[[folder:The Biker Mice]]

-> Voiced by: RobPaulsen

->''"In this wild and wooly universe, there's only three things you can count on- your brains, your bros and your bikes!"''

Throttle is the tan one, a quiet and decisive natural leader who cares deeply for those under (and over) his command- even though he may be too manly (or mousely) to show it. He was groomed by Stoker, the creator and former leader of the Freedom Fighters, to take command- but something interrupted it, and he ended up in space with Vinnie and Modo. Curiously enough, he's the only one who's displayed the Martian skill of telepathy, and telepathic trickery as well. He was blinded in the Mars-Plutark war, and courtesy of Dr. Karbunkle now has semi-working replacement eyes that he needs his signature pair of sunglasses to see with.
Tropes associated with Throttle:
* BerserkButton - He ''will'' react badly if you hurt his friends.
* CoolShades
** SunglassesAtNight
* DeadpanSnarker - For example:
--> '''Vinnie:''' Yeah! Some pretty studly moves there!
--> '''Modo:''' Well, that's pretty nice of you to say, Vinnie.
--> '''Vinnie:''' Not you, bro. I was talking about ''me''!
--> '''Throttle:''' What a surprise.
* HandicappedBadass: Without his sunglasses, he is blind.
* HellBentForLeather: Wears a leather vest.
* TheLeader
* TheSpock

!![[color:blue:Vincent "Vinnie" Van Wham]]
-> Voiced by: Ian Ziering


He's the self-proclaimed baddest biker this side of ten solar systems, and he's almost right. Vinnie has a huge ego that was only outdone once in the whole series, but underneath his bluster lies a sweet, caring individual who would sacrifice anything for his bros and Charley. He gained his mask in the Mars-Plutark war, either by being blasted at or by a sadistic experiment by Dr. Karbunkle. Either way, his first love Harley (no relation to Charley) gave him a mask made out of flex-plate metal, which allows his face to move while still covering up his scars.
Tropes associated with Vinnie:
* BadassBandolier
* BigEater - One View-Master frame Limburger looks at has Vinnie stuffing his face with hot dogs.
* BoisterousBruiser - Practically the trope definition.
* ChivalrousPervert - Vinnie loves women, very, very much. And everyone knows it too.
* CrazyJealousGuy - He doesn't like it when other guys approach Charley.
* ExpressiveMask
* HandsomeLech
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Egotisical, boastful, and mildly perverted, but deep down he's a sweet-natured guy.
* TheLancer
* LeeroyJenkins - Well, all three mice fit, but he's the worst of them.
* TheMcCoy
* WalkingShirtlessScene

-> Voiced by: Dorian Harewood

->''"Like my grey-furred momma always used to say..."''

Modo is a GentleGiant through and through, until you anger him- in which case he will bring the UnstoppableRage like a rabid .. something. His mother imbued him with a philosophy about children, women and life in general that still guides him today, and he quotes her often. Out of the three Biker Mice, he sustained the most severe injuries- losing his right arm and left eye. Again, "courtesy" of Karbunkle he now has a [[ArtificialLimbs mechanical arm]] to replace his blown-to-bits one. Unfortunately for him, the arm wasn't really wanted, and Modo still has self-doubts about it to this day.
Tropes associated with Modo:
* ArmCannon - Modo has one on his mechanical arm.
* BerserkButton - Don't hit the ladies, the children, or God help you, his beloved bike. Or you will perish painfully.
** And don't even ''think'' about hurting his friends, or calling them (or him, for that matter) rats.
* BewareTheNiceOnes
* TheBigGuy
* EyepatchOfPower
* FriendToAllChildren: Modo is known to be very fond of children and believes that all ChildrenAreInnocent. But once, [[spoiler: the BigBad uses this trait against him.]]
* GentleGiant: Just don't make him mad. ''God help you'' if you make him mad.
* HandicappedBadass: He is missing an eye and has a robotic arm.
* HeroicBSOD: "Modo Hangs It Up" has him visit a hospital where a boy is hurt as a result of a battle against Limburger. It takes a lot of fight out of Modo. [[spoiler: The boy, however, reveals he's really Marshall, Limburger's nephew, and really not hurt at all. In the follow-up fight, Marshall's got a Biker Mice pennant to cheer them on with.]]
* TheKirk
* MommasBoy
* TenMinuteRetirement: In "Modo Hangs It Up". He gets better though.
* UnstoppableRage - You know how Modo's eye glows red when he's pissed off? Well, when you threaten his bike, or his bros, or, God help you, both, his ''entire body'' glows red (actually, that only happened once, but whatever) and he'll [[MegatonPunch sucker-punch you into freakin' Lake Michigan.]]
** He and his bros are mice. Not rats. Run away fast if you hear anyone calling them rats when Modo's around.
** Once in a ChristmasEpisode, given Limburger sunk to a new low by targeting the orphans the Biker Mice were with earlier (and taking out their orphanage), Modo's not pulling punches.

[[folder:Friends of the Biker Mice]]

!![[color:blue:Charlene "Charley" Davidson]]
-> Voiced by: Leeza Miller-[=McGee=] (1993 series)/Lisa Zane (2006 series)

->''"Maybe you could stop by the parts store?"''

Charlene is a long-suffering woman, considering who she has daily upon her doorstep- either three rambunctious bikers who are experts at accidentally wrecking everything around them, or money-hungry Plutarkians who would like her to be out of their way permanently. Despite both of these, however, she's still alive and kicking, partially due to her own mechanical genius. She's responsible for fixing the Biker Mice's bikes, installing upgrades and treating their wounds. There is no overstating her value to the Biker Mice's cause; if she was not there to make an emergency fix or fashion a new weapon, the Biker Mice would be long dead by now. They know it too, which is why every time Charley declares that she's going along, she's vetoed by all three of the Mice. She still gets her shots in every once in a while, but not by the Biker Mice's choice.
Tropes associated with Charley:
* ActionGirl
* BrainyBrunette
* DamselInDistress - The second thing Charley does is get captured and then put in a giant trap so Grease Pit can blackmail the mice into going away. She then yells out "NO DON'T IT'S A TRAAAAAAP!" To her credit, [[GenreSavvy she is painfully aware of this trope]], and tries to avoid it while still being a useful friend to the Mice.
* DeadpanSnarker
* OnlySaneWoman: The Mice have hilariously huge egos. She doesn't.
* PunnyName: Her name is a play on the Harley Davidson motorcycle brand.
* SpyCatsuit - Sort of, [[spoiler: in "The Masked Motorcyclist", the episode where Charley is testing out an experimental bike while wearing a really sexy catsuit and a helmet that completely obscures her face. The Biker Mice have zero idea it's her until almost the end, when the bad guys shoot at her bike, and it crashes, with her subsequently removing her helmet to check for damage and revealing the sexy mechanic, much to the Mice's total surprise...and PLEASURE.]]
* TomboyishName: Charlie is usually a masculine name.
* WomenAreWiser - Considering the mice, that's not hard.
* WrenchWench: She repairs the mice's bikes.

!The Martian Freedom Fighters

!![[color:blue:Stoker Van Rotten]]
-> Voiced by: Peter Strauss (1993 series)/Jim Ward (2006 series)

->''"Thanks for the wheels, beautiful!"''

Stoker is the creator and main force behind the might of the Freedom Fighters. He is a legend amongst all Martians, and maybe even beyond that planet itself. However, age and a hard lifestyle forced him to slow down, although he resisted toning down his signature style of tail-whipping for a while. He is Throttle's mentor, Vinnie's idol (and occasional foil) and a dear friend to many Freedom Fighters.
Tropes associated with Stoker:
* [[spoiler:{{Brainwashed}}]]
* CoolOldGuy
* TheKirk
* LaResistance
* [[spoiler:MindControlEyes - What a ''pretty'' shade of green!]]

-> Voiced by: Brian Austin-Green/Leeza Miller-[=McGee=]

->''"Sorry to drop in on you like this, Uncle Modo."''

Rimfire is a sprightly, athletic young mouse--as said above, Modo's sister's child. Along with his sister Primer, Rimfire has fought in the Mars-Plutark war despite being only around 16 or 17 years old in human years. Like Modo, Rimfire is polite and gentle, as well as having a ninja-like talent for getting out of tight scrapes (and into tight scrapes: only one episode has him not being held captive by a BigBad).
Tropes associated with Rimfire:
* DistressedDude: Has been held captive quite a few times.
* LaResistance
* TheMcCoy
* SkunkStripe: He has an orange stripe on brown hair.

!![[color:blue:Carbine Cannonblade]]
-> Voiced by: Leah Remini (1993 series)/Dina Sherman (2006 series)

->''"I'm joining the ''real'' fight, with the ''real'' fighters."''

Carbine is the new leader of the Freedom Fighters, a former Army General. Unlike Stoker, she prefers a set of rules and disciplines, instead of the camraderie and mild chaos of Stoker's FF. Despite this, she is still a very competent leader, although her desire to stay on Mars has driven a wedge between her and her "boyfriend" Throttle. She nearly had him executed after he returned to Mars just after the Plutarkians seeded a tape of him and his bros supposedly aiding them in destroying Chicago, but they managed to hash it out before the Biker Mice were thrown into the Pit of Everlasting Doom (otherwise known as Spiky Pit of Spikes). This has only seeded her reputation as a cold bitch, but in reality it's a harsh case of [[TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask a woman who puts the survival of her planet and species above all else.]]
Tropes associated with Carbine:
* ActionGirl
* LaResistance: As noted, she runs it.
* TheSpock
* TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask: She comes across as harsh and mean, but it's due to deciding that the survival of her species and home is more important than anything else in the universe.

[[folder:Villains from the 1993 Series]]

!![[color:red:Lawrence Lactavius Limburger]]
-> Voiced by: W. Morgan Sheppard

->''"It's so hard to find good help these days."''

Lawrence Limburger, otherwise known as "Boss", "Mister Limboiger" and "Stinkface", is a well-spoken denizen of destruction and disaster. He is the epitomy of greed, with a hunger for power that would outdo most dictators. His most fervent want is to become the High Poobah of not only Earth, but Plutark as well, and if it weren't for those [[BigDamnHeroes stupid gerbils on bikes]] he'd have his wish by now. It's not for lack of trying that he's still a much-maligned minnow in the pool of power- it's that through a combination of incompetent goons, bad luck and not crossing one T that has him pulling his fins in frustration.
Tropes associated with Limburger:
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Lends a lovely layer to Limburger's loquacious lambasting of his lackeys.
* AffablyEvil: Limburger sometimes gets this treatment.
* AlliterativeName: His first, middle, and last names all begin with the letter L.
* BadBoss: Limburger has no respect for his underlings--consequently, they only serve him because he's rich.
* BigBad: He is the main antagonist of the original 1993 series.
* CardCarryingVillain:
--> '''Limburger:''' "If my word was worth anything, I wouldn't be much of a villain, now would I?"
* CorruptCorporateExecutive - The Plutarkian masquerading as Lawrence Limburger, CEO of Limburger Corporation, although by the looks of things, he's a low-level manager in the grand scheme of the Plutarkian society (perhaps because [[PunyEarthlings Earth's really not that important]]). He still has quotas to fill and expectations to meet, however. Wants to buy and then strip-mine ''the entire planet'' ([[RunningGag except Detroit]]). He doesn't seem to be limited to just buying up real estate however--he sometimes will just waltz in and take the generic resources he wants.
** The MegaCorp gives him the backing to do so. Offworld resources are barely if ever used.
* DeadpanSnarker: Frequently makes cutting remarks about his minions' incompetence as well as his disdain for them.
* {{Determinator}}: Limburger is very determined to get rid of the Biker Mice and he has no intention of giving up.
* EvilLaugh: Limburger has an especially ominous laugh.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Limburger is put off by Brie's crassness and Grease Pit's, well, greasiness.
** He's also embarrassed by the infamous [[CrossCulturalHandshake traditional greeting of his people]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRf-h9v6bAM#t=2m40s for good reasons (clip in Finnish)]].
** {{Subverted}} with the Loogie Brothers. They are two Plutarkians so smelly that even other Plutarkians (infamous for their smell of fish) can't take them... So he grabbed a gas mask and ''made them stink even worse'' to try and get the people of Chicago to run away.
* ExpressiveMask
* FatBastard: He is rather obese and is not a nice person at all.
* FishPerson: Like all Plutarkians.
* LargeAndInCharge: He is very big and calls the shots.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness
* SurroundedByIdiots: A ''major'' source of humour. It even gets {{Lampshaded}} by the Biker Mice in the very first episode...
* YouFool
-->'''Limburger:''' You fools! You've doomed us all!

!![[color:red:Dr. Boris Karbunkle]]
-> Voiced by: Susan Silo

->''"Excuse me, I have a few lobotomies to perform!"''

Karbunkle is a god-only-knows-what from nobody-knows-where, and he's almost completely nuts to boot. WordOfGod has it that Karbunkle's origins may be rooted in UsefulNotes/{{WWII}}, perhaps as a German scientist gone mad. As noted, Karbunkle experimented on the Biker Mice when they were captured, and he's responsible for their CursedWithAwesome cybernetic implants.
Tropes associated with Karbunkle:
* CombatStilettos: A ''very'' RareMaleExample.
* EvilGenius: He is the brains of Limburger's minions.
* EvilRedhead: He has red hair and is definitely evil.
* ForScience: He loves his experiments.
* GogglesDoNothing: At least, not that we know of. And yet, he's never seen without them.
** At least he wears them down over his eyes instead of eternally up on his forehead, like most characters.
* LeanAndMean: He is very skinny and also completely depraved.
* MadScientist: Dr. Karbunkle is ''distilled'' batshit insane scientist.
* MysteriousPast: Nothing is known about where he comes from and why he serves Lawrence Limburger.
* VillainousCrossdresser: The aforementioned CombatStilettos.

-> Voiced by: Creator/BradGarrett

->''"Duh, sure, Boss."''

Limburger's rather dim-witted henchman who drips grease everywhere (hence the name). Limburger found him while searching for some big muscle to help him take over Mars... needless to say, Greasepit's resume was a little beefed up.
Tropes associated with Greasepit:
* BaldOfEvil: He has no hair.
* NumberTwoForBrains. Overlapping with...
** GiantMook: He's apparently the field commander of the biker gangs that Limburger often sends after the Biker Mice-- but he really, ''really'' shouldn't be.
* DumbMuscle: Not very bright and serves as the brawn of Limburger's team.
* ThePigPen: As noted, his body literally oozes oil.
** [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway What Kind Of Lame Power Is Oil Oozing Anyway?]] Very rarely does that trait ever help him out.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: 99% of the time.

!![[color:red:Evil Eye Weevil]]
-> Voiced by: Creator/JessHarnell

-> ''"How's my hair? Perfect! And I'm still in one piece... sorta."''

Evil Eye Weevil, a former stuntman who claims to be Music/ElvisPresley's alien twin brother is one of the recurring villains on Biker Mice. He's very egocentric, snobbish and abusive. He possesses a special weapon called the hostility ray; when a person gets struck by its red beam, he or she [[HatePlague becomes hostile toward other people]] - hence the name. When several people get hit by it, things can get quite nasty. Once, the hostility ray even made the Biker mice, normally close friends, yell at each other and almost start a fist fight. Luckily, the ray's effects wear off with time.

Evil Eye has two minions who are known as the Pukes of Hazzard, a pair of purple skinned muscular dwarves. They admire their master and do nothing but bask in his magnificence despite they often get abused by him. They do any menial task Evil Eye sets before them just for the privilege, including preparing his stunt bike to fixing his limbs when he breaks them - which happens so often that it's become a RunningGag.

Tropes associated with Evil Eye Weevil:
* BadBoss: Treats the Pukes of Hazzard like garbage.
* EyeBeams: The hostility ray.
* ItsAllAboutMe: He's even more egocentric than Vinnie.
* {{Jerkass}}: To the point that even Limburger dislikes him.
* LeanAndMean: He is very skinny and quite obnoxious.
* MeaningfulName: His name is "Evil Eye" and his eye fires a hostility ray that makes people hostile to one another.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Evil Eye Weevil is a name that pretty much screams "not a pleasant person at all."
* TerribleTrio: Forms this with his two minions.

!![[color:red:The Pulverizer]]

-> Voiced by: Creator/JeffBennett

-> "'Biker Mice,' eh? Look like sloppy soldiers to me! It'll be my pleasure to pulverize 'em!"

The Pulverizer is an evil cyborg (or robot) with a militaristic theme both in his appearance and speech. He frequently uses military jargon in his speech. It is implied that he was once in the armed forces but became a criminal. When he was summoned, Karbunkle mentioned that the Pulverizer had just completed his six year stinct. The Pulverizer has an over sized right hand which is also his power fist. This very powerful weapon allows him to [[MegatonPunch punch with outstanding power]] along with firing small bursts of energy.

The Pulverizer is a merciless, power-hungry and cruel bully and also a very competent leader. He's very cunning, not to mention fearless in front of his enemies. He is almost unstoppable when he has competent troops - this was seen in ''Cheese Cadets'', when [[spoiler: Limburger hired him EliteMooks after his own goons went on strike.]]

Tropes associated with the Pulverizer:

* AxCrazy: Aggressive and unstable villain who's not afraid to use physical violence.
* MegatonPunch: What he did to Greasepit after he was summoned.
* OhCrap: Gets this after he [[spoiler: pushes Throttle's BerserkButton.]] Doesn't exactly say 'oh crap' but has a very terrified expression on his face.
* PowerFist
* RedEyesTakeWarning

[[folder:Villains from the 2006 Series]]

-> Voiced by: Creator/ClancyBrown

->''"They sent shapeshifters to do a soldier's job?"''

Cataclysm is the absolute definition of BigBad, both in role and size, although officially he is the second-in-command to Assistant Supreme Commander Hairball. He's larger than Modo, by several boot sizes, and his stooped-over stature and portruding fangs just add to the terrifying (but not truly ugly) exterior. Despite his alignment, Cataclysm isn't all bad - he still has a little inkling of love for his runt brother Hairball.
!!!Tropes associated with Cataclysm:
* CatsAreMean
* DragonInChief
* EvilRedhead
* LargeAndInCharge
* [[BeardOfEvil Villainous Goatee]]
* WalkingShirtlessScene

!![[color:purple:Hannibal T. Hairball]]
-> Voiced by: RobPaulsen

->''"I vill be telling Mommy!"''

Cataclysm's runt brother, and emphasis on "runt". Hairball is Assistant Supreme Commander of Catatonia's invasion forces, and how he got there is a true mystery considering that he's missing a few brain cells.
Tropes associated with Hairball:

* [[AliensOfLondon Aliens Of Russia]]
* BigBadWannabe
* CatsAreMean
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas
* TheNapoleon