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A list of characters from VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII and its sequel VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings. '''Note that some spoilers are unmarked.'''


!!Party Members

->"One of these days I’ll fly an airship of my own. I’ll be a sky pirate, free to go where I will."

-->Voiced by Kouhei Takeda (Japanese) and Bobby Edner (English)

An energetic street urchin living in Rabanastre who talks big about rebelling against the occupying Empire and becoming a SkyPirate. He is an orphan, his parents having died from the plague when he was young, and lives with Penelo at Migelo's house. When he sneaks into the royal palace and steals an incredibly rare ([[MacGuffin and significant]]) piece of magicite, he becomes entangled in the uprising against the Empire.

He acts as the AudienceSurrogate in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', but becomes the main protagonist in ''Revenant Wings''. He later makes appearances in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2'' as a HiddenCharacter and ''[[VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy]]'' as one of the main cast.

* TheAce: Heavily implied in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', and made more explicit in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2''. In the former, it's not readily apparent since he's only of nominal importance to the plot, but side quests and NPC conversations paint him as nothing if not hypercompetent, and he has [[StatisticallySpeaking the stats]] of a god. You could call him an "Ace in training"; he's got the potential, but he's still young and inexperienced.
* AllLovingHero: He goes out of his way to help a lot of people during the side quests, as well as letting the refugee [[WingedHumanoid Aegyl]] live on his airship.
* AudienceSurrogate: He's often criticized for being superfluous to the plot of ''FFXII'', but it can be argued that the more "mythic" personalities in the cast like the warrior-princess Ashe and noble knight Basch would have been harder to identify with, and his status as a commoner not privy to a lot of the intrigues going on and the ways of the larger world does give the opportunity for some much-needed exposition.
* BattleCouple: In ''Tactics A2'', he and Penelo are Sky Pirate partners and are inseparable on and off the battlefield. Doubles as a SwordAndSorcerer pair for bonus points.
* BigBrotherMentor: He's unofficially the leader of the Lowtown orphans by virtue of this trope. They not only look up to him but run to him for aid with their problems.
* ButtMonkey: In the manga spin-off, the group regularly lampshades his IdiotHero status and insults him to his face.
* ChronicHeroSyndrome: Even in the sequels where he is a SkyPirate, Vaan can never stop doing what's right. Though he still has StickyFingers.
* CommonalityConnection: Vaan and Ashe have this with their extremely similar experience during the war with Archades and its because of this they can see the ghost of their lost loved ones in the Tomb of Raithwall. In the climax of the game its this bond that [[spoiler: allows Vaan to [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope save Ashe from herself]]]].
* DarkSkinnedBlond: DependingOnTheArtist. Some incarnations look about like what you'd expect somebody from a desert nation to, others look suspiciously Nordic.
%%* DeadpanSnarker: In ''Tactics A2'' and ''Revenant Wings''.
* TheFace: In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'' and ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings Revenant Wings]]''. In the former, he does almost ''all'' the talking to the nigh hundreds of [=NPCs=] and in the dozens of side quests.
* FalseFlagOperation: He pulls this off near the end of ''XII''. He [[spoiler:uses [[SkyPirate Balthier's]] [[ChekhovsGun vocal modulator]] to pose as [[MagnificentBastard Larsa]] [[TheWisePrince Solidor]] to convince [[WildCard Marquis Ondore]] to hold back his [[LeeroyJenkins airship charge]] against the [[AirborneAircraftCarrier Sky]] [[CoolAirship Fortress Bahamut]] so they can board it and have a shot at taking out [[BigBad Vayne]] and the [[WaveMotionGun Mist Cannon]] before it [[NukeEm destroys Ondore's fleet]] and [[ColonyDrop drops the rubble on Rabanastre]].]]
* {{Foil}}: To Ashe, paralleling her in backstory and CharacterDevelopment as a citizen of Rabanastre who lost a loved one to the Empire and desires vengeance. However, while Vaan eventually realizes how pointless revenge is and lets go of Reks' death, Ashe takes longer to get over Rasler. Atop the Pharos when he tells this lesson to Gabranth, Vaan's example inspires her to follow his lead and not use the Sun-Cryst's power.
* FriendToAllChildren: He's the leader of the young orphans in Oldtown.
* GlowingEyes: Vaan's eyes will momentarily flash [[OccultBlueEyes blue]] when he uses Pyroclasm.
* HeCleansUpNicely: In ''Tactics A2'', the addition of a fine white shirt to his wardrobe takes him from scruffy street thief to dashing Sky Pirate.
* TheHero: In ''Revenant Wings'', he properly steps up as the protagonist of the story and not just a supporting role.
* InfinityPlusOneSword: In ''Revenant Wings'', he gains the exclusive weapon Anastasia, the best weapon in the game once a bonus dungeon is completed to power it up.
* IdiotHero: Subverted in the original game; though he's impulsive and a bit naive, Vaan is clever, resourceful, and has a fair amount of scenes where he shows a more inquisitive and insightful side. The manga, however, [[{{Flanderization}} makes this his defining trait]], cranking up his {{Hot Blooded}}ness and making him rather arrogant and cocky, but lacking the skill and intelligence to back them up. ''Dissidia 012'' likewise dials up the idiocy to the point he has trouble remembering simple names.
* ISeeThemToo: For reasons that go unexplained in-game, he can see the same spectral vision of [[spoiler:Gerun posing as]] Rasler that Ashe can throughout the game. Little is made of the revelation or its significance, other than to reassure Ashe that she's not crazy, and to hint that [[spoiler:she might be being manipulated by it]] and that [[spoiler:the Occuria are dry-running him to be Take Two at this whole "Modern Dynast-King" bit]].
* JumpedAtTheCall: In ''Revenant Wings'', he jumps on the first opportunity he saw to go on another adventure.
* TheLancer: Vaan plays this role to Ashe, by being her {{foil}}.
* LegendaryInTheSequel: Already a world-famous sky pirate in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2''
* LimitBreak: His Quickenings are [[PillarOfLight Red Spiral]], [[BlowYouAway White]] [[ShockAndAwe Whorl]], and [[PlayingWithFire Pyroclasm]], but they consume a substantial amount of MP to use and need skill and luck to chain together.
* LivingEmotionalCrutch: He becomes one to Ashe during a scene in Jahara village. See TurnTheOtherCheek below.
* MagikarpPower: Begins at Level 1 with no LP, no magic, and barely anything else to his name. By Level 99, he's your party's MVP ''bar none''.
* MasterOfAll: In the original release, he's got all around amazing stats, having emphasis on strength (best score along with Basch), magick (second best score), vitality (best score), and speed (second best). Stats-wise, he's easily the best character of your party. The cherry on top of the cake is that ''even his attack animations'' are faster -- Vaan can deliver combos in under half the time than the rest of the party (save Basch and Balthier) needs to execute the same amount of blows. In the ''International Zodiac Job System'' release, his strenght is slightly nerfed, but overall he remains a powerhouse.
* OnlyOneName: In a game where most characters either have a last name or have taken an alias, Vaan never has his full name reveled. Courtesy of Old Dalan it's sometimes thought to be "Ratsbane", but it's a joke on how much time he spends fighting rats in the sewers and not actually his name.
* OvershadowedByAwesome: Vaan isn't really a ''bad'' character, he just happens to be in a game where, as far as Western audiences are concerned, he and Penelo are not as interesting or developed as the other cast members.
* OverratedAndUnderleveled: While he and Penelo are far from slackers in ''Tactics A2'', their default classes don't have very good stat growths. However, the trope is otherwise subverted in that the class abilities are more than decent. Vaan's Life of Crime ability has potential to deal 999 damage every time with 100% accuracy provided you have stolen enough. They're best moved to other jobs after learning their unique abilities and aren't bad as guests, either.
* PercussivePickpocket: He does this to an Imperial soldier that he sees harassing a helpless merchant.
* PersonaNonGrata: He almost gets himself banned from Bhujerba due to the whole pretending-to-be-Basch-very-loudly ordeal. Thereafter, the city guides are annoyed with him and caution him to [[ShameIfSomethingHappened stay away from ledges and cliffs]].
* PrimalStance: Seems to favor these sorts of stances with his fighting style.
%%* TheRival: Is seen as such by Luso in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2''.
* SkyPirate: His goal is to become one, to escape the streets of Rabanastre and find freedom and fortune as an outlaw. In the sequels he's fully stepped into the role.
* StreetUrchin: At the start of ''XII'', he lives on the streets of Rabanastre picking pockets and doing odd jobs for Migelo to take care of himself.
* SupportingProtagonist: He serves as a {{Foil}} to Ashe, both of them wanting to see Dalmasca restored and to claim vengeance for the death of their loved ones. However, Vaan's actions only drive the story up to when Ashe joins the party; after that the game follows her entirely, and Vaan just advises her like the other characters and acts as party leader in non-combat areas. He gets over this role in ''Revenant Wings'', though, whereas Ashe's is somewhat downplayed.
* TheSneakyGuy: He was able to infiltrate the Royal Palace of Rabanastre with a little prompting from Old Dalan and find its hidden TreasureRoom. Balthier, a legendary sky pirate, considers it a feat on his level and he and Fran had to wait for the chaos of {{La Resistance}}'s attack to achieve the same.
* SpannerInTheWorks: His [[TurnTheOtherCheek willingness to spare]] Gabranth is what prevents Ashe from completing her RoaringRampageOfRevenge and becoming an UnwittingPawn to the [[JerkAssGods Occuria]]. It's also implied that he was going to be the Occuria's plan B since he saw Reks at first where Ashe saw Rasler. Him letting go of his hatred for the Empire foiled that and led him to spare Gabranth.
* TagalongKid: He is only two years younger than Ashe and is more of TheLancer towards her, but does not have a true connection to the main plot. This is averted in ''Revenant Wings'', though, in which he really is the main character.
* TeamDad: To the war orphans in Lowtown.
* ThereIsAnother: It is strongly implied that [[spoiler:the Occuria are grooming him as a replacement Dynast-King if their manipulations of Ashe don't work; Vaan can see Rasler's ghost too, but to him it looks like Reks]].
* TragicKeepsake: His pendant is all Vaan has left to remember Reks by.
* TurnTheOtherCheek: Vaan's willingness to forsake revenge is what stops Ashe from giving into Gabranth's BreakingSpeech and JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope.
* TookALevelInBadass: Once in ''Revenant Wings'', and another, ''huge'' one in ''Tactics A2'', where he is regarded as the greatest Sky Pirate who ever lived. Even a Criminal Syndicate has a flee-on-sight order when confronting [[TheDreaded him]].
* UnderratedAndOverleveled: Despite being just "a petty thief", Vaan's stats are ''demolishing'' gameplay-wise, easily surpassing Ashe, Penelo, and Fran in physical attack, Basch in magic, and [[OverratedAndUnderleveled Balthier]] in ''both''. All of this summed up makes him the most versatile and overall best character in the game.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: The little vest he wears in ''XII'' doesn't leave much to the imagination of what his torso looks like. Averted in the sequel and ''Tactics A2''.
* WeaponOfChoice: [[HeroesPreferSwords Swords]] are his starting weapon and preferred weapons in sequels and in artwork. They ([[AllSwordsAreTheSame along with sabers and blades anyway]]) are the only weapons available to the Sky Pirate class in ''Tactics A2''.

->"I'll be going too, of course. Every good sky pirate needs a partner, right?"

-->Voiced by Marina Kozawa (Japanese) and [[Creator/CatherineTaber Cat Taber]] (English)

Vaan's childhood friend and LoveInterest. When Vaan's parents died, Penelo's family adopted him and his brother. However, after the war between Dalmasca and Archadia began, her parents and older brothers were killed in a raid and left her an orphan. She now lives at Migelo's house with Vaan, and works odd jobs in Lowtown to get by. Penelo remains a perky and responsible girl who keeps Vaan's immaturity in check. She's abducted by Ba'Gamnan as a ploy to capture Balthier, and much like Vaan gets caught up in the power struggles of the war for it, though not on the same side.

She reappears as the main heroine of ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings Revenant Wings]]'' and alongside Vaan in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2''. She also makes a cameo appearance in the character tutorials of ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'', where she interjects her own amusing opinions on the ''Dissidia'' cast.

* AbortedArc: Pre-release material mentioned Penelo's elder brothers as former soldiers and the ones who taught her how to defend herself; come the game's actual release, and they have no mention until ''Revenant Wings'', though the backstory is still represented in a cursory mention in the instructions booklet.
* BattleCouple: In ''Tactics A2'', with Vaan of course. Doubles as a SwordAndSorcerer pair for bonus points.
* TheChick: The sweet and loving member of the group.
* DanceBattler: Uses dances to activate her Quickenings and is a Dancer in ''Revenant Wings'' and ''Tactics A2'', some of her attack animations are likewise dance-like.
* FlatCharacter: She had little characterization in the main game other than being Vaan's maybe LoveInterest and her OddFriendship with Larsa. This is fixed in subsequent games, where she serves as a {{Foil}} to Vaan. A lot of this is due to ExecutiveMeddling. One of the two writers of the game, Daisuke Watanabe, [[WordOfGod has said]] that Penelo is his favorite character mainly due to a lot of content he wrote around her [[WhatCouldHaveBeen that ended up on the cutting room floor in development.]]
* GirlNextDoor: Has this vibe to her, especially to Vaan, given that she's also a street urchin.
* GirlishPigtails: For cuteness and it grows even longer in the sequel.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Young, sweet, innocent, and genuinely nice.
* IHaveBrothers: According to the [[AllThereInTheManual instructions booklet]], Penelo's elder brothers were soldiers who tutored her in martial arts.
* TheLancer: Shares the role with Llyud in ''Revenant Wings'' as foils and sidekicks for Vaan, who has truly stepped into TheHero mold.
* LethalChef: Initially her cooking was dreadful but she improves to TeamChef over the course of ''Revenant Wings''.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: Her relationship with Vaan was something like siblings (with Migelo as the father figure) until she is upgraded to VictoriousChildhoodFriend after their RelationshipUpgrade in ''Revenant Wings''.
* LittleMissBadass: As Vaan's partner in ''Revenant Wings'' and ''Tactics A2'', she is a formidable sky pirate.
* LittleMissSnarker: Gets a few good snarks on Vaan and Basch. This trait is particularly evident in her ''Dissidia'' cameo.
* LimitBreak: Her Quickenings are [[HavingABlast Intercession]], [[MagicMissileStorm Evanescence]], and [[LiterallyShatteredLives Resplendence]], but they need skill and luck to chain together.
* MagicDance: All her Quickenings and non-WhiteMagic skills in ''Revenant Wings'' and ''Tactics A2''.
* NightmareFetishist: In ''both'' ''Dissidia'' games, she says she thinks that the Cloud of Darkness' snake creatures are "cute."
* OddFriendship: With Larsa. They still communicate regularly through letters and remain close friends after the first game has ended.
* OnlyOneName: As with Vaan, her family name is unknown.
* OverratedAndUnderleveled: Zigzagged in ''A2'', where her and Vaan's default classes don't have very good stat gains even though they are rather helpful as guest characters and can be good in other classes, too. Her Dancer class is good as a secondary skillset. 0-cost debuffs are quite good, and the Sword Dance[[note]]a double attack, used only if she has an edged weapon equipped[[/note]] attack is very useful if she is a Spellblade or Assassin[[note]]who wield broadswords and katanas, respectively[[/note]].
* PluckyGirl: Defies the tradition of a long line of Franchise/FinalFantasy {{Genki Girl}}s for a more subdued but still somewhat perky characterization.
* ReplacementGoldfish: When Penelo grew close with Velis in ''Revenant Wings'', she remarked how much he reminded her of her deceased elder brothers.
* SatelliteCharacter: In ''XII'', she doesn't have much to do in the plot but talk to other characters. She improves in later games.
* SheFu: When equipped with certain weapons, such as Poles or Unarmed, Penelo will show how acrobatic she really is.
* SkyPirate: She joints Vaan in his occupation by the end of the game and sequels.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Modest enough in the first game (especially compared to Ashe and Fran), but ''Revenant Wings'' and ''Tactics A2'', she's still wearing more than Ashe or Fran, but still less than originally.
* SquishyWizard: She and Ashe are equals for the most magically powerful characters, but has the lowest strength and HP scores. Amusingly she has a very high vitality making her an ideal wielder of [[GirlWithPsychoWeapon axes]].
* TagalongKid: Even more so than Vaan, who's the POV and has his brother vengeance. She's just there for him.
* TeamMom: To the war orphans in Lowtown.
* WeaponOfChoice: [[KnifeNut Knives]] to start, but all sequels and artwork give her a SimpleStaff more becoming of her SquishyWizard status.
* WhiteMage: In ''Revenant Wings'', she focuses on white magic.
* WomenAreWiser: She plays this role for Vaan, being more level-headed and cautious to Vaan's sometimes reckless impulses.

->"Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies."

-->Voiced by Creator/HiroakiHirata (Japanese) and Creator/GideonEmery (English)

An infamous SkyPirate, Balthier is well-mannered, witty, and charming, traveling the skies on his personal airship, the ''Strahl''. He proudly proclaims himself "the leading man", considering the quest his own story he's to see out. He and Fran are pulled into the conflict when they choose to break into the royal palace in the midst of an rebel attack, and are subsequently lopped in with them by enemy and ally alike. Balthier's stake in events is more personal than he lets on though, as his past catches up with him in ways he'd rather not admit.

* TheAce: He likes to think of himself as one and he certainly live up to his claims.
* BadassBoast: His Quickening phrases.
-->'''Fires of War:''' "I ''never'' miss." \\
'''Tides of Fate:''' "Let me show you how it's done". \\
'''Element of Treachery:''' "There's a proper way to do everything."
* BerserkButton: While he doesn't exactly go "berserk", discussing nethicite is a good way to get his attention and make him break his usually calm and laid-back attitude. [[{{Foreshadowing}} There's a very good reason for that]].
* BigBrotherMentor: To Vaan, though not on purpose. Balthier balks at the idea when others mention the trope, and Vaan is likewise not impressed, but in practice they ''do'' have this dynamic.
-->'''Vaan:''' Since when am I Balthier's apprentice? \\
'''Balthier:''' Not the first time I've heard that joke. I'm still not laughing.
* CasualDangerDialogue: It's remarkably difficult to get Balthier to lose his cool, even when he's at a considerable disadvantage. Held at swordpoint, he comments dryly that "At least your sword is to the point," and one of his lines when defeated in combat is to snark calmly, "Is that your best?"
* CatchPhrase: "I play the leading man, who else?"
* DarkAndTroubledPast: He's actually [[spoiler:Ffamran mied Bunansa, son of Archadia's Dr. Cid, and a former Judge. When he saw what Cid was becoming though, he abandoned his life and his name for freedom.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Towards friends or foes alike.
* DefectorFromDecadence: When [[spoiler:he was in service to Arcadia]], Balthier realized what [[spoiler:Dr. Cid]] had become and [[spoiler:defected from the empire]].
* FightingYourFriend: He and Fran are bosses in ''Revenant Wings'' and fight Vaan and Penelo.
* {{Flynning}}: His attacks tend to be the least practical and have the most theatrical flourishes. [[spoiler:It makes sense when it's revealed he's actually from TheEmpire.]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Quite a lot of it regarding his true past. Further, in the English version of the game, Balthier is the only character amoung the heroes who speaks with an English accent courtesy of Creator/GideonEmery. Dalmascans speak with American accents, thus making it an instant giveaway that he's not one of Vaan's countrymen. You know which characters ''do'' speak with English accents? [[spoiler:The Archadians.]]
* GentlemanThief: Looter and pilferer as he may be, Balthier never stops being educated and charming.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: When Fran goes ballistic, he comments on her dislike of being "[[DoubleEntendre tied up]]" in the same suave voice he uses whenever he breaks out the charm... and then he immediately turns to Ashe and asks, "How about you?" ''Hrm''...
* GuestFighter: In the UpdatedRerelease of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics''.
* HandsomeLech: Has shades in the original game, while his manga adaptation seems to be taking cues from [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX Zidane]] -- flirting with Ashe before he even knows her name. He later tells Basch one should only show off for ladies and that, as such, using his bravado and strength to save Vaan is a waste.
* TheHero: Subverted. While he insists that he's "[[TheProtagonist the leading man]]" every other cutscene, which isn't entirely unjustified as he knows he's more important than the {{Kid Hero}}es ([[spoiler:given his connections to TheEmpire]]), but it's ''Ashe'' who is the true hero of the story and [[TheLeader who decides where the party goes and what it does.]]
* HeroicSacrifice: He makes a point of mentioning that he may be required to invoke this trope eventually, as the sort of thing that a "leading man" might be expected to do. He goes through with it during the ending when he [[spoiler:stays behind on the collapsing Bahamut to fix its engines to fly it away from the city as it crashes (only to subvert the trope by surviving the experience)]].
* FiringOneHanded: His crossbow and rifle animations are this, which while cool slows him down a decent bit when using these weapons.
* ImpliedLoveInterest: While there's definite ShipTease between him and Fran, it's just subtle enough to be seen as platonic. If they are, or were once, in a romantic relationship isn't fully clear.
* ImprobablePilotingSkills: At the helm of the ''Strahl'' during the [[spoiler:Battle of Rabanastre]]. 'Nuff said.
* ImprobableUseOfAWeapon: Balthier uses all hafted weapons one-handed, notably attacking with poles in an odd manner very reminiscent of a baton twirler. His wielding spears are likewise executed from the same bizarre grip.
* InformedAttribute: Promotional materials refer to him as a silver-tongued womanizer, but, as noted under HandsomeLech, he really doesn't show it at all during the game. There's a couple hints he has a relationship with his partner in-crime, a brief handkerchief scene with Penelo, and one [=NPC=] says she's smitten with him, if you find her.
* TheLadysFavour: Played with. Balthier hands Penelo his handkerchief to assure her that he will bring Vaan back safely when they are arrested for aiding LaResistance. This leads to Penelo being kidnapped by Ba'Gamnan.
* LampshadeHanging: As the profile quote demonstrates, Balthier is perfectly content to perform a HeroicSacrifice because he believes that he's TheHero, and thus cannot die thanks to PlotArmor. [[spoiler:He's proven correct when he survives the destruction of the ''Bahamut'' at the end of the game.]]
* LargeHam: Balthier's speech patterns tend to be flowery and boastful, though he usually avoids raising his voice too much. [[spoiler:His dad more than picks up the slack.]]
* LimitBreak: His Quickenings are [[PlayingWithFire Fires of War]], [[MakingASplash Tides of Fate]], and [[ColonyDrop Element of Treachery]], but they need skill and luck to chain together.
* MythologyGag: His true name is taken from [[spoiler:[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyV Mid Previa]] and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics Mustadio Bunansa]].]]
* NervesOfSteel: He is unflappable, rather secretive, and can be hilariously indifferent to nasty surprises, such as being thrown in a dungeon (where he implies he's [[SeenItAll seen it all before]]), finding out 'Amalia' is actually Princess Ashe ("Huh. Can't believe that was the princess."), or witnessing his partner flying into a [[UnstoppableRage Mist-induced frenzy]].
-->'''Ashe:''' What's wrong with her?\\
'''Balthier:''' I always knew Fran didn't like being tied up. I just never knew how much.
* NotInThisForYourRevolution: In keeping with his Han Solo traits, he and Fran only stick around [[OnlyInItForTheMoney on the promise of payment from Ashe, being that she's a princess pursuing ancient relics of royal heritage]]. Balthier has no interest in the rebellion or Archadia, [[spoiler:though at the end of the game he gets invested in finding out what Dr. Cid was up to for all those years before he left]].
* OutlawCouple: He and Fran are a pair of Sky Pirates with huge bounties on their heads. However, it's unclear how far the romantic angle of their partnership goes.
* PrettyBoy: He's ''definitely'' easy on the eyes.
* PoorCommunicationKills: In ''Revenant Wings'', where it leads to a [[FightingYourFriend boss battle]] with [[DualBoss him and Fran]] and eventually him getting slugged in the face.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: In his backstory, he decides [[spoiler:to bail from Arcadia for good after realizing what his father has become]].
* ShoutOut: Of [[Film/StarWars Han Solo]]; a snarky gunslinging outlaw that gets roped into the adventure on promise of money and sticks around when he becomes friends with the cast.
* SkyPirate: He's one of the most infamous Sky Pirates in all Ivalice, and ends up being Vaan's role model as he becomes one himself.
* TallDarkAndHandsome: He's 6'0".
* ThatManIsDead: Though he doesn't reject it as fiercely as some, he doesn't appreciate being called by his real name when he runs into people who know his past.
* TheCharmer: Of a more subtle flavor. It helps that he has a beautifully smooth voice, but is noticeable when he and party rescue Penelo.
-->'''Penelo:''' Here, Balthier...your handkerchief. I thought you might want it back.\\
'''Balthier:''' I shall wear it close to my heart.
* WeaponOfChoice: [[TheGunslinger Guns]]. Ironically the special animation he has with guns makes his firing speed a fraction of a second slower then other characters.
* WrongGenreSavvy: Balthier self-identifies as "the leading man" upon whom the story centers around, and tells the others that HeroicSacrifice and PlotArmor can be expected to come into play with him due to this status. Despite this, it's Ashe who in practice acts as the main character, with Vaan as the SupportingProtagonist, and Balthier's expectations concerning his role never come to pass. When Fran lampshades this reality during the ending, Balthier is offended by the idea.
-->'''Fran:''' I'd say you're in more of a supporting role. \\
'''Balthier:''' Fran, please.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: He's 22, but easily looks and sounds a good decade older. [[TallDarkAndHandsome No one's complaining.]]

->"I have discarded Wood and village. I won my freedom. Yet my past had been cut away forever."

-->Voiced by Creator/RikaFukami (Japanese) and Nicole Fantl (English)

Balthier's steadfast companion and a master of weapons, magic and mechanics. Fran is one of the Viera, a OneGenderRace tribe of [[PettingZooPeople bunny-women]] who live in the Golmore Jungle and command powerful magical abilities, such as the ability to "hear" the god-like spirit of the Wood. Fran disagreed with the Viera's philosophy of isolation and left her home village, sacrificing many of her natural abilities to live a life of freedom.

* AdaptationalBadass: Fran's pretty badass in the original game, but she's on a far higher tier in the manga, having super-speed and a Blizzard-enchanted claw attack that deals a OneHitKill to Firemane and freezes Ghis's sword. In the game, she finds an exit from the Nalbina Dungeons but the magick bindings are too strong to break. The manga, she's perfectly able to break them, it's the Imperials outside that stops them from leaving.
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: She presents it to Ashe if you take a wrong turn into the [[BleakLevel Necrohol of Nabudis]].
* BadassDriver: She's got a hoverbike and is an amazingly cool pilot on it.
* BreakHisHeartToSaveHim: She does this to her sister, Mjrn, advising her to forget about her since she has left the Wood and should no longer exist to her. She doesn't want her sister to lose her link to the woods like she did, and considering that outside the woods a war is brooding between Rozarria and Archades, with Dalmasca and its surrounding potentially becoming the battlefield, Mjrn could become a casualty. At least Fran knows she would be safer in the woods.
* CombatStilettos: As with all Viera, she wears them to compensate for her much longer feet.
* CoolBigSis: She is quite affectionate and mentorly to the young Penelo.
* CuteMonsterGirl: She has rabbit ears and claws, but otherwise has the body of a tall and shapely hume woman.
* DarkSkinnedBlond: Like many fellow Viera. Her white hair clashes with her dark skin (fur?), which further adds to her exotic appearance.
* DeadpanSnarker: Gets a few good lines here and there.
-->'''Vossler:''' We've secured an Atomos, come! \\
'''Balthier:''' An Atomos? All skiff, no ship...hardly fit for a leading man. \\
'''Vaan:''' So I can fly it? \\
'''Fran:''' Are you mad?
* FightingYourFriend: She and Balthier are bosses in ''Revenant Wings''.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Viera are supposed to be very magically adept, but Fran's magical stats are mediocre at best, square middle among the six main party members. Also, despite the fact that she is supposed to be a skilled archer, her firing animation with the bow is actually slightly longer than normal, reducing her DPS and effectiveness with it compared to any other character.
* JackOfAllStats: In the Zodiac Age versions of the game where sheds her MasterOfNone status by gaining the highest Vitality score and her large amount of innate skills let her usefulness shine with the JobSystem.
* LimitBreak: Her Quickenings are [[HavingABlast Feral Strike]], [[SupernaturalMartialArts Whip Kick]], and [[AnIcePerson Shatterheart]], but they need skill and luck to chain together.
* MasterOfNone: Like Vaan she is an all around styled character, but with all her stats being all around low. In fact, stats-wise, she probably is the worst character of your party, being overshadowed by everyone else. The ''International Zodiac Job System'' rebalances her stats by giving her the best Vitality score (whereas she was second to last in the original release), and altering other stats among the other controlable characters. She remains average, but the gap is not as wide as before.
* MsFanservice: Along with the rest of her race. She's got a shapely body covered up by what can best be described as a [[ChainmailBikini wire bikini]], and it's quite form-fitting too.
* MultiMeleeMaster: Noted to be a master of weapons. Not that you can tell from [[InformedAbility her stats]].
* NoSenseOfHumor: Averted. Despite being TheStoic, TheFairFolk and a Really700YearsOld all rolled into one, can be quite humorous, in a sly, blunt way.
-->'''Fran:''' Then it's settled. We should leave before the Marquis notices she's missing, like proper kidnappers.
* OlderSidekick: Is Balthier's partner, but in practice she often just follows him. She is also 50+, while he is 22.
* OlderThanTheyLook: She appears to be a young woman, but she's old enough that she left home fifty years prior to the story. [[JustifiedTrope Vieras age far slower than humans]], so she's probably young by Viera standards anyway. It's unclear whether it's any indication, but she gets somewhat offended when Vaan [[NeverLiveItDown asks for her age]].
* OnlyOneName: As with all Viera.
* OurElvesAreDifferent: The Viera are elves in practice, a magic-inclined race living isolated from the world. They just happen to have bunny ears instead of traditional pointed ones.
* OutlawCouple: With Balthier as a pair of Sky Pirates that travel Ivalice. However it's not fully clear if they're in a romantic or platonic relationship.
* PersonaNonGrata: Most of Eruyt Village snubs her. The Golmore Jungle takes things a step further by blocking her path and sending the Elder Wyrm after her.
* PettingZooPeople: As a Viera, she's a literal bunny-person.
* SheFu: If you unlock the Brawler license and have her fight unarmed and shieldless, one of her two attacks is a somersault kick.
* ShesGotLegs: She's very tall, as with most Viera, and a lot of it is in the legs.
* SkyPirate: Along with Balthier, she forms a duo of two famous Sky Pirates.
* SlidingScaleOfGameplayAndStoryIntegration: After Judge Ghis put the Dawn shard in the ship's engine on the Dreadnought Leviathan, the rising Mist makes Fran go berserk, and she single-handedly gets rid of the guards assigned to keep your party captive. This is reflected in the following battle, in which Fran will be stuck into the Berserk status.
* StatuesqueStunner: Although not as tall as she appears at first glance because of her ears and stilettos. In reality, she's slightly taller than Balthier, which still puts her over six feet.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: But more amiable than usual for the trope. She's just very quiet.
* TheReliableOne: For a fanservice character who's on the more minor side of the main cast, she's one of the most useful throughout the course of the game, [[JackOfAllStats average fighting stats notwithstanding]]. She saves members of the main cast not once, not twice, but three times, [[spoiler:rescues her sister]], indirectly rescues Basch, and is often the one the party turns to for advice, such as directing [[spoiler: the princess to those who can help her with the Sun Cryst]], translating texts, or just beating up a bunch of guards that have captured everyone.
* TheStoic: Generally quiet, dignified, and level-headed. However, there are a few moments in the game where her cool cracks a little.
* ThongOfShielding: her, um, let's call them "pants" leave little to the imagination.
* TokenNonhuman: The only non-Hume of the party.
* UnusualEars: Large and tall rabbit ears.
* VerbalTic?: She has a slight but noticeable (and ''[[OohMeAccentsSlipping consistent]]'') lisp due to her overbite. SuperlativeDubbing turns this into a sexy voice--she ''feels'' inherently different from the Hume party members, yet always friendly and understanding.
* WeaponOfChoice: A bow and arrow, but unlike other characters her promotional artwork shows her wielding many [[MultiMeleeMaster different weapons]] such as swords and guns. She also has a unique bow-firing animation making her fire a bit slower than other characters, even though the bow is her iconic weapon of choice.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: original concept art showed her with much more rabbit in her facial features, such as whiskers and buckteeth.
* YouAreACreditToYourRace: Averted. Balthier mentions it, but is clearly joking. This doesn't spare him from a well-placed comeback.
-->'''Balthier:''' ''(notices Vaan staring at Fran)'' Not many Viera where you come from, thief? \\
'''Vaan:''' It's Vaan. ''(looks to Fran)'' Sorry. \\
'''Balthier:''' Well, Fran is special, in that she'd deign to partner with a Hume. \\
'''Fran:''' Oh? Like a sky pirate who chooses to steal through the sewers?
* YouCantGoHomeAgain: When she does eventually return to visit the Viera village, it's implied they miss her, but Fran holds this opinion; She can no longer hear "the Green Word", i.e. the voice of the forest. Even though her fellows insist the the forest wants her to stay, she doesn't believe it. She's made her choice and must live with it, for better or worse.

[[folder:Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg]]
->"If I could protect but one person from war's horror... then I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly."

-->Voiced by Creator/RikiyaKoyama (Japanese) and Creator/KeithFerguson (English)

The former captain of the "Order of Knights of Dalmasca", Basch was framed for the assassination of Dalmasca's king. The king's death was the cause for peace talks to break down and Dalmasca fall to the Empire, and Basch was executed as a traitor. However, this is only a cover story: in reality he was kept prisoner to be interrogated about the resistance that was forming. Vaan and company find his cell during their escape from the Nalbina Dungeons, and reluctantly allow him to join to aid their escape. Having failed the royal family of Dalmasca once, Basch is determined to protect and serve Ashe in her quest to reclaim the throne. His sense of honour and loyalty to Dalmasca is second to none.

* AFatherToHisMen: He was this as his scenes with Reks could attest too, which made it that much harder on the poor boy when he died.
* BadassBaritone: His voice is deep and commanding, befitting an experienced soldier such as he.
* BeardOfSorrow: When in prison, but he trims it to a reasonable length once he escapes.
* TheBigGuy: As the heroic war veteran and military captain, he has the greatest military experience. When Ashe seeks advice on deviousness she asks the sky pirates, but when it comes to military/politics/moralty, she asks Basch.
* BoringButPractical: His attack animations are all pretty basic stuff with little to no acrobatics, but comes out very quickly and would actually really hurt if done in real life.
* TheCaptain: Before the main events of the game, he was a captain in Dalmasca's military. In the Japanese version his rank was [[FourStarBadass General]].
* ClearMyName: Everyone thinks he killed Raminas, but he's innocent. He wants to change that first part. [[spoiler:Subverted in the end. By the end of the game the public at large still thinks he's dead and guilty, and the people who know he's alive also know he's innocent.]]
* DeclarationOfProtection: If you want to hurt Ashe, you'll have to step over Basch's limp corpse to get to her.
* {{Determinator}}: Basch will stop at nothing to protect Ashe and see Dalmasca restored. '''Nothing'''.
* ElCidPloy: In the ending, he pulls this for [[spoiler:Gabranth, impersonating him as Larsa's bodyguard to uphold the new peace they've managed to create.]]
* FailureKnight: As [[spoiler:Gabranth]] notes, everything and everyone Basch has ever tried to protect has been destroyed or disgraced. He's well aware of it, too.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: He has a scar above his eye. The manga establishes he got it in a duel with [[spoiler:Gabranth]].
* HorseArcher: He's one in the opening movie, being mounted on a Chocobo.
* {{Hunk}}: Got the muscles and temperament to show it.
* KnightInShiningArmor: Lacks the actual armor, but is this in practice, a stalwart and noble protector of morality.
* LimitBreak: His Quickenings are [[KamehameHadoken Fulminating Darkness]], [[SupernaturalMartialArts Ruin Impendent]], and [[StormOfBlades Flame Purge]], but they need skill and luck to chain together.
* MightyGlacier: Physically strongest of the party (with Vaan), but has low speed and, like Balthier, [[MagicallyIneptFighter pitiful magic]] skills.
* MissingMom: She died sometimes after he left for the war.
* MrFanservice: His imprisonment's "[[GoGoEnslavement attire]]".
* ThePaladin: In ''Revenant Wings'', it's his character class, and thus he wields large swords, wears heavy armor, and a combination of light-based offensive attacks and defense-based support magic.
* PullTheThread: Larsa practically invokes the trope by name regarding Basch and Ashe. The world thinks Basch dead, but someone kept him alive in secret. There are reasons for that, and his survival will really shake up the status quo as word gets around.
* PurpleProse: More so than any of the other party members, he tends to be very eloquent.
* RummageSaleReject: Is that a ''potholder'' under his vest?
* TheQuietOne: He goes a good dozen cutscenes in a row without a peep.
* ShellShockedVeteran: Though a high-functioning war veteran, he's clearly traumatized by what he's been through.
* SupportingLeader: In story, to Ashe since he's older and more experienced; in gameplay and presentation, to Vaan and for the same reason.
* WarIsHell: "If I could protect but one person from war's horror, I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly."
* WeaponOfChoice: [[{{BFS}} Great Swords]] in all sequels and [[HeroesPreferSwords normal swords]] in ''XII''.

[[folder:Princess Ashelia "Ashe" B'nargin Dalmasca]]
->"I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free."

-->Voiced by Creator/MieSonozaki (Japanese) and Creator/KariWahlgren (English)

The crown princess of Dalmasca and the last true heir to the kingdom. Ashe lost her father and husband only a week after her wedding when Archadia invaded Nabradia, and was soon announced to have committed suicide out of grief. In reality, she fled underground to lead the resistance against Archadia's occupation of Dalmasca. She is determined to restore Dalmasca whatever the cost, driven by her hatred of Archadia and her own feelings of responsibility as the crown princess.

* AccentUponTheWrongSyllable: Her name's spelled identically, but it's pronounced "ASH" in the English dub and "ah-SHEH" in the Japanese dub.
* AntiHero: Somewhat, during the story's early stages - while she cared for Dalmasca, she wasn't the most level-headed member of the group before her CharacterDevelopment.
* BareYourMidriff: Her outfit shows off her navel.
* TheBigGuy: Ashe is just as capable in battle as any of the male party members, and the one with the stats and personality most inclined for engaging in melee combat. The party first meets her fighting a squad of Imperials and not backing down.
* {{BFS}}: Two of them, the Sword of Kings and the Treaty Blade. Both also function as [[SwordOfPlotAdvancement Swords of Plot Advancement]].
* BreakTheCutie: She's a widow while still in her teens. Unlike most political marriages, both Ashe and Rasler truly loved each other.
* CharacterDevelopment: Learns to do what is best for Dalmasca and its people as opposed to blindly chasing revenge against the Empire, which would probably get her kingdom destroyed and herself killed. Also becomes more heroic and sociable as time goes on, when you first meet her she's a bit of a bitch and doesn't really trust the other party members.
* {{Chickification}}: In the manga. Her introduction in the game establishes her as a LadyOfWar, cutting down an imperial troop and proving a powerful fourth ally for the waterway. In the manga, she's actively fleeing from her attackers, and is nearly helpless in subsequent battles.
* TheChosenOne: [[spoiler:As the next Dynast-King by the Occuria.]]
-->[[spoiler:"Fear not, princess of Dalmasca. We Occuria have chosen you, and you alone."]]
* CommonalityConnection: Vaan and Ashe have this with their extremely similar experience during the war with Archades and it's because of this they can see the ghost of their lost loved ones in the Tomb of Raithwall. In the climax of the game, it's this bond that [[spoiler: allows Vaan to [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope save Ashe from herself]]]].
* {{Determinator}}: Just listen to her Quickening quotes:
-->"I must endure." / "I must believe." / "I must be strong."
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: Ashe's micro-skirt ''barely'' covers her rear.
* DefrostingTheIceQueen: She's rude and abrasive at first, but gradually warms up and accepts the party as friends and allies.
* DeterminedWidow: She mourns for her lost love, and won't let anything stop her from avenging him.
* DramaticWind: Especially when performing her Quickenings and casting magic. More noticeable when fighting outside, but even inside her clothing tends to flutter, just less so.
* FairytaleWeddingDress: She wore one in her wedding. Combine princess and true love and it fits the ideal.
* GuestStarPartyMember: Introduces the mechanic when you first meet her and she calls herself Amalia.
%%* GrayEyes: In-game and in the spinoffs, but her official render has her with blue eyes.
* TheHero: Despite what Balthier says and that Vaan is your initial character, in practice it's Ashe's desires and motivations that motivate the party's quest while the other five are her allies. Trailers for the [=PS4=] remaster specifically frame Ashe as the main character of the game, with no particular importance given to Balthier or Vaan over any other character.
* TheLeader: She's the one that sets the agenda for the hero party. The other party members tag along with her for various reasons and offer her support and advice.
* InsistentTerminology: "Resistance!"
* LadyOfBlackMagic: Poised and has the highest MP and Magick Power growth rates in the party. Even her Quickenings have an air of grace to them.
* LadyOfWar: Even in the heat of battle, Ashe remains poised and graceful.
* LimitBreak: Her Quickenings are [[LightEmUp Northswain's Glow]], [[MagicMissileStorm Heaven's Wrath]], and [[ShockAndAwe Maelstrom's Bolt]], but they need skill and luck to chain together.
* GlassCannon: Has high magick and strength stats, but her HP is low.
* MagicKnight: Wielding a sword, casting magic, and summoning espers.
* MoralityChainBeyondTheGrave: Rasler's ghost appears as SpiritAdvisor to drive her forward on her quest to restore Dalmasca, [[spoiler:such as convincing her not to use the Sword of Kings to destroy the Dawn Shard and leading her into Giruvegan to meet the Occuria. After it is revealed that his ghost is only an Occurian-made illusion, Ashe decides against using nethicite to destroy the Empire because the real Rasler she loved would never use such catastrophic means for revenge]].
* MsFanservice: In the game's manga adaptation. She's the subject of a PantyShot, a [[ShowerScene bathing scene]], a [[MaleGaze shot of her half-naked rear]], and there's a full-frontal scene of her nude with BarbieDollAnatomy.
* PimpedOutDress: Her wedding dress and her funeral dress are suitably fancy for a princess/queen, but surprisingly no fancy Queen or Princess dresses are shown.
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: With Rasler; they joke about how people only see it as a political marriage.
* PoliticallyActivePrincess: Zig-zagged. At first, she tries to take Rabanastre by force. Later, she attempts to reclaim her kingdom by bargaining with TheEmpire and other factions for most of the game. Although she's a WarriorPrincess and would rather fight against the Archadians, she slowly understands that the easiest way to avoid bloodshed is to take the diplomatic route.
* PrettyPrincessPowerhouse: Don't let the fact she's royalty fool you, Ashe has survived in the resistance for two years and can handle herself in a fight. Her EstablishingCharacterMoment is to cut down an Imperial and basically shout "BringIt" to three more advancing on her.
* PyrrhicVictory: Ultimately realizes she's setting herself up for this. [[spoiler:She could take the power of the Sun-Cryst and use deifacted nethicite to fight Archadia, but it would entirely betray the ideals and principles of the kingdom she's been fighting for, and at that point her cause will be truly lost]].
* RevengeBeforeReason: She treads this path for a very long time until she takes Vaan's example to fight for what's right rather than for vengeance.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Her defining trope more than anything else, Ashe takes her position as Princess very seriously and is fully committed to the political responsibilities that it entails.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: You'd expect something [[ExposedToTheElements more practical]] on royalty, wouldn't you?
* SpareToTheThrone: If you pay attention to the NPC conversations, you will find out that Ashe was the youngest of nine siblings with eight older brothers who have all died from war or sickness.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: Sometimes referred to by Basch and Vossler as "The Lady Ashe".
* TragicKeepsake: She still wears her wedding ring and also wears Rasler's on her middle finger. She [[WeddingRingRemoval reluctantly gives Rasler's ring to Balthier]] as compensation for him and Fran accompanying her on her journey until he finds "something more valuable", [[spoiler:and she does not put it back on when it's returned to her in the epilogue]].
* UnscrupulousHero: She spends most of the game focused on gaining nethicite with her ultimate goal being using it to destroy the Archadian Empire to avenge her husband and restore her kingdom. CharacterDevelopment sees her gaining scruples.
* WeaponOfChoice: [[HeroesPreferSwords Swords]] of various different styles, even when she uses [[ThrowDownTheBomblet bombs]] in the sequel she still has a sword in her artwork. She also likes her shield. Even her unarmed animation has her putting up her left hand like she's got one on there.
* WhoWearsShortShorts: Ashe's wardrobe has lent itself to confusion and theorizing as to whether this trope is correct or her skirt is [[MagicSkirt magic]]. Since camera and pose manipulation reveal material of the same color in what would ordinarily be a PantyShot, some fans have even gone as far as to try to [[http://www.scibbe.com/stash/13weeks/ashe_hotpants.jpg make sense of it with complicated, annotated design sketches]] (full version [[http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/39919/ashelia_b-nargin_dalmasca-final_fantasy-final_fant here]]).
* ZettaiRyouiki: Her outfit leaves her thighs bare between armor and skirt.

!!Allies of Dalmasca

[[folder:Vossler York Azelas]]
->"The future of Dalmasca will not be stolen!"

-->Voiced by Creator/MasakiTerasoma (Japanese) and Creator/NolanNorth (English)

A former captain of the Dalmasca militia. Vossler is one of the top soldiers in the Resistance, and takes on the duty of protecting Ashe after she is forced underground. He has a deep respect for Basch, and works tirelessly to restore Dalmasca. However, two years of little success have begun to wear down his resolve. As a result he cuts a deal with the Empire to restore Ashe to the throne as a PuppetKing, feeling that outright defiance will gain them nothing.

* BodyguardBetrayal: He's Ashe's protector until Basch steps in, and then he sells her out.
* TheCaptain: His official title is "Captain" even as he leads the resistance against the Empire and personally steps onto the battlefield to command them. It's a holdover from his days in the Dalmascan militia where he held the rank.
* ClimaxBoss: You can really ''feel'' the emotional intensity when you're forced to fight him. The conflict effectively serves to close Act 1 of the game and shifts the narrative considerably.
* FaceHeelTurn: He turns on the party and sides with the Empire, though it's not as clear-cut as "he's actually evil".
* {{Foil}}: To Basch, given their friendship despite coming from different stations in life. Taken further when, after Basch's absolute loyalty to Ashe is proven, Vossler himself becomes a traitor.
* GuestStarPartyMember: Joins the party as a Guest twice.
* {{Hunk}}
* HeroAntagonist: Without a doubt, after his FaceHeelTurn because it makes him antagonistic to Ashe and the main heroes but his goal remains the same. He just has different ideas about reaching it.
* KnightInSourArmor: He fights for a good cause, but is not optimistic about the results.
* LaResistance: He's the leader of the resistance against the Empire.
* MoralMyopia: A very gray case of this regarding his betrayal. Vossler has his mind set on the restoration of Dalmasca first and foremost. When Ashe reveals her intentions as revenge first, Dalmasca second, Vossler ends up siding with the Archadians. There's also a second factor in his betrayal in that the resistance's war from his perspective seems to be growing more futile as the days pass; and by allying with the Archadians, Vayne will actually restore Dalmasca's independence. While it can be easy to think WhatAnIdiot to Vossler's idea, there's a fair chance Vayne may have lived up to his word and politically it wouldn't have been a dreadful move for Vayne to restore the hearts and minds of the people, even if Ashe is a glorified PuppetKing to his own ends and means. Finally, going back a bit in the entry, Vossler is also very, VERY tired of fighting and believes his betrayal to be a bloodless end to the revolution.
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: He puts the wellbeing of Dalmasca first and foremost.
* SacrificialLion: His death and Ashe's refusal to accept his bargain with the Empire firmly establishes what her priorities are: vengeance first, Dalmasca second. His betrayal also shakes the game up on a meta level, truly introducing the grey morality of the antagonists and the heroes.
* TheSixthRanger: An outsider to your main party of six who helps them from behind the scenes.
* SixthRangerTraitor: As a floater ally who betrays the protagonists.
* TakeUpMySword: Tells Basch to protect Ashe in his stead after his defeat.
* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans: Will restore Dalmasca no matter what, even if he must betray her rightful ruler to do it.
* WeaponOfChoice: A {{BFS}} called [[{{Foreshadowing}} Nightmare]].

[[folder:Marquis Halim Ondore IV]]
->"I once knew a girl whose only wish was to be carried in her uncle’s arms. Her Majesty is a woman grown now."

-->Voiced by Creator/AkioNojima (Japanese) and Creator/TomKane (English)

The leader of Bhujerba, a city floating in the sky with rich magicite mines. Though Bhujerba claims to be neutral, it is an open secret that Ondore is allied with Archadia to prevent them from simply conquering his city. However, he is also secretly funding resistance movements against Archadia and seeks to reclaim Bhujerba's independance. He is the narrator of the game.

* BigGood: He's basically the leader of LaResistance by the end of the game and the one with the broader scope of things than Vossler.
* TheChessmaster: Manipulates a lot of events behind the scenes without directly getting his hands dirty. Since he's closely watched by the Empire, he has to be secretive about it to avoid his true plans being discovered.
* CoolOldGuy: He's old, but still a good player in the political field.
* LaResistance: Not a member, but a close ally. After Vossler's death he effectively becomes the leader of it.
* MinorMajorCharacter: Only several actual appearances but, as both the {{Narrator}} and the ally of LaResistance, he's pretty important as far as characters go.
* {{Narrator}}: Major events are shown as part of the Marquis' [[FramingDevice historical accounts]].
* ParentalSubstitute: He's an advisor/parental figure to Ashe, who calls him her uncle.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He's the leader of Bhujerba and one of the few politically powerful figures who wants to ''do'' something about Archadia.
* SilverFox: He's got grey hair and he's quite handsome. Just take a gander at his picture!
* StaffOfAuthority: Walks with an ornate cane.
* UnreliableNarrator: Infamously so, he's known for publicly lying and concealing the truth for assorted political reasons. There's a reason "Don't listen to Ondore's lies" is a MemeticMutation.

[[folder:Al-Cid Margrace]]
->"I would lay down my life at a single word to be sure… but I harbor no maundering delusions of valiant grandeur".

-->Voiced by Creator/NorioWakamoto (Japanese) and David Rasner (English)

A member of the ruling family of Rozzaria, a nation rival to Archadia. He works alongside Larsa to avert the war brewing between the two empires, as the cost of such a war would devastate both sides.

* AscendedExtra: A meta example, he was a minor supporting character before Creator/NorioWakamoto was cast. His vocal performance considerably endeared Al-Cid to the developers and netted him a bigger part in the game.
* CarpetOfVirility: His chest hair is magnificent to behold.
* TheCasanova: His special abilities in ''Tactics A2'' let him help and power up the girls on the team.
* TheCharmer: He's very flirtatious and flattering with ladies, including Ashe.
* ChickMagnet: From the looks of it, none of the other girls mind the flirting.
* CoolShades: It's slightly anachronistic, but he wears sunglasses.
* DashingHispanic: His design and Spanish accent in the English dub clearly invoke this.
%%* TheGunslinger: In ''Tactics A2''.
* OneSteveLimit: Played with -- this game gives us both Al-Cid and Dr. Cid. WordOfGod has clarified that Dr. Cid is the official "Cid" of the game, while Al-Cid is just another character who happens to also be named Cid.
* OverratedAndUnderleveled: In ''Tactics A2'', he cannot change classes. He is the ''only'' unit who cannot change classes. Even Vaan and Penelo, who also join with unique classes, are able to class change. This means he can't use any than other than guns, can't ever learn a secondary skillset other than Item, and can never learn any Support or Reaction abilities.
* PrettyBoy: A ''very'' pretty one.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: He gets involved with the events and does what he can to try and prevent another outbreak of war. He's not even the true/direct heir to Rozarrio, but implied to be one of many.
* SharpDressedMan: His sense of grooming is impeccable, and he's a smooth-talking casanova to boot.
* SexySecretary: He's always ''accompanied'' by [[TheVoiceless one]] whose main job seems to be holding his sunglasses.
* TallDarkAndHandsome: Though his height is unknown.
* TuxedoAndMartini: Tactics A2 reveals that he is this sort of Spy for Rozzaria with the unique Agent job.
* TheSpymaster: Claims to have "little birds" who tell him things. We never fully find out what that means, but Al-Cid clearly has connections.
* TheWisePrince: Some of his ''activities'' aside, he's a very clever man and a competent politician. When he first meets Ashe he bring up important matters for her to consider, and when the party's shown determined to seek out the deifacted nethicite, he makes important points such as needing to ''find'' what they're looking for. Plus see his above quote.

->"The past can bind a man as surely as irons."

-->Voiced by Creator/TakayukiSugo (Japanese) and Creator/PhilLaMarr (English)

The head of the pirate city of Balfonheim, who turned it from a den of corruption into an outlaw but ultimately moral city. Reddas has the honor of being the final GuestStarPartyMember in the game, and is a surprise ally of the party that's aiding Ondore's war efforts.

* TheAtoner: He's seeking to make up for a great sin he did in the past.
* BadassBoast: [[spoiler: "I, Judge Magister, condemn you to oblivion!"]]
* BadassBeard: Has a short-cropped one to emphazie his rugged look.
* BaldBlackLeaderGuy: Leaders of the sky pirates, bald, and dark-skinned.
* BaldOfAwesome: Being prematurely grey and having no hair on his head does ''not'' stop him from kicking ass.
* BerserkButton: Much like Balthier, but more overt. Try bringing up nethicite around him and see how he takes it.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler:He's really Judge Zecht, the sixth Judge Magister of Archadia charged with using the Midlight Shard at Nabudis to see the power of deifacted nethicite. Horrified by his own unwitting actions, he vowed to never let such destruction be unleashed again, and forsook the empire, his title, and his name, to become a force in the resistance.]]
* DeathSeeker: One of his aides, Elza, claims Reddas has been looking for a time and place to die all along. All things considered, she may be on to something.
* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: Though he doesn't do it directly, he makes his opinion of [[spoiler:the Occuria]] clear.
-->'''Reddas:''' Would you like to know the best use of nethicite? Will or nill, I'll tell you. You pick it up, and throw it away.
* {{Foil}}: To Balthier, in lots of spoileriffic ways. Had they each made some slightly different choices, they might have switched places in the narrative. [[spoiler:They're both former members of the Archadian Empire, Judges even (though Reddas was a Judge ''Magister''), who went rogue and abandoned their former lives and names when the Empire's warmongering went too far for them. However, Balthier would rather have nothing to do with the Archadia and nethciite and gets roped into things by chance, while Reddas protactively seeks to stop Cid from using nethicite on the scale of Nabudis and will fight to do it. Balthier went rogue to reclaim his freedom and became a sky pirate with little higher ambition than that, while Reddas went rogue to resist the Empire, which included becoming the de facto leader of Balfonheim and an ally of Ondore.]]
* GuestStarPartyMember: For the last dungeon of the game.
* HeroicBSOD: [[spoiler: The destruction of Nabudis]] caused a MyGodWhatHaveIDone HeelRealization, and he's never fully recovered from it.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:He sacrifices himself to destroy the Sun Cryst before the mist it spews causes chaos over Ivalice.]]
* LargeHam: Surpassed only by Doctor Cid.
* MemeticBadass: InUniverse. [[spoiler:Reddas's death, which involved destroying the Sun-Cryst with the Sword of Kings, ended up redeeming himself, screwing over the Occuria, screwing over Vayne, and basically setting off a nuke in his face at the same time. The Way Stone that brought the party to the top no longer works afterward, implying that ''the top floor doesn't even exist anymore''... but a handful of Balfonheim residents think that this death wasn't fitting enough for him.]]
* MyGreatestFailure: [[spoiler: The destruction of Nalbina using the Midlight shard was the last straw for him and caused him to abandon the Empire.]]
* OneManArmy: You know someone has beaten you inside Draklor when you explore the facility and find it strewn with the bodies of Imperial soldiers. Reddas' doing.
* ThePaladin: In the [[NoExportForYou International]] version he also casts [[HolyHandGrenade Holy]] and Arise.
* {{Pirate}} and SkyPirate: He is called a pirate of both the sea and sky.
* RealMenWearPink: A literal example. His hot pink shorts stand out even in a cast dressed in all manner of bizarre clothing options.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler:He ultimately redeems himself at the cost of his life.]]
* ShellShockedVeteran: He's carrying a lot of guilt and trauma for what he did in the past.
* TheSixthRanger: The 3rd and final one to be met in-story.
* SmallRoleBigImpact: You meet him with only a few hours left in the game, not counting time spent on sidequests, but once you find out his past, it turns out he's more influential than some of the people you've seen all game.
* TheGhost: You've been hearing people talk about "Reddas" all game, but you never meet him in person until the very end. Even then, you probably don't realize he is the person you've heard of before.
* ThatManIsDead: He cast off his old name to become Reddas some time ago.
* WalkingSpoiler: You've never heard the name before you met him, but you have definitely heard ''of'' Reddas all game, and when you find out how you'll look at him very differently.
* WeaponOfChoice: DualWielding [[CoolSword Cool Swords]], the Chirijiraden and the Ninja Knife.
* WretchedHive: Acts as the de facto leader of one, Balfonheim, a pirate port. In his own words, it's "a city of men without countries, pirates of the sea and of the sky. Few are they would fain lay down their lives for a friend, let alone a king."
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Would you believe that he's only ''thirty-three''? Then again, it could just be that he shaves his head and his hair colour is naturally white, which wouldn't be out there for Final Fantasy.

[[folder:Prince Rasler Heios Nabradia]]
->"These roles we play. I must admit I find it... wearying."

-->Voiced by Creator/YasuyukiKase (Japanese) and Andrew Philpot (English)

The crown prince of the kingdom of Nabradia and Ashe's late husband.

* TheLostLenore: To Ashe.
* MythologyGag: His name is one to Prince Ralse from "Draco and Maria", [[ShowWithinAShow the opera from]] ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI''. Like Ralse, his kingdom is to the east (of Dalmasca).
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: With Ashe.
* PrettyBoy: See his face?
* PrinceCharmless: Appeared to be this during a flashback in the manga adaptation; turns out he was trying to lure out a traitor.
* SacrificialLion: A brave warrior and loving husband who, without hesitation, leads his new wife's kingdom's army to war in order to defend it from Archadia's advances. He unfortunately dies at Nalbina Fortress.
* StabTheSky: Does this in the opening cinematic.
* WarriorPrince

-> "No, sir. I want to fight. For my homeland and for my parents."

-->Voiced by Hideki Tasaka (Japanese) and Creator/YuriLowenthal (English)

Vaan's older brother. He was a member of the "Order of Knights of Dalmasca" under Basch. When he rushed to prevent the assassination of King Raminas, he found his comrades slaughtered and the king dead, supposedly at the hands of Basch. He was stabbed, and lived long enough to testify his version of events before dying.

* BareYourMidriff: His "armor" bares his abs to the world. Naturally, "Basch" has no trouble shanking him.
* BigBrotherInstinct: He went to war to protect his brother.
* ChainmailBikini: It's no wonder he died; he's wearing a military issue sports bra and thigh highs with short shorts.
* DecoyProtagonist: A role he shares with [[TheIshmael his brother Vaan]], only in Reks's case it's more obvious.
* FlowerMotifs: The Galbana Lily was his favorite flower. Vaan even names his airship after this flower in the sequel.
* NiceGuy: According to the people who knew him, Reks was very kind and noble.
* PrettyBoy: As shown by his image.
* PromotionToParent: After his and Vaan's parents died, five years before the main events of the game.
* SacrificialLamb: Hand-in-hand with DecoyProtagonist, Reks exists to die in the introduction and demonstrate clearly this game will not be shy about killing off important characters.
* TragicKeepsake: His pendant which Vaan is seen wearing for the entirety of the game.
* UnwittingPawn: He is allowed to survive the attack on Nalbina because the Archadians need a witness to testify it was Basch who killed Raminas. Not knowing it was a frame job, Reks played right into their hands.
* WeaponOfChoice: A standard issue [[CoolSword sword]] and [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe shield]].
* WhiteVoidRoom: Vaan remembers his brother dying in one as he sat unresponsive in a catatonic state.

->"The nethicite is ours to give, to chosen bearer or to none."

-->Voiced by Seiko Tomoe (Japanese) and Bernice Stegers (English)

The leader of the god-like Occuria. She guides Ashe, and by extension the party on their quest to topple the Empire by appearing to the Princess in visions. However, this is a case of SmallRoleBigImpact: Gerun is a critical figure in the game's plot in lots of spoiler-riffic ways.

* AmbiguousGender: Just like Venat, Gerun has no physical gender and will be referred to with feminine pronouns for the purposes of this entry.
* AncientConspiracy: [[spoiler:The Occuria have been manipulating Ivalice for centuries. Now thanks to Venat and Archadia, their grip is slipping, and they're not happy about that.]]
* BerserkButton: Flies into a screaming rage at the implication that [[spoiler:Venat's actions might actually have a point.]]
* BigBad: Well, from one point of view -- this game likes GreyAndGrayMorality, after all. [[spoiler:She spends 90% of the game slow-walking Ashe into becoming a genocidal tyrant under her thrall, the likes of which would have put Vayne to shame by miles. Additionally, it's her control over Ivalice via the Dalmascan kings that motivated Venat to rebel and bring Archadia to power in the first place, making her indirectly responsible for the conflict of the game.]]
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: [[spoiler:Annihilating every man, woman, and child in Archadia is completely justified to her if it rids her of Venat and scours manufactured nethicite from the world so the Occuria can keep humanity under their thumb.]]
* CosmicPlaything: [[spoiler:She used Raithwal to establish Ocurrian rule over Ivalice and plans to use Ashe to preserve it]].
* EnergyBeings: Appears as a floating specter of light with a shadowed "face".
* GeneralRipper: [[spoiler:The whole "World War" thing Ivalice is heading towards? She doesn't mind, as long as the right people emerge victorious.]]
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: It wouldn't be a Yasumi Matsuno game if this ''wasn't'' at play somewhere.
* JerkassGods: She carries high the ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' standard of higher beings that are pricks.
* ManipulativeBastard: [[spoiler:She tries to get Ashe to destroy Archadia and Venat, progressing from subtle manipulation to to outright ordering her to do it.]]
* NoGender: Genderless due to not having a physical body, but has a female-ish voice.
* OneShotCharacter: Appears as herself for less than five minutes, despite having a continuous role throughout the plot of the game.
* PoisonousFriend: [[spoiler:Ashe doesn't realize the specter of Rasler that's been guiding her all game is a vision of Gerun, and that she's using his memory to manipulate the party.]]
* ProtagonistJourneyToVillain: [[spoiler:Spends the whole game trying to make this happen for Ashe. Fails spectacularly at it because she ultimately realizes what's happening to her.]]
* PunyHumans / WeAreAsMayflies: Shares this outlook on Humes.
-->"[[spoiler:The Humes ever skew hist'ry's weave. With haste they move through too-short lives. Driven to err by base desires, t'ward waste and wasting on they run. We Occuria light the path for wayward sons of man.]]"
* PurpleProse: Gerun speaks in iambic tetrameter, using poetic abbreviations and rhyming couplets to rigidly stick to the meter. Venat, by contrast speaks in iambic ''penta''meter, never uses rhyme scheme, and is slightly more free form with her verse, ie: quite [[GeniusBonus heretical]] in comparison.
* ShapeShifterGuiltTrip: [[spoiler:The ghostly image of Rasler that keeps appearing to Ashe over the course of the game is Gerun playing off her grief and rage towards Archadia to get her to acquiesce to genocide.]]
* SheIsTheKing: She's referred to in the game's lore as the "King" of the Occuria.
* SmallRoleBigImpact: Eclipses even Reddas in terms of the screen time:plot importance ratio. [[spoiler:The meeting with her and the revelations that follow cast a very revealing light on the true goals of Archadia and the villains you've been fighting.]]
* SophisticatedAsHell / WickedCultured: Speaks in poetic meter, uses highfalutin language and poetic abbreviations such as pow'r, and carries herself with all the dignity of an Elizabethan monarch, [[spoiler:until you piss her off]].
* WalkingSpoiler: As all the whited-out entries might have tipped you off. Gerun is a late-game character and the meeting with her reveals a lot of critical plot details.

!!Archadian Empire

[[folder:Vayne Carudas Solidor]]
->"Ivalice will know a new Dynast King, and Man will keep his own history!"

-->Voiced by Creator/NobuoTobita (Japanese) and Elijah Alexander (English)

The son of the current Emperor of the Archadian Empire, and recently appointed Consul to Dalmasca. His affable nature cloaks his intelligence and utter ruthlessness, and his schemes permeate every part of the plot.

* AdaptationalVillainy: In the manga, he's much more cruel and manipulative, getting a few new KickTheDog moments and having his charismatic speech to Dalmasca omitted.
* AffablyEvil: He's famously one of the most personable and charismatic villains in the series. His EstablishingCharacterMoment is to deliver a speech to the people of Rabanastre that can be summed up as "I know you all hate me and the Empire, but I'm not asking you to love me or even be loyal to me, just to please keep the peace in honor of your departed King, so that we can all try to move on as one people now that the war is over." The speech is so effective that the crowd that was jeering him at the start is applauding him once he's done. Then that night he organizes a feast at the royal palace so that his presence will bait the Resistance into attack, and he routes them and captures or kills most of the combatants.
* AGodAmI: He intends to use his manufacted nethicite to declare himself the new Dynast-King and rule the world.
* AloofBigBrother: To Larsa. Everyone comments on how much more powerful Vayne is than Larsa, but he remains stoic and stern throughout the game.
* AntiVillain: Of the NecessarilyEvil VisionaryVillain sort. While getting to rule the world is a nice plus, Vayne's goal is to [[spoiler:defy the reign of the Occuria by overthrowing those they favor, thus ending their control over the races of Ivalice and giving Mankind freedom from manipulative and controlling gods]]. He's also shown to be a pragmatic, intelligent, and charismatic leader who wants to secure the future of House Solidor and truly cares for his brother Larsa.
* ArmorPiercingAttack: He has "Piercing" magick, which ignores Reflect.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: As one of the highest ranking members of the Empire, Vayne is much more powerful than them as befitting the FinalBoss.
* BadGuysDoTheDirtyWork: Is willing to commit atrocities to build a peaceful empire and [[spoiler:free mankind from the Occuria]] so that his innocent younger brother Larsa doesn't have to.
* BareFistedMonk: Pummels your party using his bare hands and martial arts.
* BigBad: A top contender to the title of most central and important antagonist, though there are others.
* BigBrotherInstinct: He does a lot to keep Larsa safe and innocent. Cutscenes in the Empire imply Vayne is aware that his brother would ultimately make a better ruler for the people, but the times are troubled and for the moment Vayne is the better ruler on account that he can handle the war and politics that Larsa is too young to deal with yet.
-->'''Vayne:''' Observe well, Larsa. Watch and mark you the suffering of one who must rule, yet lacks the power.
* CainAndAbel: Averted with him and Larsa. Though they are very different and are opposed ideologically, they still love each other and would never harm the other. [[spoiler:Ultimately, it's ''Larsa'' who turns on Vayne, at the end of the game when the party confronts of the two of them.]] However, the backstory implies Vayne murdered his two older brothers on charges of treason, though the details are unclear.
* TheChessmaster: Though you don't see him on-screen as often as previous villains, it is made clear Vayne isn't just [[OrcusOnHisThrone sitting around doing nothing]] and is working on securing more power for himself through politics and manipulation rather than just force. The manga reveals the reason Archadia attacked Nabradia and later Dalmasca was due to an insurgent faction in Nabradia seeking an alliance with Rozarria over Dalmasca. The Archadians feared a civil war in Nabradia could lead to a power shift and invaded to ensure stability, and then they went to war with Dalmasca as well due to their alliance with Nabradia. It is implied Vayne had some hand in the insurgents' rise to power, effectively making him single-handedly responsible for causing a world war.
* TheConqueror: Vayne is an established conqueror of many of the nations in the Archadian Empire and just finishes conquering Dalmasca by the end of the prologue.
* CulturedBadass: He's very intelligent and well-spoken, and a political mastermind.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In his very first scene, on pure charisma he rouses a rowdy and angry crowd from contemptful to hopeful with a speech that earns him near-universal applause. Not long after, he promises to get Migelo drunk enough to start calling him by his first name. AffablyEvil indeed.
* EvilPlan: Become the next Dynast King and pave the way for his younger brother to rule in a united and peaceful world.
* TheEvilPrince: While he has no actual title of Prince, he is functionally this trope since his father is TheEmperor. Within the backstory, he killed his two older brothers on orders from his father, and during the game he [[spoiler:kills his father and frames the Senate for it. In the aftermath he crowns himself Emperor and dissolves the Senate, giving him absolute power over Archadia.]]
* EvilVirtues: Ambition especially, but also love, honor, and determination.
* FlyingWeapon: His Sephira swords fly on their own accord to attack.
* FinalBoss: And a SequentialBoss to boot.
* GeniusBruiser: A tactical expert, cunning politician, and competent fighter in his own right.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Vayne's eyes glow [[SupernaturalGoldEyes gold]] with mist whenever he activates a special attack. As [[spoiler:the Undying]], his eyes glow sickly green, gold or blue depending on the attack.
** RedEyesTakeWarning: As [[spoiler:Vayne Novus]] in cinematic attacks and while delivering a MotiveRant.
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Though he harbors regrets after, he barely hesitates to do what needs to be done for his vision for Ivalice to be realized.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: At the end of the game, Vaan impales him through the chest with [[spoiler:Gabranth]]'s sword.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Cid, who's old enough to be his dad.
* IronicName: His OneWingedAngel form is named "The Undying." Note he takes this form after [[spoiler:he's already been mortally wounded by Vaan running him through with Gabranth's sword, and he knows he has minutes to live at best.]]
* KickTheDog: While actually referring to the subjects as dogs, no less.
** [[spoiler:When Drace questions his innocence in Gramis's death and threatens him, Vayne orders Gabranth, her confidante, to execute her right then and there. He also refers to Gabranth as a dog and reveals he knows Gabranth was spying on him under Gramis's orders, and thus the execution is a test of loyalty.]]
** In the manga, during the attack by the resistance at the start of the game, Vaan spies on Vayne and Gabranth watching the carnage, and is discovered and hauled before Vayne. Vayne knows full well Vaan is enraged and mocks him, calling him a powerless dog too weak and cowardly to do anything but kneel at his feet. When Vaan brings up Reks's death, knowing Vayne was at Nalbina that night, Vayne says that since he comes from a family of dogs, he should be grateful he didn't have to pay for a funeral. Vaan pushes himself to his feet, and when Vayne just mocks him some more for not knowing his place, Vaan finally musters the courage to attack him, only to be blocked by Gabranth. Gabranth asks if they should show leniency since Vaan obviously isn't a rebel, but Vayne orders him executed anyway, and just to drive a knife into Gabranth's heart too, taunts him about his brother and his homeland a bit before he leaves.
* KungFuWizard: It's not fully clear which attacks of his are KiAttacks and which are nethicite-powered magic, but either way he uses them in tandem with martial arts.
* LongHairedPrettyBoy: Has long black hair and is a pretty good-looking guy.
* MagicPants: As [[spoiler:Vayne Novus and later The Undying]], his clothing dissolves leaving only the armored portions, which encompass gauntlets, boots, the tails of his outfit, and his belt with a convenient flap of armor hanging over the groin.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: "Vayne Solidor" does not sound like the name of a hero would have, GreyAndGrayMorality notwithstanding.
* NayTheist: His goal is to [[spoiler:overthrow the Occuria and free humanity from the control of the gods.]]
* NecessarilyEvil: Even in his quest to become the new Dynast-King that will unite all of Ivalice, [[spoiler:and shake off the Occuria's yoke]], he is very much aware of the atrocities he commits, and the tragedies his and Cid's plotting have wrought. His remark "my hands are stained with blood, I see little reason to stay them now" alone shows he's aware of what he has done and will have to do in the future to see his goals to fruition.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: [[spoiler:As the Undying, he's a humanoid {{cyborg}} dragon empowered by [[AppliedPhlebotinum Nethicite]] that fights with a {{BFS}} BladeBelowTheShoulder on one arm and a {{BFG}} ArmCannon on the other]].
* OneWingedAngel: It's Square-Enix, this is not a spoiler. [[spoiler:Though he does play with convention by doing it ''twice'', first by growing muscle-bound and superpowered by nethicite to become Vayne Novus, then by doing a FusionDance with Venat and grafting parts of his airship onto his body to become The Undying.]]
* PowerFloats: [[spoiler:In his second and third forms, he hovers above the ground.]]
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: To the people of Rabanastre during his time there. Though the Empire is still occupying the city and soldiers walk the streets, Vayne is not a cruel or oppressive consul, and does what he can to keep the peace between the Dalmascans and the Imperials.
* {{Reconstruction}}: Vayne is effectively a reworking of the usual ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' antagonist shtick, which usually entails seeking the world's destruction for it's own sake or to rule it as a dead rock. Vayne recognizes that such destruction is ''pointless'' as, obviously, there would be ''nothing left to rule'' -- as clearly shown from how he tries to preserve the lands he conquers and win their people over to his side. So, what does he do? Well, like most other ''FF'' baddies, he does end up pursuing power, but only so that he can rule the world as a benevolent dictator rather than simply using said power to blow it up ForTheEvulz -- providing a rare example of a JRPG villain who actually answers to question of AndThenWhat.
* SequentialBoss: Vayne isn't physically fought until the very end of the game, and the team has to go through three forms of him in a row when they do challenge him.
* StormOfBlades: His swords fly around and attack you without him even touching them except during special attacks.
* TakingYouWithMe: Come the very last fight, this is the point he's reached. He knows he's dying and his plans are over, but before that happens he's going to repay the favor.
* {{Ubermensch}}: Vayne does what he believes is the right thing to do, societal laws be damned. [[spoiler:And justified, since so few others understand how the Occuria manipulate the world's stage from behind the curtains.]]
* TheUnfettered: A more rule-abiding version, he nonetheless states (in a conversation with Emperor Gramis) that he's willing to do whatever he must, even if it means raising his sword and taking life ''en masse''. Especially if he can prevent Larsa from having to do so instead.
* UnstoppableRage: At the end of the game, he finally gets angry and goes berserk when he enters his OneWingedAngel form, and definitely stops holding back.
* UpgradeArtifact: [[spoiler:Uses manufactured nethicite to transform into his second form, the hugely muscled Vayne Novus. Also a case of HulkingOut.]]
* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans: His ultimate goal is a peaceful Ivalice united under Archadia and him as the Dynast-King. However, "peace" only factors into things once he achieves the "united" part.
* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler:Possibly due to WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity, once he transforms into Vayne Novus and witnesses Gabranth's betrayal, his collected demeanor collapses into LargeHam outrage]].
* VillainousBSOD: [[spoiler:Shortly after the Vayne Novus fight when he is defeated and his attack on Gabranth is stopped by Larsa, he seems to finally question if his plans have been worth anything or if all his efforts were for naught.]]
* VillainousFriendship: Contrary to the Judges and other officers, Vayne's interactions with Cid are quite friendly and casual. It's clear the two respect each other beyond just working together on schemes.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: He manages to turn public opinion of him around 180° with ''one'' speech. To the kingdom he's just overthrown and put under military occupation. Amazing.
* VisionaryVillain: He sees himself as a Dynast-King that will unite Ivalice under Archadia's banner and usher in a new era [[spoiler:free from Occurian rule.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: His ultimate goal is [[spoiler:to create a world free from the Occuria's influence... albeit under his complete dictator-like rule. He does somewhat succeed, but doesn't live to see it.]]
* XanatosSpeedChess: Plays a mean game of it. He can't control what Ashe and her allies will do, nor the resistance or Rozarria, but he still manages to get what he wants out of it.

[[folder:Larsa Ferrinas Solidor]]
->"The men of my family, we are taught to place the needs of others before those of our own."

-->Voiced by Creator/YukaImai (Japanese) and Johnny [=McKeown=] (English)

Vayne's younger brother, and competition for the throne of Archadia. Unlike Vayne, Larsa ultimately desires peace and works with the protagonists to unravel the web of secrets that his brother has spun. As a child of twelve, Larsa is too young to fully understand the harsh realities of the world. Several factions plot from the shadows to either take advantage of his naivety or to protect his innocence and idealism.

* AChildShallLeadThem: A classic example, Larsa is young and naive and champions doing the moral thing no matter what the politics may say. This is why so many respect him.
* AdorablyPrecociousChild: A reconstruction, he takes on responsibility because he ''is'' competent enough to be a player on the world stage regardless of his age.
* BadassAdorable: As a guest party member, he can be fairly high level -- ''at age twelve'' -- and seems to be fully trained in some style of [[DualWield Archadian fencing.]] It can be odd to see him engage a nine-foot-tall Werewolf with an expression of DissonantSerenity.
* BreakTheCutie: By the end of the game, everyone this kid loves and cares for is dead. You see him break multiple times as a result.
* BrokenPedestal: Has this towards Vayne after their father's assassination.
* CainAndAbel: Averted, Larsa and Vayne clearly love each other dearly. [[spoiler:Ultimately Larsa challenges his brother's authority when he feels he can no longer stay idle to his plans.]]
* ChekhovsGun: Remember the manufacted nethicite he gave to Penelo and later took back? He uses it to [[spoiler:stop one of Vayne's attacks from killing Gabranth and Basch]].
* CombatMedic: You'll probably appreciate Larsa most for his healing skills, but he's a decent fighter too.
* CrutchCharacter: It's worth putting off getting to Mt. Bur-Omisace and losing Larsa in the party, because he's an invaluable supporter. Besides the fact that Guest Party members are always a good thing for the fourth swordarm, Larsa's infinite supply of Potions make a lot of the optional parts of the game much easier. He's also got the Telekinesis Technick, allowing him to attack flying enemies physically, while your party members will be relying on ranged weapons and magick. In the ''Zodiac'' versions he loses his infinite healing items (Guest characters now use items from the normal inventory), but he instead picks up Cura, Bubble, and status-healing spells, so he's still effective.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Very much so, especially in the final FMV.
* GuestStarPartyMember: Twice, first as "Lamont", later under his own name.
* HeroicBSOD: Has a brief one when Al-Cid reveals that [[spoiler:his father passed away]].
* HyperspaceArsenal: The kid is famous for having an infinite supply of Hi-Potions and X-Potions, and he is not at all shy about using them. Subverted in the ''International Zodiac Job System'' re-release, where Guest party members use items from your inventory instead. This means that Larsa no longer has infinite items, but this is compensated by him getting very useful white magic--more powerful than you likely have at his parts of the game.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Al-Cid. His relationship with most of the main party could count as well.
* ItemCaddy: Larsa has potions up the wazoo and you will appreciate them.
* MagicKnight: In the ''International Zodiac Job System'', he has Cura, Bubble, Water, and Balance, along with some status-healing spells, and knows the Shades of Black Technick that casts random Black Magic for free.
* MoralityPet: For his brother [[BigBad Vayne]].
* OddFriendship: With Penelo. They still communicate regularly through letters and remain close friends after the first game has ended. He even revamps Penelo's entire airship kitchen when her cooking ''finally'' proves tasteful.
* PrincelyYoungMan: He provides the page picture. Much like Vayne, Larsa technically isn't royalty, but is a prince in manner nonetheless.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: His goal is to be this for Archadia, doing what is best for the country and all of Ivalice instead of pursuing personal ambitions.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: He's a definitive version, leaving Archadia to try and bring the war to an end peacefully by working with the other side.
* TheRedMage: In the ''International Zodiac Job System'', Larsa becomes one (though different from the Zodiac Job's version of the game). He loses his infinite supply of Hi-Potion, but is granted many powerful white spells before anyone else, and even some black spells (plus the ''Shades of Black'' technique), making him a jack of all trades. Combined with his quite high Magic power, high MP pool, his ability to wield a sword and his very high evasion, he is a force to be reckoned with, though he still lacks in the HP department.
* ShelteredAristocrat: While he is certainly skilled in politics, especially for a twelve-year-old boy, he is still incredibly naive.
* TheSixthRanger: The second introduced in the story (after Vossler and before Reddas).
* WeaponOfChoice: [[DualWielding Dual wields]] a RoyalRapier called [[PublicDomainArtifact Joyeuse]] and a [[KnifeNut Swordbreaker]].
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: He's only twelve, but is very intelligent, mature, and well-spoken, and manages to play a few rounds of XanatosSpeedChess against his older brother. He seems to be quite effective at sweet-talking the ladies as well.
* YoungestChildWins: Towards Vayne. And his other two older brothers, who Vayne himself assassinated several years before the first game took place.

[[folder:Doctor Cidolfus Demen Bunansa]]
->"The reins of history, back in the hands of man."

-->Voiced by Creator/ChikaoOhtsuka (Japanese) and John Rafter Lee (English)

The head researcher of Archadia's Draklor Laboratories, and notably the first Cid to be a major villain. He is the creator of manufacted nethicite, the substance that powers Archadia's war machines, and of various other technical marvels such as airships that can traverse Jagd. However, Cid has higher designs than world conquest that he hopes to achieve with his stones. Often seen talking to himself under his breath and carrying on conversations with empty air, it's widely believed and accepted that Cid has long gone insane, but he's still brilliant.

* AGodAmI: Shows this at the top of the Pharos when he gets a power high and talks about displacing the Occuria.
* AntiVillain: Just like Vayne and Venat, there's a good and noble man behind the villainy.
* BadassBookworm: He's the head scientist of Archadia, but he still leaps into the fray with your party without hesitation, and can hold his own too.
* BigBeautifulMan: Large in size and quite good looking as well.
* {{BFG}}: His rifle is longer than a greatsword, and his gatling gun is nearly as large as Cid himself. He somehow wields them with just his hands.
* BlingBlingBang: Cid's guns are all gold-colored with glowing blue details.
* CatchPhrase: His quote above, which explains his entire character in ten words.
* ChainsawGripBFG: How he wields his gatling gun.
* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: His goal boils down to this. [[spoiler:The Occuria consider nethicite their power to gift to man as they choose, and Cid's started mass-producing it so humanity can follow its own path instead of the Occuria controlling everything]]. Near the end of the game he provides this quote
-->"To Hell with [[spoiler:the Occuria and their stones]]!"
* DualBoss: With [[spoiler: Famfrit, who he summons partway through the party's second battle against him]].
* EvilGenius: [[spoiler: Not truly evil, but he counts in the traditional sense as the mastermind of the villain faction.]]
* FirstNameBasis: Everyone refers to him by his nickname with title.
* ForScience: His entire motivation is to make discoveries for the sake of making them. However, he has a bit more justification than most, since [[spoiler:the further he plumbs the depths of knowledge, the more he frees humanity from the Occuria that don't want humanity knowing the secrets to nethicite.]]
* FrickinLaserBeams: His cinematic attacks fire various laser blasts.
* GadgeteerGenius: He's a gunslinger, a researcher into {{Magitek}}, and builds robots to aid him in battle.
* GatlingGood: One of his special weapons wielded in his cinematic attacks.
* TheGunslinger: Wields assorted firearms in battle.
* GunsAkimbo: Though he only ever fires one at a time.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Vayne, respecting him and treating him as an equal beyond mutual plotting.
* LargeHam: Cid seems unable to keep his hands still or his voice low for very long.
* MadScientist: Fills the criteria but actually a subversion; Cid is perfectly sane and knows exactly what he's doing. This is lampshaded by Balthier, who notes "he wasn't mad at all," and indeed Cid isn't -- he's just busy talking to someone other people can't see, likes being overly theatrical, and is obsessed with a particularly fascinating and important field of study.
* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate: He's a doctor and he's a villain and he definitely fits the "morally ambiguous" part.
* MotorMouth: Slips into this before the second battle with him as he gets more and more excited (and [[LargeHam hammy]]), with his cinematic attacks during the battle being less a sentence and more a single word. For example, his shout during his Gatling Gun attack: "Youwillseenopityfromme!"
* NayTheist: [[spoiler:He manufactures nethicite in direct defiance of the Occuria (and at Venat's urging). He was the one who spurred Vayne to invade the small countries south of Archadia to get at their deifacted nethicite.]]
-->[[ArcWords "The reins of history back in the hands of man."]]
* NoIndoorVoice: Even when he's comparatively calm, Cid tends to be a bit loud. When he busts out the ham, best take off your headphones.
* PragmaticVillainy: Come the late game he's come to realize that the huge amounts of power stored in deifacted Nethicite is too great to be worth the risk of trying to control, since they have a habit of detonating like nuclear warheads if used improperly.
* StrongFamilyResemblance: [[spoiler:He looks just like an older Balthier with glasses and facial hair.]]
* SummonMagic: He calls [[spoiler:the Esper Famfrit]] to aid him in battle the second time he's fought.
* TalkativeLoon: Everywhere he goes, he's incessantly conversing with thin air about his work and plans. [[spoiler:This is because his partner, the rogue Occuria Venat, is InvisibleToNormals.]]
* UnwittingPawn: The party presumes he is this trope to [[spoiler:Venat. When Balthier accuses him of this, an amused Cid corrects they are mutual allies.]]
* VillainousFriendship: With Vayne and Venat. Cid respects Vayne and talks to him as a friend, and his work with Venat is truly one of equal partners pursuing a goal together. [[spoiler:As Cid dies, he tells Venat he's enjoyed their work the last few years, and Venat replies the pleasure was hers.]]
* WaveMotionGun: His laser blasts in cinematic attacks are ''huge''.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: [[spoiler: He really wanted to free humanity from the yoke of the Occuria... but then went and tried to take on such power himself.]]
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: [[spoiler:He didn't leap over this all the way, thankfully, but the power ''did'' have negative effects on his psyche.]]

[[folder:Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor]]
->"A convenient thing, justice. And so I must now make a choice... between my throne, and my son."

-->Voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata (Japanese) and Creator/RogerLJackson (English)

The current patriarch of House Solidor, father of Vayne and Larsa, and TheEmperor of Archadia. Gramis was once a powerful emperor who led Archadia to conquest over Nabradia and Dalmasca with the aid of his sons, but in his old age he has become sickly and weak, leading to an uneasy political climate in Archadia over which of his sons, if either, will take the throne when he dies.

* TheEmperor: His current title and station as the ruler of Archadia and leader of the enemy forces.
* GreaterScopeVillain: As the ruler of Archadia he's the real villain behind their plays for power, but does nothing personally to be an antagonist.
* HighCollarOfDoom: It's almost as tall as his head.
* IncurableCoughOfDeath: We don't know what exactly is wrong with him other than "he's sick", so we just see him cough now and then.
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: When he dies, the ''true'' gambits of Vayne and Cid begin to turn.
* OrcusOnHisThrone: He's very old and sickly and can't afford to do much of anything now.
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler:Vayne kills him and frames the Senate for it as pretense to become the sole authority in Archadia's government in a power play that really turns the game's plot on its head.]]
* SmallRoleBigImpact: He's the reason Archadia is undergoing a power shift, and [[spoiler:his death drastically changes the course of events.]]
* StaffOfAuthority: Carries an impressive ceremonial staff to go with his position. Also fits with him clearly being very old and experienced in his position.

'''WARNING''' -- the following profile has unmarked spoilers for the end of the game.

[[folder: Venat]]
->"What claim does Gerun have on history's reins, seated on throne immortal, rent from time?"

-->Voiced by Narumi Tsunoda (Japanese) and Anita Carey (English)

A rebel Occuria who disagreed with the philosophy of its kin, and sought to break the control of the Occuria over Ivalice. To accomplish this she aligns with Cid and Vayne, revealing the secret to creating nethicite so they may throw off the Occuria's control.

* AffablyEvil: Is very polite and well mannered towards others, yet she is a major antagonist acting against the party regularly.
* AmbiguousGender: Is ''specifically'' voiced by a woman, yet the body is ... [[NoBiologicalSex confusing]], to say the least. The voice is also digitally modulated to mimic certain masculine vocal inflections too. Since the Occuria leader Gerun is in the same circumstance, it's tough to say whether the Occuria even ''have'' genders at all, or if 'female' is the standard definition for them (as opposed to male). Or they just all have female voices regardless of gender. Either way, it's never specified what gender Venat is, but for simplicity's sake, she's referred to as female in this section from here on out.
* AntiVillain: [[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type III]]. She orchestrates a world war in the name of freeing humanity from the control of the gods.
* TheBadGuyWins: Her goal was to stop the Occuria's manipulation of Ivalice and its peoples, something that the heroes have no problems with, and in the end she succeeds even though she and Vayne die at the heroes' hands in the FinalBoss fight.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Like the rest of the Occuria, Venat's motivations are nearly inscrutable and are simply interpreted and assessed by others with incomplete data, like Ashe and Balthier. She sides with Ivalice's mortal races and desires to free them from her brethren's thrall, giving Ivalice control over its own destiny and ending the cycle of war and death the Occuria has spun to keep "his'try's weave" straight. Yet to do so, she's willing to engage in atrocities on the scale of genocide and put an equally tyrannical (yet mortal) regime in charge in Gerun's stead. Moreover, she treats her allies in this quest as equals with kindness and honor, never withholds vital information from them or knowingly manipulates them, and rarely, if ever, takes overt hostile action against the heroes, only doing and permitting as much evil as is absolutely necessary to bring about the "greater good." By the end of the game she succeeds.
* DefectorFromDecadence: She didn't think it right that the Occuria manipulate humanity from afar and sought to change that.
* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: Essentially her entire plan. The Occuria use nethicite and its power to control the fate of Ivalice via controlling its rulers. Venat decides this is wrong, and the way to undo it is to teach humans how to make nethicite themselves and shake up the status quo.
* EarlyBirdCameo: That ink spot on the cover, alongside the Judge? It's her.
* EnergyBeings: Just like the rest of the Occuria, she's a flickering indeterminate mass of seemingly calcified magic shrouded in Mist with an invisible face.
* FinalBoss: In a way; when Vayne is impaled by Vaan after the Novus fight, she fuses with him to become The Undying, who is the final opponent of the game.
* FusionDance: She merges with Vayne at the end of the game to become The Undying, the FinalBoss.
* TheHeretic: Directly declared as such by the other Occuria, who cast her out and demand her execution for daring to let humanity govern its own affairs.
* InvisibleToNormals: Venat is invisible to and unheard by anyone she doesn't want to interact with. For example, Balthier had written his father Cid off for a madman for routinely talking to this "Venat" character that didn't actually exist outside his own mind. Venat revealing herself to the party in Draklor Laboratory quickly changes his mind.
* ItHasBeenAnHonor: Her parting words to a dying Cid are to affirm that working with him for the past six years was as pleasant and enjoyable for her as it was for him.
* ManBehindTheMan: Vayne and Cid are the main threats of the game, but only because Venat's aid enables them to be.
* NecessarilyEvil: The only real way to shake off Occurian rule is to get rid of those they've put on the thrones of power around the world, steal their god-given tools of oppression, and permanently stop any attempts they might make to re-establish control. That unfortunately means an international war or two.
* NotSoImaginaryFriend: Part of the reason why Balthier abandoned the Empire was that he believed his father Dr. Cid had gone mad and invented Venat wholecloth out of that madness.
-->'''Balthier:''' "So... He was talking to Venat all along. He wasn't mad at all, was he."
* PetTheDog: After Vayne is mortally wounded, Venat offers up her immortality so that he doesn't have to die alone. Similarly, her final farewell to Dr. Cid, saying it was a pleasure working with him.
* PunyHumans: In sharp contrast to the rest of the Occuria, her motivation is that she does not believe that the Occuria (including herself) have the right to manipulate mortal affairs, and believes so precisely because the Occuria are above them.
-->"Indeed what claim does [[TopGod Gerun]] have on history's reins, seated on throne immortal, rent from time?"
* PurpleProse: Everything it says is flowery and poetic. As a reference to William Shakespeare, her sentences are constructed in iambic pentameter, aside from the actual words used.
* RealAfterAll: The party all thought Doctor Cid was talking to himself. Then they find out Venat really does exist.
* SatanIsGood: A rogue god rebelling against the status quo and aiding the villains... and it turns out she's got quite benevolent and understandable reasons for it.
* SpiritAdvisor: To Dr. Cid, then to Vayne after Cid's passing.
* SuicideByCop: Having accomplished her goals long before the heroes even make the trip to confront Vayne on the ''Bahamut'', she willingly forsakes her immortality to die alongside him at the party's hand rather than stick around and face whatever terrifying idea of "justice" the other Occuria might have in store for her should they get their hands on her somehow.
* UnPerson: To the Occuria, by and large. The statue meant to represent her is noticeably absent from the Occuian Throne high atop Giruvegan, and Gerun places great emphasis on eliminating Venat explicitly when giving Ashe the Treaty Blade.
* VillainousFriendship: With Cid and Vayne. There is no manipulation on Venat's part, the two are actively aware of what they're doing with her and work towards the goal as her equals. Venat speaks and treats them like friends, not pawns or minions.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: Has a distorted voice similar to the other Occuria.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: See the entry on BlueAndOrangeMorality. She's orchestrating a lot of war and destruction, but to a good end.
* YouAreNotAlone: Venat forsakes her immortality so that Vayne does not have to die alone.

!!The Judges of Archadia

[[folder:The Entire Group]]
The highest-ranking officers in Archadia short of the Imperial family. The Judges were created explicitly to serve as JudgeJuryAndExecutioner, military and law enforcement personnel that could pass and carry out sentences with impunity to keep the peace as Archadia's borders expanded. The Judge Magisters in turn are the commanders of the Judges and are the absolute legal and military authority figures. They serve the current Imperial family, House Solidor, as both military commanders and personal bodyguards.

* AntiVillain: Aside from the AxCrazy Judge Bergan, [[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains they all rank]] as [[NobleDemon Type Is]], and individually they variably verge into the other three. All of the Judges (again, except for Bergan) show themselves to have some level of nobility and honor, and some do question the direction the rulers of Archadia are taking the country. In fitting with the GreyAndGrayMorality of the game, it's just that they're on the other side of the war from the playable party, not that any of them (with the notable exception of Bergan) are really "evil".
* BadassCape: Standard attire for them is a long black cape with the sigil of the Empire in red.
* BonusBoss: In the UpdatedRerelease you fight all of them as a team.
* DoubleWeapon: Each judge has one, which is actually a BifurcatedWeapon that splits apart for them to DualWield.
* EvilOldFolks: With the exception of Gabranth, they all appear to be much older than the party or Gabranth.
* FiveBadBand: Within themselves. Gabranth is their leader, Zargabaath is second-in-command, Ghis is the intellectual plotter, Bergan is the power-craving muscle, and Drace is the lone female. They also have a SixthRangerTraitor, Judge Zecht, who has been missing since the fall of Nabudis and is presumed dead or a deserter.
* FourStarBadass: They're the commanders of Archadia's militia and they kick a lot of ass.
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner: Balthier sums them as "more executioners than judges."
* PraetorianGuard: In addition to being the supreme commanders of the military, they serve as bodyguards to the archadian Imperial family.
* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: Their black cape with the Empire's symbol in red.
* StandardEvilOrganizationSquad: Each Judge has a distinct weapon and armor styling, and aside from being the enforcers of the Empire their individual goals and motives vary quite a bit.
* TinTyrant: All of them wear custom suits of full plate armor.
* TookALevelInBadass: In the game they mostly only use basic magic, if at all, and generally are not very impressive bosses, not counting the ''International'' rematch with all five of them. In the manga adaptation of the game, they're each upgraded to OneManArmy. Bergan and Drace march across a battlefield knocking troops aside with ease, and Ghis kills a Firemane with one hit. When a Judge takes the field in the manga, it's a sign to anyone not on their side to go OhCrap.

[[folder:Judge Gabranth]]
->"Silence! All was stripped from me. Only hatred for the brother who fled our homeland remains mine!"

-->Voiced by Creator/AkioOhtsuka (Japanese) and Creator/MichaelERodgers (English)

An Archadian Judge and the Emperor's right-hand man. The Emperor tasks him with protecting Larsa from the ugly side of politics and war. However, he becomes ensnared in Vayne's machinations and finds his loyalties to the Empire and Larsa tested. He has a deeper connection to the party than is first apparent, but it's a big spoiler how.

He appears in ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' as a HiddenCharacter.

* AnimalMotifs: A stray dog with no master nor any loyalty or honor for it. Invoked repeatedly by Vayne.
* AntiVillain: He's a broken man who feels he has no honor or pride after discarding his loyalty to his homeland and his family to side with the Empire that destroyed them.
* BadassBaritone: His voice is quite deep, with or witout his mask.
* BadassBoast: "Even a stray has pride!"
* BreakTheHaughty: Actually he's already broke; the events of the game simply serve to break what little is left.
* DarthVaderClone: His echoing voice, servitude to the Emperor, and armored appearance are the tip of the iceberg. [[spoiler:He's also Basch's brother who joined the Empire, is deep down a demoralized and broken man, and is convinced by Basch to reclaim his honor and help them defeat Vayne, only to be mortally wounded for his efforts.]] And on top of this, he's considered more iconic and popular than Vayne, the ''actual'' Big Bad.
* TheDogBitesBack: Come the end of the game, he's finally had enough with his treatment and does something about it.
-->[[spoiler:'''Vayne:''']] The hound strays... treason bears a price!\\
'''Gabranth:''' One I gladly pay!
* {{Determinator}}: Of the villainous kind, his hatred of [[spoiler:Basch]] is all that keeps him going when he's lost everything else.
* TheDragon: He's the right-hand man of the Emperor who personally carries out missions. On a larger scale he's CoDragons with Zargabaath, who commands the main branch of the airship fleet.
* EleventhHourRanger: [[spoiler:Joins the party for the second-to-last fight of the game.]]
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: [[spoiler: "You confound me, brother! You failed Landis, you failed Dalmasca, all you were to protect. Yet you still hold on to your honor. How!?"]]
* EvilCounterpart: To Basch, as a disgraced FailureKnight who keeps fighting, but while Basch fights by holding to honor, Gabranth is motivated by hatred. He was also is an antithesis for Vaan and Ashe who at the games emotional apex chose to TurnTheOtherCheek on the man who destroyed their entire lives while he's spent his life letting his hatred destroy him from the inside-out.
* EvilTwin: He's actually a Deconstruction of this trope, having initially had good reason to hate his brother. By the events of the game however, he was serving the country who originally assimilated his homeland. This may originally have been justified to him by [[spoiler:his and Basch's mother being Archadian]], but by the game's events he's gradually falling ever further, whereas [[spoiler: Basch was able to put his life back together and fight on even when all his honor seemed lost]]. That neither side is entirely right or wrong keeps this trope from being played straight, much like the treatment given to so many other tropes in this game.
* ExactWords: [[spoiler: After Vayne transforms into Vayne Novus, Vayne tells Gabranth to defend his brother, Larsa, as he will have "much need in the Hell to follow." Gabranth obeys the command to defend Lord Larsa... by turning his sword against Vayne and aiding the heroes instead.]]
* FailureKnight: [[spoiler:For the Republic of Landis, his homeland that fell to the Empire.]]
* GuestStarPartyMember: [[spoiler:When fighting Vayne Novus.]]
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Basch convinces him that it isn't too late to invoke this, motivating him to do so and help the party stop Vayne.]]
* {{Hunk}}: Easily this, especially when you see him out of his armor.
* KnightInSourArmor: Villianous version.
* KickTheDog: The way he tries to goad Ashe into taking revenge by rubbing in the fact that he murdered her father in cold blood.
* RecurringBoss: Gabranth is fought a few times, including once before confronting Vayne on the Sky Fortress Bahamut at the very end of the game.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: He finally redeems himself, but receives fatal wounds and perishes during the ending.
* ShadowArchetype: [[spoiler: He is what Basch would have been had he failed to hold onto his principles and if he had chosen to serve Archadia rather than fight against it. Also, whereas Basch accepts the past for what it was, Gabranth constantly tries to cut ties with it, emphasis on 'tries'.]]
* SixthRangerTraitor: Played with in regards to the other Judge Magisters. Though he eventually turns on Archadia, by that time the Judges aside from him are as one.
* SwordBeam: His signature skill Innocence has him slash the air to sent out waves of energy.
* UnknownRival: Is on both ends of the trope. He ''despises'' Basch and in every interaction with him mocks and goads him, while Basch remains calm and regards him with collected reassurance of himself. On the other end, Ashe and Vaan despise ''him'', but they don't even meet until near the end of the game and Gabranth doesn't think much of their hate except to try and use it to manipulate Ashe.
* TakeUpMySword: [[spoiler: When he passes his charge on to his brother.]]
* ThatManIsDead: Like so many characters, he's discarded his past and his true name. [[spoiler:He's actually Basch's twin brother Noah. At the end of the game when Basch calls out to him as such, Gabranth mutters he's lost the right to use that name. He keeps trying to convince others he has cut all ties with the past, while in actuality he is still haunted by it.]]
* ThePowerOfHate: As said under Determinator above, this is what he has to motivate him now. Also deconstructed when we see just how hollow and broken he is for living such a life.
-->"Long have I walked in hatred's company. As long as I can curse your name I shall not be defeated!"
* TragicVillain: The rest of the tropes here should make it quite obvious.
* VillainousBreakdown: Suffers this after it becomes clear that [[spoiler:Basch was able to transcend his past and hardship while Gabranth is still empty and bitter. After Basch defeats him he finally lets go and performs a HeelFaceTurn]].
* WhatYouAreInTheDark: Alone and able to express himself freely near the end of the game, Gabranth betrays Archadia and tries to goad Ashe into causing a war. [[spoiler:Comes back to bite him when Cid steps from the shadows and calls him on his treachery.]]
* YouKilledMyFather: [[spoiler:Ashe is not happy when Gabranth (almost gleefully) admits to killing her father and essentially ruining her life (of course, this was his intention with the confession).]]

[[folder:Judge Bergan]]
->"Too late, and to their sorrow, do those who misplace their trust in gods learn their fate."

-->Voiced by Creator/YosukeAkimoto (Japanese) and Gary Martin (English)

One of the Archadian Judges who believes that power and might are the key to ruling. As such he eagerly accepts Vayne as the new emperor when he takes power. Has a small but memorable role when he demonstrates the full extent of his brutality and cruelty.
* AxCrazy: He slaughters [[spoiler:an entire mountain of peaceful refugees]] for no reason other than he can.
* BloodKnight: It's largely implied, but still demonstrated in-game. The manga adaptation shows this is his normal state, with him leading the assault on the Dalmascan troop at Nabudis and clearly enjoying himself immensely.
* TheBrute: Of the Judge Magisters as a group, and of the Archadian military as a whole. [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity Presumably]].
* DeadlyUpgrade: [[spoiler:He had manufacted nethicite set into his ''bones''. After the battle, a bright light appears on his chest accompanied by loud snapping noises. Balthier opens up his armor. [[ReactionShot His look of disgust]] and the snapping noises implies that the nethicite ''exploded Bergan's chest''.]]
* DemonicPossession: Possibly by [[spoiler: Venat, to precipitate the slaughter of the Kiltias and galvanize Ashe's retaliation]].
* EvilSoundsDeep: Bar none the most morally repugnant of all the Judges, and he just so happens to have the deepest voice of them all.
* FacePalmOfDoom: To Drace... With a ''steel'' gauntlet. That had to be painful.
* GeneralRipper: He firmly believes that a leader must be forceful, ruling with an iron fist and showing no mercy to enemies. This drives his loyalty to [[TheUnfettered Vayne]].
* JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope: If several of these tropes are any indication, Bergan was, if not kind, at least a more ''sane'' man at some point before the events of the game. Even in his first appearance in-story, he's rather brusque but somewhat level-headed. In his subsequent scenes, his [[spoiler: taking manufacted nethicite into his body]] causes him to first [[spoiler: brutally throw Drace across the room]], followed by his [[spoiler: slaughtering people at Mt Bur-Omisace before the nethicite destroys his body, killing him]].
* KickTheDog: A particularly brutal example. He slaughters [[spoiler:the war refugees on Mt. Bur-Omisace as well as the worshippers watching over them]]. This earns the Empire no advantage and had no reason to be done; Bergan was just being a murderous bastard.
* MightMakesRight: Believes Vayne to be best suited to rule Ivalice by virtue of being the most powerful and ambitious.
* NayTheist: See his quote above.
* PsychoSupporter: To Vayne. He's his most loyal supporter but is clearly a bit nuts.
* SerratedBladeOfPain: His "sword" is a jagged mess of spikes instead of a proper blade.
* SuperStrength: Justified, since he [[spoiler:merged manufacted nethecite into his own body!]]
* TokenEvilTeammate: As explained above, four of the five Judge Magisters have at least some degree of nobility and honor. Bergan is the exception -- he revels in bloodshed and war, thinks Vayne should become Emperor because Bergan wants a conqueror on the throne, and he's just generally brutal, vicious, and unpleasant to everyone, even his fellow Judges.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Perhaps the game's most extreme example - he's ''33'', making him the youngest Judge Magister seen in-game and the same age as Drace, yet he looks a good twenty years older when we see him out of armor.
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: He's one of the most powerful men in the Empire, but also insane and devoid of morality.

[[folder:Judge Drace]]
->"Spare me your lies! I see the serpent coiled here before me!"

-->Voiced by Creator/YokoSoumi (Japanese) and Julia Fletcher (English)

Another Archadian Judge, and a more reasonable one. Knowing Vayne is a power-hungry schemer, she conspires with Gabranth to protect Larsa from him if his ambitions go too far. It does not end well for her; when Vayne makes his play for power, she is executed.

* BreastPlate: Averted, her armor is subtly different from the male judges' in the chest and has a wider hip area, but still fits the same basic design and is perfectly practical for combat.
* CarryABigStick: Her weapon is a large club.
* TheDarkChick: The lone female Judge, and the only one not afraid to speak against Vayne's ruthlessness.
* DeadpanSnarker: Several times.
--> "You wear the mummer's motley well, Bergan."
* DisposableWoman: Unfortunately -- largely due to being the only major female character outside the main playable cast.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The protrusions coming from the top of her helmet look a lot like ovaries.
* FaceDeathWithDignity: She simply asks her executioner make it quick.
* GoOutWithASmile: She does it, knowing that Gabranth will take care of Larsa in her stead.
* HonourBeforeReason: [[spoiler: She might have lived if she, like Zargabaath, had examined the situation with Vayne killing his father more rationally]].
* MamaBear: She's willing to commit treason if it means protecting Larsa.
* MagicKnight: When fought in Trial Mode she focuses on casting [[StatusBuff Status Buffs]] on herself and the other Judges and using the extremely powerful Shock spell.
* OnlySaneMan: She's the only Judge willing to do anything when [[spoiler:Vayne obviously kills Gramis as a pretense to dissolve the Senate and declare himself Emperor]]. Her above jab at Bergan is a sneer that he's going along with the cover story.
* SmurfettePrinciple: She's the only female Judge Magister.
* SourSupporter: Towards Vayne, not disguising her disgust with his methods.
* TokenGoodTeammate: Alongside Zargabaath, she's the only Judge willing to speak out against Vayne's cruelty, and is a maternal figure towards Larsa. [[spoiler:The former gets her killed for treason.]]

[[folder:Judge Ghis]]
->"Blood alone does not an emperor make, Vayne."

-->Voiced by Ryusuke Obayashi (Japanese) and Mark Wing Davey (English)

An Archadian Judge who plays an important role in the early plot by capturing the party members multiple times. Unlike the other Judges, he only seems to be out for himself; in short, he's a careerist and a schemer who is always looking to advance his station.

* BlingOfWar: While the other Judges wear imposing silver and black armor, Ghis is quite a bit more stylish with a uniform of red and gold with matching weapons.
* TheChessmaster: Tries, but ultimately isn't as good as the ''bigger'' and more well-informed Chessmasters.
* CombatHandFan: His offhand weapon is a bladed one.
* CoolSword: A stylishly gold plated one.
* TheCorrupter: In the manga, he's the one who convinces Vossler the resistance is futile and he should ally with the Empire.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Seems to have shades of this in his first appearances -- especially compared to [[BloodKnight Bergan]] -- but it's really more that he prefers to not dirty his own hands if he can help it. When the party confronts him, he has no further issue with attempting to kill them, though it must be acknowledged that he doesn't appear to hold a grudge afterward. Say what you will about his ethics -- or lack thereof -- but don't mistake him for a simple-minded mass-murderer.
* FauxAffablyEvil: He's definitely cultured and polite, rarely if ever losing his composure even when [[spoiler: Ashe's group is fighting against him to escape the Dreadnought Leviathan]]. He's also got an enormous ego and an inflated opinion of himself which comes from being a cunning social climber. For instance, take this quote -- the "last encounter" he refers to was when he ''launched a Flare spell at Ashe fully intending to kill her''.
-->"Such a tremendous honor to again be graced with your presence, Majesty. You left us with such great dispatch upon our last encounter that I must confess... I had begun to worry that we may have given some cause for offense."
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: He decides to [[spoiler:stick a piece of deifacted nethicite in his airship's machines to test how powerful it is. It's so powerful it blows up the fleet.]]
* IGaveMyWord: A villainous example, Vaan hands him the Dusk Shard but asks he promise not to execute anyone. Ghis doesn't voice agreement, but does order they be imprisoned rather than have them killed, even though three of the party members hold no political value.
* {{Jerkass}}: He's polite, yes, but still a creep.
* MagicKnight: He has an [[BlowYouAway Aero]] spell which is very powerful at the time you fight him and appears to cast [[NonElemental Flare]] during a cutscene. In the Trial Mode battle he will pull out powerful debuffing magic with {{Curse}}, StatusBuffDispel your own buffs en-mass and packs the very powerful [[PlagueMaster Scourge]] spell.
* OhCrap: When he realizes [[spoiler: exactly what's about to happen to the Leviathan]] after [[spoiler: the deifacted nethicite goes in the ship's drive, and the readings go red.]]
* PragmaticVillainy: He recognizes the value in using Ashe as a political pawn to placate Dalmasca's citizens, rather than just having her killed.
* SmugSnake: He's eternally confident and condescending. [[spoiler:And his lack of control and foresight gets him blown up.]]
* TheStarscream: [[spoiler: He makes a very revealing comment right before his death that implies he'll use the nethicite to put himself on the Archadian throne.]]
* StarterVillain: The primary Imperial representative to oppose the party in the first act of the game. The manga adaptation effectively elevates him to BigBad, on account the other villains are DemotedToExtra as a result of the manga being cut short.
* TooDumbToLive: Really, Ghis -- you just ''had'' to [[spoiler:test the ''deifacted nethicite'' while on an airship, not stopping to consider just how powerful it must be if King Raithwall used it to conquer the lands all those years ago? With no safety precautions, or even knowledge of how nethicite actually works? You were asking for trouble.]]
* TheUnfettered: Self-admitted.
--> "Methods do not interest me. Only results."
* UnwittingPawn: Of Vayne and Cid, to see just how powerful deifacted nethicite could be.
* VillainousBreakdown: He finally loses his cool when [[spoiler:the deifacted nethicite proves too powerful to control and starts to overload his airship's engines.]]
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Invokes it on Ashe; now that the Empire has the Dawn Shard, they don't need the actual Princess anymore to claim her title.

[[folder:Judge Zargabaath]]
->"The Empire's debts grow legion."

-->Voiced by Creator/RyuzaburoOtomo (Japanese) and Simon Templeman (English)

The final of the five Archadian Judges seen in the game, he's more the quiet type and acts as a voice of reason among them. He's an honorable sort, loyal to Archadia as a nation and ideal rather than any person who's in charge.

* AntiVillain: [[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type IV]]. Zargabaath never acts evil in any way, he's just on Archadia's side is all.
* CombatMedic: Zargabaath's designation when fighting alongside his fellow judges in Trial Mode is to heal the others with items.
* TheDragon: He's the eldest of the Judges, and he's also commander of the ''Alexander'', the flagship of Archadia's largest airship fleet. This also makes him CoDragons with Gabranth, who is the Emperor's personal aide.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Fitting given he's not all that evil to begin with. He'll engage the resistance fleet in a battle, but when [[spoiler:the ''Sky Fortress Bahamut'' is destroyed and her wreck is about to fall on Rabanastre]], Zargabaath calls up the enemy and asks for their aid in stopping it (or at least, for them to not interfere while he tries on his own).
* HealingPotion: In the BonusBoss battle with him and the judges in Trial Mode he heals his fellow judges with Elixers and will turn his healing items on you if you attempt to apply[[ReviveKillsZombie Reverse]] to your party members.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: Subverted at the last second and called a fool for his efforts. He intends to ram the falling ''Sky Fortress Bahamut'' with his airship to keep it from falling on Rabanastre, but Balthier is indignant that he and his efforts to repair the engines are being ignored.]]
* MinorMajorCharacter: He has the smallest role of the Judge Magisters, yet plays a relatively major role in [[spoiler: the final stages of the game]].
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: He loyally serves the Empire even as he disagrees with what its leaders are doing.
* MyMasterRightOrWrong: Zargabaath will express unhappiness with Vayne's deeds and try to appeal to Vayne's better nature, but he follows Vayne's orders to the letter and expects the other Judges to do the same - he gets angry when Drace even begins to suggest that the Judges do something about Vayne. It isn't Vayne ''personally'' he's this loyal to though, but whoever the ruler of Archadia is.
* OnlySaneMan: He and Judge Drace are probably the most level-headed and reasonable of the Judges, but unlike Drace he tends to keep his thoughts to himself and refrains from antagonizing his lords. [[spoiler:This may be one of the reasons he's the only Judge still alive by the end.]]
* PetTheDog: He attempts to talk Vayne out of [[spoiler: killing Drace]].
* TheQuietOne: Even when he does appear, he doesn't talk much.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Easily the sanest Judge Magister, and arguably more reasonable than both the Senate ''and'' the ruling family.
* SatelliteCharacter: Zargabaath gets enough screentime to establish his own character, but doesn't really do anything proactive in terms of story, and if he was quietly cut from the game's plot and replaced with a generic Judge character for most of his scenes, his absence would be negligible. It's telling the only thing he really gets to do himself happens during the ending of the game.
* ToBeLawfulOrGood: For most of the game, Zargabaath decides on being lawful -- either regretting what he's witnessing but not stepping in (like when Bergan [[spoiler:went berserk at Mt Bur-Omisace]]), or appealing to Vayne, being rejected, and going along with it (when Vayne orders Drace's execution).
* TokenGoodTeammate: Shares this role with Drace: Zargabaath is honourable and a good man among traitors and psychopaths. This is exemplified when he [[spoiler:offers to sacrifice himself to save the city of Rabanastre for no other reason than it being the right thing to do.]]
* TheUnfought: Along with Drace, until the UpdatedRerelease.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Despite surviving the game, Zargabaath has no mention in the ending or the sequel. His fate is a complete mystery, though it most probable he returned to Archadia with Larsa and Basch and continued to serve with them. He was intended to have a role in the canceled ''Fortress'' spin-off that would have confirmed this.

!!Other [=NPCs=]

->"How fares the hunt, kupo?"

Originally appearing in VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance, he reprises his role in running [[AdventureGuild Clan Centurio]], which will offer you monster hunting sidequests.

* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler:The Belito hunt]] is a hoax he puts out in the hopes of drawing out whoever has been attacking clan members on hunts.
* BreakoutCharacter: Probably the most iconic thing to the Ivalice Alliance after Judges, which is why he came back for this game.
* EdibleThemeNaming: Named after [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mont_Blanc_%28dessert%29 this]].
* ItsPersonal: There's a few Elite Marks he puts up bills for himself, because of this trope. This includes the game's {{Superboss}}.
* ManipulativeBastard: See {{Revenge}} trope below. As adorable as he looks, as patient and kind as he is towards Clan members, his ulterior motives essentially boil down to this. Whether the player sympathizes with him afterwards is another story.
* MythologyGag: The names of the prominent members of Clan Centurio; Kjrn, Ma'kenroh, Emet and Monid where Clan Nutsy's founding clan members in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance''. Unfortunately in the English version of ''Tactics Advance'' these names are randomized so the reference is mostly LostInTranslation.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: He's a moogle -- being adorable is part of the package.
* {{Revenge}}: His beloved master was slain [[spoiler:by the great beast Yiazmat]], and all the master's disciples were scattered to the winds. He created Clan Centurio in order to find (or train) [[spoiler:the one warrior who would be able to match and slay Yiazmat and thus avenge his master by proxy.]]
* VerbalTic Since he's a moogle, he automatically uses "kupo".

[[folder:Ba'Gamnan's Crew]]
->"The whole affair has the smell of money. I may have to whet my beak a little."

-->Ba'Gamnan is voiced by Koji Ishii (Japanese) and Creator/SteveBlum (English)

Ba'Gamnan is a bangaa bounty hunter with his eye set on claiming Balthier's bounty. He is incredibly cruel and his methods are wildly illegal. Such methods include kidnapping and attacking innocents to draw out his prey. Ba'Gamnan himself is the green bangaa shown at the bottom, the others are his siblings/minions, brothers Gijuk and Bwagi, and sister Rinok.

* AxCrazy: All of them, as their combined bestiary entry states.
* BladeOnAStick: In the original game, Rinok fights with spears.
* BountyHunter: He's tracking Balthier to bring him to justice, but only for the money.
* CastingAShadow: Ba'Gamnan has the Souleater skill, the typical ability of the Dark Knight. ''Revenant Wings'' makes it his class and gives him Dark Aura and Drain to go with Souleater.
* ChainsawGood [[XOnAStick On A Stick]]: Ba'Gamnan's weapon is a rotating saw blade on a pole.
* ColorCodedCharacters: Each of the four is colored differently. Ba'Gamnan is bright green, Gijuk is dark green, Bwagi is grey-blue, and Rinok is lavender.
* DemotedToExtra: Ba'Gamnan appears shortly into the beginning with an established desire to get Balthier, and soon after kidnaps Penelo to lure Balthier in. In the following battle, he's so tough it's actually recommended to ''run'' from him rather than fight (unless the player's been LevelGrinding). Sounds like he'll be a major recurring antagonist, right? Well... no, actually. He basically disappears from the main plot altogether, reappearing as part of a Hunt, and that's it for his appearances in VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII. He does become a recurring villain in [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings Revenant Wings]]. You even get the chance to play as him for a brief portion of the game.
* DisneyVillainDeath: He's last seen falling off a refinery tower into the depths of the Sandsea. [[UnexplainedRecovery He gets better in Revenant Wings.]]
* {{Expy}}: Fitting with Balthier being an Expy of Han Solo, Ba'Gamnan is his Boba Fett, allying with the Empire to track him down.
* FireIceLightning: Bwagi can cast spells in these three elements. Gijuk uses the three colored fangs for the same.
* GoldfishPoopGang: He and his siblings in ''Revenant Wings'' serve as recurring bosses.
* GuestStarPartyMember: In ''Revenant Wings'', he's playable. [[TeethClenchedTeamwork And hates every second of it.]]
* TheGunslinger: Gijuk's weapon is a gun in cutscenes. He trades it in for a crossbow in the actual fights.
* HopelessBossFight: Subverted. As mentioned above, he and his flunkies appear as enemies after Penelo is rescued, but unless the party is overleveled they're near impossible to defeat, so it's generally better to run.
* IHaveYourWife: He kidnaps Penelo in ''XII'' and Filo in ''Revenant Wings'', both times to use as leverage against Vaan and Balthier. It fails both times due to them being rescued. He even attempted to kidnap Fran in ''Revenant Wings'', though Vaan nipped those plans in the bud.
* KnifeNut: Bwagi and Rinok fight with daggers in ''Revenant Wings''.
* LizardFolk: As bangaa, they're lizard-men and women.
* LovesTheSoundOfScreaming: Gijuk.
* SatelliteCharacter: Ba'Gamnan's siblings mostly exist just to be his minions.
* SiblingTeam: All 4 of them are siblings.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: One of his minions is the only noteworthy female Bangaa of the entire story.
* UnusableEnemyEquipment: Subverted, their weapons are all obtainable in-game: Rinok wields the Gungnir and the Javelin, while Gijuk has the Aldebran and the Bowgun. The exception is Ba'Gamnan's weapon, a sort of buzzsaw polearm.

[[folder:The Occuria]]
Mysterious beings known as ''The Undying'' who act as Gods over Ivalice and dwell within the Great Crystal high above Giruvegan where not even airships can reach.

* BlueAndOrangeMorality: [[spoiler: Essentially, they view their actions as promoting peace among mortals. Sometimes their actions can make things look beneficial, but if they see something as an obstacle to their vision of how the world should be, they will take any means to remove it, regardless of what it is.]]
* EnergyBeings: They are mysterious floating masses of mist with blank faces and glowing eyes.
* EnigmaticEmpoweringEntity: Whatever they are, they grant their favor to those who they deem worthy of power.
* GodIsEvil: What [[spoiler:Venat]] thinks, anyways. [[spoiler:Not to say she isn't probably right, though.]]
* GreaterScopeVillain: [[spoiler:Their control over history is what spurred Venat to turn, making them responsible for the whole plot. They also act as a collective GreaterScopeVillain for the entire Ivalice Alliance, given how every other game set in Ivalice (except for ''Tactics Advance'') follow this one chronologically.]]
* InvisibleToNormals: Well, to anyone they don't want to talk to anyway.
* JerkassGods: [[spoiler: Beyond their manipulations, if they see something as an obstacle to how they think the world should be, they don't care if its an entire country, they will use any means to remove it.]]
* ManipulativeBastard: [[spoiler:They manipulate Ashe's emotions via visions of Rasler to encourage her to fight Arcadia.]]
* NoGender: None of the Occuria are clearly male or female.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: [[spoiler:It is they who conjure the ghosts of Rasler and Reks to manipulate Ashe and Vaan.]]
* ScrewYouElves: [[spoiler: Venat's]] opinion of them, feeling they have no right to manipulate mortals. [[spoiler:Ashe has it by the end of the game.]]
* TopGod: Gerun is their leader.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: Their voices all echo.

[[folder:The Espers]]
The {{summon|Magic}}s of the game. They rebelled against the gods that created them (presumably the Occuria) for various reasons and were imprisoned in various parts of Ivalice. [[spoiler:Being that the two games are in the same continuity, it's heavily implied, if not outright stated that the Espers and the Lucavi from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'' are one and the same.]]

* AnIcePerson: Mateus, Esper of Ice that attacks with Blizzaja and Flash Freeze.
* ArmCannon:
** Shemhazai has crossbows attached to her arms that she uses during her LimitBreak.
** Zeromus has an organic one on his right arm that he uses for his LimitBreak.
* BadassBeard: Hashmal and Exodus have one.
* BadassGrandpa: Exodus has the general appearance of an old man.
* BeastMan: Hashmal has leonine features to go with the zodiac sign of Leo.
* TheBeastmaster: The bestiary says that Adrammelech led an army of monsters against his creators.
* BewareMyStingerTail: Cúchulainn has one that sprouts out of his back during his LimitBreak.
* BlowYouAway: Chaos, Esper of Wind who attacks with Aeroja, Whirlwind and Aeroga.
* BonusBoss: You only need to fight five of them in the main storyline.
* BossRoom: Most of them use fairly standard ones.
* {{Cap}}: In ''Tactics A2'', summoning Zodiark has a 50% chance of dealing 999 damage to each unit on both sides.
* CastingAShadow: Zodiark. Esper of Darkness. The Element is instead given to Zalera in ''Revenant Wings'' and ''Tactics A2''. In ''XII'', however, his unique ability Banish Ray is dark-elemental and he uses Darkja when fought.
* CatFolk: Hashmal is a humanoid lion in keeping with him corresponding to the WesternZodiac sign Leo.
* CheckpointStarvation: There's no save crystal before facing Zodiark. Likewise, Chaos is in an area with no save crystals.
* ColonyDrop: Exodus's attacks Comet and [[LimitBreak Meteor]] invoke this, as does his pre-battle cutscene.
* TheComputerIsACheatingBastard: See FieldPowerEffect below. Some of the Espers can even become temporarily ''invincible'' for a time by using Perfect Defense.
* DefeatMeansPlayable: You can recruit them by defeating them.
* DemBones: Zalera. Several skeletons also appear during his boss fight.
* DishingOutDirt: Hashmal, Esper of Earth. When fought, he uses Quakeja and an ability called Roxxor, which tosses a boulder at the target.
* DoubleUnlock: You have to defeat them and activate them on the license board.
* EvilCounterpart: All of the Espers except for Ultima and Zodiark have a counterpart who remained loyal to their creators. You don't get to meet them in-game, though.
* ElementalPowers: Each Esper is associated with a specific element, though five of them are NonElemental in terms of game mechanics.
* {{Expy}}: Of the final bosses of earlier games in multiple cases. Cúchulainn, Belias, Zalera, Adrammelech, Hashmal, Zodiark, and Ultima hail from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'' (which is set in the same continuity as ''XII''), while most of the others are based on the final bosses of Final Fantasy I (Chaos), II (Mateus), III (Famfrit) IV (Zeromus), and V (Exodus). Only Shemhazai has no clear counterpart in the previous games.
** Cúchulainn, being an obese, jolly, green-skinned PlagueMaster, looks and acts a lot like the Daemons of Nurgle from ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''.
* FallenAngel: All of them, thematically. Ultima is a literal one, having an angelic design.
* FlunkyBoss: Mateus, Cúchulainn, Zalera and Chaos, all summon minions to aid them. Subverted with Adrammelech and Zeromus. The enemies in their areas spawn whether the Espers are there or not, and do so continuously.
* FieldPowerEffect: Several of them have these when you fight them. They include disabling magic, disabling basic attacks, disabling items, draining health and draining magic. Ultima cycles through them as well as two others used by other bosses.
* FixedDamageAttack: Zodiark's LimitBreak does exactly 50,000 damage. Summoning Zodiark in ''Tactics A2'' has a 50% chance of hitting each unit on both sides for 999 damage.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: While not exactly nobodies in Final Fantasy XII, these mostly optional summons that you have to go out of your way to get with only five that you have to receive are relatively unimportant to the story, if not connected to the story at all. [[spoiler: But if the Espers are indeed the Lucavi from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'', then they are responsible for one of the most bloody and horrifying wars to ever hit Ivalice.]]
* GenderFlip:
** Zig Zagged with Mateus. The Emperor from ''Videogame/FinalFantasyII'' is male, the Totema from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance'' is female, this Mateus is a black male fish who uses a Shiva {{Expy}} as power source.
** Famfrit is based on the female [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIII Cloud of Darkness]], but is described as being male. Subverted as, according to WordOfGod, the Cloud of Darkness is genderless.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Adrammelech has eyes that glow yellow in the sandstorm of the Zertinan Caverns.
* GravityMaster: Zeromus, Esper of Gravity with attacks like Graviga and Gravity Well.
* TheGrimReaper: Zalera was supposed to be this before he rebelled.
* GunsAkimbo: Shemhazai uses 2 crossbows at once.
* HornedHumanoid: Chaos, Exodus's humanoid section and Belias all have horns. Hashmal has antlers.
* KillSat: Ultima's LimitBreak animation shows her doing this [[GuideDangIt if you can get her to use it]].
* LifeDrain: Cúchulainn's unique ability is Malaise, which is basically a much more powerful Drain spell.
* LightEmUp: Ultima, Esper of Holy. She uses Holy and Holyja when fought and has a unique ability called Redemption. Zalera also knows Holy and is a holy-aligned Esper in ''Revenant Wings''.
* LimitBreak: They all have an ultimate attack they can use that instantly dismisses their summoning when used.
* LivingBattery: That blue woman isn't actually Mateus. She's an ice goddess he's using as a power source. Zalera's shamaness has a similar function.
* MakingASplash: Famfrit, Esper of Water with the attacks Briny Cannonade and Waterja.
* MultiArmedAndDangerous: Belias has a larger pair of arms for attacking and a smaller pair that he seems to use to cast magic.
* MythologyGag: Chaos, Mateus, Famfrit, Zeromus and Exodus are all references to the final bosses of the first five ''Final Fantasies''. Famfrit's reference is through his title of the Darkening Cloud, which the Japanese version renders as "the Cloud of Darkness."
* {{Necromancer}}: Zalera wields the element of Death, and aside from using Instant Death attacks summons undead enemies to aid it in battle.
* OmnicidalManiac: There ''was'' a good reason for imprisoning some of them, namely Exodus. Not surprising considering who he's based on.
* OneHitKill: Zalera does this both when summoned and during his boss fight. Zodiark's Darkja ability inflicts this in addition to blind to the entire party. It's less likely to take effect than the blind effect, but there's nothing that grants you immunity to it.
* OneWayVisor: The shamaness attached to Zalera's arm has one.
* OrderVsChaos: Hashmal's motivation for rebelling was that he saw himself as a bringer of order.
* OurCentaursAreDifferent: Shemhazzai is a partly-mechanical centaur, but in contrast to the typical depiction is more like a humanoid horse with parts of a horse body extending from her head.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: Adrammelech is a dragon with some goat-like features such as hooves.
* OurMermaidsAreDifferent: Mateus. See that blue woman? That's not him. He's the [[FishPeople fish thing]] she's attached to.
* OurMonstersAreWeird: Mateus and Zeromus particularly. Belias might also count for looking like two humanoids fused together, giving him two heads.
* NonElemental:
** Exodus has no official elemental alignment, but his "element" is clearly the ColonyDrop, being that he wields Comet and Meteor.
** Cu Culainn, Shemhazai, Zalera and Zeromus are all this is terms of game mechanics. In ''Revenant Wings'', Zalera is holy-aligned instead and in ''Tactics A2'', he replaces Zodiark as the dark Esper. Zodiark becomes non-elemental in ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyxIIRevenantWings Revenant Wings]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2 Tactics A2]]''.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: Zodiark is the smallest of the Espers, but easily one of the hardest bosses in the game and the most powerful Esper. In fact, his power was the exact reason his creators sealed him away.
* PlayingWithFire: Belias, Esper of Fire and attacking with Painflare, Hellfire, and Firaja.
* PoisonousPerson: Cúchulainn, Esper of Poison with the attacks Bio, Malaise, and Toxify.
* PowerGivesYouWings: Zodiark has twelve of them during his LimitBreak and keeps them during ''Revenant Wings''. They're so big that you can barely see his actual body in the center.
* ProngsOfPoseidon: Mateus' WeaponOfChoice.
* RedBaron: Each Esper have one: "Belias, the Gigas", "Mateus, the Corrupt", "Adrammelech, the Wroth" etc.
* {{Retcon}}: ''Tactics A2'' gives Zalera power over darkness instead of Zodiark and ''Revenant Wings'' makes him holy-aligned.
* {{Revenge}}: Belias rebelled out to get revenge on his creators for considering him defective and useless.
* {{Reincarnation}}: Chaos had this as a form of immortality.
* ShootTheHostage: Mateus and Zalera were both banished with their living power sources.
* ShockAndAwe: Adrammelech, Esper of Lightning with Thundara, Thundaja, and Flash Arc.
* SignificantAnagram: Zalera -> Azrael. The Angel of Death.
* SoulPower: Shemhazai, Esper of Soul with the attacks Soul Purge and Devour Soul.
* SummonMagic: Instant-ally variety, though you can't directly control them. In ''Tactics A2'', the trinkets used to summon them are use the single-attack variety.
* StandardStatusEffects: Most of them can inflict at least one during their battles, often as an additional effect of their basic attacks.
* TheStarscream: They are punished for rebelling against the gods.
* TimedMission: Zalera's boss fight. You are ejected from the battle and have to start over when the timer runs out.
* TotalPartyKill: Zodiark's Darkja ability can inflict KO to each individual party member, with the potential to do this. This is in addition to inflicting Blind, which doesn't wear off after a character is KO'd.
* WesternZodiac: They're each associated with one of the twelve signs, and Zodiark is the thirteenth as the serpent.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: The Bestiary has this as Chaos's motive for rebelling.

!!''Revenant Wings''

-> "You must give your anima to the heavens! Only then will you fly on wings undying!"

The self proclaimed God of the aegyl. He has been alive for a long time, thanks to the [[ImmortalityImmorality Auracite]]. With the [[ContainmentField barrier]] around Lemurés gone, he has started a plot to get revenge on the world. This vengeance is prompted by the Occuria, who tried to dominate the aegyl, thus causing Feolthanos to take them to Lemurés.


* AGodAmI: Considers himself the God of the aegyl.
* BigBad: [[spoiler:He manipulates the Judge of Wings and is the true antagonist of the game.]]
* EmotionEater: [[spoiler:He eats the Anima of his people and all who use the Auracite to become more powerful.]]
* GodIsEvil: [[spoiler:For a certain value of "god."]]
* ImmortalityImmorality: [[spoiler:His immortality has entirely detached him from any sense of morals.]]
* InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler:He and an unnamed viera woman are the ancestors of the Feol Viera.]]
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:Transforms into Feolthanos Exultant for the final battle.]]
* WingedHumanoid: As an aegyl, he has a large pair of wings.

[[folder:The Judge of Wings]]
-> "Illusion is the only true reality."

A mysterious armored figure who aims to invade Ivalice from the floating continent of Lemurés and start a war between the aegyl and humes. Sky Pirates call her the Judge of Wings due to her resemblance to the Archadian Judges.

* BrainwashedAndCrazy: [[spoiler:Thanks to Feolthanos, her mind is not her own and she causes chaos over Ivalice.]]
* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler:The results of Velis' death were... not good for her sanity.]]
%%* BrokenBird: [[spoiler:After Velis' death]].
* DeathEqualsRedemption: She finds peace and redemption when she's killed.
%%* TheDragon: [[spoiler:To Feolthanos.]]
* EasilyForgiven: [[spoiler: After killing off her race (who were entirely innocent), playing mind games and whatever, the party (save maybe Fran and Balther) is all sympathy. [[FlatWhat What?!]]]]
** Possibly justified, seeing she was BrainwashedAndCrazy.
%%* InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler:With Velis]].
* LastOfHisKind: [[spoiler:She is the last of the Feol Viera, a subspecies born from the union between aegyl and Viera.]]
* LoveMakesYouEvil: The loss of her love sparked a chain of events that led her to villainy.
* SamusIsAGirl: It's a woman underneath that armor.
* TragicDream: [[spoiler:The only thing she wanted was to revive Velis, and look what the results were]].
* TinTyrant: Wears an imposing suit of winged armor.
%%* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler:To Feolthanos]].
* WalkingSpoiler: As you may have noticed.
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: [[spoiler:Sure she committed horrible atrocities, but you have to feel at least ''a little'' sympathy for her]].

->"I'm gonna learn to fly all by myself! I wanna fly higher than anyone's ever flown before!"

Another orphan from lowtown, Filo follows faithfully in Vaan's footsteps. She still bears the emotional scars of the war, but she doesn't let them interfere with her dream of becoming a sky pirate. She [[AscendedExtra actually appears]] in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', but doesn't ''do'' anything until the sequel, where she's part of the main party.

* AscendedExtra: Just one of Vaan's friends in the original game, and now a party member.
%%* BrattyHalfPint
* CheerfulChild: Just look at her quote for an example. She's a very cheerful young girl.
* DistressedDamsel: Like Penelo before her, she gets kidnapped by Ba'Gamnan, but is quickly rescued.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: She fights using a Skybandit, a ''hovering surfboard''.
%%* JumpedAtTheCall: Eagerly jumps at adventure.
* KidSidekick: In ''Revenant Wings'', she serves as one to Vaan.
* LittleMissBadass: She's only eleven years old in ''Revenant Wings'', yet is more than able to hold her own in battle.
%%* PrecociousCrush: On Llyud.
%%* SkySurfing
* TrapMaster: Her Job relies on her setting traps to lower enemy stats.

-> "I got my hands full watching the shop... and Old Dalan had something for me to do, but I can't get away."

An orphan living in Rabanastre's Lowtown, Kytes is one of Vaan's closest friends. Hoping to become a sky pirate himself, Kytes practices magick with single-minded determination. Like Filo, he appears as an orphan in Lowtown in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'' proper, but doesn't have any real characterization until the sequel.

* AscendedExtra: From a bit-player supporting character to party member.
* BlackMage: His job class, and he specializes in offensive magic for it.
%%* CheerfulChild
* ChildMage: He's only ''10''.
* ElementalPowers: Naturally, as a Black Mage his spells are mostly elemental.
%%* HeartwarmingOrphan
%%* JumpedAtTheCall
* KidSidekick: In ''Revenant Wings'', he serves as one to Vaan.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: He looks far different in ''Revenant Wings'' than he does in ''XII''.

A warrior from the sky continent of Lemurés. He exhibits a curiosity not commonly found among the Aegyl, for which he is regarded as something as a curiosity himself

%%* AirJousting
%%* BladeOnAStick: Wields spears.
* DeathFromAbove: He's a Dragoon, so of course he can Jump.
%%* EmpathicHealer
* LifeDrain: One of his abilities is the Dragoon's trademark Lancet.
* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch: Unlike the rest of his species, he actually is curious about human emotions.
* TheStoic: Along with the rest of his race, for [[EmptyShell unpleasant reasons.]]
* WingedHumanoid: Like all Aegyl.

Apparently a former soldier of Dalmasca, the party encounters him on their quest and he aids them for a time.

* DeadAllAlong: He's actually a specter of himself in life.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Is a typical KnightInShiningArmour fighting for the girl and his country.
* NoPronunciationGuide: Going off the Japanese text, his name is pronounced "Willis".
* ReplacementGoldfish: Of Penelo's older brothers.