!!Hazumu Osaragi
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KanaUeda (Japanese), Creator/StephanieSheh (English)
-->''"Okay. Starting tomorrow I'll try again! I'll become a new me..."''

* AttractiveBentGender: After being turned into a girl, (s)he has been given a ''very'' nice body.
* BlindingBangs: As a boy.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Tomari.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Yasuna accidentally mistook Hazumu for a girl when s/he was still a "he".
* FirstEpisodeResurrection: Was killed when (s)he was hit by Hitoshi's spaceship. (S)he was brought back to life afterwards, but at the cost of irreversibly switching his gender to female.
* GenderBender
* InnocentFanserviceGirl: Justified as s/he just turned into a girl and is therefore unfamiliar with how s/he should act, such as using her skirt to cool his/her legs, and asking Asuta to measure his/her bust size.
* MsFanservice
* NakedOnRevival: Averted in the manga, but played straight in the anime when the now-female Hazumu is revived after being crushed by Jan-Puu's spaceship form.
* NicePerson
* {{Transsexual}}: It's strongly implied that Hazumu was a trans girl all along without realizing it, and that may have been the reason behind the GenderBender in the first place.

!!Yasuna Kamiizumi
!!!Voiced by: Creator/YuiHorie (Japanese), Creator/KarenStrassman (English)
-->''"I don't dislike you, Hazumu kun... if... if... if you were a girl..."''

* BettyAndVeronica: The Betty to Tomari's Veronica.
* DoesNotLikeMen: Subverted. She just can't see them. Even her father, who she loves dearly.
* NiceGirl
* ShrinkingViolet

!!Tomari Kurusu
!!!Voiced by: Creator/YukariTamura (Japanese), Creator/MonaMarshall (English)

* BettyAndVeronica: The Veronica to Yasuna's Betty.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Hazumu.
* IfItsYouItsOkay
* MatchmakerCrush: She pushes Hazumu to confess to Yasuna, but then increasingly owns up to her own feelings after his genderswap.
* {{Tomboy}}
* {{Tsundere}}: Type A.

!!Ayuki Mari
!!!Voiced by: Creator/MasumiAsano (Japanese), Camilla Derby (English)

* DeadpanSnarker
* {{Meganekko}}
* ReiAyanamiExpy
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

!!Asuta Soro
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DaisukeOno (Japanese), Creator/DougErholtz (English)

* AllLoveIsUnrequited: To female Hazumu. He's pretty {{Squick}}ed out about it.
* ButtMonkey
* TheOneGuy: The most prominent male character of the main cast.