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Better Than It Sounds: Film Q
  • Quantum Hoops: A basketball team full of math nerds attempts to break its 240-game, 21-year losing streak.
  • The Queen: An elderly woman finds the sudden death of her estranged ex-daughter-in-law more difficult to cope with than she expected.
  • Quest for Camelot: A girl who has never left the family farm teams up with a blind hermit and a talking, two-headed dragon (which constant argues with itself) to save a kingdom.
  • Quick Change: Three people pull off the Perfect Bank Robbery, but the getaway turns into an over-complicated mishap-strewn nightmare. Nonetheless, they still get away.
  • The Quiet Earth: Three people in New Zealand are the only people in the world, because they were about to die. One of them almost dies again, and ends up the only person in a world of weird jellyfish-shaped clouds which orbits a ringed planet.
  • Quiz Show: A college professor wins on a TV quiz when he receives questions he already knows the answers to.
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