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Awesome Music: Thunder Force
Thunder Force II

Thunder Force III/AC/Spirits

Thunder Force IV

The short version is the entire soundtrack qualifies, but highlights are:

After you beat the game, you unlock several Omake tracks to listen to in the config menu:

Thunder Force V

Thunder Force VI

The music is a bit of a departure from the usual Thunder Force fare, but still has some good tunes and rocking tracks:
  • Course Select Music, which seems to call back to Don't Go Off from TFIV.
  • Ruined Green 1-A and 1-B for Stage 1.
  • Gargoyle Perfect, Stage 1 boss.
  • Flame Maiden, Stage 2 boss.
  • Ever Blue 1-A and 1-B for Stage 3.
  • Cherub Purple, Stage 3 boss.
  • B3, Stage 4 boss.
  • Cerberus 2, for Stage 5-A.
  • Full Speed, for Stage 5-B.
  • KIN3-COOL, the "A" alternate for ORN-Faust encounters. A remix of Cool's Theme from Segagaga.
  • KIN3-CERB, the "B" alternate for ORN-Faust encounters. A remix of His Behavior Inspired Us With Distrust from TFIII.
  • The Stage 5 boss features Orn Styx, Orn Rynex and Orn Gauntlet which are remixed versions of title themes from the 3 previous games (The Wind Blew All Day Long for Styx, Lightning Strikes Again for Rynex, and Beginning of War for Gauntlet), as you fight super-sized versions of the highlighted ships for those games.
  • Orn Emperor, the last boss theme. Part 1 and Part 2

Broken Thunder

The end product of this turned out unfortunate, but it features some music that was originally meant to be used in TFVI before it's Development Hell period. It is awesome:

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