* Advertising/SegataSanshiro was a ridiculously badass martial artist created to be the Sega Saturn's mascot in Japanese commercials. He kicked people's asses for having social lives instead of being hardcore gamers, including an instance where he took out a nightclub for the same reason. Other feats of badassery include turning a Soccer net on its side rather than stopping the incoming ball, dropping his baseball bat in a batting cage in favor of kicking the ball, throwing a man with such force that he exploded upon hitting the ground, and making children cry by revealing that he's the one hiding behind a Santa Claus mask. When the Sega Saturn stepped down to make way for the Dreamcast, Sanshiro went out with a bang - literally. He redirected a missile with his bare hands, rode it into space, and died in a glorious explosion while shouting his catchphrase: "Sega Saturn... SHIROOOOOOO!" (You must play Sega Saturn!)
** He was also played by the man who portrayed the original Series/KamenRider who, as previously mentioned, was a total badass.

[[AC:Manhua and Manhwa]]
* Almost very named character in ''Manhua/RavagesOfTime''. Justified as they're all warriors.
* Cadis Etram Di Raizel from ''Webcomic/{{Noblesse}}'' can take on BodyHorror inflicted abomination that punches through wall with just [[CompellingVoice his words]]. Oh, and all of his fights ends in CurbStompBattle, but it never comes up as GodModeSue, but more as ShowyInvincibleHero.

* The Painkiller from the Music/JudasPriest song of the same name. A half-man half-machine who rides on a motorcycle with ''bladed wheels''.
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDm_ZHyYTrg The Devil Went Down to Georgia]], [[BadAss a young man, Johnny]], not only makes fun of the devil throughout the whole song but [[CrowningMomentofAwesome he kicks the devil's ass at fiddling]] and then Johnny calls the devil a "son of a bitch". Let that sink in. A normal, human, mortal, young fiddler just called THE FREAKING DEVIL a "son of a bitch".
** Then in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwEqEBimjy8 The Devil Comes Back To Georgia]], the devil comes back ten years later. Johnny now has a family. the Devil tells Johnny that his own pride will be his downfall. Johnny isn't fazed despite the fact that he hasn't played the fiddle since his baby was born and is a little rusty. Johnny isn't fazed even when the devil takes his gold fiddle. Johnny just gets out his old fiddle. While it's not completely clear, the last two lines of the song, "The Devil's dream's that he can win" and "But Johnny is the best that's ever been", heavily imply that, once again, [[CrowningMomentofAwesome Johnny kicked the devil's ass at fiddling.]]

* Advertising/JohnJameson, of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOydQFJdx1k Jameson's Irish Whiskey]]
* The most Interesting Man in the world http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U18VkI0uDxE
* Wonderful Pistachios has a commercial where a [[MemeticMutation honey badger]] uses a snake to beat open a pistachio, then the narrator actually calls him badass.