Awesome: You're Under Arrest!

  • Oh so many, but the poster example is when Miyuki, together with Natsumi and Nakajima who are riding in tandem, take down the rogue officers who were running people off the road and broke Nakajima's leg and Natsumi's arm earlier.
    • Oh, not just that. As said above, Nakajima broke his leg and later Natsumi broke her arm while trying to catch the rogue officers that caused accidents. They don't want to stay aside in that very difficult case, so they Take a Third Option via getting a specially outfitted motorbike (by Miyuki) that lets both of them drive since Nakajima is in charge of the steering wheel with his hands and Natsumi manages the pedals with her legs. And they rock at using it.
  • Nakajima jumping off a bridge to save a drowning girl.
  • Miyuki gets one in the first episode of second season where she fires paintballs onto a moving truck's windshield, from her own moving car, between the pillars of an overpass above them!
    • Any time Miyuki whips out her sniper rifle, really.
  • Oshou-san aka Fox revealing that his car, when cornered...reveals his car has a fifth wheel, which allows it to turn sideways. Also a CMOF.
  • Nakajima gets one in 3rd season when he singlehandedly disables the car belonging to a pair of robbers without damaging his bike or himself. Even during his "finishing move," you can see a pair of white wings sprout from his bike.
  • Aoi's introductory episode has her rescuing the little brother of a girl who adored her in the past, gaining the respect of the Bokuto officers in the process.
  • Kachou gets two episodes of awesome in the first season, via managing to survive when trapped atop of Tokyo Tower in a VERY windy and dangerous day. And also shield a little child who's trapped with him.
  • Miyuki and Natsumi's final confrontation with the Scooter Lady. The latter attempts to cow the two with her usual condescending tone and sheer force of will. It doesn't work however as the duo use the same tone back at her.
    • This is especially awesome as we see the duo from the Scooter Lady's figurative point of view at that point and they absolutely tower over her. Contrast this to the previous encounters with her where she was always able to get her way.