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!Honoka Kōsaka
-->'''Image Color:''' Red (Orange in pvs)
-->'''Age:''' 16
-->'''Birthday:''' August 3 (Leo)
-->'''Blood Type:''' O
-->'''Height:''' 157cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B78/W58/H82
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Strawberries
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Green peppers, azuki beans
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her energetic smile
-->'''Units:''' Printemps
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/EmiNitta (Japanese)%%, (English)

''De facto'' leader of μ's, and all-around average student. In the manga, she was a star member of the kendo club, but quit to become an idol after seeing an A-RISE concert.

Honoka plays the tomboy angel Kuroiel in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox'' and reprises the role for ''VideoGame/TheAwakenedFateUltimatum''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★
-->Reflexes: ★★★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★★★★
-->Conformity: ★★★
-->Clumsiness: ★★★★★

* BigEater: She can keep up with Hanayo, to say the least. She's also been shown to ask for tea in her sleep and convinces Hanayo to ditch their workout routine to eat rice when the two were supposed to be dieting.
* BookDumb: She especially has trouble with math.
** [[spoiler: She also gets easily overwhelmed by paperwork for the student council in the second season.]]
* BrilliantButLazy: A compelling leader and actually pretty good at motivating and organizing people, but is often too laid-back to do so. Umi even mentions that [[spoiler:she can do the student council work just fine if she stops procrastinating.]]
* ChildhoodFriends: Kotori and Umi. Eli as well in the manga.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: She tends to do this.
** Hell, this is her EstablishingCharacterMoment in the first epsiode, when she thinks the school closure is effective ''immediately'', and she'll have to re-take her entrance exams to transfer to a new school.
* CompellingVoice: One of the reasons why she's considered the leader of the group. [[spoiler: Almost parodied in the second season where she "stops" rain by yelling at it. She tries it again in episode 5, first at Umi's phone while it has a weather app running on it, then at the sky. It doesn't work either time.]]
* CuteClumsyGirl: More so in the audio dramas than in the anime.
* DareToBeBadass: In the manga, Honoka delivers one to Umi in response to the latter's desire to give up on participating in the Love Live.
--->'''Honoka:''' I know that our goal wasn't to win the Love Live, but if we want to do everything in our power to save the school, didn't we agree that the best way to do that would be to win the Love Live!?
--->'''Umi:''' But in our region, Japan's biggest school idols, A-RISE, stand in our way. They're the champs, and the scale of equipment, and everything else about their school totally outclasses ours.
--->'''Honoka:''' Then all eyes will be on us! '''I'll bet you couldn't find a better situation than that!'''
* TheDeterminator: Subverted at first, but then invoked. Honoka is initially described as someone who tends to get overly excited over a prospect, dragging everyone around her into achieving said prospect only to lose confidence in the end and quit (causing trouble for everyone involved). When she initially tries to form a school idol group, she doesn't have much luck in it, and it seemed like history would repeat itself towards the end of Season 1, but Honoka ends defying expectations by never truly giving up. She puts everything she has into become a school idol and against all odds (and despite numerous setbacks) she succeeds.
* DoesNotLikeSpam: Honoka dislikes azuki beans, since she lives in a Japanese-style sweet shop and she's eaten them so often that she's sick of them.
* {{Expy}}: To [[Manga/KOn Yui]]. They're both [[GenkiGirl energetic]] and [[CloudCuckoolander a little ditzy]] semi-protagonists. The brownish hair ties it closer.
** Also to [[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster Haruka]]. Both are ditzy, cheerful and brown-haired idols who are associated with the color red.
** Visually, she also resembles [[Anime/AKB0048 Yuko Oshima the 9th]], particularly with her hairstyle. Other than that, the [[GenkiGirl enthusiasm]] and [[TheLeader leadership abilities]], the similarities end there.
* FamilyThemeNaming: Shares the "穂" (ho) character with her sister, notable in that the sweet shop her family manages is called "Homura", phonetically mirroring this.
* GenkiGirl: She gets excited pretty easily, especially when talking about school idols.
* HairDecorations: A yellow ribbon.
* InfectiousEnthusiasm: This is the only reason why the group even ended up getting together to start with.
** [[spoiler:Backfires on her in episode 11 of the anime.]]
* TheLeader: As the founder and undisputed center of the μ's, she definitely factors as this. When the group decides to seriously establish a leader, despite lots of protest and discussions, everyone (barring Nico) secretly agrees that Honoka is most fit to be the leader. In the end, her sheer charisma and ability to raise everyone's spirits was a key in μ's success. Though she's good at making important decisions, she also has a habit of proposing wild ideas for the group, with questionably legitimacy at best. She's a Type III mixed with Type IV.
* RedHeadedHero
** FieryRedHead
* RedIsHeroic
* RunningGag: Tends to bring up a soap brand that sounds similar to "μ's".
* SecondYearProtagonist
* ShipTease: With Umi, though it's pretty much exclusive to the [[ manga]] and school idol diaries. It's apparently so evident, that Nico outright urges Umi to step in during Honoka's [[ moment]] with Eli.
* {{Sleepyhead}}: Lying down anywhere for more than a couple of seconds and she can fall asleep. She can even sleep [[spoiler: at the edge of a cliff]].
* StudentCouncilPresident: [[spoiler:In season 2 of the anime, she replaces Eli as this since Eli is graduating soon.]]
* ThirdPersonPerson: She refers herself in third person from time to time.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: She has this with Umi in the [[ manga.]]
* WeightWoe: In the seventh episode of the second season. Naturally this is also when a lot of other girls are eating lots of things, which Umi won't let her touch due to having to go on a diet.

!Eli Ayase
-->'''Image Color:''' Light Blue
-->'''Age:''' 17
-->'''Birthday:''' October 21 (Libra)
-->'''Blood Type:''' B
-->'''Height:''' 162cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B88/W60/H84
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Chocolate
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Dried plums and seaweed
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her sharp style
-->'''Units:''' [=BiBi=]
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YoshinoNanjo (Japanese)%%, (English)

A third-year student and president of the Student Council.

Eli plays the delusional angel Lanael in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox'' and reprises the role for ''VideoGame/TheAwakenedFateUltimatum''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★★★
-->Reflexes: ★★★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★★★
-->Conformity: ★★★★
-->Internationality: ★★★★
* TheAce: Smart, athletic, popular and gorgeous to boot.
--->[[ Nico agrees completely.]]
* ButNotTooForeign: She is a quarter Russian.
* BrokenBird: It's downplayed a bit, but she used to be on the path to becoming a professional ballerina when she was younger, but kept failing audition after audition until she finally gave up. This is the source of her resentment towards μ's in the beginning (from her perspective, she sees their dancing as sloppy and amateurish).
* BuxomIsBetter: Second largest next to Nozomi, and as pointed by Nico, one of her charm points.
** BigBreastPride: Downplayed but present. Eli is fairly annoyed when Nico bluntly states that large breasts make people uncomfortable during the swimsuit contest.
* ChildhoodFriends: In the manga, she's childhood friends with Honoka, Kotori and Umi.
* CoolBigSis: Like Nozomi, she often has good advice for the other girls, even if she seems antagonistic at the time about it. Even moreso in the manga.
* DefrostingIceQueen: In episode 8. Until then, she's a full-on IceQueen, reserved and sometimes hostile, only showing her softer side to Nozomi. After her defrosting, despite still being one of the most level-headed girls, she's even more relaxed and approachable than Maki or Umi.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Honoka mentions that she's popular with girls because of her beauty and [[ShesGotLegs long legs.]]
** One of the School Idol Diary chapters focuses entirely on this. She tends to receive a ton of love letters.
** Humorously displayed in the [[ manga]], in which Nico and Maki are scouting for members to join μ.
* {{Expy}}: She looks like a more mature [[Anime/{{Tantei Opera Milky Holmes}} Kokoro Akechi]], with the same voice actress.
* HairDecorations: Wears a ribbon in her ponytail.
* HugeSchoolGirl: The tallest of the group (and also pretty busty) and admittedly a bit socially awkward at first.
* PhenotypeStereotype: Blond with light blue eyes.
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Early on, she constantly tries to stop Honoka's attempts to form a club, usually while utilizing school rules or loopholes, such as saying there was already an idol group at their school, or that they would need at least 5 members to form a group.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Official subs for the anime use Eli instead of the more literal reading "Eri". Some translations even use "Ellie".
** However, [[ this video]] uses Eri.
** The Filipino dub takes the confusion even further by changing her name between seasons 1 and 2, where she is "Eri-chi" in the former and "Erich" in the latter.
* StudentCouncilPresident
* TheLeader: Subverted. She's a textbook leader (ie: calm, pragmatic and mature) but she always defers to Honoka on decisions that affect μ's.
* TrueBlueFemininity: At least her image color.
* VerbalTic: хорошо![[note]]Transliterated as 'harasho' into Japanese and as 'khorosho' into English, due to Russian spelling not being fully reflective of pronunciation (English transliterations generally prioritize the former, while the Japanese ones follow the latter).[[/note]]

!Kotori Minami
-->'''Image Color:''' Green (Grey or turquoise in pvs)
-->'''Age:''' 16
-->'''Birthday:''' September 12 (Virgo)
-->'''Blood Type:''' O
-->'''Height:''' 159cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B80/W58/H80
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Cheesecake
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Garlic
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her soft droopy eyes
-->'''Units:''' Printemps
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AyaUchida (Japanese)%%, (English)

Honoka's and Umi's best friend, and the daughter of the headmaster. She designs the group's costumes.

Kotori plays recurring Creator/NipponIchi character Asagi in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★★★
-->Reflexes: ★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★
-->Conformity: ★★★★★
-->Delusional capability: ★★★★★
* AnimalMotifs: Fans tend to associate her with birds a lot, mainly because "Kotori" means "little bird".
** This has developed into AscendedFanon as of late, since the bird motif has made its way into the phone game.
* ChildhoodFriends: Honoka and Umi. Eli as well outside of the anime.
* DetachedSleeves: With her practice clothes in the second season.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: She really likes alpacas.
* HairDecorations: A green scrunchie on her ponytail.
* ImageSong: "Wonder Zone" is an in-universe example in the anime, where the others ask her to write a song about her feelings.
** There's also "Wonderful Rush," the pv that she centered.
* IllGirl: She was born with poor leg health which made her unable to run when she was younger. A surgery at Nishikino fixes this (which would explain how her mother and Maki's mother know each other). However, unfortunately it leaves her with a large scar that becomes her complex. [[ItGetsBetter She did get better]] though, as the wound becomes less noticeable as she grew up.
* {{Meido}}: She works as one at a maid cafe in Akiba, and she is even famous for it.
* [[NiceGuy Nice Girl]]: Sweet, quiet, and generally goes along with whatever her friends are doing. Umi even complains that she can be too nice, at least towards Honoka.
* SecretIdentity: She's Minalinsky, Akiba's legendary maid, when the girls decide to make a school idol group.
* SecondYearProtagonist
* StrongFamilyResemblance: She looks a lot like her mother.
* TemptingFate: [[spoiler:She receives a letter that offers her the opportunity to study fashion overseas right after a conversation where she, Honoka and Umi agree that they want to be together forever.]]
* YesMan: Kotori seems to almost always agree with Honoka's opinion when she says something other than what the rest of the group thinks.
* ZettaiRyouiki: On her practice clothes.

!Umi Sonoda
-->'''Image Color:''' Blue
-->'''Age:''' 16
-->'''Birthday:''' March 15 (Pisces)
-->'''Blood Type:''' A
-->'''Height:''' 159cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B76/W58/H80
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Honoka's family's manju
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Carbonated drinks
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her long black hair
-->'''Units:''' lily white
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SuzukoMimori (Japanese)%%, (English)

Honoka's and Kotori's best friend. She's member of the Archery Club in the anime. In the manga, she's the president of the Kendo Club instead, and is quite annoyed when Honoka suddenly resigns from the club to become an idol.

Umi plays the mascot Misery in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★★★★
-->Reflexes: ★★★★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★
-->Conformity: ★★
-->Modesty: ★★★★★
* {{Adorkable}}: Umi, who tries to be the group's StraightMan but can't help but imagine and practice cutesy idol routines in private.
* ArcherArchetype: Umi is one of the calmest and most down-to-earth of the girls, and is in the archery club.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Umi slept through episode 10's pillow fight, until some of the girls accidentally hit her. When she gets up, all of the girls, even the more calm and collected Eli and Nozomi have an OhCrap look in their face, and when Umi throws the pillows, they seem to hit rather hard. It takes Maki and Nozomi throwing at the same time to knock her back out.
* ChildhoodFriends: Honoka and Kotori. Eli as well in the manga.
** She claims to be ''super childhood friends'' with Honoka because their mothers were childhood friends too.
* CovertPervert: She gets incredibly aroused after witnessing Nozomi and Rin fool around, and she actually passes out from a nosebleed after her imagination runs wild. You can see it play out [[ here]].
* DeathGlare: Gives a scathing one to Nico in the fourth episode of season two.
** And again to Honoka in the seventh episode.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: One of the School Idol Diary chapters reveals that she receives love letters, and has her asking Eli for advice on how to deal with them.
* {{Expy}}: Character-wise, she is an expy of [[Manga/KOn Mio]]. Both have PerformanceAnxiety, are the songwriters of the group, and believe their best friend is bossy and pushy. Visually, she shares similarities to [[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster Chihaya]] with her long [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair blue hair]], BrownEyes, and slender build; their voice can also be considered similar. In terms of her inheriting her parents' business, she could also be similar to [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Yukiko.]]
* HeirToTheDojo: Her father is a martial artist, and her mother is a practitioner of traditional Japanese dance. She is expected to inherit the combined dojo of both.
* OnlySaneWoman: Probably the one with most common sense of the group. She even lampshades this when getting relieved over the fact that once Eli joins, she's not longer the only one taking things seriously. However, since Eli has some CoolBigSis tendencies and sometimes goes along with the other girls' antics, Umi still plays this role anyway.
* NotAMorningPerson: Inverted, she ''hates'' [[BerserkButton being woken up after she's just gone to sleep.]]
* PerformanceAnxiety: She has some early on, but gradually overcomes it.
* PetitePride: As shown in Nico's School Idol Diary, she doesn't mind that she's among the less endowed.
* TheReliableOne: She's the one that tries to keep the girls focused on the task at hand, such as making sure they get enough practice time in. And making sure Honoka isn't goofing off too much.
* SecondYearProtagonist
* SeriousBusiness: She tends to treat things she's doing this way, such as making sure the girls know the song and dance routines, not goofing off too much at the beach during a training session, getting her sleep interrupted, or climbing a mountain.
* ShipTease: With Honoka, though it's pretty much exclusive to the [[ manga]] and school idol diaries. It's apparently so evident, that Nico outright urges Umi to step in during Honoka's [[ moment]] with Eli.
* ShrinkingViolet: She was one before meeting Honoka. She's also insecure about showing off her body too much.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: Goodness, she definitely has this Honoka in the [[ manga.]]
* YamatoNadeshiko: She's somewhat of a budding one; she comes from a very traditional family, is modest, calm, rational, and has a stubbornness to her regarding the people she cares about. The only thing keeping her from playing this completely straight is how she does get worked up rather often.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair
** ShyBlueHairedGirl: She used to be a ShrinkingViolet when she was young.

!Rin Hoshizora
-->'''Image Color:''' Light Green (Light green or yellow in pvs)
-->'''Age:''' 15
-->'''Birthday:''' November 1 (Scorpio)
-->'''Blood Type:''' A
-->'''Height:''' 155cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B75/W58/H80
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Ramen
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Fish
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her cute and shapely butt
-->'''Units:''' lily white, [=NicoRinPana=]
-->'''Voiced by:''' Riho Iida (Japanese)%%, (English)

Hanayo's best friend, she is the tomboy of the group. In the manga, she and Hanayo were friends with Honoka before even entering the school.

Rin plays the protagonist's younger sister Minamo in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★
-->Reflexes: ★★★★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★★★★
-->Conformity: ★★
-->Courage: ★★★★★
* ActionGirl: The most athletic of the group, originally wanted to try out for the track team, and showcased a rather impressive series of flips in the fifth episode.
** A-RISE even cites her athletic ability as her greatest asset to the group.
* ACupAngst: Subverted, In novel she outright state that she doesn't mind about her chest at all but she also say that she prefer to have better assets because it's could help her look more feminine.
** However she is not thrilled when Nozomi uses this to her advantage to get her to slip through a narrow space between two cars that Nico had escaped through while they were chasing her in episode four of season two.
* AnimalMotifs: Cats. She's prone to making {{Cat Smile}}s, [[VerbalTic ends many of her sentences with]] "nya" (the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat meowing) and even wears [[CatGirl cat ears and a tail]] during one of the music videos they shoot in the anime. [[{{Irony}} Despite that]], she dislikes fish and is allergic to cats.
* BookDumb: Her grades are generally pretty poor (with English being her worst subject by far) and in Maki's School Idol Diary, she claims that getting a 68% on a test is cause for celebration.
-->'''Rin:''' Still, why did Maki and her parents make such a fuss about gettin 68%!? When I get 68%, we go out and get cheesy hamburg steak to celebrate☆
* BoyishShortHair: Uses this at first as a reason she doesn't fit the idol image.
* CatSmile: She sports one from time to time.
* ChildhoodFriends: She is one with Hanayo, as flashbacks show them being close as far back as elementary school.
* ClingyJealousGirl: She's this way towards Hanayo, if [[ this]] questionnaire is of any indication
--->'''Q:''' What would you do if Hanayo-chan brought over a boyfriend?
--->'''Rin:''' I'd be surprised! I'm pretty sure I'd cry too—don't know why though. Umm… But I don't think I can even imagine it; just thinking about it gives my chest a weird flickering kind of feeling…I'm going out for a run!
* {{Expy}}: With her tomboyish looks and love of sports, it's not hard to think of her as an orange-haired [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Chie Satonaka.]]
* FieryRedhead: Although less fiery tempered and more energetic.
** SignificantGreenEyedRedhead
* GenkiGirl: Generally the most energetic of the group, and is quite evident in the closing credits when the girls are rehearsing.
* IAmNotPretty: [[spoiler: Turns out that she has quite the complex about her {{Tomboy}} image, to the point where she legitimately cannot see herself as cute. Hanayo and the others help her get over this.]]
* TheNicknamer: Tends to add the non-honorific "-chin" to people's names and calls Hanayo "Kayo," an AlternateCharacterReading of her first name.
* ThirdPersonPerson
* [[ThoseTwoGuys Those Two Girls]]: She has this relationship with ''Nozomi'' of all people in the audio dramas.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: the tomboy to Hanayo's girly girl.
** TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: More tomboyish than the rest of the girls, and is noticeably worried about being too tomboyish to wear frilly skirts, but still loves the idea of being an idol.
* VerbalTic: Sometimes adds a ''-nya'' in the ends of her words.
* [[spoiler: ZettaiRyouiki: At the end of [[ADayInTheLimelight episode five of season two]], Rin wears feminine clothes to practice, including this.]]
** [[spoiler: She keeps this outfit for the following episodes to show her CharacterDevelopment.]]

!Maki Nishikino
-->'''Image Color:''' Purple (Red or maroon in pvs)
-->'''Age:''' 15
-->'''Birthday:''' April 19 (Aries)
-->'''Blood Type:''' B
-->'''Height:''' 161cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B78/W56/H83
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Tomatoes
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Tangerines
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her beauty and overflowing intelligence
-->'''Units:''' [=BiBi=]
-->'''Voiced by:''' Pile (Japanese)%%, (English)

A first-year student aiming to be a physician like her parents, and the main composer for μ's.

Maki plays the major villain Frunetti in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★★★★
-->Reflexes: ★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★★
-->Conformity: ★★★
-->Self-confidence: Skyrocketing
* BrokenAce: Smart and born to a wealthy family of doctors, beautiful, the group's main composer, and the most popular in-series and out. [[spoiler:And if the 6th PV is to be taken seriously, possesses supernatural ability to boot.]] However, despite her good fortune, she has her fair share of personal demons to deal with. Her status as the daughter of famous doctors has left her isolated from her peers, she has to contend with parents who have abnormally high expectations of her (all the while being practically forced into becoming a doctor like them) and worst of all, her love for music isn't at all respected by said parents (who only see it as a temporary entertainment at best). The School Diary Idol novel that centers around her goes into more detail.
* CharacterTics: Has a habit of curling her hair around her finger when bored or embarrassed.
* DeadpanSnarker: She can have snappy comebacks at times, usually whenever it's directed at Nico.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Although Eli was one too, it takes Maki longer to warm up to the group, and she doesn't take part in too many of the non-idol activities. However, Nozomi tries to help bring her into the group more, and she ends up joining them in the pillow fight during episode 10.
* ElegantClassicalMusician: Plays piano and acts as the group's composer in the anime.
* GirlishPigtails: With her practice outfit in season two. They're small, so it's a bit hard to tell.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Outright stated in the School Idol Diary entry that centers around her:
---> '''Maki:''' Organized, smart, beautiful, always dressed for success and super ­rich. That’s what everyone says about me. Well, that’s just the truth, so it didn't bother me much. But, the truth is… I wanted to be like everyone else, to be the other side of me. To be the Maki who just likes to play piano.
* LonerTurnedFriend: One of the few girls in the group who talked to no one before getting involved with Honoka and the others. In the second season, it's mentioned that, before becoming a school idol, it was rare for her to even speak with other people in her class.
* NiceHat: Wears a ballcap with her practice clothes and often gets one in costume.
* NotSoAboveItAll: Often the first to point out how the others' antics are silly or childish, but still believes in Santa and joins in with the others in using puppets to have a conversation.
** It's even more apparent in the manga/School Idol Diary. She has a tendency of getting [[ wrapped up]] in Nico's [[ antics.]]
* TheOjou: Comes from a pretty wealthy family, but subverts this personality-wise. She's relatively polite, but often standoffish and blunt.
* RefusalOfTheCall: While she hovered around Honoka's group early on, she always claimed she wasn't interested in joining. However, around the time Hanayo and Rin join, she feels compelled to as well, and ultimately relents. She also attempts this when Hanayo makes her vice-president of the idol research club, but then reluctantly agrees to it.
* ShipTease: With Nico.
* SpoiledSweet: Not directly shown, but she is clearly doted on to where she still believes in Santa Claus.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: She is the member least likely to get overly emotional.
* {{Tsundere}}: She has shades of this, but is better described as a SugarAndIcePersonality.
* TheStoic: She's usually detached and impassive, especially in comparison to [[ everyone else.]]
** NotSoStoic: She has her moments.
* TsurimeEyes: Nico even refers to her as "You, with the slanted eyes!" during practice. Which probably got a snicker from Western audiences.
* VitriolicBestFriends: With Nico. Though they often argue, they're seen together quite a bit as well. And sometimes when she speaks, she'll turn towards Nico, implying something about her, usually negative.

!Nozomi Tōjō
-->'''Image Color:''' Violet
-->'''Age:''' 17
-->'''Birthday:''' June 19 (Gemini)
-->'''Blood Type:''' O
-->'''Height:''' 159cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B90/W60/H82
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Yakiniku
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Caramel
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her bust
-->'''Units:''' lily white
-->'''Voiced by:''' Aina Kusuda (Japanese)%%, (English)

Eli's best friend, a third year and the vice-president of the Student Council in the anime and School Idol Diary series.

Nozomi is [[TypeCasting type-cast]] as the impish angel Cheriel in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox'' and reprises the role for ''VideoGame/TheAwakenedFateUltimatum''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★
-->Reflexes: ★★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★★
-->Conformity: ★★
-->Luck: ∞
* AmbiguouslyGay: Though all the main characters [[LesYay have their moments]], Nozomi is the most blatant example of this trope. It's more downplayed in the anime, but very much the case in the expanded material. To wit:
** In the manga, she [[ blatantly]]flirts with Eli, and has outright stated that she won't let anyone have her. Her flirting isn't just limited to just Eli [[ either.]]
** She lists [[ looking at cute girls]] as one of her likes.
** One of her side stories in the School Idol Festival game has her fantasizing over cute girls in swimsuits:
---> '''Nozomi:''' The blazing sun, the glittering splashes of water, and of course the cute girls in swimsuits! ♪
---> '''Nozomi:''' And... I can rub as many breasts as I want!
** Pushed to its absolute limit in one of the School Idol Diaries. After helping Honoka at her store, Nozomi and Honoka decide to take a break in Honoka's room. Honoka notices that there's a piece of mochi stuck on Nozomi's nose and then decides to remove it by... [[ eating it off her face.]] Nozomi is [[ understandably]] [[ flustered]] by this. Her reaction should speak for itself:
---> '''Nozomi:''' Oh no, oh no, oh no!
---> '''Nozomi:''' I might actually be—
---> '''Nozomi:''' I was this close to entering into that other world…
** Just when you thought they couldn't possibly make it more obvious, [[ this]] School Idol Festival event makes her sexuality downright ''explicit.''
* BookDumb: She might not look like it, but in the novel it's revealed that she isn't much better than Honoka, Rin or Nico when it comes to study, much to Eli's concern.
* BornLucky: By her own admission, she's always been lucky (ie: drawing "Great" fortunes and being eternally undefeated in Rock Paper Scissors). She uses that luck to help her with fortune telling.
* TheChessmaster: She is a mild example. Episode 8 reveals that she had been prodding them along with fortune-telling, from as early as when they were asking for name suggestions, so they would reach nine members. She played a significant role in getting Nico, Maki and Eli to join, and getting Maki to want to join also indirectly helped prod Hanayo, which also resulted in Rin joining. After this, she joined as the ninth member. This means that she is directly or indirectly responsible for every member aside from the initial trio joining.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: She tends to punish the other girls for various slights by [[ThanksForTheMammaries grabbing their chests]].
* CoolBigSis: She often gives the other girls decent advice for their problems.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: [[spoiler: Switches from pigtails to a more mature, side swept braid at the end of season two for their graduation ceremony.]]
* FortuneTeller: Through her tarot readings, she even predicts the line up of μ's.
* FriendlessBackground: [[spoiler: As episode eight of season two expands, she constantly moved around and thus never had any chances to make friends until she met Eli.]]
* TheGadfly: A friendly example. She sure likes to tease some of the girls, namely Nico, Maki and sometimes even Eli.
* GagBoobs: She has the largest bust out of all the girls, but they're only played up whenever [[ACupAngst Nico's]] around.
* GirlishPigtails: Less so compared to Nico, since they're low-tied and thus make her look more mature.
* GratuitousEnglish: In the movie. She says this:
-->'''Nozomi''': "We're school idols."
* KansaiRegionalAccent: She is from Tokyo, but picked up some of the dialect when she lived in the Kansai region. Notably, while some of the grammar and vocabulary she uses is from Kansai, her actual ''accent'' (as in the pronunciation of most sounds, and especially [[ the pitch accent]]) is mostly from Tokyo-based Standard Japanese.
* {{Miko}}: She works as one at the shrine where Honoka, Umi and Kotori first start their fitness training to become an idol group.
* MoralityPet: To Eli, before they both join the group.
* NotSoDifferent: [[spoiler: The reason why she approached Eli in the first place was this-- because she reminded her of herself in how she pushed people away.]]
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: As vice president of student council, she suggests ways for μ's to bypass obstacles set by [[ObstructiveBureaucrat Eli]].
* TaremeEyes
* {{Tarot Motifs}}: Uses tarot cards to explain the motivations of her actions when assembling μ's.
* TeamMom: The more calm and collected of the third years and the first one to lend a hand to the underclassmen, even before actually being involved in μ's.
* ThanksForTheMammaries: Her preferred way to punish or cheer people up. Hilariously, Nico's lack of a bust enables her to escape this attack in [[ episode 4 of season 2]]. She also purposely slips in between two closely parked vans which Nozomi is unable to follow because of her larger breasts.
* [[ThoseTwoGuys Those Two Girls]]: She has this relationship with ''Rin'' of all people in the audio dramas.
* TheNicknamer: Not as much as Rin, but she does sometimes add "chi" to the end of people's names, most noticeably Eli and Nico; perhaps because they are in the same year as her.
* TricksterMentor: Other than her... [[ThanksForTheMammaries interesting]] methods of punishment, it's hinted that some of the signs that she uses to prompt the other girls on are made up so that they will take action.
* VerbalTic: Sometimes adds a ''-ya'' in the ends of her sentences.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: She seems to know quite a bit and often shares her knowledge with the other girls. Sometimes they wonder why she knows so much, or how much she travels.
* ZettaiRyouiki: With her school uniform.

!Hanayo Koizumi
-->'''Image Color:''' Orange (Green in pvs)
-->'''Age:''' 15
-->'''Birthday:''' January 17 (Capricorn)
-->'''Blood Type:''' B
-->'''Height:''' 156cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B82/W60/H83
-->'''Favorite Food:''' White Rice
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' None
-->'''Charm Point:''' Her soft cheeks
-->'''Units:''' Printemps, [=NicoRinPana=]
-->'''Voiced by:''' Yurika Kubo (Japanese)%%, (English)

A first-year student who secretly knows a lot regarding School Idols and idols in general. In the manga, she and Rin were friends with Honoka before even entering the school.

Hanayo plays the shut-in angel Neliel in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox'' and reprises the role for ''VideoGame/TheAwakenedFateUltimatum''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★★★
-->Reflexes: ★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★
-->Conformity: ★★★★★
-->Rice: ★★★★★
* AscendedFangirl: She went from being a fan of Honoka's school idol group to becoming one of the members of it. In her diary novel, it's also revealed that [[spoiler: her mother used to be an idol]].
* BigEater: She has to eat an extra set of rice balls after school, or she would not have enough stamina for practice.
** Not just rice. She loves eating in general. The fact that she's afraid of getting fat is the only reason that stop her from going rampant with eating. (Although Nico implies that she won't get any fatter but her bust will get even more "perfect".)
*** In an attempt to cheer her up, Eli points out that her adoring fans know about her penchant for eating, and that they love for her for it.
* BuxomIsBetter: As Nico comments, and fairly noticeable for a first year.
* CatchPhrase: "ダレカタスケテ!" (Please help me anyone!). This is immediately followed by チョットマッテテ.
* BirdsOfAFeather: Hinted to be this towards Nico as, despite their pretty contrasting personalities, the two actually get along fairly well with their shared love for idols. Hanayo is the first to stand up for Nico's behavior in the fourth episode of the second season, since she can [[NotSoDifferent understand Nico's strong will to become an idol]]. [[spoiler: Nico PassingTheTorch off to Hanayo to become the new Idol Research Club president is something of an acknowledgement of this.]]
* ChildhoodFriends: She's attended the same schools as Rin since elementary school.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Takes care of the school's alpacas.
* TheGlassesGottaGo: Note that she just never wears glasses outside of the anime.
* InSeriesNickname: "Kayo", an AlternateCharacterReading of her name. In the anime, only Rin calls her this, in the smart phone game, all of the other μ's members use it as well.
* LighterAndSofter: Not her actual character but her songs. The earlier days of franchise have a lot of songs where she sings in a more 'serious' tone compared to most of the recent songs, where they lean towards more cute sounding.
* {{Meganekko}}: She wears glasses prior to joining μ's, fitting with her shy and somewhat [[{{Otaku}} nerdy]] nature, but after joining she switches to contacts. She still wears her glasses when she's at home, though.
* {{Otaku}}: Her love of idols tends to border on her being this.
* PassingTheTorch: She's made the president of the idol research club at the end of season 2. While she naturally objects to it, Nico tells her she can't have Honoka do it as she's the student council president. On top of that, Hanayo is also the most knowledgeable person regarding idols, so she's naturally the best choice. Hanayo accepts, but then makes Maki the vice-president of the club, who also initially objects to it.
* ProperTightsWithASkirt: The only character who wears tights under her uniform.
* SeriousBusiness: Anytime she runs into idol-related materials, she takes her love of idols and their merchandise ''very'' seriously.
* ShrinkingViolet: She gradually overcomes this.
* TaremeEyes
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The girly girl to Rin's tomboy.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: She really seems to love rice.
* WeightWoe: She tends to wrestle with the fact that she's [[HollywoodPudgy (supposedly)]] chubbier than the rest of μ's, and being a BigEater doesn't help. Her insistence on going on diets is born from this, though with a little help from her friends, she manages to accept this.

!Nico Yazawa
-->'''Image Color:''' Pink
-->'''Age:''' 17
-->'''Birthday:''' July 22 (Cancer)
-->'''Blood Type:''' A
-->'''Height:''' 154cm
-->'''Three Sizes:''' B74(71)/W57/H79
-->'''Favorite Food:''' Sweets
-->'''Least Favorite Food:''' Spicy food
-->'''Charm Points:''' Her fair skin
-->'''Units:''' [=BiBi=], [=NicoRinPana=]
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SoraTokui (Japanese)%%, (English)

The ''de jure'' leader of μ's, as she is the chairman of the Idol Research Club. A third year student.

Nico plays female lead Liliel in ''VideoGame/TheGuidedFateParadox'' and reprises the role for ''VideoGame/TheAwakenedFateUltimatum''.

!!!Character Statistics:
-->Studies: ★★★
-->Reflexes: ★★★
-->Aggressiveness: ★★★
-->Conformity: ★
-->Nico-nii♪: Immeasurable
* ACupAngst: At least when the more developed Eli, Nozomi, and Hanayo are around.
** Maki, as well, as seen in the album cover of the second [=BiBi=] single (Cutie Panther / Natsu, Owaranaide).
** In one of her diary novels (Nico-nii no Himitsu Sokutei), this drives half of the chapter's plot as she tries to find a way to increase her bust size (which was revealed to be actually 71 - she admits to adding 3 centimeters).
* AttentionWhore: Mainly this whenever she has the chance to show off her skills, though it always results in her getting ignored. She even tries to [[TheStarscream be the center of the group (which most of the time fails)]].
** Subverted, she makes an impression on her siblings that she's a 'super idol' and continues to brags it. It's later revealed that does this because she doesn't want to break their hearts.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: She usually makes no effort to hide her irritable nature, but she occasionally plays up her character as an idol as incredibly {{Moe}} and incredibly sweet.(It should be noted that Nico [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold is not a bad person by any means.]])
* BookDumb: Like Honoka, she doesn't like doing her schoolwork either, and it doesn't look like she has good test scores either.
** While not exactly brilliant like Umi or Maki, the supplementary materials state that she actually can make an above average grade if she decides to put her mind to it. She also has a... [[ComicallyMissingThePoint strange way of answering some of the test questions.]]
* BrokenBird: She started out as one, when she was unable to form a school idol group. She eventually became disenchanted with it as a result, that is until Honoka shows up.
* ButtMonkey: So, so much. She's often ignored by the group, Nozomi loves to take cracks at her expense and Maki never hesitates to take potshots at her. When A-RISE compliment's μ's in episode 3 of season 2, they specifically mention traits that make each particular girl unique to the group. But then when they get to Nico, they simply thank her for the flowers she sent before.
** [[ This gif sums it up perfectly.]]
* CatchPhrase:
** Purposefully invokes this with her self-made catch phrase "Nico-Nico-ni!", which is meant to make her cutesy idol persona even cuter. She even makes the rest of the club practice it, ''and'' she taught it to her younger siblings.
** In the audio dramas she also has "Pyon-pyon-pyon!!"
* CoolBigSis: To her younger siblings.
* TheDeterminator: She's been working seriously towards being an idol the longest and is the most stubborn about it. [[spoiler: Even when μ's temporarily disbands, she tries to keep going by forming a separate unit with Rin and Hanayo.]]
** [[spoiler: And in the second season when faced with the possibility that her last chance at participating in the Love Live might not happen because Honoka would rather have the group stay out of the competition, she challenges her.]]
** [[spoiler: Episode four of season two highlights this with flashbacks to when she started up the Idol Research Club as a first year with no one really showing much interest, all of her group members resign, and her audience dwindling as she still tried to do it alone. Despite all of these setbacks, she still desperately wants to be an idol.]]
* DisappearedDad: Nico mentions him in her School Idol Diary novel, and states that he "isn't here" anymore. The way she talks about him heavily implies that he's deceased.
* TheFakeCutie: She acts cute and sweet on stage, but outside of it she's rather irritable and sometimes duplicitous.
* FreudianExcuse: In season 1 she was very antagonistic towards Honoka attempting to start an idol group until they invited her into the group. Nozomi explains to the other girls about how Nico tried to start a school idol group, but failed to garner much interest like Honoka's first attempt. Her two clubmates also resigned shortly afterwards, and attempting to solo it also failed miserably, causing her to grow bitter and resentful. This is why she attempted to sabotage Honoka's attempts at first. This is given more attention in episode 4 of season 2.
** When giving the position of club president of the Idol Research Club to Hanayo in the last episode of season 2, while Hanayo objects, Nico says she'll do a much better job because she's very knowledgeable about idols. She then also mentions having friends who will help her, calling back to when she ran the club earlier and how she had no one to help her prior to running into Honoka and the others.
* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Due to her self absorbed personality and awkward suggestions, she often gets ignored. Though it's subverted, as it's made exceedingly clear that everyone in μ's genuinely appreciates her presence. A-RISE plays this tropes straight, as they deliver a StealthInsult to her by claiming she's the imp in the group. Nico misunderstands it and takes that as a compliment.
* GirlishPigtails: They add to her childish appearance. Knowing Nico, she likely invokes this to make herself look cuter.
* GreenEyedMonster: She tries to tell Honoka to disband her idol group early on. Nozomi tells them that Nico originally tried to form an idol in her first year, but her standards were set too high for the other members, and they gradually quit one by one. Honoka gets around this by including her in the group. She noticed that while Nico was criticizing them, it also meant she was paying close attention, and probably wanted them to succeed secretly. It seems to work, as once they start genuinely asking for Nico's advice, she mellows out and starts taking part in their group.
* HiddenDepths: She usually comes across as an attention seeker, but she's actually a rather private person. She actively avoids letting anyone know about her home life (and where she even lives for that matter), and she tends to keep her problems to herself. It all comes full circle in one of the School Idol Diary chapters in which Nico gets sick. Her friends visit and take care of her, and she realizes that they know where she lives now. Nico then comes to the conclusion that she should stop putting up a front. Eli outright points this out in her chapter comments.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: This is arguably the conceit behind her entire character. Nico is hopelessly average in comparison to everyone else. She comes from a poor, run-of-the mill family, and she lacks a noteworthy talent that sets her apart from the rest of μ's (Tsubasa's assessment of what she brings to μ's was a cruel non-compliment at best). She's always had a strong desire to shine bright as an idol, and she's worked harder than anyone else to fulfill her goals. The School Idol Diary chapters that center around her further drive this point home, though her friends insist that she has her own good points as well. In the end, her desire to be special and the (sometimes questionable) things she does to make herself stand out makes her special in her own way.
* InferioritySuperiorityComplex: Big time. The main reason she antagonizes Honoka at first by trying to get her to disband the school idol group is because of her own failures to start an idol group herself, since out of all the characters she's the one who wants to be an idol the most.
* JackOfAllStats: Nico surprisingly has varieties of the skills and trait that the other members had, such as making cloth and athletics. She doesn't really excel at anything unlike the others however.
* KidAppealCharacter: Sort of.
* TheLeader: On paper, as the chairman of the Idol Research Club.
* TheNapoleon: Both the shortest and the most irritable of the group. She even states that she has somewhat of a complex about her height.
* NonUniformUniform: Wears a long-sleeved pink cardigan with her school uniform as opposed to the cream-colored vest that everyone else wears. She even wears it during the summer.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Due to her pigtails, childish antics, and less developed body (even in comparison to the first-years), it's easy to forget that Nico's actually a third-year.
** In her diary novel, It looks like she stopped growing since first-year, much to her dismay.
* {{Otaku}}: She has a huge collection of idol-related material.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Of the less evil and more {{Jerkass}} variety.
* ShipTease: With Maki.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Official subs for the anime use Nico instead of the more literal reading "Niko".
* TheStarscream: Constantly plots (unsuccessfully) to become the center of the group, although it's always played for laughs.
* SupremeChef: She tries to lie about it in episode 10, claiming she has a personal chef. But later that night, she ends up cooking curry for the group, and while it was good, several of the other girls ask about what she said earlier about not cooking. Nico tries to play it off by saying idols should at least know how to cook, but no one buys it.
** This was proven in Season 2 Episode 4 when the girls visit her house.
* TastesLikeDiabetes: InUniverse, her "Nico-Nico-Ni!" CatchPhrase is considered this. Maki even outright calls it disgusting.
* TheTeamWannabe: While she was overly critical of Honoka's group early on, the latter noticed she was always watching them as well. Once they include her in the group, Nico starts being much more friendly.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Calls herself Nico whenever she tries to act cute.
* {{Tsundere}}: In School Idol Festival, she shows this mainly towards the Helper.
* {{Troll}}: Prior to joining the group, she would post hateful comments on μ's' website and videos, among other things.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Implied to be one in the novel.
** She's experienced several setbacks that have gotten in the way of her dream when she was younger. Even though [[TheDeterminator she doesn't give up]], this could be reason that she became quite bitter as she grew up.
* VitriolicBestFriends: With Maki. The two are often seen together, and when Nico makes snarky comments, it sometimes seems directed at Maki.
* WhatTheHellHero: What the other girls essentially ask in episode 4 of season 2 when they find out Nico was telling her siblings she was the main idol, while the other girls were merely backup dancers. This also included (badly) photoshopping and pasting her head on the posters and pictures taken throughout the series.
** Although once Hanayo understands why she's doing all this after learning more about Nico's past failures from Eli, they felt sorry for her as she couldn't break her siblings' heart. Honoka comes up with the idea and they decide to help her out without having to tell her [[ChildrenAreInnocent siblings the real truth]].
* ZettaiRyouiki: Both on her school uniform and practice clothes.


[[folder:Supporting Characters]]
!Hideko, Mika and Fumika
[[caption-width:350:Left to right: Fumika, Mika, Hideko]]
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MarieMiyake (Hideko) (Japanese), Creator/SayuriHara (Mika) (Japanese), Creator/NozomiYamamoto (Fumika) (Japanese)

Three of Honoka's classmates who appear throughout the anime to help μ's in any way they can.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:They call out the ''entire student body'' to shovel a path in the snow for Honoka, Umi and Kotori to get to the final Love Live preliminaries on time.]]
* CrazyPrepared: [[spoiler:They were carrying the costumes for "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de" in case μ's needed to do an encore at Love Live.]]
* [[ThoseTwoGuys Those Three Girls]]: They're in the background, helping out with everything from the camera work in μ's' first performance to student council work to more pressing concerns, and also [[spoiler:look after Honoka when she's feeling depressed]]. However, they always appear together and their names are barely even mentioned.

!Chairman Minami
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/NorikoHidaka (Japanese)%%, (English)

The headmaster of the Otonokizaka Academy.
* AbsurdlyYouthfulMother: She looks like she's in her mid-late 20's, or very early 30's, and could probably be mistaken for Kotori's older sister.
* HimeCut
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: She lets μ's perform on the opening campus as long as they pass their final exams.

!Yukiho Kōsaka
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/NaoTouyama (Japanese)%%, (English)

Honoka's younger sister.
* ACupAngst: When Hanayo accidentally visits Honoka's home and her family sweet shop, Hanayo sees her in her bathing towel commenting in the mirror to have bigger boobs.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling
* FamilyThemeNaming: Shares the "穂" (ho) character with her sister, notable in that the sweet shop her family manages is called "Homura", phonetically mirroring this.
* {{Fangirl}}: Of A-RISE, although she later starts taking a liking to μ's.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The {{Tomboy}} to Arisa's Girly Girl.
* TomboyishSidetails
* WhoWearsShortShorts: When wearing casual clothing.

!Arisa Ayase
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AyaneSakura (Japanese)%%, (English)

Eli's younger sister.
* AscendedFangirl: A huge fan of μ's who aims to join as soon as she gets into high school. [[spoiler: Subverted though, since she and Yukiho decide that it would better for them to form their own group, rather than to join μ's.]]
* ButNotTooForeign: She's 1/4 Russian, like her sister.
* {{Fangirl}}: Like Yukiho, she loves μ's. Eli wasn't too happy about this at first.
* FishOutOfWater: She grew up in Russia, so she has all kinds of wrong ideas about Japanese food and drinks.
* GenderFlip[=\=]CompositeCharacter[=\=]RetCon: Eri has two younger brothers in earlier source materials.
* PhenotypeStereotype: Blond with light blue eyes.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Official subs use Arisa.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Girly Girl to Yukiho's Tomboy.

!Cocoro, Cocoa and Cotaro Yazawa
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SoraTokui (Japanese)%%, (English)

Nico's siblings. Cocoro and Cocoa originally debuted in Nico's School Idol Diary novel as a pair of twins. In the anime adaption, however, Nico also has a younger brother, Cotaro.
* AdaptationDyeJob: Cocoa originally had dark hair just like her siblings in the novel, but it was lightened a bit in the anime.
* AlliterativeFamily: They all share the "Ko/Co" at the beginning of their names. Nico is the only one to break this theme, but instead has it at the end of her name.
* AlternateContinuity: Cororo and Cocoa are originally twins and only about 5 years old in the novel.
* [[BigBrotherWorship Big Sister Worship]]: All three firmly believe that Nico is a "super idol".
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Nico essentially lied to her siblings about being a "super idol", as the other girls find out in episode 4 of season 2. However, after Hanayo explains they're NotSoDifferent due to her also dreaming of becoming an idol, the girls realize Nico was just trying to hide her bitterness and frustrations from her siblings. So they come up with a plan to help her gracefully step down without having to reveal the actual truth to them so as to avoid causing strife and disillusionment in her household.
* GirlishPigtails: Cocoa has low twintails in the novel, but in the anime, both Cocoro and Cocoa have one side ponytail on opposite sides of their heads.
* IdenticalTwinIDTag: In the novel, Cocoa has twintails just like Nico while Cocoro has one ponytail.
** CallBack: In the novel, Cocoa's twintails are more similar to Nico's twintails in her earlier design.
* IdiotHair: Cotaro has one.
* StrongFamilyResemblance: They all look a lot like Nico. Hanayo even mistakes Cocoro (a grade schooler) for her older sister at first. Even moreso in the novel where both are twins and represented both early and current design of their big sisters.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Or, rather, a C. Cocoro, not Kokoro. Cotaro, not Kotaro. Cocoa, not Kokoa. This is according to official subs.
** However, if we go by ThemeNaming, Kokoro mean 'heart', while Kokoa mean 'love heart' which also fit with Nico's character theme. While Kotaro literally just means "first son."
* TalkingToHerself: All three share the same voice actress, who also voices Nico.
* TokenMiniMoe
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Cocoa and Cocoro respectively in anime.
* VerbalTic: In the novel, the twins will sometimes end their sentence with "Nico!". Their sister has taught them well.


!Tropes Shared by All Members
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: While the individual girls don't seem to have their own colors, the main color of the entire group seems to be yellow, with their main costumes and their ratings bar in the Love Live being yellow.
* EarlyBirdCameo[=/=]AscendedExtra: They only had a handful of lines in the first season and were more of an untouchable rival to μ's, but in the second season, openly challenge them.
* FriendlyEnemy: They provide some pointers for μ's and even allow them to perform on the same stage for [[spoiler:round 1 of the Love Live preliminaries]] because Honoka's group didn't have any other place to perform.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: They were just as dedicated to their school idol group as Honoka and the other girls were to μ's. No doubt the trio have their own interesting lives which they could be the main characters in were they not direct rivals to the latter's group in the Love Live contest.
* GenreSavvy[=/=]DangerouslyGenreSavvy: They are able to pick out each of μ's' talents and figure out why they are a group to watch out for and why they should consider them rivals.
* TheRival: To μ's, even specifically stating that they are the group that they have been keeping an eye on the most.
* ZettaiRyouiki: In both of their concert outfits.

!Tsubasa Kira
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MeguSakuragawa (Japanese)%%, (English)

The leader and center of A-RISE.
* EnemyMine: Seems to have this attitude towards μ's and Honoka (in a friendly way). [[spoiler: Especially after μ's beats A-RISE in the preliminaries.]]
* {{Foil}}: Seems to be shaping up to be one to Honoka, as a fellow leader and direct rival, but much calmer and knowledgable about being an idol.
* GenkiGirl: Played with in contrast with Honoka. She's somewhat excitable (grabbing Honoka and dragging her off without an explanation when they first meet, being very enthusiastic about being an idol), but is more rational about it and seems to keep her excitement under control.
* [[spoiler: GracefulLoser: Fully admits her loss in the preliminaries, even mentioning that she knew A-RISE had lost during μ's' performance.]]
* TheLeader
* NiceHat: In both of her concert outfits.
* [[TheSmartGuy The Smart Girl]]: Seems to be pretty calculating, if not the most GenreSavvy of her group, as well as incredibly charismatic.
* TsurimeEyes

!Erena Toudou
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MahoMatsunaga (Japanese)%%, (English)

The tallest and more mature-looking member of the group.
* AloofDarkHairedGirl
* BeautyMark: Under her left eye.
* DetachedSleeves: In her concert outfits.
* TsurimeEyes
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Purple Hair]]

!Anju Yuuki
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AyuruOhashi (Japanese)%%, (English)

The third member of the group.
* HimeCut: Albeit sort of wavy.
* TheOjou: Is described as being "princess-like" and is more soft-spoken than her other two group members.
* TaremeEyes: The only member of the group with them.


[[folder:School Idol Festival characters]]
* Seiran High School
** Shizuku Osaka
** Marika Ichinose
** Minami Nagayama
*** TeamMom: Her folks run a nursery school; she helps in her spare time.
** Aya Sugisaki
** Ayumi Torii
** Seira Kujo
** Sachiko Tanaka
*** [[MrImagination Chuunibyou]]
** Akiru Shinomiya
** Yumi Fujishiro
* Chitose Bridge High School
** Nanaka Morishima
*** IntrepidReporter
** Nagi Shiraki
** Yuu Aizawa
** Akemi Kikuchi
** Saki Shimozono
** Ruu Tatara
** Reine Saeki
** Iruka Suda
** Fumie Nishimura
* Shinonome Institute
** Coco Miyashita
** Sana Yuki
** Christina
** Rika Kamiya
** Kanata Konoe
** Haruka Konoe
** Kasane Hasekura
** Mizuki Kikkawa
** Yuri Mido
* Tooh Academy
** Fumi Shitara
** Shun Kurosaki
** Misaki Shidou
** Tsurugi Kadota
** Ryou Aikawa
*** {{Bifauxnen}}
** Himeno Ayanokouji
** Fuu Saiki
** Yuuka Kirihara
** Koyuki Shirase
* Shion Women Institute
** Chizuko Sakamaki
*** MarshmallowHell: Loves giving hugs. And given her figure, this usually happens.
** Hitomi Shiga
** Mikoto Fukuhara
** Akira Kizaki
** Yuka Tsukishima
** Sayuri Hyoudou
** Sakura Kurobane
*** ElegantGothicLolita
** Sakuya Kurobane
*** ElegantGothicLolita
** Mutsuki Tamagahara
* Y.G. International Academy
** Leo
** Yukari Saotome
** Rebecca
*** OccidentalOtaku
** Isabella
*** ShoutOut (One of her outfits resembles [[MetalGearSolid Solid Snake]].)
** Maria
** Rakshata
** Ranpha
** Emma
** Jennifer


The new school idol group featured in the spin off series ''Love Live Sunshine''.
!Chika Takami
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AnjuInami
* AscendedFangirl: She is a fan of μ's, and gets to start her own school idol group in the spin-off series.
* CaptainErsatz: Of Kasane Hasekura from SIF who have similar build and design. Which make sense as Kasane is voted to be the most popular girl out of original characters in the game.
* ChildhoodFriends: With Kanan.
* IdiotHair

!Riko Sakurauchi
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/RikakoAida
* NewTransferStudent: She used to live in Akihabara before transfering to Uchiura.
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: She claims to be one in her introduction.

!Kanan Matsuura
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/NanakaSuwa
* ChildhoodFriends: With Chika.

!Dia Kurosawa
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ArisaKomiya
* StudentCouncilPresident: She is the one for Ura no Hoshi Girls Academy.
* FamilyThemeNaming: Her name means diamond and her sister is Ruby.

!You Watanabe
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ShukaSaito

!Yoshiko Tsushima
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AikaKobayashi
* BornUnlucky: Thinks she has bad luck because she is a demon.
* MsImagination: Is apparently a Chuunibyou.

!Hanamaru Kunikida
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KanakoTakatsuki

!Mari Ohara
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AinaSuzuki
* ButNotTooForeign: She is half-Japnese whose French father is of Italian descent.

!Ruby Kurosawa
-->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AiFurihata
* CompositeCharacter: Personality of Hanayo while has a similiar built of Nico (Being the most youngest looking member of the group with a twintails to boost), even share the same color code (Pink) with the latter.
* DoesNotLikeMen: She has never talked to men other than her father.
* {{Expy}}: Of Hanayo in-universe, Both are ShrinkingViolet who want to become an idol. Though Ruby seem to suffer from her shyness than the former.
* FamilyThemeNaming: Her sister is Dia, whose name means diamond.
* ShrinkingViolet: Gets nervous easily and stutters a lot.