The wonderful short songs instrumental that give each series of ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' its unique mood (rock, classical, flute, jazz, etc.) feature in the ''Uta to Ongaku Shuu'' albums (two per series until ''Anime/DigimonSavers''). Below are some links to listen the long(er) songs directly, but before, a [[ link (with commentaries, but lots of loading)]] to a flipping good fan-made English translation of the first through fourth and the sixth Japanese openings (or, to simplify things, every pre-Xros Wars Kouji Wada theme), brought to you by [[Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses these guys]]. [[ Oh, if only (just video).]]

* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonAdventure''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonAdventure02''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonTamers''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonFrontier''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonSavers''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonXrosWars''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonXrosWarsTheYoungHuntersLeapingThroughTime''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonWorld''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonWorld2''
* ''AwesomeMusic/DigimonWorld3''


[[folder: Movies]]
* [[ Requiem]] from the first movie's finale. It may not be as fast-paced as most of the other songs here, but it easily matches them in sheer levels of awesome.
** Not only did that song make Omnimon/Omegamon's first appearance truly epic, but it also made Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's appearance epic (That's movies 2 and 4). Also, in the strangest of places, the song was used for Mercurymon's opera style battle with Takuya (Digimon Frontier). Watching a main hero get beaten to death with this music only makes the scenes more awesome and symbolic.
* From the Japanese Digimon Movies, [[ Bokura no War Game]] and [[ Friend Itsu Mademo Wasurenai]], two rather unusual songs.
* From Battle of Adventurers, the Tamers' first film, 5th overall, the wonderfull [[ Moving on]], makes the listener feel like he's in a platform game.
* Remember X-Evolution? Apparently they have released a (very epic orchestra) soundtrack, of which we can only hear the [[ opening]] and [[ Dorumon sad, cue evolution]].
* The first dubbed movie (i.e. concatenation of the first three) is [[ capped off by an oddly epic cover]] (by [[ Len]]) of "Kids In America".
* From the same movie comes [[ Final Battle]], which plays during the FinalBattle.
** Also comes [[ "The Power of Love"]] in which just before Tai and Matt give War Greymon and Metalgarurumon their HeroicSecondWind.
* From the ''Digimon Adventure'' pilot movie, where it all started: we are treated to [[ the short version of Butter-Fly]], with Kouji Wada singing a cappella at the beginning. It's incredibly powerful.

[[folder: Games]]
Note that most ''Digimon'' games have different soundtracks depending on whether it is the original Japanese version or an English translation; one of the most common changes is the removal of themes based on songs from the anime, though they never put equivalents from the dub in.

* From ''Digimon Card Battle'': [[ Wisemon's tower.]]
* From ''VideoGame/DigimonAdventure02D1Tamers'': The [[ Moon=Milleniumon battle.]]
* From ''VideoGame/DigimonWorld4'':
** [[ Mecha Rougue X (1º form).]]
** [[ Doom Dome.]]
** [[ Dry Land.]]
** [[ Humid Cave.]]
* From ''VideoGame/DigimonWorldDataSquad'':
** [[ Lucemon Battle Theme.]]
** [[ The bonus boss theme]] for the plethora of {{Bonus Boss}}es lets you know that Creator/HitoshiSakimoto was here.
* From ''VideoGame/DigimonWorldDS'': [[ Digivolution.]]
* From ''VideoGame/DigimonWorldDawnDusk'': These two remixes of the battle themes, [[ theme 1]] and [[ theme 2]].
* The Japanese version of ''VideoGame/DigimonRumbleArena'' features instrumental covers of the Japanese openings and inserts up to that point (save ''The Biggest Dreamer'', which was its opening theme in its original form). They're all fantastic, with [[ Butter-fly]] expectedly being a standout.
* An unlikely entry is ''VideoGame/DigimonBattle'', a Korean MMO which has an [[ epic battle theme]], and an inspired [[ title screen music]].