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* ActionDad[=/=]ActionMom: To their respective children. Leading to:
** PapaWolf[=/=]MamaBear
** Bonus points go to Chrom and his wife, since [[spoiler: they give birth to Lucina ''before'' they learn that her future self is fighting alongside them, and thus qualify for these tropes regardless of time travel.]]
* ActionGirl: All of the females. Even the Clerics and Troubadours become one after promoting, and Olivia is the first Dancer in an internationally-released Fire Emblem game who can equip and use weapons! (Although she'll need to level up a little to get good at it.)
* {{Badass}}: Like all FE games, they live in a WorldOfBadass.
** BadassCrew: Most of them are part of Chrom's Shepherds, a collection of individuals dedicated to the protection of Ylisse.
** [[BadassGrandpa Badass Grandparents]]: If the Avatar marries any of their children, they become Morgan's grandparents. [[spoiler:They're still rather young due to TimeTravel, though.]]
** BadassFamily: They can fight alongside their [[spoiler:time-traveling]] children.
* BattleCouple: And each character has a surprisingly large amount of choices by series standards.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: They're all great at what they do, but every one of them has their own quirks and RunningGags.
* HappilyMarried: Almost all of the couples, although bonus points go to Stahl[[spoiler:, as nearly all of his endings actually include some form of the phrase "happy marriage"]].
* HeterosexualLifePartners [=/=] PlatonicLifePartners: All of them when they reach an A rank support. Although there are some pairs that are this even before they start supporting, like Lissa and Maribelle, or Sumia and Cordelia.
** TrueCompanions
* [[spoiler:KillEmAll: Every single one of them die in the BadFuture.]]

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