!![[Franchise/WonderWoman Comics]]
* More for the writer than the character: At the end of a story that involved a female villain with female {{Mooks}}, a fellow Amazon didn't understand why those women would work for the villain. Wonder Woman explained that she didn't understand the women in "Man's World": Many of them wanted to be slaves, not having the courage to take control of their lives and compete with men. Keep in mind that a man wrote this. ''In the 1940s.''
* [[http://io9.gizmodo.com/10-ways-etta-candy-was-more-badass-than-wonder-woman-1760809850 Everything Golden Age Etta Candy did]].
* In a Silver Age Justice League story Wonder Woman was up against a robot duplicate of herself who seemed stronger and more powerful. Remembering her Amazon heritage, she dug in her heels, vowed that a mere thing of steel and wire would not defeat her, and defeated her counterpart.
* Wonder Woman #97, Wonder Woman is infected by a variant of [[SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker Joker Venom]]. Her solution is to call upon the god Pan to "teach her how to dance in Chaos" and thus gain InsanityImmunity.
* [[ComicBook/DCTheNewFrontier "There's the door, Spaceman."]]
* In the character's first ComicBook/PostCrisis storyline, Diana is fighting the progeny of Ares, Deimos, and is ensnared by his beard of snakes. Seeing her mortal friends being overwhelmed and she must save them, Diana shows a new ''big'' difference compared to her compatriots of Franchise/TheDCU, Franchise/{{Batman}} and Franchise/{{Superman}}. Namely, she doesn't feel bound by ThouShallNotKill and so takes the demigod's head off!
** However, how does she deal with Ares in the climax? She ensnares him with her magic lasso and forces him to see the [[NukeEm logical conclusion to his plans]], which would leave him completely alone [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly and no one left to worship him]]. What does Ares do? '''''He cries.''''' The most badass moment of the storyline is completely and utterly ''non-violent''.
* The return of Barbara Minerva as the Cheetah in ''Wonder Woman'' (vol. 2) #206, killing Sebastian Ballesteros and leaving a trap for Diana:
...[[StuffBlowingUp BOOM]]
* One comparatively low-key moment: Diana's coworker at the Taco Whiz (long story) has a daughter she can't afford to send to a prestigious school. The father is a deadbeat who also works for a mob boss. Diana gets the child support checks coming by ''camping out in the boss's office and answering his phone''.
--> Hello, yes. This is Mr. Sazia's residence. I'm afraid he can't come to the phone right now. Me? I am Wonder Woman. And who might... hmm. They hung up.
* During Greg Rucka's run, already full of awesome, one moment stands out: Diana faces Medusa in an arena match. The gorgon has already petrified the child of one of Diana's employees, so ItsPersonal. And it gets worse: [[BigBad Circe]] has enchanted TV systems across the world, and if Wonder Woman loses, tens of millions of people get turned to stone with her. Right as it looks as though she's about to lose, she takes one of Medusa's severed hair-snakes '''[[EyeScream and blinds herself]].''' Then she takes Medusa's head off with one slice.
** Also from Greg Rucka's run, she gets Franchise/{{Batman}} to surrender after a one-on-one fight.
* In "Ends of the Earth", Franchise/WonderWoman started to lose her soul. So what does she do? She teams up with Literature/{{Beowulf}} to kill the freaking [[{{Satan}} devil]] and takes it back.
* Her NoHoldsBarredBeatdown of Artemis in The Comicbook/{{New 52}}.
* Diana manipulating Strife to take her back to Paradise Island near the climax of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's run.
* An OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: the First Born amassed a huge army to lay siege on Paradise Island and he was largely winning, with Diana needing to teleport to Mt. Olympus with Zeke, Zola and Hermes. The next issue has Strife note that the First Born actually retreated, and his army was decimated by the combined strength of Diana's allies.
* The First Born thinks he has Wonder Woman and her allies beaten and outnumbered. But then comes Ares, striding in very casual like, and informing the First Born he is going to fight him with his army. The First Born mocks him, asking who would follow Ares. Cut to a full splash page as Ares summons ghosts of soldiers that fought in wars that spanned all of human history.
--> What soliders? ALL of them.
* Diana tricking the First Born and [[spoiler:banishing him to suffer seven more millennia in the abyss.]]
* Diana's plea to [[spoiler:Athena not to destroy her "vessel" Zola.]]
* In "Gothamazon", by Gail Simone, Batman and his team get taken down by a VillainTeamUp including several of Batman's Rogues Gallery. Oracle calls Wonder Woman in to help keep things under control.
-->'''Wonder Woman''': She told me to use Gotham solutions. I told her, I am an Amazon. [[BadassBoast We invented Gotham solutions.]]
** Followed by Wonder Woman throwing a set of ''Wonder-rangs''.
** Also, it turns out that Wonder Woman didn't see the point in making this a [[TheMainCharactersDoEverything one woman show.]] She brings [[MenOfSherwood an army of Amazon warriors]] who help deal with the villains' collateral damage, leaving Wonder Woman free to conscript ''[[EnemyMine Catwoman and Harley Quinn]]'' through force of personality (and [[GoodIsNotSoft a near-explicit threat]]) to help her deal with the villains.
* In the crossover event Our Worlds at War Darkseid proved instrumental to the heroes’ victory. But his powers had been stripped from him, and in order to restore his full strength, Wonder Woman had to give up a piece of her soul, placing it inside Darkseid. Naturally, when the day is won, Darkseid goes on to gloat about how his victory is complete, while Wonder Woman lost hundreds of Amazons in battle and had to give up a piece of her own soul. Looks like things suck for Diana…until Darkseid gets home.
** On Darkseid’s home world of Apokolips, it goes back to business as usual, with him ruling the world with an iron fist. Fifteen issues down the line, inexplicably, he shows mercy to someone he would normally execute with his Omega Beams. It turns out that because Wonder Woman now has a piece of her soul in Darkseid, he now has a sliver of compassion in his otherwise black heart. This causes Darkseid to scream in agony. He’s taken hits from Superman and seen terrors beyond human imagining, but the real way to hurt him is to make him a somewhat nice guy.
* In "Judgment in Infinity" story arc (''Wonder Woman'' Vol. 1 #291-293), most of heroines of Earth-One (ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}, ComicBook/{{Batgirl}}, ComicBook/WonderGirl, ComicBook/BlackCanary, ComicBook/{{Zatanna}}, ComicBook/{{Starfire}}...) and Earth-Two (ComicBook/PowerGirl, ComicBook/{{Huntress}}...) team up with Wonder Woman to take down the villain Adjudicator. Highlights include Wonder Woman tackling and tying up a Horseman of the Apocalypse, [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BFjbO-t6yJg/T27zr950z0I/AAAAAAAAPDM/3lzvQA3It9g/s1600/ww+292-07.jpg Supergirl smashing Nazi Panzer tanks]], and Wonder Girl and Starfire holding another Horseman at bay to protect Raven.
* #41 from 2006 has probably the best moment ever: Wonder Woman vs. Power Girl(the latter being under hypnosis or something).

!![[Series/WonderWoman Live-Action TV series]]
* It was always pretty cool when Wonder Woman blocked bullets with her bracelets, but the best was in the pilot, when she blocks automatic fire from a Tommy gun.
* She once stopped a jet from taking off by holding onto its wing.
* Then there was the time she stood in front of a moving tank and stopped it dead in its tracks with her bare hands.

* The producers noted any time there was a huge fight, Wonder Woman was always the one kicking the most ass.
** UpToEleven when in one episode, she is being mind-controlled and takes on Black Canary, Huntress, Hawkgirl, and Vixen single-handedly. It's pretty one-sided (memorably, Vixen takes on the strength--and mass--of an elephant; Wonder Woman casually power-bombs her) until the signal that's controlling her stops her right before she bashes Vixen and Hawkgirl's heads together.

!![[Film/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice]]
* Diana [[spoiler:getting past Bruce Wayne at the Luthor philanthropic party to steal Wayne's file-hacking device. She outmaneuvers ''Batman'']].
* Her BigDamnHeroes moment [[spoiler:dropping in with her magic shield to protect a defenseless Batman from Doomsday's heat vision]]. Audiences at the movie theaters break out into ''cheers'' when she does this.
** And then she fearlessly leaps into battle against a nigh-invulnerable monster with her sword at the ready. '''THIS is WonderWoman'''.


* Marston himself should get credit for his ''epic'' negotiation with DC Comics. While most of the characters' creators signed over their creations to DC for a lump sum, Marston was clever and essentially ''leased'' Wonder Woman to DC. They stop publishing Wonder Woman comics? Rights went to him (and/or his estate). They want to do movies? Merchandise? He or his estate had to approve it and they'd get a cut of the profits. Oh, and when he passed away, the rights would go to his wife and their partner, and ''they'd'' have to approve it and get the same cut. DC didn't think much of it at the time, thinking the title would be a short-lived novelty at best. But when feminism took off and she became a central character to the franchise? The MadScientist and his wives laughed all the way to the bank. [[note]] The downside to this, unfortunately, is that DC's rights to ''any'' Wonder Woman related characters and concepts still have ties to the Marston estate. This is a reason other than sexism why Wonder Woman (as well as Troia and Wonder Girl) has less merch, sometimes doesn't show up in shows set in the DCU, and why it took 70 years to get a full-blown movie. [[/note]]