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This is a list of some of the characters from the 2003 {{Creator/GONZO}} series ''Last Exile'', as well as its 2011 bridge manga ''Travelers from the Hourglass/Sunadokei no Tabibito''.

With the arrival of its sequel Anime/LastExileFamTheSilverWing, many of the previously-spoilered entries have been made visible, so for those still going through the series, proceed with caution.


[[folder:Main Characters]]
!!Claus Valca
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MayumiAsano (Japanese), Creator/JohnnyYongBosch (English)

A simple (if skilled) vanship pilot and message courier, Claus has a big dream for someone his age: to be able to cross the Grand Stream using just his vanship. However after accepting a delivery from another dying courier, he and his close friend Lavie are soon drawn into the middle of a conflict that might determine the fate of his homeworld.
* AcePilot: Is likely the only pilot in Prester who has a chance of outflying Dio. Showcased in the ''Travelers'' manga, where Uroctea mentions that he only won against Claus in their second encounter only because he had the element of surprise.
* BlueBlood: While he might not look like much, Claus is actually the son of a minor noble. With the death of his parents though, he literally has nothing left to him but his family name, and even then many people have forgotten that it was even associated to nobility by the time the series begins, his father's fame as a vanship pilot and his HeroicSacrifice having overshadowed his personal history.
%%* {{Courier}}: At first.
* DeclarationOfProtection: Partly to Lavie, and especially Alvis once she shows up.
%%* EvenTheGuysWantHim
* IGaveMyWord: To deliver Alvis safely. If that means accompanying her through an entire war, so be it.
%%* LikeBrotherAndSister: with Lavie
%%* MagneticHero
* MemeticBadass: As the ''Travelers'' manga reveals, in-universe, some of the soldiers and nobility of Anatore and Dissith view him as this, resulting in some comically radical shifts in demeanor when they suddenly realize that the lowly vanship pilot they're sneering at is THE Claus Valca. Claus himself has no idea this is happening beyond noticing that some nobles suddenly act less snobbish than usual.
%%* TheHero
* ObliviousToLove: Let's just say that romance is the furthest from Claus' mind at the time of the series. Or in the ''Travelers from the Hourglass'' manga for that matter.
* ParentalAbandonment: Both of his parents are long dead.
* WhatTheHellHero: Gets chewed out by ''Holly'', of all people, for not being on hand when the Earth Guild kidnaps Alvis and Lavie.

!!Lavie Head
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ChiwaSaito (Japanese), Creator/KariWahlgren (English)

Claus' friend since childhood, Lavie is both the navigator of their vanship as well as its mechanic. Very brusque and blunt, Lavie is a tomboy through and through, but she's more sensitive than she first seems. She shares in Claus' dream to cross the Grand Stream just using their vanship.
* AchillesInHisTent: Lavie's fear of combat keeps her out of the fray until the heroes are forced to go all in.
* ActionSurvivor: Lavie is an excellent vanship navigator but she's so terrified of combat she passes out during their first battle, leading her to join the mechanics where she can contribute without endangering Claus.
* CatchPhrase: Whenever Claus drags her into dangerous situations, she's fond of screaming, "My short, sweet life is over!"
* ClingyJealousGirl: While she's subtle about it and it doesn't last very long, she's not too happy to see Tatiana wearing the overalls that she repaired for Claus after they return to the Silvana, and refuses to talk to him for a while as well.
* {{Courier}} with Claus. The difference being she's nothing more than a courier and she knows it. But when the situation calls for a heroic courier, Lavie's your girl.
* DemotedToExtra: While a significant character at the beginning, she spends the middle of the series not doing anything important.
* DistressedDamsel: Becomes this when she and Al are captured by the Earth Guild.
* IGaveMyWord: To a lesser extent than Claus, but she will deliver Alvis safely. To the end of the world, if necessary.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: with Claus, though she seems to sense (or wish) more romantic ambiguity in their relationship.
* TheNavigator: Part of her responsibility as Klaus' backseat.
* ParentalAbandonment: Like Claus, both of Lavie's parents are dead -- her mother during childbirth, and her father during the ill-fated expedition across the Grand Stream that claimed the life of Claus' father as well.
* TeamMom: Becomes this to both Alvis and Holly, judging from the ''Travelers from the Hourglass'' manga.
* TomBoy: Usually dressed in pilot's or mechanics coveralls.
* WrenchWench: Vanship backseaters are called navigators in the script, but their actual duties more closely resemble flight engineers

!!Alvis Hamilton
->'''Voiced by:''' Anna Shiraki (Japanese), Creator/KanaHanazawa (Japanese, ''Fam the Silver Wing''), Creator/MichelleRuff (English)

A quiet little girl with pale blue eyes, Alvis is Claus and Lavie's first major 'delivery', and the main reason why the two friends are drawn into the conflict between Anatoray and the Guild. As a scion of House Hamilton, she is the key to activating the Exile, which both Anatoray and the Guild seek to control.
* DistressedDamsel: A natural end result of Guild chapters coming after her, especially in ''Travelers from the Hourglass''.
* EveryonesBabySister: She turns almost the entire crew of the Silvana into her surrogate parents.
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: Alvis rarely goes anywhere without the plush goat she found in Lavie's room.
* HairDecorations: WordOfGod is that they were modeled after jet turbines.
* LastOfTheirKind: She is the last living member of House Hamilton.
* LivingMacGuffin: Keeping her out of the clutches of the Guild drives most of the plot at first.
* TheOtherDarrin: Creator/KanaHanazawa voices her in the sequel ''Fam, The Silver Wing''
* ParentalAbandonment: implied to be missing, dead, or hostages of the Guild
* SecurityBlanket: her "baa-ing" goat plushie. Hardly surprising, considering she's only four or five years old.
%%* TokenMiniMoe


[[folder:Supporting Characters]]

!!Alex Rowe
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ToshiyukiMorikawa (Japanese), Creator/CrispinFreeman (English)

The dark and brooding captain of the Silvana, Alex Rowe is focused on the utter destruction of the Guild's current Maestro, Delphine Eralcea, for reasons only known to himself. Although he ostensibly serves Anatoray, he is given much more leeway and is considered a dangerous rogue by the rest of the Anatoray military.
* BadassCape that frequently performs a dramatic CapeSwish.
* BerserkButton: When the Guild ship appears over Sophia's coronation ceremony, and Delphine's mocking laughter is heard, Alex orders all the Silvana's weapons fired, despite the mass of humanity gathered below. Fortunately, MyMasterRightOrWrong gets averted:
-->'''Second Officer:''' Belay that order! The captain is not in his right frame of mind!
* {{Revenge}} Is A Dish BestServedCold: Alex's motivation for stealing the Silvana, gathering the components necessary to activate Last Exile and conquering the Grand Stream, essentially revenge on the guild, and Maestro Delphine in particular.
* ByronicHero: Broods on personal failings, dark, attractive, mysterious, flawed, broken, classy, isolated, intense drive for revenge, no romance, rebelling against authority...need we go on?
* CaptainErsatz: WordOfGod states he was based on Anime/CaptainHarlock.
%%* CrusadingWidower: His wife is dead.
* DyingMomentOfAwesome: His last act in the series was snapping Delphine's neck ''with one hand as he was being tortured.''
* KilledOffForReal: Once he fulfills his objective.
* RevolversAreJustBetter: He has two revolvers.
%%* TallDarkAndHandsome
* TheCaptain: Of the Kill-Em-All Silvana
* TheQuietOne: There are probably ''background characters'' who have more lines than him. Sophia comments that he seems strangely talkative after he utters a ''single sentence'' that is not an order.
* TheStoic: He has one expression, maybe two.
%%* SupportingLeader
* SwordCane: Gun-cane, actually.

!!Sophia Forrester
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/WakanaYamazaki (Japanese), Creator/JulieAnnTaylor (English)

Alex's loyal second-in-command, she has known him since apparently military academy. She is ''also'' the heir to the throne of Anatoray.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: It's obvious that Sophia is infatuated with Alex, but the latter is either too caught up with his mission of revenge to notice, or just doesn't care... or maybe he holds her at a distance,knowing how his quest must inevitably end.
%%* ExpositoryHairstyleChange
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Four times: First when she leaves the ''Sylvana'' to take the throne. Second when she leads the Alliance into battle against the Guild despite knowing they will suffer heavy casualties against nearly hopeless odds. Third when she orders the ''Sylvana'''s cannons to blow the mired ''Urbanus'' out of the way during the last desperate charge, and finally when she orders ''Sylvana's'' special ship-killing cannon to fire at Delphine's flagship despite knowing Alex is aboard. Is it any wonder she needs a moment to compose herself before she issues the final order to abandon ship?
* IgnoredEnamoredUnderling: to Alex.
%%* {{Meganekko}}
%%* NumberTwo
* ReverseMole: According to WordOfGod Sophia was originally planted in the ''Silvana's'' crew to serve as a mole for Anatore. But she's also serving as a Mole for Prime Minister Malthius and a Reverse Mole for Alex. And she somehow manages to do all of this without compromising any of her loyalties while keeping her honor intact
%%* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething
%%* SubordinateExcuse

!!Vincent Alzey
->'''Voiced by:''' Hozumi Gôda (Japanese), Creator/SteveBlum (English)

An old friend of both Alex and Sophia, Vincent is the captain of the Anatoray battleship ''Urbanus''. More straight-laced than Alex, Vincent is nevertheless a very competent (and dangerous) skyship captain.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Is attracted to Sophia, but Sophia herself is hung up on ''Alex'' instead.
* TheCaptain: Much like his friend Alex.
* DrinkOrder: Vincent is never seen without a cup of 'battleship coffee' either in hand or within easy reach.
%%* OfficerAndAGentleman
%%* TheRival: Arguably.

!!Tatiana Wisla
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/EriKitamura (Japanese), Creator/MichelleRuff (English)

Leader of the Silvana's vanship corps, and nicknamed 'Princess' by its gaggle of hangar mechanics, Tatiana is humorless and all-business, which tends to rub people the wrong way. She starts to lighten up later in the series however, after crashing with Claus and spending a few days thinking the Sylvana has been sunk. She pilots a modified red vanship with her friend and navigator Alister.
* TheAce: Mentioned to have been an over-achieving straight-A honor student when she was studying at Anatoray's Military Academy, can outfly anyone in Prester who isn't Claus or Dio and, as the ''Hourglass'' manga reveals, can cook a mean full-course feast.
* AcePilot: Is probably the best vanship pilot on the Alliance's roster after Claus, and is certainly a better fighter pilot, since his gunnery is awful.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Certainly feels this way when compared to Lavie, ''especially'' after Claus calls her using Lavie's name in chapter 7 of the ''Travelers'' manga. On the piloting front, she feels this way about Dio.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Has an interest in Claus, but sadly the feeling isn't mutual. Made even clearer in the ''Sunadokei no Tabibito'' manga.
%%* DefrostingIceQueen
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Alister.
* ImportantHaircut: The ''Travelers'' manga shows that she had one of this as a child (she used to have long braided hair).
* ImpoverishedPatrician: Not really mentioned much in-series (at least, not until her Uncle Hendrick was introduced in ''Hourglass''), but Tatiana comes from a noble family that's fallen on hard times. In fact almost all of her pay goes back to her parents, but it's barely enough to maintain their family estate.
* NotSoAboveItAll: irritates everyone with her take-no-prisoners attitude until she suffers a HeroicBSOD in combat and realizes that everyone has limits
* RousingSpeech: Gives a very good one as she leads the remaining (and damaged) Anatoray battleship against the Earth Guild's base.
%%* SugarAndIcePersonality

!!Alister Agrew
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/NatsukoKuwatani (Japanese), Creator/PhileceSampler (English)

Tatiana's classmate from military academy, as well as her current navigator. She is more understanding of Tatiana's cold attitude, but there are limits to even what she can take.
* CatSmile: Not so much in the series, but does this a lot in the ''Travelers from the Hourglass'' manga. Mostly whenever the topic of Tatiana's love life comes up.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Tatiana.
* HiddenDepths: Would you believe that Alister is secretly hiding a fun-loving devious side underneath her stoic exterior? Observe [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/64774/last-exile-sunadokei-no-tabibito_ch4_by_mangawari/13]]!
* NumberTwo: Seems to take on this role for Tatiana in the ''Hourglass'' manga.
* ShipperOnDeck: In the ''Travelers from the Hourglass'' manga, it becomes quickly apparent that Alister likes the idea of Claus and Tatiana together to a frankly ''ridiculous'' degree.

!!Mullin Shetland
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/ShinichiroMiki (Japanese), Creator/DaveWittenberg (English)

A soldier serving in Duke Mad-Thane's fleet, Mullin helps Claus and Lavie in their initial delivery to the Duke. A survivor of twenty fleet battles, this simple fact gives him the right to choose which ship he wants to be reassigned next. Another chance encounter with Lavie robs him of the chance to even do so, though it ''does'' land him a spot on the Silvana, where he eventually becomes part of its corps of mechanics. Mullin still experiences some nostalgia for his time as a line musketman.
* BlingOfWar: His survivor medals.
* ButtMonkey: You'd think that he lucked out after surviving all those battles as a musketman, and finally getting a spot on the Silvana's maintenance crew? You thought wrong.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He may be the biggest ButtMonkey of the series BUT there is a reason he survive over twenty battles...... [[spoiler: As seen in his [[SubvertedTrope Dying Moment of Awesomeness]] in which he charges into a room defended by a stationary gun and takes out the soldier manning it than changing the levers DESPITE receiving a dangerous wound on his abdomen.]]
* [[HenpeckedHusband Henpecked Boyfriend]]: The ''Travelers from the Hourglass'' manga implies that he's not the one wearing the pants in his relationship with Dunya.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Got an InstantFanClub among viewers in the second episode when he defies his commanding officer's orders and points his rifle at the head of the guy pointing ''his'' rifle at Claus' head.
* SurvivalMantra: Disith bullets will avoid Mullin Shetland's body Disith bullets will avoid Mullin Shetland's body Disith bullets will avoid Mullin Shetland's body Disith bullets will avoid Mullin Shetland's body ''Disith bullets will avoid Mullin Shetland's body''
* {{Mook}}: What he initially started as.
* [[spoiler: UnexplainedRecovery: He sure ''appears'' to die in the final battle, complete with Dunya weeping in grief. Then the epilogue shows him with Dunya and a kid on his shoulders, with no explanation given. There was quite a bit of debate among viewers whether it was supposed to be literal or a metaphorical vision of the afterlife, until WordOfGod confirmed him alive.]]

!!Wina Lightning
->'''Voiced by:''' Ryōko Nagata (Japanese), Midge Mayes (English)

The Silvana's sonar officer, Wina's extremely sensitive hearing functions as one of Alex's key secret weapons, giving him superior intelligence on the location and intentions of his enemies. Her unique abilities prove key to locating Exile in the Grand Stream, and her hearing is so sensitive she can even identify Alex's voice aboard Dephine's flagship during the final battle. [[spoiler: In the end, though she lies to her Empress, telling her that Alex's last word was "Sophia" instead of "Euris"]]
* SteelEardrums: Somehow, her remarkable hearing is not damaged by an entire war's worth of cannon fire.

!!Arthur Campbell
->'''Voiced by:''' Shigeyori Sōya (Japanese), Creator/PaulStPeter (English)

Second Officer aboard the ''Silvana'', Campbell is brave and loyal enough to belay Alex's orders to fire on Delphine's Guild ship as it hovers over Sophia's coronation ceremony, knowing that it would endanger the Empress and everyone else below. Rather than stand by Campbell risks Alex's wrath by ordering the gun crews to stand down

%%* MyMasterRightOrWrong: Averted.

!!Duke David Mad-Thane
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/YosukeAkimoto (Japanese), Creator/BobPapenbrook (English)

Commander of one of Anatoray's fleets, Duke Mad-Thane is the recipient of the message Claus and Lavie delivers at the start of the series. He initially embodies the Chivalric traditions of Anatoray, which includes among other things giving quarter to defeated enemies and [[HonorBeforeReason not retreating even when tactically expedient]]. He eventually gets over the latter though, and goes on to lead the Anatoray segment of the Alliance fleet against the Guild.
* TheCaptain: Of the Anatoray battleship ''Claim-Solais''.
* HonorBeforeReason: Initially he insisted on battling with the traditional dueling ship-to-ship warfare based on chivalry despite his opponent breaking the rules and using so many dirty tricks. However [[TaughtByExperience after witnessing incredible casualties and seeing the possible utilization of vanships in warfare thanks to Claus and Lavia aiding his fleet in the battle]], he began to experiment with new tactics and weapons. Which paid off in the end as the innovations he proposed led to victory over the guild.
%%* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Is not seen in the epilogue to the series, nor is even mentioned in the ''Travelers'' manga, despite the fact that his daughter Holly is living at the Valca homestead in New Anatoray.


[[folder:The Guild]]

!!Dio Eraclea
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/JunkoNoda (Japanese), Creator/JoshuaSeth (English)

Whimsical and unpredictable, Dio is a Guild pilot who takes an interest on Claus during the initial chase for Alvis. He later reappears as one of Claus' competitors during the Horizon Cave endurance race, eventually following him back to the Silvana, where he sticks around from that point on. He is also the younger brother of the Guild's leader Delphine, and as such a possible successor to her rule.
* AcePilot: Easily the best pilot there is.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: A complete badass in dogfights and genuinely dangerous, he's also very flighty, friendly and just plain weird.
* CloudCuckoolander: Dio has a... very unique view of the world, to say the least.
%%* FacialMarkings
* FriendlyEnemy: At first, and even then ''much'' more friendly than just plain enemy.
* GeniusDitz: Despite his usual attitude, he's a ''very'' competent pilot.
* HairDecorations: Has a ribbon tied around his sidetail in flashback.
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: Yes, he's technically a villain, but he'd much rather hang out with the heroes and prefers toying with people to killing them. (Not that he's got anything against killing them, it just means he wouldn't get to play with them again later.) And he's genuinely touched when the Silvana's maintenance crew throw him a birthday party.
* NightmareFetishist: Seems to find dead bodies cool.
%%* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace
* MeaningfulName: His full name is {{Dracula}} in Japanized English while his first name is latin for [[ThemeNaming God]].
* PointyEars: A common trait of a Guildsman.
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: Played with but subverted, [[spoiler: untill he was brain washed by Delphine for the "Rite of the Covenent"]].

->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TomoeHanba (Japanese), Creator/MonaMarshall (English)

Dio's companion and bodyguard, Lucciola accompanies Dio wherever he goes, even aboard the Silvana.
%%* BattleButler
%%* DanceBattler
* ExtremeDoormat: At the beginning, anyway.
%%* FacialMarkings
%%* HeroicSacrifice
* ThemeNaming: Can apply to two cases since while both he and his brother are named after insects he also has a symbolic sounding latin name like Dio, since his name is pronounced like the latin word for light (Luciola) instead of the itallian word for firefly (Lucciola with the "ccio" sounding like "cho").
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: Played with but ultimately a subversion.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: As a lower class member of the guild his hair appears more as a very light shade of blonde.

!!Delphine Eraclea
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MichikoNeya (Japanese), Creator/KarenStrassman (English)

Current leader of the Guild, and main antagonist of the series, Delphine is as ruthless as she is coldly beautiful. She doesn't particularly care about the troubles of the people of Prester, and looks upon their struggles with grim amusement. She seeks control of the Exile, and will do anything to acquire the means to do so.
%%* TheBaroness
%%* BigBad
%%* BrotherSisterIncest
%%* TheCaligula: A RareFemaleExample.
%%* EvilGenius
%%* FacialMarkings
%%* FauxAffablyEvil
%%* FemmeFatalons
%%* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen
* IceQueen: Plays to the archetype nicely being cold and haughty [[FauxAffablyEvil beneath a veneer of beauty and grace]].
* LackOfEmpathy: She actively enjoys the idea that many people starve to death while she decadently enjoys the most exquisite meals. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
%%* ManipulativeBitch
* MeaningfulName: It's little wonder that a sociopath like her would be named after [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delphine_LaLaurie a famous serial killer]].
* NoMrBondIExpectYouToDine: Treats Claus and Alvis to a refined and exquisite meal once they enter her palace and gloats about how many people died to get her this food.
* NonActionBigBad: Ruthless and clever, but not the strongest member of the Guild by far.
%%* TheHedonist
* SheIsTheKing: ''Maestro'' is Italian for ''Master'' and it's indeed a male title. ''Mistress'' is ''Maestra''.
%%* TheSociopath
* SomethingAboutARose: She is very fond of them and often uses them as a motif.
%%* WhiteHairBlackHeart: A female version.

->'''Voiced by:''' Naoki Makishima (Japanese), Creator/DaveMallow (English)

Delphine's loyal servant, Cicada serves in virtually the same capacity as Lucciola to Dio. Fitting, as he is Lucciola's older brother.
%%* DanceBattler
* DarkIsEvil: He wears white like the rest of the Guild, but his Black accents are more noticeable then most. During his fight with [[spoiler:Lucciola]] he wears black to contrast the more heroic white of his foe.
%%* FacialMarkings
* ThemeNaming: Both he and his brother are named after insects.
%%* WhiteHairBlackHeart



!!Holly Mad-Thane
->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KanaHanazawa (Japanese), Therese Nguyen (English)

Duke Mad-Thane's only daughter. At the beginning of the series she asks Claus and Lavie to deliver a personal message to her father, which influences his decision during that particular encounter. She and her mother later convert their mansion in Norkia into a field hospital once Anatoray and Disith join forces against the Guild.
* HappilyAdopted: Despite her parents being likely still alive on Prester, she has pretty much settled into the role of Alvis' "sister" for the duration of her stay at the Valca homestead.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Although a part of Norkia's nobility, she and her mother willingly have their sprawling home converted into a field hospital, and Holly herself helps nurse the injured soldiers brought there.

!!Dunya Scheer
->'''Voiced by:''' Yumi Sudou (Japanese), Creator/KateHiggins (English)

A young female musket soldier from Disith, she becomes part of one of the many Anatoray and Disith squads tasked in retaking the Alliance fleet's Claudia units from their Guild Handlers.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Seemingly a common trait among people from Disith.
%%* LastGirlWins
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: She's the '''only''' female musket soldier seen on-screen for any length of time.

->'''Voiced by:''' Ken Yamaguchi (Japanese), Creator/JamiesonPrice (English)

Owner of the massive sky dock the Walker Palace. Walker runs a casino that happily serves both the Anatore soldiers and the Silvana crew during their time off. He has a longstanding friendship with Alex.
* BadassBeard: Sports a slightly thinning one.
* EyePatchOfPower: His most distinct feature, how he got it is unknown.
* GunshipRescue: When Claus is dog-fighting with two Guild Starfish trying to reach the Walker Palace, he manages to out fly and destroy one but the other flanks him. Before it can act, Walker's ship gets in range and blows it to hell.
%%* OldFriend: To Alex


[[folder:Characters introduced in ''Traveler's from the Hourglass'']]

!!Hendrick Wisla
Tatiana's overbearing uncle, who sneaked in secretly on the Exile instead of overseeing an administrative post in old Anatoray. Bombastic and prone to grand overreactions, Hendrick is mostly concerned with rebuilding the family fortune, and seems to see his over-achieving niece as a way to do this... by marrying her off to a family of high standing. Which obviously Tatiana doesn't care much for, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
* ArrangedMarriage: Trying to set up Tatiana in one.
* BadassMoustache: Probably the only thing badass about him, sadly.
** As of chapter 9 of the manga, [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass it turns out that]] he is a capable artillery marksman. To the extent that he can shoot a Guild base from beyond a ship's normal cannon range.
* ForegoneConclusion: Judging from Anime/LastExileFamTheSilverWing, Hendrick will ''never'' succeed in getting his niece hitched.
* OhCrap: Does this a lot, with accompanying epic reaction faces.

A member of the Guild, Uroctea is the first member of the native Chapter that the characters encounter upon their return to Earth. The supervisor of the Guild stronghold, he is willing to use force when necessary to fulfill his organization's objectives.
* CloningBlues: Uroctea admits up-front that he is a clone, as well as everyone else in his Guild chapter.
%%* PointyEars
* TheRedBaron: One of the ''Twins'' of the facility, a bodyguard pair, likely similar to the case in Anime/LastExileFamTheSilverWing
%%* SuperStrength
* ThemeNaming: Uroctea is named after a genus of spiders found in Africa and Eurasia.

Aranea is a Guildsman, and is Uroctea's older brother. His position in the local Guild chapter is as-yet unknown, but given Uroctea's position it is likely an important one as well.
%%* CloningBlues
%%* FacialMarkings
%%* PointyEars
* TheRedBaron: The other half of the ''Twins''.
* ThemeNaming: Aranea is named after a genus of spiders which includes garden spiders and barn spiders.