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There are nine recurrent characters in ''Series/LazyTown'', all but three of them played by puppets. In addition to the main actors listed below, many different actors have played the characters (including the ones normally portrayed by puppets in the television series) in the various ''[=LazyTown=]'' live productions.

[[caption-width-right:300: Left - original Stephanie (Julianna Rose Mauriello). Right - current Stephanie (Chloe Lang).]]
->'''Played By:''' Julianna Rose Mauriello (seasons 12), Chloe Lang (season 3–4)

%%* BlitheSpirit
* {{Catchphrase}}: "There's always a way!"
* CheerfulChild: A young girl with a constant smile on her face.
* HairDecorations: She wears a purple headband in her pink hair.
%%* NaiveEverygirl
* NiceGirl: She is friendly to everyone, even Robbie.
%%* NotAllowedToGrowUp
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: With Sportacus.
* PinkMeansFeminine: She has pink hair, wears a pink headband, and all her clothes are pink.
* PluckyGirl: Optimistic and active young girl.
* PunnyName: Stephanie Meanswell, like her uncle.
* RoseHairedSweetie: Has pink hair and is mostly nice.
* TokenHuman: Stephanie is the only human child, and the only female human, even though her uncle and every other townsperson is a puppet.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Girly Girl to Trixie's Tomboy.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has neon pink hair.

[[caption-width-right:300:Left - original Sportacus (Magnús Scheving). Right - current Sportacus (Dyri Kristjansson).]]
->'''Played By:''' Magnús Scheving (Seasons 1-4) / Dyri Kristjansson (Since January 2014)

* {{Adorkable}}: While Sportacus is conventionally attractive, well-muscled and very fitness-oriented, many fans consider him adorkable due to his constant optimism, boyish over-excitement, hopeless naiveté and awkward English. His baby-blue eyes and cheesy grin only help the matter.
* AmbiguouslyHuman: He is faster and more agile than any of the human characters and can pull off stunts that most people could only dream of. He also [[OurElvesAreBetter keeps his ears conspicuously hidden under his hat at all times]]. In the original plays, Sportacus was a "Sports Elf."
* BadassMustache: A very long and straightened Creator/SalvadorDali type that normally would be worn by a villainous character.
* BlitheSpirit: Alongside Stephanie, Sportacus inspires the previously lethargic inhabitants of [=LazyTown=] to become more active and exercise more.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Someone's in trouble!"
* ChestInsignia: Sportacus' "10".
* HeroDoesPublicService: When not actually saving folks from Robbie Rotten's schemes or helping people in danger, he tends to be a do-gooder about town.
* HyperspaceArsenal: His backpack can transform into gyrocopter and contains far more bats, rackets, balls and other sports equipment than should be able to fit into it.
* InnocentBlueEyes: He has very blue eyes and a very optimistic and almost childlike enthusiasm for being active.
* InvincibleHero: Played with - Sportacus is very capable, but in keeping with the show's promotion of friendship and teamwork, he often needs the help of Stephanie and the other children to foil Robbie's latest scheme.
* KryptoniteFactor: Sportacus' is sugar; eating any sugary food renders him immediately comatose, and fresh fruit (which contain quite a bit of sugar.) or vegetables (a classification that includes a handful of "sugary" foods, most prominently the sugar beet) are required to restore him. This has been justified by his weakness being specific to ''refined'' sugar rather than the natural sugars present in fruit and vegetables.
* LightningBruiser: Although since the show is aimed at pre-teens he never actually engages in violence barring some very slapstick style fights played for laughs in the "Pirate" and "Knight" episodes.
* MrFanservice: Scheving is a very fit and handsome man and even in the Sportacus costume and comedy moustache still looks good. Dyri is also a pretty handsome chap in a different way and is also extremely fit, continuing this trope.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: No matter the task at hand, Sportacus will make sure he does it involving at least a few backflips, twirls, and heroic poses... even ''walking down the street''.
* NiceGuy: He always helps those who need it and is generally very friendly to citizens of Lazy Town. He even helps Robbie sometimes.
* OnlyOneName: Like most superheroes, Sportacus goes by a mononym.
* OurElvesAreBetter: Though it's not directly mentioned in the show, in the original [=LazyTown=] plays, Sportacus called himself a "sports elf" and [[https://youtu.be/bP5FEQg7-dk?t=14m10s even sings about how elves are always energetic]].
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: With Stephanie, though in his case it should be "Pink Girl, Blue ''Man''".
* SelfDeprecation: Describes himself as a "slightly above-average hero" when he first meets Stephanie.
* SuperStrength: Sportacus rarely uses it but he's superhumanly strong - in the season four episode "Mystery of the Pyramid" he lifts the entire pyramid several feet off the ground to dislodge a boulder blocking the door using nothing more than a rope and grapnel.
* WeaksauceWeakness: He is crippled by eating chocolate or refined sugar, but can regain power by eating healthy foods.

[[folder:Robbie Rotten]]
->'''Played By:''' Stefán Karl Stefánsson

* AlliterativeName: '''R'''obbie '''R'''otten.
* AllThereInTheManual: Early concepts of Lazytown gave him a backstory where he was a very talented chess player and drama student (which definitely explains how he's a LargeHam and the town's sole MasterOfDisguise), and his mother is a compulsive gambler while his father is a prominent politician.
* AntiRoleModel: Although a rather flawed one, considering that he wants the children of the town to be lazy and in bad shape, supposedly like himself, despite the fact that Robbie is neither lazy nor in bad shape.
* BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad: Played with. Robbie sometimes seems to genuinely believe that his bad views on health and exercise are the right ones, but he also has some awareness of the evil nature of his actions.
* BigBad: Of the entire show, but due to the kid-friendly nature his schemes are often zany and childish, and always revolve around getting people to be lazy.
%%* BigOlEyebrows[=/=]EvilEyebrows
* BreakoutCharacter: Robbie's song "We Are Number One" became an Internet sensation in the latter half of 2016, and Robbie's been embraced by the Internet as one of its favorite memes.
* BrilliantButLazy: Robbie is the epitome of this trope. He prides himself in being lazy, and even schemes to make the rest of the town as lazy as he is, yet he is easily the most brilliant person in the entire town and is able to create ''anything'' out of ''anything''. Ironic, seeing that due to Robbie's constant attempts to make [=LazyTown=] lazy via elaborate traps, machines, and costumes, he becomes one of the most ''active'' residents.
* CardCarryingVillain: The name "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Robbie Rotten]]" pretty much says it all. There's also "[[VillainSong We Are Number One]]" where he teaches his clones how to be villains.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "I meant to do that!"
* TheChewToy: He has rather bad luck.
* CreepyCrossdresser: As Miss Roberta.
* DastardlyWhiplash: Lacks the mustache and top hat, but otherwise features the crooked mannerisms, fancy suit and overt meanness which are representative of the character.
* EvilIsHammy: Most of the show's humor comes from his over-the-top antics, despite him being a villain. Stefan can really act.
* EvilLaugh: He is certainly capable of one, heard most clearly in songs like "You Are a Pirate".
* EvilSoundsDeep: Has the deepest voice of all the ''[=LazyTown=] characters, and is a villain.
%%* ExcessiveEvilEyeshadow
* {{Foil}}: To Sportacus; Robbie is a scheming, lazy villain who likes eating sugary foods such as cake and wants to make the town as lazy as him so he can get some sleep. Sportacus is physically active, always willing to help others, and thrives on only healthy foods.
* FriendlyEnemy: Even though he's the show's main villain, it's clear that the other characters see him as a friend, and deep down, the feeling is mutual.
* GadgeteerGenius: The things he makes are pretty impressive for someone who prides himself on being lazy.
* GeniusBruiser: Downplayed due to the show's nature, but Robbie is evidently very physically fit, and in some instances he proves to be almost as athletic as Sportacus (albeit not so spectacularly so, of course).
%%* GrayEyes
* HarmlessVillain: His entire goal is to make people be lazy. Not take over [=LazyTown=], not destroy the world. Just... get people to be lazy.
* HiddenDepths: The actor for Robbie Rotten (Stefen Karl) did a Reddit AMA in 2016. One of the questions was "Deep down, what does Robbie '''really''' think of the citizens of Lazy Town?" His response was [[IJustWantToHaveFriends "I wish I could be their friend".]]
%%* IneffectualSympatheticVillain
* {{Irony}}: He likes being lazy and prides himself in it, and wants others to be the same, but he has similar, if not more, athletic capabilities as Sportacus. One instance of that is during the fourth series episode, ''The Wizard of LazyTown'', Robbie made a potion in order to make the residents as lazy as he is, but instead he made a potion that made him move like Sportacus for a short while.
* LaboriousLaziness: He prides himself on being lazy, and schemes to make the rest of the town as lazy as he is, but these very schemes make him a more active resident than any other, including Sportacus. He can even pull Sportacus-level stunts if the situation calls for it.
* LanternJawOfJustice: Subverted; he has an impressive jawline, but he's the BigBad of the series.
* [[LargeHam Largest Ham Ever]]: Robbie's over-the-top body language and ''especially'' facial expressions are as close as humanity will ever get to a living, breaking cartoon character. There's a reason Stefán Karl Stefánsson is called "the Icelandic Creator/JimCarrey.
* LaughablyEvil: He's the show's BigBad, but his antics and dialogue are ''hilarious''.
* LeanAndMean: He's taller and skinnier than the very fit Sportacus, but he's also the show's BigBad whose entire MO is... [[HarmlessVillain making the townspeople lazy]].
* MaliciousMisnaming: Robbie rarely calls people by their actual names, instead opting for insulting nicknames such as "Stinky" for Stingy or "Pixie" for Stephanie. He uses a different name for Sportacus almost every episode, including Sportaclown, Sportaflop, Sportakook, Sportaflip, Sportaflippettyflop, and so on.
* MasterOfDisguise: He's even got a song about it!
* MrFanservice: Robbie is very much a YMMV example, but Stefan Karl when not wearing the exaggerated prosthetics is a ruggedly handsome man.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: "Robbie Rotten" sounds like a really evil name, doesn't it?
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: In "The Laziest Town", [=LazyTown=] must stay active all day to raise the energy meter to 100 in order to keep from being the laziest town on Earth before 5PM. Robbie believes that if [=LazyTown=] gets this title, Sportacus will leave [=LazyTown=] for good out of embarrassment. At literally the last second, when Sportacus finally loses all his energy and can no longer do tricks to have the meter rise to 100, Robbie becomes overjoyed and does a victory dance that ends up being active enough to raise the bar instantly to 100, saving [=LazyTown=]. The Mayor, Stephanie, and the rest of the cast gather to congratulate and thank Robbie and give him three cheers. Robbie is [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone overcome with regret]] and [[BigNo runs back to his lair.]] If Robbie had not moved at the last second, he likely would've got his wish and [=LazyTown=] would've indeed been the laziest town.
* NoSocialSkills: Robbie has no idea how to act around people when he's not being evil to them, and usually becomes incredibly awkward when actually forced to do it.
%%* NotEvilJustMisunderstood
* PaperThinDisguise: Well, to the audience at least - you can tell it's him by looking at his face. It's a wonder how he's able to fool most of the Lazytown people every time.
* {{Schemer}}: He's constantly coming up with plans to either get rid of Sportacus, make the town lazy, or both.
* SharpDressedMan: Is never seen without his fancy suit on (except when disguised, of course).
%%* SillyWalk
* TakeOverTheCity: Robbie has no interest in meddling in affairs anywhere beyond [=LazyTown=]. In one installment, he even briefly manages to install himself as mayor by dressing up as the town's real mayor, Mayor Meanswell, and hiding him away.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Cake. According to Stefan Karl, "Robbie would eat cake if it had sand in it."

[[folder:Mayor Milford Meanswell]]
->'''Played By:''' David Matthew Feldman

%%* {{Adorkable}}
%%* AlliterativeName
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Has a crush on Ms. Busybody who seems to like him back, although any time they get a chance to physically show affection it results in an AlmostKiss.
* AmbiguouslyBrown
* CannotKeepASecret: Straight-up tells Sportacus about his secret surprise party......many times.
* CharacterTics: Straightening his suit jacket over and over, enough to where Robbie imitates this when pretending to be him in "Double Trouble".
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: He seems zoned-out regularly.
* DrowningMySorrows: Does this with hot cocoa in "Secret Agent Zero".
* FamilyMan: Loves his niece very much.
* FormerlyFit: In "Rockin' Robbie", we see him as a rail-thin teenager.
* FriendToAllChildren: Especially in [=LazyTown=] Extra, in which he spends quite a bit of time with Stingy.
* HairTodayGoneTomorrow: One episode depicted him in the past with a fuller head of hair than he does now.
* HenpeckedHusband: Not a husband, but frequently is asked by Ms. Busybody to do a few "teensy-weensy" favors for her-- coming from a list about 20 feet long.
* HiddenDepths: As it turns out, Milford's actually a competent pilot.
* HopelessWithTech: The whole episode "Lazytown Goes Digital" occurs because he cannot understand how to receive a "b-mail" from Ms. Busybody.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Trusts each and every fake persona Robbie Rotten comes up with in order to swindle him.
* TheKlutz: Doesn't even know which side of the hammer to use to hammer a nail. Frequently seen with fingers covered in bandages from trying to do chores for Ms. Busybody.
* LethalChef: In the earlier seasons.
* MeaningfulName: He may be not right in the head, but he always means well. Also a PunnyName.
* NervousWreck
* OfficeRomance
* ParentalSubstitute
* PermanentElectedOfficial: There's no other adult in Lazytown who wants to be mayor, so he's stuck with the job for life.
* PunnyName: '''''Meanswell'''''. [[DontExplainTheJoke Get it]]?
* SharpDressedMan: Is almost never seen outside his yellow suit.
* ShipTease: With Ms. Busybody.
* ShoePhone: His shoe doubles as a phone in ''Secret Agent Zero''.
* TextileWorkIsFeminine: Subverted; he is shown knitting a few times and talks to his knitted creations.
* VerbalTic: "Oh my!"

[[folder:Ms. Bessie Busybody]]
->'''Played By:''' Julie Westwood

* AlliterativeName: '''B'''essie '''B'''usy'''b'''ody.
* BeehiveHairdo
* TheBore: The children all find Ms. Busybody's advice, speeches, and anecdotes about her life to be quite boring.
* BeautyMark: Has a small mole near the left side of her mouth.
* CucumberFacial: Seen reclining in a lawn chair with one of these in many episodes.
* DramaQueen
* FeminineWomenCanCook: Cooks cakes and sweets for the patrons of [=LazyTown=] on a regular basis.
* GossipyHens: Though we are never quite sure who she is talking to.
* GracefulInTheirElement: To the point where she says herself she doesn't feel she's good at anything but answering phones.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Unlike Robbie, who does MaliciousMisnaming just to be mean, she often accidentally insults them by getting their names VERY wrong.
* OfficeRomance
* SassySecretary
* ShipTease: With Mayor Meanswell.
%%* TheFashionista
%%* TheWorkaholic
* WomenAreWiser: Often there to be the voice of reason to [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Mayor Meanswell]].
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Bessie has light blue hair.

->'''Played By:''' Gudmundur Thor Karason (US) / Lorraine Parsloe (UK)

%%* AdorablyPrecociousChild
%%* AttentionDeficitOohShiny
* BigEater: He loves eating candy.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Has blonde hair, and is one of the youngest of [=LazyTown=]'s children.
* HeroWorship: Of Sportacus. Why else does he follow him around all the time.
* {{Keet}}: An adorable, energetic CheerfulChild who loves sweets and admires Sportacus.
* KidAppealCharacter: A CheerfulChild who has a ginormous SweetTooth and dresses himself as a superhero like any other normal kid.
* OnlyOneName: Like the other children of [=LazyTown=], he has no surname.
* SweetTooth: His entire character is based on his sweet tooth.
* TagalongKid: He usually follows around Stephanie and Sportacus during their antics every episode.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: While he likes eating candy, he's usually seen with a lollipop.
* VerbalTic: Tends to end most sentences with a "Huh?".

->'''Played By:''' Kobie Powell (US S1-2) / Ronald Binion (US S3-4) / Julie Westwood (UK)

* BasementDweller: Sort of.
* BlackAndNerdy: He's African-American, and his main talent lies in technology.
* BrilliantButLazy: He's very smart, but he spends most of his time sitting in front of a screen, and most of his inventions were built for the purpose of doing the simplest tasks for him.
* ChildProdigy
* GadgeteerGenius: Like Robbie, he's very smart and capable of coming up with his own inventions. [[BrilliantButLazy Most of said inventions were built for the purpose of doing things for him, though]].
* HomemadeInventions: All of his inventions were built by his own hand.
* MeaningfulName: Pixel. A fitting name for someone who spends his time playing video games and making inventions.
* OnlyOneName: Like the other children of [=LazyTown=], he has no surname.
* TheSmartGuy: The most intelligent of [=LazyTown=]'s children.
%%* WeekendInventor
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Orange hair in his case.

->'''Played By:''' Sarah Burgess (US S1-2; UK) / Aymee Garcia (US S3-4)

%%* DeadpanSnarker
* GirlishPigtails: She wears three pigtails; two of them are on both sides of her head. The third one is hidden by her helmet.
* MeaningfulName: A mischievous girl named "Trixie". [[BlatantLies Nothing meaningful about that]].
* OnlyOneName: Like the other children of [=LazyTown=], she has no surname. [[AllThereInTheManual Her original name was going to be "Trixie Troubleby" before it was shortened]].
* ThePrankster: She can be a troublemaker and likes to draw mustaches on Mayor Meanswell's posters.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Tomboy to Stephanie's Girly Girl.
%%* TwoferTokenMinority

[[folder:Stingy Spoilero]]
->'''Played By:''' Jodi Eichelberger (US) / Sarah Burgess (UK S1-2) / Unknown (UK S3-4)

* {{Catchphrase}}: "It's mine!"
* CharacterSignatureSong: Of course, "The Mine Song", about, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin what else]], the various things he supposedly owns.
* HarmlessVillain: Sometimes his greed and pettiness puts him at odds with the other children, but deep down he's a nice, well-meaning boy who acts more like a SpoiledBrat than a true villain.
%%* ItsAllAboutMe
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Yeah, he's a spoiled brat, but he's not a super-villain and he always learns his lesson in the end.
* MeaningfulName: He's very '''''[[IncrediblyLamePun stingy]]''''' with his stuff. If he sees something lying around, "[[{{Catchphrase}} it's mine]]!"
* NeatFreak: Comes from his namesake nature. Came in handy in "Trash Trouble", when he kickstarts the kids' cleaning of [=LazyTown=].
%%* OnlyOneName: Like the other children of [=LazyTown=], he has no surname.
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: His obsession with collecting things sometimes gets in the way of his better judgement.
%%* TheScrooge
%%* SpoiledBrat
* VocalEvolution: His voice was much higher and whinier sounding earlier on. Starting with season 2 and carrying on throughout the rest of the show his voice gets much deeper and more nasally.