Awesome / Yumina The Ethereal

  • Yumina singing "Liars and Scars" for the first time to help the party defeat the Terran Army soldiers and their armored suits.
  • In Kirara's route, seeing Izel and Galeorn teaming up again, likely like they used to decades ago. Galeorn has been a dick to you the entire game, but by the endgame he has named Izel captain of the Federation's new flagship and joins the frontlines of the battle against the Extra-Dimensionals, culminating in a Heroic Sacrifice and Dying Moment of Awesome by him.
    Galeorn: You fool! The fate of mankind hangs in the balance, and you're worried about good and evil!? I made a bid for political power, it's true. But what good is political power if there aren't any people to use it on!? To those who remain. Stand and advance! I will fall on the road to ambition, but I'm taking this threat to the universe with me. I need no other companions. You must live to crush the Command Unit! I order you as the Commander of the Galactic Federation!
  • Doubles as a Tearjerker. In Kirara's route, after Zieda is killed by the Extra-Dimensionals, the other Radiant Frame pilots sacrifice themselves to protect the Zelerm.
    Falhua: Stop it! It's's enough now! Why do you all have to die!?
    Zelerm Soldier: We want to protect you, that's why.
    Falhua: Even at the expense of your lives!?
    Zelerm Soldier: Of course! The Zelerm is our home, it's where our friends live...and it's the place where the woman the boss gave his life to protect is!! How could we possibly NOT protect it, when there's someone like that on board? We're the bosses subordinates, and we're not about to prove ourselves unworthy of his valor! On our souls, the Zelerm will live!