The characters of ''Series/KaiketsuZubat'':

!!'''Ken Hayakawa/Kaiketsu Zubat''' [-Live Actor: Creator/HiroshiMiyauchi-]

* TheAce: Everyone else is only #2 in Japan.
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Like no one else. However, he clearly ''does'' have the skill to back up his words.
* ScienceHero: The Zubat Suit and Zubacar were developed by Asuka for space exploration. Ken used his own scientific skills to finish Asuka's work and used it to fight evil.

!!'''Midori Asuka''' [-Live Actress: Nobuko Ooshiro-]

* TheChick

!!'''Osamu Terada''' [-Live Actor: Nobuyuki Nakano-]

* TagalongKid

!!'''Shingo Tojo''' [-Live Actor: Shin Saitou-]

* ByTheBookCop: Usually, he'd rather have Ken leave things to the police, but he does realize the value in Ken's actions, especially once he finds out that he's Zubat.
* SecretKeeper: He's actually the first person to figure out Zubat's true identity, but keeps it secret.

!!'''Boss L''' [-Live Actor: Ryuji Hayami-]

* BigBad
** [[spoiler:Actually TheDragon]]

!!'''Shinsuke Jinryu/[[spoiler:Leader D]]''' [-Live Actor: [[spoiler:Jiro Yakubi]]-]
* [[spoiler:BiggerBad]]
* [[spoiler:DirtyCop]]
* EleventhHourRanger: Joins the team in the last two episodes, assisting in the attack on Dakker's fortress.
** [[spoiler:SixthRangerTraitor]]
* [[spoiler:EvilCounterpart: He's similar to Zubat, even having his own VerbalTic to counter Zubat's, and is strong enough to punch through the Zubat suit.]]
* [[spoiler:TheManBehindTheMan]]