Awesome / You Are Umasou

  • Heart beating the shit out of the bully Big Jaws for messing with Umasou. All without using his jaws since he was keeping his son safe in his mouth.
    • Earlier, he sent a Chilantaisaurus flying with a karate kick for trying to eat Umasou.
  • The entire montage of "Jump-kick! Tail-smash!"
  • Heart again defeating an entire herd of titanosaurs.
  • Baku's backstory: A pack of Giganotosaurus had terrorized the plains and outmatched all other opponents, leaving Baku to fight them by himself. He wins, and he became the king of the plains as a result.
  • The final battle between Heart and Baku.
  • A meta-example, the film's handling of the Carnivore Confusion trope; a refreshing reminder that carnivorous animals are not evil, they're just doing what they have to do to survive. Heart even flat out tells one of his distraught adoptive relatives that he has to eat meat or else he'll starve to death.