Simply put: If it's popular and has an associated message board, you're bound to stumble upon [[BrokenBase fan wars]] at one point or another.

!!Web media with their own pages
* BrokenBase/AtopTheFourthWall
* BrokenBase/DeathBattle
* BrokenBase/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory
* BrokenBase/TheNostalgiaCritic
* BrokenBase/TwoBestFriendsPlay



* ''Webcomic/{{Achewood}}'', which began as a very patchy set of one-shots elevated by the ''Lie Bot, what is the saddest thing'' strips, and developed into a subtle, clever strip with several deep interesting characters '''OR''' ''Webcomic/{{Achewood}}'', which began as a daring and hilarious absurdest web comic, and got "ruined FOREVER!" when Onstad sold out and started having continuing storylines and jokes that made sense.
** Conversely, many feel follow the first interpretation but believe that the strip has become so surreal, stylistic and referential that it's begun to lost its grip on those deep, interesting characters.
** There is also a divide over Onstad's subscription service- some felt he had the right to monetize and charge money for premium comic content, while others felt it was a slap in the fact to have to pay for what used to be free. The punch came when Roast Beef's wedding was made subscriber-exclusive whiel the free daily readers only got a single comic of random preview panels.
* ''Webcomic/{{Collar 6}}'': Should the world be complete fantasy, or should the characters analyze how dysfunctional their relationships are.
* ''Webcomic/DominicDeegan''. Whether it's the [[HesJustHiding death]] and [[DracoInLeatherPants perceived vilification]] of Siegfried, [[WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief the Super Greg arc]], accusations of MarySue, TheChosenOne, JumpingTheShark, and UnfortunateImplications being flung about, the UnpleasableFanbase nitpicking everything out of spite (or because it's fun), or the forums dissolving into {{Deadpan Snarker}}s, {{Hatedom}}, and cries of "Ruined Forever" and "TheyChangedItNowItSucks", it's a wonder the fandom hasn't imploded by now. Since there are indeed still fans who love the comic as much as ever, are willing to forgive Mookie his mistakes, or who simply don't see them as mistakes because of their WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief. They're simply less vocal, it seems. Perhaps they fear {{FanHater}}s.
** Ironically, the Website/LiveJournal fans, which are far kinder, appear to average between three and four new topics a month, while the {{Website/Keenspot}} forum (the most vocal hatedom) has an active community and posts a thread for every new comic strip. It was debated whether Mookie was hanging a lampshade on his fans with Gregory Deegan's line at the end of [[ this strip]].
* ''Webcomic/KhaosKomix''. Fan reactions to a certain page in Jamie's story have been... [[{{Understatement}} spirited]].
** [[spoiler:For context, prior to the 07 October revision, page 83 featured Charlie performing a sexual act on Jamie against his explicit consent, and Jamie dis-associating so as to make the experience pass more quickly. Although the arguments surrounding Charlie's actions against Jamie had many, MANY intricate and painful facets, the biggest and/or loudest camps were divided primarily between A: Those who felt that [[WordOfGod Tab's]] choice to make Charlie commit an act of sexual violence played dangerously into a larger trans-phobic cultural narrative, and B: those who either saw Charlie's actions as --if not forgivable-- comprehensible given her extensive back story, or who focused on other things like the fact that it honestly portrayed a man as being susceptible to sexual abuse, [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale in spite of a number cultural assumptions to the contrary]].]] There was a '''LOT''' more to it than just that, but better to be brief and '''[[RapeAsDrama Let]] [[SexualHarassmentAndRapeTropes Other]] [[UsefulNotes/{{Abuse}} Articles]] [[UsefulNotes/{{Consent}} With]] [[UsefulNotes/{{Transgender}} Better]] [[UsefulNotes/VictimBlaming Writers]]''' give you an idea of some of the complexities involved. The original massive and contentious comment thread has since been taken down, though [[WordOfGod Tab]] has said that he is keeping a copy for posterity.
* ''Webcomic/LookingForGroup'' when it was finally confirmed that Cale and Benny are romantically involved, some fans responded with great wailing and gnashing of teeth and promises to never read the comic again, while others were jumping for joy.
* There's the base of ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}'' arguments, of Old Story (with Caston) Vs. New Story (Fred by himself), which then fractions into the characters themselves, ''all'' (literally, even minor, minor, ''minor'' characters) of whom no one can decide as to how they're portrayed.
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'', over whether or not the series has become better or worse since it became subjected to CerebusSyndrome.
** Also whether or not Vaarsuvius' [[spoiler: "Familicide" spell]] and Haley's [[spoiler:murder of Crystal]] were justifiable IDidWhatIHadToDo moments or indefensible crossings of the MoralEventHorizon.
** Miko fans vs. Miko haters.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''[='=]s fanbase argues about everything. And we do mean ''everything,'' listing all the points of contention would take up most of this page. It's gotten to the point where a former mod had himself permabanned from the forums.
** Of particular note is the debate over Vriska, [[spoiler:a debate that had gas tossed on it when she died, and even more when she was resurrected.]]
* ''Webcomic/{{SinFest}}'' started its path towards the broken base around 10/2011 with the arrival of [[{{MarySue}} Xanthe Justice]] and her Sisterhood arc. Is now a civil war.
* ''Webcomic/VampireCheerleaders'' fanbase was divided between those who favored [[Webcomic/ParanormalMysterySquad the PMS crew]] and the comic's Website/{{Facebook}} community, who [[RootingForTheEmpire favored the cheerleaders.]] The second group accounted for the larger part of the fandom. So when the ''"Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die!"'' arc cast Lori and her coven as villains, they dropped the comic; causing it to lose much of its ad revenue and resulted in the comic ending prematurely, [[AbortedArc due to Vol.4 being cut.]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Is Kevin from ''Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale'' an adorable tragic traumatized slightly-psychopathic cutie-pie who just needs a hug and a friend and some help decorating, or is he a terrifying monster who's trying to destroy everything Cecil holds dear? Or is he both? It depends on who you ask, and the mixed responses can be quite amusing.
* Episode Three of "Podcast/AliceIsntDead" begins with a trigger warning, one that specifically states that [[spoiler:someone gets attacked in the episode.]] Trigger warnings in work are a controversial topic already, but many fans found that this one in particular spoiled a potentially great JumpScare. Others thought found that the warning was warranted by the content.
* Season four of [[WebVideo/TheMusicVideoShow The Music Video Show]], specifically the [[Main/BlackComedy Black Comedy]]. Either it [[Main/GrowingTheBeard helped the show]] [[Main/CrossesTheLineTwice become funnier]] or it made the [[Main/SeasonalRot season]] [[Main/DudeNotFunny worse.]]
* The presence of storylines in [[VideoReviewShow Video Review Shows]]. Some see them as a great way to see what else the reviewer is capable of, some find them generally entertaining, or don't see a problem with them. Others find that it makes it hard to take the review seriously, find them lacking, and point out how it can take time away from the actual substance they came to see. Some even would be fine with them if not for their prevalence and for the FollowTheLeader tendencies from Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.
** Speaking of, ''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic''. ''WebVideo/DemoReel''. Should Doug have left his burned bridges burnt and stuck with Demo Reel? Should he have never stopped the Critic to begin with? [[TakeAThirdOption Should he devote time to doing both?]] ''Nobody'' agrees on this. [[UnpleasableFanbase Even single individuals taken as a sample over a long period of time don't agree on it]].
** Ditto to the actors from Demo Reel that are now regulars on his show: Do they add spice and humor to his reviews, or, because of their DemotedToExtra from Demo Reel to reboot [[note]]Rachel once said they just show up and are just under Doug's control on Critic, unlike with Demo Reel where they could change the script depending on their own experiences[[/note]], are shoehorned in with nothing to do? Or are they, perhaps, one or the other [[DependingOnTheWriter depending on the episode]]?
* [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment The Spoony One]]'s departure from TGWTG practically ''shattered'' the base. Did Spoony quit or get himself fired? Did he reveal himself to be a sexist, petulant asshole who couldn't get that he crossed the line with his joke to WebVideo/JesuOtaku, or was he the victim of the collaboration of Creator/AllisonPregler aka Lupa and Creator/LordKat, who got involved with something that was none of their business? The fact that Spoony later admitted to his own psychological issues and finally getting the proper treatment for them may have quelled the online war between the Broken Base - somewhat.
* The MondoMedia Youtube Channel deals with a lot of this. On one side of the subscribers, who have the people only subscribing for ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'' and ''WebAnimation/DickFigures'', and anytime Mondo uploads a new series or episode of that new series, they will comment asking for more Happy Tree Friends or Dick Figures, while the other side appreciates the newer shows and will tell the other fandom to shut up.
* Speaking of ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends''...
** The "Breaking Wind" episode. Is the episode genuinely funny or extremely abysmal due to the use of a fart joke? Is the inclusion of a ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' parody (the book that Splendid is reading) a good mockery of the book/film or [[FanDumb massively implying that the creators are actually interested in]] ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''? It doesn't help that it has similarity to Craig Moss's film that shares the same name as the episode, as both rely on ToiletHumor and gives a TakeThat to ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', which are both criticized by viewers.
** [[OfficialFanSubmittedContent Truffles' Video Bomb Competition]]. Is this the sign that the creators have finally opened up to adding [[OriginalCharacter fan characters]] in an upcoming episode (albeit only one-time cameo like [[TheCameo Truffles]] himself), allowing the fans to finally see them in the official HTF style, or does this actually mean that Mondo is running out of ideas yet again? As mentioned before, to be fair, the winning character only ends up having a cameo appearance, while a few others that didn't end up in digital trading cards for everyone to see (only in the first event, though), but this still doesn't change the fact that there are many fans who are against this event.
*** For that matter, the fact that the voting is based on the number of Website/{{Facebook}} "likes" pretty much stirred up the fanbase, as not everyone uses Facebook. The less "social" ones (hurts even more if the character is very well-made) end up very unlikely to reach more than single-digit likes.
*** Really Good Unicornius joining the event. To explain: Unicornius is an [[StylisticSuck intentionally poorly-drawn unicorn]] made by Oliver Age 24, who also has a channel on Mondo focusing on "How to Draw" various characters from well-known franchises in the same ugly style. There were many problems caused by this single character: '''1.''' It's made by a person who is also part of Mondo, meaning that he could pretty much take advantage of the Facebook likes due to already gaining exposure from his videos. '''2.''' It managed to stay in the first place for a long time because of the previous problem, meaning that it's meaningless for the HTF fans to join in (until the HTF crew balanced things out by also letting the second place to be included). '''3.''' [[FanDumb The fans are worried that MLP ended up spreading to their beloved show, thanks to Unicornius being, well, a "magical" unicorn]]. A few HTF fans, however, don't mind seeing the unicorn joining in, both for being a "troll"-ish submission and for having a NonStandardCharacterDesign, hoping to see him getting the "HTF style" treatment... but the latter didn't happen, he kept his badly-drawn look and sloppy animation, causing more outburst (even more so after seeing Tricksy (who placed second), who actually looks like he belongs in the show, a few scenes earlier).
** The Love Bite short "On My Mind", especially for the shippers. It got to the point when its ''storyboard'' was first revealed, one fan was disillusioned enough to think that Giggles is Flaky with a bow, and when the short was finally released, the same fan probably thought "[[DieForOurShip Flippy killed Giggles because Flaky is still his one true love]]".
** The infamous [[ScheduleSlip hiatus period]] soon after "See You Later, Elevator" was released. The ScheduleSlip itself actually happened since 2010 (or probably much earlier), when there were only 3 episodes released that year, with one of them featuring new characters. Year 2011 got a lot of flak from the HTF fans for the (formerly unseen on the website) HTF Break shorts which mostly end with [[{{Cancellation}} "Happy Tree Friends is dead!"]]. The BrokenBase part of this issue: There are some fans (especially former fans) who thought that the show needs to finally end because they're tired of it and the show suffering from SeasonalRot, while other fans would like the show to continue, especially to expand more of Lammy and Mr. Pickels' character, as they only appeared in one episode that time. It even hurts that the Break "Happy New Year" (also an old HTF Break never seen before on the website) promised more new content yet the same year only provides '''one''' new, proper episode (and it's a Christmas special).
** Related to the above matter, the special "comeback" episode itself. "Clause for Concern" is the only proper episode released in 2011 to begin the end of the show's temporary hiatus. Fans are glad to see the show finally coming back, but the BaitAndSwitch-y nature of the episode, which makes the episode pretty much "bloodless" except for TheStinger, managed to stir up the fanbase once again. It doesn't help that the only death happening there seems to be rather uninspired. On the other hand, most former fans are not happy with the announcement of the episode, preferring the show to stay "dead".
** ''Deadeye Derby'' being iOS-only. Not everyone has an iPhone/iPad, and the fact that there's no announcement for other smartphone platform ports pretty much screws the poor fans over. It doesn't help that it, like ''Slap Happy'' (also iOS-only), cannot be played on the web.
** A minor one: [=FatKat=]'s appearance in the HTF Break short "Take Your Seat". Due to his appearance being nearly similar to a typical fan character (doesn't help that part of his head and a little bit of his shirt are the only parts visible), most fans (and former fans) call Mondo out for stealing the character and flame the creator of the supposedly-similar character for having the character featured, while other fans see him as an EnsembleDarkhorse. Others mostly don't care, because the arguing fans are in the wrong anyway ([=FatKat=] is the mascot of an animation studio).
** The [[CaptionHumor BlurB!]] episodes. Some fans like the humor and references provided by the captions, especially when the caption goes into LampshadeHanging regarding the show's/the "[=BlurB=]"-ed episode's nature. Others see them as pointless [[{{Filler}} filler]] and are not worth watching at all.
** Vote or Die, an event where fans got to vote for a new HTF character (in this case, between Lammy and Mr. Pickels versus Truffles). It was at first, an [[AprilFoolsDay April Fools']] joke (as shown in the "fake" results where Lumpy "won" instead), only during a later date, the voting results turned out to be true, with Lammy and Mr. Pickels winning. There are issues with this: '''1.''' The winning duo became {{Base Breaking Character}}s. '''2.''' Even before the voting was done, some fans would rather have all three to join in the show instead of having one of them kicked out and became TheCameo. '''3.''' Lastly, there are few fans who would rather keep the Vote or Die event as a proper April Fools' joke, and usually pretend that the three characters never exist in the show.
** In general, the show's community is divided into several groups: Regular fans who enjoy the show for what it is, fans who consider everything related to the show and/or its fanbase as SeriousBusiness, [[{{Shipping}} fans who are more interested in character relationships than the show's actual premise]], [[DarkerAndEdgier fans who prefer grimdark fanworks of the show instead of]] [[BlackComedy black comedy ones]] (this explains the difficulty in finding the latter fanworks), fans who are more interested in creating [[OriginalCharacter fan characters]] (SturgeonsLaw is in full effect here; and the same can be said to fans who like crossovers), fans who only prefer the bloodless side of the show, and the so-called "former fans" (may overlap with [[{{Troll}} trolls]]). The last of these is in quotation marks because unlike the other former fans that simply moved on and occasionally remember a bit about the show but simply treat it as one of their old interests, the other "former fans" either: 1) [[TookALevelInJerkass Have a huge pride of not liking the show anymore and usually being a jerk to his/her friends who are still interested]] (the equivalent would be "avoiding the show like a plague"). 2) They take advantage from knowing the show to search for (mostly) clueless fans to be ridiculed, mock the show and its fanbase, and make parody fanart that are usually based on the first two objectives mentioned before, usually to garner as much InternetBackdraft as possible.
* The character approval process used in the ''Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'' created this effect among the players. Specifically, every proposed character was examined with a fine tooth comb, the maths were run and rerun, and everything was compared to the character's central concept and the standards of the setting as a whole. Unacceptable characters were rejected, or heavily modified. Some players found this refreshing and liked the process, while others found it infuriating and hated it. There was no middle ground.
** On a similar token, ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' v5 has become somewhat more stringent and ''much'' less personal with its character evaluation process than previous versions. A fair few veterans have left because they don't like the change of atmosphere.
* Go into any well-frequented Website/NationStates IRC room or forum and ask what the real point of the game is. [[InternetBackdraft Then stand way back]]. The NS page says there are two ways to play it, but it's more like ''seven''. Fortunately for the fanbase, each group mostly keeps to themselves and tries to keep the others at arm's length.
* [[ BikdipOnABus's]] fans either love or hate his new girlfriend being in his videos.
* ''Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos'', due to the RunningTheAsylum nature of the mythos, is almost this by definition. Since Victor Surge, the man who posted the first images of the Slender Man, has stepped back to let fans run things, no one but Surge can claim to be the original creator and there's an unwritten "everything is canon" rule. Fans are divided on almost every aspect. Some consider ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'', ''WebVideo/TribeTwelve'', and ''WebVideo/EverymanHYBRID'' the only series worth watching, many say that only one of the three is good, and some fans consider "Surgism" the only way to go. Fans will debate over whether or not Marble Hornets (the most well-known series) has "sold out," there are very different opinions of crossovers of any sort, and of course, there's the eternal vlog vs. blog debate....
** That's not even counting the in-fighting between various forums, facebook groups, and even drama that's not related to the story in specific ARGs and series fanbases...
** Slenderman himself has become one due to how ingrained in Creepypasta he's become and how much the original content is related to, or inspired by him. The Creepypasta wiki even banned the posting of any more content that even looked Slenderman related.
* ''WebAnimation/NeuroticallyYours''. The ResetButton, ArtShift, and combination of the secondary series's into Neurotically Yours. Some find it a fresh breath of air to the series, and a good idea. Others can't stand the new art style, and reset story, and have quit watching it altogether.
* ''WebVideo/GameGrumps'' has a three-way battle amongst is fandom regarding their ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii'' playthrough. On the one hand, you've got fans who wish they would stop comparing it to older games and just enjoy it for what it is. On the other hand, you've got fans who say that Creator/{{Egoraptor}} and WebVideo/JonTron are entitled their opinion and that they can criticize the games if they want. On the third hand, you've got fans who wish they'd just start making jokes while playing again.
** WebVideo/JonTron was a huge base breaker among members of the fandom. There were those who thought he was genuinely funny and entertaining, those who felt he was annoying and took away from Arin's entertainment value, and those who felt that he was funny on his own show but terrible in Game Grumps. And then Jon left and was replaced by Danny from Music/NinjaSexParty. Is he a good replacement for Jon or not? It doesn't help that people who complained about Jon being on the show then suddenly started complaining about him leaving. The controversy has died down a bit, however.
** ''WebVideo/SteamTrain''. It doesn't help that it began around the same time that Danny became the new "Not-So-Grump". Some fans love it, some hate it, and some feel that it's good but should be its own separate channel.
** Any time the Grumps have difficulty figuring out various aspects of a game. Fans are divided over whether or not they should just be having fun and enjoying the game at their own pace, or that they should learn to play the game "correctly" instead of wasting everyone's time. The Grumps themselves tend to lampshade this by joking about how they struggled during moments that were obvious in hindsight.
** Arin's [[ACappella Beat Boxing]]. He tends to use the exact same beat every time he does it and is ''notoriously'' bad at it. This means you either find it funny as hell, or cringing at literal [[MostAnnoyingSound ear poison]] being spat into the microphone. Pretty much the only thing fans universally agree upon is that at least it's not his [[VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor Grubba voice]], which was so universally disliked the grumps actually mentioned all the angry comments in a later episode... and then [[TrollingCreator continued to do the voice just for fun]].
* ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' fans almost universally like the first eight seasons, but then things get split: some don't like how [[Machinima/RedVsBlueTheProjectFreelancerSaga Seasons 9 and 10]] focus on exaggerated action sequences, [[Machinima/RedVsBlueTheChorusTrilogy Seasons 11 and 12]] are mostly well-liked but the conclusion at season 13 earned criticism regarding certain plot points, the very idea of [[Machinima/RedVsBlueSeason14 Season 14]] being an anthology did not bode well with fans, and [[Machinima/RedVsBlueSeason15 Season 15]] is either downright SeasonalRot or just a funny standalone season. Then again, the fanbase's conflicts are very minor compared to another Creator/RoosterTeeth show...
* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}''
** The fandom is split on what they want the show to be. One half wants it comedic, with emphasis on character interactions and the occasional really cool fight scene. The other wants it to be a brutal war story where characters battle for the fate of the world. Canon mostly leans towards the first interpretation, but there are enough hints of CerebusSyndrome to justify the second.
** Once the series officially hit its CerebusSyndrome in Volume 3 there are now arguments about whether or not the series has gone too far in becoming DarkerAndEdgier. By the end of the volume three recurring characters are dead ([[spoiler: Penny, Torchwick and Pyrrha]]), [[spoiler: Beacon Academy has been destroyed, Ozpin has disappeared, Yang's [[AnArmAndALeg arm was sliced off]] and Team RWBY has been disbanded]]. For one half of the fandom these twists have caused DarknessInducedAudienceApathy to occur, the other half however feel that these twists give a lot more weight to the story and have made said fans more invested in the series. [[spoiler: Pyrrha's death]] is by far the most divisive, as many feel it was a terrible case of StuffedInTheFridge and [[spoiler: her motivations for going to fight Cinder]] were confused and rather contrived. Some feel that the death was noble and heroic and was a worthy exit for the character that will motivate the others for future volumes, but others feel that it was a needlessly cruel, poorly written, and even unnecessary death.
** Volume 4 continues this, with many fans criticizing its very slow pace, a dark and depressing tone mixed in with out of place comedy and out of character moments, [[spoiler: Pyrrha's death still not feeling worth it]], a revelation about Qrow's Semblance coming off as rather nonsensical, and [[spoiler: Ozpin's reincarnation as Oscar]] being seen as a very questionable and odd move. However some fans still praise the volume for its wonderful animation, epic fight scenes, creepy Grimm designs, voice acting, new characters, and world building, with Ren and Nora's backstory receiving special acclaim, even among those who absolutely hate the direction the story is going.
** Volume 5 had it even worse with people complaining about the writing and lack of action scenes ([[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome some relegated to not being shown]] didn't help), though others just liked how it felt less desolate after the past season and had [[FourLinesAllWaiting the separate storylines]] eventually converging again while propelling the overall plot forward.
* WebVideo/MrRepzion made [[ a video]] criticizing Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla of WebVideo/{{Smosh}}, which some of his viewers agreed with, but a large percentage of his viewers also sided with Ian and Anthony.
* WebVideo/MatthewSantoro:
** Some fans prefer that [[FanCommunityNickname the viewers be called]] "The Santoro Army", while others prefer "Santorians".
** Some of Matt's fans have gotten into arguments over whether Matt should start a gaming channel.
* WebVideo/TheCartoonHero's "Top 10 Cartoons I Hate That Everyone Else Loves" video…well, with a title like that, you can guess what happened. It was talked up and down the Internet when it was posted in 2013, and split his fanbase. Some people thought it was a piece of crap that didn't explain his dislike for the cartoons on the list well enough and condemned it as "The Bart's Nightmare Let's Play" of his videos, while others enjoyed it and thought it was underrated. Two months after it was posted, a team of ''ten'' commentators got together and did a co-op commentary on the video. The Cartoon Hero would later admit that he didn't explain his reasons well enough and would give them reviews to go into more detail for why he didn't care for them, though so far the only cartoons on the list he has covered have been ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'' and the first ''Anime/{{Naruto}}'' series.
* WebAnimation/SmashBrosLawl developed this over time. Once the Post-Morgan Era started, many complained about the firing of the [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Brawl announcer]], especially in regards to Creator/MorganFreeman being the announcer, the detractors mainly finding the sentence mixing to not be as amusing as that of the Brawl announcer. The creator took notice, and revealed Creator/WillSmith as an announcer earlier than intended, in order to appease the fanbase.
* Website/{{pixiv}}:
** One of the most divisive issues regarding artwork on Website/{{pixiv}} is the practice of taking work that was submitted to pixiv and sharing it directly on other sites, particularly Website/{{Twitter}} and Website/{{Tumblr}}, or using art as avatars, all without asking the artist for permission. People who practice it argue that there's nothing wrong with it and that artists shouldn't upload their works if they don't want it spread around, and don't want to go through the process of asking the artist every time they want to share one of their works, especially when most pixiv artists are Japanese and only have a cursory knowledge of English. People against the practice, especially artists, consider this a breach of copyright and an act of disrespect towards the artists who worked hard on their pieces only to have it spread around beyond their control, and point out that artists have ended up in [[ScrewedByTheLawyers copyright-related trouble]] or [[WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings quit out of disgust]] because of unauthorized art sharing.
** Within the "sharing without permission is okay" camp, and especially amongst people who post erotic works / "hentai", there's the whole issue of posting the source work and/or artist alongside the art itself. Those who argue for it feel that it helps people discover more art from that source or artist, and that it's the least one can do for the artist if they're not willing to ask. Those who refuse to source their artwork feel that it's too much of a hassle and just want to spam hentai nonstop and that people who want to find the source so badly can just use tools like [=SauceNAO=].
** ValuesDissonance also happens to play a big role in this argument as well. As some Japanese fanartists have noticed, in the west there's an unspoken rule of sorts that if whether or not you are allowed to perform a certain action is not explicitly stated, then that means it can be considered acceptable. However, the reverse is true in Japan: if you don't know whether or not it's okay for you to do something, you should assume that it's '''not''' okay, hence why Japanese fanartists tend to more often than not request not to post their works without explicit permission..
* Youtuber Planet Dolan expanded from being a one man operation into a small company, and as such, Dolan chose to hire people to narrate videos as his time was otherwise occupied. This has led to no end of people bitching about how much they hate certain narrators, while others know that the scripts would be exactly the same even if Dolan was the narrator and understand why this was done.