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!! Kouga Saejima (GARO)
Known as the "Golden Knight", Kouga is a renowned Makai Knight who inherited the title from his father, Taiga Saejima. His weapon of choice is a longsword. While he is coldly dedicated to his mission at the start of the series, even heartlessly using Kaoru as bait for Horrors, he slowly begins to care for her without ever losing his stoic personality.

* ActionHero
* {{Badass}}: Oh, '''HELL''' '''YES'''.
* {{BFS}}: His powerful sword is already big to begin with. Then when he rides his horse, ''Gouten'' he can transform it into a insanely huge version of it, [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars ''Zankantou-style'']] to take down Horrors the size of houses.
* '''{{Determinator}}'''
* IJustWantToBeNormal: has shades of this in {{Makai Senki}} after he is [[spoiler: given the Seal of Destruction and given a limited time to live]]. He is doing more domestic activities which he would not have been interested in during the first series, mainly revolving around spending time Kaoru.
** He does draw the line at bad acting though.
* {{Jerkass}} --> JerkWithAHeartOfGold. He softens considerably over the series.
* LonelyRichKid: He's the Makai equivalent of an aristocrat but he grew up with nearly no friends (except Jabi and his butler) and spent most of his time as a child training to slay Horrors.
** As a child, he did manage to make friends at a Makai Knight training camp. It...did not end well.
* MarriedToTheJob: At the start of the series, but he starts getting better about this as the series goes on.
* NoSocialSkills: Dear god yes.
* PowerLimiter: He gets hit with the Brand of Destruction in ''Makai Senki'', which weakens him every time his armour is summoned.
* SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining: Kouga could kick the ass of any demon that's thrown at him... but do not ask him to coherently express his feelings, question him on appropriate social interaction, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking or play poker]].
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: Kouga is ridiculously wealthy and won't hesitate to use his money in pursuit of his mission. When confronting a Horror that has possessed an actor taking the lead role in a play, he ensures a one-on-one showdown by ''buying all the tickets''.
* SingleTargetSexuality: Even though he has two incredibly sexy Makai Priests who have shown some sort of interest in him and in a series where there is fanservice abound, Kaoru is the only person Kouga has shown any romantic attraction to. In the short time they were together, he fell for her, and stayed in love with only her even during the times when they were seperated.
** Their son, Raiga, is the protagonist of his own series.
* TheStoic: At first. Kouga does loosen up as time passes, something which Rei commented on in ''Makai Senki.''
** NotSoStoic: His composure notably slips whenever anyone he cares about, like Kaoru, Gonza or Rei, is threatened.
* TraumaCongaLine: Where do we start? As a child, Kouga not only witnesses the [[spoiler: traumatic death of his father]] but also [[spoiler: the deaths of his childhood Makai-training camp friends whom he witnessed '''GET EATEN''' right before his eyes!]] As an adult, he is isolated, emotionally repressed, socially awkward, and ruthlessly devoted to a frankly horrific job that will probably end up getting him killed at a young age. Despite all this, he meets the love of his life under horrible circumstances in which she is cursed to die in a hundred days. He literally goes through hell to retrieve her cure, they get a breather, and then they find out that she's actually [[spoiler: [[ApocalypseMaiden a gate]] for the ultimate Horror to pass through]]. Her trusted mentor is actually the BigBad who [[spoiler: killed his father]] and who [[spoiler: invokes an even BiggerBad to possess her body.]] While this is happening, Kouga is getting his ass kicked by Barago, Kodama (during which he nearly became a soulless monster), GULM, [[spoiler: Messiah!Kaoru]], Messiah, and then Barago's armour KIBA. Oh, and then his [[spoiler: magic talking ring dies.]] And then, [[spoiler: the girl he did all of it for leaves for Italy. Yeah, she comes back but still.]]
** Come in the second season, ''he'' [[spoiler: is the one cursed to die this time around]], and just as he thinks that's about to be resolved, he gets [[spoiler: almost permanently absorbed by the corpse of the demon Ganon to help create Idea, a monstrous robotic weapon designed by a man who wishes him and every other Makai Knight dead simply for being "not good enough" at fighting the Horrors.]]
* {{Tsundere}}: Kouga is a male version of this towards Kaoru. Even though he loves her, he still hasn't quite figured out the mechanics of expressing that affection in way that doesn't make him look like a jerk or incredibly awkward.
* WhatTheHellHero: Kouga using Kaoru as Horror bait in the first series and neglecting to tell her that she doesn't have very long to live. Even Rei, who at the time was the resident {{Jerkass}} with a RevengeBeforeReason mentality calls him out on it.

!! Rei Suzumura (ZERO)
Known as the "Silver Fang", Rei is a Makai Knight who shirked his responsibilities to pursue a personal vendetta against Kouga, who he believes murdered his lover. He wields two swords that can combine into a single weapon when in his armour. Though he acts friendly and familiar, his true personality is cold and focused.
* [[spoiler: AcquiredPoisonImmunity]]
* {{Badass}}: '''Definitely'''
* BifurcatedWeapon: The two blades he uses can combine into one dual bladed weapon. [[ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks Can be used as a Boomerang too]].
* BigEater: Mostly of sweets.
** SweetTooth: He pretty much survives on sweets. ''Series/ZEROBlackBlood'', he's shown pouring a ridiculous amount of sugar into a cup of coffee.
* DualWielding: Wields two powerful short swords skillfully in combat.
* EnigmaticMinion: At first, but he mellows out by the end of the series once the misunderstandings are cleared up.
* HeelFaceTurn: While not evil persay, he starts as an enemy due to a major misunderstanding and the manipulation of [[spoiler:the Eastern Watchdogs]]. After the truth comes to light, he becomes a staunch ally.
* IneffectualLoner: May have something to do with his DarkAndTroubledPast, he mostly try his best to shun contact from anyone after battle. Even if they are friends. Still, he will never hesitate to lend a helping hand when the time comes.
* {{Jerkass}} --> JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* TheLancer
* MeaningfulRename: Formerly Ginga Suzumura, he changed his name to Rei[[note]]Meaning "zero"[[/note]] after the deaths of his lover and adoptive father.
* TheMentor: To Raiga in his childhood.
* MyHeroZero
* ParentalSubstitute: He was the one who trained Raiga in his childhood after [[spoiler: Kouga and Kaoru disappeared.]]
* PerpetualSmiler: And when he stops smiling, [[LetsGetDangerous it's asskicking time]].
* ReverseGrip
* TheRival: At first.
** FriendlyRival: What he and Kouga end up as in the end. ''GARO and the Wailing Dragon'''s penultimate scene has the two friends joyfully reuniting, and then engaging in a formal duel to settle once for all who's best. [[spoiler: It's not shown who won.]]

!! Kaoru Mitsuki
When she is introduced, she is a struggling young artist whose life becomes entangled with Kouga's after she is caught in the middle of a fight between Kouga and a Horror. In the ensuing battle, she is splashed with the monster's blood and afterwards cursed to die in a hundred days. Kouga initially decides to use her as Horror bait but as they grow closer, he ends up falling for her and is determined to protect her at all costs.

* [[spoiler: ApocalypseMaiden: Kaoru turns out to be one at the end of the first series.]]
* BreakTheCutie
* [[spoiler: DarkActionGirl: Whenever she becomes possessed by Messiah.]]
* DistressedDamsel: In the first series, hardly an episode passes where nothing is trying to eat/kill/rape/abduct Kaoru.
* TheDulcineaEffect: Subverted at first. Kouga is a knight and Kaoru is a DistressedDamsel but it isn't romantic interest that has him sticking around after he rescues her but because he's using her as a lure for more Horrors. Gradually played straight since he ends up falling in love with her and becomes increasingly unwilling to put her in danger.
* GirlNextDoor
* HerosMuse: Even when she's not around, Kaoru is never far from Kouga's thoughts and usually serves as inspiration to him in his fight against Horrors.
* LightFeminineAndDarkFeminine: She's the cute, bubbly, pastel-colored GirlNextDoor in the Garo universe and stands in stark contrast to the sexual and corrupt female Horrors and darkly beautiful Makai Priestesses like Jabi and Rekka.
* HotterAndSexier: Whenever she is possessed by [[spoiler: Messiah]].
* LadyAndKnight: With a twist where the Lady (Kaoru) thinks that her Knight (Kouga) wants to protect her from the demons that keep trying to eat her. In reality, he was using her to attract more demons in order to kill them. They play this trope straight once he falls in love with her.
* LethalChef: Oh yes. Very much so. Gonza and Kouga treat Kaoru's cooking as a great emergency.
* MoralityPet: For both Kouga and Rei, mostly in the first series.
* NiceGirl
* PluckyGirl: Gets attacked by Horrors on a daily basis and still manages to stay rather upbeat.
* ThePollyanna: Kaoru is almost aggressively determined to be this no matter what hardship she goes through since she realizes that she has no control when it comes to Makai matters and the best she can do is put up a facade of unwavering optimism. Even after she finds out that [[spoiler: Kouga is dying]] she refuses to allow anyone see her despair and only breaks down once she is alone.
* TraumaCongaLine: Starts off the series as a struggling artist and then [[spoiler: she gets splashed by demon blood and is condemned to die in a hundred days, is attacked on what almost appears to be a daily basis by demons and occasionally Rei, finds out the guy she was falling in love with not only knew that she had very little time to live and was keeping it a secret but actually kept her alive for the sole purpose of using her as monster bait, betrayed by Rei in order to get to Kouga, and then narrowly escaped her death sentence at the last second.]] But just when things were starting to look up, she finds out [[spoiler: her mentor had actually manipulated her into becoming the BigBad, she gets kidnapped once again, becomes possessed by the Mother of all Horrors and is forced to fight her friends.]] Of course, everything worked out for her in the end. Of the first series that is. Flash forward to the second series and this time around [[spoiler: her boyfriend is the one that's dying.]] Girl cannot get a break.
* UnwittingPawn: She wasn't simply being used by [[spoiler: Barago, who manipulated her ever since she was a child to become Messiah's host]] but also by [[spoiler: Kouga, who initially only spared her life to use her as Horror bait.]] Although the latter later came to regret his actions. The former as well but for [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness very different reasons.]]

!! Gonza Kurahashi
The loyal butler to the Saejima family, Gonza has faithfully served Taiga for years, and takes care of Kouga after the latter dies. He is less of a servant, and more of an uncle of sorts to Kouga. While he cannot fight at all, he does his best to take care of the house and Kouga's needs, supporting him at home so he can fight horrors.

* AchievementsInIgnorance: Once managed to pick up a Makai Sword to defend Kouga. The moment he was reminded it was a Makai Sword (which only Makai Knights can wield after TrainingFromHell), down fell the sword.
* BattleButler: Averted. The one time Gonza tried, it really didn't work out for him.
* ParentalSubstitute: To Kouga. Gonza in many ways fulfils the role of a surrogate father of sorts to Kouga, giving him gentle advice. And while Kouga may not always agree with Gonza, he will listen.
** After Kouga and Kaoru disappear before ''Makai no Hana'', he fulfills this role again for Raiga.
* ShipperOnDeck: Is very supportive and encouraging of Kouga and Kaoru's relationship.

!! Zaruba
!! Silva

[[folder:Characters Introduced in ''GARO'' (TV)]]
!! Karune Ryuzaki
A psychologist who acts as Kaoru's confident and emotional support. [[spoiler:He is secretly BARAGO, having taken the guise of Karune Ryuzaki to keep a close watch on his ApocalypseMaiden]].

* [[spoiler: [[BitchInSheepsClothing Big Bad In Nice Guy Clothing]]]].
* [[spoiler: BadassInANiceSuit]]

!! Jabi
A skilled Makai Priest, and childhood friend to Kouga. She has a sharp tongue and a no-nonsense attitude. [[spoiler:She also has a small crush on Kouga]].

* ActionGirl
* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead: She is resurrected during ''Beast of the Midnight Sun'' thanks to Kouga]].
* {{Badass}}: She's no Makai Knight, but she can kick serious amounts of ass with her skills. [[spoiler:She even manages to duel the BigBad of ''Makai Senki'' to a standstill, although she is visibly exhausted afterwards]].
* [[BashBrothers Bash Sisters]]: With Rekka, after ''Makai Senki'' and throughout ''The Tougen Flute''.
* BlackMagicianGirl
* CoolBigSis: Meets Rekka in ''Makai Senki'', and immediately became this to her. ''The Tougen Flute'' shows that she's become Rekka's mentor and partner.
* [[spoiler:SacrificialLion: Is the first member of the heroes to be killed in the first series. Luckily, she gets better.]]
* [[spoiler:StuffedIntoTheFridge: Ends up getting killed, but does get better.]]
* {{Tsundere}}
* [[spoiler: UnluckyChildhoodFriend]]

!! The Eastern Watchdogs
The three young girls who act as Kouga's superiors in the first series of ''GARO''. Named Keira, Beru and Rose, they are ancient Makai Priestesses who almost seem to share a single mind. As Watchdogs, their main role is to give execution orders to Kouga when a powerful Horror is detected, and perform the Makai Purification ritual on Kouga's sword. [[spoiler:They are secretly working to revive Messiah]].

* CreepyChild
* [[spoiler:DragonWithAnAgenda: Seems to be TheDragon to BARAGO, but is actually the one manipulating ''him'']].
* FinishingEachOthersSentences
* [[spoiler:FusionDance: In the final act of GARO, all three of them merge their spirits into the host body of a young woman, calling the resulting form "GULM"]].
* [[spoiler:ManBehindTheMan]]
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld

!! Kodama
The mute butler who serves the Eastern Watchdogs.

* BattleButler- he can go toe to toe with Kouga and Rei in terms of combat prowess.

The main antagonist of the first series of ''GARO''. BARAGO is known as the Black Fang, a fallen Makai Knight who was granted the forbidden power of the Demon Knight KIBA. This allowed him to surpass the 99.9 second time limit on his armour, and to consume Horrors to increase his own powers. His goal is to achieve ultimate power by absorbing one thousand Horrors, with the final one being the Ultimate Horror, Messiah.

%%BARAGO is the character. KIBA is more like the evil that BARAGO is channelling as a power source.

* {{Badass}}: Sure, he is ''evil'' but that doesn't stop him from being one.
* BigBad
* EvilCounterpart: Of GARO. Hell, he even uses the same fighting style. [[spoiler:Probably because they were both taught by the same person: Kouga's father]].
* EvilIsNotAToy: [[spoiler: [[TooDumbToLive Bet you never thought you were gonna end up being eaten by the mother of all Horrors you just resurrected yourself, eh BARAGO??]]]]
* EvilMakesYouMonstrous: Played straight. As BARAGO absorbs more Horrors, his armour becomes dark and twisted.
* FallenHero
* SomethingAboutARose - in one scene in KIBA, he has a rose appear in one of his attacks. Given that his name is ''Bara''go, this could be JustForPun.
* [[spoiler:UnwittingPawn: To Messiah, who played him like a fiddle to resurrect herself and then devoured him without a second thought]].

!! Messiah
The Ultimate Horror. Despite all her power, she is trapped in the Makai and can only enter the Human Realm if summoned.

* [[spoiler: BiggerBad: She '''IS''' the '''MOTHER OF ALL HORRORS'''.]]
* BishonenLine: She starts at the final stage, taking the form of a beautiful human woman.
* MookMaker: Automatically creates lesser Horrors from her footprints
* SealedEvilInACan


[[folder:Characters Introduced in Movies/Specials]]
!! Tsubasa Yamagatana (DAN)
[[ByTheBookCop By the book Makai Knight.]] Known as the ''Midnight Sun Knight''. Believing emotions would only get in the way on the job, [[CharacterDevelopment at first at least]]. Big brother to Rin.

* ArmorPiercingQuestion: Gets a deep one from Kouga about his belief that he needs to discard his emotions in order to become strong.
--> '''Kouga:''' Makai Knights fight for those who must be protected. Tsubasa... Who is the one you must protect?
--> '''Tsubasa:''' Who...
--> '''Kouga:''' ...must you protect? It's the person you feel more for than anyone else. Remembering that face... Someone you'd give your life in battle to protect. Rin loves you. That's why she wanted to protect you. [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu That's why she faced Legules.]] Isn't Rin the one you should be protecting?!
* {{Badass}}: Comes with the job.
* BigBrotherInstinct: To Rin.
* BladeOnAStick: Wields a makai staff/spear combo weapon in combat.
* ByTheBookCop: Believing emotions would only get in his way in his job/battles. He gets better after getting called out by both Kouga & Rei when his little sister was in danger.
* {{Jerkass}} --> JerkWithAHeartOfGold

!! Rin Yamagatana

* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: Tried standing against [[BigBad Legules]] when he was about to get to the [[{{Macguffin}} Phosphorus Arrow.]] This girl, for the record, was an apprentice.

!! Rekka
A hot-headed Makai Priest. She resents the fact that she was denied the opportunity to become a Makai Knight because of her gender, and trained herself to actively hunt Horrors on her own. However, her lack of discipline and furious determination often results in civilian casualties.

* ActionGirl
* [[BashBrothers Bash Sisters]]: Teams up with Jabi after the events of ''Makai Senki'', and throughout ''The Tougen Flute''.
* BlackMagicianGirl
* HotBlooded
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: How she justifies the collateral damage.
* {{Tomboy}}

!! Elda
A former Makai Guide who was betrayed and fatally wounded by two Makai Knights while looking for the corpse of Ganon. She is rescued by Barago, who was also looking for Ganon's corpse, and vows to serve him.

* GratuitousEnglish - her explanation of her backstory to Kaoru in KIBA is done in English with Japanese subtitles a la the intro to the series proper.
** SurprisinglyGoodEnglish: Her actress, Leah Dizon, is born and raised in Las Vegas.


[[folder:Characters Introduced in ''ZERO: Black Blood'']]

!! Yuna
* BoyishShortHair
* DisappearedDad: Her father was killed by Ring, and her mother fell off a bridge and disappeared sometime before the show stars.

!! Kain
* TheAlcoholic: Always seen drinking. He's mostly functional instead of drunk, but it's a fine like between the two.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Fights with an umbrella rather than the brush that most Makai Priests use.

!! Ring
* AffablyEvil: Always polite and charming to everyone he sees, even if he's going to sacrifice them to Horrors.
* SharpDressedMan: Always seen wearing a three piece suit.
* TheManInWhite: That nice suit of his is white. This extends to his Horror form; Ring is the only Horror whose appearance is white, in contrast all other Horrors, which are black.

[[folder:Characters Introduced in ''Makai Senki'']]
!! Leo Fudou
A genius Makai Priest who becomes the support for Kouga in ''Makai Senki''. He is responsible for a number of inventions, such as the mechanical Gouryuu that can allow Makai Priests to seal weaker Horrors without the need for a Makai Knight. Despite his achievements, he conducts himself with great humility and poise. [[spoiler:He is secretly a Makai Knight as well, whose title is RŌDO, the Flash Knight]].

* {{Adorkable}}
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He doesn't act like an idiot but his shyness makes some people around him think of him less. Especially some of his {{Jerkass}} Makai Priest superiors. That's why they tend to forget that he's very dangerous in combat.
** [[spoiler: Not to mention that he's secretly a skilled swordsman & a powerful Makai Knight.]]
* HiddenDepths: Revealed to be a skilled swordsman despite being a Makai Priest. [[spoiler:He can also transform into a Makai Knight. His title is RŌDO, the Flash Knight]]
* GadgeteerGenius
* TheSmartGuy

!! Grace

!! Wataru Shijima (BARON)
A DrillSergeantNasty instructor to Makai Knights in training. His title is the ''Thunder Knight''.

* {{Badass}}: [[CaptainObvious Notice a pattern here?]]
* DrillSergeantNasty: [[TheDreaded ''Famed'']] in the Makai community as a relentless & demanding instructor of troubled Makai Knights in training. But he does genuinely cares about his charges/students. [[spoiler: He was also Kouga's instructor when he was young.]]
* [[spoiler:EnemyWithin: The effect of the Mark of Destruction]].
* [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn: Against his will, due to the effects of the Brand of Destruction.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Wields a Katana made of Soul Metal in combat.

!! The Man in the Red Mask ([[spoiler:Sigma Fudou]])
The main antagonist of ''Makai Senki''. The Man In The Red Mask is a rogue Makai Priest who is attempting to destroy the Makai Knights, believing that they are unneeded and that Makai Priests should be solely responsible for dealing with Horrors. To this end, he brands as many Makai Knights as possible with the Brand of Destruction, develops anti-Horror technology such as humanoid Gouryuu, and attempts to sway Makai Priests to his side. In addition to his incredible magical prowess and intellect, he is also a skilled swordsman and fighter. [[spoiler:His true identity is Sigma Fudou, Leo's [[CainAndAbel identical twin brother]]]].

* BigBad: Of ''Makai Senki''.
* TheEvilGenius
* EvilIsNotAToy: [[spoiler:He gets absorbed by Ganon after drawing from her power one too many times. Y'know, ''GARO'' villains really should be forced to watch previous series and take notes]].
* EvilSoundsDeep
* EvilTwin: Can summon a dark version of the GARO armour, known as JAAKU. [[spoiler:There's a more literal example, in him being the twin brother of Leo.]]
** It seems that it is not limited to the GARO armour as he briefly copied [[spoiler: Leo's armor]] in Episode 20.
* [[spoiler:HoistByHisOwnPetard]]
* HumanResources: He has no issue with killing and experimenting on humans to achieve his goals. His familiar Gigi was originally a human woman whom he murdered, and [[spoiler:he plans to fuel Edea with the lives of "sinful" humans]].
* MaskPower
* MechaMooks: His Humanoid-Type Kouryu.
* RedRightHand
* RevengeBeforeReason
* [[spoiler:TheUnfavorite: The reason for his StartOfDarkness, after Leo was chosen to inherit the title of RŌDO despite Sigma's superiority in combat and magic]].
* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans: [[spoiler:He wishes to sacrifice "sinful" humans to Edea as its fuel. If anything, he sees it as a benefit, ridding the world of "pointless" humans while protecting the rest]].
* WeaponOfMassDestruction: [[spoiler:Edea]].

!! Ganon
A powerful Horror known as the "Fang of Messiah". Its corpse holds great power and is used by The Man In The Red Mask as the lynchpin of his plan.

* {{Crossdresser}}: The actor playing Ganon is a real life crossdresser.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Ganon's existence was hinted at in some of the OAV/Specials.
* EldritchAbomination
* HumanoidAbomination: Like Messiah, Ganon's "true" form is that of a human woman.
* [[spoiler:ManBehindTheMan: Subverted. Unlike Messiah, Ganon had no grand scheme to resurrect herself and did nothing to manipulate Sigma; she ''was'' dead after all. It just so happened that Sigma's malice was enough to trigger a resurrection, and once awakened Ganon did what any Horror would do]].
* SealedEvilInACan: Not so much "sealed" as "dead". [[spoiler:Until Sigma's malice powers her resurrection]].


[[folder:Characters Introduced in Makai no Hana]]
!!Raiga Saejima
Son of Kouga and Kaoru, and latest inheritor to the title of GARO. While serious about training and very dedicated to his job just like his father, he also inherited his mother's softer side; he is much friendlier and one of the few Makai Knights that smiles.

* {{Badass}}: Just as expected of a certified Makai Knight, and definitely expected of anyone carrying the name Saejima, or the title Golden Knight Garo.
* ContrastingSequelMainCharacter: Unlike his father, Raiga is warm and friendly to most people, and smiles often.
* HiddenDepths: For his very affable and personable demeanor, Raiga seems to be dealing with living up to "the responsibility he was entrusted with" as the holder of the title of GARO, as implied by his conversation with [[BrokenPedestal a former chime-merchant-turned-Horror he knew in his childhood]] (Ep. 6). As TakeUpMySword suggests below, there's a lot more to this.
* KnightInShiningArmor: Literally and figuratively; Raiga appears to be an idealistic chivalrous nice guy who gladly fights Horrors because it's the right thing to do. That said...
** KnightInSourArmor: The finale reveals that the above is partially an act, and Raiga has a good amount of Sour mixed with his Shining. He doesn't ''really'' want to be a Makai Knight, and would rather have had a normal childhood with loving parents - but he can't turn away from being Garo because it's his obligation, and because at the end of the day, people need to be protected from Horrors, and it's the right thing to do.
* NiceGuy: He's a lot livelier than Kouga but not abrasive like Ryuga. He's so nice that it blunts his KnightInSourArmor tenancies significantly.
** Throughout Episode 2, he is visibly displeased anytime someone refers to Mayuri as an object, insisting firmly that she is human.
* ParentalAbandonment: Aside from Gonza and Zaruba, he is alone at home, and no mention of his parents.
** Episode 7 hints that [[spoiler: Kouga and Kaoru [[BolivianArmyEnding may have been caught in the middle of a climactic battle]] just as Raiga was training to become a Makai Knight himself, which [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse explains why they are nowhere to be found at the moment]]. This is confirmed in the Finale, when Eris spreads opens portals through time and space to allow her Horrors passage to Earth, and Raiga realises that Eris is responsible for the disappearance of his parents.]]
* SmugSmiler: Gave a pretty sly grin towards a Horror's [[OhCrap reaction]] towards learning that he was the golden knight.
* TakeUpMySword: Episode 7 suggests that [[spoiler: he was entrusted the title of GARO by the Tower of Heroic Spirits (which houses all the spirits of previous bearers of the title of GARO) as per Kouga and Kaoru's will, who are supposedly still "fighting in another world"]]. This apparently informs his actions and duties. As such, while he would ''prefer'' not to be Garo, he can't and won't abandon his purpose.
* UnorthodoxSheathing: He is especially fond of catching the sheathe mid-air as dramatically as possible.

A girl with the unique ability to seal away the Horrors that came from the Makai Flower

* EmotionlessGirl: As she's not a normal human, she doesn't show much emotion yet.
* IcyBlueEyes: She has unusual, aqua blue eyes to symbolize her unique state of being. [[spoiler: Namely that she isn't a normal human, she's a Madou Tool for sealing Horrors.]]
* MacGuffinGirl:
* MysteriousWaif
* SealedGoodInACan: She was locked in a coffin and covered in bandages.

!! Crow

Known as the Phantom Knight, Crow is a Makai Knight who is serving in the White region and is sent to assist Raiga, as the museum where the slate was unraveled is within his jurisdiction. CROW is actually his Makai Knight title, not his real name, which he chooses not to reveal.

* AloofAlly: He has a rather cold and detached attitude toward both Raiga and Mayuri, but respects Raiga for his standing and authority.
* AnimalMotifs: His armor's default form, which differs than most Knights, as the helmet's design is based on a bird instead of the usual wolf based one. It is later shown that the helmet can open up and transforms into a wolf based one.
* {{Badass}}: Being a Makai Knight, this is a given.
* FlatCharacter
* {{Flight}}: The first Makai Knight explicitly shown to be able to fly, he can sprout his wings when he needs to but he sacrifices twenty seconds of use of his armor to summon them.
* TheNameless: CROW is not his name, it's his title. According to Orva, a knight who lives in the shadows like him does not need a name.
* {{Ninja}}: Has elements of this. He often moves stealthily and consider himself as somebody who lives in the shadows, much like how a ninja is. He also carries a Ninjatō sword, which is a sword often used by Ninjas in modern portrayal. Lastly, he uses a throwing weapon called Enzan, which is very similar to a shuriken.
* TrackingDevice: Enzan acts like this, allowing his Mado Tool partner Orva to track down a Horror that has been stabbed by it or he can insert Orva into the Enzan and throw it as far as possible allowing Orva to locate the Horror.