The ''VideoGame/{{Unreal}}'' series, among its loads and loads of overlooked aspects, had [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome AWESOME]] soundtracks along all of its games. Including the DorkAge ones.
!Unreal and Return To Na Pali
Alexander Brandon and Michiel Van Den Bos joined forces to create the soundtrack of ''VideoGame/{{Unreal|I}}'' and ''Unreal: Return To Na Pali''.
* When you open the game and check the [[ flyby]] from the intro, you have a nice taste of what you'll be going into... and the music which will make you to get into the atmosphere of the game.
* [[ Surfacing]], an upbeat and magical piece from Gateway to Na Pali.
* Have a gander at [[ Nightvision]] too (also by Brandon).
* [[ "Isotoxin"]], by Necros (Andrew Sega), (who also provided a song for ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament'', see below) a song borrowed from an obscure game[[note]]''In Pursuit of Greed'', its intro in fact[[/note]] is featured in the level Outpost 3J.
* The darkly evocative ''Vortex Rikers'' [[ theme]], which perfectly suits the ghost ship it accompanies.
* [[ "Dusk Horizon"]], the first track you hear upon stepping out into an alien world. Sounds even better when combined with the natural chirps and bird cries of Nyleve's Falls.
* The industrial-sounding [[ "Dig (Shareware version)"]] that plays in the Rrajigar Mine levels has 3 great sections; the progressive, upbeat main theme is complemented by a threatening minor key intro (starts at 4:34) and a truly awesome action track (2:40 - 4:33).
* [[ "Chizra"]] and its darker twin [[ "Seti"]], from the Nali temple levels.
* [[ "Nali Chant"]], the ominous piece that accompanies the Dark Arena.
* [[ "Hub 4"]], the dark and threatening track from the level Noork's Elbow.
* [[ "Ruins"]] from the Temple of Vandora.
* The sombre ''ISV Kran'' [[ theme]], the best of 3 similar tracks that play on various decks of the overrun human vessel.
* The atmospheric [[ "Hub 3"]] that plays as you explore the Sunspire (especially the progressive but tragic section 2, starts at 5:35).
* [[ "All Hallows Sunset"]] from Na Pali Haven.
* [[ "Bluff Eversmoking"]], the powerful piece that drives the level of the same name.
* [[ "Unreal 7"]], the suite used in Cellars of Dasa - especially the action section (starts at 3:38).
* [[ "War Gate"]], the unsettling theme from Nali Castle. Also, the upbeat piece that plays during the boat ride through Serpent Canyon (starts at 3:55).
* The tense [[ "Demon Crater"]] from the level of the same name.
* The raw orchestral power of the mind-blowing [[ Warlord theme]].
* Appropriately enough, the [[ Ending Theme]] has to be the crowning music in a soundtrack full of CMOA; twisting through triumph, sadness and suspense about what the sequel will hold, it ends the game in epic style.
* Even the ExpansionPack, ''Return To Na Pali'', has a great [[ Intro]] song. Of course, made by both Brandon and Van Den Bos.
* [[ "Twilight Horizon"]], an extended remix of ''Dusk Horizon'' from the previous game that accompanies the first level, is also great.
* [[ "Neve's Crossing"]], which gives strong backing to the level of the same name.
* [[ "Journey"]] from Nagomi Passage follows in the footsteps of ''Chizra'' and ''Seti'', producing an upbeat, mystical track with a truly beautiful pan pipe melody.
* [[ "Black Wind"]] from the Foundry Tarydium Plant level.
* The ethereal [[ "Gala's Peak"]] evokes its icy surroundings perfectly.
* And just for laughs, the [[ "Unreal Euro Dance Mix"]] - a bonus track on the CD that came free with the game's strategy guide.

Brandon and Van Den Bos would later join forces again for ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament''. Their awesomeness is still intact.
* [[ Unreal Tournament Title]]: It's impossible to listen to this epic song without thinking in that awesome intro with that RousingSpeech about the Tournament.
* [[ Mechanism Eight]], the song of DM-Zeto and [=AS-HiSpeed=], a cool, bouncy, yet tempo-moderate track. Gets a remix for ''VideoGame/UnrealTournamentIII'' for a reason.
* [[ Go Down]], the iconic track of two of the most iconic Unreal deathmatch maps ever: [=DM-Deck16][=] and [=DM-HyperBlast=]. Both those maps and the song itself became classics for the remainder of the series, and for MANY good reasons.
* [[ Foregone Destruction]], the iconic song of the most iconic Unreal CTF map ever, Facing Worlds. Like the Deck maps mentioned above, Facing Worlds is a [[Awesome/VideoGameLevels Crowning Level Of Awesome]] and one of the hallmarks of its gameplay mode (Capture the Flag). Part of that is the level design. Part of it is the jawdropping milieu. And part of it is this music.
** Then listen to [[ this]] remix by dj Frakture and '''melt''' from the concentrated awesomeness. He also did remixes for [[ Botpack#9]] (DM-Phobos) and [[ Skyward Fire]] ([=CTF-LavaGiant=], AS-Mazon).
** Another sweet example: [[ Foregone Destruction Orbital Except remix]], from the [[WhatCouldHaveBeen ill-fated]] Unreal Tournament II.
* [[ Save Me]], the track of DM-Morpheus map, can certainly get you in the mood to kill everything that moves while trying to dominate gravity.
* [[ Razorback]], an uncredited contribution from Peter "Skaven" Hajba, featured in the maps DM-Gothic, DM-Liandri and DM-Peak.
* [[ Fire Breath]], the track of CTF-Coret, and an uncredited contribution from Tero "Teque" Kostermaa. Just by listening to it you can see yourself going down those hallways searching for that enemy flag.
* [[ Lock]]: The awesomeness of the track isn't tamed by the fact that it's featured on one of the most hated Unreal maps ever ([=DM-KGalleon=]). It's THAT awesome.
* [[ Run]], a very bouncy song best known for being the track for that great map which is DM-Turbine.
* [[ Superfist]], a rocking track featured in the [=BP1=] map [=DM-HealPod][=].
* [[ Colossus]], a tune that doesn't disappoint in capturing the tense atmosphere of an Assault match such as AS-Rook.
* [[ Mission Landing]], the track of AS-Frigate, usually the very first map of the gametype players have possibly ever played. And fitting for the overall mood of the Assault gametype. Bonus points for including [[ContinuityNod the original Unreal flyby theme]] inserted in the calmer part of the song.
* [[ The Course]], a bouncy theme which gets you in the mood while you learn the basics of Deathmatch/Domination/CTF/Assault. Or play [=DM-Curse][=].
* [[ BotMCA #10]], the song of DM-Tempest, also pretty cool.
* [[ Skyward Fire]], the quiet theme song of [=CTF-LavaGiant=] and AS-Mazon, which also got an [=UT3=] remix.
* [[ Underworld II]], the theme of [=DOM-TombOfSesmar=].

!VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004 (Including Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2003)
* In ''Unreal Championship'', the port of ''Unreal Tournament 2003'', the music duties fell to Starsky Partridge.[[note]]The songs are those starting with "Level"[[/note]] Several of the songs in there were later ported to ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004'':
** For a further proof, and a much more muted song than "Go Down" which borders on SoundtrackDissonance, check out the simply named [[ Level8]] from [=UT2003/UT2004=], the theme of the Tokara Forest stage.
** The [[NoTitle nameless]] tracks [[ Level5]] and [[ Level6]] are also extremely cool.
* They were later joined by Kevin Riepl,[[note]]The songs are those starting with KR and the Stage theme, Mercs entrance and Jugg entrance[[/note]] the main composer of both ''Unreal Tournament 2003'', ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004'' and ''VideoGame/UnrealChampionship2TheLiandriConflict'':
* The [[ main theme]] of ''Unreal Tournament 2003'', even with the game falling into CanonDiscontinuity, and which you can also find in ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004''. The most epic intro for any of the Unreal games. It gives you the sensation of fighting a gladiator game.
** The [[ menu theme]] of ''[=UT2004=]'' remixes and expands the '99 version - all on a full orchestra!
* If you liked "Save Me", then listen to ''[=UT2004=]'''s MK-ish [[ DM1]].
* The techno-orchestral remix of "Go Down", called [[ Hyperblast Redux]], is even more awesome than its counterparts from the other two games it was featured.
* Check [[ this trailer]] for ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004''. It contains two songs: the opening track is [[ Assault]]. And, near the end, when [[spoiler:the Leviathan is showing up for serious MightyGlacier asskicking]], you hear the latter part of [[ Atlantis]], supplying some OminousLatinChanting, just to add even more awesomeness to the fray and making you to wish to play this game.
* And then, there's the [=DM-IceTomb=] song, [[ Infiltrate]].
* And [[ KR-Rankin]], DM-Rankin's song.
* [[ Corrugation - Rise]], the theme for DM-Corrugation and, more famously, CTF-Face.
* Run, from the first ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament'', has a worthy SpiritualSuccessor in the form of [[ KR-Roughinery]], [=DM-1on1-Roughinery=]'s song.
* The ''[[ Mothership]]'' assault theme takes about 37 seconds to warm up, but then...
* The Sound Design Group[[note]]The songs are those starting with SDG[[/note]] made the Onslaught songs in ''2004'':
** Their big-hitter for ''[=UT2004=]'' is [[ Onslaught 01]], ONS-Torlan's theme, which also had a remix for ''[=UT3=]''. A very awesome song which wouldn't be out of place in games like Age of Empires.
** The slow but awesome [[ Onslaught 08]], [=ONS-ArcticStronghold=] theme.

* Riepl does the music of this game. Don't worry, it's still awesome in it's own right. The [[ remixed]] version of the first ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament''[='=]s intro theme is even more awesome than the original version.
* There's also [[ Legacy]] (a.k.a. [[spoiler:Anubis Fights Selket]]). It gets you in the mood for a serious ass-kicking against that [[spoiler:bitch]] in the Rites' finals.

* Finally, a lot of people thought that Epic scored ''big time'' when they called in two of the best in the field, Rom Di Prisco (''VideoGame/NeedForSpeed'', ''Videogame/Prey2006'') and Jesper Kyd (''VideoGame/{{Hitman}}'', ''Franchise/AssassinsCreed'') for the OST of ''VideoGame/UnrealTournamentIII''. Awesomeness resulted. If you want some proof, here's [=CTF-OmicronDawn=]'s song, [[ LockDown]], by Kyd.
* [=DM-ShangriLa=]'s stage, [[ World of Liandri]], also by Kyd, gives a feeling which goes hand on hand with the japanese style of the level.
* Rom remixed classic ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament'' songs such as [[ Go Down]], (Deck's song) Foregone Destruction, (mentioned above) and even the obscure but just as awesome [[ Mechanism Eight]].
** There's even [[ a remix]] of SDG's Onslaught 01 for [=UT2004=], WAR-Torlan's song, made by him.
* His awesome remix of the [[ main song]] of the game itself.
* Rom's [[ Firestorm]], featured in the map VCTF-Containment, and Jesper's [[ Nekrimanci]], from the map [=DM-HeatRay=]. And the awfully short but epic [[ Space Victory Theme]].