'''Kinley Mochrie'''
* LiteralSplitPersonality
* OldShame: averted. On occasion, she's been showing a few of her earlier efforts, such as short films and school-related work. Granted, she doesn't come off as that proud of them either...
* OnlySaneWoman

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/00016797 Phillip, the Inner Pessimist]]'''
* BerserkButton: Shall we start? Flashbacks, contemporary romantic comedies, any time someone tries to make a case for SoBadItsGood...
* CelibateHero: Played with: a visit from James, the Inner Romantic ends with him saying "time to move on, before I swear off women forever".
* TheCynic: So much so, when he opens an argument on ''Film/LetMeIn'' with the words "starting with the positive...", Ringo calls him on it.
--> "The ''positive''? Is that word actually part of your vocabulary?"
* DeadpanSnarker
--> '''Ringo''': How are you so consistently frustrating?
--> '''Phillip''': It's a gift. Merry Christmas.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Ends his side of the ''Clash of The Titans'' review with a barrel of such vivid, Gorn-y imagery regarding what the movie "deserves" to encounter on its way, Ringo is ''seriously worried about him''.
* FriendlyEnemy: to Ringo, on their better days. Otherwise, they seem to fall into [[EnemyMine Enemy Mine]] territory, with the occasional slide towards [[VitriolicBestBuds Vitriolic Best Buds]].
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Loves being right? Check. Loves being right ''over Ringo'' in any kind of discussion? Check. Yet he seems genuinely concerned about him in ''Skyline''.
* NoSenseOfHumor: Has a hard time enjoying mainstream comedies and general escapist fare; Ringo plain dares him to have fun at several points.
--> '''Ringo''': I think the real question is, are ''you'' happy? Let me ask you, Phil. Do you know what smiling is?
--> (''Phillip stares at him''.)
--> '''Ringo''': ... did you learn anything outside of the Batman school of brooding?
* ScareEmStraight: Played with. While reviewing ''Film/TheRite'' he starts with a mundane anecdote, then drops hints about himself waking up with amnesia and body parts on his nightstand, just to show Ringo how a horror story's supposed to be told. It works.
--> "Too easy." (''smirks'')
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: The latter
* TheSmartGuy: Sees himself as one.
* SurroundedByIdiots: Evoked in the [[Film/ShockTreatment Shock Treatment]] review.
--> '''Ringo''': First off, this movie's got some really cool and colorful sets, that really help emphasize the mood of the film.
--> '''Phillip''': Yeah, if the mood of the film is taking a trip through Stanley Kubrick's Chocolate Factory.
--> '''Kinley''': That sounds ''awesome''.
--> '''Phillip''': ...I forgot I was dealing with a simpleton.
* ToughLove: Displays a mild case of it towards Lucas, the Inner Child.
* YouNeedToGetLaid: a version of it.
--> '''Ringo''': And once again, I think you need to take the flaming rod out of your urethra, and stop taking things so seriously.

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/00017dw8 Ringo, the Inner Optimist]]'''
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: At times. While discussing [[Film/TronLegacy TRON: Legacy]], he tends to focus on the visual aspects of storytelling, without letting plot holes or [[RecycledScript recycled storylines]] bother him that much.
* BuffySpeak: slips into it while distressed.
--> "What's wrong with you, you Mr. Sour Pants, always going to the movies wearing his sour pants, and just being... sour... pants."
* TheCutie
* HeroicBSOD: He barely functions throughout the first few minutes of ''Skyline'', without offering any real defense for the movie. By the end he's stopped trying.
--> "The movie's awful, ok? That's right! The optimist can hate! THE OPTIMIST CAN HATE!"
* TheIdealist: Played with. He does seem to genuinely strive to see the best in most movies, but it also has to do with Pessimist Phillip playing up the critical angle, and their relationship bordering on [[VitriolicBestBuds Vitriolic Best Buds]].
* MusicalThemeNaming: ''And'' he named himself. Kinley tried to talk him out of it, to no avail.
* NonSequitur: on the average, he's quite coherent, but he does enjoy going off a tangent from time to time. Possibly as a way to taunt Phillip.
--> '''Phillip''': [[Film/SeasonOfTheWitch Robert Sheehan]], every time he says a line, I can actually hear my brain cells dying.
--> '''Ringo''': What's that sound like?
--> '''Phillip''': Kinda like bacon sizzling on a frying pan.
--> '''Ringo''': Ooh, bacon. Man, it's been a while since I had bacon. Like, the really good kind. Like, I had some of that turkey bacon, but... I don't know. We should all get together and have brunch...
--> '''Phillip''': Alright, we're getting off topic.
* ThePollyanna: Phillip even called him "Perky" a couple of times.
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: The former.
* ThatCameOutWrong: Poor Wretch.
--> '''Ringo''': Wretch, we're actually going to share you this week.
--> '''Wretch''': You're not - propositioning me or anything, are you?
--> '''Ringo''': No! No, we're just both going to use you for our own gain.
--> '''Wretch''': Not making me feel much better about this.
--> '''Ringo''': Our minds are - metaphorically - going to have sexual intercourse. A three-way of the mind, if that makes it easier.
--> '''Wretch''': ...Let's just do this.

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001k72p Guy, the Inner Bro]]'''
* CoolShades
* {{Gorn}}: He seems to be a fan, judging from his love for the ''Hostel'' saga.
* JerkJock: Has some aspects of this.
* SarcasmBlind: "Eli Roth directed Twilight?!"

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001h9xp Stanley, the Inner Nerd]]'''
* {{Bookworm}}
* HollywoodNerd

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001gh08 Dave, the Inner Hipster]]'''
* AnalogyBackfire: Often. He will try and argue ''Skyline'' works as "an analogy for the horrors of Hollywood", with the aliens being big-budget movies, or ''My Soul To Take'' is actually a surreal masterpiece on par with David Lynch's work.
--> '''Phillip''': Are you comparing ''Mulholland Drive'' to a movie in which one of the characters' main goals throughout the whole thing is to ''get a blowjob'' ?
--> '''Dave''': In a sense...
--> '''Phillip''': No. There is no sense.
--> '''Dave''': Well, I mean, if you look at it...
--> '''Phillip''': ''No''.
* CloudCuckooLander: Some of his ramblings head into this territory.
* ConspiracyTheorist: Has his moments.
--> '''Dave''': America's trying to take over the world, like, what's up with that?
--> '''[[BewareTheNiceOnes Ringo]]''': Really? That's America's plan, is it? To take over the world with shitty movies? [[HeroicBSOD What the]] ''[[HeroicBSOD fuck]]'' [[HeroicBSOD are you talking about?!]]
* DudeNotIronic: Has some trouble dealing with it.
--> '''Dave''': You're missing the point, man. Was ''Plan 9'' purposefully ironic? ''Troll 2''? ''The Room''? What do those movies have in common?
--> '''Phillip''': You have a T-shirt for each of them?
--> '''Dave''': Well, yeah. That.
* GeekyTurnOn: Apparently gets a hard-on just ''thinking'' about "cult movies, B-movies... obscure movies".
* NerdGlasses
* TheScrappy: In-universe
--> '''Dave''': ...did somebody say ''ironic''?
--> '''Phillip''': No. Get out of here.
--> '''Dave''': Fascist.

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001bfge Wretch, the Inner Horror Fan]]'''
* BerserkButton: Two that we know of, so far: [[JumpScare jump scares]] and [[TorturePorn torture porn]]. He's not too keen on gore either, but he'll admit it can be done well and serve a purpose in context.
* ClusterFBomb: ''Saw 3D'' undoes him like that.
--> "What the FUCK! This movie is SHIT! (''gets up'') I'm out of here, goddammit!" (''leaves the room'')
* TheFaceless
* NonActionSnarker: He's a pretty straight-forward guy, but even he exhibits traits of it.
--> "Another average-looking exorcism movie! Ooh, my apathy can barely be contained!"
* ProudToBeAGeek: ''hard''. He'll bash with little to no regret any movie that disappoints him, even when it comes with a big name director attached (Wes Craven and [[Film/MySoulToTake My Soul To Take]], for instance.)

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001e37w Ralph, the Inner Serial Killer]]'''
* AffablyEvil: Ralph starts out as a soft-spoken, polite character... who then starts talking about how he sees Jigsaw as an artist.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Kinley initially objects to his pitch of 'Storytime With Ralph' because it involves Ralph and children. Ralph gets a little annoyed at Kinley's presumption, saying that he's great with kids.
* ItsNotPornItsArt: Finds violent slasher films to be 'art.'
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal: Possibly.]]
* NightmareFetishist
--> '''Ralph''': When I know there's going to be violence involved, I always, ''always'' make sure I have a bottle of lubricant and some paper towel on hand.
* TheScourgeOfGod: Gets easily upset by thinking about "filthy scum, prostitutes and pimps". [[Film/TaxiDriver Uh-oh]].

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001d14h Lucas, the Inner Child]]'''
* DawsonCasting: Kinley, despite being in her twenties, portrays a child surprisingly convincingly.
* FromTheMouthsOfBabes
--> "Megamind and that reporter probably had sex. I know what that is, you know."

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001f2br Terry, the Inner Activist]]'''
* SoapBoxSadie: And how: the character's introduced just to comment on the (presumably) sexist and homophobic elements of a single movie.
* StrawFeminist

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001c31s Neil, the Inner Worrier]]'''
* LovableCoward
* NervousWreck: He can't figure out why anyone would willingly explore ''caves'', let alone dive into one.
--> "They look so sharp and cold and... kinda slimy on the walls..."
* SecurityBlanket: Firmly in place. And it's a whole duvet.

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001970k James, the Inner Romantic]]'''
* EvenTheGuysWantHim
* RuleOfRomantic: firm believer in it (duh); he waxes poetic about the first sex scene in Film/NoStringsAttached.
* SitcomArchNemesis: Phillip's pet name for him is 'Sergeant Sappy'. He just rolls with it, though.

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/00018xpy Donny, the Inner Pervert]]'''
* CasanovaWannabe: Right from his introduction:
--> '''Phillip''': I'm not a woman, but I imagine that it'd be the equivalent of saying "oh, my breasts, they're like bouncy castles in my shirt!".
--> '''Donny''': Well, then ALLOW me to have a little bounce on, you know what I'm saying?
* DepravedBisexual: He's disappointed by the lack of female nudity in Film/NoStringsAttached, but Ashton Kutcher seems to do it for him:
--> "I'll take what I can get, you know, I mean, some ass is better than no ass at all, he's got a pretty cute butt for a dude, you know, whatever gets me through the night."
* SexDressed: The messy hair and clothing disarray seem to imply this.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Borderline; technically he's wearing a shirt, but it's unbuttoned far enough that it barely constitutes as such.

'''[[http://pics.livejournal.com/obnoxiousamy/pic/0001akr5 Scott, the Inner Musician]]'''
* CloudCuckooLander
* TheStoner: Implied - when he goes off on a particularly bizarre tangent, Kinley glances at Ringo, whose response is to mime smoking a joint.
* TheDitz