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[[folder:Main Characters]]
!!Train Heartnet
->Voiced by: Creator/TakashiKondo (JP), Creator/MinamiTakayama (JP, child), Creator/JasonLiebrecht (EN), Creator/LuciChristian (EN, child), Sergio Mesa (SP)

Formerly Chrono No. XIII, nicknamed the Black Cat for the bad luck he brought his targets, Train abandoned his career as an assassin to become a Sweeper: a licensed bounty-hunter. Easy going and friendly, Train just wants to live his life freely. Unfortunately, as the re-emergence of his ex-partner Creed Diskenth proves, Train's past may not be as far behind him as he thinks...
* TheAtoner: His defining character moment and part of the reason why he left Chronos.
* ArtEvolution: He already looks quite [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3xLaPUWoMC0/VmNbex4mW3I/AAAAAAAIa4A/mt1Z0FBpRwQ/w600/22.jpg obviously handsome]] in the first volumes, but as chapter 173 came, he has become [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GLFUwtyeWls/VmNfgKUZ9JI/AAAAAAAIdAM/mWEnhzIAyQ4/w600/18.jpg a downright bombshell.]]
* BadassAdorable: When he was transformed into a child. Subverted on the "badass" bit where he couldn't handle his gun very well.
* BadassLongcoat: During his days in Chronos. (Which also contributes to the reason why some people thought [[DoNotDoThisCoolThing he was better off in Chronos]] in the anime than when he went off on his own and started wearing doughnuts on his clothes.)
* BadassNormal: All of Train's ridiculous abilities? Pure training combined with a really sweet gun.
* BerserkButton: Anything that reminds him of Creed will make him ''furious'' because the latter killed his friend Saya. [[spoiler:Though he eventually mellows out from this later in the series]].
* BigDamnHeroes: Invoked. He waits up from the ceiling beams shortly after regaining his adult body back and watches the new GasMaskMooks, only stepping in at the last minute because he thought it would be [[RuleOfCool cool]]. Cue the next panel where Sven beats Train to within an inch of his life.
* {{Bishonen}}: Very much so. Especially in the anime, and the later chapters of the manga (due to ArtEvolution).
* BoringInvincibleHero: One of his fights with Creed is a tie; everyone else he beats, pulling one trick after another out of his hat.
* CantHoldHisLiquor: He's shown having a HUGE hangover soon after drinking a small bottle of wine.
* ChickMagnet: Kyoko, Rinslet, Saya, and... it gets into the realm of EvenTheGuysWantHim.
* ClassyCatBurglar: A RareMaleExample of a criminal with a cat theme. The series title is his alias and he shamelessly sports a fluttering black cloak and a bell on a red string as a necklace.
* DefectorFromDecadence: He defects from Chronos after Saya's death at the hands of Creed.
* {{The Dreaded}}: Even after quitting the title of XIIIth agent of Chronos, he still makes people shit their pants just by revealing who he is. It's saying something when even the {{AxCrazy}} Creed, who is a psychopath that isn't afraid of anyone, respect Train and doesn't want to deal with him when he's angry.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: [[spoiler:He later gets the ability to turn his gun into a railgun, but he believes in the epilogue that he lost it once he no longer needed it - i.e., after he defeated Creed.]]
* EvenTheGuysWantHim: Sure, a [[ChickMagnet huge portion of girls in the series want him]]. And so does [[HoYay Creed]].
* FatalAttractor: He doesn't seem to be able to attract very normal love interests. It would be rather interesting to know if he would still choose to be a CelibateHero and appear to be {{Asexual}} if a halfway decent and semi-normal woman would come into his life. His (possibly) blooming feelings for Saya (the most normal of his love interests) is cut very short by... a certain very jealous person. Rinslet is a very manipulative thief who constantly takes advantage of him and tricks him into doing things for her. Kyoko is too much of a borderline {{Yandere}} who is overly aggressive and a StalkerWithACrush. And that's not even mentioning Creed, who is the most insane and obsessive pervert when it comes to Train.
* TheGunslinger: The main one of the series. He is able to react to three men firing their guns at a target, pull out his own and intercept their bullets with his own in an instant, giving a notorious assassin who happened to be nearby a huge OhCrap reaction.
* HeelFaceTurn: Apparently had one before this story begins.
* HesGotLegs: He has long and slender legs.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: He and Sven travel around together as sweepers all the time, and adopt a "kid".
* ImprobableAimingSkills: He can shoot down other people's bullets.
* MeaningfulName: His first name, Train, is a steam locomotive.
* MoralDissonance:
** Train gives one speech after another about how killing is wrong, and releases psychos like Shiki, The Doctor, and Creed after defeating them. Yet at the same time, he killed two much less threatening opponents in cold blood in the first two issues. Might be due to the author not having figured out just what direction he wanted to take the comic yet.
** Something similar happens in the anime but it can be explained by CharacterDevelopment.
* MyGreatestFailure: Not being able to save Saya from being killed by Creed.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Even after leaving Chronos, his old nickname still [[OhCrap paralyzes his bounty targets with fear]] if they find out his name or see the tattoo.
* ObliviousToLove: Train is very oblivious of a lot of character's feelings for him. Though he's especially this way with [[StalkerWithACrush Creed]], who is unbelievably outright about his scary obsessive love for him. In the manga, after all these years, Train is shown to still be incapable of understanding what possible reason Creed would have for killing Saya. There's even a scene where Creed tells Train that he would at least want to have Train by his side even as a dead body rather than have Saya have him. When other characters are creeped out by this, Train dismisses it by telling them to ignore him, and that Creed is simply being selfish and weird. Missing the point, no?
** May actually be intentional where Creed is concerned. Creed's complete LackOfEmpathy is what defines him, so to Train, when Creed is flipping out and being a creeper, that ''is'' just him being "selfish and weird" to Train. It would also explain why he doesn't get Creed's reasons for killing Saya, as Train is a pretty empathetic person, so he wouldn't really understand Creed's Moon Logic.
* OlderThanTheyLook: He is 21 in the anime and 23 in the manga, that is, around the same age as ''Rinslet and Creed''. For how he looks, however, you would be forgiven for thinking he was a highschooler like Kyoko.
* RevolversAreJustBetter: His trademarked gun Hades.
* SproutingEars: In more comedic moments, he sprouts cat ears. Definitely to go along with his AnimalMotifs.
* SuperSenses: In the Anime, when blinded by a plant-based monster, he was able to fire a perfect shot to the heart by just listening ''to the sound of the monster's necklace jingling''.
* ThouShaltNotKill: After Volume 1, he decides not to kill anyone else.
* TriggerHappy: Of the non-lethal variety. He's shown to get antsy and irritated when he hasn't shot anything in a while.
* WhatBeautifulEyes: His yellow, cat-like eyes. They're commented on several times by [[BigBad Creed]] and Saya - both of whom say that they're beautiful.
* WouldntHurtAChild: Train has been an assassin for many years.....but the biggest soft spot he possesses is about children. In the manga, he describes how he was about to shoot a man, but he realized the man was holding a young girl. He stopped, and couldn't pull the trigger, so he was shot, instead. He lived, but this is part of the major HeelFaceTurn he undergoes throughout the series.

!!Sven Vollfied
->Voiced by: Creator/KeijiFujiwara (JP), Creator/BrandonPotter (EN), Dani Albiac (SP)

Train's partner, Sven is a former agent with the International Bureau of Investigations (IBI). He considers himself a gentlemen, and believes one should always treat women with respect. His infamous trick briefcase, and Vision Eye allow him to be a highly effective Sweeper.
* BriefcaseBlaster: His modified suitcase contains a machine gun, a net launcher, some gas, explosives, and other nifty gadgets for almost every occasion.
* BulletTime: [[spoiler: He gets this as an ability by training with his Vision Eye.]] Unfortunately, [[CompressedAdaptation this was left out of the anime]].
* CombatClairvoyance: His right eye can see in-between a few seconds to a maximum of five minutes into the future. However, it drains him of his energy rapidly. [[spoiler:It's actually a TragicKeepsake from his friend and former colleague Lloyd]].
* DualWielding: Does this against Golem, one of the Doctor's cyborgs, with a pistol in one hand and his briefcase in the other.
* EyepatchOfPower: Over his right eye. When he takes it off, he can see into the future.
* GadgeteerGenius: Particularly specialized for creating various innovative weapons.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Sven travels around with Train as sweepers all the time, and adopt a "kid".
* TheLancer: Sven is Train's best friend and closest confidant, and functions as second-in-command of their team once Eve and Rinslet join up.
* NeverBareheaded: Sven never stops doing two things; wearing a hat and smoking.
* NiceHat: He wears a nice white fedora.
* TheSmartGuy: He's the go-to-guy for technology, and fights his opponents based on uncovering their weaknesses.
* SmokingIsCool: It's one of his signature habits.
* SwissArmyWeapon: Uses such a weapon which he designed himself and which is masked as an attache case.
* TookALevelInBadass: Goes from being little more than the gadget-guy, and the brains of the outfit to a powerful force in his own right, after upgrading [[spoiler: his eyes's abilities from seeing the future, to seeing in slow-motion, enabling him to evade attacks]] with ease, as demonstrated in his battles against Deak Slaky, and his aborted one with Echidna.
* TragicKeepsake: [[spoiler:His Vision Eye is a gift from his long-deceased friend Lloyd]].
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: His green hair stands out particularly in a world of mostly normal hair colours.

->Voiced by: Creator/MisatoFukuen (JP), Creator/BrinaPalencia (EN), Creator/AriadnaJimenez (SP)

An eleven-year old girl taken in by Train and Sven, Eve started life as a biological weapon, created by mob boss Torneo, and commissioned by Creed Diskenth. The shapeshifting nanomachines in her blood let her fight on Train and Sven's level.
* ArtificialHuman: A genetically-engineered bioweapon who was made with the use of nanotechnology. [[spoiler:It is later revealed that she's a clone of Dr. Tearju Lunatique.]]
* BadassBookworm: Can remember the contents from every book she has read, and uses this to her advantage to take a level in badass.
* {{BFS}}: Her hands can morph into blades that are almost as big as she is.
* TheBigGirl: Eve is physically the most powerful member of the team, and is borderline bulletproof. She frequently uses herself to shield others, and while she's quite bright, her strategy for defeating enemies typically relies on hitting them very hard.
* BreakTheCutie: Durham tried this and uses [[CouldntFindAPen Eve's blood]] to leave her friends a message.
* CuteBruiser: No matter how misanthropic you are, it's tough to deny that Eve's a cute little girl.
* DropTheHammer: Her favorite form of non-lethal combat. She can morph her hair into a giant hammer to smash her enemies with.
* ElegantGothicLolita: She usually wears a lot of lolita dresses of varying styles.
* GeniusBruiser: She read every book Train and Sven own, and memorised them. She's also pretty good with technology, which likely stems from the nanomachines inside her. Also capable of being surprisingly tricky in combat, as she establishes against both [[{{Mad Bomber}} Kelly Barris]], and [[BlowYouAway Leon]].
* GirlishPigtails: Occasionally changes her hairstyle to this for no reason.
* HairDecorations: Her hair is usually untouched but in some episodes she has pigtails or a [[FlowerinHerHair flower]] and in episode 17 her hair decorations make her look like she has [[MickeyMouse Mickey Mouse ears.]]
* HairIntakes: Her hairstyle has two little "cat ears".
* HeelFaceTurn: Has her's at the very start of the series.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: Her relationship with Train has shades of this. Her [[UnknownRival "rivalry"]] with Train can be seen as a type of SiblingRivalry on some levels, as Sven is definitely the most mature of the trio, and considering how she was raised Sven is probably the closest thing to a father figure she has. Add in the fact Train acts as childlike as he does Eve could very well see Train almost as an older brother who is competent enough that she feels the need to prove to "Papa Sven" that she's at least as competent as him, if not better.
* LimitedWardrobe: Averted. Unlike Train and Sven, she's been seen wearing all kinds of clothing, but mostly ElegantGothicLolita dresses.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: Her hands and hair can morph into shields for defense.
* MeaningfulName: Eve is not only a female name, but is a shortened form of evening.
* OneWingedAngel: Only used once in the anime when Torneo's lackey uses a device on her to stir her nanomachines. She becomes more demonic with her arms, legs, and hair turning into blades, glows yellow, is able to fly, and has a very menacing DeathGlare. Sven saves her from this state by pulling the device out, barely surviving in the process. In the manga, Train prevents the transformation from happening by shooting the device out of Torneo's hand before he could put it on her.
* OurMermaidsAreDifferent: Eve has transformed herself into a mermaid during her battle against Leon at one point, giving her full movement underwater and allowing her to pull off a surprise attack from the river.
* PowerGivesYouWings: She can sprout wings to gain flight.
* PoweredByAForsakenChild: In the anime adaptation only. [[spoiler:She becomes the power source for Eden, a mechanical lifeform controlled by the Zero Numbers]].
* PrecociousCrush: On Sven. Interestingly enough, she finds Train's [[HeterosexualLifePartners relationship with Sven]] enough of a threat to be jealous of Train. [[YaoiFangirl Fangirls]] have interpretations of [[HoYay what this means]].
* PrehensileHair: ''Shapeshifting'' prehensile hair, no less.
* RapunzelHair: Her hair is nearly as long as her body.
* ReiAyanamiExpy: Just like Rei Ayanami, Eve is a red-eyed, pale-skinned ArtificialHuman who at first seems to be an EmotionlessGirl, but eventually opens up and reveals a SugarAndIcePersonality. She even shares a dub voice with her.
* ShapeshifterWeapon: Her entire schtick consists of changing shape throughout a battle, picking the best form as required by circumstance.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: At first appears to be an EmotionlessGirl, and even once she gets over it she's still rather cool and quiet. She's also intelligent, loyal, insatiably curious, and one of the kindest people in the series.
* TagalongKid : She starts out as one before she [[TookALevelInBadass improved her control of her nanomachines]].
* TookALevelInBadass: When she starts out she can only shift her hands into blades, and at best serves as a distraction when capturing bounties. She later upgrades to being the knockout weapon, and as the series progresses, is even able to take down a few bounties with little to no help from Train and Sven, becoming a fully licensed Sweeper. Her shapeshifting also improves, allowing her to do full-body transformations. All her training comes together for her book 15 battle against Leon, which, in addition to being one of the series' best fights, demonstrates just how far Eve has come.
* TykeBomb: She was raised by Torneo to be a weapon, and a murderer before she was eleven years old. [[DefusingTheTykebomb Defused]], and subsequently adopted by Sven.
* UnknownRival: She views Train as her 'rival', both as a Sweeper (her goal is to one day be stronger than him) and for Sven's attention. It annoys her to no end that he doesn't really take this very seriously and seems to prefer teasing her about it than returning the thought.
* YoungerThanSheLooks: Eve has a surprisingly developed body for being an eleven-year old. Though it could be because of the nanomachines.

!!Rinslet Walker
->Voiced by: Creator/{{Yukana}} (JP), Creator/JamieMarchi (EN), Pilar Morales (SP)

A thief-for-hire who contracts Train and Sven for help with a job, Rinslet later becomes a part-time member of the team.
* ActionGirl: In the manga, she is a very competent thief. [[FauxActionGirl Not so much]] [[AdaptationalWimp in the anime version]].
* ClassyCatBurglar: She doesn't have a cat theme but definitely fits all of the main requirements. She's flirtatious, sly and very proud of being one of the best, most resourceful thieves in the world. She likes jewels, but dislikes stealing anything that she cannot carry on person.
* CoolBigSis: She desperately attempts to become this Eve.
* DubNameChange: Known as ''Rinsel'' Walker in Spain.
* LimitedWardrobe: Averted. Just like Eve, Rinslet is seen wearing various outfits.
* MsFanservice: She certainly likes to dress up in revealing outfits.
* {{Tsundere}}: In the manga, she's one over Train (emphasis on the dere-side). In the anime, she's one over ''Sven'' (emphasis on the tsun-side), in ''both'' she's one over Jenos (emphasis ''very'' much on the tsun-side).
* WhipItGood: She carries a whip with a heart shaped tip for moving quickly.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has lavender hair.


!! No. I, Sephiria Arks
->Voiced by: Creator/KikukoInoue (JP), Creator/LydiaMackay (EN), Isabel Muntané (SP)

The leader of the Chrono Numbers, Sephiria is tasked with eliminating threats to Chronos, especially Creed Diskenth and his Apostles of the Stars.
* ActionGirl: The leader of the Chronos Numbers and a very skilled swordswoman.
* CoolSword: Wields a cutlass-like blade made of {{Orichalcum}}.
* DoomyDoomsOfDoom: Sephiria repeats the use of "Chronos" during her talk with Train:
-->'''Sephiria:''' Chronos will deal with the enemies of Chronos in the Chronos way.
-->'''Train:''' [[LampshadeHanging Would you mind saying Chronos a few more times?]]
* FlashStep: One of her signature abilities.
* ImplausibleFencingPowers: She can ''juggle'' a wineglass. On the tip of her sword. Not to mention her ultimate attack, wherein her sword can (somehow) ''disintegrate people''.
* JeanneDArchetype: She's a LadyOfWar who leads a special military unit of assassins, is ridiculously skilled at using a sword, and her last name is probably a homage to Joan d'Arc.
* LadyOfWar: Beautiful, elegant, soft-spoken, wields a lady-like cutlass, and the only person in the series other than Train who actually comes close to beating Creed one-on-one.
* AMotherToHerMen: She genuinely cares for the other Numbers, and is even seen crying over the death of [[spoiler: Beluga]].
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: In the manga at least. In the anime she comes across as more of a [[TheEvilsOfFreeWill fanatical]] KnightTemplar [[WithUsOrAgainstUs zealot]] than anything else.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: She's the only female Chronos Number.
* SuperSpeed: Sephira's fast as a matter of course, but a few of her attacks nudge her into this territory.
* TykeBomb: She was raised by Chronos to be trained as an assassin.

!! No. II, Belze Rochefort
->Voiced by: Creator/HideyukiHori (JP), Creator/MikeMcFarland (EN)

The second-in-command of the Chrono Numbers, Belze is extremely loyal to Sephira. He tends to handle day-to-day matters and interacts with their subordinates more often then she does. An utter badass.
* BadassLongcoat: Wears a military-looking coat, complete with shoulderboards and braiding.
* BladeOnAStick: His weapon of choice.
* CrazyPrepared: Belze didn't know about Kyoko's fire-manipulating abilities. That didn't stop him [[spoiler: from showing up to their fight in a flame-proof trenchcoat]]. As Charden puts it, "Got to hand it to the Numbers: they come prepared."
* KnightInSourArmor: Knows that Chronos isn't the nicest group of people, but also knows that without them the world will be overrun with anarchy.
* NumberTwo: In addition to the obvious, he serves as Sephira's second-in-command.

!! No. III, Emilio Lowe
->Voiced by: Creator/SusumuChiba (JP), Creator/OrionPitts (EN)

* ArcherArchetype: He wields a bow made of {{Orichalcum}}, which fires arrows made of the same metal.
* CanonForeigner: Doesn't make an appearence in the manga but he's one of the [[spoiler: Zero Numbers]] in the anime.
* FourEyesZeroSoul: He wears glasses and is working for Chronos.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: He has light green.

!! No. IV, Kranz Maduke
->Voiced by: Creator/AtsushiKakehashi (JP), Creator/ViktorWalker (EN)

Using enhanced senses to compensate for eye damage, blind Number Krantz can most often be found in the company of his partner, [[PsychoForHire Baldor]].
* AxCrazy: Between his actions and the testimony of other characters, it's apparent that Kranz agrees with most of Baldor's viewpoints on the world and is almost as much of a psycho. He's simply [[TheStoic far less obvious about it]].
* BashBrothers: Along with Baldor, they serve as powerful assassins.
* CoolHelmet: He uses a [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Zechs Merquise-ish]] one to cover his damaged eyes.
* HandicappedBadass: Being blinded doesn't seem to slow Kranz down much.
* KnifeNut: Uses one as his WeaponOfChoice. The fact that it's made of {{Orichalcum}} and can cut through anything is nothing to sneeze at.
* TheQuietOne: He doesn't speak a lot and mostly remains silent.
* RedOniBlueOni: The Blue Oni to Baldor's Red Oni.
* TheStoic: He really doesn't talk much.
* TykeBomb: Raised from birth to be an assassin.

!! No. V, Nizer Bruckheimer
->Voiced by: Creator/HisaoEgawa (JP), Creator/DanielPenz (EN)

The leader of Chronos' Cerberus commando team, Nizer has some personal issues with Creed, stemming from the death of the previous No. X, Ash.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Lightskinned, but with a stereotypically black facial structure.
* BaldOfAwesome: He has no hair and can kick ass when he needs to.
* DualTonfas: He wields a pair of tonfas named "Dioskouroi" with incredible skill, allowing him to reduce a large regenerating creature to nothing with only speed.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: Attempts this against Creed, but is saved by Jenos.]]
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Subverted. He fails to even wound Creed, and is severely injured by Echidna.

!! No. VI, Anubis
->Voiced by: Creator/AndrewTipps (EN)

A giant black wolf capable of human speech who is the last Chronos Number to be introduced. Anime only.
* CanisMajor: A giant black wolf.
* CanonForeigner: He only appears near the end of the anime.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Anubis's voice is pretty damn scary in both English and Japanese.
* ItCanThink: Despite being a wolf, he is capable of human thinking and speech.
* MeaningfulName: Considering the mythological motif the Numbers seem to like, it only makes sense to name a werewolf Anubis.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: His eyes always glow red just to show how competent and dangerous he is in battle.
* RollingAttack: He does this with his sharp tail whip to shred his enemies to pieces.
* WhipItGood: His tail is equipped with a bladed whip.

!! No. VII, Jenos Hazard
->Voiced by: Creator/TakahiroSakurai (JP), Creator/TroyBaker (EN), Óscar Redondo (SP)

Chrono Number VII fancies himself a ladies man and can be a bit of an idiot, but he's definitely a useful person to have around in a fight. A member of the Cerberus commando unit.
* {{Bishounen}}: Although not nearly as extreme as some of the other examples on this page. He's at least recognisably male.
* CasanovaWannabe: He never once succeeds at picking up women, despite trying multiple times throughout the series. His character profile even notes that he has a remarkably low success rate.
* ChivalrousPervert: Don't try and hurt a girl in front of him. Especially Rinslet.
* {{Fanboy}}: He's shown to be a really huge fan of Echidna Parass and her movies. That is, until [[BrokenPedestal he finds out that she's with the Apostles]].
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Jenos "Hazard". As in ''dangerous''. As in, ''will cut you to pieces with wires'' if you don't get your hands off that girl.
* RazorFloss: Uses it as his main weapon, doing everything from catching Rinslet, to [[spoiler: deflecting Beluga's shot at Nizer]], and [[spoiler: severing [[AnArmAndALeg Creed's arm]]]].
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Outside of the elders of Chronos, the Chrono Numbers are noted as being among the top of the command chain, and Sven even reacts to one of Jenos' appearances as finally being able to talk with someone sensible from Chronos.
* TokenGoodTeammate: Okay, the Numbers aren't exactly evil per se, but their morality is pretty loose at the best of times, something that Jenos has some obvious problems with. Especially when it comes to the idea of sacrificing his teammates.

!! No. VIII, Baldorias S. Fanghini
->Voiced by: Creator/AnriKatsu (JP), Creator/JustinCook (EN)

Some people join Chronos because they believe they can use its power and influence to make a difference in the world. Baldor (as he is usually called), is not one of them. If the Numbers give out "Most Unpleasant" awards, this guy will be the winner, every time.
* AxCrazy: Easily the most openly sadistic, overly ruthless, and clearly unstable member of the Numbers, Baldor derives enjoyment from bullying and tormenting others, and likes his job far, far too much. Even the other Numbers are wary around him.
** Just in case you didn't realize that he was completely insane when you first saw him, Belze has a line where he mentions that he (Baldor) and Kranz wiped out an entire town at some point. Maybe an exaggeration, but still...
* BadassBeard: He is undoubtedly badass and he has a goatee.
* BashBrothers: Along with Krantz, Baldor can kick major ass when he needs to.
* BeardOfEvil: He has a classic, evil goatee.
* EpicFlail: His weapon of choice is a very long, very heavy chain ending in what is essentially a bowling ball. It lacks the handle, but remains a most EpicFlail.
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: Baldor is almost as bad as the people he hunts down.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: A flail? Fine. A flail that has a ''rocket'' on the head so he can remote-control it after throwing it? Now you're getting weird.
* {{Jerkass}}: When he isn't being [[AxeCrazy psychotic]], he's giving cold-hearted, speeches on the pointlessness of sparing your enemies or showing mercy, and criticising the heroes' way of living. Not even his badassery can keep him from coming off as a completely unlikeable, unflinchingly brutal creep.
* JerkassHasAPoint: Happens twice in the manga. The first time, he correctly points out that, despite having pulled a HeelFaceTurn, [[spoiler:Kyoko]] is still an international terrorist; the second time, he mocks Eve for saving the life of one of Creed's mooks, and his insults are proven somewhat correct when the [[UngratefulBastard ungrateful]] mook tries to pull a TakingYouWithMe on the group.
* PetTheDog: Right before confronting Train's group in the hotel room they're staying at, Baldor tosses the hotel's desk clerk a huge wad of cash to cover the repair costs.
* PsychoForHire: Borderline example. The only thing keeping him out of it is his steady employment with Chronos.
* RedOniBlueOni: The Red Oni to Kranz's Blue Oni.
* SlasherSmile: He even has one after getting hit in the head with a steel briefcase! He may be a [[AxCrazy total lunatic]] but you have to admit he's a badass.
* TokenEvilTeammate: He definitely makes an appropriate counter to [[TokenGoodTeammate Jenos]].
* TykeBomb: Raised from birth to become an assassin. Considering that, is it really a surprise he turned out how he did?

!! No. IX, David Papper
->Voiced by: Creator/TakayaKuroda (JP), Creator/DanielDrumm (EN)

The only black member of the Numbers, he appears to be good friends with Jenos. Anime only.
* CanonForeigner: He only appeared in the anime.
* TheGambler: He uses a deck of playing cards made out of orichalcum as his main weapon.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Gambling Cards. Admittedly not as bad as Xiao Li's scarf, but still.
* ScaryBlackMan: Averted, he's a pretty affable guy.
* DeathDealer: While in use, his cards glow gold and are able to cut through even the hardest surfaces.
* TakingYouWithMe: [[spoiler:He's on the receiving end of this by Maro, who grabs him by the leg and drops a massive Gravity Bomb on them both, crushing his bones]].

!! No. X, Lin Shao Lee
->Voiced by: Creator/MitsukiSaiga (JP), Creator/JerryJewell (EN)

Chronos' master of disguise can make himself look like almost anything.
* BerserkButton: Accidentally stumbles onto Train's berserk button, by using his MasterOfDisguise powers to look like Creed. After Train threatens him, Lin takes off the disguise, and apologizes.
* {{Bishonen}}: An extremely pretty and girly-looking boy.
* CulturedBadass: He's really dignified for a Chronos Number.
* DanceBattler: He fights with his scarf in such a way that it makes him look like he's dancing.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: You wouldn't guess it at first until you hear his voice.
* HitmanWithAHeart: He's frightening in combat, but surprisingly cheerful outside of it. He also feels an obligation to the Sweepers he got involved in the battle with Creed, and goes out of his way to bail them out.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: It's a [[ScarfOfAssKicking ''scarf'']]. It's made of {{Orichalcum}} cloth. He uses it something like a ribbon dancer in rhythmic gymnastics, as a combination of whip and shield, and makes kicking his opponents' asses look elegant and graceful.
* MasterOfDisguise: He can look like just about anyone, to the point where it borders on ShapeShifting.
* PaperThinDisguise: Amusingly, given the above, his longest-running disguise really just looks like himself wearing a pair of glasses. Though, as he points out, he doesn't really ''need'' an elaborate disguise given that none of the people he's trying to fool know what his real face looks like.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: A very literal take on the trope.

!! No. XI, Beluga J. Heard
->Voiced by: Creator/KoujiIshii (JP), Creator/GordonHoley (EN)

The final member of the Cerberus commando unit, Beluga is easily one of the most physically-imposing characters in series, a fact which his ridiculous name somehow fails to detract from.
* BashBrothers: With Nizer.
* {{BFG}}: His bazooka is huuuge! It can also transform, doubling as a Big Freakin' Hammer.
* TheBigGuy: For the entirety of the Chrono Numbers.
* DropTheHammer: His bazooka converts into a gigantic sledge in a matter of seconds.
* FluffyTheTerrible: Despite having a ridiculous-sounding name, he is very strong, determined, and not to be underestimated in battle.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:As he and the other members of Cerberus flee Creed's castle, the ceiling collapses. Beluga stays behind, holding it up while Jenos hauls the half-dead Nizer out.]]
* TheQuietOne: At least in comparison to Nizer and Jenos.

!! No. XII, Mason Ordrosso
->Voiced by: Creator/RokuroNaya (JP), Creator/RandyTallman (EN)

The oldest member of the Numbers and a veteran of the Tao Wars. Mason makes only a brief cameo in the manga, but plays a major role in the anime.
* AdaptationalVillainy: In the anime, [[spoiler:he betrays Chronos and becomes the leader of the Zero Numbers, and plans to assimilate the whole world with Eden]].
* AscendedExtra: Goes from a one-page cameo in the manga to a [[spoiler: major antagonist in the anime]].
* AssimilationPlot: [[spoiler:His goal in the anime]].
* BadassGrandpa: He's been in the Numbers for longer than many of the other members have been ''alive''.
* BadassMoustache: Has a Fu-Manchu.
* BigBad: In the anime, he is revealed to be [[spoiler:a traitor to Chronos]] and is the main antagonist of the Eden arc.
* LightEmUp: [[spoiler:His primary way of attacking is with blinding flashes of light]].
* PoweredArmor: [[spoiler:His Tao power can allow him to generate an enhanced suit of armor around his body. Not much of it is demonstrated beyond his light attacks though.]]


[[folder:Apostles of the Stars]]

!! Creed Diskenth
->Voiced by: Creator/ShinichiroMiki (JP), Creator/ChrisPatton (EN), Ramón Rocabayera (SP)

A complete and utter nut-job, Creed is Train's former partner from his assassin days, before he became a Chrono Number. Completely incapable of understanding other people's emotions, or even basic social conventions, Creed murdered Train's not-girlfriend Saya and is now intent on forcing him to join up with his revolution against Chronos. The strongest antagonist in the series, he is not to be trifled with.
* AGodAmI: Once he gains full power over Tao and nanotechnology, he claims himself to be one.
* AchillesHeel: He tells both Sephira and Train that if they can [[spoiler: destroy his brain, his new HealingFactor won't be able to save him]]. Destroying the [[spoiler: Imagine Blade at Level 3]] is eventually revealed to be a second one, which even [[DidntSeeThatComing Creed was unaware of]]. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he did realize that that weak point existed, but he wasn't aware that it was ''possible'' to exploit.
* AmbiguousDisorder: While it is stated that Creed is mentally ill, it's never said about what condition he actually has.
* AmbiguouslyGay: Although the only thing that keeps it ambiguous is that he never comes right out and says "I love you Train!"
* AnArmAndALeg: He loses his arm courtesy of [[spoiler:Jenos]].
* ArchEnemy: There is no one that Train wants to take down more.
* ArtEvolution: At first, Creed [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-T9Ns1mxdAkA/VmNTZQLmw8I/AAAAAAAIWpk/TVJrsvqWfu8/w600/9.jpg looks like this]] in chapter 12 when he was first introduced. Despite [[InformedAttractiveness complimenting on his looks]], he actually didn't look that good. But in chapter 173, he has evolved into [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-m7mjNtkXiOo/VmNfgn5fsTI/AAAAAAAIdAg/bccNCgnR9oE/w600/19.jpg a much, much more obviously pretty boy.]]
* AxCrazy: An utterly crazed psychopath who cherishes slaughter.
* BadBoss: Creed has no problem murdering subordinates who disobey orders, no matter what the effect may be on the morale of his other henchmen.
* BerserkButton: He has quite a few:
** Don't talk about Train as though you are close to him.
** Anything that reminds him of Saya, including the mere mention of her name, will make him ''furious'' to the point that he suffers a VillainousBreakdown because of it.
*** Ironically, Train, not knowing that Creed hates Saya because of the [[CrazyJealousGuy jealousy]] he feels toward her, keeps on pushing this button of Creed by keeping on praising Saya, talking about how much of a wonderful person she is. Poor Creed gets pissed off more the more he has to hear her name.
* BigBad: The main antagonist of the series.
* {{Bishonen}}: Definitely is one of the more good-looking guys around, and the ArtEvolution of the manga only helps.
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: [[spoiler:As part of his BodyHorror.]]
* BodyHorror: After he activates his Imagine Blade Level Three. It [[spoiler: fuses with him, adding an extra arm, complete with [[ExtraEyes far too]] [[EyesDoNotBelongThere many eyes]] and [[BladeBelowTheShoulder transforms his real arm into a sword]]]]. Because Creed just wasn't vile enough apparently.
* CampGay: He's got leopard print, high-heeled boots, a laced corset, feathers, takes a bath filled with rose petals (in the anime), [[StalkerWithACrush and there's that business with Train....]]
* CombatSadomasochist: Especially prominent when fighting Train where he cackles and grins like a crazy maniac. At one point, he invites Train to shoot him, 'binding them forever'. With a twisted smile on his face, of course. He becomes quite upset when [[spoiler: Echidna and Charden stop the bullet from going through his head.]] He could have just as easily [[spoiler: moved his blade a few inches to the side and sliced Train's neck.]]
* CoolSword: It's invisible. [[spoiler: Its secondary mode on the other hand, is less Cool, and more creepy. As [[ExtraEyes for]] [[OneWingedAngel mode]] [[BodyHorror three]]...]].
* CrazyJealousGuy: Creed is [[InLoveWithYourCarnage in love with Train's carnage]], and wants him badly. Badly enough that he gets downright murderous toward anyone he sees as "in the way", including Train's not-girlfriend Saya, and even Sven as one point.
* CryCute: [[spoiler: When he was about to kill Train in chapter 182, he cried. That was probably the only time Creed truly showed sadness and devastation as he really would not want to kill Train.]]
* DarkAndTroubledPast: He was abandoned by his mom, who blamed him for the lack of men in her life. He later lived on the streets, and was assaulted by the police on at least one occasion before joining Chronos.
* DepravedHomosexual: He's a depraved something or other - as long as it involves Train. With emphasis on the Depraved.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: [[spoiler:In the anime, he may have been defeated by Train. But all there is left at this point is Mason.]]
* DullEyesOfUnhappiness: The manga always show him with pitch black, blank eyes that looks honestly creepy. The anime averted this by making his eyes violet, but his blank black eyes in the manga is a great way of showing that this dude is insane.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Creed was already extremely dangerous--as in capable of blocking bullets with his sword--before Shiki came along and said, "Hey, want to unlock your inner potential? Just drink this Tao elixir." He spends most of the series continually upgrading his potential, resulting in his use of the [[spoiler: Immortality Nanomachines]] in his last battles against Sephira and Train.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: As crazy and bloodthirsty Creed is, he really genuinely loves Train. He keeps attempting to have Train joined him despite being rejected many times, and only Train can make him show emotions other than cockiness and apatheticness. [[spoiler: In fact, while Creed can ruthlessly kill people for no reason at all, he only attempts to kill Train because he believes that the "witch" had corrupted him so much that killing Train is the only way Creed can have him by his side. He even cries when he is about to finish Train off, showing clearly just how much he would rather not do that.]]
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: Creed is the living embodiment of this, although it at times verges on "Insanity Cannot Comprehend Sanity." Literally every problem in series was triggered by Creed's inability to process, or even understand ordinary human feeling. Creed honestly can't understand why his murder of Saya would prevent Train from wanting to join him. Similarly, it leaves him unable to understand why his BadBoss tendencies will lead to poor morale among his subordinates. Creed seems to see people as existing apart from one another, and as such social cause and effect has almost no meaning for him, which only fuels his issues.
* EvilCounterpart: To Train. While their personalities are quite different, morally he's who the Black Cat might have become, had he not met Saya. He was even considered for the position of Number XIII but was passed over due to his [[AxeCrazy mental instability]].
* EvilLaugh: Constantly. Just in case we hadn't figured out that he was completely nuts.
* EvilSoundsDeep: In the Spanish dub, in contrast to his slender body and face.
* FreudianExcuse: Creed had an abusive mother who was implied to be a prostitute and liked to throw glass bottles at him, blaming him for the lack of men in her life. And after being eventually thrown out of the house, he had to feed himself through trash bins and got beaten up by police officers, which was his StartOfDarkness.
* GreenEyedMonster: Toward Train, and anyone who he percieves as coming between the two of them.
* HairTriggerTemper: And it's ''not'' played for laughs, being linked to both his BadBoss and AxeCrazy tendencies.
* HealingFactor: [[spoiler: The whole point of the immortality nanomachines; no matter what is done to him, they restore him to perfect condition in a matter of moments. He claims the only way to stop him would be to destroy his brain, but Train [[TakeAThirdOption gets around that]].]]
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:Creed's attempt to turn Sven into a monster to get Train to join him again gave Train the ability to use the rail gun shot that destroyed the Imagine Blade and literally broke Creed's mind.]]
* IfICantHaveYou: He eventually comes to this conclusion as a last resort, when he ''finally'' realizes that Train probably is not going to change his mind and become Creed's partner. Heck, he even mentions that if he can't make him come to his side to rule the world, he'll just keep him by his side as a dead body. This disturbs Train only slightly (considering it's pretty tame compared to some of the other crap Creed does).
* ImmortalitySeeker: He wants immortality desperately.
* ImplacableMan: Thanks to his HealingFactor.
* ImplausibleFencingPowers: He is exceptionally skilled with parrying blades and bullets with ease.
* InLoveWithYourCarnage: He became obsessed with Train because of his swift and precise assassination skills (and also Train's hate-filled eyes).
* KatanasAreJustBetter: His kotetsu blade, before [[spoiler: Saya]] destroyed it.
* LackOfEmpathy: As discussed under EvilCannotComprehendGood, Creed seems to be incapable of empathising with anyone. Not only does he casually murder subordinates who fail him, but he doesn't seem to comprehend why this behaviour would bother the other members of his team; similarly he does not understand why his killing of Saya prevents Train from wanting to join him.
* LaserGuidedKarma: [[spoiler:The only Apostle to get what he deserves. He isn't killed or imprisoned, but his mind is shattered]].
* LightningBruiser: Of the hardhitting speedster variety. Creed's almost as quick as [[FragileSpeedster Sephira]] (save when she uses her SuperSpeed) and inflicts blows that regularly shatter the architecture around him.
* MadLove: He's absolutely crazy about Train. Train constantly tries to beat him off of him, and attempts numerous times to kill him. And Creed just can't seem to take a hint. Train must be resisting because someone "evil" is influencing him... and that person must be killed.
* TheMentallyIll: Creed's a rare case of sociopathy being played as a mental illness.
* MrFanservice: Creed may be a major nut job, but he's a handsome man.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: "Oh, so ''you're'' the cause of why Train won't come to me! Time for you to '''Die'''." He attempts this at least three times, with at least three different people.
* NietzscheWannabe: Creed's whole goal is to cleanse the world of weak people that don't have superpowers and rule the remaining people as King with Train as his Queen. Er, partner.
* OneWingedAngel: Twice, once against Sephira and once against Train. Made worse because you really don't see it coming.
* OrchestralBombing: Taken to great effect with his {{Leitmotif}}s in the anime, complete with an opera chorus.
* PowerBornOfMadness: Creed's {{Villainous Breakdown}}s and {{Freak Out}}s only serve to fuel his already monstrous abilities.
* SceneryCensor: Creed is pretty much the character that is seen butt-naked the ''most'' in the entire series. Though one of the more infamous moments with this is when he's in a bathtub daydreaming and moaning about Train, only for his privates to be covered by strategically floating [[SuckMyRose rose petals]].
* SingleTargetSexuality: Creed is most definitely Train-sexual. Poor Echidna, she doesn't have a chance.
* SlasherSmile: He does this a couple of times.
* SmugSnake:
** He is completely convinced that Train will eventually join him, despite copious amounts of evidence pointing to the contrary. When he finally realizes the truth, he [[VillainousBreakdown does not take it well.]]
** He also seriously overestimates his organization, arrogantly proclaiming that the Apostles of the Stars can defeat the Numbers. Aside from Creed himself, none of the Apostles, despite their admittedly impressive powers, even hold a candle to the Numbers.
* TheSociopath: Big time. He cares less for the people and the world for the matter. He just wants to be with Train no matter the costs.
* SoftSpokenSadist: In the manga, he is usually calm and polite, until getting angry. His anime voice is also sweet and very soft.
* SomethingAboutARose: Creed often carries a rose, and this is taken to ridiculous extremes in the anime version, where his bath is full of roses. Also, he encloses a rose in the letter he sends to Train. Train is not amused.
* StalkerShrine: In the episode 20, he's revealed to have made a giant sculpture in Train's likeness as well as a painting of Train and him together.
* StalkerWithACrush: His obsession with, and borderline hero-worship of Train definitely comes off as this. He's like a fangirl gone horribly wrong. Some notable examples include him searching for and stalking Train for two years (with ''photos'' he took of Train and the [[MurderTheHypotenuse people who are getting between him and Train]]), spying on Train and Saya's bantering and playful interactions (all while getting pissed off to the point of clenching his fists until they're ''bleeding'', while cursing Saya for daring to come near his Train), following Train and getting orgasms while Train went around killing people, using Shiki's insects as spy cameras to watch Train as he sleeps...
* VillainousBreakdown: A couple of times. It only makes him more dangerous, as his insanity fuels his powers.
* VillainousBSOD:
** After Train [[spoiler:refuses to kill him. He's left comatose in a wheelchair]].
** Also after Train intercepts the injection of nanites that Creed was going to use to turn Sven into a monster. Train even notes that Creed shouldn't have used it if he wasn't prepared to deal with every possible outcome.
* VillainousCrush: His crazy rampaging crush and dangerously possessive love on Train is so obvious that ''everyone'' notices it... [[ObliviousToLove except Train.]]
* WalkingShirtlessScene: His later clothes have his chest constantly exposed.
* WeCanRuleTogether: He offers Train this countless times. According to him, his entire plot to rule the world will always be incomplete if Train isn't by his side. When he ''finally'' realizes that Train will never join him, he decides [[IfICantHaveYou he'll have to kill him himself and keep him by his side as a dead body]].
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He certainly likes to paint himself as one with ambitions to overthrow Chronos and make the world a better place. However his unstable sociopathic nature and his obsession with Train makes him anything but.
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: Creed is not only white-haired, but insane, bloodthirsty, and wants to conquer the world; dude even compares himself to Lucifer. He also has a [[StalkerWithACrush really creepy crush on Train]].
* WickedCultured: He has great tastes in art and classical music.
* {{Yandere}}: He's insanely obsessed with Train and seriously loses all his cool and rationale when there's anything to do with Train, letting his jealousy and obsession make him go out of his way to [[MurderTheHypotenuse kill anyone getting in the way of him and Train]]... including making a serious effort to [[IfICantHaveYou kill Train himself]], by the end.

!! Charden Flamberg
->Voiced by: Creator/ShowHayami (JP), Creator/KentWilliams (EN)

One of Creed's Apostles, and one of the first ones we meet. Always dressed like he just stepped out of a Gothic novel.
* {{Bishonen}}: ''Especially'' after he takes off his glasses. Even Kyoko mentions that she would be all over him if she weren't already hot for Train.
* CoolShades: Of the classic variety.
* BloodyMurder: Charden's Tao ability involves manipulating his own blood.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: He's out to tear down the current social order and permanently take out the Numbers. That said, he strongly implies that he's only doing so because he wants to set up a better world order, and he avoids unnecessary killing when he can. The fact that Creed [[YouHaveFailedMe is so willing to kill those who fail him]] is what pushes Charden to strike out on his own to accomplish his agenda. He also pushes Kyoko [[GiveHerANormalLife to live a normal life]], as he doesn't want her wrapped up in a revolution.
* FourEyesZeroSoul: Averted. He's probably the sanest member of Creed's little party.
* GiveHerANormalLife: He asks Train and Sven to take Kyoko to safety, because she shouldn't, in his eyes, be risking her life to deal with Chronos.
* GrimReaper: His blood can take on the forms of grim reapers wielding {{Sinister Scythe}}s, of which, he can control at will.
* HeelFaceTurn: In the anime only, he [[spoiler:gives up on his ambition to take down Chronos after Train breaks up his fight with Sephiria, and he proceeds to live a normal life. He later teams up with Train's group along with Kyoko to take down Eden later]].
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:He defects after witnessing Creed's BadBoss tendencies, and makes a clean escape. He was one of the stabler members of the group]], although a panel in the last volume suggests he may have have accquired [[spoiler: an {{Incurable Cough Of Death}} complete with {{Blood From The Mouth}}. How [[KarmicDeath karmic]]. He avoids this fate in the anime though]].
* NiceHat: A very nice hat. It's how some characters (read: Train) have come to identify him.
* NobleDemon: Unlike the other Apostles, Charden has legitimate complaints about Chronos, cares about his teammates, and genuinely wants to make the world a better place.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: [[spoiler:He decides to leave the Apostles after realizing Creed's evil deeds]].
* SharpDressedMan: If you're fond of nineteenth century fashion, anyway.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Unlike Creed, Charden definitely wants to overthrow Chronos and make the world a better place. [[spoiler:He gives up on this ambition in the anime after his fight with Sephiria]].

!!The Doctor
->Voiced by: Creator/YuuMizushima (JP), Creator/JMichaelTatum (EN)

One of Creed's closest and most fanatical followers, the Doctor is one scary SOB who shows utterly no remorse for his actions and sees the entire world as test subjects for his exmperiments.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: No name is given as of the last volume, and is only referred to as "The Doctor". [[spoiler:The anime however does give him a name. He's apparently known as Dr. Kanzaki by his former colleague Tearju]].
* EvilGenius: Along with Echidna and Shiki, the Doctor forms the Apostles' uppermost rank, taking orders directly from Creed, instead of through Shiki like the rest of the group. His function seems to be providing Creed with the latest technology, and setting the overall agenda whenever Creed is absent.
* EvilutionaryBiologist: Werewolves, bioweapons, berserker-rage inducing drugs...what will he think of next?
* ForScience: That in a nutshell, is his motivation for why he does what he does.
* FourEyesZeroSoul: He is perhaps the most cold-hearted character in the entire series. Even more so than Creed.
* HulkingOut: In the anime, [[spoiler:he hulks out his entire body using Tao and nanomachines. His abilities are never displayed on-screen though, as the next scene shows him perishing along with the other Zero members when Train shoots Eden's core.]]
* KnifeNut: Flying mentally created scalpels to be exact.
* LackOfEmpathy: He only cares for science and experimentation, and he doesn't care if his subjects happen to be human.
* MadScientist: His motive for joining Creed was to gain access to test subjects.
* MasterOfIllusion: His Warpworld ability, which traps you in a hallucination of his design.
* TheMedic: Proof that even this trope can be used for evil. The Doctor is the rare, non-heroic, and utterly sadistic version, using his abilities to keep Creed and the other Apostles going, no matter how badly injured they may be.
* MentalWorld: His power. See MindScrew for details.
* MindScrew: His powers run on this, trapping you in a world of his imagining, where the people you love most appear to be trying to kill you.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: Went from TheMedic to MasterOfIllusion as the plot required.
* {{Sadist}}: He's only in the revolution for the chance to hurt people.
* TheSociopath: Pretty clearly.
* SquishyWizard: It only takes one hit to put him down.

!! Deak Slathky
One of the later additions to the Apostles of the Stars. Likes to hurt women. A lot.
* AnIcePerson: His powers involve the manipulation of ice.
* {{Bishounen}}: Despite being a StrawMisogynist, he is ironically an attractive young man.
* EffeminateMisogynisticGuy: With him being one of the most {{bishounen}} characters in the cast, it's hard to tell he's a guy until he starts ranting about how much he hates women.
* HeManWomanHater: He hates women a lot, so much that he kills them in his freezer
* NiceHat: He wears a black fur hat.
* SerialKiller: Used to keep women's bodies in his freezer. Way to pick'em Creed.
* StrawMisogynist: Why does he hate women exactly?

!! Durham Glaster
->Voiced by: Creator/ShinyaFukumatsu (JP), Creator/RBruceElliott (EN), Tasio Alonso (SP)

A cowboyish-looking man, who can channel his Chi into his guns, vastly increasing their power. Challenges Train for the title of the Ultimate Gunman.
* BloodKnight: Big time. He's always looking for a fight. In fact, it's the only reason he signed on with Creed in the first place.
* CoolMask: Has a Hannibal-style one over his mouth. [[spoiler: He's hiding a gun inside it]].
* {{Cowboy}}: He invokes the image of one.
* CouldntFindAPen: He leaves a note to Train to duel him by using Eve's blood after he injured her badly. [[GoneHorriblyRight He gets]] [[CurbStompBattle his fight]] [[BerserkButton all right]].
* TheGunslinger: Complete with cowboy hat, boots, and poncho.
* MagicBullets: He charges them up with his Tao powers for maximum effect.
* TriggerHappy: Durham loves to shoot his gun on someone he hates, especially Train. One scene in the anime shows him shooting a crystal ball displaying Train several times out of anger.
* VaderBreath: A variant. His mask distorts his voice to sound more mechanical.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: [[spoiler:Durham doesn't get a lot of screen time. He gets [[CurbStompBattle curb-stomped by Train]] and is the first member of the Apostles to be killed]].
* YouHaveFailedMe: [[spoiler:Gets killed by Creed after being defeated by Train.]]

!! Echidna Parass
->Voiced by: Creator/AtsukoTanaka (JP), Creator/StephanieYoung (EN)

One of the higher-ranking Apostles, Echidna has direct access to Creed, and often conveys his orders to the rest of the Taoists. Her ability to teleport makes her very, very dangerous.
* CatchPhrase: "The dye has been cast!"
* CombatPragmatist: Has no problem shooting people in the back if she thinks it will help Creed on his way to victory.
* TheBaroness: She's definitely got the personality down.
* TheDarkChick: Along with Shiki and the Doctor, Echidna takes her instructions directly from Creed himself. In addition to being the group's [[spoiler: only female member, following Kyoko's desertion]], she is the only member of Apostles' upper-echelon with a positive reason for joining.
* DeclarationOfProtection: To Creed, after the latter [[spoiler:falls into a coma.]]
* DefectorFromDecadence: In an odd way. She was a movie star before becoming Creed's right-hand woman.
* ForHappiness: Her motivations are purely to give happiness to Creed.
* IgnoredEnamoredUnderling: Creed is far too busy [[StalkerWithACrush obsessing over Train]] to notice her.
* KarmaHoudini: Subverted. [[spoiler:Echidna gets away, but she sees Creed, the one person she cares about more than anyone else slip into a coma from which he is unlikely to return. Indicators are she'll spend the rest of her life taking care of him.]]
* LoveMartyr: Despite being an extremely attractive, popular and world-famous actress who could definitely find a much nicer man, she chooses to stay by Creed's side. And it's made clear that she doesn't go through with doing evil things because she really likes to - it's all for Creed's happiness. Even though Creed is shown openly to be incredibly obsessed with Train and have very disturbing sexual fantasies about Train.
* NumberTwo: Shiki's a more traditional Dragon and acts as the field leader, but Echidna actually runs the organisation for Creed.
* PeekABangs: Over her left eye.
* PsychoSupporter: Her support for Creed verges on full out obsession.
* TeleportersAndTransporters: Creates gates through which she can walk. She can also create smaller ones, teleporting guns, grenades and other weapons into position for a sneak attack.
* UndyingLoyalty: She is loyal to Creed.
* VillainTeleportation: She's a villain. She teleports. At the end of the day she's more or less Creed's getaway-woman.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: Subverted. Everyone knows Echidna is a famous actress, and some people, like Jenos, even look up to her. But as soon as everyone finds out that she's with the Apostles, the governments don't hesitate to put a bounty on her head.
* WhenSheSmiles: In the end of the anime, after retiring with Creed to the country villa.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Greenish-bluish actually.

!! Kyoko Kirisaki
->Voiced by: Creator/ChiemiChiba (JP), Creator/MonicaRial (EN), Mar Nicolás (SP)
An ordinary high school girl... or so she seems to be.
* AdaptationalHeroism: The anime tones down a lot her murderous tendencies. She only kills one person, and [[KickTheSonOfABitch this one actually deserved it]].
* AffablyEvil: A GenkiGirl and CloudCuckooLander who is surprisingly friendly for someone who ''kills people by burning them alive from the inside out''. She seems to have a genuine VillainousFriendship with some of her fellow Apostles Of The Stars. After Train "saves" her from a thug that was threatening her (she was seconds away from killing said thug so he really didn't save her, she just thought it was the thought that counted and that he was really cute) she develops a crush on him, [[spoiler:which leads to her making a HeelFaceTurn]].
* AmbiguousInnocence: Her anime version. She's just as much a CloudCuckoolander, and seems really sweet and innocent, but when she cheerfully burns a female thug to death with the same innocent smile, you really start to wonder how put together she is in her head.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Kyoko's morality standards are hard to understand. She doesn't seem to realize that her powers are harming people, nor does she think that she's using them for a good cause. She also doesn't display any interest in the Apostles' revolution, and just wants to use her powers purely for fun, even if it means senselessly killing people as if it's no big deal. [[spoiler:The only reason she becomes set on the right path is because of her crush with Train, and even then, he's surprised at her sudden shift in character.]]
* CloudCuckooLander: Kyoko doesn't even really seem to understand ''what'' the Apostles of the Star are actually trying to do. She just kind of does whatever she feels like doing, no matter how little sense it makes.
* CuteAndPsycho: Yeah, she's cute as a button. She also has no qualms at all with killing people by burning them to death, and in the manga, she deliberately kills them by ''burning them from the inside out'' just for the laughs.
* ForTheEvulz: There really is no justification for Kyoko joining the Apostles other than having the opportunity to burn stuff and enjoying it. [[spoiler:Though she mellows out from this mindset because of Train]].
* GenkiGirl: She's a very bubbly, energetic, cheerful girl.
* TheGlomp: Has a liking for tackling Train down yearningly, sometimes to extreme extents like bursting through windows to get him. She usually follows by trying to kiss him, although he always reaches for one of his white stray cats to receive the smooch in his place.
* GoodAngelBadAngel: And played completely straight, no less.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:She abandons the Apostles of the Star along with Charden.]]
%%* InterplayOfSexAndViolence
* JapaneseDelinquents: Not overtly, but she wears loose socks instead of the traditional kneesocks as part of her school uniform, which is associated to juvenile rebellion in Japan. Also, her clique of friends contains a ''ganguro'' who dresses even more like a female delinquent.
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:After murdering numerous people by ''burning them alive from the inside out'', all with disgusting sexual overtones, she gets off scottfree. It's a bit harder to swallow than the business with Charden, as she's a worse person.]]
* KissOfDeath: ''Fiery'' kiss of death.
* LethalChef: Presumably for being such a CloudCuckoolander, she pours pepper in a chocolate cake meant for Train. Surpsisingly, it gets kind of subverted because Train seems to like it that way; he only turns red and runs for water because she put too much.
* LittleMissBadass: She may be a school girl, but she is not to be taken lightly.
* LoveRedeems: While her "love" is questionable due to her obviously teenaged feelings, it is sincere enough to [[spoiler:committing herself to Train's own personal philosophy to not kill senselessly]].
* NotInThisForYourRevolution: Unlike the other Apostle members, Kyoko has no clear motive for her actions, and displays no interest in the organization's causes. She just wants to use her fire powers purely for fun and enjoyment.
* PerkyFemaleMinion: She's one of the most enthusiastic members of the Apostles.
* PlayingWithFire: Has the ability to exhale flames thanks to her awakened Tao power.
* PyroManiac: An utter nutjob who likes kissing people so that she can burn them alive from the inside out. Manga only.
* PsychoForHire: Combine CloudCuckooLander with villainy and you get this. Kyoko doesn't give a damn about Creed's revolution, but enjoys the opportunity to use her powers on other people.
* RescueRomance: She falls ''hard'' for Train after he 'saves' her from a thug who was threatening her. Amusingly, she had been about three seconds away from brutally murdering the criminal when Train took him down, so he didn't actually save her from anything... she just thought he looked ''really cool'' while he was doing it, and that was good enough for her.
* SmittenTeenageGirl: Pretty much the foundation of her interactions with Train.
* StalkerWithACrush: To Train, played for laughs.
* ThouShaltNotKill: [[spoiler: She picks this up after becoming smitten with Train, after spending most of the series prior as a ruthless killer. Even he notes that it's a rather drastic shift in her outlook, but then she's a ''very'' weird girl]].
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: She loves popsicles.

!! Leon Elliott
->Voiced by: Creator/JunkoMinagawa (JP), Creator/AaronDismuke (EN), Carlos Lladó (SP)

A young boy who serves as one of the most dangerous, if inexperienced members of Creed's faction.
* AdultsAreUseless: According to his belief, he views all adults as nothing but corrupt bastards. Thus, he thinks they're useless to run the world.
* AttackAttackAttack: Crossed with EvilIsDumb. Leon's strategy against Eve pretty much boils down to "Hit it 'till it stops moving." As Eve points out in the manga, Leon could easily have beaten her by sucking all the air out of her lungs, [[spoiler: but didn't because she deliberately kept him too enraged,]] causing him to focus on trying to cut her in half instead. Likely {{justified|Trope}} by his age.
* BlowYouAway: Leon has the power to manipulate the wind, using for both offensive and defensive purposes, as well as flight.
* ChildSoldier: After living through a never-ending civil war, where the government ignored the plight of people like himself, Leon thinks that this is the only way to get the "stupid grown-ups" to listen.
* FreudianExcuse: Leon's parents died when he was four, and he was raised by his sister, who died three years prior to the series start, leaving him with the impression that good people are always the first to die.
* HeelFaceTurn: At the very end, he [[spoiler: saves Train and Creed from falling to their deaths, an act which helps him dodge the KarmaHoudini status of many of the other Apostles]].
* MostWritersAreAdults: Suprisingly averted. Leon's behaviour is pretty much what you'd expect from an especially sadistic twelve year old.
* NietzscheWannabe: "The good people...the naive people...they die first." Leon is one bleak-minded little jerk, stemming from a history of very grim life experiences. He's not quite [[BigBad Creed]] yet, but he's getting there.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Consistently mocks and looks down on Eve for being a girl. {{Justified|Trope}} and perhaps even excusable due to the fact that he's still at the "girls have cooties" age.
* RazorWind: Uses it against Eve several times.
* SkySurfing: Uses a surfboard propelled by his own wind powers.
* StoryBreakerPower: As Eve points out, Leon could kill just about anyone in-story by dispersing the air that they need to breath. Fortunately, being all of 12, he doesn't think of this.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Leon has blue hair.

!! Maro
->Voiced by: Creator/YasuhikoKawazu (JP), Creator/BradJackson (EN)

Hailing from the birthplace of the Tao, Maro is one of the original members of the Apostles of the Stars, and affects the appearance of a sumo wrestler. Shiki seems to hold him in relatively high regard among the Taoists.
* {{Acrofatic}}: For a guy that big, he can move!
* BerserkButton: Calling him "fat" or insinuating that he's obese.
* TheBrute: It's unlikely that Maro's ever heard the word, "subtle." Also an example in a {{Five Bad Band}} sense, as of the Apostles who take orders from Shiki instead of Creed, he seems to be the highest-ranking.
* GeniusBruiser: Maro is actually quite clever in battle, provided that you don't push his BerserkButton. [[spoiler:His own cleverness would turn against him though when Train or David use his gravity powers to their advantage]].
* GravityMaster: Controls the gravity in the area immediately around him, and can direct compressed "gravity bombs" at his opponents.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard:
** [[spoiler:He uses his gravity powers to both enhance his strikes and weaken/stop the blows of his foes (particularly Train's bullets, which fall to the ground uselessly). Train eventually defeats him by attacking from above - because the bullets are going down, Maro's GravityMaster abilities make them even faster, and thus even more damaging]].
** [[spoiler:In the anime, he dies fighting David, who leaps over Maro and uses the combination of the falling "gravity bomb" and his own enhanced downwards kick to knock Maro down. However, Maro survives long enough to grab David and fire off a ''huge'' "gravity bomb" that fatally crushes them both]].
* LastOfHisKind: Like with Shiki, Maro is one of the last surviving true Taoists on Earth.
* LightningBruiser: Maro's attacks are swift and powerful enough to crush rock and dent metal.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: He's a Taoist who's descended from an ancient land, and a proud warrior.

!! Preta Ghoul
->Voiced by: Creator/SusumuChiba (JP), Creator/TaliesinJaffe (EN)

A late addition to the Apostles of the Stars, and a nasty one at that. Preta is a former preacher who turned mass murderer. Has the power to make stuff rot just by touching it.
* BadassPreacher: Averted. Preta's physically weak, and far too disgusting to be badass.
* BaldOfEvil: His hair fell out when his abilities activated.
* TheDreaded: There's a reason why Preta is feared among the police, sweepers, and other people because his corrosive acid nearly makes him untouchable. Both Saya (in the anime) and Sven think of ways to get around this though.
* FangsAreEvil: He has elongated canine teeth.
* HollywoodAcid: Instantly corrodes anything he touches.
* NoSell: His acid can corrode bullets before they even reach the vital spots in his body.
* PointyEars: Preta has short, pointed ears.
* PoisonousPerson: Preta has the ability to secrete acid from his pores in his skin.
* TattooedCrook: Preta has red tattoos all over his body.
* SerialKiller: Killed sixteen people.

!! Shiki
->Voiced by: Creator/MayumiYamaguchi (JP), Creator/GregAyres (EN)

A founding member of the Apostles of the Stars and the one who first introduced Creed to Taoist powers. The most powerful of the group after Creed himself, Shiki is a true Tao master who serves as both the Apostles' second-in-command and one of their more dangerous field agents.
* TheBeastmaster: Uses SummonMagic to create and augment giant insects.
* BigCreepyCrawlies: Shiki's specialty.
* {{Bishonen}}: Much to everyone's surprise.
* CoolMask: Keeps his entire face covered in purple bandages to conceal his appearance. Also a case of MaskOfPower: it [[spoiler: stores his Chi and reroutes it through him, allowing his strength to charge while he wears it]]. When the mask comes off… watch out, Train.
* CoolSword: Uses a sword forged from Tao seals against Train. It throws fire!
* TheDragon: To Creed. He's his most powerful follower, commands the defence of the island, and has to be defeated before Train can enter Creed's mansion. With the exception of Echidna and the Doctor, Creed's orders to the other Apostles are sent through him, and he serves as a field commander while Creed is occupied. It's worth noting that it takes River and Train cooperating to bring him down.
* DragonWithAnAgenda: [[spoiler:Shiki couldn't care less about defeating Chronos or bringing revolution to the world. He's just out to prove that the Tao is the world's most superior weapon, and he'll hurt however many people he has to in order to do it.]]
* GlassCannon: Shiki's ''regular'' attacks do more damage than anything this side of [[TheHero Train]]'s rail-gun, [[BigGood Sephira]]'s last attack and [[BigBad Creed]]'s final release. Good thing he's a SquishyWizard.
* LastOfHisKind: He's one of the last surviving true Taoists on Earth after nearly all of them were wiped out by Chronos in the Taoist war.
* MalevolentMaskedMan: Or [[spoiler: boy]] as it turns out.
* PsychoticSmirk: Seems to be his default expression once the mask comes off.
* ShesAManInJapan: Let's keep track, shall we? In the original Japanese manga she was female, in Viz's English translation of the manga he was male, and he was also a guy in ''both'' versions of the anime.
* SquishyWizard: Shiki is maybe five feet tall, slender, and unimposing, especially once the mask comes off. He relies on seals, barriers, and various powers of the Tao to keep him safe, in both distance and close-range combat, avoiding getting hit until near the very end of his battle with Train. [[spoiler:When Train finally does hit him, he goes down from a single attack]]. Unusual for a villain, but pulled off well.
* SummonMagic: His most commonly used combat technique is the ability to summon assorted [[AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever giant insects]] to fight on his behalf.
* SuperpowerLottery: Shiki has [[spoiler:three mastered Tao arts. Everybody else, even Creed, has one by comparison. If it weren't for his fragility, he'd be literally unbeatable.]]
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: He has white hair and is a member of the Apostles.

!! Eathes
An ape that has taken the Tao elixir, and who has gained the ability to copy others based on who he sends his spirit out to copy.
* CreativeSterility: While Eathes can duplicate the skills and knowledge of anyone, he's unable to apply it in any way to make something new.
* CurbStompBattle: Train takes out Eathes with a single kick to the head. In this case, Eathes was still quite conscious and could have continued fighting; he just knew he was outmatched and decides to [[ISurrenderSuckers switch tactics]].
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Based on his design, Eathes is likely some variety of orangutan.
* HumanityIsInfectious: Eathes is stated to start thinking of himself as more and more human each time that he uses his ability. By the time of the final battle, it's suggested that he just thinks of himself as an ape-shaped human. Avoids developing empathy, though, likely due to the fact that he spends much of his time around [[LackOfEmpathy The Doctor]] and [[TheSociopath Creed]].
* ISurrenderSuckers: Pretends to pull a HeelFaceTurn to take out the main trio while they're distracted, but they see through it.
* MegaManning: His main ability.
* NiceHat: He wears a weirdly-designed hat on his head.
* PointyEars: The main distinguishing feature of Eathes' human transformations (besides, of course, keeping his hat and robes).
* StealthPun: A monkey with the power to imitate (i.e. "monkeying" or "aping") the abilities of others.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Once Eathes has used his spirit to copy someone, he can transform into said person at will. It's implied that he must transform into that person to be able to use their skills.

!! The Demon Star Force
A group of five {{Mooks}} specially altered with robotic technology. They confront Sven, Eve, Baldor, Kranz, Jenos, and Shaolee in the final album of the manga.
* {{Cyborg}}: Their bodies are enhanced by cybernetics.
* EliteMooks: They serve as lackeys of the Apostles.
* MalevolentMaskedMan: Like all of Creed's {{Mooks}}, they wear masks to conceal their faces.
* MoreDakka: The Golem model, who has had eighty percent of his body replaced with guns.

[[folder: Sweeper Alliance]]

!! River Zastory
->Voiced by: Creator/NobutoshiCanna (JP), Creator/JohnBurgmeier (EN), Ángel del Río (SP)

A member of the Sweeper Alliance, and probably it's strongest after Train. He's been a Sweeper for five years when we meet him, and is a master of the Garbell Commando, a martial arts form that lets him--wait for it--punch bullets out of the air.
* AdaptationalWimp: In the anime, he's gets lost in the sewers, constantly attacked and shown to be incompetent in his first appearance, mocked by everyone else due to his cowardly like personality and tends to get his ass kicked a lot. This does not happen in the manga where this role goes to Kevin instead.
* AdaptationDyeJob: In the manga he's blonde, while the anime gave him pink hair.
* BareFistedMonk: Goes in unarmed when everyone else is packing an arsenal.
* ButtMonkey: In the anime, he is never safe from any type of abuse.
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: He punches bullets out of midair.
* ClothingDamage: During his fight against Preta Ghoul, his clothes get damaged.
* {{Determinator}}: Almost to the same degree as Train. He's been shot, blown up, had his ribs cracked by a giant insect, and gotten up every time.
* GentleGiant: He's certainly a very nice guy under his intimidating appearance.
* LovableCoward: In the anime, he is an incompetent but a friendly individual.
* NoSenseOfDirection: In the anime, River somehow manages to get lost and ''wander into a sewer''.
* PowerFist: His one concession to practicality are his gauntlets, which tend to come in handy when punching bullets, acid-skinned psychopaths and whatnot.
* TheRival: Becomes one to Train, albeit of the friendly variety. Instead of fighting one another, he decides they should have a contest to see who can capture Creed first.
* UnknownRival: Unfortunately, in the anime version, he doesn't know that Train is his rival.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: He has pink hair in the anime.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: He looks to be one of the older sweepers but he's in fact 19 years old.

!! Kevin [=MacDougal=]
A young sweeper who allies with Eve following Shiki's assault on the Sweeper Alliance's boat. Rumored to have brought down an entire drug cartel by himself.
* BadassNormal: Possibly the most realistic version in the entire manga.
* ButtMonkey: Kevin just gets ''pounded'' all throughout the final arc. He's wounded in the landing, Leon kicks his ass, ''Train'' kicks his ass (In one shot! Entirely by accident!), and to cap it all off he almost dies TakingTheBullet for Eve. Poor guy, though, to be fair, this only applies in the manga as in the anime, the role of the {{Butt Monkey}} goes to Rivers.
* GunsAkimbo: He uses two as his default weapons.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: He's able to shoot Creed's guards through the gaps in their otherwise impervious armor.
* IneffectualLoner: Subverted as he's very much willing to work with people if the situation calls for it.
* OlderThanHeLooks: He is referred to as a kid many times (especially in the anime) and does appear to be 16 but he's actually 23.
* TheQuietOne: Comes off as one in the anime.
* RevolversAreJustBetter: Especially in twos.
* StayingAlive: Despite nearly getting hurt multiple times, he manages to stay alive.


!! Saya Minatsuki
->Voiced by: Creator/MegumiToyoguchi (JP), Creator/CaitlinGlass (EN), María Rosa Guillén (SP)

A Sweeper who lived in Train's apartment building, Saya became an extremely close friend of the No. XIII. It was her influence that ultimately prompted him to consider leaving Chronos and becoming a better human being, a fact that [[StalkerWithACrush Creed]] did not take well...
* BoyishShortHair: She wears her hair in a bob-cut.
* DeathByOriginStory: Creed kills Saya, which motivates Train into leaving Chronos and becoming partners with Sven and Eve.
* DisposableWoman: Being Train's first real friend, her death gives Train the reason to want to kill Creed.
* FlorenceNightingaleEffect: In the manga, Saya met Train after he was injured during a failed assassination event, in which Train hesitated at killing his target because his target was holding a child. After Saya found the injured Train, she decided to take him in and treat his wounds. They built a friendship afterwards.
* FragileSpeedster: She runs very fast, especially considering she always wears ''geta'' sandals.
* GenkiGirl: Saya is fairly energetic for being a Sweeper.
* HairIntakes: Her hairdo has two intakes that resemble little cat ears.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: How Creed kills her.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: She uses the reflect shot against Creed, bouncing the a bullet off of various objects until it finally strikes him from behind.
* LimitedWardrobe: Only in the anime, in which she wears her yukata all the time, even in places and moments it would be quite impractical (then again, she can outrun Train while wearing sandals). In the manga, she shows a wider variety of outfits.
* TheMentor: She teaches Train how to be a better human being and survivor.
* MentorOccupationalHazard: She doesn't survive her fight with Creed.
* TheNotLoveInterest: Her function in the plot is similar to that of a traditional dead lover / love interest; in fact, Train's affection for her is enough to cause Creed to [[MurderTheHypotenuse "take drastic measures"]]. But it's later revealed, perfectly and seriously, that Train never contemplated any romantic involvement with her.
* PinballProjectile: Her entire fighting style is based on this. Her ''Reflect Shot'' bounces a bullet off several hard surfaces to strike her target from unpredictable angles. After her death, Train learns to pull this off as well.
* ThePollyanna: The end of the manga reveals she is this. Despite her DarkAndTroubledPast, she was carefree and had a positive view in life. It comes to bite her in the ass later, because Creed only sees her as a carefree girl who has never understood pain and loneliness and therefore, does not understand Train.
* PosthumousCharacter: She was killed by Creed long before the start of the series.
* TraumaInducedAmnesia: She has no memories of her life before the age of ten, due to heavy abuse from her parents. Her first real memory is waking up in hospital and being carried off to a relative's house. She also suffered a lot of hardships before becoming a Sweeper.

!! Zagine
->Voiced by: Creator/KatsuyukiKonishi (JP), Creator/ChristopherSabat (EN)

The character who killed Train's parents before the series began, and also trains him to being a professional assassin.
* CulturedBadass: Was reading what appears to be ''TheArtOfWar'' in one of the flashbacks in the manga.
* EvilMentor: He occupation was an assassin and his intents were to build Train into one so he'd be strong enough to keep on living.
* TheGunslinger: Given he was the one who conditioned Train, it's to be expected.
* {{Jerkass}}: Seemingly taunts Train during his training, which doesn't help he killed his parents.
* PosthumousCharacter: He died long before the start of the series.
* SocialDarwinist: He shows a few shades of these beliefs in the recaps involving him, but it doesn't appear to be out of arrogance.
* WouldntHurtAChild: In fact, he refuses to assassinate people raising children. His client knew this fact and omitted any information regarding Train so he would take the assignment.
* YouKillItYouBoughtIt: He raised Train in place of his parents after he killed them.

!! Torneo Rudman
->Voiced by: Creator/ShinAomori (JP), Creator/GrantJames (EN)

The boss of an organized crime ring, he's also been dabbling in weapons development. Funding nanotech research led him to create Eve, as well as give money and research information to the Apostles of the Stars.
* BadBoss: Torneo really doesn't care for his lackeys and sees them as disposable pawns to use as prey for Eve.
* FatBastard: Of every definition of it.
* HumiliationConga: Not only he loses all his investment when Eve leaves for Sven, but his research literally goes up in flames, his mansion is a wreck, and gets captured before Creed offs him. Of course, [[AssholeVictim he deserved every bit of it for being a monster]].
* KarmicDeath: In the anime, Torneo suffers a similar but different fate when he heads down to his lab to find it going up in flames. He breaks down mentally despite his lackey telling him to evacuate and the lab explodes on him.
* StarterVillain: In the anime adaptation.
* TheUnfought: Justified in that he's not the combat type. He lets his guards and Eve fight for him.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: After his capture, Creed has Shiki kill him.

!! Gyanza Rujikke
->Voiced by: Creator/MasuoAmada (JP), Creator/ChrisRager (EN)

A killer that was given the Tao elixir by the Apostles of the Stars, but turns his back on them when they try to recruit him later.
* AchillesHeel: His right knee sports an old injury that Sven gave him years ago. Train takes Gyanza down in the anime by shooting at his knee with an explosive round.
* AfroAsskicker: Has a nice afro and has SuperStrength.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: His Tao power turns his skin green.
* AxCrazy: Noted as being a bit unbalanced even before taking the elixir, but Charden tells Kyoko that some people, like Gyanza, completely lose their sanity upon taking it.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: As his power is to increase the power and density of his muscles, he doesn't bother with anything else.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:After Train defeats him with a freezing bullet, his body burns off the rest of his energy via his Tao powers.]]
* ItsPersonal: He's intent on going after Sven because Sven had arrested Gyanza years ago.
* MadeOfIron: When he increases his muscle density.
* SmugSnake: He thinks he's the most powerful Taoist in the world. In reality, he's nothing but fodder compared to the Apostles, and his powers give him the least potential.
* SuperStrength: His Tao power allows him to increase the strength of his muscles to superhuman levels.

!! Lugart Won
A professional assassin that specializes in hand-to-hand combat. He runs across Train when Train was brought to a party as a token date by Rinslet.
* BadassNormal: Can easily put his hand through a wall with nothing beyond sheer training.
%%* CharlesAtlasSuperpower
* LightningBruiser: Able to rapidly take out a dozen bodyguards in an eyeblink, and even managed to hold his own against Train.
* MadArtist: Of sorts - sees assassination itself as an art, and prefers to do it as efficiently as possible (including killing only the target, and doing so in a single blow).
%%* ProfessionalKiller
* TheRival: He views Train as his rival.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: He promises to one day have a match with Train to see if his martial arts are superior to Train's brawling and gun skills, and is never seen again.