[[caption-width-right:350:[[StylisticSuck When you can't make something good, make it as bad as possible]].]]

->''"Welcome to What Went Wrong With [[note]] WWWW or simply W^4[[/note]], a place where I get to bitch about those things I hate with such a depth only a true fan could hate. To make things clear, I'm not here to complain about things I don't like. The internet is already full of that, so I won't waste my time or yours. On the contrary, I'm planning to write about things I love, but that at the same time can't help but hating.\\
Sounds complicated? Well, let me tell you a little secret.... love always is."''
-->-- First entry

''What Went Wrong With'' is a {{blog}} created by the troper [[{{Tropers/NerdAtComputer}} Nac]], in which he tries to analyze different mistakes and problems with media he actually likes. That can range from pretty much everything, including ''Franchise/YuGiOh'', ''PowerRangers'', ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'', ''WebAnimation/ExtraCredits'' and [[Wiki/TVTropes this very wiki]].

[[http://whatwentwrongwith.blogspot.com It can be read here]] (Be sure to visit it.. [[PleaseSubscribeToOurChannel please?]]). Be warned though, Nac is a great procrastinator and while he has written lots of drafts, [[ScheduleSlip he hasn't published practically anything]].

There isn't much to say about it besides what's described above, so let's just get to the tropes, shall we?


* AccentuateTheNegative: since most of the things listed here are liked by the author, he will focus mostly on what could be better.
* CausticCritic: inverted in he usually talks about what sucks on things he likes.
* PleaseSubscribeToOurChannel: pretty much the whole reason why this Wiki/TVTropes page was created in first place.
* ReviewBlog: Combined with personal analysis of the subjetcs.

!!Topics discussed on the Blog:
* ScheduleSlip[[invoked]]