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Characters: Azure Striker Gunvolt
Characters in the series.
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    Main Characters 


"Give me power, Azure Striker, so I can strike down my enemies!"

The Hero is a 14-year-old boy nicknamed Gunvolt, his true name is unknown. He is initially associated with an armed resistance group called QUILL, who fights against the Sumeragi Group. He leaves the group after meeting Joule. Despite normally being cool headed, his youthful rebelliousness comes out when he's forced to do things that go against his principles. His power, Azure Striker, allows him to control lightning.
  • Badass Longcoat
  • Braids of Action: His long blonde hair is braided into a ponytail.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Has this look in Japan's version.
  • Chain Pain: One of his special attacks, Voltaic Chain, summons chains that crisscross around the area which are then electrified. The more enemies in the area, the more effective the attack.
  • Lightning Gun / Puppet Gun: Gunvolt fights with his Conductor Gun. It fires "Dart Leader" shots which don't pack much of a punch but has the ability to lock-on targets.
  • Mana Meter: The Energy Point Bar (EP Bar) underneath GV when he uses Psychic Abilities.
  • Not Quite Flight: He can float for a short time with his Lightning Ring. Also, when Lumen's songs power him up.
  • Only Known By His Nickname: His true name is unknown. He is also called GV for short.
  • Overheating: Happens if his EP Bar goes to zero.
  • Shaping Your Attacks / Spontaneous Weapon Creation: One of his special attacks, Luxcaliber, summons a giant blade of electricity that thrusts forward.
  • Shock and Awe: His psychic power.
  • Sphere of Power: When he attacks with Flashfields also has a stronger special attack called Astrasphere which surround him with spheres of electricity that deliver consecutive damage to enemies.
  • Trick Bullet: The Dart Gun shoots different darts that changes how the darts are fired and how many enemies and objects you can lock-on to.
    • Violet Dragon: Allows automatic fire and lock-on to three.
    • Water Dragon: Five-direction: Can be fired in one of five directions and ricochets around the screen. Holding down the fire button changes the firing direction. This dart allows for one lock-on.
    • King Cobra: Holding down the fire button makes a charged attack that pierces through enemies and lets you lock-on to five enemies.
    • Teknos: Two darts are fired at the same time. One goes up and travels along the ceiling, while the other goes down and travels along the floor. Allows for two lock-ons.
    • Hydra: A small drone hovers behind Gunvolt, firing darts in seven directions. Allows for up to eight lock-ons.


Voiced by: Megu Sakuragawa
"My songs will give you wings to fly."

Joule is the name of our 13-year-old heroine. She is a psychic girl created in a lab operated by the Sumeragi Group. Her Muse ability allows her to enhance the powers of other psychics through song. After being rescued by GV from the Sumeragi Group, the two begin to live together.


Voiced by: Megu Sakuragawa
"Could you rescue this girl... my other me... from this place?"

Lumen is the top pop star of the country, promoted by the Sumeragi Group. She is, in fact, the avatar of Joule, given form by her Muse ability. Even as the Sumeragi Group promotes her as a star, they are using her as bait to find other psychics to capture and subjugate. Joule and Lumen inhabit different bodies. Unlike Joule, she has a strong personality and is very much a free spirit. Lumen claims she only reflects the person Joule wants to be deep inside.

QUILL is an armed resistance force founded by members of a foreign human rights organization to combat the increasingly radical measures being taken by the Sumeragi Group. Through guerrilla warfare and rescue operations involving psychics imprisoned within Sumeragi facilities, QUILL intends to eventually free all psychics from the clutch of Sumeragi.


"Your mission is to assassinate the virtual pop star Lumen. Good Luck."

Asimov is a team leader at QUILL and also one of the founding members. His is skilled marksman who is deadly with a sniper rifle. Although he displays no emotion in the line of duty, his passion for the group’s cause is well known among the QUILL members who look up to him. Gunvolt owes his life to Asimov, who rescued the boy from a Sumeragi facility where he was put through horrifying experiments. To GV, Asimov is a savior, teacher, and father.


"Hey, if I had powers like yours, I'd be pretty unstoppable, too."

Gino is the life of the party at QUILL. He loves anime, manga, and games. Gino tends to make frivolous jokes at the expense of others, but he does care for his colleagues— even GV after he left QUILL.


"Don't over do it, GV."

Monica is an operations officer at QUILL and one of few members who doesn't have psychic powers. She is like an older sister to GV and Gino. Despite generally being a serious and highly capable officer, Monica has a clumsy side that reveals itself occasionally. She deeply admires Asimov.

    Sumeragi Group 
A powerful conglomerate composed mostly of power companies, the Sumeragi Group is the sole supplier of the nation’s energy needs and is also involved in media, space development, and military technology. They wield extraordinary influence in politics— it is not an exaggeration to say that they are the de facto power in this country. The Sumeragi Group was the first to consider the potential energy use of psychic powers, and its technology in the field of psychic energy is the most advanced in the world. Today, only the Sumeragi Group owns the technology capable of controlling psychic powers.
  • Mega Corp.: A conglomerate composed mostly of power companies, they are also involved with media, space development, and military tech.

Nova/Shiden, the Mighty

"How sad... another pathetic assault by QUILL?"

A small army of psychics and soldiers serves under this young, charismatic Sumeragi lieutenant. He leads a project that would give Sumeragi total control over all psychics, ostensibly for the safety and security of the nation. Nova/Shiden is an enigma who speaks in riddles and seems to generally look down on others. Not much is known about his psychic power, except that it is the most powerful among the Sumeragi psychics.


Seven psychics who had their psychic powers extracted into sword-shaped devices. Their swords—which can be used remotely to control any unwanted bursts of power—allow them to stay out of trouble and live ordinary lives. However, in cases of emergency, Sumeragi’s monitoring facility gives them access to these swords and they fuse with them, triggering a transformation dubbed “weaponization.”

Viper/Daytona, the Burning Wrath

"You're going the wrong way, man, Hell's this way!!"

Viper/Daytona patrols Sumeragi’s chemical plant complex and possesses the psychic power “Explosion”. Once a notorious gang leader, Viper/Daytona fell in love with Lumen’s voice and enlisted as part of Sumeragi’s private army.

He has the ability to compress thermal energy into small spheres called Angry Bombs that explode on impact. He can also coat his legs in flames and his sword of choice is “Lord of Fire”.

Merak, the Slothful Conjurer

"Yes, yes, that's me. Brilliant, gifted commander Merak."

Merak is a psychic that commands Sumeragi’s private army, and possesses the psychic ability “Wormhole”. He has a sharp mind and is valued as a strategist by Shiden, but is also entirely apathetic, sometimes not even getting up when he’s hit—not that he has to, considering he rides an armoured chair, which he uses in tandem with his Wormhole ability. Merak uses the sword Unwavering Spirit.

Elise, the Eternal Envy

"Im sorry... So sorry..."

Elise was a Swordswoman being held prisoner by Sumeragi. She possesses the ultimate psychic power—“Rebirth,” the ability to manipulate the soul into spinning out life for eternity. Sumeragi were attempting to implant Elise’s brain with a more aggressive persona that ended up taking control of her original, weak-willed persona.

Unfortunately, Sumeragi were unable to contain her power, triggering a rampage that leveled the research facility she was being held at. Elise uses the “Living Blade” as her sword of choice, and controls “vipers” that she can shape into daggers. After being thrown, she can make them come back to life as zombies.

Stratos, the Gluttonous Fly

"Hungry... I'm so... hungry!"

Stratos is a Swordsman that is held prisoner by Sumeragi. Prior to his capture, he was a handsome, popular man, although no trace of this man remains today. Stratos possesses the “Fly” ability and is capable of turning his flesh into fly-shaped particles of energy that can dismantle any matter and incorporate it into his body.

Repeated experimentation on Stratos has caused his powers to become too powerful for even his Sword, “Lizardslayer,” to control. The only thing that keeps him in check is a special drug called S.E.E.D., extracted from the experimental plant Vivid.

Zonda/Panthera, the Lustful Mirage

"War, like love, is inescapable."

Zonda is another psychic in Sumeragi’s Psychic Hunter Unit. Zonda possesses the psychic ability “Mirror,” and uses the sword Crow Child. Zonda’s age, gender and background are all shrouded in mystery. Even among Sumeragi’s top brass, very few know anything about Zonda. Even less is known about Zonda’s Mirror ability, often reputed to be some sort of illusion-based power. Zonda is among Sumeragi’s most powerful psychics, and it said to be as powerful as Gunvolt and Nova/Shiden.

Carrera, the Magnetic Avarice

"Your lightning is no match for my magnetism!"

Carrera is a psychic in Sumeragi’s Psychic Hunter Unit and possesses the psychic ability “Magnetic Arts”. He’s described as a “pure fighter” who joined the unit simply for the chance to battle powerful psychics. He has a habit of speaking very formally, and mentions “strength” and “battles against titans” in just about every conversation. Carrera uses the Magnetic Arts ability to produce a special magnetic field that attracts other psychics. This field also has the effect of temporarily blocking the use of psychic abilities. Naturally, this is a quality that Sumeragi prizes highly, as it makes capturing psychics all the easier. His sword of choice is named Rockslicer.

Iota, The Prideful Silhouette

"I am one with the light!"

Iota is a psychic who protects the massive Sumeragi communications tower, Amaterasu. He possesses the psychic ability “Lightspeed”. A former soldier, Iota left the military under the belief that serving Sumeragi was the only way to truly bring peace and stability to his country. His sword of choice is the Shadow Dragon.


Copen/Acura "The Avenger", The Psychic Slayer

Copen feels that, left unchecked, Psychics are a threat that will eventually subjugate anyone that doesn’t have their powers, and has made it his mission to destroy them. He has no powers of his own, but his scientific mind is on par with Sumeragi’s best scientists.

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