteLittleFang
* TheDandy: She played one in Mirai Bowl PV.
* DyeingForYourArt: She dyed her hair blonde for the drama series ''Saito-San 2''.
* FanNickname: "Mega". This comes from her [[StatuesqueStunner tall stature compared to the rest of members]].
* TheFashionista: She was a fashion and commercial model even before her inclusion to the group. After her graduation, she began to focus more on her model career.
* TheFace: She often handled the MC part for their reality show, ''Momoclo-Chan'' and their live performances. She is their CoolBigSis, after all.
* InternalHomage: Even after her departure, she is regularly referenced elsewhere in their acts. This is probably because her graduation marked a big change in the group's history.
** The lyrics for "Z Densetsu" references Akarin with the narrator's announcement of "BLUE!", which prompted the group to answer with a confused "ah?" and place their fingers on their eyebrows.
** Their alter ego UFI features a blue colored member named Miss X.
** A popular fan theory said that the [[SurprisinglyGentleSong slow ballad songs]] from around the ''Battle and Romance'' era, "Kiminoato" and "Shiroi Kaze," are all dedicated to Akari; the overall lyrics place importance on a person that had to leave after they made a lot memories together, and they had to smile and move on. Additionally, both songs are composed by same person, and the word ''kimi'' ("you") in the lyrics is written with katakana rather than usual hiragana, implying it refers to a particular someone. During the 2011 and 2012 Momoiro Christmas concerts, both songs were presented with all blue stage lighting.
** In the end of the medley song in their first Kohaku performance (when they finally reach their dream), they sang their old (six person) version lyrics of Kaitou Shojo that lists their names. When it came to Akarin's, they simply [[FourthWallObserver pointed to the camera]].
* LetXBeTheUnknown: Her UFI counterpart was Miss X, [[TheVoiceless the overly quiet girl that won't even sing anything]]. It's also noted that UFI was formed after Akarin's graduation, thus she will not have any singing parts. Miss X was intentionally included to serve as a nod to her graduation.
* MythologyGag: In 2012 she appeared in a commercial for a television program service as a [[ActorAllusion virtual idol]] named [[PaperThinDisguise Karin]], and her attire was filled with blue color.
* PassionateSportsGirl: She has an aerobics qualification and, just like Kanako, has an extremely flexible body, as seen in "Mirai E Susume"'s choreography. This is probably one reason why they're so close.
** This was also [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in her 2011 movie, ''Cheerfu11y'', where she got to [[TheCastShowoff display her talents]] as a CuteBookworm constrained to join a cheerleader team.
--> "Your body is surprisingly flexible, do you exercise?"
* RedOniBlueOni: To Kanako's Red. Again, [[CaptainObvious it's in their colors.]] Even so, she's often seen tagging along with Kanako. Their combination team, Dekomayu, even got a regular special segment on their web stream channel. Some pair them up as the TomboyAndGirlyGirl and BigGuyLittleGuy of the team as played in the "Mirai Bowl" PV.
* TeamMom
* {{Tomboy}}
* TrueCompanions: Especially with Kanako. It's also noted that the group keeps in touch with her to this day (They're even still at the same office!). After their performance in Kohaku, Kanako called her and asked her if she was crying. [[TearJerker She was]].
* TryingNotToCry: During her graduation. She didn't succeed, as she ended up crying ''a lot'', even ''after'' the graduation ended, mainly because of the surprise farewell song, which reduced her to [[InelegantBlubbering blubbering in the rest of their songs]]. At the end of the concert, she went with a TearfulSmile when saying goodbye to the fans.
* TheUnfavourite: The entire reason why Akarin left the group. She felt that she didn't have the personality to be an idol. She also said that [[NoPlaceForMeThere she had doubts about being in Momoiro Clover]], and there were even times where she had started to dislike being in the group. It is also said that she always had the shortest handshake queue in the events that providing handshake session.