Character sheets for:

* Characters/AmericanHorrorStoryMurderHouse[[note]]Dr. Ben Harmon, Vivien Harmon, Violet Harmon, Constance Langdon, Tate Langdon, Adelaide Langdon, Beauregard Langdon, Hugo Langdon, Michael Langdon, Moira O'Hara, Hayden [=McClaine=], Nora Montgomery, Dr. Charles Montgomery, Travis Wanderly, Chad Warwick, Patrick, Troy & Bryan Rutger, Lorraine Harvey, Phil Critter, Elizabeth Short, Larry Harvey, Marcy, Luke, Billie Dean Howard, Leah, R. Franklin[[/note]]
* Characters/AmericanHorrorStoryAsylum[[note]]Lana Winters, Sister Jude Martin, Sister Mary Eunice [=McKee=], The Devil, Dr. Oliver Thredson, Monsignor Timothy Howard, Kit Walker, Grace Bertrand, Dr. Arthur Arden[[spoiler:/Hans Gruper]], Teresa Morrison, Johnny Morgan[[spoiler:/Thredson]], Leo Morrison, Pepper, Mr. Spivey, Leigh Emerson, Anne Frank[[spoiler:/Charlotte Brown]], The Mexican, Daniel, Rudy, Miles, Frank [=McCann=], Carl, Dr. Miranda Crump, Alma Walker, Mother Superior Claudia, Shachath the Dark Angel, Missy Stone, Sam Goodman, Wendy Peyser, Billy, Jed Potter, Father Malachi, Jenny Reynolds, Aliens[[/note]]
* Characters/AmericanHorrorStoryCoven[[note]]Fiona Goode, Cordelia Foxx, Delphine [=LaLaurie=], Zoe Benson, Kyle Spencer, Myrtle Snow, Madison Montgomery, Misty Day, Spalding, Anna-Leigh Leighton, Queenie, Nan, Cecily Pembroke, Quentin Fleming, Marie [=LaVeau=], Bastien, Chantal, Hank Foxx, The Axeman, Luke Ramsey, Joan Ramsey, Marie Borgia Delphine Lopez/Borquita, Marie Pauline [=LaLaurie=], Harrison Renard, Kaylee, Alicia Spencer, Archie[[/note]]
* Characters/AmericanHorrorStoryFreakShow
* Characters/AmericanHorrorStoryHotel
* Characters/AmericanHorrorStoryRoanoke