This page lists characteristics of canon characters that are specific to this fanfic (in addition to original characters, naturally). For the original versions of the characters, please see Characters/LyricalNanoha.

'''NOTE: As ''Power Games'' is ongoing, this page contains unmarked spoilers for ''Game Theory'''''

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!!Nanoha Takamachi

->''"At first it was like a story, and I was the heroine and helping people and saving a little girl's life. But now… everything's complicated"''

[[ArcWords Nanoha was just an ordinary third grader, until one day she got]] [[MagicalGirl Magic Powers.]] For the most part, this Nanoha isn't much different from the [[LyricalNanoha original version]] - until she good-naturedly changed sides and decided to help Fate and Precia obtain the Jewel Seeds. The girl who was canonically a hero became a criminal and a huge threat to the TSAB.

In ''Power Games'', [[TimeSkip six months have passed]] and she's now living in hiding with Fate's family. When she learns her mother's been attacked, Nanoha immediately prepares to return home.

!!!Tropes [[RunningGag befriended]] by Nanoha:

* BadassAdorable.
* BigDamnHeroes: Saves Tiida from one of the out of control defense mecha of the Garden of Time, and then Linith from Lotte after that. Her attempt to do this with Arisa doesn't go as well.
* BoxingLessonsForSuperman: Nanoha learns staff fighting from her sister so that she can use her Device as a melee weapon in magical combat.
* BreakTheCutie: See the [[Quotes/GameTheory quote page]]. Chapter 13 of ''Game Theory'' really drives home just how badly the events have ''shattered'' Nanoha.
* ChildProdigy: She's even one compared to Fate, who herself is one to the TSAB.
* ChronicHeroSyndrome: This causes her to join Precia.
* ConflictingLoyalty: More than once Nanoha has been forced to choose between Fate and Yuuno, which causes her no end of grief because they're both her friends.
--> She’d have to thank him the next time she saw him. And then smack him for sealing Alicia like that. And then apologise for letting him think she was dead. It occurred to Nanoha that her feelings regarding the boy who’d introduced her to magic were probably a bit more confused than was wise for someone working with an organisation that wanted to arrest her.
* CripplingOverspecialization: As mentioned by Linith; Aside from some skill in shields and binds, Nanoha's best talents lay in being a mobile WaveMotionGun with her bombardment-type spells. Certainly useful in some situations, but useless if stealth is necessary. It's the reason Vesta has power over illusions.
* DarkChick: Of Precia's FiveBadBand, being the most emotional member of the group.
* DarkMagicalGirl: Can be thought of as an inversion. Fate convinces Nanoha to join her and Precia, and then Nanoha is almost completely separated from her friends and family.
* FakingTheDead: End of ''Game Theory''
* FatalFlaw: Throughout the story, Nanoha ultimately believes that courage, good intentions, and the power to make those intentions into reality can solve anything. She's wrong. And the worst part is she doesn't realize she's wrong; when she makes a mistake she rationalizes it to think it wasn't so bad and that the fault was with herself, not her beliefs. And then there's her ChronicHeroSyndrome...
* TheFettered: Nanoha lives by her sense of justice and it drives her to join Precia.
* FishOutOfWater: On Schzenais.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Sanguine.
* GoodWithNumbers: Is said to be the top of her class in mathematics, which propels her aptitude with Magic.
* HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday: When Arisa accuses her of having a crush on Fate.
--> ''“Anyway," she added after a moment’s thought, “... she's a girl. Girls get crushes on boys, not girls.” She nodded, secure in her logic.''
* HazyFeelTurn: Nanoha joins Precia in this story. Both Precia's group and the TSAB are sympathetic, with plenty of reasons to fight each other.
* HeroicBSOD: When one of her attempted improvisations with magic she didn't understand nearly killed several people.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Despite being called the opposite by her mother. She believes Precia when she's told the TSAB, and particularly Chrono, are evil. Unfortunately she takes DarkIsEvil and SpikesOfVillainy too much at face value.
* [[IJustWantToBeSpecial I Just Want To Stay Special]]: The TSAB threatens to permanently take Nanoha's magic away from her if she keeps helping Fate. The notion absolutely ''terrifies'' her.
* InnocentProdigy: In contrast to canon where she was WiseBeyondHerYears.
* InstantExpert: The speed at which she excels at Magic frightens Yuuno.
* InTheHood: She added one to her barrier jacket. She's yet to actually use it, but it's Vesta's favorite spot to ride in.
* KeepingSecretsSucks: Having to uphold TheMasquerade with her friends causes Nanoha considerable stress.
* LastSecondChance: A truly heart-breaking example; once Precia's plan to reach Al Hazard has guaranteed success, Yuuno tries to plead with Nanoha to abandon her and go back with the TSAB, since the very reason Nanoha joined Precia is now complete. Nanoha opts to go with Precia.
* LeeroyJenkins: Nanoha is very reckless with magic. This has serious consequences when one of her improvisations goes horribly wrong at a crucial time.
* [[LikeFatherLikeSon Like Mother Like Daughter:]] Guess where Nanoha gets her magic from?
* LittleMissBadass.
* LoveAtFirstPunch: After receiving a solid 'befriending' from Fate, all she can think of are [[WhatBeautifulEyes those beautiful eyes.]] Culminates in a HeldGaze where Nanoha chooses to abandon everything and everyone she's ever known to stay by Fate's side.
* MustMakeAmends: Plans to do this to all the people she's harmed.
* NaiveEverygirl: [[BreakTheCutie Where she starts...]]
* NotQuiteFlight: Nanoha herself is fully capable of flight, but she re-enacts Mei's barrier platform plan to help Tiida's squad get up a few floors. Her attempt goes much smoother.
* OurHeroIsDead: Nanoha and the others appear to fall into Imaginary Space, but it turns out to have been a ploy by Precia to throw the TSAB off their trail.
* ThePollyanna: Even though she knows the world is not an idealistic place, she still clings to her ideals.
* SkilledButNaive.
* SoreLoser: Nanoha does not like being outdone.
* SpannerInTheWorks: Nanoha could be considered a triumphant subversion. Her efforts to recover the Jewel Seeds had the potential to completely ruin Precia's attempt to revive Alicia, and in fact she did stop Precia's plan to go to Alhazred. However, that is because Nanoha's influence allows Precia to create an ''even better'' plan to revive Alicia, which succeeds.
** In ''Power Games'' Nanoha derails one of Precia's plans before it even begins. After she receives Linith's initial report of the events on Earth, Precia hopes to keep the information away from her daughters and the familiars as she does not want to get herself or Alicia's protectors involved. As Precia begins to make her plans, her daughters and the familiars receive a message from Nanoha giving the very information that Precia did not want them to know. This forces Precia to bring everyone to Earth.
* SuperpowerLottery: Nanoha's untrained AA rank, sheer innate mana power and natural instinct for Magic are [[AllThereInTheManual said]] to be almost freakishly unnatural and come up once in a ''generation''.
** There is speculation about the exact origin of her abilities from both the characters and readers - and there are some hints [[SecretLegacy that there's more to it than simply random chance]]. Regardless, it's definitely from her mother's side.
* TragicHero: In the end, she goes with Fate and Precia to Imaginary Space, as she ultimately feels they need her. Subverted though when it turns out they weren't going into Imaginary Space after all...
* TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior: As Heidi realizes, Nanoha's gone through ''far too much'' for a girl of her age.
* UnskilledButStrong: Nanoha has the raw power of a AA rank mage, but lacks proper training at first.
** Actually, she has a AA rank ''in spite of'' her lack of training. Her raw power is more in line with an S rank mage.
* VillainProtagonist: After joining Precia, though you could argue she's closer to an AntiVillain [[VillainProtagonist Protagonist]].
* WasItAllALie: Doubts Yuuno this way a few chapters into the story.
* WasItReallyWorthIt: Yes. Yes it was.
* WideEyedIdealist:
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: Downplayed. Nanoha is noticeably less mature than in canon, although she is still quite mature for her age.
* WorfHadTheFlu: It's noted that Nanoha had been drained from traveling before she fights Vita, and her abilities were delayed since she was anonymising her magic to hide from the TSAB.
* WrongGenreSavvy: Nanoha mistakenly believes her world plays MagicalGirl tropes straight. Game Theory does not.
-->''This was nothing like any of the stories she’d read, where the bad guy was obviously bad, and the good guys were obviously good, and the heroes always won and everyone was happy.''
* YouCantGoHomeAgain: After joining Precia.

!!Fate Testarossa

->''"This is something I can do. Must do. And I can't allow you- or anyone else - to stop me from protecting my family. Do you understand?"''

Unlike in the canon works, Precia actually accepted Fate as her second daughter. As a result of this, Fate was somewhat less of a sad character, and more driven than ever to save her "older sister". Another side-effect of the change left Fate more open to negotiate with Nanoha, which resulted in her recruiting Nanoha to Precia's cause.

After the events of ''Game Theory'', the Testarossa family goes into hiding on Schzenais. Upon learning that Nanoha was attacked by Vita, Fate immediately decides to return to Earth to help her friend.

!!!Tropes associated with Fate:

* AntiVillain: Like in canon, but different. Fate is still a kind-hearted and determined girl, it's just that she now has no reason to switch sides.
** [[VillainProtagonist Anti-Villain Protagonist]]: It's as much Fate's story as it is Nanoha's, particularly in the opening chapters.
* [[BigLittleBrother Big Little Sister]]: To Alicia. Amusingly, Alicia thinks "big-little sister" sounds weird and that "little-big sister" might work better.
* [[BigBrotherInstinct Big Sister Instinct]].
* BerserkButton: [[spoiler:Doing anything to endanger Alicia in front of her is a ''bad'' move.]]
* BuffySpeak: When she was really tired.
-->'''Fate:''' … yeah, that's one of… thingies.
* ChildProdigy: To the TSAB. Nanoha is likewise a ChildProdigy from Fate's perspective, as Nanoha had even ''less'' time to grow into her magic than Fate did, but was nearly as strong.
* ChildSoldier.
* CombatPragmatist: And how. See the main page for details.
* DarkMagicalGirl: {{Defied}}; the fic's premise revolves around the fact that Precia acts nicer to Fate, which prevents most of the standard [=DMG=] tropes. There's also the fact that Fate convinces the hero to join her side.
* TheDragon: To Precia.
** CoDragons: She could also be considered this with Linith.
* FakingTheDead: End of ''Game Theory''.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Melancholic.
* GoodColorsEvilColors: Apparently Fate's magic is the same color as the reactor incident, which has become the equivalent of a SicklyGreenGlow to the TSAB. Fate herself is not evil, though.
* GuiltComplex: Part of Fate's character is that she blames herself for things that aren't necessarily her fault.
** In the ending of ''Game Theory'', she says it's all her fault that Nanoha had to abandon her family to help hers, but Nanoha and Arf both tell her otherwise.
** In ''Power Games'', she blames herself for failing to prevent Zest and Quint from reaching Precia at the climax of ''Game Theory'', which even ''Precia'' tells her is nonsense.
* HatesBeingTouched: [[AvertedTrope Notable in it's absence]]; unlike her canon self Fate doesn't seem to have any problem being touched. This probably has to do with a better upbringing.
* HeroicBSOD: For a [[AntiVillain certain]] [[AntiHero definition]] of heroic; this technically happens to Fate when the story begins, and Precia actually sends Fate into one in Chapter 3 [[BreakThemByTalking just by insinuating Fate isn't working hard enough]].
* LittleMissBadass.
* NoodleIncident: She mentions at one point that she found out the hard way that food that tastes good to a familiar isn't nearly as appetizing for a human.
* NotAMorningPerson: According to Alicia.
* OtherMeAnnoysMe: Well not quite ''annoyed'', but Fate's baffled by Alicia's excitable behavior and struggles to recall if she was ever that hyper when she was first made.
* PoorCommunicationKills: A triumphant aversion; unlike in the canon work where Fate had little to say to Nanoha, in this fic she actually explains her motives, which prompts Nanoha to change sides.
* TookALevelInKindness: Fate is noticeably more gentle to Nanoha than in the original work, especially in that Fate takes Nanoha to a safer location and helps to ease her pain when Nanoha suffers from the explosion seen in episode 6 of the actual series. Fate's actions strengthens Nanoha's belief that Fate isn't all bad.
* TykeBomb: Precia raised Fate for the express purpose of being her agent in the quest to revive Alicia. Unlike in canon, however, she was not mistreated in any way that would potentially diminish her loyalty to Precia.
* UnstoppableRage: When [[spoiler:Yuuno inadvertently incapacitates Alicia]], Fate flips out.
* WellDoneSonGuy: As in the original series, Fate is still determined to earn Precia's love. The circumstances are different this time however; Fate is fully aware she's a failed clone of Alicia, and strives to make herself useful in a different way.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Physically, Fate's nine, but she's only existed for about three years. This is a result of her being "born" with a six-year-old body.

!!Yuuno Scrya

->''"I just feel helpless...Like (Nanoha)'s in trouble, and on the wrong side, and I can't do anything to help her or convince her otherwise"''

An AdventurerArchaeologist who initially partners with Nanoha in their search for the Jewel Seeds. The arrival of the TSAB complicated matters, and a few too many innocent things kept from Nanoha drove her to doubt him and join Fate's cause. After that, Yuuno was forced to work against his friend and former partner. [[ButtMonkey Vesta seems to particularly enjoy chasing him.]]

In ''Power Games,'' [[spoiler: Lindy asks him to advise a covert TSAB team on Earth.]]

!!!Tropes associated with Yuuno:

* {{Adorkable}}: Yuuno's {{Squee}}ing over the Garden of Time is pretty endearing.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: Yuuno's greatest ability is his mind.
* BadassBookworm: His knowledge of ancient technology comes in handy against one of the Garden's constructs empowered by a Jewel Seed.
* BearerOfBadNews: To Nanoha's family along with Quint, explaining Nanoha's ([[FakingTheDead apparent]]) death.
* ButtMonkey: Yuuno has the worst luck in this fanfic, either being chased by various large cats repeatedly or getting lost in the city. One of the author's infodumps even forces him to dress up. In ferret form.
--> '''Yuuno:''' [[LampshadeHanging What did I do to deserve this? Dammit, this is unfair! Somebody, somewhere, somehow, is punishing me for something I haven’t even done yet!]]
* TheChick: For the TSAB, being the most emotional member and the one most desiring to get Nanoha to change sides again.
* ChildProdigy: While it hasn't been explicitly mentioned, he's more skilled than some mages who are years older than him.
* DemotedToExtra: Initially a primary character alongside Nanoha, Nanoha's defection after the first third of the story sees Yuuno losing a lot of camera time by comparison.
** Part of this is also due to the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters cast expansion]] [[SpotlightStealingSquad that occurred at the time.]]
* EmbarrassingNickname: "Mousey."
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Phlegmatic.
* HeroAntagonist: After Nanoha changes sides.
* HeroicBSOD: When Nanoha once again chooses to go with Fate, and (apparently) enters Imaginary Space.
* [[ImADoctorNotAPlaceholder I'm An Archaeologist, Not A Dimensional Cruiser Engineer]]: In his narration.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Has a subdued example of this trope when he [[spoiler:nearly kills Alicia while trying to seal the Jewel Seed keeping her alive.]]
* NotNowKiddo: The other TSAB officers partially ignore his impassioned speeches about the Garden of Time and how amazing it is throughout chapter 12 of ''Game Theory''. They do pay more attention when he says he might be able to read a map of the place.
* OpenMouthInsertFoot: When asking Nanoha how her father got his scars, Yuuno says that he's only seen wounds like that on dead bodies. He immediately realizes that he couldn't possibly have phrased that worse.
* PoorCommunicationKills: Keeping a few harmless secrets from Nanoha causes her to doubt him in later chapters.
** In the final chapter he tells Nanoha that Precia doesn't need her help anymore while ''also'' saying that Nanoha will risk her life by going with Precia - which causes Nanoha to believe that Precia would need her help because it's dangerous.
* SuperpowerfulGenetics: His ability to transform into a ferret (which is unique to him and ''never'' explained in the canon material) is explained in fanfic as being a result of this trope.
* TookALevelInBadass: Gains a Device in later chapters proves instrumental in sealing away one of the Jewel Seeds.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears[=/=]ActingYourIntellectualAge: Usually.


->''"(Fate) also wants to apologise for using so much force. Please understand, we can't accept failure in our mission."''

Fate's trusted {{Familiar}}. She's largely the same as in canon, except a bit less worried and more easygoing as a result of Fate's somewhat improved circumstances in the fanfic.

!!!Tropes associated with Arf:

* AnimalJingoism: Averted; Arf and Vesta get along well together.
* BarrierWarrior: It's explained in that Arf acts as Fate's shield, which makes sense given that Fate's durability is her [[FragileSpeedster weakest trait]].
* TheBrute: For Precia's group; being a BarrierWarrior and a wolf, she's the most prominent member of the group, physically.
* BuffySpeak: "You're the one with the geniusness and… stuff."
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: More like Establishing Differing Characterization Moment; Arf's encounter with Nanoha at the hot spring, where she threatened Nanoha in canon, is ''considerably'' less antagonistic in this fanfic.
** TookALevelInKindness: In general she's more accepting of Nanoha right from the start. By the end she outright states she's family.
* FantasticFoxes: An AllThereInTheManual [[ infodump]] says Arf is genetically more of a fox than a wolf.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Leukine: Arf has a relatively well-rounded personality, especially once she starts interacting with Nanoha and Vesta in addition to Fate.
* TheGenericGuy: To an extent; Arf serves as an emotional center for the foursome of Nanoha, Vesta, herself and Fate. She counterbalances Fate's seriousness and Nanoha and Vesta's impulsiveness.
* NoodleIncident: She once made Fate a mud pie as a gift. Arf made it without understanding what a mud pie is, implying that she gave Fate a ''literal'' pie made out of mud.
* OnlySaneMan: She has shades of this in later chapters, compared to [[LeeroyJenkins Nanoha]] and [[GenkiGirl Vesta.]]
* SempaiKohai: The Sempai to Vesta's Kohai. Vesta even calls her "Arf-Sensei."
* SleepModeSize: A standard familiar ability, she uses it in ''Power Games'' to be in the same school class as Alicia.
* TeamMom: Actually enforces this trope in public; because Nanoha and Fate are both minors, Arf's ability to take the appearance of an Adult comes in handy.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Ramen. Fate often berates her for trying to sneak it.
* UpliftedAnimal: The source of her UndyingLoyalty to Fate in this fanfic.
* WithCatlikeTread: Arf's attempt to sneak past Fate to get at the ramen probably would have gone better if she hadn't been humming a song about ramen.


->''Vesta was a brave kitten. Great sagas would have been written about her deeds, had any of the humans been intelligent enough to recognise and acknowledge them for what they were.''

->''"No...You're not my kitten. You're my master, which is a billion times better and more important."''

A simple MonsterOfTheWeek MegaNeko from the original series, Vesta takes AscendedExtra to the extreme by later becoming Nanoha's familiar to help her cope with her feelings of loneliness. A semi-original character for the fanfic.

!!!Tropes associated with Vesta:

* ActionGirl.
* AGodAmI: Played for laughs when Nanoha makes Vesta her familiar.
-->'''Vesta:''' I can open ''closed doors'' with my ''hands!'' She has made me into a ''god''.
* AnimalJingoism: Averted; Arf and Vesta get along well together.
* AscendedExtra: As noted above.
** OCStandIn
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny
* BadassAdorable
* BattleButler: Her outfit seems to invoke this.
* BigDamnHeroes: Attempts to pull this off to rescue Linith from Lotte. It kind of works, since Linith is rescued by Nanoha.
* BigEater: She claims it's only a side-effect of being wounded. Later, we find the things Nanoha has seen Vesta eat include "grass, a pureed blend of pear and tuna from one of Alicia’s cooking experiments, a two-day old dead vole, several tufts of Arf’s fur and [[NoodleIncident one of Nanoha’s own training shots]]".
* BlindedByTheLight: Vesta can use her illusion skills as a magical flashbang.
* BoobsOfSteel: Aleph's justification was that since Arf, Linith and the Liese twins are all busty, it could just be a side-effect of the way Familiars are made.
* BuffySpeak: In both her dialogue and her narration. For example, she says that Shiro is "A little like (Nanoha). But bigger and more square. And a boy.", Fate is "the evil dark human of evil," and her magic is "electric shooty bolts of doom."
* CallingYourAttacks: She often does this for laughs. ''Vesta pounce!''
* CaptainObvious: Occasionally.
-->'''Vesta:''' … I'm fairly sure evil glowiness is bad, mistress.
* {{Catgirl}}
* CatsAreSuperior: She seems to think this. [[UpToEleven And among cats,]] ''[[UpToEleven she's]]'' [[UpToEleven superior!]]
* ChekhovsGunman: Big time.
* CuteKitten: In her cat form.
* DarkIsNotEvil: Prefers to wear dark colors.
* DidntThinkThisThrough: Attempts to hide from Linith by turning invisible. It probably would have worked better if she wasn't covered in paint and tracking paw prints everywhere, however.
* DualAgeModes: Like most familiars, she can become a young child, an adult human, a kitten, or her [[PantheraAwesome war form]].
* {{Expy}}: According to WordOfGod, Vesta looks like a grey-haired [[{{Hellsing}} Seras Victoria]]. With cat ears.
* {{Familiar}}: She's Nanoha's.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Vesta combines the positive aspects of Sanguine with the negatives of Choleric: she's very easy-going and excitable, but also can be arrogant and quick to anger.
* GenkiGirl.
* GenreSavvy: After sealing a Jewel Seed in chapter ten, she notes that their crazy plan worked too well and something is probably going to go wrong. Which is when the remaining four Jewel Seeds activate all at once.
* HatesBaths: She is [[CatsHateWater a cat]].
* IMeantToDoThat: Vesta does not make mistakes! She just magnanimously demonstrates what not to do for the rest of us mere mortals.
** NeverMyFault: Vesta hardly if ever actually owns up to it when she makes mista - demonstrations of what not to do.
* InsaneTrollLogic: Played for laughs; if something happens to exist in such a way that causes her difficulty, such as paint being impossible to easily clean by licking off, it's ''obvious'' that whoever made it has it in for poor defenseless kittens.
* MamaBear: ''Try'' and hurt Nanoha with her around. Or Linith.
* MasterOfIllusion: She can make herself and others invisible, blind people, and create phantom attacks. It's meant to contrast Nanoha's overly flashy and totally unsubtle fighting style.
* MotorMouth: '''Jeez'''. The girl can work herself into epically long talks if you let her.
* MonsterOfTheWeek: What she was at first.
** MegaNeko: Her canon self is actually the trope image.
* {{Ninja}}: Aleph describes Vesta as being similar to this: Nanoha is a ranged fighter, and her style of combat is very flashy. To counteract this, Vesta fights at close range and is a MasterOfIllusion. She's meant to be there when Nanoha requires a stealthy approach to solving problems.
* PantheraAwesome: Her war form.
* PuppyDogEyes: Vesta uses these on Nanoha. [[CutenessProximity It works.]]
* PurpleProse: Her narration parodies this.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: She keeps it tucked closely around her neck, however.
* SempaiKohai: The Kohai to Arf's Sempai. Vesta even calls her "Arf-Sensei."
* ShooOutTheClowns: Vesta tends to go [[GenkiGirl uncharac]][[MotorMouth teristically]] quiet during the more dire scenes. Most notably the end of Chapter 13, where she doesn't say a thing.
* SixthRanger: The last member to join Precia's FiveBadBand. She also shares some of Nanoha's role as the DarkChick.
* SleepModeSize: A standard familiar ability, she uses it in ''Power Games'' to be in the same class as Alicia.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Vesta has a rather inflated sense of her own self importance, which is played entirely for laughs.
* SpannerInTheWorks: An inversion, though not exactly an example of UnintentionalBackupPlan. Precia's study of Vesta was one of the reasons she abandoned her plan of going to Alhazred in favor of reviving Alicia another way.
* SpikyHair.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Cat food.
* UpliftedAnimal: It's the source of her immense gratitude and loyalty to Nanoha.
* UndyingLoyalty: To Nanoha.
* UnreliableNarrator: She's a kitten. Enough said.
* WalkingSpoiler: She used to be, before ''Power Games'' came out.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have to Be Water?]]: She ''really'' hates water in all its forms.
* WolverineClaws: Has the LaserBlade version.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: She's actually only a few weeks old, but can appear as an adult.

!!Precia Testarossa

->''"You may be of use to me yet, and... who knows? When Alicia wakes, she may be grateful for a sister. You are not Alicia, no. Not my daughter. But I will give you the chance to prove your worth to me... ''Fate''."''

The entire notion of this fanfic is that Precia is a little more sane than she was in canon; sane enough to realize that Fate is still an important asset and to treat her with the necessary care. Such a simple change in treatment caused an amazing shift in story...

At the end of ''Game Theory'' Alicia is successfully revived, thanks to Nanoha's interference and Precia's tactical genius. In ''Power Games'' Precia hopes to live in hiding for the little time she has left alive, but the actions of the Wolkenritter ruin that.

!!!Tropes associated with Precia:

* AbusiveParent: ''Significantly'' less so than in canon, but it's [[ been noted]] Precia [[BreakThemByTalking can cause]] Fate to [[HeroicBSOD beat herself up]] more than Precia ever could.
* AntiVillain: Precia is ''much'' more sympathetic than in canon. Although she's still kind of a bitch.
* TheArchmage: She has an SS mage rank (only Hayate can match that) for a good reason.
* BadassBookworm: She's basically a scientist, but she's powerful and skilled enough to fight evenly against trained combat mages.
* BigBad: [[WhiteAndGreyMorality For a given definition of Big Bad.]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing: She may ''act'' pleasant, but...
** BecomingTheMask: Although she does seem to have softened a bit towards Fate over the course of the story, at one point comforting her over Precia's own impending death. And her viewpoint in ''Power Games'' shows that it wasn't entirely feigned.
* BreakThemByTalking: Precia does this to Fate when the story begins, and does it to Fate again in Chapter 3 by just essentially saying "[[MoreThanMindControl Can't you work just a little harder? For me?]]".
* TheChessmaster: Very much so. Precia takes little action herself because of her IncurableCoughOfDeath; almost everything she accomplishes is done by playing the other characters like fiddles.
* DangerouslyGenreSavvy: Most definitely. Precia seems to have read the Evil Overlord List's tips on how to treat her minions, and she is very well aware of the tendency for plans in this story to get spectacularly derailed...which is why she doesn't tell anyone about her ''actual'' plan.
* FakingTheDead: Precia sets things up to appear as if she and the others had fallen into Imaginary Space to throw the TSAB off their trail, when she had actually found a way to revive Alicia without traveling to Alhazred.
* GiverOfLameNames: Precia's ability to come up with names for her creations lags a bit behind her genius in other areas. She named the child created by project Fate, "Fate"; and her bardiche-Device, "Bardiche". The original name she came up with for the PMAM was the "Life-Maintaining Jewel Seed Implant," until Nanoha pointed out that it was slightly lacking in, gravitas.
** This seems to be genetic - Fate names her familiar "Arf", and Alicia names her doll "Dollie"
* [[ImADoctorNotAPlaceholder I'm a Scientist, not a Mathematician or Device Meister]].
* IncidentalVillain: Precia's only ambition is to revive Alicia and keep her safe. Though she has no compunctions about doing anything in pursuit of that objective, she only does so if it furthers her goal, and she is perfectly content to live out the rest of her life with her daughter.
* KnightTemplarParent: Precia is perfectly willing to order assassinations if it keeps Alicia safe.
* MadScientist: Just a bit. She does think that research is her element; it's actually one of the few things we unambiguously know about her character.
* ManipulativeBitch
* MinoredInAsskicking: Unlike most of the other major characters, Precia is not a dedicated combat mage, but she's so insanely powerful and so skilled with magic that it doesn't really matter. She manages to hold off ''[[TheJuggernaut Zest and Quint]]'' with the help of the Jewel Seeds.
* MoreThanMindControl: Precia's means of control are classical methods; measured praise for doing what she wants and condemnation for failing her.
** The prologue reads like a case study in psychological brainwashing: An assault on the victim's identity and the associated incitement of guilt causes the victim to break down completely, which is then followed by an offering of help and a new identity for the victim.
** She pulls another one on Nanoha as well: offering sympathy and compliments to open her up, revealing the innocent truth behind Yuuno to sow doubt in her heart, moving onto the TSAB and painting them as heartless and restrictive to coax her into acting against them and then finally appealing to Nanoha's sense of right and wrong and using Alicia to lead her into leaping headfirst into a FaceHeelTurn.
* [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Nice Job Breaking It]] AntiVillain: In ''Power Games'' it turns out [[spoiler: the destruction of the Garden of Time has reawoken the Mariage]].
* OlderThanTheyLook: Precia mentions offhandedly at one point that she could realistically be a grandmother if Alicia hadn't died. Nanoha remarks that Precia doesn't show her age, which seemingly flatters her somewhat.
* PowerDegeneration: She's suffering from mana poisoning due to the fallout from the reactor explosion in her backstory, and her symptoms are exacerbated when she casts spells.
* PutOnABus: [[spoiler:She falls into a coma at the end of chapter 6 of ''Power Games''. Linith isn't even sure if she'll wake up before her remaining life expires.]]
* PragmaticVillainy: In sharp contrast to her [[AxCrazy canon portrayal.]] This trope causes massive changes to the way the story progresses.
* SecretlyDying: Precia had carefully kept the knowledge of her fatal illness from Fate and Nanoha. The cat is out of the bag now.
* SparedByTheAdaptation: Though she's still dying from mana poisoning.
* TearsOfJoy: When Alicia is revived.
* TookALevelInKindness: At the very least, she makes an effort to act pleasant instead of abusing Fate, so she's already miles ahead of her canon counterpart, and she does seem to get somewhat nicer as the story progresses.
* TheUnfettered: ''Nothing'' will stop her from getting Alicia back, even if it means accepting Fate.
* XanatosSpeedChess: The entire climax comes about as a result of her quickly and effectively working Nanoha and the TSAB's entrance into her schemes to her favor. And she ''succeeds''.
* YourDaysAreNumbered: By Precia's own admission, she has only a year or two left before she succumbs to mana poisoning.
** It gets even worse; early in ''Power Games'', she estimates that her exertions during the final battle in ''Game Theory'' left her with ''mere months'' remaining.


[[folder:Time Space Administration Bureau]]

!!Chrono Harlaown

->''"No, that was ''not'' a native. I refuse to believe that. For crying out loud, she has to be at least AA-rank! And with a Device, to boot. Not to mention the magic she was using - I certainly don't see any Mid-style academies on this world, do you?"''

Enforcer with the TSAB, Chrono holds the dubious honor of being most responsible for driving Nanoha to join Fate and Precia by badly botching his initial contact with her.

In ''Power Games'' he investigates the mysterious disappearances of TSAB personnel in the world of Pihroea. The investigation turns the TSAB's attention to a world close to Pihroea: Earth.

!!!Tropes associated with Chrono:

* AdaptationalBadass: His Device, [=S2U=], was upgraded with a cartridge system by ''Power Games''.
* ChildSoldier: Nanoha refuses to believe he's a police officer (Enforcer from the TSAB standards) because of this trope.
** ImprobableAge.
* DarkIsEvil: Nanoha believes Chrono is this from his black Enforcer uniform.
* InsufferableGenius: He has some shades of this in his interactions with weaker mages and ordinary humans.
* TheLancer: He generally leads the ground actions when Zest is either not around or otherwise occupied.
* ObviouslyEvil: From Nanoha's perspective. She doesn't like the [[DarkIsEvil all-black]] and SpikesOfVillainy.
* PoorCommunicationKills: Well done, Chrono, you just caused the White freaking Devil to change sides by following this trope.
* SpikesOfVillainy: Nanoha seems to take exception with them. They're later mentioned being absent from his outfit, perhaps he's catching on?
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: He and Yuuno don't get along well at first, due to Chrono causing Nanoha to change sides.

!!Lindy Harlaown

->''"So, we're going to step in and help them out! And then bring them in for a nice long lecture on deliberately activating Lost Logia that they don't understand, even if it was with the intention of sealing them."''

Flotilla Admiral with the TSAB, Lindy largely plays the same role as she did in canon; commanding the ''Asura''.

!!!Tropes associated with Lindy:

* AgeLift: She was rectonned to being 41 instead of 31 in order to avert ImprobableAge. Of course that does cause...
** OlderThanTheyLook: There's really no indication in-story that she shows her age. Of course, she didn't in [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers canon]] either.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: She can be scary if pressed to anger.
* TheCaptain.
* TheChainsOfCommanding: Lindy dislikes having to stay on the ship while her subordinates are carrying out dangerous tasks, as her position of Admiral demands.
* MissionControl.
* OverrankedSoldier: Toned down from canon. Lindy is a Flotilla Admiral, the equivalent of a Commodore, and her age has been raised by ten years, which put together makes her rank much more plausible.
* StayInTheKitchen: Megane accuses Lindy of attempting to do this to her, and makes mild accusations of ''sexism'' as a result of it.
** InformedFlaw: An in-universe example. Lindy demonstrates no signs of sexism, naturally.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: She's not fond of Megane. She's actually ''relieved'' about the unlikelihood that Megane could assist in the Book of Darkness case due to her being on maternity leave.

!!Tiida Lanster

->''"So my training squad wound up with one juvenile delinquent, one pre-pubescent political activist, and one normal girl. You know, sometimes I wonder who picks these combinations out, and what I've ever done to annoy them."''

A lieutenant in the TSAB, he commands the backup squad assigned to the Jewel Seed case. Also [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers Teana's]] beloved older brother.

In ''Power Games'', the incident on Pihroea is believed to have a connection to the Jewel Seeds, which causes him and his team to be redeployed.

!!!Tropes associated with Tiida:

* EarlyBirdCameo: One of many characters who appear earlier than they did in canon.
* HeroicSacrifice: He comes close, by distracting one of the defense mecha away from his squad. Nanoha saves him at the last moment.
* TheMenFirst: Tiida tries to negotiate with Lindy to keep his squad out of the raid on the Garden of Time by pointing out that they're too low-ranked to be expected to participate in such a dangerous mission.
* ObliviousToLove: He completely fails to notice Rizu's massive crush on him.
* OCStandIn
* PromotionToParent: He's been Teana's caretaker since their parents died.
** ParentalAbandonment.
* SoLastSeason: He gets an upgraded Device with a cartridge system in ''Power Games''.
* TagalongKid: He and his squad on the whole tend to fill this role for the TSAB: all of them are a bit out of their league, but still do their part.

!!Rizu Jhanashdi

->''"I-it's from g-growing up with Mei...You learn to d-distract… um… energetic children. It's not too hard once y-you know what sort of thing to say."''

Mei's older, more responsible half-sister. She's TheMedic of the backup squad.

!!!Tropes associated with Rizu:

* BoomStick: Unlike Heidi, her staff shoots closer-range, Shotgun-like blasts.
* CombatMedic.
* {{Determinator}}: It's revealed after the fact that Rizu was "running on fumes" while doing some of her most impressive feats in the battle of the Garden of Time.
* HeroicBastard: She was actually born from a brief fling between her parents. On the other hand, it's implied this sort of thing is normal in the TSAB.
* LethalHarmlessPowers: Rizu uses a spell meant to gather oxygen to assist someone who is having difficulty breathing to start a fire with concentrated gas.
* LetsGetDangerous: A somewhat lighter example than most, but when her squadmates are in danger, Rizu drops her usual nervousness.
* MinoredInAsskicking
* OriginalCharacter.
* RedOniBlueOni: Blue to Mei's red.
** SiblingYinYang
* ShrinkingViolet.
* SpeechImpediment: As her quote implies, she speaks with a heavy stutter and tends to pause mid-sentence.
* WhiteMage: She mostly supports her teammates with augmentation spells and healing.
** WhiteMagicianGirl.

!!Mei Ereignis

->''"… so I got dragged in to see the principal, of course, but they'd been leaving me out of stuff like that since I started aiming for the TSAB, so I could honestly say that I didn't know anything, and he had to let me off – though boy, was he unhappy about it!"''

Rizu's younger, more energetic half-sister, also part of the backup team.

!!!Tropes associated with Mei:

* ActionGirl.
* AliensStealCable: During a break she decides to watch ''Film/StarWars''. She likes it.
* TheBerserker: She's from a Belkan berserker lineage (specifically from the Shutran Hegemony), which gives her a decreased fear response and greater power under stress and is the cause of her LeeroyJenkins tendencies.
** BlessedWithSuck: Although this helps her cope much better with the stress of combat situations, it got her into a lot of trouble before she joined the TSAB. As Earth Scorpion put it, "a giant paper dragon, and a poltergeist in a supermarket, and demon submarine tried to eat me" is not the baseline state of human interaction.
** In ''Power Games'' she's actually on a drug implant that let's her feel fear properly.
* BuffySpeak: In ''Power Games'', she talks about being saved from "a giant horrible robot monster thing!".
* CharacterDevelopment: It sort of happens off-screen, but in ''Power Games'' she's become a more well-adjusted individual. Being diagnosed with a Berserker lineage and getting proper treatment helps.
* DisappearedDad: Her father died trying to hold off [[spoiler: the previous manifestation of one of the Wolkenritter. Mei says it was a SenselessSacrifice, and possibly even a StupidSacrifice caused by his undiagnosed berserker heritage.]]
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: Averted. Mei ''calls herself'' a princess due to her descent from the Shutran Hegemony, but as Heidi points out, that alone doesn't mean anything.
* FearlessFool: Due to being from a Berserker lineage. She gets better.
* GenkiGirl
* LaserBlade: Her Armed Device is an energy sword and buckler.
** LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe
* LineageComesFromTheFather: Her berserker lineage does.
* LeeroyJenkins: Mei is just a ''tad'' bit reckless. In ''Power Games'' she has become aware of this and is taking steps to prevent future recklessness.
* MadeOfIron: The sheer amount of insane injuries she's survived is amazing; ''Like... less than that time I fell through the roof, or the time I was hit by the car, or that time I wanted to see what shooting myself with my own training shots would be like or... I'll stop talking.'' By all accounts she's TooDumbToLive except she's also Too Tough To Die.
* MilitaryMaverick: Thanks to her Berserker lineage, her military record had a lot of black marks in it. Averted later on, however, as after the problem was diagnosed she began receiving treatment, and her record was cleaned up considerably thanks to mitigating circumstances being applied to her black marks.
* MotorMouth: Mei is very talkative.
* NoMedicationForMe: Averted, Mei is clearly having a better life thanks to her medication.
* NotQuiteFlight: Mei manages this by creating barriers in the air and using them as stepping stones. While ''fourteen storys up.'' She was just lucky Chrono was there to catch her when she fell.
* OriginalCharacter
* RedOniBlueOni: Red to Rizu's blue.
** SiblingYinYang
* ScarilyCompetentTracker: In ''Power Games'' she's training to become an Outrider, which is partially this. (Outriders specialize in scouting and reconnaissance on worlds with low population density.)
* SharedUnusualTrait: One of Mei's eyes is much paler than the other, a characteristic of certain Belkan lineages. According to WordOfGod, Mei is a ''very'' distant relative of Einhart.
* ShipperOnDeck: She encourages Rizu to pursue her crush on Tiida.
* SkySurfing: She mentions she has a board she can fly with in ''Power Games''. The details aren't clear yet.
* WeakButSkilled: Her magic style, Kabupatenic, lends itself towards this type of fighting, although Mei doesn't quite qualify yet.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Green Hair]]

!!Heidi Zwischenfall

->''"I was involved in Representativist groups, which would have been a real problem for my mother if it had got out. It's the reason she let me go offworld for this, on the exchange programme and then… well, it's much easier for her if she has my older sister being nice and conformist and okay with the illegitimate oligarchy of entrenched interests in the…"''

The fourth member of the backup team.

!!!Tropes associated with Heidi:

* ActionGirl.
* AloofDarkHairedGirl: According to WordOfGod, she's "built to a larger scale than most people" and is also taller than Tiida. She has the personality, too. That said, her hair is a pale blond.
* BoomStick: Her Storage Device functions like this.
** SniperRifle: Her specific role is being a sniper.
* DeadpanSnarker: Really starts to show in ''Power Games''.
* DefectorFromDecadence: She was born to a position of privilege on her homeworld Schzenais. She hated the oligarchical political system there, and joined the TSAB at the first opportunity.
* LesbianCop: It's implied she might be in the closet about it; she catches herself staring at Mei at one point while the latter is wearing a sports bra.
* OriginalCharacter
* SoLastSeason: She gets an upgraded Device in ''Power Games''.

!!Zest Grangaitz

->''"(I'm not) the most reassuring of faces, no...I'm better at intimidation."''

The Captain of the elite team. Unlike the Zest we know from [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers StrikerS]], this is the original Zest, as his fateful and deadly encounter with Cinque has not yet occurred ([[ButterflyOfDoom and indeed, may not occur).]]

In ''Power Games'', Zest assists in investigating the incident on Pihroea.

!!!Tropes associated with Zest:

* {{Badass}}: Which is to be expected from an S+ rank mage.
* BladeOnAStick: His Armed Device.
* DynamicEntry: He arrives to the fight in chapter eight by splitting the paper dragon in half with one blow.
* EarlyBirdCameo: One of many characters who appear earlier than they did in canon.
* GeniusBruiser: Zest can cut giant monsters in half with one blow, but he can also track a magical signature through dimensional space.
* GoodCopBadCop: Bad cop to Quint's good.
* TheJuggernaut: To Nanoha and Fate. He has the same S+ Mage Rank as they do in [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers StrikerS]], except in this story, they're still AA rank children.
* TheLeader: For the TSAB's FiveManBand; he's in charge of any field operation.
* LightningBruiser: He can keep pace with [[FragileSpeedster Fate]] in straight bursts.
* NamedWeapons: Averted, Zest's device has still gone unnamed.
* NoSocialSkills: Not very good ones, at least. In his own words:
-->''[Zest] was not entirely at home with situations like this. It was not a problem which could be solved with appropriate amounts of violence.''

!!Quint Nakajima

->''"You're a brilliant young girl, your friend Yuuno thinks the world of you. Your heart is good, and you have so much potential. Please, Nanoha-chan, come up to the Asura with me and we can talk this out up there and let you off easily. I don't want to see your potential wasted like that."''

A Warrant Officer in the TSAB, and a member of the elite team. In ''Game Theory'' she is in the process of adopting Subaru and Ginga, a pair of cyborg clones of herself that she rescued from a laboratory.

In ''Power Games'' [[spoiler: we unfortunately learn that Subaru and Ginga were abducted while Quint was away during the Jewel Seed Incident.]] Quint herself is sent to investigate the Pihroea incident.

!!!Tropes associated with Quint:

* ActionGirl.
* AmazonianBeauty: The girls from the backup squad realize that Quint is quite built.
* AncestralWeapon: Inversed: she uses the two Revolver Knuckles wielded by Subaru and Ginga Nekajima in [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers StrikerS]]. However, her unnamed roller blades are not Mach Caliber and Blitz Caliber.
* ArmorIsUseless: Averted: her barrier jacket takes the form of heavy plate armor, and she can shrug off attacks coming from ''NANOHA''.
* BadassNormal: Compared to her {{Cyborg}} adopted daughters. She can freely use both of the Revolver Knuckles, which is something neither Subaru nor Ginga can do easily.
** HeartbrokenBadass: [[spoiler:After Subaru and Ginga are kidnapped.]]
* BearerOfBadNews: To Nanoha's family along with Yuuno, explaining Nanoha's ([[FakingTheDead apparent]]) death.
* TheBigGuy.
* [[CoolBigSis Cool]] [[HonoraryUncle Aunt]]: She's already volunteered this roll for Lutecia.
* DualWielding: The two Revolver Knuckles.
* DungeonBypass: Done twice so far.
* EarlyBirdCameo: One of many characters who appear earlier than they did in canon.
* FlyingBrick: Averted; she's actually fully capable of flying unaided, but her armor weighs her down such that she finds using Wing Road to be preferable.
* GoodCopBadCop: The good cop to Zest's bad.
* GratuitousGerman: Her Revolver Knuckles have a German programming language. A standard feature of Armed Devices.
* KungFuWizard: And she's quite good at it.
* LawOfInverseFertility: Quint is sterile, which she shows some degree of bitterness about. Fortunately, she can still adopt Subaru and Ginga.
* LightningBruiser: She's too fast for Nanoha or Vesta to keep up with, and she can punch through Arf and Nanoha's barriers easily.
* TheMentor: Develops this way towards Mei.
* OCStandIn
* RollerbladeGood: Like Ginga, Subaru and Nove in canon.
* SandInMyEyes: When discussing [[spoiler:Subaru and Ginga's abduction]], Quint says that some rain must be getting through the barrier.
* TeamMom

!!Megane Alpine

->''"Your noted, and appreciated. But I will not be in any danger, and in the unlikely event that I am threatened, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself with a minimum of risk to my child or my person. I will be remaining here to support my team."''

The [[SummonMagic summoner]] of the elite team. She enters the story pregnant with Lutecia, and later gives birth due to early labor.

!!!Tropes associated with Megane:

* AncestralWeapon: Lutecia would later go on to inherit Megane's device Asclepius.
* [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Arrogant Summoner Woman]]: She has shades of this, as noted by WordOfGod. It should also be noted that she has some cause to be proud of her abilities.
* BlueBlood: She's descended from Belkan nobility, and is actually a Countess. The title doesn't give her much actual power, however, and the responsibilities involved with her title actually ''lose'' her money. As a result, [[RebelliousPrincess she'd rather give up her position if she could.]]
* DemotedToExtra[=/=]PutOnABus: After Lutecia is born she understandably disappears from the plot to care for her new baby. In ''Power Games'' she's at the Infinite Library, doing research while everyone else is fighting.
* EarlyBirdCameo: One of many characters who appear earlier than they did in canon.
* LesbianCop: In case you're curious, Lutecia's father was little more than a sperm donor.
* LiteralSurveillanceBug: The most common way she uses her summoned insects.
* MandatoryMotherhood: She was urged by the TSAB to mother a child to ensure her bloodline-based summoning talents wouldn't die with her.
* PregnantBadass: Deconstructed. Using her most powerful summon causes her to enter labor.
* TheSmartGuy.
* TheSnarkKnight
* StayInTheKitchen: Attempting to invoke this trope on her appears to be her BerserkButton, regardless of the fact she was pregnant at the time!
* SugarAndIcePersonality: Megane maintains an aloof persona with people she doesn't know or dislikes, but is quite warm to her friends.
* SupportPartyMember: Her role is to boost Zest and Quint and use her summons.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: She and Lindy ''do not'' get along.
* TrickedOutGloves: Asclepius, like seemingly all Booster Devices, takes the form of a glove with a purple gem set inside. It allows her to power up her allies and summon her insects.
** PurpleIsPowerful.

!! Lotte Liese

->''"I don't like fighting in war form...It's too hard not killing people; you can't use a lot of the strength, or the claws and the biting...And anyway, hands are useful, too. I have eskrima sticks, see?"''

One of Gil Graham's two faithful catgirl familiars/adopted daughters. Lotte is sent to aid in the attack on the Garden of Time to replace Megane. She and her sister were Chrono's mentors. [[spoiler: Hinted to still be one of the Masked Men in ''Power Games'']]

!!!Tropes associated with Lotte:

* ActionGirl.
* AwesomeButImpractical: She notes that her war form is too large to properly use inside the corridors of the Garden of Time.
** BoringButPractical: Having hands, apparently.
* BloodKnight: She doesn't like killing people, but she does seem to enjoy a good fight, as evidenced by the grin on her face when she engages Linith.
* {{Catgirl}}.
* CombatPragmatist: Lotte was already well known for liberal use of binding magic in the second season, but she never used it to ''strangle someone'', as she did to Linith during the battle on the Garden of Time.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Though not quite as early as some of the others.
* EleventhHourRanger: For the TSAB in ''Game Theory''
* GenkiGirl: Not much seems capable of getting her down.
* KungFuWizard: She's proficient both with magic and her weapons.
* LegendaryImpostor: [[spoiler: Although unconfirmed, it's implied that the Masked Man disguise is meant to evoke the legend of the Wraith, the supposed fifth member of the Wolkenritter.]]
* PantheraAwesome: Like Vesta and Lynith, she has a giant feline form, but she's opted not to use it.
* SimpleStaff: Her weapon of choice.
** DualWielding.
* TermsOfEndangerment: She almost immediately gives Yuuno the nickname "mousy". [[CallBack Which is exactly what he's called by]] Vesta.

!! Aria Liese

Gil Graham's other familiar, Chrono's other mentor and Lotte's sister. [[spoiler: Hinted to still be one of the Masked Men in ''Power Games'']]

!!!Tropes associated with Aria:

* {{Catgirl}}
* EarlyBirdCameo: As with Lotte.
* LegendaryImpostor: [[spoiler: The Masked Man disguise is suggested to be an impersonation of the Wraith - or at least the common perception of the Wraith.]]


[[folder:Nanoha's family and loved ones]]

!!Momoko Takamachi

->''"You've taught (Nanoha) well, by example. As have I. Have faith in your daughter, she's able to fight her own battles...Of course, I'd prefer it if she wasn't fighting them at the age of'' nine'', but..."''

Nanoha's mother. Like her youngest daughter, she has some innate talent for magic, though not as much....but it's still enough to freak Chrono out.

In ''Power Games'' she is attacked by the Wolkenritter, prompting Nanoha's arrival on Earth.

!!!Tropes associated with Momoko:

* AscendedExtra
* MamaBear: Despite not being nearly as powerful as Nanoha, she'll still run off to help her at the first hint she might be in danger.
* MissedTheCall: Given that ''Another Way'' is an AlternateUniverse of Game Theory, this is her position in life. Has lots of raw magical power, but missed any chance to actually use it because she was born on a world where there weren't any mages.
** Although that may be changing.
* TakeUpMySword: In the Epilogue, Yuuno gives Momoko his Storage Device.
* UnreliableExpositor: When she's attacked in ''Power Games'' she first tells her family that she doesn't remember what happened. Later, she privately admits to Nanoha that she lied to them so that they wouldn't go out and get themselves hurt. In fact she tried to fight back against Signum. [[CurbStompBattle Emphasis on tried.]]

!!Shiro Takamachi

->''"Passively, we're going to get ready. Passively, we're going to go over what we know piece by piece, and prepare. And passively, we are going to make damned sure that the next time somebody attacks this house or a member of this family, they will'' regret it''."''

Nanoha's father. A trained swordfighter and ex-bodyguard.

!!!Tropes associated with Shiro:

* FullContactMagic: Although he doesn't realize it specifically as such. He's trained his older children- and is now training his wife- to do it as well.
* ScarsAreForever: Has a ''horrific'' one on his chest.

!!Kyouya Takamachi

->''"Well, I hope you'll leave out the flashy transformations and speeches about love and justice...And wear a proper length skirt."''

Nanoha's older brother.

!!!Tropes associated with Kyouya:

* BigBrotherInstinct: He doesn't hesitate to leap from a two story window at the prospect of coming to Nanoha's aid when she's in danger.
* FullContactMagic: Like Miyuki and Shiro.

!!Miyuki Takamachi

->''"If you really want to learn, I suppose I can teach you, but... Nanoha, if you get bored of this in a week or so and decide to do something else, I will not be pleased. If you really want to learn, you'll have to show me that you're serious about it."''

Nanoha's older sister/cousin.

!!!Tropes associated with Miyuki:

* CoolBigSis: She provides advice to both Nanoha and Fate. She's rather miffed when she realizes they knew each other and she was providing advice for the exact same situation.
* FullContactMagic: Like Kyoua and Shiro.
* HappilyAdopted: She's biologically Nanoha's cousin.

!!Arisa Bannings

->''"If you're just going to ''lie'' to your friends to keep them out of your business, then fine, Nanoha. If you want to keep insisting nothing is wrong while you sneak out at night and come back limping and covered in bruises, that's just ''fine''. But don't ''mock'' us by pretending nothing's wrong."''

One of Nanoha's two best friends. Arisa in particular gives her some grief when Nanoha starts into the whole MagicalGirl thing. By the end of ''Game Theory'' she discovers she can do magic.

In ''Power Games'' she is attacked by Vita and gets her Linker Core drained.

!!!Tropes associated with Arisa:

* AngerBornOfWorry: She expresses her concern for Nanoha [[{{Tsundere}} by shouting at her]].
* AscendedExtra: After learning to use magic, she gets attacked by Vita in the first chapter of ''Power Games''.
* FlashStep: "[[MythologyGag Ghost Step]]" (Arisa was a ghost in ''VideoGame/TriangleHeart3SweetSongsForever'').
* RedOniBlueOni: Red to Suzuka's blue.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: She and Suzuka lead the TSAB to Nanoha and Fate.

!!Suzuka Tsukimura

->''"You're been a little down lately, and you're distracted all the time. And you've been zoning out, like just now. Is someone wrong? If something's worrying you, would you like to talk to us about it? We might be able to help."''

Nanoha's other best friend. While more cool-headed than Arisa, Suzuka is also hurt when Nanoha keeps secrets from her. Like Arisa, she discovers she can do magic by the end of ''Game Theory''.

In ''Power Games'' she is attacked by Zafira off-screen and gets her Linker Core drained.

!!!Tropes associated with Suzuka:

* AscendedExtra
* EnergyAbsorption: Her Energy Vampire spell. Also a ''VideoGame/TriangleHeart3SweetSongsForever'' reference.
* RedOniBlueOni: Blue to Arisa's red.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: She and Arisa lead the TSAB to Nanoha and Fate.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Purple Hair]]: A legacy of her distant Alhazredian ancestry.


[[folder: Hayate and her friends and family]]

!!Hayate Yagami

->''"Okay, ready? First off, the most important thing is to ''notice that there are zombies''. That’s really crucial. Underline that."''

A certain girl in a wheelchair that ''Game Theory'' steadfastly refused to name until the very end. When a Jewel Seed activated in a hospital and reanimated zombies, Hayate was protected by Chikaze, Nanoha and Fate. The end of ''Game Theory'' revealed that the dimensional quake caused by the destruction of the Garden of Time summoned the Wolkenritter.

In ''Power Games'', Hayate's situation is mostly the same as in canon, although she now has a friend in Chikaze. She's also doing research on zombies in case they attack again.

!!!Tropes associated with Hayate:

* BuffySpeak: When attempting to give her opinion on what Signum being a mother would be like.
* CheerfulChild: She acts kind of like an older Teana (see below).
* EarlyBirdCameo
* NoNameGiven[=/=]TheTropeWithoutATitle: In ''Game Theory''. But even the author admitted she may as well not have bothered.
* PsychicNosebleed: The dimensional quake in chapter 4 causes this to her. Except it's not a [[EarAche nose]][[TearsOfBlood bleed]].
* WrongGenreSavvy: Since the hosptial incident, Hayate has become worried about zombies attacking again. So she's doing research by watching all the zombie movies she can. [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope This turns]] [[CerebusRetcon out to be]] {{Foreshadowing}} the appearance of the Mariage.]]

!!Chikaze Yoshida

->''"What I really miss is dairy stuff. And ''meat''. Man, I’d kill for a beef bowl. Or... like, some kind of pasty thing just packed with cheese and beef and pork and chicken and... sorry. I’m not keeping food down too well, so I’m hungry"''

An IllGirl with Leukemia who is suffering through her chemotherapy treatments. She saved a certain wheelchair-bound girl from zombies created by a Jewel Seed and befriended her.

In ''Power Games'', she visits Hayate at her house and is aware of the true nature of the Wolkenritter. In fact, Shamal is helping her with her illness. Chikaze is also learning magic and helping Hayate's zombie "research".

!!!Tropes associated with Chikaze:

* BuffySpeak:
-->'''Chikaze:''' Say something the people who spoke it would have said! Like, something magical-alien-y!
* CheerfulChild: As long as her disease doesn't come up.
* ChekhovsGunman: Not definite yet, but seems very likely. Besides the whole friend-to-Hayate thing, she's also magic-sensitive.
** In ''Power Games'', Fate and Nanoha stumble across Chikaze again while looking for the Wolkenritter which may potentially set them up to meet Hayate.
* {{Determinator}}: See below.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Shoving a zombie down the stairs to save a wheelchair-bound girl, despite being a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.
* {{Expy}}: Hmmm...cancer patient, pink hair, tenacious nature, author is an admitted fan of the series...It's {{Fanon}} [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Charlotte]]!
* HeroicBystander: Her EstablishingCharacterMoment above.
* HonorBeforeReason: She herself can barely walk due to her cancer and chemotherapy, but she still didn't hesitate to save a girl she didn't know
* IdenticalStranger: In ''Power Games'' Chikaze claims that a nurse mistook Signum for her mom. The trope is promptly subverted, see ResemblanceReveal below.
* IllGirl
* OriginalCharacter
* ResemblanceReveal: An unusual example. Chapter 4 of ''Power Games'' explicitly reveals that Chikaze looks a lot like Signum. Shamal thinks it's very likely that Signum's current appearance was shaped by Hayate's subconscious perception of Chikaze.
* SweetTooth: Averted, she's been given a lot of sweets with artificial sweeteners due to her chemotherapy, causing her to be sick of sweet things. She just wants dairy foods now.
* TheWatson: She's very interested in learning about the Wolkenritter, and asks them questions such as how far back their memories extend to, or how they learned Japanese. This conveniently answers those questions for the reader.

!!The Wolkenritter

->''"The Cloud Knights of the Book are ancient and powerful combatants, highly experienced in their respective roles and entirely willing to kill, unlike the TSAB. They are not opponents to take lightly."''

The Guardian Knights of the Book of Darkness.

!!! Tropes associated with the Wolkenritter collectively:

* AwesomenessByAnalysis: As the result of hundreds of years of accumulated combat experience, the Wolkenritter are extremely good at analyzing their opponents' abilities and tactics.
* EntertaininglyWrong: According to one of the author's infodumps, the Wolkenritter assume that the reason the Book has caused destruction in the past is because they ''failed to feed it fast enough.''
* TheFogOfAges: The Wolkenritter can't recall much past the last couple centuries.
* {{Metamorphosis}}: In this setting, the Wolkenritter take different forms each time the Book manifests, based on their current master's preferences.
* {{Omniglot}}: The Wolkenritter acquire the linguistic knowledge of their masters through the Book, and consequently can speak over forty languages.
* RedBaron: Each of the Wolkenritter have acquired a number of titles by which they are widely known and feared.
* SuperToughness: As mana constructs, the Wolkenritter lack most of the vulnerabilities of human physiology.
* WillfullyWeak: The Wolkenritter are explicitly holding back to avoid killing anyone, due to their promise to Hayate, which constrains their tactical options a fair bit, since much of their arsenal is highly lethal. However, when fighting against non-sapient beings to whom the promise doesn't apply [[spoiler:such as the Mariage]] they can use their more deadly skills, and the difference is very noticeable.


->''"An intensive draining would probably keep her in hospital until everything is over, one way or another. And pay her back in part for trying to kill one of our number. Just be sure not to kill her. We may be violating the spirit of her orders, but we will not violate the letter.''"

The leader of the Wolkenritter. Signum attacked Momoko to drain her Linker Core, which ultimately sets off the chain of events that leads to Nanoha becoming aware of the Book of Darkness being present on Earth.

!!! Tropes associated with Signum:

* TheComicallySerious: Signum's reaction to Hayate's zombie obsession milks this for all that it's worth.
* TheDreaded: Momoko is ''terrified'' of her. Understandable, really.
* IdenticalStranger[=/=]ResemblanceReveal: See Chikaze's section.
* TheLeader: Of the Wolkenritter.
* {{Metamorphosis}}: In this setting, the Wolkenritter take different forms each time the Book manifests. Shamal believes Signum's current appearence is based on Chikaze.
* RainOfArrows [[ArrowsOnFire On Fire]]: One of her attack spells.
* RedBaron: Known as The Blade in ''Power Games''.
* RunOrDie: Momoko stresses this to Nanoha, in regards to Signum.
** As does Precia to Fate.


->''"Don't tell anyone else to do this, you hear me! Stupid cowards who spend more energy running than they would fighting back and making it hard for them and me!"''

The first of the Wolkenritter to appear. Vita attacks Arisa for her Linker Core, and battles Nanoha when she comes to Arisa's aid.

!!! Tropes associated with Vita:

* BerserkButton: She doesn't seem to like people who flee from battle. (Then again, time is Linker Cores.)
* TheBigGuy: In role, if not appearance.
* GenderBender: Most of Vita's past incarnations were male.
* TheJuggernaut: She powers through everything Nanoha can throw at her in their first encounter.
* LuminescentBlush: After reciting a love poem to Hayate.
* {{Metamorphosis}}: In this setting, the Wolkenritter take different forms each time the Book manifests. Shamal claims that Vita is usually the tallest of the Wolkenritter, and she believes that Vita's current appearance comes from Hayate's desire to have a friend her own age.
* RedBaron: Known as The Breaker in ''Power Games''

!! Shamal

->''"But even if you smile a lot, you don’t laugh very often. It’s mostly just with Chikaze that you take the time to... hmm... let yourself be a child. It’s nice for us to watch you having fun like that."''

The healer of the Wolkenritter.

!!! Tropes associated with Shamal:

* AdaptationalBadass: In the canon material, Shamal was a sealer, protector and healer. In ''Power Games'', she appears to have added the role of [[TheCracker hacker]], and she's capable of using Klarwind to create magic RazorFloss, with potentially-deadly results. Her ability to pull out Linker Cores from anywhere is also shown to be much more dangerous. WordOfGod also says that Klarwind's wires can also function as a cartridge loader.
* AttackReflector: Shamal uses a combination of an AMF and a mana condensation spell to absorb bombardment spells and then reply in kind.
* TheChick: The least combat oriented and most empathetic of the Wolkenritter.
* TheCracker: Just a bit; she's capable of hacking Devices at least.
* TheMedic: A little more pronounced than it was in ''A's''.
* {{Metamorphosis}}: In this setting, the Wolkenritter take different forms each time the Book manifests. Shamal suspects that her appearance was based off of Hayate's perceptions of her mother and her nurses.
* PressurePoint[=/=]TheParalyzer: Evokes this with her spell "Tiefer Schlaf" ("Deep Sleep"), which is applied by Klarwind's wires touching a point on the target's neck.
* RazorFloss: Klarwind has this ability, which Shamal uses to devastating effect.
* RedBaron: Appropriately known as The Healer.

!! Zafira

->''"Do my ears detect the strains of poetry? From you, Vita? I thought you hated that sort of thing."''

The Guardian Beast of the Wolkenritter

!!! Tropes associated with Zafira

* AdaptationalBadass: Zafira's gauntlets are Device-less cartridge loaders; he uses them to give himself a power boost.
* TheGadfly: Mostly because Hayate and Chikaze find it funny.
* GeniusBruiser: The most physically imposing of the Wolkenritter, and also the most knowledgeable about technology.
* {{Metamorphosis}}: In this setting, the Wolkenritter take different forms each time the Book manifests.
* NobleWolf: Guardian wolf for Hayate.
* RedBaron: The Hound
* TheSmartGuy: Possibly. When Vita shows him a video of Raising Heart he's able to tell it's likely specialties and the previous Device model it was based on.

!! The Wraith

Also known as the "Killer". The mysterious fifth guardian of the Book of Darkness, believed to be an assassin and spy. Or it may just be the Book of Darkness's Master Program, given that its presence has only been recorded near the end of the Book's cycle.

* ChekhovsGunman: Probably.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Well, for now.
* ShroudedInMyth: True of all the Book's programs, but this one is the most mysterious.


[[folder:Other Characters]]


->''"It's been two weeks, Fate. You're not expected to spend every waking moment on the job, you could stand to spend a little time and money on yourself."''

Precia's cat familiar and Fate's mother-figure. She also fills the latter role for Nanoha in later chapters.

!!!Tropes associated with Linith:

* BewareTheNiceOnes: Nanoha suspects this of her, and a later chapter proves her right.
** In ''Power Games'', she ''starts'' her attack on Vita by using a bind that would have broken her neck if she'd been human.
* BigDamnHeroes: Saves Nanoha from Vita early in Power Games.
* {{Catgirl}}
* CatsHateWater: ''Weaponizes'' it against Vesta in chapter 11 when the younger cat tracks white paint around the Garden of Time. She reflects that it would be a lot easier to clean Vesta if she had her transform into her human form, but she doesn't suggest it to ensure Vesta takes the cleaning as more of a punishment.
* CombatPragmatist: Chapter 13 of ''Game Theory firmly'' cements her as one, setting up a massive trap for the intruding TSAB. It fails, because they expected it.
* DangerouslyGenreSavvy: Linith does ''not'' mess around. No assuming her opponents are dead, no waiting for the dust to clear. Just keep firing and being ready to dodge counterattacks. In ''Game Theory'', the problem was her opponents were even more genre savvy, expecting that they would be attacked.
* EvilGenius: She's in charge of everyone's training and coordinates the defenses during the battle of the Garden of Time. She has elements of being CoDragons with Fate, though.
** Not to mention in ''Power Games'' she's the one disabling sensors by hacking into them. She even hacks into Raising Heart! ([[ForYourOwnGood To give Nanoha more time to sleep, of course]]). And then later she actually manages to spy on the Wolkenritter.
* ForYourOwnGood: She's out to set a standard for this in ''Power Games''; aside from the above-mentioned Raising Heart-hacking, she paralyses Nanoha's injured arm to ensure the girl doesn't move it around too much.
* MamaBear: Is very protective of Precia.
* TheMedic: Acts as one to Precia. It's kind of funny, given that in canon she would admonish Precia to take better care of herself.
* MindOverMatter: Linith seems to be very good at telekinesis.
* MyBelovedSmother: A softer example than most, but she still sticks her head in semi-frequently to ensure Fate and Nanoha are well.
* NiceHat.
* TheObiWan: To Vesta.
* PantheraAwesome: Like Vesta, she too can take the shape of a huge cat.
* PutOnABus: [[spoiler: Similarly to Precia, Linith goes inactive at the end of chapter 6 of ''Power Games''. How long it will last is uncertain.]]
* PrecisionFStrike: Mild example, but Linith is normally a very composed, polite character, so it's all the more noticeable when she swears after concluding that she may be dealing with the genuine Book of Darkness.
* RightHandCat: Can be thought of as one. It says something about Linith's and Precia's relationship in this fanfic when Linith covers a sleeping Precia with a blanket and then leaps on her lap in cat form.
* SecretKeeper: For the fact that Precia is SecretlyDying.
* [[SparedByTheAdaptation Spared By The Fanfic]]: Canon Linith was a PosthumousCharacter...and AllThereInTheManual, to boot. However, in this fanfic she is very much alive. [[PragmaticVillainy It's for the same reason Precia acts nicer to Fate]]; it makes no sense to waste a capable, versatile and loyal servant.
* TeamMom: As Linith herself implies, Precia created her in part to fill this role.
* TrapMaster: Linith seems to be skilled in creating magical traps.
* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: Very, ''very'' averted. Linith tends to immediately resort to lethal or at least extreme force to defeat people she's in combat with.
* YourDaysAreNumbered: When Precia goes, she goes too.

!!Alicia Testarossa

->''"And if someone mean did it, you and Big Sis and Arf and Vesta can beat them up and maybe make them say they’re very sorry and then they might join our side like you did with Big Sis and then I would have more friends and your mama would be better and everything would be better!"''

Precia's daughter, deceased as the result of a horrible accident. Precia's motivation, as in canon, is to revive Alicia. At the end of ''Game Theory'', she succeeds.

An alternate version of Alicia appears in the sidestory ''[[AlternateUniverse Another Way]]''. This Alicia didn't die in the reactor explosion.

!!!Tropes associated with Alicia:

* AchillesHeel: Unsurprisingly, the Jewel Seed that keeps her alive is this. Although it gives her great power, anything that disrupts its functions is potentially lethal for her.
* AscendedExtra: Seeing as how she's alive again...
* AmplifierArtifact: Precia believes the Jewel Seed that keeps Alicia alive will increase her magical abilities. And it might also have other effects, see ChildProdigy below.
* BackFromTheDead
** LivingOnBorrowedTime: She's only kept alive through her Jewel Seed powered Promethean mechanism.
* BuffySpeak: When she's engaging her ChildProdigy skills. She seems to have knowledge without the correct words.
* CameBackStrong: ''Power Games'' reveals that she's a ChildProdigy with mechanics, which is potentially a side-effect of the Jewel Seed keeping her alive. In ''[[AlternateUniverse Another Way]]'', where Alicia never died, she was only good at lockpicking.
** [[spoiler:She also manifests a Jewel Seed construct when she is in danger. Soon after, she manifests the construct at will.]]
* CheerfulChild
* ChildProdigy: At age ''five'' she's capable of performing maintenance on Storage Devices, something ''Precia'' couldn't do at the same age. Girl takes after her mom, all right.
** Precia herself isn't sure if this is an effect from the Jewel Seed or not. [[DramaticIrony Notably, this trope does not apply to the version of Alicia seen in]] ''[[AlternateUniverse Another Way]]''
** [[spoiler: Some of Alicia's statements from Chapter 3 suggest she may actually be a {{Technopath}}. There's too little information to tell though. She also pulls a highly accurate SherlockScan on a [[ManInTheMachine Girl In A Machine]].]]
* FearOfThunder: In ''Another Way'', Alicia has this. Ironic, given Fate's conversion affinity.
* HairOfGold.
* GuardianEntity: [[spoiler: She can turn Dollie into a [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Charlotte-like]] Jewel Seed construct. She later says it's exactly like a Barrier Jacket.]]
* ImaginaryFriend: Dollie, her doll who [[ShoutOut bears a]] [[ReiAyanamiExpy resemblance to]] [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei Ayanami]].
* NotSoImaginaryFriend: [[spoiler: Maybe. Dollie knows things. And can attack people.]]
* LastEpisodeNewCharacter: Although Alicia was present in stasis throughout the story, she wasn't really a ''character'' until the epilogue of ''Game Theory'' when she finally wakes up.
* MotorMouth: To rival Vesta. Her mental dialogue, if anything, is even worse.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Alicia's technically thirty-one. She just spent the majority of those years ''dead'', which obviously halted her development.
* SparedByTheAdaptation: In both ''Another Way'' and in ''Game Theory'', although in the latter case it's more like brought back from the dead by the adaptation.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: [[spoiler: Sneaking out to Earth causes her to instigate a full-blown MeleeATrois.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: Back before ''Power Games'' came out, her character section was mostly white.

!! Teana (Tea) Lanster

->''"I found out where Auntie Sara keeps her cake! And I got some all by myself! With a chair Device!"''

Tiida Lanster's energetic little sister. During ''Game Theory'' she stays with Mei and Rizu's mother while her brother is on his mission. Her appearances in the story are only during video calls with Tiida.

Despite having little impact in the plot (for now), her appearances are unforgettable, and she co-hosts the PreviouslyOn {{Omake}}.

!!!Tropes associated with Teana:

* CheerfulChild: Young Teana is ''adorable''.
* EarlyBirdCameo
* GenkiGirl: Genkier than Vesta, which is saying a lot.
* HeroWorshipper: Towards Tiida, and Lindy to some extent. She also seems to think Quint is "really cool", to the extent of trying to emulate her, according to Tiida:
--> '''Tiida (to Quint)''': I want you to know what you've done. She's been putting low-friction barriers on the floor and skating around in her socks. This is entirely your fault.
* TheNicknamer: She tends to call people by nickname if she can't recall their actual name.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: There are brief moments where she's not so cheerful and genki, usually when she talks about her parents or how she feels lonely when her brother is away.
* ParentalAbandonment


[[folder:*''POWER GAMES'' SPOILERS*]]

!!The Mariage

->''"Rest now, my liege...Sleep until next we bring you offerings. We, your Mariage, will guard you."''

A weapon system originating from the fallen Kingdom of Galea, composed of reanimated corpses. Unbeknownst to anyone, the destruction of the Garden of Time reactivated the system, and they subsequently began expanding their numbers and gathering a source of mana to reawaken their ruler. Their actions cause the TSAB to investigate Earth right when the Wolkenritter begin to gather Linker Cores.

!!!Tropes associated with the Mariage:

* ActionBomb[=/=]CyanidePill: As in canon.
* BladeBelowTheShoulder[=/=]ShapeshifterWeapon: Also as in canon.
* DugTooDeep: It's noted that previous Mariage outbreaks contained by the TSAB have been caused by archeologists digging up stray Mariage units.
* EarlyBirdCameo: They're canonically from ''Audioplay/StrikerSSoundStageX''. Here they're active in the timeframe of ''[=A's=]''.
* FeelNoPain: A broken arm doesn't even make them flinch.
* HiveMind: As in canon. It's shown they stay in telepathic communication.
* MeaningfulName: [[ Explained here.]]
* NightOfTheLivingMooks
* OurZombiesAreDifferent: Corpses reanimated via {{Magitek}}.
** ArtificialZombie
* OutsideContextVillain: The last thing anyone expected was these guys showing up in ''Power Games''. Amazingly, it was {{Foreshadowed}} with Hayate's [[CerebusRetcon zombie obsession.]]
* SealedArmyInACan: And Precia accidentally broke them out.


->''She ached all over. Her mouth felt as dry as a desert; her arms felt like something was jabbing pins and needles into them; her legs were useless lumps of meat. That was familiar. Yes, she thought in bemusement, that was familiar. When she woke up suddenly, it always hurt. Was it the awakening that hurt, or the pain that made her awaken? That she was less sure of.''

A Dark Ruler of the now-fallen Kingdom of Galea, and source of the Mariage. Originally in suspended animation, she was briefly reawakened by the destruction of the Garden of Time which reactivated the Mariage. The Mariage are attempting to gather a mana source to fully reawaken her.

!!!Tropes associated with Ixpellia:

* ArtificialHuman: All but stated by the narration.
* EarlyBirdCameo: As with the Mariage.
* ObliviouslyEvil: Ixpellia only has fleeting moments of consciousness, and the Mariage are basically machines fulfilling old programming.
* PuppetQueen: The narration implies something like this was going on in Galea.
** Jail says she's really like an ant queen, instead of being a human queen.
* SealedBadassInACan: Well...more like sealed person that produces zombies.

!!Jail Scaglietti

->''"My name is Jail Scaglietti, my dear. And Precia is an old friend of mine. ... I'd be delighted to help."''

When Precia falls into a coma during the aftermath of a climactic battle, Linith suggests Nanoha contact an old friend of hers for treatment. Who else would it be, but the MadScientist BigBad from [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikerS StrikerS]]?

!!!Tropes associated with Jail:

* EarlyBirdCameo: He's just the latest in a long, ''long'' list of them.
* GenderFlip: In some ways he's one to Precia - mostly by virtue of being a ManipulativeBastard.
* GiverOfLameNames: Nanoha wonders if the names of the Numbers are the result of this.
* LukeIAmYourFather: He reveals that he helped create Fate - but he ''isn't'' Alicia's biological father. In fact, even he doesn't know who it is.
* ManipulativeBastard: Jail treats his cyborg {{Child Soldier}}s as his own daughters - which means they're all utterly loyal to him. When he meets Nanoha he offers to help her by setting a trap for the the site of an Alhazreadian ruin he was investigating. That the trap just happens to give him more data on the ruins is [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial undoubtedly a coincidence]]. By having Tre befriend Nanoha, and by revealing to Fate that he helped create her, Jail is increasingly gaining control over two powerful mages. Just like Precia.

!!The Numbers

->''Nanoha swayed, feeling shocked. Tre… was a robot? Did that mean that all the other girls here were robots? That Doctor Scagletti was one too? That wasn’t possible! There was no such thing as...\\
\\ Drat. Nanoha hadn’t found herself going ‘that was impossible’ about magic in a while. She wondered how on earth they worked.''

Jail Scaglietti's cyborg soldiers. In the time of ''Power Games'' the Numbers are all teenagers or young children. All of them view Jail as a father figure - even though he sends them on some rather dangerous missions.

!!!Tropes associated with the Numbers collectively:

* ChildSoldiers: All of them. Heck, Quattro is said to look like a four year old, and even she gets sent on missions!
* {{Cyborg}}: As in canon.
* EarlyBirdCameo: As of ''Power Games'' Chapter 7, Uno, Tre, Quattro, Cinque, and Dieci have appeared, while Due and Sein have been mentioned in passing. There's also Zero and Nulla - [[AdaptationNameChange who in canon were Subaru and Ginga.]]
* FamilyEyeResemblance: Nanoha notices that all of them have the same eye color as Jail.
* {{Transhuman}}: In canon they were already {{Cyborg}} {{Artificial Human}}s with unnatural powers. In the fanfic this is expanded upon to the point where the Numbers' unnatural abilities affect how they act. For example, Dieci doesn't look at the people she's speaking to because she doesn't need to use her eyes to see.


->''"The Takamachi girl is powerful, impulsive and conspicuous...Testarossa – all three of them – are wanted, and the Bureau will be looking for them...The familiars will shed everywhere, and the youngest one will be a bad influence on the girls and it will be impossible to persuade Sein she can’t have a pet if she sees others having them. Do we have to keep them?"''

Eldest of the Numbers. Jail's top assistant.

!!!Tropes associated with Uno:

* AwesomenessByAnalysis: Her ability is to absorb and process large amounts of data.
* NeatFreak: According to WordOfGod, this is due to being Jail's OppositeSexClone and inheriting some of his Infinite Desire compulsions.


->''"Last one to the ground’s a loser!"''

Jail's top field agent. Described as an adrenaline junkie by Uno, Tre quickly befriends Nanoha...a friendship that Jail encourages.

!!!Tropes associated with Tre:

* FeelNoPain: She can stop her pain receptors when injured.
* InHarmsWay: According to WordOfGod, she "lives for the next thrill and feels a constant push to improve herself". This is due to her being made from Jail's genes and inheriting some of his Infinite Desire compulsions.
* OddFriendship: With Nanoha. In canon, Tre was not only an enemy, but also more opposed to Fate. However, [[FridgeBrilliance both Tre and Nanoha are driven individuals who seek to better themselves.]]
* RoboticReveal: She's damaged in Nanoha's first mission with her, revealing her robotic parts. Nanoha freaks out a bit, but quickly gets over it.


->''"The new girl is being mean to me! And Sein’s being bad! And Dieci’s being...Dieci![...]She’s being friends with Alicia and they were mean to me and wouldn’t share and then Alicia summoned something big and horrible in the playroom and it’s not fair!"''

One of the youngest of the numbers, Quattro is an accomplished illusionist.

!!!Tropes associated with Quattro:

* BrattyHalfPint: Quattro is both young, small, and a total brat to people.
* ImprobableAge: She's described as looking like a four year old, but Jail still sends her on missions. Notably, Nanoha doesn't seem to think anything is wrong with this.
* MasterOfIllusion: Enough to get into fights with Vesta.
* ShrinkingViolet: Quattro initially gives off this impression...
** BitchInSheepsClothing: The truth is a bit different - though it's possible her shyness feeds into her brattyness.
* [[WellDoneSonGuy Well Done Daughter Girl]]: According to WordOfGod, she " is fixated on getting the approval of authority figures" and thus seeks praise from Jail and Uno whenever she can by helping them.



Sixth of the Numbers.

!!!Tropes associated with Sein:

* ImTakingHerHomeWithMe: She captures lemurs and other animals and tries to keep them as pets frequently enough for the other Numbers to complain about it.


->''"Cure for the Fun thing first? I don’t want to not have fun anymore."''

Tenth of the Numbers, even though in practice it's more like the seventh. Dieci is a quiet and serious girl.

!!!Tropes associated with Dieci:

* {{Blue Oni}}: Seems to be becoming this to Alicia's red.
* TheStoic: To the point where Alicia says Dieci has a fun deficiency.
* SuperSenses: Dieci can see things without actually looking at them, something Alicia immediately picks up on.

!!Zero and Nulla

Two girls rescued by Quint Nakajima during a raid on an illegal laboratory. By sheer coincidence, both girls were actually {{Cyborg}} clones of Quint. Quint decided to adopt them, and in ''Game Theory'' Quint discusses the adoption proceedings with her husband Genya. In canon, the adoption would have gone through, and the girls would become [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers Subaru and Ginga Nakajima]]

Unfortunately this doesn't happen as ''Power Games'' reveals that the girls were abducted while Quint was away. They turn up as part of Jail's group where they have been given the names Zero (for the younger sister) and Nulla (for the older sister)

!!!Tropes associated with both characters:

* AdaptationNameChange: Due to their abduction by Jail. It's not clear how permanent this will be.
* ChekhovsGunman: Besides the EarlyBirdCameo, they're referred to several times before actually appearing.
* StrongFamilyResemblance: Nanoha thinks the girls look familiar, though she fails to make the connection to Quint.
* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Unlike in canon, they seem to be always on.