Characters who appear in the post-apocalyptic fighting game series Asura Blade and Asura Buster.

!'''Asura Blade'''

-> The main protagonist of the series. A young HotBlooded mercenary swordsman who [[WalkingTheEarth Walks the Earth]] as he seeks to live his life from within his own personal terms.

-> A troubled traveling mercenary swordsman who has constant nightmares about the death of his own family.

-> A well-endowed swordswoman/sorceress who seeks to rebuild her family's kingdom back to its own former glory.

-> A young girl who happens to be an expert {{Necromancer}} and that she seeks out the secret of immortality.

-> A noble swordsman who serves as a valiant knight from within a well-known yet reclusive kingdom.

-> A huge metallic robot who is determined to complete any mission that its assigned to.

-> A small hunchback ex-bandit who is currently serving under Alice's father, who happens to be the king of a prestigious kingdom.

-> A female martial artist who happens to be the heir to a family of legendary fighters.

-> A crazed ruthless gunman who serves under S. Geist as his right-hand man.

[[WMG:S. Geist]]
-> A cruel and ruthless warlord who supposedly wields the fabled Sword of Dynasty.

!'''Asura Buster'''

-> A member of Yashaou's family clan who seeks him out via a personal vendetta.

-> A {{Samurai}} warrior who has come from the Far East in order to investigate an unknown problem.

-> A {{Ninja}} warrior who works alongside with Zinsuke as his partner from within their investigation.

-> A young Kunoichi (female ninja) who happens to be Rokurouta's young sister.

-> A vain and narcissistic knight who comes from the same kingdom as Lightning.

[[WMG:Chen Mao]]
-> A female martial artist who happens to be the protege and apprentice of Footee.