A list of character that appear in ''Literature/JohnDevil''


[[folder:Main Characters]]

!!Compt Henri De Belcamp

The main VillainProtagonist of the novel. Son of a French Nobleman and an English ClassyCatBurglar

* AntiVillain: or maybe AntiHero
* ArchEnemy: to Gregory Temple
* BigBad
* TheChessmaster: He's always one step ahead
* ManipulativeBastard: He's great at pulling people's strings
* MasterOfDisguise: Even his father was convinced Percy Balcomb was a different person
* SecretIdentity: he has many
* SuperVillain: one of the first

!!Gregory Temple

Former Chief Superintendent of UsefulNotes/ScotlandYard, and an early GreatDetective before even SherlockHolmes

* GoMadFromTheRevelation: Henri's goal for Gregory
* GreatDetective: Not quite the UrExample, but still before the TropeCodifier. Yet he clearly played an important yet now forgotten link in developing this archetype.
* MasterOfDisguise: As any good detective should be

!!Sarah O'Neil

Henri's right hand Woman

* TheDragon: to Henri
* FemmeFatale: Perhaps one of the first to foreshadow the FilmNoir sense of the term
* SecretIdentity: has a few

!!Ned Knob

A short London Criminal who becomes to Henri's mission

* TheArtfulDodger
* {{Expy}}: May be modeled after ''Rocambole'' as he was before his HeelFaceTurn and becoming DragonAscendent. Who was himself originally an {{Expy}} of Totilard of ''The Mysteries Of Paris''

!!Armand De Belcamp

Henri's Father, a French Nobleman

!!Helen Brown

Henri's Mother

* ClassyCatBurglar
* FemmeFatale: of a very different type then Sarah


[[folder:Other Characters]]


* BatFamilyCrossover: Possibly related to the ''Wood'' on the Council of ''The Gentlemen of The Night'' in ''The Mysteries of London'' Stage Play version.